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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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this is a dialogue everyone has a voice recording artist a 6 o'clock o'clock coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on out is iraq. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martine dennis coming up in the next 60 minutes infections in every part of china or more countries are imposing quarantine the world health organization means to decide if corona virus is now a global emergency. protests is against india's controversial citizenship law become the target a man opens fire at a rally in new delhi. airstrikes killed at least 21 civilians in
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syria's it live province. and a new plan in argentina to help fight mao nutrition among no income families. and sport all domestic football in china has postponed because of the coronavirus and novak djokovic beats roger federer to reach the final of the australian open. the world health organization the w.h.o. is holding an urgent meeting to decide whether or not to declare the coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency in china itself the death toll is now at 178000 confirmed infections and the virus has been identified in all provinces you should you. after the outbreak china has been in close communication with the world
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health organization other countries as well as the regions of hong kong and macau and taiwan we have reported and circulated epidemic updates and shared the genome sequencing of the coronaviruses soon as it became available president xi jinping has expressed china's willingness to work alongside the w.h.o. and its national community to safeguard regional and global public health travellers a facing growing restrictions russia has closed several of its direct border crossings with china in just a short while ago the czech republic announced that it will stop issuing visas the chinese citizens and there's a cruise ship that's carrying on the 6000 passengers that's currently in the town at a port near rome a chinese couple on board are suspected of having the virus we'll have more on the situation in europe in just a little while with our correspondents on the go but one area that is taking extra precautions of course is hong kong where almost 300 people died in the sars epidemic of 2003 with around 300000 people coming back now from lunar new year
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celebrations on the mainland the trade unions there are threatening to strike unless a border is completely shot wayne hayes our correspondent the sentence this report from hong kong. concern is growing in hong kong but the number of coronavirus cases here could be about to sharply increase a shortage of face masks has resulted in long lines forming outside some shops as people try to protect themselves as much as possible i'm sorry to hear it's 2 am. this morning. so i would be waiting for all 6 to 7 hours. to get the mosque to try to control the spread of the virus the hong kong government has suspended most rail and ferry services to and from the mainland. but some border crossings are still open and flights are operating which is led to criticism from many in hong kong who want all routes between here and china closed
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adding to the concern it's estimated as many as 300000 hong kong residents visited the mainland during the lunar new year holiday with many still to return government medical experts say the city needs to be on alert for more infections most of the confirmed cases in hong kong are being treated at this hospital where this week several nurses went on strike for a day as part of a wider union protest against the government's response to the outbreak of the virus that threatening more strike action next week which could coincide with an increase in the number of cases in hong kong in tokyo a 2nd flight landed carrying japanese citizens evacuated from as it did the government confirm some passengers on wednesday's 1st flight tested positive for the virus over with the national institute of infectious diseases have reported to us 3 new cases of corona virus related diseases the city they left behind remains
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largely under lockdown most people are choosing to stay indoors but among the few signs of commerce delivery business is a being kept busy taking medical supplies to hospitals my extravagant hope is to get some sleep as delivery man. we cannot be called great but there are many people who need medical supplies but there is a shortage of some equipment including kits needed to test patients because of that many experts outside china believe the actual number of cases may be a lot higher than what the government is reporting wayne hay al jazeera hong kong. all right wing go live now to a chorus of she's in london and sonia with cases identified in germany and in france at least it seems as though europe is becoming increasingly nervous. when it would appear to be the case as well and not least of all because of the cruise ship that's currently stationed in civitavecchia with all $6000.00 passengers on board
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on able to get out is being quarantined there while the health authorities are carrying out tests on a chinese couple this couple allegedly entered the country reporting into the country into milan airport on the 25th of january the wife appeared to have come down with symptoms she had a high fever difficulties breathing her husband seemed to have been spared those symptoms so far as we can understand from the italian health or dorothy's bart certainly they are being taken to a different part of that ship and the woman suffering. symptoms was then put in isolation while those tests were carried out of course there are also other fears the fact that even london is coming into the top 20 cities in which
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the corona virus could become a crisis even though there have been no cases there been cases in france and germany. it's thought that the makeup of the city and the fact that it is such it's hard for people traveling all over the world it makes it more likely to be at grex now in the meantime there are 2 planes that are going out french planes which are going to hand to pick up repatriate european citizens and taking them back to brussels where there will be a coordinated effort with the you. union bodies to try and understand if there is any threat of a risk from anyone who may have been infected while they were there as well meanwhile british authorities here are still trying to get a plane out there to get their british citizens repatriated it's thought that the foreign secretary rice most likely happen on friday as they're still waiting
