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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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about the stories that matter on the edges 0. the. the air. china is rapidly building a hospital in the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak as the world health organization debates whether to call it a global health imagines. a player watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to will also ahead the u.s. says 700000 people are fleeing towards turkey's border with syria following a surge in syrian government on italy province protesters against india's controversial citizenship law become targets a man opens fire at a rally in the capital new delhi and protesters in sudan demand promises made by the transitional government on its.
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the end thank you for joining us the world health organization is holding an urgent meeting to decide whether to declare the coral an outbreak or on a virus outbreak a global health emergency in china the virus has now been confounded in all provinces in the epicenter an emergency hospital is being belts to treat those who are ill so far the death toll stands at 170 with nearly 8000 people confirmed in fact it's relief. after the outbreak china has been in close communication with the world health organization other countries as well as the regions of hong kong and macau and taiwan we have reported and circulated epidemic updates and shared the genome sequencing of the coronaviruses soon as it became available president xi jinping has expressed china's willingness to work alongside the w e. and it's national community to safeguard regional and global public health all
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time reza facing growing restraint shin's russia is closing several directs border crossings with china and the czech republic has become the netas country to announce temporary visa restrictions for chinese citizens meanwhile a cruise ship carrying more than 6000 passengers has been a knock down at a portly every home in italy a softer chinese couple on board who are suspected of having the virus we'll have more on the situation in europe shortly but 1st sexor precautions are being taken in hong kong where nearly 300 people died during the sars epidemic in 2003 around 300000 people are returning from lunar new year celebrations in mainland china and trade unions are threatening to strike unless the border is completely shut when hey wait for some hong kong. concern is growing in hong kong but the number of corona virus cases here could be about to shop any increase
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a shortage of face masks has resulted in long lines forming outside some shops as people try to protect themselves as much as possible i'm starting here it's 2 am. this morning. so i'd be waiting for all 6 to 6 hours. to get to a mosque to try to control the spread of the virus the hong kong government has suspended most rail and ferry services to and from the mainland. but some border crossings are still open and flights are operating which is led to criticism from many in hong kong who want all routes between here and china closed adding to the concern it's estimated as many as 300000 hong kong residents visited the mainland during the lunar new year holiday with many still to return government medical experts say the city needs to be on alert for more infections most of the confirmed cases in hong kong are being treated at this hospital where the. this week several
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nurses went on strike for a day as part of a wider union protest against the government's response to the outbreak of the virus that threatening more strike action next week which could coincide with an increase in the number of cases in hong kong in tokyo a 2nd flight landed carrying japanese citizens evacuated from wu han as it did the government confirmed some passengers on wednesday's 1st flight tested positive for the virus over with the national institute of infectious diseases have reported to us 3 new cases of corona virus related diseases the city they left behind remains largely under lockdown most people are choosing to stay indoors but among the few signs of commerce delivery businesses of being kept busy taking medical supplies to hospitals my extravagant hope is to get some sleep as delivery men we cannot be called great but there are many people who need medical supplies but there is
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a shortage of some equipment including kits needed to test patients because of that many experts outside china believe the actual number of cases may be a lot higher than what the government is reporting wayne hay al jazeera hong kong. and sonya gago is in london and has more on the coast that is under lockdown near role. it's being quarantined there while the health authorities are carrying out tests on a chinese couple this couple allegedly entered the country reporting into the country into milan airport on the 25th of january the wife appeared to have come down with symptoms she had a high fever difficulties breathe thing her husband seemed to have been spared those symptoms so far as we can understand from the italian healthful foreign teas but certainly they are being taken to a different part about ship and the woman suffering. symptoms was
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then put in isolation while those tests were carried out of course there are also other fears the fact that even london is coming into the top 20 cities in which the corona virus could become a crisis even though there have been no cases there been cases in france and germany. it's thought that the makeup of the city in the fact that it is such hard for people traveling all over the world it makes it more likely to be ric's now in the meantime there are 2 planes that are going out french planes which are going to hand to pick up repatriate european citizens and taking them back to brussels where there will be a coordinated effort with the european union bodies to try and understand if there is any threat of
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a risk from anyone who may have been infected while they were there as well. as we heard the world health organization is meeting to decide whether the coronavirus constitutes a global emergency so what exactly does that mean the w.h.o. defines a global emergency as an extraordinary event that poses a public health risks to more than one country and requires the ordinated international response all member states have a legal duty to abide by it the designation we are allowed the w.h.o. achieve to make recommendations to control the global spread of the virus including travel restrictions screenings at land borders and airports and it could lead to additional funding and resources from the international community but it's rare for the w.h.o. to make the declaration it's only done it in 5 times over the past 15 years mark hauntings bomb is a medical historian he says the chinese government has been quick to share scientific knowledge after initially attempting to suppress information. i'm not in china i have colleagues though who i work with here at city university chinese
