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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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no guarantee of their own independent state palestinians react with anger and dismissal to tonal transfer pose middle east plan. israeli prime minister netanyahu is on his way to russia to gain support for the plan which will see the annexation of more palestinian land. hello again i'm a fiend an issue with al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. turning travelers away to china widens its exclusion zone near the epicenter of the coronavirus as foreign visitors are evacuated. opening arguments conclude in donald trump's impeachment trial senate republicans say they don't have enough votes to block
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additional witnesses. palestinian leaders have rejected the u.s. president's plan for peace as one that was will be straining to history's garbage donald trump's proposal to end the palestinian israeli conflict sides with israel on many of the contentious issues protests have broken out in the occupied west bank where they've been quite small with many palestinians saying they weren't surprised by the plan israel's prime minister he's on his way to moscow to brief. benjamin netanyahu is hoping his get cabinet will approve the annexation of the jordan valley and israeli settlements on occupied land as soon as possible well those settlements are considered illegal under international law but despite that reaction across the arab world it's pretty much been nice in both egypt and saudi
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arabia say they support further negotiations under u.s. or spaces. well palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas called the day of the slap of the century and says jerusalem is not for sale and soon as the proposal was revealed protests broke out across the occupied west bank and ingles a palestinian say the united states has adopted the israeli position in full and that their rights even more threatened now than ever before but i'm not shaky and. in the announcement we did not find anything new compared to what we heard 2 years ago it is sufficient to say that 2 years ago we heard the jerusalem is the undivided capital of israel as claimed by them we cannot wait and wait and keep on waiting our position has not changed and after we heard this utter nonsense we say no no and a big no to the deal of the century. dozens of palestinians have been injured across the occupied west bank and in jordan neither abraham has the details from
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ramallah. yes and protesters have taking to the streets in many different cities including in the jordan valley we've seen dozens have protested there despite the israeli army's attempts to pretend to prevent them from doing so the israeli army has closed off all the roads or most of the roads leading to the jordan valley so that prevented some of the people who wanted to go there to voice their dejection however the event still continued fear and clashes have erupted with the israeli army also in different areas in the west bank including in bethlehem and we've seen some clear clashes in the settlement medical sources have told us that around 41 palestinians have been injured 3 of them have been hospitalized so there is
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a lot of tension in the ground not necessarily that reflected in forms of protests the palestinian president has talked about this yesterday talked about this rejection saying that no palestinian can accept such a plan. well stephanie decker is a correspondent in gaza city where people say the deal will strip their rights. despite the cold for a general strike it is business as usual on the streets of gaza schools are open shops are open and people are telling us that they really didn't expect anything different from fulfilling the snub our rights are being sold in the international marketplace this deal is part of the global oppression of the palestinian people we don't have confidence in any of the politicians anymore both palestinian and foreign our dream is to get our basic rights and to live in dignity like any other country. talk a little i believe this deal of the century is proposing less than what we have now
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and i think president mahmoud abbas will not accept it. politically the message from hamas is one of our white rejection and this is something that we're seeing a rare unity from all the palestinian factions whether it's hamas on the scene islamic jihad here probably the message is that they outright reject. is is. it just committed against the palestinian people again there's a lot of people. what people say is more important to them is the lifting of the blockade the easing of their lives here in the gaza strip which has been under blockade by israel and egypt for over 10 years since hamas took power and here is the certainly this deal give them no indication of that is something that. would change they say they have no power to influence the politics and also this is i think why you see people almost an interested in this they didn't expect anything
