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tv   Yemen The Last Lunch  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2020 4:00am-5:00am +03

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to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. i want you all just there with me to whole robin a reminder of all the top news stories u.s. democrats stepping up coals fullfillment national security adviser john bolton to testify at president trump's impeachment trial the white house is trying to block the release of bolton's upcoming book saying it contains significant amounts of classified information and if you have any question about it at all you need to hear from his former national security advisor don't wait for the book don't wait till march 17th when it is in black and white to find out the answer to your question was it all the motive some of the motive or
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none of the motive and we think as i mentioned the case is overwhelmingly clear without john bolton but if you have any question about it. you can to race all doubt shepparton say has more from washington d.c. . we've now seen the letter that john bolton's lawyer sent back to the white house dismissing the idea that there's anything classified in his book but also saying look the national security council has been doing this review of his book for some time now can you speed up the process in case in case john bolton has to testify next week in the senate and apparently bolton and his lawyers have heard nothing from them from the white house and there always even if there is classified information that has to impose for him to testify in the trial it's been suggested he could do so in in private behind closed doors it wouldn't be televised that that particular portion having said all of that there it is they're looking more and more unlikely that he will even be he will be called that it will actually come to that because although mitch mcconnell on monday all right on tuesday evening said
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that he he didn't have the votes to stop witnesses from from being heard from in the trial i did this early mean that republicans were in favor of witnesses giving their testimony in the trial it was there were several republican senators who were undecided and over the course of the day we've been getting a lot of information suggesting that they have made the decision that they do not want witnesses to come forward and testify at the trial because it will just take too long about the legal challenges from the white house it may become a bit of a circus as things stand right now it's looking more likely than not that witnesses will not be called anyway the world health organization will meet again on thursday to decide whether the coronavirus break constitutes an international emergency it's all countries to take all be ready and take action against the virus that has left more than 170 people dead in china. the united states as citizens evacuated from
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the chinese city at the center of the outbreak undergoing 3 days of testing and monitoring at an air base in california 195 americans arrived at the march air reserve base on wednesday but are said to not be under any imposed quarantine u.s. officials say all are being screened and cleared ahead of boarding their aircraft the palestinians are putting pressure on the u.n. to take action against trump's plan for the middle east palestinian president mahmoud abbas will speak in the security council in the next 2 weeks the palestinian envoy to the u.n. says he's hoping the 15 member group or back a draft resolution on the issue. the european parliament has overwhelmingly approved the departure of the united kingdom from the e.u. the ratification of the withdrawal agreement seals britain's official exit from the block on friday parliament members to together linking arms and singing to mark well the bodies president says he's saddened by the final outcome but it's hard to keep strong ties between britain and the e.u.
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your secular state might pompei is in london for talks with his british counterpart dominic robin the prime minister was urging the u.k. to reconsider its decision to award chinese tech firm weiwei a limited role in its 5 g. network he says the us would evaluate the u.k.'s decision and that american information would only be allowed to pass through trusted networks president trump has also signed into law a new trade deal with mexico and canada it will replace the 25 year old north american free trade agreement both the u.s. and mexico have ratified the new deal that canada has just begun the process of debating it in parliament those were the headlines i'll be back with more news in half an hour but next we continue with al-jazeera world do stay with us.