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speaking colleagues who say that in the early 'd days of the outbreak in december. there were doctors in who are who were saying on social media you know were alarmed about this outbreak of the seafood market and they were essentially criticized closed down by the authorities accused of spreading misinformation they news if you like we now know that the virus probably emerged even earlier than that. with the 1st signals and that was the time really to respond quickly i have to say i'm a medical historian you know in my book the pandemic century i've kept a series of epidemics including sars in 2002 then the chinese were also very reluctant to share the mation the differences that this time they have been much quicker to share scientific information so they may have suppressed the initial reports on social media but when it comes to the scientists they very
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quickly shared information with the international community they sequence the virus they publish that informational line and because of that we're already in the process of trying to develop vaccines none of that happened during the sars outbreak in 2002 so that's a good thing something the chinese should be applauded for. in other world news u.s. special envoy for syria says at least $200.00. at the last rebel hands province in the last 3 days an estimated $700000.00 people in it labor now flying towards the border with turkey at least $21.00 civilians have been killed in russian backed syrian government as strikes over the past 24 hours a hospital in the city of daraa he was among the sites that they target in the reports this is what's left of al shami hospital in the province. we were at home with their kids when a russian warplane carried out an aerial raid against a hospital and also
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a residential area people are fed up with life here we don't know where to go no one can help no one can protect us from these attacks. many of the patients here have been injured and evacuated to other hospitals dozens of medical facilities have been destroyed in airstrikes in recent months say these facilities were attacked deliberately. i work in the rehab hospital it was directly targeted the hospital is not operating now it is completely destroyed due to the direct shelling so many were killed in dozens wounded the syrian civil defense group known as the white helmets also blames russian warplanes for the attack. the russian warplanes targeted a hospital hundreds surrounding residential areas in a real and 3 air raids civil defense units rushed to the scene and were trying to evacuate a woman and a boy under the rubble. rusher is supporting syrian government forces and has
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denied bombing a real hospital moscow insists it avoids attacking civilian targets turkey's president wretched type 2 and says both russia and syria have violated a ceasefire in it live brokered by turkey and russia earlier this month the territories the last that's controlled by rebel groups in syria's northward. region thousands of civilians a caught up in the violence the u.n. says more than 350000 have been forced to leave their homes since the beginning of december many families are now packing their belongings and leaving the city over ria but they don't know where they can go that say victoria gates and the. and al jazeera is in istanbul with more on how turkey is reacting to the strikes in syria . the situation is very dire for the civilians and especially given the weather conditions due to winter people do not have many options to find refuge for themselves and there is an immense pressure by the turkish border as hundreds of
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thousands of people are stuck it has been like that since april last april as the syrian government intensified its assault assaults on the civilians inside it live trying to advance from south to the north but when i was at it last time at live in late 2001000 people were at least able to stay on their to all of 3 days now it is much worse than that time and for it left the ceasefire as peace deals they do not last and the latest cease fire that was inactive on january 12th only lasted for 7 to 2 hours that's why turkish president tragic tape aired on reacted harshly and he said that asuna and such a peace process they all failed and the support must be revived and he said that syria and russia do not abide by the cease fire and it's russia's responsibility to persuade a syria and according to the latest national security meeting in uncorrupt today it turkey decided to increase its to increase its measures against the assaults that
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target the civilians now what is next for turkey in that the what is next for syria's and that there is still today now no still ahead on al jazeera. facing the music how british artists are grappling with the changes breck's it may make to the industry. hello turkey's about to get plastered with snow you can see it happening now and it might well come across the border into northern syria so any high ground because in the up to a meter of snow in the next 48 hours or so to the south of that there will be some rain showers but you'll end up on friday dodgy with an onshore breeze not particularly warm 11 in damascus probably bright skies the blue is clearly rain
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there what is clearly snow and there's something you can't quite see this line here develops a few showers in the mountains in the west a society that's moving science words it might. be bahrain or qatar but probably not and following it not immediately is a should also quite weather but still not very warm 39000 is a max in there hot most of north africa is affected just by the hamas and the winter breeze if you like and that's so ganged up to bring some pretty high temperatures to senegal in the gambia banjul 35 is above average and we did see a record broken the last day or so and nothing much will change with that breeze still blowing your still going to be the dust in the air and high temperatures the rains further south the rift valley all the way down towards zimbabwe and from angola eastwards there's the focus of the heavy rain with a few showers as far south as the suit to.