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else and certainly will tell you that the life here at the moment is more difficult than it's ever been the united nations in 22 all issued a report saying that gaza would become the new little. while it is now 2020 and there is no political solution in sight. hundreds of people from japan and the united states are returning home after having been evacuated from china's hu bay province the regions at the center of the corona virus outbreak which has so far left more than 130 people dead around 6000 others are infected and that's a policy as levels reached during the sars epidemic of 2003 and it comes as some commercial airlines are reducing the number of flights to china or they're stopping flying altogether when he reports. after completing an emergency mission a plane carrying more than 200 japanese citizens arrives in tokyo from china they're among the 1st foreign nationals to be evacuated by the government from wu
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han the capital of who bay province which is under lockdown because of coronavirus . he only cures overnight i was very worried because the situation changed very rapidly honestly i am quite relieved that they brought his home swiftly with the chartered plane. upon arrival 4 of the passengers suffering flu like symptoms were taken to hospital as the crisis deepens more countries are looking to follow the lead of japan and the united states and begin airlifting their nationals out we have taken the decision the smalling to prepare a plan for an operation to provide some assistance departures for isolated and vulnerable astride the ins in in the who by province in one hand where the outbreak started medical staff and hospitals are struggling to cope with the number of cases which grows by the day. so 2 completely new makeshift hospitals are being built to
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treat coronavirus patients with construction workers operating around the clock. and the government to sending thousands of extra doctors and nurses to a province from other parts of china so. i will tell my family the exciting news after i come back i've not dared to tell them now for fear that they would be worried about me. in hong kong where there are several confirmed cases of the virus the government has been criticized for being too slow to react it's now suspended ferry and train services to and from mainland china indefinitely the hong kong government has been coming under increasing pressure with many calling for the border crossings between here in mainland china to be closed completely which hasn't happened the partial closure is being welcomed but the result so a sense that it has come too late and isn't enough the transport restrictions will heap more pressure on the economy of the city which is already struggling after months of anti-government protests wane hey al jazeera hong kong. a group of
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students from pakistan is among those under lockdown in china's worst affected province 4 of them are confirmed to have the virus and they are calling for pakistan to get them out i should say here said al-jazeera this video explaining what the situation is like there and we are not because there are no good or no way this isn't done these are breaking all over that time if once we get consent do that. is this why it is there is no way back there is no way back in fact then we need to. begin flying to our country really like that close to our government. pakistan bessie and the local government of china now please do something for us please we want to go back to our countries we want our families and they are really worried they are does. and they are also suffering with us. now jazeera
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chain traveled to the region just north of her bay province the epicenter devise with the threat of quarantine they were forced to scott hyla has that story. to get a better idea of how the coronavirus is having an impact on communities closer to the epicenter in will han and hold a province. we took a south bound train from beijing we got off and central one province its southern border with who they covers more than 400 kilometers the longest of any other province and the spreading of the virus is a big and sensitive concern as we are about to exit the station we were met by a local government official he knew we were coming and told the local police our plan this to try to go to china and i told them they composite a checkpoint they have to go back to beijing. but they said they wouldn't stop us instead they would follow us until we reached a checkpoint to the community we wanted to visit the sign says hold a car stop
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a check for about an hour away from the train station the town you on exit from the freeway this is described as the medical supply capital of china so we wanted to go in because the face masks are manufactured there more than 50 percent for china are manufactured inside and we've heard that they have brought the staff back from their holiday early to manufacture more face mask but it's so sensitive they're stopping us they're not even letting us go inside. we were not the only ones being turned away other cars were prevented from going in if they could not prove that they were from chung young. and then we were told by the official that if we did not leave one province before the end of the day it was highly likely that we would be put in quarantine. as the end of the extended holiday draws closer many people in these communities could be cut off even longer if additional transportation restrictions are put into place scott had an al-jazeera.