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robin respected in the stirring t.v. address from the 1970 s. the audience is the people of yemen and the speaker is the president of the yemen i remember republican we met that i thought. that. before that its message is one of unity how a country divided can heal its differences and move forward. on. radical remember where i would. have been out in memory but i would look ahead i
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thank you and that you had a bad going to hear them better than i thought robbie i share the president's ambition would be fulfilled within a few years however brutal events at a banquet would end up really shaping the course of yemen's history. but. again. this is the story of
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a murder an assassination that took place over 40 years ago the killing occurred in the yemeni city of sanaa and the victim was none other than the country's president ibrahim. it's a murder that still resonates today in a nation that is still deeply divided added all its with its neighbors. in this film. from al jazeera arabic will reveal a chain of events that is in every sense stranger than fiction a timeline to the political assassination of president funding a killing that took place on an october day in 1977. even though while hamdi was assassinated over 4 decades ago all recent protests have evoked to the memory of the dead leader here in 2011 protesters against yemeni
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president ali abdullah saleh hark back to times past and how at the end of the leave it at that after a day a man matic e.c.s. subsets the man and. maui let the. traffic by there a man for the kill him the end of the howl and he was sask a youngster who had a we. who are not yet have a lot at them sort of we'll be telling. us that at the end of our look at the style of a vicar on the order of ahmed. hundley defined what it meant to be a yemeni because there's an entire generation of yemenis who's looking for their humvee their humvee who defined what it meant to be a yemeni who defined with the yemeni state and everyone is looking for that today and we ask where is our humvee what said all family apart from leaders before and
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after him was that he bore the personal charisma of a reformer and a modern asked his country north yemen was divided from its neighbor in the son's authority lay not in the hands of central government but with a number of powerful tribes. saw himself as a force that could unite a divided country. and none of that even now we. will have had as always i'll watch hadn't it all off the record while of the way that i've had my life and have it i feel low. as have a canner your comic book well what happened well back i have i'm well. and really help i like the british a theatre to get through that if you look at the real me
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a man nothe. cream here. you've got a little more business try to live you know. i'm going to home. while yemen has never been as prosperous as its gulf neighbors it does occupy an important strategic position at the mouth of the red sea. historically yemen had been ruled by and divided between the ottoman and british empires the north declared independence in 1962 and the south in 19673 years later south yemen would become the only marxist country in the region allying itself with the soviet union. meanwhile ibrahim a humvee was becoming a rising star of yemeni politics in 1992 he was transferred from a mid ranking military role to become deputy prime minister and later that same
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year deputy commander in chief of the armed forces 2 years later our humvee emerged as the figurehead of the self-proclaimed corrective movement a manifesto for an imminent crude atar. andy hiller. canard that is listen is that colored letter has a go at that and then they allow to start the press have. so over the year. they yell handy fee or was allowed back at the umbrella handy goodbye there over the. latitudes. on the 13th of june 19 17400 made his move this british embassy cable from the north yemen capital sanaa reported the resignation of the event president. there were other high profile
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resignations on that day clearing the decks for the arrival of a new president the transition was bloodless and for the 1st time a modernizer was at the helm of the yemen arab republic. i mean it's the colorful color of drama that really let them have a shade of you but i haven't had what i gathered. yet it was honorable of the last 11 from the assume we dearly helena to cut there with damp damage to america's core limb to cut the amount of the living hell that the lot where a number you take women act as war definitely went no coffee visit our work at the well we're going to have him the war sorry the lebanese that are in the. but love the simple dollar. it was $974.00 and president al hunt his victory celebrations were short lived his 1st priority was to build confidence with neighboring saudi
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arabia a country that was bigger more powerful and far wealthier than impoverished north yemen humvee's 1st official visit was to the saudi capital riyadh aiming to maintain good relations yet reduce dependence on saudi arabia who wielded considerable influence over yemen's powerful times. as the incoming president our humvee was walking a tightrope his instinct as a modernizer was to bring the reins of power into the capital but that meant wrestling control from the tribes who had traditionally run yemen. one of. those to create a modern armed force that would not be organized tribally would be composed of units that were mixed personnel that would therefore be loyal to the chain of command rather than the particular shapes.
