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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 14  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2020 10:32pm-11:00pm +03

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5 states. which is now being under the presidency of palestine as an observer and of observer member of the united nations now the international community then turn national public conscience is been away can we as an observer member state are now with the president the president. taking the presidency of the $77.00 plus block. this is some of the gains we have achieved however we will never fall to we will not relent until we have all our rights restored but this is an indication that the whole world has just started to realize our plight our problem and to realise our rights and
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stand by our side that's why we should continue holding steadfast to our policies these policies are known to the whole world we are human beings we are not animals we are very human beings people 13000000 citizens half of this population is within the occupied territories and the other half and their spur. other states with a population of only 10000 people are full members. why simply because the united states is standing on our way we approach the security council and the united states is stood. up to us stood on our way time will come when the united states will say yes' and we will have all our riots restored we have
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seen that many international organizations and many states are standing by our side and we have just witnessed very promising responses to the drum and now instrument we will embark on all this and we will continue with our struggle until we achieve our independent palestinian state with east jerusalem as its capital on the basis of june 4th 1967 we have. accepted this. on 22 percent of our. historic palestine we agreed. however trump is attempting to use survey 40 percent out of this 22 percent of
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historic palestine to the international community i say we are holding steadfast the international legitimacy to resolutions simply because this is the key difference we have 36 security council resolution 125 assembly resolution. we cannot negotiate beyond the leasure to mr solution even there is a solution laid down on the table of the united nations 2334 on the security council is now. this is regarded by drum he is speaking out of power he is the man dictating to all the world yet no we will lot accept. similarly we are
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holding steadfast to the established principles. crafted by the that janelle personal council in 1048 this council was convened an algerian we are holding steadfast to these stablished principles and we cannot give up even one of these principles including the right of that if you choose to return our 967 borders or other rights. we are holding busy steadfast to these principles to the whole world we say. we are not terrorist population we are not terrorist a people of terrorists no have we been and never shall be we are adamant to stand up to terrorism
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worldwide however the world must realize that we are a people worthy to live without also holding to the principle that no negotiations without or in the absence of the international legitimacy resolution as i stated in the united nations security council we are seeking an international conference and we are seeking negotiations sponsored by follow excluding they invited states. i cannot however we cannot disregard the united states yet we have the international quartet . together with other 5 states this is acceptable to us. and no negotiations can be initiated in the absence of at least one of the international legitimate or
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a solution we are prepared to negotiate on this base yet no negotiations. we can not and we shall not engage in any negotiations on the basis of then than cement made by trump this plan devised by trump or any plan to be devised by any similar president. because trump may said not stay forever it is a plot devised a 100 years ago since 1017. we will fight with all the power and we have been listening to the president of the palestinian authority mahmoud abbas reacting there to that deal announced by president trump with president bush and now a little bit earlier about a i guess a peace plan for the middle east we were just hearing on the bus again reiterating
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that this was the continuation of the conclusion of the bow for declaration which of course back in 1917 is is when the british government announced support for the establishment of a national state for the jewish people in palestine but what about also said that this deal will be. dumped in the landfill of history that the palestinian people cannot be brought to their knees by these plots designed to undermine the palestinian cause and to divide the palestinian people let's cross live now to need abraham she joins us live now from ramallah in the occupied west bank with abbas of course i mean we knew that they had rejected this deal but really speaking about some of the details jerusalem and the fact that now in the eastern part of jerusalem rather than east jerusalem would be the capital of a state what have you made of what the president has been saying. the main thing
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that we can take out from this speech is steadfastness and international law what he means by that is that the palestinians are ready to negotiate but only under the terms and standards of international law of course the us has recently announced that it no longer views the israeli settlements in the west bank as league it which is something that is still considered illegal under international law under the 4th geneva convention it's not allowed for an occupying power to move its citizens to an occupying state or territory so he talked about international legitimacy and willing to talk with the israelis to be in a negotiating table under those terms of course the issue of the capital is one of the main core issues that palestinians have been talking about for years trump has mentioned having a capital in eastern jerusalem now palestinians have been talking for so long now that east jerusalem should be their capital as per international law it was
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occupied in 1967. and is considered an illegal territory you know now what has been saying is that is this regarding international law now when it comes to the movies or what arbaaz is going to be doing it seems that he was talking about fighting it with the measures we have in hand he talk about steadfastness and really trying to weather the storm we heard him talk there is not going to be staying there for ever so it seems like palestinians will be taking more moves on an international level rather than something more than that need evening for the moment thank you for that we will of course cross back to you for more analysis let's go back now to mahmoud abbas completely let's listen in. and work towards but again and to there's a deputation maintaining. independence by. changing . the functional performance of the palestinian authority this is an objective we