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could be a major turning point in donald trump's impeachment trial u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has told republicans he no longer has the votes to block witnesses for republicans need to side with the democrats which will that would allow for new testimony to be heard at the trial heidi jocasta shows our correspondent in washington 3 days of arguments for president trumps acquittal can be summarized as if this trump didn't do what democrats accuse his lawyers say but even if he did he should not be removed from office the bar for impeachment cannot be set this low danger danger danger trumps lawyers downplayed recent revelations from john bolton the former national security adviser who reportedly writes in his upcoming book that trump withheld security aid to ukraine in order to get investigations into democrats including joe biden responding to an
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unpublished manuscript that maybe some reporters have an idea of maybe what it says and that's what i mean that's what the evidence if you want to call that evidence i don't know what you call it i call it inadmissible but democrats want to call bolton to testify who hasn't done so yet under the president's orders but says he will appear if subpoenaed their whole argument is diversion. if you don't believe the newspaper report called the witnesses democrats must convince at least 4 republicans to go along with that idea senator mitt romney a moderate republican says he'll be one i'd like to hear from john bolton and i think the idea that's been expressed in the media about having each side be able to choose a witness or maybe more than what west witness paired basis has some merit republicans want to call joe biden and his son hunter to testify trump accuses them of being
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involved in ukrainian corruption the basis for wanting their investigation in new jersey enthusiasm for trump's innocence was on display as supporters camped out for days to attend his campaign rally polls show about half of americans believe trump should remain in office and half want him gone. castro al-jazeera washington. says a commie or a down to 0 how political instability and a weak economy continues to hurt millions of iranians find out why it could be some time before a new trade deal between the us canada or mexico comes into effect. but . how i welcome to look at the international full cost we still have some unsettled weather pushing into japan but i think for many it's not going to be too bad the
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southern half of the country is largely fought to try to see this area cloud swirling away northerly winds coming in always a cold direction so we are going to see some lake effect snow i would say western parts of honshu and certainly there across the qaida sheltered by the mountains tokyo very badly temperatures here getting up to around 12 degrees celsius so the passage panshin retry across the korean peninsula chad we try unless that dry and settle weather there. across the good parts of china plenty of sunshine coming through the sunshine extends down into much of in that shot of the philippines not trying to badly but across malaysia some lives showers those showers extend their way down into indonesia and if anything popping up ferguson go on 3 friday possibilities some localized flooding into possibly java as a result so that they're not see many showers across south asia at present last a clear skies we have got a mist and fog the small returning to the northern plains off in the tempest
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pressed as a result of that temperature in new delhi at about 18 or 19 degrees. from fossil fuels to modern day renewables as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such the mountains as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against eastern mountains we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generations no pressure how high in the ring future energy. or.
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time to take a look at the top stories here about this era protests are broken out in the occupied west bank against the u.s. president's proposal to end the palestinian israeli conflict palestinian leaders have rejected the plan put forward by president trump saying it will be thrown into history's garbage. israel's prime minister is on his way to moscow to brief lattimer putin benjamin netanyahu wants his cabinet to approve plans to annex the strategic jordan valley and all israeli settlements on occupied land the soonest possible. hundreds of people from japan and the united states are returning home after being evacuated from china's would be a province more than $130.00 people have died in china and around $6000.00 others are infected and that exceeds levels reached during the sars epidemic of 2003.
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now at least $37.00 people have been killed in an attack on a village in the democratic republic of congo rebels with the allied democratic forces targeted in bed too that's close to the eastern city of beni and it was on early wednesday morning officials say the a.d.f. are responsible for a string of killings in the east of the country since november. the turkish president of edda one claims russia is not honoring its agreements on syria he said ankara has run out of patience with the bombing in italy province by russian backed syrian forces his response comes as they recaptured the key rebel held city of merit our new man turkey and russia had agreed to make it live a deescalation zone but president assad's regime and its allies have bombarded the area for months now since december an estimated 350000 people have been displaced
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so in cause he has more from istanbul. back in 2018 turkey russia and iran under the scar interest ship a deal for a peace was signed but now it seems neither of them are abiding it except from turkey that's why turkey is that happy is thinking about the situation in that there are thousands hundreds of thousands of people who are right now vice turkey syria border and it is very difficult to accommodate them over there as there is no place for them by the border also the weather conditions also the finance so there are lots of problems that the syrian opposition backed by turkey has to deal with so there is both domestic pressure on prisons are gone there is this international pressure but it seems on the other hand turkey is stuck in a way and the syrian government is also stuck so the situation in live is kind of pursued by some of the experts syria experts and tricky that both the muskets and
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uncorrupt might end up coming around the table for for an agreement so some parties and turkey some military experts sees that bashar assad the syrian president is trying to push turkey to come to the table because turkey has always been a has always sat i'm an add on has always said yes the intelligence agencies between the maskers are in touch but don't will not meet syrian president bashar assad. many of iraq's protests have been driven by worries about the economy and high levels of unemployment but months of demonstrations along with a weak government official ready struggling economy to the brink on top of that there's the threat of u.s. sanctions if american forces are ordered out of iraq. from the iraqi capital. can't afford to retire he worked all his life at a local hospital and now collects use items to sell in the street but no one buys
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anything these days. the market here is dead there's nothing to sell it's been almost a month now since i have sold anything. that's a reflection of iraq's declining economy which is being made worse by months of protest in baghdad and the southern provinces and increased tension between the united states and iran but there's also a caretaker government doesn't even have the power to pass the budget. and we have issues with the budget security economy we have plenty of complicated issues all that needs a strong government and a strong state. that uncertainty makes people want to spend less and that's bad news for daily earners like barker and his helper. he's already quit his job as a taxi driver because of traffic jams and security issues now he's struggling to sell vegetables. the problem is that nothing has changed it has gone from bad to
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worse life is becoming harder every day. we do not have work everyone is suffering or less suffering. analysts say any embargo on trade and energy from iran will add to the suffering of the people the unilateral sanctions imposed in the 1990 s. only ended up creating hunger and deprivation among iraqis the u.s. president's warning of sanctioning iran if it goes ahead with plans to force out u.s. troops coupled with additional sanctions on iran has business on this concern in 2015 the united states temporarily suspended iraq and bank account in new york because of concerns that the money was going to iran. in february a special provision which allows iraq to circumvent u.s. sanctions and iran will expire almost a 3rd of iraq's power supply is imported from iran is electricity and gas iran is also a major trade partner with more than $30000000000.00 worth of imports every year but iraq's government is optimistic about its relationship with the u.s.