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the outfit i can welcome and i will be and i'll get a lot out. of the a lot of it but i have. had that. on the 27th of april 975 president all hamdi issued a decree which effectively centralized control of the army. no longer would tribes wield great influence over the military the new power brokers would be on hamdi and army officers loyal to the new president. then the motherfucker say ask listen to the talk of the most human being. possible human bodies in the fold we're looking. into how to put into the hands of . man a good idea how to just let them sell
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a habit so i would do it with the death of let them sell half an ass movie on. that effort to get out it's about. how he'd allow themselves i demanded that the and just let them sell how lovely the family get the black shetland with. yemen in the 1970 s. was desperately poor and kept afloat by foreign aid al-harbi believed that this dependence on aid fundamentally weakens both parts of yemen he formulated a 5 year development plan harnessing local co-operatives their goal to economically place yemen on its own 2 feet. when every mile hamdi came to power in $974.00 as a charismatic figure a populous with
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a clear political plan and he knew that in order to bring about the kind of changes that he wanted to see in the country that it was necessary to strengthen government institutions and i think his vision was to build upon the success of these local cooperative associations he was certainly the 1st one direct for us a vision of using the cooperatives as a national organization and a way build up a national political base. from the cooperative that. i would at that. remember. at the palace i said i'm learning. to taiwan and a problem with. that america that you know rafa that's in russia where that the radical tell how at a paragraph. in raw help. well up to michelle and i were bad but i too
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shall be a benefit imagine that it's a president in my ear who during a technique and then or a few well edina well for that matter. to me i should have had a. really. good. idea. beyond the borders of north yemen al hamdi continue to develop international relations including with the soviet union who had close ties with neighboring south yemen in march $177.00 regional security top the agenda at a red sea summit meeting in the yemeni city of time it's being claimed by some and
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there were rumblings of an assassination plot against hamdi. who hear. half of the whole. subject and i'm in. neither of them had that and in less than an advantage of my mother who are. men and i'm only a hill of intelligence only i do a lot of ability. while of one gathering and blood and i know b.s. and your child in the story i don't think it was that it had to do well and i was
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good at him candy at animal to go and i let it stand idle to come and i didn't have a lot of sodium and you're full of spectacles and heart for that so if you hear a sort of unit up a do and having to do a little you're political of that in geology and the method to how to serve you can and do math and these are limited clean well if i'm a father. around the same time a humvee met his southern counterpart president salamat i.b.r.d. in a town straddling the north side of border they committed to improving relations and to begin steps to unify yemen into a single country both leaders agreed to sit down again 9 months later in the southern city of aden the stage was set for the 1st visit by a noisy any leader to the marxist regime in the south are hungry however would not
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live to keep disappointment. fairly mean with all sort of hanging in there it does or that any attempt to learn what i don't know as an army at all yet and then no more and i think that when some of the naked i thought about i hadn't thought guernica set up. you can get in and out but he got a lot that needs to be in there might be. better. and if you tell. me that. how he'd. feel paddy how yemeni government is bad and why levy every time he let you know i wish that i got one up children you know be not a lot but we're going to shoplift humanity. and what they are committed to each and
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have. a gun who not. here. for the 2nd. and if you. look to going to anyone listen. to the. news yet i don't. i don't i'm. going to convene up. and the oak room i lament in europe where we make them as i think. i have it then they will come up in the lot they might have it up and took. under the stewardship of a humvee yemen appear to be on a fast track to unification supporters welcome the idea some domestic opponents of
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the more powerful neighborhood viewed the prospect with less enthusiasm the saudi role. yemen has always been complex has always been complicated the saudi is did not like. in the end toward the end they saw him as independent of them of course they saw him as perhaps threatening. because he was able to consolidate the country behind him a very difficult thing to do in yemen and he also had particular international efforts to try and roll the relationship with the south yemen and now the saudis would be very. anxious if there were any moves to unify the country blog and i. and the hope could limit that of i mean much for
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a dollar a lot of money and any of that when you mature and with debt and yemenia crema was good enough so you have to i thought it showed the. and yet. you give and she'd. make it and machine mini me she could have been at the party and. not wanting to risk alienating the country's neighbor president al hamdi flew to saudi arabia his aim to reassure the saudis that his desire was to forge a new relationship one that looked toward shared and prosperous future according to president al homsi spokesman to accompany the leader the visit ended prematurely. has unveiled at the military. which are headed up a little. later how do you see in this thing. we
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certainly have read about or had to. be. around with back there lou when you have an issue from the us here in your head . how would you have another of. your own or. your help and. can you raise. money to an adverse event who did with the $200.00 and the no and the most of the. brain or a shady but he would have. been like a lot of yesterday but sadly. i'm just sort of a you had yemeni just kind of the to have come because many of them was that that's
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true dia be better. be topic. be. number. he said don't let haina be not all that to me he said was that i what i eat what i have needed a living yet people that will be happy meanwhile back in north yemen loyal associates warned al humvee that he was over reliant on untrustworthy military leaders notably his army commander and me. with get up and i mean and i mean him did anything begin over there the head of them 2nd and then no no no you know how. you had to end up you know how to. work on your own and i think. they had. the other one honeys. where they want to build a lot of. how they're going to have
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a lot of can my habits out the other living with a lot of them of that i think of a buy from you for free if they're there and open the way the saudis then resorted to their most favorite and most. tried and true i hate to say true it wasn't but which is to pay off give money to those tribes that they thought would support them and what it meant was create problems for this interim government in this case hamdi to try to keep him from becoming too strong and i think in the end they just decided he was a threat and decided to remove it. says he was in the latter really afeared getter setter certainly can endure and has said it's only. the latin america the levee to. blame and it's an out of the national.
