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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2020 6:00am-6:33am +03

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face to face on al-jazeera. the desperation to contain coronavirus increases in china as the death toll jumps to more than $100.00. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the pressure builds for donald trump's former national security adviser to give evidence at the u.s. president's impeachment trial. morning they did in the libyan city of misrata but they vow to keep fighting the fight of forces of war totally for half the. head remembering the horrors of war survivors share their stories 75 years after being freed from a tour is nazi death camp. warnings
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are being issued to travelers heading to china as the death toll from the corona virus outbreak rises to 106 the number of people infected by the illness is now more than 4000 after the virus broke out in earlier this month canada has confirmed 2 cases of the virus and he's warning citizens against travel to the u.s. state department has urged americans to reconsider travel to any part of china it's got hard the joins us now from beijing scott to bring us up to speed now on what the situation is in there both with restrictions and also how this continues to spread so quickly. yes exactly stan and one thing to add with the u.s. government they are going to fly out some of its diplomatic staff in will han and the citizens that can fit on this plane if it works out as it sounds like it's
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going to that's probably going to take place and ones that we know that other governments france and japan and south korea have also been working to get their citizens out of will hand and yet what's really concerning about this virus and there are so many layers of it is how quickly and this is coming from the officials here the health officials here in china how quickly it has spread in every morning we wake up and the numbers have just increased dramatically so that is really the focus right now trying to understand this virus how it spreads you know we've been talking about how some people can spread it even though they are asymptomatic there's still a lot that's not known about it and as you mentioned a lot of travel restrictions down in the epicenter the province of a province and the city itself will haunt where was 1st discovered heavy travel restrictions there but then you look at countries and territories of china and provinces of china putting on their own restrictions of people who are from there and coming back in stand that's going to be a big issue come toward the end of the week because this lunar new year holiday
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even though it's been extended is going to come to an end soon of a lot of people from there trying to get back to where their jobs are we've already seen some very very busy scenes from some of the high speed rail stations here in beijing and scope because of the rapid movement of this virus because of the history of course people remember what happened during the really questions being about where the people are being told the truth is transparency is still an issue. it is absolutely and i think when you look at the specific history of this outbreak and deeper into history as you mentioned you know the sars case back some 17 years ago the chinese government it's interesting now because the mayor of new hahn has offered his resume has said that i will resign if it will help things because the criticism is really falling on the local government now because of how slowly they acted at the early stages of this you know some weeks ago. handling of this now by
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the central government has gone all the way nearly to the top the number 2 executive of the government here the prime minister the kuching has handled the situation is now handling the situation a special group has been formed he was down and yesterday so he is going to be the face of the government on this is it too little too late you know there is still a lot of anger out there by the way this was handled are they going to be able to correct that the chinese government that's the big question with and when it comes to how the public is reacting so hard to live in beijing thank you all the corona virus outbreak is sending jitters through global financial markets asians is to gain early on tuesday as china took drastic steps to control the bottlers key indices in the u.k. france and germany deep don't feel as of the potential economic impact china has you will lead to its lowest level this year affecting commodity linked terence's like the australian dollar.
