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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2020 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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the a. palestinian leader's reject donald trump's proposed middle east is utter nonsense and a conspiracy fake accounts except. for the plan would see israel alex palestinian territory and declare jerusalem its undivided capital. watch al-jazeera life of a headquarters in doha and also ahead hundreds of foreigners are evacuated from the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak as the number of confirmed cases passes 6000 . opening arguments conclude donald trump's impeachment trial senate republicans
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say they don't have enough votes to block additional witnesses. hello israel's prime minister is on his way to moscow to brief what amir putin on the u.s. proposal to end the palestinian israeli conflict benjamin netanyahu wants his cabinet approved plans to annex the strategic jordan valley and all israeli settlements in occupied land as soon as possible but palestinian leaders have rejected the plan put forward by president trump saying it will be thrown into history's garbage our white house correspondent kimberly halkett reports. feeling it is a deal to bring peace to israelis and prosperity for palestinians u.s. president donald trump presented his long awaited middle east proposal at the white house along. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu we have an obligation to
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humanity to get it this is an extraordinary trump is proposed a 4 year freeze on new jewish settlements on palestinian land the plan also proposes a tunnel connecting the west bank and gaza and a doubling of palestinian territory to include a capital in what it calls al could be arabic name for jerusalem with the united states would open an embassy but in a contradictory statement trunk declared jerusalem israel's capital where u.s. embassy already exists under this vision jerusalem will remain israel's undivided very important undivided capital. sites holy to muslims christians and jews would also remain under israel's control these ancient lend should not be symbols of conflict but eternal symbols of peace and as expected
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trumps 80 page plan also calls for israeli sovereignty over the jordan valley that israel's prime minister argues is necessary for security israel must have sovereignty in places that an able israel to defend itself barred. but absent from the white house announcement palestinian leaders discussions on trucks middle east proposal broke down in 2017 following the move of the us embassy from tel aviv trump announced he sent a letter to palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas outlining a 4 year timeline for recognition and implementation of his plan president abbas i want you to know that if you choose the path to peace america and many other countries will we we will be there we will be there to help you in so many different ways and we will be. every step of the way i wanted to ask you about
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something but in an exclusive interview with al jazeera trump son in law jared cushier said what isn't helpful to the palestinians future is the palestinian authority would rather go in and complain as opposed to come to the table and negotiate which quite frankly shows that they're not ready to have a state if you're ready to have a state and you don't call for days of rage the white house says acknowledge the dire economic conditions of palestinians a new plan builds on a previously announced $50000000000.00 economic proposal with additional grants and loans implemented over the next decade but only if reconciliation is achieved the timing of the white house plan announcement was overshadowed by president trump's impeachment trial in the u.s. senate still the plan is likely to be a key talking point in donald trump's reelection campaign can really help at al-jazeera the white house so the palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas
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called the deal of the century and says jerusalem is not for sale a soon as the proposal was revealed protests broke out across the occupied west bank and gaza strip palestinians say the united states is that often the is really position and saw and their rights are even more threatened now than before but i'm not shaky and. in the announcement we did not find anything new compared to what we heard 2 years ago it is sufficient to say that 2 years ago we heard the jerusalem is the undivided capital of israel as claimed by them we cannot wait and wait and keep on waiting our position has not changed and after we heard this utter nonsense we say no no and a big no to the deal of the century. so the plan has prompted both praise and anger from the international community the arab league says its 1st reading indicates a great waste of palestinian rights but it says it's studying the american vision
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carefully and remains open to syria's peace efforts and egypt has called for a careful and thorough consideration of the plan it was the 1st country to sign a peace deal with israel in 1979 saudi arabia says it appreciates trumps efforts and supports peace negotiations under us all spaces but it stressed that remains committed to palestinian rights and the e.u. is also assessing the proposal it says its commitment to a 2 state solution which takes into account the legitimate aspirations off both sides and let's show you some live pictures that's coming through to us from bethlehem that's in the occupied west bank where palestinians are outs and they are protesting the plot that was put forward by the u.s. administration for more on the reaction from the occupied west bank let's bring in . she's joining us from i believe just outside one is really settlement
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talk us through how all this news has been filtering down onto the ground in the occupied west bank. we are standing here near better settlement which is a huge well confrontation point between the palestinians and the israeli army they have a checkpoint that has been permanently posted here for a couple of years we have a close by settlements in the settlement called by itself usually the palestinians would come to this location to voice out that anger of course this is not the only location we had protesters in bethlehem in the west bank as well as others who went to the jordan valley defying an attempt by the israeli army to prevent the 2 army has closed off some roads trying to bring it to prevent protesters from reaching the place now in the place or in the location where we are
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standing right now the situation remains called at the moment we've spoken to some palestinians in the streets regarding that the actions of poorest everybody has been saying that there angered by the american plan they don't accept it but at the same time they said they do not really feel that much has been changing on the ground and them going out to checkpoints protesting potentially being hurt or injured by israeli fire or even dying from it it hasn't really yielded any results they don't feel that the international community is the listening to them this is probably why we're not seeing many of them protesting however a couple of hundreds are here and they're still voicing out their anger and do they still have faith in the palestinian leadership specifically the the off already in the occupied west bank because there is some talk that this could potentially foster unity between the palestinian authority from the west bank and and hamas in gaza so besides the sort of usual condemnation and refusal that we heard from.