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for permission from the chinese or thirty's martine and so do we have an idea as to what the strategy is in terms of once you've got your people. tested if they are found to have symptoms bearing in mind of course that you can be asymptomatic and still have contract to the virus is there a plan this is a plan of of one of corinth for instance in the u.k. perhaps. i think there are still those plans that would likely seem to be in place tests are still continuing in scotland where there were potential cases from from last week but the quarantine of course is something which is of greatest treatment possible to try and ascertain to determine whether there is a real risk that they could be infected because of course judging from this so far from the what we know about the cases the rapid spread of this case so far it seems
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to have gone beyond what the sars infection was like in 20022003 of course it hasn't had that same degree of mortality but it is a very real cause for concern and of course the authorities are most likely to be focusing on how to try and contain any outbreak as much as it possibly can all right sonja thank you for that sun you're going correspondent in london let's have a closer look then at this particular outbreak and how it kind of compares to others in the past compare it for instance with seasonal flu of course that happens every year and it kills up to half a 1000000 people around the world every year but that is only a tiny fraction of people who actually get flu that's less than 1 point one percent at the moment this outbreak is less than 2 months old it's a virus that kills around 2 to 3 percent of those infected but experts are saying that that could change this particular strain of corona virus spreads faster than others like sars that it has
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a lower chance of being deadly more than 800 people died in the sars outbreak in 2003 and compare all of that to the spanish flu was devastated the world in 1918 killing 10 percent of all of those who got it that was at least 50000000 people. now we can speak to mark colleagues found his a medical historian joining us live from london thanks for talking to us how would you rate this particular strain of corona virus in comparison to the sars outbreak of the 20022003 indeed murders of 2012. well a person thing to say is a very serious outbreak it's typical to give a definitive answer to that because we've still got there you to come in is still a very confused picture. in that it is not as. fatal as murders which killed 130 percent or you know people who lost their lives but the
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virus as you pointed out people that's the major mortality rates around 2 percent. and it seems to be spreading almost as quickly as sort of different data on that but i would say as an american to sars all at the moment i would say it's not as serious assault but that is changing rapidly right now because despite the. rapid lee increasing number of people who seem to contract it the virus the number of people who died seem to be those who are either elderly infirm or have a preexisting condition i mean would you say that that mitigates against the world health organization for instance declaring it the global emergency. well yes i mean it's very difficult because. why with the global why with the w.h.o. what would be the purpose really of declaring a global emergency so many people are calling for because clearly the virus has spread beyond china's borders i think jack exactly how many countries but we've got
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at least 14 of the countries where the introductions so it fits the definition already or a global health emergency in this national concern but there is a risk of course that when you declare when you increase the alert level you responding people and what we will and from previous epidemic and pandemic outbreaks is that you have 2 problems one is control of the bars the other is controlling the social responses the panic about the virus right absolutely and now the chinese authorities are really at pains it would seem to impress upon not only their own people but the world that they're in charge and that they're being completely transparent about the nature of it and indeed the measures that they're taking to try and contain it how much confidence you have in the chinese authorities and the way they're handling the virus. well i mean i'm not an expert on this i'm not in china i have colleagues who i work with there at city university
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chinese speaking colleagues who say that in the early 'd days of the outbreak in december. there were doctors in harlem who were saying on social media you know were alarmed about this outbreak at the seafood market and they were. essentially criticized closed down by the authorities accused of spreading misinformation fake news if you like we now know that the bar is probably merged even earlier than that blows with the 1st signal and that was the time really to respond quickly i have to say i'm a medical historian you know in my book the pandemic century i can with the series about protecting clue to sars in 2002 then the chinese were also very reluctant to share from asian the differences that this time they have been much quicker to share scientific it so they may have suppressed the initial reports on social media but when it comes to the scientists they very quickly shared
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information with the international community they sequence the virus they publish that information online and because of that we're already in the process of trying to develop vaccines none of that happened during the sars outbreak in 2002 so that's a good thing something the chinese should be applauded 'd for right makani is pam thank you very much indeed for talking to us live from london thank you thank you. we've got a lot more to come in this hour is there a news hour including is mexico prevent central american migrants from reaching the u.s. find out why some are calling the country donald trump's border wall a test of french law could all john be held to account for actions in western uganda. in sports the low rent american who's reached her 1st grand slam final by stunning the world number one.
