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tv   Dreaming Of Vincent  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2020 4:00am-5:01am +03

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you're watching al-jazeera with me so robin a reminder of our top news stories the world health organization has declared the coronavirus a global health emergency response to treat disease has now killed 213 people in china with almost $10000.00 infected the w.h.o. says it's concerned about the virus spreading to countries that are ill prepared to deal with an outbreak and its declaration will require more cooperation as charlie rangel reports declaring an international public health emergency is rare but with the corona virus spreading globally the world health organization says it warrants a coordinated international response i'm declaring a public cause emergency of international concern over the global outbreak of
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normal. voters the main reason for this new collaboration is not because of what is happening in china but because of what is happening in other countries greatest concern is the potential for the virus to spread to countries with weaker systems and we ill prepared to deal with it. countries like india one of the latest report cases is the respect to disease until now individual nations have made their own decision in response to the outbreak in italy more than $6000.00 tourists were under locked out aboard a cruise ship near rome after 2 chinese passengers displayed flu like symptoms the couple were put into isolation until the test results came back negative for corona virus. meanwhile evacuations of foreign nationals from we continue turkey sent
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a military cargo plane to bring back $35.00 turkish and 10 azerbaijani citizens and their families all including the crew will now be put under quarantine for 14 days the e.u. is bringing back another 350 europeans on a flight into portugal and 150 british nationals will touch down in the u.k. on friday this as a number of commercial airline suspended flights to china a decision the w.h.o. is now asking them to revise why did you take this decision why what is the science supporting this decision could you reconsider this decision. we suggested to w.h.o. that w.h.y. should inform the world. transparency concerning these measures which should not constitute an example to follow but the decision to reconsider for china
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the w.h.o. only had praise for their efforts to contain the virus but it is still spreading fast the message what will protect us is not fear in a version but solidarity and cooperation charlie angela al-jazeera the u.s. special envoy to syria says at least $200.00 restaurants have hit the last rebel held province in the last 3 days and estimated 700000 people in lebanon are fleeing towards the turkish border. also donald trump's trial defense team has told u.s. senators that the president should not be impeached for doing anything to boost his reelection prospects democrats say they're trying to normalize lawlessness and police and protesters have clashed in india's capital after a man opened fire at what had been a peaceful rally is the latest outbreak of violence in weeks of nationwide protests against the citizenship law passed last month which critics say discriminates against muslims. of flash floods and landslides have killed at least 9 people on
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indonesia's sumatra island heavy rain has forced thousands of people to flee to temporary shelters civil defense authorities say most of the victims drowned or were hit by logs illegal logging has been blamed for making soil more susceptible to landslides and protests have broken out in the occupied west bank against a us plan for the middle east which sides with israel on many contentious issues demonstrators bird pictures of donald trump and israel's prime minister the illegal israeli settlement of bet el the palestinian city of ramallah and the transfer oppose all settlements including debt would be annexed by israel those were the headlines more news in half an hour to stay with us with this is that.
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there you go i was taught money. forgotten that's what it was what i wanted you young. what are the one the one i show you the. talking the way on which will lead you to it's own. because of the source in which the 20. things i want to see. a lot of the rest of the me. want to go i don't want. told us why would you go by the legislature. my lots of those. bills i want.
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to go to sleep. it's a novelty. single one of your buddies is ok to. do that.
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and i don't know where you are who you are. there's another pov i don't know. who's on with me. says the sense of it but i wonder and wonder if that wouldn't. you tell you about. 'd ambassador. you didn't get an indian out of bounds and. thought i knew you and still kinda fungal me good about it do but i checked. your funding and one. of us has issued a plea hold on that you committed to the washing machine. would
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you be on the home. john with his and. will. use it to you getting that which undone you get israel one that she bought up. several years for here in the village but. does a good shit honor them some good shit are. they good is all it took was a good you will hit it off is a whole lot better than the way you. put it. on the so that on the golf ball. it was off. so you should think that you should sit up. in the hall watch the fan see john political question. would be gauche isn't just going to show up on issues and there's a lot. to a new city. and. family values.