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the outlining what his next steps are going to be. this street hasn't been expecting much from the palestinian authority that busting in president as you said has been talking about condemnation trying to reach out to the international community to help palestinians to help protect the international law but on the ground really palestinians have been saying that the palestinian authority hasn't really been up to the challenge they are not fighting the u.s. administration by any shape or form except for that huge with condemnation we've heard the palestinian president yesterday mention the i.c.c. the international criminal court its prosecutor has announced a couple of weeks ago that it's looking to open an investigation it believes that there is a basis for opening an investigation this hasn't happened yet so he was pointing
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out to more international efforts on the ground of course as you mentioned betty conciliation it's a big issue here but palestinians have lost hope that it's really fun to put their differences aside and there will be a unity even though we have heard a full call has happened between the palestinian president and the hamas political bureau chief and the u.s. so it's really up to the next few days to tell but i can tell you that there isn't much hope here ok and for him thank you for that update from ramallah and i got to worry as a political analyst for and shop a car that's a palestinian policy network she says trump and that's and yahoo are trying to rewrite international norms. this plan is basically a continuation of policy since the day that he took office. and there's absolutely nothing in it that gives palestinians any hope indeed it doesn't talk about palestinian rights it doesn't even use the parameters of international law and what
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it basically is is it is a document of palestinian surrender or you know to use. the palestinian side so what do you think there's anything for hope what there is in this document are a couple of interesting points that sort of really reveal where the u.s. and israel all i think namely that they want to create a new world order not based on international law but based on on power based on might i think this plan needs to be continuously rejected by any palestinian leadership and by palestinians in general and i think anyone who's interested in supporting the palestinians in achieving their international insurance rights and aspirations sovereignty also need to reject this plan outright and they need to use the tools that their disposal i mean something very interesting in the plan was a point on the i.c.c. that the p.l.o. would not be allowed to to pursue any i.c.c.
