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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2020 1:00am-1:33am +03

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as senators submit written questions and president trump's impeachment trial can the white house battle where the fallout from john bolton's revelations. and tell us is al jazeera live from london also coming up. the whole peace to be on alert. meets to take action a warning from the world health organization on the spread of the new coronavirus but a global emergency has not yet been declared. marching on land they face losing on donald trump's proposed middle east plan how the stimulus react with dismay. and force to fight protests in khartoum as
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a security company from the u.a.e. is accused of sending young sudanese men to yemen and libya. begin in washington d.c. where the impeachment trial is heating up in the senate as republicans struggle to contain the backlash from john bolton's revelations which in the last few hours it's emerged that the white house has formally threatened him not to publish the national security council a center letter to bolton's attorney saying the manuscript appears to contain quote significant amounts of classified information and cannot be printed in its current form excerpts from the book of the book by the former national security adviser were leaked to the new york times in the midst of president trump's impeachment trial and if you have any question about it. at all you need to
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hear from his former national security advisor don't wait for the book don't wait till march 17th when it is in black and white to find out the answer to your question was it all the motive some of the motive or none of the motive and we think as i mentioned the case is overwhelmingly clear without john bolton but if you have any question about it. you can to race all doubt. this coalition what's happening in the senate with castro who's live on capitol hill and i'm sure the president's defense has introduced a new argument for his acquittal to us more about. that's right seeming to anticipate or now recently add to some of this fallout that we've seen because of john bolton's revelations we heard the president's attorney alan dershowitz make a new argument today he says that the president may have had his personal interest
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in mind when asking for help to win his upcoming reelection but that he may have also thought that winning reelection would be in the country's interest and thus because both personal and public interest are intertwined that trump should be immune from this impeachment process and not removed from office so certainly that is a novel legal argument that we have not heard up until this point but it really sets the see that if democrats prevail in getting this trial open to new witnesses and they would need for republicans to cross the aisle to make that happen something that chuck schumer the minority leader said with an uphill battle at this point but if bolton work to testify here then go in with the the going with the president's defense argument that doesn't matter what he would say that even if what bolton alleges is true that this this the accusations against trump would not be
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impeachable offenses untidy what do you what's your impression of the momentum towards 2 on this music going to a quick trial finishing by the end of week would you think they are not huge they might manage to swing it and get some witnesses and. that is the big question today lauren and it will not be answered until friday you know the reporting kind of goes back and forth because the senators will come out speak to reporters and they can read. one way or read another what it boils down to is that there are 4 moderate republicans who would need to be convinced to open this trial to further witnesses about 5 of them have indicated they're open to that only one has committed to calling joe john bolton to testify and after today's arguments from the president's defense team we saw some of those moderates asking questions about whether or not mixed motives by the president whether that in his innocence would
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get him cover from this impeachment the fact that they're asking those kind of questions may indicate to some who are watching that you know that they're thinking for reasoning that may justify the president's behavior even if guilty of what he's alleged i did your question thank you very much indeed. meanwhile donald trump has signed into law a new trade deal with mexico and canada it will replace the 25 year old north american free trade agreement with the u.s. and mexico have ratified the new deal but canada has just begun the process of debating it in parliament renegotiating nafta was a key promise in trying to campaign for election in 2016 the. world health organization has warned that governments across the globe need to be on alert to prevent the spread of the deadly new coronavirus the body has praised
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china for its efforts to halt the disease but says it will reconvene on thursday on whether to declare a global emergency. the whole world needs to be on alert now the whole world needs to take action and be ready for for any cases that come either from the original epicenter or from from other epicenters that have become established. major airlines are slashing flights to china while several countries evacuate their citizens from the epicenter of the virus outbreak at least 133 people have died all in mainland china many 6000 cases have now been reported in the mainland but it is breaching borders at least $97.00 cases have been reported in 16 countries along with the territories of hong kong macau and taiwan that's causing worries over its spread 7 air carriers including british airways look tons or an air india a whole t'ing flights to mainland china and the u.s.