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i would like to sort out while i will not i will let other lamina govern. kelly egypt and if i listen to washington or not know i did it in really gatlin little english me big whether it be yellow with the will get at him an ear. just read a brandy or can with i'm an academician who cannot govern as i lead the last leg of the leisure collective was sucked out of. the race or shaded by me and the ethnos will in again a measure. president are hamdi however dismissed suggestions that the army commander of hashmi was plotting against him he argued quite the opposite that all hashmi had been consistently loyal to him throughout his presidency. by the commander can you be a priority were him and how do you know when or where you work and then i would go
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out there and know not how i look at the bit with no question why. he would have even happened near for the. crimean quickly read the memo to get it i think we had to learn how did you happen to have it this way. she did with a local medical. of course at about $711.00 is our august off but i was a lot i had a there for 11 that are all magic a few i have jani you know can i do a lot on our one number the actual question me supper. who you were what. the bible and the what i can and when it was me who led the serger if they were at the leading. in part to our humvees friends is deadly rivals and the enemies who posed as friends.
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india a nation of 1300000000 people deeply religious desperately divided i think good clean you know day they should which is potentially catastrophic what's causing this crisis of identity jim is making them to get back down but it pleases off his insistence and why is it getting what. joining me are just us here on my journey in search of india's so. coming soon on al-jazeera. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs so much better marketeers land bill gates 1st apple is going green than stuff on bill made software what it is today will change the world to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired a digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera.
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or. you're watching all jews there with me so robert in doha these are all top news stories u.s. democrats all stepping up coals for form a national security adviser john bolton to testify at president trump's impeachment trial the white house is trying to block the release of bolton's upcoming book saying it contained significant amounts of classified information and if you have any question about it at all you need to hear from his former national security advisor don't wait for the book don't wait till march 17th when it is in black and white to find out the answer to your question
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was it all the motive some of the motive or none of the motive. and we think as i mentioned the cases or well nuclear without john bolton but if you have any question about it. you can a race all down the world health organization will meet again on thursday to decide whether the corona virus outbreak constitutes an international emergency it's urging all countries to take be ready and take action against the virus that's left more than a 170 people dead in china now the united states as citizens evacuated from the chinese city at the center of the outbreak are undergoing 3 days of testing and monitoring at an air base in california $195.00 americans arrived at the march air reserve base on wednesday but are said not to be under an imposed quarantine u.s. officials say all are being screened and cleared ahead of boarding that ongoing flights the palestinians are putting pressure on the u.n. to take action against trump's plan for the middle east palestinian president mahmoud abbas will speak in the security council in the next 2 weeks now the
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palestinian envoy to the u.n. says he's hoping the 15 member group will back a draft resolution of the issue the european parliament has overwhelmingly approved the departure of the united kingdom from the e.u. the ratification of the withdrawal agreement seals britain's official exit from the block on friday parliament members stood together linking arms and singing to mark the farwell u.s. secretary of state might pompei was in london for talks with his british counterpart dominic robb and the prime minister pompei or is urging the u.k. to reconsider its decision to award chinese tech firm weiwei a limited role in its 5 g. network those were the headlines here on our tour i'm back in half an hour with the al-jazeera news hour we continue with al-jazeera world.