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international criminal court complaints against israel and so i think that's something that palestinians could focus on and. should support the number of people infected by the corona virus outbreak in mainland china has now surpassed levels reached during the sars epidemic in 2003 comes as british airways and indonesia's law in the air have halted services to china and other airlines are also reducing their flights some countries are using planes to evacuate citizens stuff to me epicenter. china has cut access to a number of cities where the virus has left 132 people dead and 6000 infected ways in hong kong with more on how people are coping during the. i think hong kong is still very quiet as are of course many parts of mainland china there isn't an official extension to the lunar new year holiday here in hong kong but certainly
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civil servants have been told to stay at home for the rest of this week to work from home and many private businesses corporates as well have advised their employees to stay home but certainly from the mainland side the situation is certainly worsening there the death toll now more than 130 and we're starting to see governments take action now the united states was the 1st to fly into the capital of move a province to evacuate some of its nationals from that city the japanese followed suit lifting more than 200 people from rouhani back to tokyo when they arrived in the japanese capital 4 of those passengers were taken immediately to hospital because they had flu like symptoms airlines as well british airways issuing that statement that's effective immediately they're going to stop flying in and out of the mainland chinese cities that operates into and out of and lying near from
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february 1st while it flies to 15 chinese cities that will come to an end as of february 1st certainly you start to see more governments more private businesses as well take this situation a lot more seriously still ahead on al jazeera syrian government forces make gains on the rebel held problems of their business center moderates and online but isn't . but. how i once again welcome to another look at the international forecast we got some quotes weather now pushing across japan still some areas of rain sleet and snow into northern parts of honshu into hokkaido temperatures getting up to around
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16 celsius there for tokyo bits and pieces of cloud and right driving through the sea of japan there northerly wind that's a not quite as pleasant for the western side of honshu but things will brighten up here as we go on through friday a strong and bright across much of china last week clear skies here cold enough in shanghai at around 8 degrees celsius but it's good 10 degrees warmer than that in hong kong dry bright see across a good parts of south asia are actually much of india seeing some decent spells of dry weather further north it is a return to the low cloud the fog the small problems in new delhi temperatures suppressed at around 19 degrees celsius as a result of that but there you go there's that sunshine you might catch a cold shower into a dish a maybe over towards the west bengal one of those could see the odd shower but for most we are looking at more in the way of sunshine i shall a slight a little further south which as we go on through friday will be for a few and far between so lots of sunshine for all.
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over 40 years ago the mysterious killing of the president of north yemen the nation . it's a story of deception and. one that still resonates today. al jazeera world reveals how a banquet for your many dignitaries became the backdrop to a brutal assassination. yemen the last launch. on al-jazeera. lose the.
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other leg on the top stories on al-jazeera israel's prime minister is on his way to moscow to brief lattimer buton on a proposal to end the palestinian israeli conflict benjamin netanyahu wants to annex large parts of palestinian territory in line with upon put forward by the us president's. hundreds of japanese have been evacuated from the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak in china nearly 6000 people have been infected by the virus while over a 130 have died and british airways says that suspending flights to chime. in what could be a major turning point in donald trump's impeachment trial u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has privately told republicans he no longer has the votes to block witnesses for republicans need to side with the democrats to
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allow for new testimony to be heard at the trial castro has. 3 days of arguments for president trump's acquittal can be summarized as he did trump didn't do what democrats accuse his lawyers say but even if he did he should not be removed from office the bar for impeachment. cannot be said this low danger danger danger trumps lawyers downplayed recent revelations from john bolton the former national security adviser who reportedly writes in his upcoming book that trump withheld security aid to ukraine in order to get investigations into democrats including joe biden responding to an unpublished manuscript that maybe some reporters have an idea of maybe what it says and that's what i'm that's what the evidence if you want to call that evidence i don't know what you called it i call it inadmissible but democrats want to call bolton to testify who
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haven't done so yet under the president's orders but says he will appear if subpoenaed their whole argument is diversion. if you don't believe the newspaper report called the witnesses democrats must convince at least 4 republicans to go along with that idea senator mitt romney a moderate republican says he'll be one i'd like to hear from john bolton and i think the idea that's been expressed in the media about having each side be able to choose a witness or maybe more than what west witness paired basis has some merit republicans want to call joe biden and his son hunter to testify trump accuses them of being involved in ukrainian corruption the basis for wanting their investigation in new jersey enthusiasm for trump's innocence was on display as supporters camped out for days to attend his campaign rally polls show about half of americans believe trump should remain in office and half want him gone. castro al-jazeera washington.