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should achieve we have achieved certain gains that we should embark on the united nations and other international organization we should bark on these at sea of mints. today. the leadership of the palestinian authority and all the palestinian factions were represented in today's meeting and i can mention them by the name including how mess you had to list them islamic jihad the popular front the task force and the other factions all the palestinian factions have been represented in today's meeting this is simply an indication that all the palestinian have felt the
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threat they have transcended above differences of a spoken to ismail haniya myself and he said to me we should immediately me that he proposed he suggested we meet in gas and i said immediately we will turn and you chapter of unity surly diety joint action we will transcend above differences all for the sake of our close we should remain united as we had been in the past once we are united we will be supported by the peoples of the world and other world states simply because we are a people seeking our letter timet low full rights to conclude
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i address the families of the martyrs. an hour wind and prisoners. israel has been depriving us all of our funds the funds that had been collected by the israeli occupation forces simply to prevent us from paying the salaries of the prisoners the wounded and the families of the martyrs i swear by god almighty even if we are left with one single penny it will be paid to those deserving families thank you. palestinian president mahmoud abbas finishing his comments there his reaction to donald trump's middle east peace plan interesting point that he mentioned that he
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had spoken to the leader of hamas israel and here he mentioned that there would be a new chapter of unity. that they would transcend their differences this is him and is melania from have us and that united once the palestinian people will be united they will be supported by the international community as a people looking for their legitimate rights well let's go now to our senior political analyst. marwan obviously a lot to talk about here about the deal itself just because we're coming off a mark what about here did you hear anything that surprised you that you think is particularly noteworthy. no not at all clearly president abbas has been expecting this now for 2 years as he mentioned and clearly there's no surprise for him in any of what was mentioned to be in the white house celebrations as it was and all of the all of the stuff that was the ticket against the palestinian people have apparently been abundantly clear for him and
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hence he you know he's privy to what the problem is is that it took him up until today to be meeting and talking about unity if you really understood the reality of the trump administration and what is was a offer from the white house he probably should have been working much more. hard if you will over the last 2 years to attain this but a city unity because with the palestinians divided amongst themselves and separated from the arab world it's going to be very hard for president abbas to be steadfast when president trump can project so much influence and so much power in the region including through israel and some of the arab states like the u.a.e. and saudi arabia egypt and others so it's going to be difficult now the palestinians are certainly sets fast and i think the trump initiative is dead on
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arrival but that doesn't mean that this is not going to create a lot of challenges a lot of problems let's all remember barbara that president a buzz when he was then prime minister in 2003 when the bush administration 1st proposed its road map for peace everyone hoped that a bus will replace at that time the chairman of the p.l.o. think of him as a as a moderate well today the white house and that anyone who would like to see abbas go and that's why when they assign a 40 year. deadline if you will for this thing they are hoping that within this 40 year period the 84 year old the bass would also be leaving the scene and they're hoping for a more. more pleasant if you were more moderate more loyal friend among the palestinians that would work with the more agreeable think
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you to work with with the israelis and the americans now i doubt that the palestinians could groom or could bring a new single by the seniors would be more moderate than a bus and still be able to lead in palestine my well let me just because you brought up the 4 years let's just bring up our viewers who perhaps are tuning in now to speed with what was actually in the deal so it does actually call for 2 states israel and palestine trump saying that gaza and the west bank would be connected by bridges and tunnels then it calls for 4 year freeze on israel's settlement activity and says palestinian territory there would be doubled and then crucially it declared and other divided jerusalem as israel's capital and the palestinian capital would be in parts of eastern jerusalem so a crucial difference here where you still talking about east jerusalem as the capital of a palestinian state here it's easter and jerusalem so just put that in context for
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us what do you think is there that would be an acceptable for the palestinian contingent i don't think a single element in that peace plan would be acceptable to the palestinians except of course if the americans would like to lay out the dowery as it were the 50000000000 without anything in return but other than that the cleverness the devilishly clever midst of this plan. is that it repackages all the problems all the root causes of the problems and present them as solutions as permanent solutions the issues you just mention one of the mains destabilizing issues in israel palestine is the illegal settlements so president trump is legalizing them or bestowing legitimacy on that the other man problem is drives occupation and annexation of east jerusalem and what the strong doing about it he's
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recognizing israeli annexation occupation of visual silliman on the recognizing a captive president state a provisional future half a state and half of the west bank in the east of east jerusalem he's also embracing the op partied in is very palestine by accepting and recognizing israel's permanent security control over the palestinians by giving in a different name and some sort of a provisional state down the line as i said on some half of the west bank the same thing goes for the refugees they have an inalienable rights for return or compass all and compensation but basically present trump has written off the entire issue of the refugees and their rights for return and compensation and so on and so forth he's presenting all the problem as if there are solutions but they are