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pressure is growing from us democrats for a key witness to testify donald trump's impeachment trial they want the president's former national security adviser john bolton to appear before the senate following his claims trouble or to deem to time military the ukraine with an investigation into rival joe biden. we now have a 3rd witness who is apparently a direct witness to the president's tying of military aid to investigations of master bolton we could not have made a more powerful case for calling him than the case the president's lawyers just did in trying to contest that link between military aid investigations so once again they underscored the importance of john bolton as a as a witness who would corroborate exactly what the uncontested evidence that the house put on shows that president trump used hundreds of millions of dollars of military aid to coerce an ally to conduct these political sham investigations
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hadija castro has more now on the call for bolton to give evidence just democrats say the new information from john bolton that trump directly linked to u.s. security aide to his demand that ukraine announced investigations into joe biden could significantly bolster the impeachment case this is stunning. it goes right to the heart of the charges against the president ambassador bolton essentially confirms the president committed the offenses charged in the 1st article of impeachment that article is abuse of power for allegedly putting his personal interests above that of the united states trump denies the allegation he's characterized bolton once his national security adviser as a disk run toward former employee who wants to sell more books i haven't seen him at this group but i can tell you nothing was ever said to john bolton but i have not seen a baby. i guess he's writing
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a book i haven't yet but several moderate republican senators appear to have been moved by bolton's revelations only 4 republicans would need to side with democrats to cold bolton to testify i think it's increasingly likely that other republicans will will join those of us who think we should hear from john bolton inside the senate chambers the president's legal team ignore the bolton development completely not a single witness testify that the president himself said that there was any connection between any investigation and security assistance a presidential meeting or anything else by the end of the week the u.s. senators will likely vote on whether to call bolton and other witnesses but with or without witnesses the odds remain squarely in the president's favor it would take a 2 thirds majority of the republican control chamber to remove trump from office castro al-jazeera washington let's cross to alan fischer now in washington d.c.
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and the question out of all of this allan is will this be enough to sway some of those republican senators and actually call witnesses like john bolton. well you heard mitt romney say that he thinks a number of senators a leaning that way and angus king who is an independent senators says his bold prediction is somewhere in the region of 5 to 10 republicans will demand to hear evidence from john bolton no the white house is already lining up some of the defenses that can put forward one of them being of course that the conversations between john bolton and donald trump should be covered under executive privilege don't trump hasn't invoked that it any point the here's the thing don't trump was tweeting about the conversations with john bolton earlier today that makes it very difficult to argue that these conversations are privileged if they're privileged that privilege for everyone including the president so it makes it more difficult
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to go to court and say you can't hear from john bolton because those conversations should be protected under law at the hearings over for monday and that means that the republicans have got one more day to put forward the case on behalf of the president in the last few years we heard from alan dershowitz who is a constitutional scholar a big supporter of donald trump and he's essentially arguing that even if there was obstruction of justice even if there wars it problem with what donald trump did over ukraine these are not impeachable offenses it's a very hard bar to pass and certainly because it's a constitutional argument there are plenty who would dispute that and interestingly enough one other member of donald trump's team stood up in front of senators today in and broke really with the party line when he said look no one is saying this was a perfect call well actually someone has been saying it's been a perfect call it's what donald trump has been talking about for months in. the
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question also out of this is of course it seems a foregone conclusion that the republican dominated senate will acquit donald trump but if indeed witnesses were called long john bolton then start to look at what the damage is inflicted on donald trump and what impact this has on the american people don't you in an election year. exactly and a lot of the time as we're watching the impeachment trial you're hearing from people thinking well that's going to be a not very come the election here's. i thing that connects the nixon impeachment trial with donald trump's impeachment trial at the moment you're right probably on the balance of probability 3rd republicans are going to vote not to impeach donald trump therefore to remove him from office however if witnesses are called and there's a suggestion in the washington post in the last couple of hours the democrats may get. john bolton in return for one witness for the republicans which would