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and japan have been the 1st to airlift their citizens from the epicenter of the outbreak the u.k. e.u. france and india are also planning evacuations and if those returning home will be placed in isolation when hey reports. after completing an emergency mission a plane carrying more than 200 japanese citizens arrives in tokyo from china they're among the 1st foreign nationals to be evacuated by the government from wu han the capital of who bay province which is under lockdown because of coronavirus. here only because of and i was very worried because the situation changed very rapidly honestly i have quite relieved that they brought his home swiftly with the chartered plane. upon arrival 4 of the passengers suffering flu like symptoms were taken to hospital. as the crisis deepens more countries are looking to follow the lead of japan and the united states and begin airlifting their nationals out we
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have taken a decision the smalling to prepare a plan for an operation to provide some assisted departures for isolated and vulnerable astride the ns in will harm in the who by province in wu han where the outbreak started medical staff and hospitals are struggling to cope with the number of cases which grows by the day. so 2 completely new makeshift hospitals are being built to treat coronavirus patients with construction workers operating around the clock. and the government is sending thousands of extra doctors and nurses to a province from other parts of china well you hope so. i will tell my family the exciting news after i come back i've not dared to tell them now for fear that they would be worried about me. in hong kong where there are several confirmed cases of the virus the government has been criticised for being too slow to react it's now
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suspended ferry and train services to and from mainland china indefinitely the hong kong government has been coming under increasing pressure with many calling for the border crossings between here and mainland china to be closed completely which hasn't happened the partial closure is being welcomed by the resorts so a sense that it has come too late and isn't enough. the transport restrictions will heap more pressure on the economy of the city which is already struggling after months of anti-government protests wayne hay al jazeera hong kong. and how does their team has traveled to the. hunan province which is just north of and is known as china's medical capital they tried to enter a manufacturing plant where more than 50 percent of china's face masks and produced they were forced to leave the province and officials warned that they would quarantine them if they didn't it's got reports. to get a better idea of how the corona virus is having an impact on communities closer to the epicenter in will han and who they are province. we took the south down train
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from beijing we got off and central one province its southern border with who they covers more than 400 kilometers the longest of any other province and the spreading of the virus is a big and sensitive concern as we are about to exit the station we were met by a local government official he knew we were coming and told the local police our plan this to try to go to china and i told them they composite a checkpoint they have to go back to beijing. but they said they wouldn't stop us instead they would follow us until we reached a checkpoint to the community we wanted to visit the sign says hold a car stop a check for about an hour away from the train station the town you on exit from the freeway this is described as the medical supply capital of china so we wanted to go in because the face masks are manufactured there more than 50 percent for china are manufactured inside and we've heard that they have brought the staff back from
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their holiday early to manufacture more facemask but it's so sensitive they're stopping us here not even letting us go inside. we were not the only ones being turned away other cars were prevented from going in if they could not prove that they were from chung young. and then we were told by the official that if we did not leave one province before the end of the day it was highly likely that we would be put in quarantine. as the end of the extended holiday draws closer many people in these communities could be cut off even longer if additional transportation restrictions are put in. place scott. at least 10 civilians are being killed in russian gas trucks targeting a village in syria's province russia is supporting syrian president bashar assad's push to retake the rebel stronghold pro-government forces have now retaken a strategic town in the province the offensive as displaced hundreds of thousands of people as a tour of the reports. syrian government forces and
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the man in the south of italy probing. they're looking for rebel fighters from hyatt to reroll sham and armed groups with formal links to al qaida the town is largely deserted and destroyed after months of bombardment. but. it's recapture marks a significant advance in president bashar assad's drive to take back all of syria. the general command of the army and the armed forces announce cleansing these villages and towns and it is sure that the army will continue to carry out its constitutional national and moral duty in order to hunt down all remaining armed terrorist groups. there rattled the man sits on the m 5 highway which links the capital damascus to syria 2nd city aleppo as well as to provincial capital such as ham and before the war it was a major trade route and the main access road to the north. the latest drive by
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russian backed government forces to recapture syria's last opposition on play for a new exodus on monday tens of thousands of civilians fled towards turkey's border turkish president red chip type has accused the russian government of breaking a cease fire agreement. that there is now a movement towards our borders and we have taken our measures. since december it's estimated that more than 350000 people have been displaced from italy provence the increase in attacks is worsening the humanitarian crisis in northwest syria. but the asset government seems determined to retake the spinal piece of territory still under the control of opposition fighters victoria gates and be al jazeera still to come on al-jazeera israel's prime minister race is a slick video thanking donald trump for his controversial plan and conflict with palestine just weeks ahead of the israeli election. the.