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and says washington cannot afford to sever baghdad and. what. iraq has strong relations with the u.s. government on financial political economic and military levels i don't think the u.s. will risk those the u.s. cannot lose iraq the budget for 2020 k. with high rises deficit but after intervention by the pm himself the deficit was lowered down to less than $20000000000.00. but for almost 40000000 iraqis the claims of reforms have had no concrete actions yet taken do not bring relief or any certainty they say nearly has heard it all before promises of improvement made and broken for decades. down to 0 by god. peru's opposition leader has been sentenced to up to 15 months in prison while she's investigated for corruption keiko fujimori is facing allegations that she accepted more than a $1000000.00 from a brazilian construction firm during her 2011 presidential election campaign.
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it's the u.s. president it's ready to sign into law or later a new trade deal with mexico and canada which would replace the north american free trade agreement donald trump blames that deal for encouraging u.s. manufacturers to move operations abroad but the new agreement still faces long delays before it comes into effect this year were tansey reports from washington. this will help stop auto jobs from going overseas bipartisan congressional approval of the united states mexico canada agreement or u.s. m.c.a. was an important victory for donald trump that he will tell it in his reelection campaign but faced with a democratically controlled house of representatives trump had to amend the original us m.c.a. signed in the vendor of 2018 if he wanted a deal like it or not there were changes that ultimately were forced to actually try to despise and that was the price to pass and the u.s. m.c.a. differs in some key ways to the north american free trade agreement or nafta that
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came into existence in january of 1904 under the revised agreement of the us and canada will be able to increase dairy and other agricultural exports to each other to avoid tariffs 75 percent of components in vehicles must be manufactured in mexico canada or the u.s. up from 62.5 percent and 40 to 45 percent of auto parts must be made by workers $16.00 an hour by 2023 mexico's worker protections are required to be strengthened and barriers to unionize ation removed inspectors will check compliance if labor standards and wages increase in mexico the thinking goes there will be less incentive for companies to outsource from the us and canada there is skepticism that assembly plants will not relate back to the us there in fact since the deal was passed in congress ford and g.m. have announced they're expanding production in mexico but the agreement did receive support from the n.f.l. cia or the u.s. is largest federation of trade unions this is the bill. well he left it up it's
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$250.00 pages but it wasn't endorsed by bernie sanders the left wing senator running for the democratic presidential nomination he says the agreement fails to deal with the planet's most pressing issue here you have a trade agreement with you you make it easy you want to log or oil companies. destroy the planet. and there are other concerns too also some bad things were added so for instance there are new rights for the on line giants not to be regulated that could raise serious consumer privacy and monopoly issues as well remains to be seen what happens with the bad food safety rules that didn't get fixed that require imports of food that doesn't meet u.s. safety standards even off the donald trump signs the treaty into law on wednesday the u.s. m.c.a. still has some way to go before it goes into effect canada isn't expected to ratify the deal until april and mexico needs to pass new legislation to conform to the
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u.s. and ca in addition the deal only goes into effect today each side is satisfied that all the requirements have been met and that might not be before the 2020 presidential election here in the u.s. . soldiers here at washington. australia's prime minister has used his 1st speech of the year to defend his country's coal industry he says he's protecting jobs but critics say coal and climate change of contributed to the unprecedented bushfires andrew thomas reports. inside the prime minister was giving a speech about preparedness for future bushfires outside protesters were beyond the angry. now for months proxmire it's not anger it's just it's fury no it's it's something. that i haven't felt before we have a government that is not only in denial they are promoting us they are