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not least 31 civilians have been killed by russian backed syrian government and strikes in italy province a hospital in the city arya was among the sites hit syria's government forces and its allies have intensified their push to retake this the last rebel held region when say they seized the strategic the important town of ma that. are tens of thousands of people have been displaced as victoria gave him the reports. syrian government forces and the man in the south of italy probing. they're looking for rebel fighters from hyatt to reroll sham and armed groups with formal links to al qaida the town is largely deserted and destroyed after months of bombardment. with. its recapture marks a significant advance in president bashar assad's drive to take back all of syria.
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the general command of the army and the armed forces announce cleansing these villages and towns and it is sure that the army will continue to carry out its constitutional national and moral duty in order to hunt down all remaining armed terrorist groups. there rattled the man sits on the m 5 highway which links the capital damascus to syria 2nd city aleppo as well as to provincial capital such as hamma and before the war it was a major trade route and the main access road to the north. the latest drive by russian backed government forces to recapture syria's last opposition on playful sparked a new exodus on monday tens of thousands of civilians fled towards turkey's border president red chip time has accused the russian government of breaking a ceasefire agreement. that there is now a movement towards our borders and we have taken our measures since december it's
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estimated that more than $350000.00 people have been displaced from ethnic province the increase in attacks is worsening the humanitarian crisis in northwest syria. the acid government seems determined to retake the spinal piece of territory still under the control of opposition fighters victoria gates and be al jazeera. protesters and police in new delhi locked in a standoff as activists campaign against the country's citizenship law this is the latest in a wave of angry protests over the law which they say discriminates against muslims well earlier a man shot the demonstrators injuring one person during the protests the man shouted at them outside a university in new delhi before opening fire protests as a plan to form a human chain campaigning against the law which they say discriminates against muslims. elizabeth per annum has been at the protests. when
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you're john me i'm ilya is for me a university where a man shot at a protest is injuring one person who's being taken away to a hospital now mobile phone video of the incident shows the man brandishing a gun waving it at protestors and to the lists walking backwards to a line of police officers before being apprehended by police jummy a has been one of the center of protests since the citizenship amendment act was passed by the indian government 7 weeks ago do most of the valleys here have been peaceful and people are asking how a man was allowed to enter with a gun and why he wasn't apprehended. now this is not the 1st such incident in the capital early in the week and not the medals that headed at a number of one of dozens of major protests sidestepping he also has a gun and these incidents occurred as members of the looming bought
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a gem of a posse all the b.j. he has been making statements saying that he chases should be shot like killing the protesters that bother to. murderers and rapists so it is. ahead of local elections. next weekend. protests have broken out again in the occupied west bank against a us front in the middle east which sides with israel many is the main contentious issues a small crowd of demonstrators has been burning tires near the illegal israeli settlement of beit el which lies close to the palestinian city of ramallah under president transfer pays all settlements including beit would be unexpired israel the un's rejected president trumps plan it says the israeli palestinian conflict
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should be solved on international law and un resolutions. a moment 2000000 palestinians live in jordan many of them have been voicing their anger over the u.s. plan but the reaction from jordan's king in the government has been fairly muted natasha good name imports from the capital amman mahmoud monsoor is part of a dwindling palestinian generation born before 948 and what's called the nothing or disaster with the israelis seized homes and separated families for 53 years he's been forced to live in this refugee camp longing to read in the air of his homeland . every day i think of my old neighborhood and my family even the soil i walked on i remember if i had the opportunity to leave all that i have here and go home to palestine i would go back. even before president trump began announcing his middle
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east plan on tuesday protesters gathered in the jordanian capital of a man in front of the american embassy jordan which has traditionally played a role in previous peace plans had been studied line from discussions on sunday king abdullah voiced his opposition we have to rally support from the. international community. hend display look for genuine peace according to the international law but the country is forced to tread a delicate balancing act between the competing interests of the united states and israel jordan has security ties with the united states and receives much needed economic aid with israel it has a peace treaty and beginning this year a controversial gas deal jordan is also home to more than $2000000.00 palestinians
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the largest population outside the occupied territories i am afraid there is the what. is a very good recipe this is intended to have. because if you keep on wrist the arab countries will not have the opportunity to develop months or continues to work at the carpentry business he opened as a young man and once thought would only be temporary he says palestinians must resist and make sure that this american president does not determine their destinies natasha going to name al-jazeera a man iraqi security forces a fired tear gas and live ammunition and anti-government protests in the capital baghdad demonstrators have been trying routes and trying to move towards the riot police thought is trying to clear several protest camps that have been built up in