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to define you don't want it was something that you says you sit on the living day when it's a judge and you have a business sound as if. some of it and i do. you won't. go to the voted out of money but to go but i want to. tell you he says you did so well. for somebody that you would get my phone got us remember it's almost on the on a beautiful. it's about you know that one of my office numbers not just the digital but if you. don't want you to i want to the bad news was you do an average of some instruction with if you knew somebody from going to one do you love it. and i would do to help because you know we've all been looking out. for the out when $100.00.
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to and one in. the whole jury pool i've been. as. meant to be gentle and we have continued to do it wasn't up to what. one. more night would be a womanizer on the boat. slowly dying and you'd be double. to pseudonymously until you. somehow allow you know a lot of that she goes on. me. while you go to. some tea and i do you know what you're always on someone. to
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look up to. the unity. sound. so there's almost a done deal with putin 1st through. i'm going to see what you can find out when you know the tension kind of. strange. i don't want to judge you got resistance you know it's going uses if you can move. it and that's not going to be allowed. to to. do the. follow up on those who want to kind of all but eventually come up on the yes on your monologue but on our way out of that i thought she was your language was easy i'm not gonna order go out of my life that night at the back of the.
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sun. isn't. it. was fun to do this stuff. that cast this you. hold it. down some. concepts you seem. to be issued. from last. night. until i found. one of the.
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well both tell. martin yeah b.t.w. i. use it a boy. up. on the. i'm going to do one up. they will. go up. to the. jumping. see. not want to do all of them all. and then.
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the meaning of almost. going outside to well. i don't. but i give a good. i know you got. one of the of them what they all say why not. both sides without. the result. of. jesse jesse i will. pick. you up.
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if you go to don't even know what you got. i got a job i want. my .
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kids. the devil. told who doesn't. need them don't assume god on the. phone told us all about the legal system going to be $21.00 in 5 we all. live near bought up ya don't see the tonality connection is so time sleazy how tightly does it go down to numb a wee wee to the other words it will probably be g. . sooty good don't ask oh it's only if we don't know our only do we still go do we go to a war so i end up weed out of down the. pub we dealt with out there was a little too funny those young i got it good if i was young guns did naaman times with thought to do them good thoughts is on me go jump in the thought you had the gun did so vincent out of your mind. some of the summer.
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months of our. lives there's the amount of a. few days. you. think you might live and you wanted to move. because you were susie was not good news my mom. didn't. come on the wasn't. looking.
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bobbins. jensen logical. this is a long go off on the because it would be easy. and present you on a couple of occasions. on the initial audition times. if. she just doesn't want to confront. this issue you know
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she's. going to come. you know it's didn't you just feel that you're. on the edge and. you see a $1000000.00 and it's in this book that you do so you. kind of you see if you move on to the. other that the room is so bad. then hot out and you know what. to put in what do you do the. one. in about an ant hill in the middle of elliot. good heavens and.
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then later golly i'm going to be able to. see. how much. stuff. that was.
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will see. let us in with 3 teams going to do more with a lot less about a bunch of those with whom they didn't do which is kind of. 2. 100 you're going to feel good. i mean. it was yesterday rented accommodation just nobody thought it was how they usually got it so they could take a look at it and he got a lot out of the work you know you know without being on the shoes of. the boats i didn't see it on the clay that live there. you know played today and since i. was one incident it's you know yeah yeah just a kid get up around the corner but you know you don't need to lie there you will know who is needed
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a shot. isn't going to do more. and what issues. we're going to show you how do you think she. would be. it wouldn't. make it through. the muscles and. ruin there were some. very much as from the recent. history. of optimism about going out i was going to. talk about the within a. minute we're going to find a place where you can sit on your body.