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frank assessments the one good thing about these bush bars is that really what the . climate change informed opinion economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on those days don't even know what the law is all about this argument is astonishingly patronize a in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of the iraq of the new conscious and aware youth of that struggle against an ethnic sectarian kotor inside story on al-jazeera. one war the war the war. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories the world health organization is meeting to decide
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whether to declare the corona virus outbreak that skilled 170 people a global health emergency and who ship near rome has been in lockdown because 2 passengers from china are suspected of having the virus. the u.s. says 700000 people are now fleeing towards the turkish border following almost 200 as strikes by the syrian and russian aircraft in the past 3 days at least 21 civilians and given it to a hospital was among the sites hit. 9 india protesters and police in new delhi have been locked in a standoff as activists campaign against the new citizenship law as the latest in a wave of angry protests over the legislation that they say discriminates against muslims earlier a man shot at stemmons street is injuring one person he shouted at protesters outside a university in new delhi before opening fire demonstrators had been planning to form a human chain as random was at those protests earlier in the day. when your jammy
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i'm ilya is for me a university where a man shot at a protest is injuring one person who has been taken away to a hospital now mobile phone video of the incident shows the man brandishing a gun and waving it at protesters and journalists walking backwards to a line of police officers before being apprehended by police jamia has been one of the center of protest since the citizenship amendment act was passed by the indian government 7 weeks ago did most of the rallies here have been peaceful and people are asking how a man was allowed to enter with a gun and why he wasn't apprehended earlier now this is not the 1st such and such. and in the capitol earlier in the week and now the man was apprehended at a number of one of these major protest sites. he. has a gun and these incidents occur as members of the ruling fatah.
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the posse or the b.j. having making state say that he should be shot. at was to. murder is and break *. in sudan authorities are fired tear gas on untied government protests on an anti-government rally in the capital khartoum for months now protesters have been calling for the military governess to be replaced by civilian leaders the military has been in charge since ransom of president was out said last year he morgan ray for some cops whom. once again thousands of people have taken to the streets here in the sudanese capital khartoum most of them have gathered outside the office of prime minister out the law hamdullah who was appointed in august last year
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following a deal between the military and the protest movement known as the forces of freedom and change coalition now today's protests have been called for by the sudanese professionals association the body that has been spearheading calls for protests since december 10 to $18.00 and they're demanding that the prime minister and his cabinet appointed brilliant governors in all 18 states of sudan to replace the current military governors and to form a legislative council those 2 demands are included in the constitutional declaration that was signed between the protest movement and the military we need immediately the government to take care of this because the situation that economical situation in sudan is not good at all we suffer no transport and you know that kills people are just waiting to get bread and this story is going back and looking at the transitional council was supposed to be formed 5 months ago we're not supposed to be protesting for it today it was one of the 1st amman's in the fact i have to go out to mounting for it is wrong and people should rush to
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form it. but when it comes to responding to the demands of the protesters today the prime minister and his cabinet may face some issues at the trial the prime minister has previously stated that achieving peace in various parts of the country is his 1st priority and the transitional administration has embarked on peace talks between itself and various on groups in the south sudanese capital juba they've already signed something called the principles agreement and as part of that agreement they cannot be an appointment of any civilian governor or the formation of a legislative assembly and till a comprehensive peace deal is signed but people here are saying that they're impatient and that the reason why the country's economy is in turmoil and that there are various insecurity incidents happening not just in the come. it's a hard assume but various other states as well are because there are no civilian governors in place and there's no legislative council and they're saying that they're here to put pressure on the prime minister and his cabinet to let them know