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the capital and moves the crowds in said to square the crackdown began after the influential shia cleric. with drew his support for the protests that started in october iran kung is among the protests as invent that. that's what. classes have been ongoing for days now you can see the protesters they knew full well i do already in the last 5 or 6 minutes we've seen tear gas being fired we've also heard life going on now the baghdad operations come on. the protesters to go back to talk or a square where they say they are allowed to protest what they doing is they don't want them moving any further away from it now just a few days ago we were told what the police were trying to do was to push the protesters back into various square however the protesters for what they've been
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here for days now where these have been. going now the protesters say their demands haven't been listened to there's still no new prime minister and you elections so they want to try and keep up the pressure and that's exactly what they do. but it's time they went and now his role and a lot more rain than it seems in south america how often is it really in the atacama desert well you probably we just had to i think this have a look at satellite picture and a bit of video well capri pictures actually are from a tire just on the edge of the atacama chenier now this is clearly damage from flooding in peru suffer the same is that time of the year this is video from north to south in peru now the forecast i think of the next day or so the conglomeration of rain the connection of very is going to show concentration really from southern brazil up through through again if you remember just north of rio where we've had the flooding even just yesterday to be ours but that should ease up and so. it's
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where it should be now let's just zoom away from here or take you to the pacific coast of canada really briefly touch from seattle just science the clouds here last night a sunny day since november has rained every day this year except the 2nd but i'm not concentrating right i'm looking more really at the snow soles i'm going to storm system coming in it's a long way north as in british columbia and it's the amount of snow that's going to bring with it almost affectively sort of partner express so storm watches to watch a stalled rain all snow that is going to can go to build up of this world and it's going to build up to over a meter on the peaks just out thank you for is the ski resort cold we're stuck there i go to love it but well thank you very much indeed still to come here on the out is there a new standoff in guinea a security forces and protesters battle in the streets of the capital in sports how organizers of the super bowl in miami
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a guarding against the threat of coronavirus. on al-jazeera. and the tension with the u.s. and protests over a plane down by iran's hanum entry election will be held on february 20. 5th to see explores the fate of india's religious minorities on the prime minister modi's hindu. us voters get their last chance to weigh in on the 2020 lection al-jazeera will have comprehensive coverage a new series looks at how female scientists across the globe are opening doors for other women to pursue careers in science and up to 5 years of civil law could be to rivals agreed peace deal to revive africa's youngest nation. february on al-jazeera . informed opinions the economy is actually what's keeping dumptruck afloat right
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now and in-depth analysis of the day's headlines the cultist movement is only getting stronger the more people the children the resilience of the system the inside story on al-jazeera. just take a look at the top stories here in the al-jazeera news the corona virus outbreak has now spread to all provinces in china 170 people have died and nearly 8000 are infected the world health organization is due to meet again to decide whether to declare a global emergency and in the past russia has announced it's closing direct border
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crossings with china. a man has shot at demonstrations injuring one person in a protest over india's controversial citizenship nor the man shouted at protesters outside a university in new delhi before opening fire. at least 21 civilians have been killed by russian backed syrian government air strikes in italy province a hospital in the city of ajdabiya was among the sites hit syria's government forces and its allies have intensified their push to retake the last rebel held region when say they seized the strategic town of mother town know man. all right let's go back now to corona virus and donald trump the u.s. president is expected to announce a special team to deal with it as it spreads through the united states let's go to our white house correspondent kimberly how kimberly how bad is it affecting the united states that it will require a special unit. well right now there are just 5 confirmed cases in the
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united states but there are many more that are under observation a number of states dozens in fact so what we're seeing here in the united states is an abundance of caution and concern about whether or not the united states is adequately prepared so the u.s. president has formed a task force it is made up of not only the health and human services secretary but also in fact infectious disease specialist we also know that president trump has spoken personally with chinese president xi and that there are is cross communication between these specialists in both governments the u.s. saying it's prepared to help if called upon but in the midst of all of this there's also some controversy as of just the last few moments on national television the commerce secretary wilbur ross astonished many in the united states when he suggested that this could in fact be good for creating american jobs the fact that
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this virus exists in china i don't know what he was suggesting specifically but it certainly seemed to almost intimate that this would prevent further outsourcing of american jobs to china because of fear of further outbreak in terms of the corona virus so many people scratching their heads why a member of the trumpet ministration would be saying this in the midst of it trying to project that in fact it is on top of this and in quote close coordination with chinese officials expect that there may be further updates throughout the day but we don't know yes of yet give us a complete it sounds a bit inappropriate doesn't come from a top administration official but tell us about the evacuation of u.s. citizens because the americans were among the. to repatriate citizens from. that's right the state department has been taking a lead on this in terms of trying to get u.s. citizens in the hands of sort of us medical experts not only so they can know and