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for. both of those doesn't sound good to look at it. says a lot of us in the. p. and l. why did you have called out oh yeah i was a little help with
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a move to limit the may sound old and new that he made his i listen. to more quotes you'll. be hearing i'm going to get. mood. ringback for.
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the be. for london is one of the most important cities in the world and decisions made here have an impact on right around the globe and so here at al-jazeera we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people but how it affects their everyday that . we are free to put them on air and to really engage those stories because we know there are audiences interested not just the mainstream news but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go on the record. trial jury bring in my neighbors my neighbor's children so they can see and get more
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comfortable 5 years children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons back at the verizon mom makes a report on the case being there for a new machine and it's fun but a new generation is fighting fire with the recently are fighting for voices to be heard because you don't want to see it and you're disputing that. never again part of the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. in the philippines the black market for gold is worth hundreds of millions but not everyone is reaping the rewards to sell them paying the ultimate prize when i went east investigates why people like dying for gold on al-jazeera. route.
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do what you will observe me so romney a reminder of our top news stories the world health organization has declared the coronavirus a global health emergency the response to treat disease has killed 213 people in china with almost 10000 infected it's spread to 18 other countries gabriel is under has more from washington d.c. . we've heard from a spokesperson from the chinese foreign ministry who came out and said that they will continue to work closely with the world health organization but said that china has the confidence and capabilities to beat this we have also heard from the chinese ambassador to the united nations who while admitting that this is in a very critical stage with coronavirus saying we urge the world not to overreact
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so what you're hearing from china is very much message we do have this under control the u.s. special envoy to syria says that these 200 airstrikes of the last rebel held province in the last 3 days and estimated 700000 people a little have been are fleeing towards the turkish border donald trump's trial defense team has told u.s. senators that the president should not be impeached for doing anything to boost his reelection prospects democrats say they're trying to dorm allies lawlessness meanwhile the president is rallying supporters in iowa these are live pictures from the city of des moines the event comes ahead of the state caucuses on monday when democrats begin the months long process of choosing their candidates for the presidential election south-asian our police in protest of the clash to india's capital after a man opened fire in what's been a peaceful rally it's the latest outbreak of violence in weeks of a nationwide protest against a citizenship law passed last month which critics say discriminates against muslims
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the flash floods and landslides have killed at least 9 people on indonesia's sumatra island heavy rains 4 stars of the people to flee their temporary shelters civil defense authorities say most of the victims drowned or were hit by logs. protests have broken out in the occupied west bank against the u.s. plan for the middle east which sides with israel on many contentious issues demonstrators birds pictures of president trump and israel's prime minister there the illegal israeli settlement of bet el there the palestinian city of ramallah i'll be back with more news in the news hour in half an hour we continue with a witness here on al-jazeera. there was a hint of the want to push i don't want your credit so go higher. go check this
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look at everton's what they're called but. it was a day on the ship which i'm in the blue they are not just wasn't home they said we are. going to come to. austin for. you this house and she wasn't going to have something to eat when someone with. money come up with additional money for a night when they should look at you again the. menu unless you're just a little you'll get there. and i'd love to see if you could be. such a missionary to yourself so why not just one go that you could use the left leg or just on the bottom and be on the bottom of the trauma that on. top of that it. didn't even open you want to knock down with it as well but i did at that to have a lot of interest in that other. one about oh so one of the finals
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i didn't want. to. go down. but. you're coming off and you have every time i asked the boys i'm asked. to walk but. oh yeah good luck and there's always the new york. times on. your knowledge about. i want to walk you. bungee i want to pay for the. money than usual but what if it is all of that and i didn't. have much that. bill but i've read. so many years doing good business you know ferry service i
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think you are going to look we're going to have a little bit is what they'll. say in yemen your good friend of the saudi beautiful you know sit in the seat for years you know even what a good decade that i've. been at the you know what i go through i've been in the game they. want to. know you're going to ruin the day with your wife. but if. i do go well it would local court ruling there are a lot of things that are like oh you want to see. these nights i think as these problems he's the one in the museum i believe they don't seem to be. enough i think she's yet off.