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the turkish president tried to tie her to one claims russia isn't on a ring its agreements over syria he said ankara is running out of patience with the bombing in the province by russian backed syrian government forces as response comes as they recaptured the key rebel held city of moderates and turkey and russia had agreed to make it live a deescalation zone but president bush said the government and its allies bombarded the area for months since december an estimated 350000 people have been displaced so let's bring in some of kosovo she's joining us more with more on this from istanbul so why is there to one unhappy. well there in our donna summer i'm happy because as he sat to the journalists on the way back from his africa tour yesterday he said there is nothing called us than the peace process so he's not happy with that also remember that back in 2018 turkey russia
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and iran under this car interest ship the peace process. a deal for a peace was signed but now it seems neither of them are abiding except from turkey that's why turkey is that happy thinking about the situation in their thousands hundreds of thousands of people who are right now vice turkey syria border and it is very difficult to accommodate them over there as there is no place for them by the border also the weather conditions also the finance so there are lots of problems that the syrian opposition backed by turkey has to deal with so this is a situation for turkey and turkey doesn't want any more syrian refugees for flooding from syria's north western provinces if there is to turkey's southern southeastern cities because it is also a domestic problem where you are where we have witnessed that the ruling party
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governed by the by the current president don has lot has lost a major stronghold which is a stumble elections a stumble mayoral election so there is both domestic pressure on prisons are gone there is this international pressure but it seems on the other hand turkey is stuck in a way and the syrian government is also stuck so the situation is live is kind of pursued by some of the experts syria experts in turkey that both. the muskets and uncorrupt might end up coming around the table for for an agreement so some party isn't tricky some military expert sees that bashar assad the syrian prez. and it's trying to push turkey to come to the table because turkey has always been a has always sat i'm an add on has always that yes the intelligence agencies between kuranda messages are in touch but will not meet is syrian president bashar
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assad ok it's impossible to thank you 3 children have been killed in a rocket attack in libya's capital tripoli landed in a neighborhood near the city center the u.n. recognized government is blaming forces loyal to warlords fighting for have to nearly 300 civilians have been killed by rockets or airstrikes since have to began his campaign to seize this city in april meanwhile libya's u.n. recognized government says its allies have shot down an image supply drone which is being used by have to forces the aircraft came down near misrata turkey has been sending reinforcements to the tripoli base governments including air defense systems the pentagon now says 50 u.s. troops in iraq have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries that's after the iranian missile strikes earlier this month on the military facility where they were based the u.s. had originally announced that nobody had been hurt in the strikes that were in
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retaliation for the u.s. assassination of the top iranian commander custom so they money but last week the pentagon said 34 people had been injured and that some were still receiving ongoing treatment president trump was criticized following a news conference at the world economic forum in davos where he appeared to minimize their symptoms implying they had heavy that were not serious. climate protests are taking place in australia's capital as prime minister scott morrison delivers his start of the year speech demonstrators are calling for a change to australia's reliance on coal and fossil fuels morrison says he will not shut down the coal sector despite large bush fires burning around cambra. the only thing that matters is the cumulative impact of all countries emissions you will also not reduce the number of qualified past asians in the world to die by forcing the shutdown of australian calm winds or destroying jobs that go with them other
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countries will just buy the cow from somewhere else often poorer quality with greater environmental and climate impacts and thomas has more on scott morrison speech from camera this was his chance to reset the dot essential and lay out his priorities for the year and the response to the fires was front and center of his speech and he talked a lot about how australia needs to adapt and to mitigate for way essentially described as inevitable climate change hotter drier summers are going to cause more fires in the future he said and climate action in his words was about mitigation and tasting to the inevitable he talked less about addressing climate change when he did he said that australia was doing its best it was meeting its commitments under the paris accords for example it was bringing down its emissions but what he was very reluctant to address with the coal exports particularly that australia sense of the rest of the world which of course don't put up australia's emissions but do put up emissions elsewhere. one person has been killed by security forces in
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the latest antigovernment protests and guinea. the west african country has been hit by rolling protests since mid october over concerns president alpha cone day will seek a 3rd term in office about 20 people have died since the protests began. peru's opposition leader has been sentenced to up to 15 months in prison while she's investigated for corruption he co-feature mori is facing allegations that she accepted more than a $1000000.00 from a brazilian construction firm during her 2011 presidential election campaign it's the 2nd time she's been detained over the allegations which she denies the ruling came a few days after her popular force party was beaten in peru's elections now the u.s. president is expected to sign into law later a new trade deal with mexico and canada it replaces the north american free trade