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not solutions so it's very difficult for me but i'm really trying you know hard to find some good points out there i can throw out the order to our viewers around the world and create some form of optimism of sort what by you know you say you know you can hang your hat on this or that or your hope on this and that but there is essentially nothing in terms of all the major issues all the major challenges all the indispensable basic. brights that has been. accepted by the united states or israel at this point in time i'm very leaves the proceedings with nothing and hence the procedures would have no other possibilities but to resist this because there's nothing in it for them ok very well obviously lots to unpick and analyze this plan for us we will be speaking to you throughout the evening for the moment i will bashara thank you and let's go live to stephanie decker who joins
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us from gaza stephanie the hamas leadership in gaza have rejected the deal tell us a little bit more about their reaction to the events of the past few hours. well they rejected it before and they projected ofter and saying that they will use all means necessary to confront it we don't know exactly what that means the ground is always will tell that story but they have been meeting in the you heard president they refer to a conversation with any other political leader he called mahmoud he stressed the palestinian unity i think we need to take that with a pinch of salt because these are 2 sides that are incredibly at. has played a part of cutting salaries here in gaza adding really to the misery of the people here so certainly there is unity when it comes to rejecting this deal there is a shaky cease fire in place here between hamas and israel that is brokered by the un and egypt and in the absence of any political solution barbara we're going to
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see these things flare up again so this is the americans and israel's almost political solution it is not welcome it is rejected so i think we're at a point in time where there is already little hope there's not only little hope here in gaza there is little hope in the west bank people here will tell you we're just trying to get through the day remember gaza is under siege by both israel and egypt people don't have freedom of movement israel controls the skies controls the borders. the waters controlled what comes in and out here people just want that to change i think it's very difficult to see how that's going to change in the short term in this plan just briefly referring to gaza it calls for the disarmament of how mass and the deed disarmament of the entire gaza strip well the groups here which are armed with see that as a legitimate defense as a legitimate resistance to israel's occupation of palestinian land we are now hearing that these raids will go ahead on sunday with moving forward on an exciting
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settlements illegal settlements in the west bank that is internationally recognized palestinian land that is illegally occupied so you know in a in a period of let's say relative calm over the last couple of months when it comes to this region many people will tell you that this is a dangerous move because you know whatever the factions will do the people there is apathy it's not like the streets of erupted so far but again we're going to have to wait and see how the next few days unfold but certainly the message from the palestinians is this is a slap in the face this is a joke this is a farce they've lost over the years more and more now they're being handed something that they say they're just not going to consider stephanie decker with the latest from gaza stephanie for the moment thank you and now let's go live to harry forsett who is in west jerusalem for us sara the interesting thing is that even though this deal seems to be very very pro israel there are still people in
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israel that don't think it goes far enough. indeed yes on the israeli right we have already heard a statement from the council which speaks for the majority of settlers in the occupied west bank saying that they were rejecting the deal preemptively because they had learned that it included some kind of palestinian state any kind of palestinian state was not acceptable to them and then since the deal has been approved or at least rather released the israeli defense minister naftali bennett who has his own right wing party and serves in coalition with benjamin netanyahu released it with within his caretaker administration he said that we must work to ensure that israel never recognizes a palace a palestinian state so for as much as this is obviously something that netanyahu
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wants to concentrate on in these last few weeks before the election on the 2nd of march the historic opportunity as he's constantly called it and being the person to make the most of it and as stef was just saying using this sunday cabinet meeting to try and get a vote through to approve the annexation of west bank settlements all of which he sees as big a lecture on pluses he also stands potentially devote to some votes on the far right of israeli politics as well in terms of more mainstream politics we've had a statement from blue and white the party of benny gantz who is in washington on monday meeting the president of the u.s. as well and blue and white is saying that this forms the basis they welcome it as forming the basis of a of a deal and saying that it will take a strong and stable government to work towards it over the next 4 years and not one led by someone facing indictments as benjamin and you know as of today is those
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indictments on 3 separate corruption cases lodged in jerusalem district court. harry forsett with the latest there from west to slim for the moment harry thank you. and we are of course can be back in just a few minutes so with more and alice's of the deal that was announced by donald trump just about 1000 minutes ago for a possible solution to the israeli palestinian crisis and the calls for 2 states israel and palestine but crucially the cleared and undivided jerusalem as the capital of israel and speaks of a palestinian capital in parts of eastern jerusalem will bring you more analysis on the details of this deal in just a few minutes to stay with us. business
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after 70 years of little progress this could be the last opportunity they will ever have us president don't trump on vale's his plan to end the decades of conflict between israel and palestine. and we say a 1000 times no no no to the deal of a century the palestinian president must want a bass call strums the conspiracy saying his people's rights are not for sale. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching out just 0 live from london also coming up iraqi protesters defended.


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