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brussels signs the brakes it divorce deal with an overwhelming vote proving his departure. hello again and welcome back we're here cross australia we're still watching the threat of flooding across parts of queensland we do have flood watches and warnings in effect across much of the area and you can see that system still in play bringing that moisture deep into parts of central australia as well here on thursday alice springs you'll see some very heavy rain across much of the area will be watching that as we go towards the end of the week and as we go towards friday queensland well a lot of that rain begin to shift a lot more over here towards the west and towards the north so dry conditions out
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here towards the east towards the southeast of australia though the temperatures are on the rise take a look at this we are looking adelaide at about 34 degrees now those temperatures will still stay quite high as that front approaches but once that front pushes through we are going to see those temperatures drop in for melbourne expect to see attempt is coming up from thursday to friday to 41 degrees here by the time we get to saturday it is coming down but we do expect to see some stormy weather as well across parts of japan it is going to be a storm system really moving across northern japan and with that we are going to be seeing plenty of snow over the next few days for her as well as the western part of japan that see effect snow really affecting that western coast for tokyo though your temperatures are coming down we do expect to see attempt of 12 and sendai at about 8 degrees. in russia many cuddy's migrant black and then grazing.
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and increasing need for many of the global trade. yes labor force. to exploitation and xenophobia. people in power investigate. little pakistan. on al jazeera. rule. or or. logan are among the top stories here on ars era the white house has warned former national security adviser john bolton that he can't publish a book where he's reportedly made explosive revelations about president donald trump. those claims are at the center of trump's impeachment trial which has moved
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on to its next stage in the senate president's defense team and democrats are answering written questions about trump's charges. the world health organization has warned that governments across the globe need to be on alert for the new corona virus has killed 132 people in china. israel's army is deploying more troops in the occupied west bank and near the gaza border fighters protest against u.s. president donald trump's proposed deal to end the israeli palestinian conflict dozens of palestinians have been injured by israeli army far as they voiced their anger against the plan saying it further undermines their rights in abraham reports from ramallah. palestinians see the proposed middle east plan put forward by the u.s. president changes nothing and actually makes things worse there are still under israeli military occupation and gearing up for more restrictions. there was
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a small protest in the jordan valley on wednesday an area that makes up nearly one 3rd of the occupied west bank territory that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised to annex. this israeli army beefed up its presence in the area and close the fruits preventing many activists from getting there i don't know . there's really army has put up checkpoints in several areas in the jordan valley we had to walk a lot but we found another. checkpoint their main point is to prevent us from reaching the areas we agreed to meet and. those who did manage to reach the area where involved in scuffles with israeli soldiers. protesters also took to the streets in a number of west bank cities including bethlehem there these radio army used tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets to disperse the crowds. the anger among
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palestinians has been increasing especially after the u.s. recognized jerusalem as israel's capital in 2017. stinney ans want occupied east jerusalem to be the capital of their future state and not as the trump land proposes in eastern suburbs are sure of that i'm going to belong to trample all over else jerusalem tells its own story every stone has its history and it was never an israeli or an american it is palestinian islamic and arab. the turnout has been some of the people we spoke to say it's the palestinian authority that need to be having those protests but there is also a great sense of apathy here people do not expect much to change and say that the plan is being implemented on the ground anyway going into the streets against the. israeli soldiers is a risk and people are waiting to see how far we go in facing the
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israeli menace and the american menace. and i think this is not going to be a short term thing going to be a long term. leaders of hamas in gaza have also condemned the proposed plan. norman. our message was clear we object to the so-called deal of the century this is why we must stand united and work hand in hand in order to confront this conspiracy against our people we must have a unified national strategy to restore our people's rights to end the division once and for all with israeli elections only a few weeks away many years think prime minister benjamin netanyahu may start the annexing of some palestinian territory sooner rather than later. the occupied west bank. trump's middle east plan is already having an impact on the final weeks of israel's election campaign benjamin netanyahu is presenting it as