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presumably be hunter biden the question is then if the actually press ahead with this idea. and they start hearing from witnesses it could go like the nixon impeachment whereas there was a lot of people who thought nixon shouldn't be impeached but slowly public opinion changed and that's what changed many republicans and that if public opinion here starts to change and already more than 50 percent of people believe that don't turn should be impeached that couldn't tiredly change the calculus of the republicans who at this stage might think no no no we're going to clear the president ellen thank you alan fischer live in washington d.c. . well fighting has been reported in the area east of misrata in the bia with forces loyal to the warlord who leave to have launched an offensive to take the city at least 11 government soldiers were killed and 100 others injured have to his forces are accused of bombarding civilians in the capital tripoli as well tony
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burke the reports from misrata. mourners queuing in their hundreds to pay respects to $1.00 of the government soldiers killed in an attack by forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar 11 men died and nearly $100.00 were wounded on sunday as they defended the small town of abu ghraib 80 kilometers east of misrata they included mohammed abu zaid 23 year old son abdul aziz who volunteered to help repel have to attack. and i get the impression is that. i have another 12 sons and i would sacrifice them all in this struggle against a man who wants to be a dictator. these images were put on social media it's thought that at least 12 have to men were killed in the fighting the attack took everyone by surprise. as there was a ceasefire and we weren't expecting an attack there was a lot of firepower. he suffered shrapnel wounds to the head i chest and hand the
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museum on tripoli street tells the story of misrata as previous battles in the 2011 revolution and more recently against i saw in libya the fighters of misrata are known for their bravery it's what say the city 9 years ago and was a key factor in the downfall of moammar gadhafi but the people here also know what a cost can be when you oppose a dictator. in the 2011 revolution give up his forces offered by the city for 3 months 2800 people were killed and more than 13000 were wounded but it was the men from israel to who captured the libyan leader in sirte and brought the war against him to a close here they believe the warlord khalifa haftar is just like a daffy. limit you know learning it and as an object he wants to rule libya the same way as gadhafi but we fought against a dictatorship which controlled us for 40 years and we want to allow that to happen again if you here thought the sacrifices of the revolution would have to be made
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again and few here are willing to predict when the day will come when misrata no longer has to mourn the death of this young man tony berkeley al jazeera misrata. still ahead on al-jazeera the u.s. president prepares to unveil his middle east peace plan but palestinians say it's far from the deal of the century. south africa considers nationalizing one of the world's few private the armed central banks. hello the last of the snow from what was a significant fall in this wrapped round of clouds in east encounter the next system is coming in on the pacific coast it's done particularly vicious one is much like the others it's been windy and wet and snow height stretching from british columbia down towards northern california that it has to move eastwards at the same
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time there is still cold enough for the junction of this feed from the gulf in the cold from north to meet and do some well could be significant thunderstorms snow on the northern edge so we got texas oklahoma and all places east will be affected the rain a become i think at his heaviest from new orleans east towards round the gulf really and then the cold inland probably doesn't allow much development once the snow has gone temps will rise a little bit kansas city a plus for the opposite modesty but it's not a huge change to be honest this will be the thing to watch i suspect the amount of rain that the 4 has produced significant showers and a drop in temperature in cuba will this cold front do the same probably not i think we'll just see the showers drifting east was through the bahamas bahama stays at 25 that in kingston where up a 31 degrees remarkably dry picture really until you get down towards panama where the showers daily and big.
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a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. providing the clips into someone else's one. witness on al-jazeera americans live side by side in 2 parallel universes the truck parts of america are getting trampy or there is a poll out a few weeks ago that you had almost 30 percent americans believing they were on the cusp of civil war both sides accuse each other of doing things that are so blatantly wrong the bottom line on us politics and policies and they're affecting the world. you're watching al-jazeera his reminder about top stories this hour health
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officials in china said the death toll from the caruthers virus outbreak has jumped to 106 the number of people infected has also gone up as the head of the world health organization visits china for talks on the. republicans are under growing pressure to allow witnesses to testify u.s. president donald trump's impeachment trial it follows the leak of a book by former john bolton in which he claims the president told him to talk. to ukraine to an investigation into his political rival joe biden. has been reported in the area east of libyan city of misrata with forces loyal to the warlord police have launched an offensive at least 11 government soldiers were killed and 100 others were injured. u.s. president donald trump is preparing to reveal his long awaited middle east peace plan is right the problem. opposition leader in washington to discuss that proposal