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have some control over of the care of u.s. citizens but also so that they can in some aspects understand this disease and in this infection just as much as the other world experts that are working on this right now i think the sense here in the united states is this is going to take a collaborative effort and well there has not sort of been in the united states and from urgency declarations so far it seems that there is this awareness that this may be much bigger than people understand and are ready to deal with and so they're trying to get ahead of it as best they can right kimberly thanks for that kimberly white house correspondent in washington. saying in washington u.s. democrats are stepping up their calls for witnesses to testify the impeachment trial of president trump head of a crucial so that the shooter take place on friday the latest day of the hearing
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was dominated by arguments over a still to be released book by the former national security adviser john bolton which could damage the president's case. reports. donald trump's defense team has a novel argument for his acquittal that the president asking you cream for dirt on a political opponent may be in his personal interest and also in the interest of the united states making him immune if the president does something which he believes will help him get a word in the public interest cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in an impeachment democrats prosecuting trump say his intent was purely for political gain so all could pros are not the same. some are legitimate and some are corrupt and you don't need to be a mind reader to figure out which is which for one thing you can ask john bolton
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john bolton trump's former national security advisor reportedly claims in an upcoming book that trump directly tied his hold on security a.j. ukraine to his demand for investigations into joe biden in a letter obtained by al-jazeera the white house warns bolton not to publish his book without deleting classified information on twitter wednesday trump said the book was nasty untrue and all classified democrats want to call bolton as a witness they'll need support from 4 republican senators to make that happen they vote no they're saying this is a sham they're saying we don't want to hear the truth what does that say to america about this body. meanwhile someone else was all but begging for senators to call him to testify. from donor left parness says he was dispatched to ukraine by trump's attorney to stir up dirt useful for trump's reelection parness is under federal indictment for campaign fraud and says he came to the
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capitol wearing an ankle monitor to make amends democrats out of knowledge getting republicans to agree to witnesses is an uphill battle that question will be put to a vote friday if the answer is no trump could be immediately acquitted by peter castro al jazeera washington. and president trump assigned a new trade deal with mexico and canada replacing the 26 year old north american free trade agreement and creating new labor laws for the 3 countries the u.s. and mexico have ratified the deal but catheters only just started to debate it in parliament. that mexico has been preventing central american migrants from getting to the u.s. border since the middle of last year and with the mexican government facing going threats from president trump that's leading some to call the country the u.s. president's war on home and reports from mexico city. that.
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this was aboard a caravan of thousands of honduras expected when they entered mexico there you know 2 you know right there are you know began starts from where parents are here with their children. but this kind of crackdown on migrants is what president trump's come to rely on his southern neighbor to do. may not have his will yet the miscarriage become the next best thing where the checkpoints cover the south and president will preserve produce even deploy the new national guard to stop those from whom do this what mona del salvador getting to the u.s. if makes chris become trumps will the question is why this all comes from june 2019 when donald trump basically said that unless we mexicans contain the flow of people from the border he was going to impose a specific tax a fee of up to 10 percent to every single expert in mexico's from mexico that
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turned for it was serious 80 percent of its exports go to the us a lot and so it clamped down and effectively last month preventions on the u.s. border were down 2 thirds from the month before president trumps ultimatum but some argue that it's a short term solution and the root causes need to be addressed that part of the problem is also happening inside central america both countries when the u.s. and its our brother are one of the most unequal countries in the region at this is about time for us to come to terms and try to understand why the mistake elites in these countries are not doing enough to register with resources to their people. rooting out corruption providing opportunity so that central americans don't leave hasn't been president trumps focus it has been part of president lopez obrador says he's pushed for investment in his southern neighbors he's also said that mexico could absorb those forced to flee. we have more than 4000
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jobs in the southern border area available there's shelters medical care and work in our country. but those promises turned out to be largely empty the majority of those in this caravan were quickly deported. or they are now the message at least seems clear if you're fleeing your home and don't expect free passage through mexico john homan al-jazeera mexico city. argentina's your government has begun issuing food cards to low income families and attempt to fight malnutrition the card gives them between $50.00 and $90.00 a month only to buy certain food items the country's in the middle of an economic crisis and is preparing to restructure around a $100000000000.00 worth of debt today is a bow report from the capital one osiris. long lines of people waiting to get government help this is happening in some order only half an hour away from the
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center of when a site is. this is just one of the places in the country where the new government of the for a man this has not a program to fight my nutrition. has 4 children and has been without work for a year. it's a compliment to help last 4 years we have seen an increase in prices and it's difficult to make sure the kids eat well we bought lot of pasta and rice and they need meat fish and protein in the past year the devaluation of the peso currency has had a strong impact on the price of food many of those coming here are already receiving government help this card gives them between $50.90 extra dollars a month to buy only certain food items. my husband has some temporary work but i don't and this helps a lot with some basic items the government hopes to distribute over 560000 cards to help cope with rising my nutrition in the province on site children can get