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it was $977.00 and a bit of him off on day was in his 3rd year as president of north yemen the aim to
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modernize the country but face internal opposition some suspected on me come on the . plotting against him. 9 months said pa since president a humvee had met his southern counterpart it was approaching the 14th of october and the 2 leaders were due to meet an agent for what many expected would be an important announcement about reunification of north and south yemen. at the soul of the of the other allies in the lead who had the idea. how more home. while i was that i did allow that to have the kind i was shocked at the from him. so far the the how without commuter community that. never no longer the poor what a sad reality. according to now declassified the u.s. state department documents me invited al hamdu to lunch at his home in sanaa it was
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billed as a celebration to mark the return to the capital of yemen's prime minister who'd been receiving medical treatment abroad. a humvee was late at 130 in the afternoon al-hashmi called the president to remind him of the invitation and the importance of attending. the head of abu say. never i. won't be it so you will thank me and that badge the fact that and then i will make the magazine in every argument i left have allegedly and i don't say. that they're . there and they were here. one of the 1st to arrive at what became known as the last lunch was. a senior army officer and brother of the president the host hashmi had assembled
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a guest list that was a who's who of yemen's leadership amongst the dignitaries was ali abdullah saleh commander of the thai iis military brigade and a future president. to find out more mana came from undersea to arabic went to paris to meet with a humvee spokesman at the time all the spokesman was not at the lunch he did speak to a key witness. in the well what you have been to and i live the loner american dad a fleshy hand had the pluck. carlino kind of a deal. with what actually did he dairy leroy cabalists a virus and you can enter it in a while abdullah saleh dated the host who had got it into dion recovering elijah have a very good at going to sign the outfit the one. other american letter.
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according to the eyewitness as the bodyguards waited outside our humvee was welcomed by our hashmi and ali abdullah saleh both yemeni presidents in waiting our humvees good fortune was about to run out. and i'm out quite a bit i'm an. illegal as me can i have the law and yet at the map for 3 it is 30 regular us. that about a no knock on about the other. i don't like that last area or what i'm alex can you hear i'm a stampede amateur as you run a race i can go my own. analogy with a model i'm just going to run but i wonder how last given what with our line of our now that i don't see a fella but 1st a degree from a 3 star couple and some other i don't see anywhere credible either aloof.
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gallop development a little and get the death. there were. bramble and the sheriff. can make then why go. carlo. aloof and. you know what i meant were going to have any color well if you're going to scream fear. and initiation do. what the. family is. having and do with. that. you know. this you have the al and the welcome back well if they got to do that then you can have an irish out if you know he has a little to. the point where all family walks through the door is where the account
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gets murky where facts give way to fearing and speculation it's a story with different endings depending on the story teller the guests were expecting to bid al hunt a farewell given that the president was due to fly to aden for all important talks with his southern counterpart the next day as minutes turn to hours hyundai's bodyguards became increasingly concerned and yet i hope i don't buy that they'd met you at any babel house hot out the law let majo. fogel cover had over i. almost no law would owe her a home at east well hope the cottage on red. jersey have had thought my lad a good salary. less as it. comes to my life. such as it was.
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but the property. now that you. know how that i even know yeah well. i'm glad you got the. missile and and know gad 7 are going to have a laugh at. the president's bodyguards were left wondering how all hamdi could have been assassinated while in the company of his most trusted political allies what should have been a lunch celebration had become a crime scene so what happened that afternoon and who may have been responsible most of those present on that day have since died indeed a number would themselves be murdered later there are clues however to be found in the archives of western embassies who closely followed events in yemen in 19771 american account attributed to all crush me who would before the day's end assume
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the presidency claimed that unidentified gunman had shot al hindi while in his car . another more euro to count said that al hamdi and his brother had rented a small house or hide away that they had picked up 2 french girls and that somehow both brothers had been murdered not only had the president been killed but it appeared that his character was also under assassination. a good deal he had forgot they were only. what happened only get can where when. how many local why can we say that when i mean malik and they. and what of the french connection the 2 women who were said to have been with the brothers not only did they exist but they were indeed murdered in yemen around the
4:42 am
same time as president are harmed their names were verily twat and françoise it's cleavon. verily twa had a glamorous lifestyle enjoying the company of film directors in france as glitzy riviera to some she was a high class call go to others she was a spy. to lose it in want of a tomcat. dot com now and if she can't or pointless i mean the police could use if you don't get past it probably paled of only quote actually most of your mocked him if you put it back it's your. real need caught in a trance his car if you're past your you man. a few need to look at is not a locker never you know it was a nuclear man. one of my very good yemeni friends mohammed shami was
4:43 am
a diplomat. and he was. an a friend of his in the embassy in paris her fanny was the person who recruited. these 2 prostitutes and had them then and sent them to yemen and i remember her as sami he also cried when he told me that story he was a true believer in the brain and how in the end the role that al handy. was going to hopefully play in the development of yemen so 100 fani just thought terrible that he had been the person who had recruited these 2 prostitutes prostitutes who were then killed and thrown into a room with the brothers in order to bring shame in.