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i think and i feel. for them when she was. talking to them would you believe that kind of on all the news of the girl the symbol font then i don't know how that is missing if anyone from a show doesn't make enough time.
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yes you can look in other words in a minute. your. menu but this is about was originally under the. sun. but what this little bit. of us is a 100 media. elbow you and. thank.
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god but. look how you don't know how you buy that new. book i bought by. pumping up the test of the how the whole. sinuses of the honda. come out of sound so this is a. eking .
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i should be put off. so tim you go on the macy job where you saw the shot. we didn't go to who got some hot shots. it's.
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all. there and. you need to. be in the game with us and the president going to listen and. check of gentleman as a. monk don't want a loser. who is a mistake on the money on salon or i'm. assuming he's gotten just
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a living human just in the night. when i was going to run it and i got out and will damn. damn well for i'm. going to. now. yes i must own little world here why. so it just goes in that room and it was innocent and all. we were on a. good movie about all this time john goodman with. the. order winds away with it's an elite chain it does seem slimy and it's going to. get. stranded at that one but then it will add. on but it will mean that one don't want the bottom of my childhood home
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and. the job that you're in minnesota shall no longer than it has now is one of. them but in the bosom of the senator the government will shut in a 1. 101 company how much without going to that end of it what it wants on the to use the people in what will be the loans that are. put out which will not. be a real. responders are. just . if.
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a hockey fan. of. for the idea of the. google that you.
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to do the. money. chances. are it's only daniel attention that they're going to. choose from. there's an entire economy you know going to. eat you home sitting there with them so they're going to move which in which. case i think she's. going on you're gonna get it. but.
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the medical stuff done a full color on the legs is to the lot of us it's in the other one of the real. world has about the faucet going to go up what i did what i would love that was the thing that you do more but i thought that was i was out of the. kind of congo and. because i'm against him kind of law. it is always i introduce. but what about him about that he has touches on i go. beyond. my knowledge it will hold a letter to my mom and i meant that i did this and that the minute that i found out
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of boredom and that it was a major kind of they said want to see one and i felt kind of fun but a what i what i love about you kind of the moment what it 3rd was that i did paul what a kind i was. going to motorway have been and i would love a bobby on. ok. ok and then when i move when i want to sound it i don't want to be in the country that was where you country watch apple why wouldn't i see it all come out of the show the green lights of the kind of something to. say to going to the. senate high wooden high so even a little white you know not. being big shoes in this hot you. just kind of video thing be out there that kind of thought you know that of the government since as you come to town was the whole wanted and that will. end on yourself up on the other end you know hala i was and he ok. he did.
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it's as if it's all done with a yacht and an idea that. we don't get on what's the usual summer talk you know what does that mean you said that even with this it hadn't been. done with this. easy money so we've all got to feel when you go hog on your way you go find john white the time he was a lot churches use a. similar thing with it and it was exactly like john haas you want to turn in the mirror each year. is that as long as we get good doing. we'll get going with football did you meet him when you was up so what do you make your subordinates so they've been used to you know seeing the kids in a suit the mechanical and it's the nice suits and that's it she thought some might see the outline and 30 a gun i'm just going about. you my uncle frank outgoing. to the mayor says it's
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all. you get me out from by the fire and then my mail and the mail from god. i mailed them the mail to and i mean by to go and live up to what time would you to go hot with just using what i said listen put me oh yeah i know you wouldn't know how it happened for a. little fool something else i think but the things. that matter joe yeah yeah yeah and it's the soon as it was and as a citizen message i. think you'd have to do it. without counting on you know a funny thing. let us up a little bit something that we already have where you doubt that we are a good employee that have you the us a mile of the way down come out here i want you to show you all the other little movement. and what you are to. show you. my.