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vaccinated. and there is a nutrition expert that teaches people how to eat smart. we're telling people what they should buy once they get the card we talk to them about what type of food that children eat we ask them to buy fruit vegetables meat and milk we see children who are not big enough and others who are overweight we are trying to educate them that they shouldn't buy sugary drinks that do not add to that diet the government also hold that this cards will help reactivate argentina's economy that is already struggling with recession and nation and even though this food cart will certainly help lots of families here that are currently struggling with the economic crisis most analysts say that the program to help solve argentina's endemic incapacity to generate jobs now would our loans or says the program will inject almost $9000000000.00 in the economy a year from now. we're in an emergency trying to allow families to buy basic needs
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but the objective as the. president seed is to change the economic structure in the country to be able to generate jobs that is what the country needs by activating the economy we will generate consumption and hopefully economic prosperity argentina produces grain and protein for millions of people around the world but it has failed to fight my new richmond at home all the years of sustained economic growth will guarantee better living conditions for those who depend on the government to survive. when our scientists. protest is into and have turned out again in the capital khartoum to call for officials to keep the promises made after the removal of the country's former president they say the government still doesn't have proper civilian representation the former president omar al bashir was removed last year after nationwide protests. demonstrators say since then officials have failed to deliver
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a stable government. anti-government protests have turned violent in the guinea and capital conakry with 2 more people killed by the security forces at least 22 people have died since the demonstrations began last october the killer gauge reports. a standoff in guinea's capital tear gas filled the streets as another round of mass anti-government protests turned violent. police used slingshots with stones as they tried to disperse the crowds and protesters forced back arrests were made by security forces. my mother told me to go to the garage to work i told her there's a strike on today she wanted me to go anyway but i went outside the police arrested me i was just trying to get to work. this building was set alight in the demonstrations it was a local business a coalition of opposition groups calling itself the national front for the defense
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of the constitution has been spearheading the protests it called for a national strike on wednesday which saw many shops close one since last night police have been deployed in the area to secure cannot create against these authorized protests but we are sure in the community that we have this under control the west african country has been hit by rolling protests since mid october or the concerns president alpha condé will seek a 3rd term in office he 1st came to power in 2010 and his 2nd and final 5 year term in office is coming to an end this year the opposition claims he plans to use a new constitution to extend his 2 term limits until this is rolled out it's unclear when the unrest will end weekly gauge al-jazeera. a french court is due to decide whether the oil giant tile is adequately addressing the
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human and environmental impact of an oil field in uganda several human rights groups are accusing the firm of failing to properly compensate farmers who've been removed from their land catherine story falls from lissa in western uganda. beneath this expanse of land in western uganda there is an estimated 6000000000 barrels worth of oil. with china national offshore oil corporation and the french multinationals to tower of major operations here including there to langley megaproject which is expected to produce $190000.00 barrels a day. but there is a problem thousands of people who have been moved from their villages to make way for the development say they were forced to accept compensation of just a $1000.00 an acre and that's not enough most of the people who took a cash compensation could not even afford to buy land elsewhere so now they stay in
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rental houses in village centers like this one and rely on casual jobs to make a living fred missing girl refused the deal and says he's land was worth more to him than the $3000.00 he was offered i was going to britain my lawn my school for my children. but after. they become harder. using my money from the cans come again nonprofit organization that has helped me and other families take the matter to court in france he says all projects will affect about 50000 people in the western and central regions of the country this is a 1st case and a new french flow which requires large corporations to make sure that proper care and attention is paid to the local population and vironment if these people were
4:45 pm
not for spreading the word what's the fighting when the doctor it was between between life and this they would not accept most of them would not have accepted position the tail end of project lies partly in the margins on force national park some rights groups a plans to protect the environment are not clear but government officials insist. everything has been done look fully we realize the environment is important tourism is one of the key for our economy and so we we must we must explore this oil might explain this. while being called innocent of the fact that we need to coexist with environment back at the missie go home state they tell us the oil project has made their family much poorer and signing a bad compensation deal will only make things worse catherine soy al-jazeera police out west in uganda. the turkish president roger prior to one has been accused of
4:46 pm
breaking his word over the conflict in libya the charge came from the french president emmanuel macro who says turkish warships and mercer ms of a rived in the war zone within the past week amasses spied president adam promising to say away turkey's foreign ministry says france should stop supporting the war faster if it wants to help bring peace to libya. and u.s. secretary of state might compare is currently in the united kingdom just a day before it leaves the european union during a meeting with dominic robb his counterpart compare said the u.k. has taken a risk by allowing the chinese text way a limited role in its 5 g. network the u.s. is concerned while ways links to the chinese government could put their intelligence cooperation at risk he maintained the relationship between the u.s. and u.k. is still strong in that a free trade deal with the u.s. is a top priority. that many sectors in the u.k.