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which the palestinians have rejected house correspondent. the president alongside israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu u.s. president donald trump announced he is releasing his long awaited middle east peace plan many of the arab nations have agreed to it they like it they think it's great it's a big start trump didn't say which arab nations supposedly liked the plan only that he'll unveil it on tuesday after white house consultations with the israeli leader and his political opponent blue and white chairman benny gantz gats was invited to the white house and met separately with trump amidst an intense election campaign back in israel. but missing from any announcement are the palestinians there are concerns tribes plan will deny palestinian refugees the right of return palestinian leaders have declared proposal dead on arrival given there's been no consultation
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this is actually the fraud of the century the fraud or the century. cancelling everything get into international law and international. discussions broke down when the us embassy to disputed jerusalem from tel aviv in december 2017 the white house also cut off aid to the palestinians closed the palestine liberation organization offices in washington and recognized israel sovereignty over the golan heights moved seem to support netanyahu especially as he attempts to win reelection amid corruption allegations 1st. that the people of the structures the opportunity to treat the israeli elections are in march trump denies he's interfering instead trump is touting this plan as an economic opportunity for palestinians. months ago . his son in law jared christian or proposed a peace to prosperity plan to raise $50000000000.00 to improve the lives of
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palestinians in the west bank and gaza it's something they should want they probably won't want it initially but i think at the end they will i think in the end they're going to want it the unveiling of president trumps middle east peace plan has been delayed repeatedly initially the white house said it was waiting until after the israeli elections given israel is now preparing for its 3rd vote in under 12 months the white house now says it's moving ahead with the plans release can really help at al-jazeera the white house investigators in the u.s. are trying to find out what caused the helicopter crash that killed 9 people including basketball legend kobe bryant bryant's private helicopter time down on a hillside north of melbourne in california on sunday while brunell's rules. near the arena where kobe bryant thrilled so many l.a. laker fans and led his team to so many victories for 20 years hundreds gathered to
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mourn flowers candles balloons and basketballs filled the square many people came wearing the l.a. lakers team colors or jersey with bryant's number i just wanted to pay my respects to one of the greats in basketball and just a great human being in general. the mood was some and tinge with disbelief this time is the outcome of the blackhawks fargo they have an interest in just a guy we're still all trying to process this he was well loved as you can see all these people here if he was not love none of us will be here for many bryant was more than a mere sports star he did a lot for kids he did a lot for the world is not just in the united states but globally he inspired so many men and women all over the world bryant was 12 year old jayden jackson's hero and an inspiration colby was my idol he really made it like men
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a lot to los angeles and like he just pushed hard and really inspired all of us here he you affected california usa all over the world. is kind of hard to just imagine that such a legend was gone at the scene of the helicopter crash that killed bryant his daughter and 7 others several bodies were recovered the search continues for more remains federal crash investigators combed through the wreckage scattered across a hillside we take a broad look. at everything around an investigation around an accident we look at man machine and the environment and weather is just a small portion of that the national transportation safety board says determining the cause of the accident could take weeks or more weather conditions at the time of the accident which included heavy fog and low visibility as well as the pilot's decision to use what's known as special visual flight rules could be key areas of
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the investigation on monday the national basketball association postponed a game scheduled for tuesday between the l.a. lakers and the l.a. clippers that contest would have been the 1st lakers game since the death of kobe bryant it will be rescheduled rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles the u.s. says one of its military planes has crashed in afghanistan the jet came down in a mountainous area in the eastern province of god's name now the military is denying claims by the taliban that it shot down the plane the body of built aircraft is used to provide communication type abilities in remote locations the taleban says high ranking u.s. officers were all bored and everyone was killed. south africa's governing african national congress is moving to nationalize the central bank many are concerned that could scare away foreign investment or mythos the reports from johannesburg.