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this respect the respect upon the 100 brothers their family. is the most sort of not. in this into fam. christiane kitty but you are more. the does a fair yemeni tell a book. you don't agree you know the more there was a miss you are the last measure get there mr ferret contrail a key review on the. line although i was told this a don't go on is a near the middle of the key marco patience the more calm or fair to. say the farmer. men. who are open or close it doesn't give it the shots they decide to miss you are
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more easily to party off that you ever did to plan their lines. on this carriage is now sweet. is it possible to ever find 12 happen. i was a humvee murder and who benefited from his assassination there are several firies the hard facts are in short supply. for the lushly. valuable us or less a lover coeval that feeling. alive the law so that the lad will do what there is to a good little theory. it will be a no actually i mean read the choice but i doubt that assad had one of them that had been ill gotten me. back and i got to know how to get away from the question. also on the list of suspects for tribal enemies opposed to our humvees
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a rouge in their power others suspected the hand of saudi arabia so i have never asked him how the us got it on a whole day and then thought it had been thought of him who had law and i have asked that it come of a flower she did know so while i was out of here i was like yeah that's what i do best i like best and yet i sat and i ask that he get me that a lot and i know you're thinking of a mile and well i think that the saudis decided to get rid of the simply because they saw him as getting too strong and. undercutting their influence in yemen. able to counter their traditional way of dealing with tribes. 2 weeks after the murder saudi arabia issued an official statement categorically denying any involvement in the hundreds assassination. the denial came after claims
4:47 am
within yemen including by a number of foreign diplomats that individual saudis may have been involved in the assassination albeit in directly. their suspicion was that those who benefited most from the crime had links to saudi arabia. the widespread view but i heard from yemeni contacts friends in private of course was that these assassinate this hassidim hamdi was a sort of a. it was a saudi run operation using yemenis who were in their pay or. people that don't would do their beckoning among those was crushed me and certainly only below sala of the summer was
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a colonel and ta is. no one was ever charged with the murder neither me nor son ever had met at any point in the death of asante. hashmi died just a few months off towards us for ali abdullah saleh he became president in 1978 and would later point the finger of blame at saudi arabia. which it will not own and eat and i will not i thought of that unless you. damn it i have. myself i like. and want to laugh at it. so that you know you can apply to eat and you're on the other. we do much work on the deck and you have it a feat but he had the deck and he. while. the al-jazeera arabic examination of the death of a bit of a mile from d.c. has uncovered numerous documents and heard testimony from many who were in yemen in
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the 1970 s. these include the deputy ambassador at the u.s. mission in yemen who arrived in sanaa 2 months after the murder of a humvee he diplomatic cables from the time have been released others remain under lock and key the reasons why the government might not declassify which is that is the word to make it public would be perhaps there are intelligence sources really there are quotes or connections with individuals who are still alive who might be compromised by what's in the message could be american intelligence people because the yemeni political figures that would be one reason why you might not do it the 2nd might be that there is something in the message which would undermine our relationship it was with another country. another cable this time declassified from british diplomats in saudi arabia in 1977 sheds further details on the denial of
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saudi. it was in response to news agency reports in the region and to a bulletin on radio moscow. the statement added that saudi arabia would stand by those they refer to as their brothers in yemen recognizing the close ties between al homsi and saudi arabia. breaking the news to the yemeni people that their president had been killed was a task that fell to al hunt his official spokesman. he was summoned to the office of all hashmi the recently installed president and asked to draft a statement the result was an announcement that was high on emotion and low on details. i would never the lower east usually in mono you know. what you know if you have. a fish you let me get
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collagen emotional and then i won't let i look at the how difficult work and library warholian if you look at who has had it would absolutely. fabulous to go for can. i have a fever. they work they are highly. consider that she said at the event that he had this look you had that the crew had a swoop like that can come and tipped over so we're going to lie that i guess how october this would go into the neck i was in the. bag. so the now back to. you i shall be here many ok. now what the peabody came for me god i'm going to go with. one homeowner coverage all morning it.