4:47 pm
have raised concerns about the impact of bret's it will have all the business not least the music industry which wants to ensure musicians can carry on touring freely and the hayward reports. hersh. writing about love to travel and is that spirit says along the way hasn't john smith a fan base in the u.k. . and he spends a quarter of his touring time in mainland europe every year like many artists who live in the e.u. he's been able to work without a big what life will be like in the future is unclear you can organize a tour bus or amsterdam cologne. in copenhagen they offer. and you can do it all on the train so if it gets really expensive to tour europe for a little financial gain then it could be a tough choice i think for people at my level british artists have benefited from
4:48 pm
decades of being allowed to work freely in the e.u. and sell them merchandise at no extra cost it is a reciprocal arrangement leaving the e.u. means that will and unless a future negotiations allow it you claim is there and the artistic producer has always been central to the global music industry and is highly valuable to weapon estimated $6700000000.00 to the u.k. economy most musicians work on a freelance basis don't earn big money and some play in different orchestras so go back and forth figure every week so the musicians union which represents more than 32000 artists is pressing the u.k. government to ensure that members can still thrive in a post spread out. great i had big success in the ninety's with his band and now works as a solo artist and producer when i go into an exclusive voluble for the fans
4:49 pm
we can just run europe no problem but when we try to take it to china we can get it with the trade deal. so things are going to change. and what about. the terms as we've got already the u.k. government told us it is holding talks with the creative industry and set a world class orchestras a musicians make an invaluable contribution to the u.k.'s cultural reputation around the world we are continuing to work closely with the sector to ensure the needs of musicians are considered as possible preparations believing the e.u. the other. many artists will tell you that the power of music is that it has no borders no flags that it's all about bringing people together but that could be harder now for some of europe's musicians imo he would al-jazeera the south of england. coming up as a sports news including shaquille o'neal more color and rival kobe bryant if the
4:50 pm
lakers return to practice in l.a. . gives you a deal dead and did you get the peace prize too soon. is this going to. help donald trump's reelection chances to marry for money they need to cheat somebody on 5th avenue and not have any consequence this is not a muslim issue this is a human colony issue join me maddi house and i put it up from questions to my special guest and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. a journey of personal discovery my great grandfather he was a slave of the leave property al-jazeera is james gunn and expose his family's legacy of slavery ownership you know like my family's status and wealth has
4:51 pm
benefited from their choice to enslave people and america's debt to the black people today some of us so scar we even scared to speak out because a soprano. al jazeera correspondent a moral debt. times in a small c is now with paul martin thank you so much domestic football in china has been postponed due to the spread of the coronavirus this applies to all levels of the game including the lucrative chinese super league which was due to start next month the world endo athletics championships in china have been delayed by a year until march 2021 on the international ski federation has counseled next
4:52 pm
month's rice's at china's 2022 winter olympic venue formula one also says it's monitoring the situation and will alter its calendar if it needs to. u.s. officials in miami are on alert for coronavirus out of the super bowl the kansas city chiefs on sun francisco $49.00 is preparing to meet in miami on sunday officials say they are doing everything they can to keep the public saif we're doing enhanced screening at 5 primary airports that has now expanded to 20 airports including miami here. medical professionals we do a number of enhanced medical screenings there from individuals coming from mainland china. novak djokovic has beaten roger federer treats the australian open final and there was a big shock in the women's draw as david stock's reports i know that djokovic she already has 7 australian open titles and he's hungry for more after get another win over roger federer in
4:53 pm
a major as night fell in melbourne federal court hard to open up a full one lead in the opening set despite struggling with a growing injury. but he couldn't make it count and joke a bitch fought back to win it on a tie break i federer did his best to keep up in the 2nd set but the serve was just too good i was he was fired up and he wrapped it up in straight sets i it's his 6th straight win over federal majors and gives him a chance to win grand slam number 17 that would put in just 3 behind federer is all time record respect to roger for coming out tonight see he was obviously hurt i wasn't at his best even close to his best things in terms of movement and you know respect for coming out and trying his best all the way through joke of it will face are the dominant team or alex and his forever in the final there was
4:54 pm