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that they he it's a got their revolution and make sure that they demands are listened to and heard and that they're there to make sure that the the articles of the constitutional declaration are implemented so that they can feel that their revolution is complete . u.s. democrats are stepping up their calls for witnesses to testify at the trot of president donald trump ahead of a crucial senate vote on friday another round of questioning by senators begins in the next hour with the spotlight on an upcoming book by former national security advisor john bolton that the white house wants to brock how does a cost or reports from washington. donald trump's defense team has a novel argument for his acquittal that the president asking ukraine for dirt on a political opponent maybe in his personal interest and also in the interest of the united states making him immune if a president does something which he believes will help him get
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a word in the public interest act cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in an impeachment democrats prosecuting trump say his intent was purely for political gain so all could prose are not the same some are legitimate and some are corrupt and you don't need to be a mind reader to figure out which is which for one thing you can ask john bolton john bolton trump's former national security advisor reportedly claims in an upcoming book that trump directly tied his hold on security a.j. ukraine to his demand for investigations into joe biden in a letter obtained by al-jazeera the white house warns bolton not to publish his book without. deleting classified information on twitter wednesday trump said the book was nasty untrue and all classified democrats want to call bolton as a witness they'll need support from 4 republican senators to make that happen they
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vote no they're saying this is a sham they're saying we don't want to hear the truth what does that say to america about this body. meanwhile someone else was all but begging for senators to call him to testify or. bring it from donor left parness says he was dispatched to ukraine by trump's attorney to stir up dirt useful for trump's reelection parness is under federal indictment for campaign fraud and says he came to the capitol wearing an ankle monitor to make amends democrats out of knowledge getting republicans to agree to witnesses is an uphill battle that question will be put to a vote friday if the answer is no trump could be immediately acquitted by peter castro al jazeera washington. mexico has been preventing central american migrants from reaching the u.s. border since the middle of last year and with the mexican government facing ongoing
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threats from the u.s. president that's leading some to call the country donald trump's wall john heilemann reports. that. this was aboard a caravan of thousands of home during as expected when the intimates could you know 2 you know right there you know they gassed us and my parents were here with their children. but this kind of crackdown of migrants is what president trump's come to rely on his southern neighbor to do. may not have his will yet but miscarries become the next best thing a web of checkpoints cover the south and president move his obrador even deployed the new national guard to stop those from whom do this what tamala salvador did getting to the u.s. if makes chris become trumps will the question is why. well this all comes from june 2019 when donald trump basically said that unless we mexicans contain the flow of people from the border he was going to impose
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a specific tax a feat of up to 10 percent to every single expert in mexico's from mexico that turned for it was serious 80 percent of its exports go to the us a lot and so it clamped down and effectively last month apprehensions on the u.s. border were down 2 thirds from the month before president trump's ultimatum but some argue that it's a short term solution and the root causes need to be addressed the part of the bully me so also happening inside central america both countries when the u.s. and its over there are one of the most unequal countries in the region at this is about time for us to come to terms and try to understand why the mistake elites in this country are not doing enough to register with resources to their people. rooting out corruption providing opportunity so that central americans don't leave hasn't been president trump focus it has been part of president lopez obrador says
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he's pushed for investment in the southern neighbors he's also said that mexico could absorb those forced to flee then you must. must. we have more than 4000 jobs in the southern border area available this shelter's medical care and work in our country. but those promises turned out to be largely empty the majority of those in this caravan were quickly deported. and only are now the message at least seems clear if you're fleeing your home and don't expect help or free passage through mexico john homan al-jazeera mexico city. you know our u.s. customs have discovered the longest ever smuggling tunnel under its soft western border with mexico the passages more than 21 meters below ground and as long as 14 football fields in has ever enter nation electricity and a current system the state is discovery raises questions on the effectiveness of present donald trump's border wall us secretary of state mike on pale has met with