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agreements donald trump blamed that deal for encouraging u.s. manufacturers to move operations abroad but the new agreement still faces long delays before it comes into effect as she had her town see reports from washington . this will help stop auto jobs from going overseas bipartisan congressional approval of the united states mexico canada agreement or u.s. m.c.a. was an important victory for donald trump that he will tell it in his reelection campaign but faced with a democratically controlled house of representatives trump had to amend the original us m.c.a. signed in the vendor of 2018 if he wanted a deal and like it or not there were changes that ultimately were forced actually despise and that was the price to pass. the u.s. m.c.a. differs in some key ways to the north american free trade agreement or nafta that came into existence in january of 1904 under the revised agreement of the us and canada will be able to increase dairy and other agricultural exports to each other
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to avoid tariffs 75 percent of components in vehicles must be manufactured in mexico canada or the us up from 62.5 percent and 40 to 45 percent of auto parts must be made by workers who are $16.00 an hour by 2023 mexico's worker protections are required to be strengthened and barriers to unionize ation removed inspectors were checked compliance if labor standards and wages increase in mexico the thinking goes there will be less incentive for companies to outsource from the us and canada there is skepticism that assembly plants will not really kate back to the us that in fact since the deal was passed in congress ford on the g.m. have announced they're expanding production in mexico but the agreement did receive support from the n.f.l. cia or the us is largest federation of trade unions this is the built. well we lift it up it's $250.00 pages but it wasn't endorsed by bernie sanders the left wing senator running for the democratic presidential nomination he says the
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agreement fails to deal with the planet's most pressing issue here you have a trade agreement with you you make it easy you want to log oil companies. destroy our planet. mexico and there are other concerns too also some bad things were added so for instance there are new rights for the on line giants not to be regulated that could raise serious consumer privacy and monopoly issues as well remains to be seen what happens with the bad food safety rules that didn't get fixed that require imports of food that doesn't meet u.s. safety standards even off the doldrums signs the treaty into law on wednesday the u.s. m.c.a. still has some way to go before it goes into effect canada isn't expected to ratify the deal until april and mexico needs to pass new legislation to conform to the u.s. and in addition the deal only goes into effect today each side is satisfied that all the requirements have been met and that might not be before the 2020
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presidential election here in the u.s. . soldiers here at washington. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera protests have broken out in the occupied west bank against the u.s. president's proposal to end the palestinian israeli conflict demonstrators out right now in the town of bethlehem as you can see there burning tires and some have been throwing rocks as well and they reject the plan put forward by donald trump which will see israel move to annex the strategic jordan valley and all israeli settlements in occupied land as soon as possible palestinian leaders say the plan will be thrown into history's garbage when the next shape. in the announcement we did not find anything new compared to what we heard 2 years ago you just officiant to say that 2 years ago we heard the drudge limits the undivided capital
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of israel as claimed by them we cannot wait and wait and keep and wait our position has not changed and after we heard this utter nonsense we say no no and a big no to the deal of the century. the number of people infected by the corona virus outbreak in mainland china has now surpassed levels reached during the sars epidemic in 2003 comes as british airways and indonesia's lion air hold services to china and other airlines are reducing their flights some countries are using planes to evacuate citizens stuff in the epicenter was on china has cut access to a number of cities where the virus has left 132 people dead and $6000.00 infected republican leaders in the u.s. senate say they don't have enough votes to block witnesses appearing at president donald trump's impeachment trial democrats accuse trump of abusing his power and what witnesses to be allowed to testify the turkish president claims russia isn't
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honoring its agreements over syria he said ankara is running out of patience with the bombing in the province by russian backed syrian government forces his response comes as they recaptured the key rebel held city of moderates an online since december an estimated 350000 people have been displaced 3 children have been killed in a rocket attack in libya's capital tripoli it landed in a neighborhood near the city the u.n. recognized government is blaming forces loyal to words to have nearly 300 civilians have been killed by rockets or airstrikes began his campaign to seize the city in april talked to al jazeera is coming up next thanks for watching by.
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hitting u.s. bases. drone strikes taking out general. world war 3 started trending as the u.s. and iran to military action against each other but not what's happening on iraqi soil. once again caught up between a regional giant and a military superpower we caught him in the act. and terminated him mr president is adamant the general classrooms in the money posed an imminent threat which was contradicted by iran and the iraqi prime minister in.


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