a big shock in the women's semi's where the world number one actually barty was looking to become australia's 1st home winner in 42 years and it was going to plan for the top seed. i was shocked set up she said points and had her american opponents of fear kevin rattled but barty didn't convert her chances and was made to pay 21 year old ken in one the tie break to take a one set lead and since. and it was the same story in the 2nd set again had to set points but failed to make them count and once again ken in the 14th seed at this tournament took full advantage to record a famous victory was. i born in russia but raised in florida she's through to her 1st grand slam final she's a great player you know and there's a reason why she remember one by i mean i'm disillusioned with the credit for barty a disappointing end to the tournament but her baby niece by her side in the post
4:55 pm
much press conference helped soften the blow you know perspectives a beautiful thing life is a beautiful thing it's she brought a smile to my face as soon as i came off the court i got to give her a hug i'm so good. in saturday's final can and will face the former number one. who fought hard to beat the wimbledon champion simona halep like kennan she choose to say force a point the 2 time major winner has dropped down the rankings and he's unseated at this tournament but she's been enjoying a revival recently and wrap things up in straight sets i the spanish venezuelan setting up a 1st appearance in a major final said she would wimbledon back in 2017 i david stoked al-jazeera. one of the n.b.a.'s brightest stars return from a year on the injured list to inspire the indiana pacers to victory on wednesday victor oladipo nailed this long 3 pointer to force overtime against the chicago bulls. i was sending the crowd into raptures son to his mother
4:56 pm
as well ice is going 111-5206. the l.a. lakers returned to practice for the 1st time since the death of their former star kobe bryant's le bron james parents take them into their next game against portland on friday bryant spent 20 years with the lakers and his combination with shaquille o'neal helped them to 3 straight championships before a feud led to o'neill's departure they became friends after that though on the last house hit shaq hard. i'm a and to be. attached to go there. for what we did. he was us about our relationship. good to strong minded people. who are going to get them or we're. going to say certain things. to spread to nobody was a bit of a we take stuff around that we're not going to be able. to joke it is hall of fame
4:57 pm
ceremony. what i will be. for. the fact that we're not going to say if we would stay together we've got to. go through a barely change cured your bag noise henrich kristofferson strengthened is laid at the top of the overall world cup ski standings thanks to a big mistake from his main rival in austria mark schwarz that was asked in the 1st round but immediately slipped up on his 2nd. denying the austrian tame my 1st slalom win the season it didn't ruin the home crowd enjoyment too much that kristofferson also made the same mistake as swartz but quickly recovered the world champion not changed his 17th career slalom with. his all you'll spoil for now peter i will have more later. oh thank you very much indeed that's all for the news hour but don't go away because i'll be back in just
4:58 pm
a. india a nation of 1300000000 people deeply religious desperately divided i think good you know the issue which is potentially catastrophic what's causing this crisis of identity to move is making up to get back but places off his ancestors and why is it getting was joining me are pushed us here on my journey in search of india's soul coming soon on al-jazeera. trial jury bringing my maybe children so they can see and get more comfortable 5 years children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons at the very. end there for a new machine and it's fun but a new generation is fighting fire with
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a recently you're fighting for voices you hear because you don't want to see it and you do speak it fluently you should never again part of the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines you use the misinformation i've used the term by setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions how unique aloma is this in terms of modern american history when it comes to racism you have the makings of a neo fascist moment international filmmakers and world class journalists bringing programs to inspire you. on al-jazeera. big story sounds like maybe angles in this story are too numerous for comfort with different angles from different perspectives things never really believed. murder in the war to even separate the speech from the facts the misinformation from. the
5:00 pm
so clear and chance to see and hear. the listening just 0. infections in every part of china and more countries imposing quarantine the world health organization means to decide if corona virus is now a global emergency. hello again i'm a fiend this year with al-jazeera life and death are also coming up the u.s. says 700000 people are now fleeing towards the turkish border following almost 200 airstrikes by syrian and russian warplanes in just 3 days. protests against india's
5:01 pm
controversial citizenship law become the target of manikins fire at a rally in the capital.


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