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a victory for his premiership his main rival benny gantz is promising to bring the entire deal to a vote in the israeli parliament are a force that reports from west jerusalem this is historic and this you became the 1st world leader to recognize israel's sovereignty over areas in judea and samaria that are vital to our security and central to our heritage the soaring music and off camera voiceover had all the hallmarks of a campaign video promising israeli sovereignty in the occupied west bank but for benjamin netanyahu a day after what he had turned a history making event in washington the breaks have been at least momentarily applied he had promised to hold a vote in cabinet on sunday on an exciting the jordan valley and illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank but the united states is now making it clear that it wants further coordination before the process begins so does this hamper netanyahu election campaign one former israeli diplomat thinks not want to thank
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them for their difficult work he did in creating this plan so that you know what is behind the so if there is another move with which they can help in big government do it. with it will have an overwhelming majority of americans without stopping but netanyahu isn't the only one trying to make electoral capital out of the announcement his defense minister the head of a rival right wing grouping of parties said annexation had to happen now not after the election although. i've ordered the formation of a special team to implement the application of israeli law and sovereignty on all jewish settlements in the same area judea and jordan valley and the northern dead sea the team will start working immediately. while the israeli left has rejected the plan netanyahu his main centrist challenger benny gantz. he has endorsed it but it does risk shifting his campaign away from its previous focus on the indictment
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in 3 corruption cases this plan coming just after the official announcement is indictments are being filed with the true slim district court means that he will he now has hold of the of the agenda of the narrative and it's certainly something that they want to continue to push the consequences of this deal with its provisions for israeli annexation for the literal walling off of any future palestinian state from the heart of east jerusalem could be felt for years but here in the midst of yet another israeli election campaign the timeline being focused on is much shorter the next 32 days until israelis go to the polls again herefore said out west jerusalem the palestinians are putting pressure on the u.n. to take action against transplant for the middle east as the new president will speak in the security council in the next 2 weeks and the palestinian envoy says he hopes the 15 member group will back a draft resolution on the issue to drag us to negotiate after they steal
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another 40 percent of the occupied west bank and to negotiate over 4 years that the tears of that left over in which is the ill has the upper hand and security issues in the hands of israel are of paramount is not a recipe for peace or justice it is a recipe for the destruction of the national rights of the palestinian people and it will not fly it is not acceptable and those who think that the palestinian people will evaporate they will not those who think that the palestinian people will pack up and leave there will not was to have a goat is the secretary general of the palestinian national initiative political party he says the past 10 years are united in their opposition to trump's deal and their resisted at every level. this plan of course it can be unilaterally limited by israel which is that it's doing already but that doesn't mean there is
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a deal that doesn't mean that without a palestinian approval means nothing it means that an occupying power supported by an american administration is committing coalition of international law actually what can be described as a war crime in violation of international law and you are as aleutians but palestinians will do everything they can to stop it not only about rejecting it but also by resolving the internal division trying to create only 5 leadership trying to adopt a new internet of strategy to what has failed which are the negotiations with the israeli side and most important through popular resistance like we will we have done to do a vessel has caught fire off the coast of the united arab emirates all the crew have been rescued after sending out a distress signal they panama fly and tanker was undergoing maintenance when the fire broke out and was not carrying any oil i mean r.t.
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authorities are still trying to extinguish the flames. the european parliament has overwhelmingly approved breaks it the withdrawal agreement has been ratified by 621 votes to 49 sealing the u.k.'s official exit from the bloc our friday aren't members stood together linking arms and singing to mark the farewell the bodies president says he's saddened by the final outcome but has vowed to keep strong ties between britain and the. bellamy desiderius prenatally on behalf of the european parliament i'd like to say to those colleagues who will be leaving us because this is the last plane or a sitting that we are very grateful i'd like to say that we truly appreciate all the work you have done over the last few years to our friends from the u.k. your being here has only made the e.u. richer. your secular state might pompei or has continued to urge the u.k. to reconsider its decision to award chinese tech for a limited role in its 5 g.