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promoting. protesters and environmentalists say the ferocity of australia's fires are evidence of climate change what frustrates many australians is australian politicians including the prime minister played down by between climate change and the recent bushfires while pursuing a policy that would make climate change worse australia exports more coal than any other country it is the world's 3rd largest exporter of all fossil fuel products measured by the potential to emit carbon dioxide behind saudi arabia and russia and australia plans to grow its export significantly the government has given approval to the indian company adani to build a coal mine that was intended to be the biggest in australia and one of the biggest in the world it will initially export 10000000 tonnes of coal a year but the railway from the mining to the coast will have the capacity to carry 40000000 tonnes a year protesters fighting the project have targeted adanis contractors recently
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here in munich outside the german company designing its railway signalling system and they've also been demonstrating against financial backers making it hard for a danny to borrow for the project the company is now financing it itself and it had to scale. back its initial plans critics say such projects show australia needs to reverse its priorities stopping new mines would put upward pressure on the whole process make it less attractive to burn coal but also incentivize money to flow into the alternative forms of energy that we need adani says criticism of its mining operations is unfair and other companies mines have government approval to become much bigger australia's prime minister has visited towns damaged by the fires but says he's committed to protecting mining jobs he will also not reduce the number of qualified past actions in the world to die by forcing the shut down of the strike in coal mines or destroying jobs that go with them other countries will
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just buy the cult from somewhere else critics disagree but just as the bush fires still rage so do the arguments over government policy under thomas al jazeera camera. and as i look at the top stories here it is there are protests a broken out in the occupied west bank against the us president's proposal to end the palestinian israeli conflict demonstrators in the town of bethlehem have been burning tires and throwing rocks they reject the plan put forward by donald trump which will see israel move to an excess strategic jordan valley and all israeli settlements on occupied land palestinian leaders say the plan will be thrown into history is garbage. well i'm not sure. that in the announcement we did not find anything new compared to what we heard 2 years ago it is sufficient to say that 2 years ago we heard the drucilla missed the undivided capital of israel as
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claimed by them we cannot wait and wait and keep on waiting our position has not changed and after we heard this outer nonsense we say no no and a big no to the deal of the century. hundreds of people from japan in the united states are returning home after being evacuated from china's hu bay province more than 130 people have died in china and around 6000 others are infected and that surpasses levels reached during the sars epidemic of 2003 the turkish president read a tire better one claims russia is not honoring its agreements on syria he said ankara is running out of patience with the bombing in italy province by russia backed syrian government forces his response comes as they recaptured the key rebel held city of moderate al knew man turkey and russia had agreed to make it labor deescalation zone but president assad's regime and its allies
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a bombarded the area for months since december it's reckoned 350000 people have been displaced. the pentagon now says 50 u.s. troops in iraq have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries after the iranian missile strikes earlier this month on the military facility where they were based the u.s. originally announced that nobody had been hurt in the strikes that were in retaliation for the u.s. assassination of top iranian commander kassam silliman e that last week the pentagon said 34 people had been injured in that some are still receiving treatment all right up to date those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next is the bottom line. the prime minister's. mission is to defeat the critics and make this country the greatest place. follow the final run into the u.k.'s departure from the e.u.
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on al-jazeera. hi i'm steve clements and i have a question will trump's deal of the century actually bring peace to the middle east where will it bring the exact opposite let's get to the bottom line. so what do we know about the so-called ultimate deal between palestinians and israelis for starters palestinians weren't part of it the leaders who made it u.s. president donald trump and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu are both facing legal troubles and they're both in the middle of election campaigns instead of trying to find common ground between the 2 parties it sounds more like a series of take it or leave it suggestions so is the deal of the century really the biggest dead deal of the century is it a well timed distraction for trump and netanyahu is the point even to try to make peace in the middle east fortunately we have 3 people with us who have the answers noura erekat a human rights attorney and one of the founders of the dot.


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