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keyboard emotional losses everything is getting increasingly expensive in south africa and even basic goods are now a luxury she has never had a job and has 2 boys to feed clothe and sent to school all of them sleep in this wondrous shack on the same bed and sometimes the older man. in his. big kids to for uniform you know. was more than 25 years since apartheid ended in south africa government's affirmative action plans and black economic empowerment policies have failed to stop growing inequality and poverty now some politicians are proposing land mines and the country's central bank be nationalized and like most central banks in the world for the africa it is privately owned the ruling african national congress and says nationalizing the banks is the only way to ensure world is redistributed more
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fair. 57 nationalization is a sensitive topic in south africa some people feel nationalizing the central bank will scare away investors and further weaken the country's already struggling economy what nationalisation would allow the a.n.c. to do is to print money effectively and cause a hyperinflation of the kind that we've seen in zimbabwe have the kind that we saw between the wars in the weimar republic and various other european countries that regime across history and the reasons that they might want to do that or that become the country is basically running out of money. at the moment some state owned companies essential to the economy are in trouble so that rick in a ways is a financial crisis and has had to suspend some domestic and international flights and power company is con is $30000000000.00 in debt and struggling to maintain electricity supplies mining companies are warning that crisis could push the country into recession but we need to be fair here not everything in this country
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is dysfunctional. and we can pinpoint the reasons why this is one of. us we do have a problem of corruption. and the only way to deal with corruption is not to say that this. is a president. to competence and based economic growth but he has to balance 2 sides those who favor encouraging the growth of private businesses and many politicians in the reading party. policies including take the land for redistribution without compensating. john especially. the younger brother of the manchester arena bomber has appeared in court in the u.k. capital. faces 22 counts of murder he's accused of helping to plan the 2017 bombing which targeted a concert by u.s. pop star ariana grande his brother died when he detonated his explosive vest when.
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u.s. prosecutors involved in the jeffrey epstein sex trafficking inquiry want to speak with britain's prince andrew but the chief federal prosecutor for new york jeffrey berman says prince andrew has provided 0 cooperation he said investigators have contacted the duke of york's lawyers. view him but there had been no response some of the last living survivors of the holocaust and shared their emotional testimony about the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the death camp in poland more than a 1000000 people in the jews were killed at auschwitz alone between 940 and 945 china has more from the sermon. facing the entrance to auschwitz birkenau seated alongside the railway line that delivered multitudes mostly jews in cattle trucks to their deaths survivors shared their stories.
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i remember the. trucks from the barracks. i can hear them screaming i could hear it in my subconscious when i remember those events. world leaders royalty and religious leaders listened this was not a moment for them. and there was to stream. within my heart it was still alive maybe tomorrow will come one day and tomorrow did come indeed memories remain. 75 years after the liberation of auschwitz scene of some of the worst atrocities of the holocaust the deaths of more than a 1000000 people this was an occasion vivid with memory and resonant with emotion
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the pain of those who lived through it and heartache for those who did not but above all another opportunity for some perhaps the last to repeat the mantra of a lifetime never again. blurs the lines between good and evil. that. there must be reconsidered between nations. therefore it is a moral obligation for all those present here. to. act me and such a way that nothing like that ever happens again. this may be the last major anniversary of which survivors turn up in significant numbers some have come here they say to refresh their own memories of what they lived through others to say goodbye to family and friends whose ashes were scattered across the fields as
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fertilizer most know when they speak to offer the hope that even when they are gone the world does not forget jonah how al-jazeera at auschwitz birkenau death camp in poland. the top stories warnings are being issued to travelers heading to as the death toll . rises to 160. after the. citizens. global financial. steps to control the. in the u.k. france and germany also fears of the potential economic impact. lower level this
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year. republicans are. witnesses to testify u.s. president. it follows. the president told him to. do an investigation into his political. middle east peace proposal. minister benjamin netanyahu. to discuss the deal which the palestinians have already rejected. fighting is being reported in an area east of the libyan city of misrata where forces loyal to the war to leave after launched an offensive on sunday at least 11 government soldiers were killed and 100 others were injured. investigators in the united states are trying to find out what caused the helicopter crash that killed 9 people including
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basketball legend kobe bryant bryant's private helicopter came down on a hillside north of malibu in california on sunday heavy fog at the time they grounded other aircraft including police helicopters. u.s. prosecutors involved in the jeffrey epstein sex trafficking inquiry want to speak with britain's prince andrew but the chief federal prosecutor for new york jeffrey berman says prince andrew has provided 0 cooperation he said investigators have contacted the duke of york's lawyers and asked if we did view him but there had been no response those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera right after with us al jazeera tells the story of thousands of dollars is produced by colombian friends to adopt the family means. words this is so intensive that some can't bear to see that. ridiculous this has been passed down
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through generations. this shame of mining. on al-jazeera. he.


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