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network baez arrived in london for talks with his british counterpart dominic robb and the prime minister he said the us would evaluate the u.k.'s decision and that american information would only be allowed to pass through trusted networks at least 61 people have died as heavy rain and caused devastating floods in southeast brazil all 30000 people have been displaced some neighborhoods have experienced nearly 7 inches of rain making it marking the wettest 24 hour period since rainfall records began more than a century ago. a security company in the united arab emirates is being accused of deception after giving jobs to young sudanese men who say they were sent then sent to fight in wars dozens have managed to return home but many of those are still believed to be in yemen or libya sudan's foreign ministry says it's looking into the cases of morgan reports from khartoum when added the following got a letter from
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a recruitment company late last year about work in the united arab emirates he was delighted he would be able to send money back home to help his family he applied for a job as a security guard and was taken on by an iraqi company called black shield but when he arrived in abu dhabi he was in for a shock. that one of the monarch or you know a moment ago want to go. we were taken to a military camp and given training on how to handle heavy weapons most of our supervisors were morality is it was not the type of training you'd get for a job as a security guard when i asked why we were being trained on heavy weapons if we were supposed to work as security guards they said we could be sent to libya or yemen to protect amerada installation was. it is now back in sudan after a campaign by the families of those who were recruited in all about 200 sudanese member turned on tuesday and immediately went to the u.a.e. embassy how tuned to stage a protest outside they see hundreds of their fellow sudanese are still either in the emirates a training camps or in libya their crews went company in sudan has refused to
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comment hundreds of young sudanese men thought they were going to be security guards in the way when they were taken on by black shield their families see they quickly discovered they were expected to fight as mercenaries in the wars in libya and yemen they're now appealing to the sudanese government to use its influence with the united arab emirates and bring all their sons home so dan's ministry of information says it's aware of the issue and is working to ensure the safety of all of those who were recruited. communication is ongoing some of us who are in the camps in the u.a.e. have come back our operations unit is working to gather information we were in touch with the families and embassies of sudan and the amorality authorities who have been cooperative and with the company in a few days this issue may be over. 90 all my son was one of the 1st to take up the offer of a job where they would then mind we have nothing besides crying and this is not how i usually sound because of all the crying people console me and say he's not dead
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and when he saw i told desisted to write and say if you're in libya a comeback. a sentiment shared by many of the mothers who say no amount of money is worth more than having their son thief back home he bargain al-jazeera had its own . top stories on al-jazeera the white house has warned former national security adviser john bolton that he can't publish a book where he's reportedly made explosive revelations about president donald trump a letter from the white house national security council says the manuscript contains material that's top secret. and an educator wrote the trump told him he wanted to freeze $391000000.00 in security aid to ukraine unless he have investigated the democrats those claims are at the center of trump's impeachment trial which is
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moved on to its next stage in the senate president's defense team and democratic representatives are answering written questions about trump's charges and if you have any question about it at all you need to hear from his former national security advisor don't wait for the book don't wait till march 17th when it is in black and white to find out the answer to your question was it all the motive some of the motive or none of the motive now we think as i mentioned the case is overwhelmingly clear without john bolton but if you have any question about it. you can to race all doubt the world health organization has warned that governments across the globe need to be on alert for the new coronavirus that comes as chinese authorities say it is now killed 162 people the u.s. and japan have been the 1st to evacuate their citizens from the chinese city of han
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the epicenter of the outbreak 7 x. areas including british airways look tons and air india a holding flights to the mainland. dozens of palestinians have been injured by israeli fire during protests against donald trump's plan to end the israel palestinian conflict the us president announced the proposal on tuesday saying it would establish jerusalem as israel's capital on a palestinian state would be headquartered in abu dis on the outskirts of eastern jerusalem. people of power is next looking at how central asian migrants face racism in russia thanks for watching. americans live side by side in 2 parallel universes the truck parts of america are getting trampy or there is a poll out a few weeks ago that you had almost 30 percent americans believing they were on the cusp of civil war both sides accuse each other of doing things that are so blatantly wrong the bottom line on u.s. politics and policies
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a matter of fact on the world. migration whether for safety and freedom from conflict and repression or for economic benefits has become one of the dominant things of our time but this huge flow of people isn't going to be aimed at europe the united states many from central asia and to russia instead so what faces them on the right.


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