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the british prime minister boris johnson to discuss post breaks it ties including a free trade deal from pay a toll johnson that london is at the front of the line in trade negotiations that comment came after he area said the u.k. had taken a risk by allowing chinese tech firms huawei a limited role in its 5 g. network the u.k. leaves the european union on friday and many sectors of raise concerns about the impact brics it will have on business not least the music industry which wants to ensure musicians can carry on touring freely and the hayward has a story. hersh. writing about love to travel and is that spirit says along the way hasn't john smith a fan base in the u.k. . and he spends a quarter of his touring time in mainland europe every year like many artists who
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live in the e.u. he's been able to work with out of what life will be like in the future is unclear you can organize a tour bus or amsterdam cologne. buy off copenhagen pay off. and you can do it all on the train so if it gets really expensive to tour europe for a little financial gain then it could be a tough choice i think people at my level british artists have benefited from decades of being allowed to work freely in the e.u. and sell them merchandise at no extra cost it is a reciprocal arrangement leaving the e.u. means that will and less speech negotiations allow it u.k. music and the artistic producer has always been central to the global music industry and is highly valuable to weapon estimated $6700000000.00 to the u.k. economy most musicians work on a freelance basis don't and big money and some play in different orchestras so go back and forth figure every week so the musicians union which represents more than
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30000 artists is pressing the u.k. government to ensure that members can still thrive in a post spread out. draper had big success in the ninety's with his band and now works as a solo artist and producer when i go into an exclusive vinyl for the fans we can just run your no problem but when we try to take it to china we can get it with the trade deal. so things are going to change. and what about trade. terms we've got already the u.k. government told us it is holding talks with the creative industry and set a world class orchestras of musicians make an invaluable contribution to the u.k.'s cultural reputation around the world we are continuing to work closely with the sector to ensure the needs of musicians are considered
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a spot of our preparations believing the e.u. you know the rules of. many artists will tell you that the power of music is that it has no borders no flags but it's all about bringing people together but that could be harder now for some of europe's musicians some he would out as there are the south of england. again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera the world health organization is meeting to decide whether to declare the corona virus outbreak that scaled 170 people a global health emergency the only 8000 people have contracted the virus as countries scramble to contain it a role has been in lockdown because 2 passengers from china are suspected of having the virus on a gaggle has more on that from london this couple allegedly entered the country
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reporting into the country into milan airport on the 25th of january the wife appeared to have come down with symptoms she had a high fever difficulties breathing her husband seemed to have been spared those symptoms so far as we can understand from the italian how far it is but certainly they are being taken to a different part of that ship and the woman suffering. symptoms was then put in isolation while those tests were carried out. the u.s. says 700000 people are now fleeing towards the border with syria following almost 200 s. strikes by syrian and russian aircraft in the past 3 days on a province at least 21 civilians have been killed in the last rebel stronghold a hospital was among the sites hits a man has shot demonstrators at a rally against
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a controversial citizenship law in india one person was injured the protests was a latest act against the bill that activists say discriminates against muslims protesters in sudan have turned out in the capital khartoum to call for officials to keep the promises made after the removal of former president or mob a share for months protestors have been calling for the country's military government to be replaced by civilian leaders. led to more news as always on our website at al-jazeera dot com the very latest on all of our top stories on there i'll be back in under 30 minutes time with the al-jazeera news hour do stay with us for inside story next thanks for watching.
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the u.s. secretary of state lobbies britain once again for a ban on the wall way is the chinese tech giant a threat to cyber security or all their other reads the washington position this is inside story. hello welcome to the show i'm sam is a than the u.s. is pressuring allies in the west to ban while away the chinese tech giant provides world leading technology for the next generation of mobile networks called 5 g. but the trumpet administration has long accused beijing of using it for spying u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was in britain to push.


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