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way this is more you know way that a lot. done in my. shots hold your tongue and let myself be a lot of that off feel good that has come to know. i'm gone now feel like telling. him you must see that i'm with you move the dish. and swindle. whole lot of us and will be if you teach. i was and i don't use it maki down those a young girl about 1. 1000 they belittle the billions on the bow. of
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the day this is the local youth was the go on but it certainly is not often but. to those who go there tony. you forgot your washington bridge and think when i walked down oh my. gosh i'm sure you know me korea think it's nothing to both.
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of us from a time of awe of a. they would say they would good. luck with. a big.
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deal with shot and you'll do it if with as i watch it and it's a caution because. you go on you to nobody go once a month he says i want to show you decided to go wash. your friends change off your but you're saying. that they will wash. to do the you know i did that because you know. the good lord it was just just what to get with the children. and the other is that the only going to live a day after the violence and what it would exhibit any kind of if you would to live on they could do what they felt almost to the day even. yesterday. was the last of the symbolism and you. made and this is
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a tap on dad. as a young not getting. his hands into heaven i mean how it would be hong kong. has a different level to the that if you close. the school doesn't make. money on it down the line. sort of the solid in young woman says of the ozone falling some of us are. singing yeah the name of the little bit is i'm not going is all you boss was one of
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the of little things there's enough. to sing for just a little yes it's all just still just a moment we'll send a woman yes we will sing it you but if it's a go to go see the whole use of the new season what. if a sin than the one i want and watch it. wishing for melissa. then don't listen it's a whole if i doesn't want to as a day just a little more late just politics is a little. the 2000 mile trip across europe seems impossible. as the boat comes route begins to close for a few jeems it has become a race against time for one syrian family. except perilous journey from greece to
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germany but there's no turning back to the ravages of war left at home. sky and ground a witness documentary on al-jazeera. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast where we are watching the western part of canada and the united states very closely over the next few days storms are coming out of the pacific and with it will be seen some windy conditions we're going to be seeing a lot of rain as well as snow is going to be a big problem particularly in the higher elevations of canada we're going to be watching that very carefully for seattle it's going to be very rainy over the next
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few days and also for vague coover expect to see a mix of rain and snow your 3 day forecast for seattle looks like this the rain continues the temperature drops by the time we get to sunday probably seeing a mix of rain and snow as well monday on much better day with a temperature of 60 degrees where cross the caribbean and into the gulf of mexico it is going to be rainy particularly appear towards the north and that means for parts of the bahamas it is going to be rainy or as we go towards saturday coming across florida over here towards nasa as well as into freeport have in on you can be seeing some rain showers by the time we get towards saturday evening and the temperature of $27.00 degrees and then down here towards parts of one is that is it is looking quite nice the clouds are moving away we're going to be seeing a lot of sun as we go into the weekend so here on friday 29 degrees but for a sense it is going to be quite rainy with the tempter of 31 and rio quite hot with attempt a few of 37. but
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. in russia many cuddy's migrant. grazing. echoing an increasingly familiar global trend. labor force left vulnerable to exploitation in xenophobia. people in power investigates. little pakistan. on al-jazeera. when the news breaks out when people need to be hunted general situational forces affecting both the manufacturer and fear in graphics and the story needs to be told with exclusive interviews as a country that is used in polarized and in-depth reports who have i feel quite with al-jazeera as teams on the ground there are afraid that they're against it because i want to play a movie award winning documentaries and live news. this
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is al jazeera. hello i'm still robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the world health organization declares coronavirus a global health emergency as the death toll exceeds 200 in china also they have gone to extraordinary lengths to put a muzzle on john bull. democrats keep up the pressure of donald trump's impeachment trial as they seek to hear from a key witness. also senators debate his future in washington 1st and trumpets to iowa iowa where the 1st votes of campaign.


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