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has to share me but i was. burning don't. ever get that. share this young man and that's when you get. enough money. i mean you need. you know a little shop may have all but here. either you. or. i don't know but. i get. the reaction from the international community to the assassination was muted to the well regrets and sympathy expressed but little else ever came our family had been marred by this world was missing or. because they
4:53 am
learned with a great sorrow the project death oh the president of the arab republic of yemen he's excellent to see mr ibrahim mohamed al hunt the islamists want the law to be a let the i would really but it is not a plea at that they have a shot. what do and you know what would be a leader many. many. buckley i walk if you like it well more. people now about it have it. and let me i would be. the host of what became known as the lost lunch cost me assumed office and succeeded to the presidency his tenure however was short lived just 8 months into his term he too was assassinated killed by
4:54 am
a briefcase bomb allegedly carried by an envoy from sufi yemen though some dispute the true identity of his killer. the revolving door of yemeni leadership brought in a new president. a month later he was a bit of office and ali abdullah son who consolidated his power base and later in 1990 would become president of the united yemen. a political survivor. would remain in power through 33 turbulent years his political career ended with his murder in 27. the biggest goal his major goal was to turn yemen into. the major regional player in politics
4:55 am
in terms of red sea security and in terms of unifying north and south yemen it's easy to conjecture as to what he may have accomplished was he actually serious about uniting north and south but none of this came to your version because the was killed before he was able to. to go down to our then in the october of 1977 and announce his plans. to years offered hope for many yemenis here was a modernizing president with the stated aim of unifying the country. as for who killed him there are suspects and theories but no one will ever know researchers have examined documents film and video without ever producing a smoking gun. the new president. certainly benefited from the murder and all hamdi had enemies including some tribal leaders opposed to his reform
4:56 am
agenda. as for saudi arabia no direct evidence linking riyadh to the plotters ever came to light. never hear. the secrets of the assassination of abraham hamdi remain a mystery 40 years on there are few witnesses still alive and his family is still seeking justice had he survived yemen might have steered a different path with different outcomes cut short by murder able him or hundreds vision was unfulfilled.
4:57 am
homa visionary teacher. al-jazeera wells meets a man bringing traditional arabic sounds to a whole new audience being alone and being american playing and it already is something new from boston to palestine and landed his pa in natchez the next generation of musical talent simon shaheen musical journey on al-jazeera. and.
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hello again to welcome back to your international weather forecast well in the coming days here across the western part of canada as well as the united states we're going to be seeing a series of storms coming in off the pacific well one is already making its way here across much of canada and with that we're going to sing some very heavy rain windy conditions and it's also going to be the snow in the higher elevations that is going to really bring up the risk of avalanches as well down towards the south though it's going to be the risk of floods here across parts of washington as well as oregon as we go from friday as well as into the weekend down towards the south though in southern california it's going to be those temperatures on the rise and that means the risk of fire weather is also increasing its los angeles expect or tensions are come up over the next few days thursday is going to be about 24 degrees by the time we get toward saturday though we do expect to see about 28 degrees well above average for this time of year here across the bahamas it is going to be wet on thursday heavy showers across much of the northern part of the bahamas and that means freeport you can we see some thunderstorms pushing through
4:59 am
as well better conditions by the time we get towards friday but it's really here across the gulf going to be seeing some increasing rain across much of the area and that's going to affect parts of the yucatan if a cocoon expect to see some rain in the forecast and attempts are about 28 degrees . john the president's son donald trump jr was promised a damaging information about hillary clinton allegation like to see an investigation seductress did the trump campaign colluding with russia did you at any time birch the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form the closer to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you well know. next question battlefield washington on al-jazeera. al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. hello your challenges there as news hour with me as a whole robin live and coming up in the next 60 minutes rushing to get more medical help and more foreigners out as the number of people infected by the coronavirus jumps by nearly a 3rd in china. the world health organization is urging all countries to take action. the whole world needs to be on alert the whole world needs to take action and be ready.


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