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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2020 5:00am-6:01am +03

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we have i felt this al-jazeera has teams on the ground. at the weekend. to play bluetooth documentaries and live. this is al-jazeera. the whole rahman you're watching the al-jazeera news our live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the world health organization declares coronavirus a global health emergency as the death toll exceeds 200 in china also they have gone to extraordinary lengths to put a muzzle on john paul. democrats keep up the pressure of donald trump's impeachment trial as they seek to hear from a key witness. also senators debate his future in washington 1st and
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trumpets to iowa iowa where the 1st votes of campaign 2020 will be cast in just a few days' time. and nowhere to go 700000 syrians are reportedly heading to the turkish border as astronauts intensify in the last troubled held province. welcome to the news of the world health organization has declared the coronavirus a global health emergency the response to treat disease has now killed more than 200 people in china exceeded 9 and a half 1000 confirmed cases infections and spread to 18 other countries the w.h.o. says it's concerned about the virus spreading to countries that are ill prepared to deal with the outbreak charlie angela begins our coverage. declaring an
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international public health emergency is rare but with the corona virus spreading globally the world health organization says it warrants a coordinated international response i'm declaring a public close emergency of international concern. over the global outbreak of normal call a number of voters the main reason for this declaration is not because of what is happening in china but because of what is happening in other countries greatest concern is the potential for the virus to spread to countries with weaker systems. which are ill prepared to deal with it. countries like india one of the latest report cases is the respect to disease until now individual nations have made their own decision in response to the outbreak in italy more than $6000.00 tourists were under locked out aboard
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a cruise ship near rome after 2 chinese passengers displayed flu like symptoms the couple were put into isolation in till the test results came back negative for corona virus. meanwhile evacuations of foreign nationals from we continue turkey sent a military cargo plane to bring back $35.00 turkish and 10 azerbaijani citizens and their families all including the crew will now be put under quarantine for 14 days the e.u. is bringing back another 350 europeans on a flight into portugal and 150 british nationals will touch down in the u.k. on friday this as a number of commercial airline suspended flights to china a decision the w.h.o. is now asking them to revise why did you take this decision why what is the science supporting this decision could you reconsider this decision. and
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we suggested to w.h.o. that w 2 should inform the world about transparency concerning these measures which should not constitute an example to follow but the decision to reconsider for china the w.h.o. only had praise for their efforts to contain the virus but it is still spreading fast the message what will protect us is not in a version but solidarity and cooperation charlie angela al-jazeera but we have team coverage on the coronavirus brake cable is on there is in washington d.c. bryant is outside a temporary quarantine center in a sun south korea but 1st let's talk to scott haidar he joins us now from the chinese capital beijing and scott let's just begin with the very latest figures coming out of china and they continue to make for grim reading.
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they do yes and that is a big concern here and one thing that you need to look at when we heard this w.h.o. statement is there is concern they say about this virus spreading it they said the main reason they made that decision to clarify classify it as an emergency is because of what's happening most like mostly outside of china and particularly when it comes to possibly spreading into nations who don't have the best of health care systems that's the big concern the w.h.o. said and one thing that's interesting about that is that you know you look at china's health care system you know it's it's pretty good overall but what is interesting about the situation here in china is they're able to do things probably like any other nation they're going to they're building a hospital right now in 6 days just for the coronavirus they're building another one they're opening another one they've broken ground i just outside beijing to build another one as well so unlike any other country i think that might have taxed health care systems at least here in china because of the uniqueness of this nation
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they can build hospitals in a few days they can lock down millions and millions of people that might be more difficult in other nations so that when you look at the situation here in china it's unique compared to other nations and that's what it sounds like the w.h.o. is worried about and declaring this emergency is that some other nations might have more difficulty or can't do the things that china is doing now to contain this virus. in china at the moment is. to me what seems to be the situation turns talked about the lockdown in the way that people are being allowed to move considering sort of the new year holiday is still you might say being extended. yes the holiday has been extended was supposed to end on thursday today was supposed to be i guess kind of business as usual if you would after this holiday period that clearly has been delayed at least until sunday it'll be interesting to see what happens monday morning because we're hearing a lot of provinces and a lot of municipalities saying stay home don't come back to work yet until maybe
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february 10th that's another week after this delayed already holiday period well you know we've spoken to a couple of people in one hand and it's interesting the you know they say that there are still food available on the streets obviously very dead they're getting a little bit bored if you will and concern because they're all bunkered in their houses but they do say that there are supplies of food and water that's not the concern the big concern for those organizing this response of the coronavirus are medical supplies that seems to be the biggest concern in move on and in the province is because of the lack of medical supplies mainly because of the need and also because a lot of these factories that produce this material have been shut for the new lunar new year holiday we know now that some of them have restarted early because of the great need down in mohan well for the middle school thanks to the updates of course we'll follow events was you through the day let's cross over to rob bryant who live for us from a son in south korea rob. mentioned sort of health facilities all being all the
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focus at the moment of how to deal with the corona virus what's happening where you all. that's right away or this city just outside the city of a sand it's a couple of hours' drive south of the capital seoul and it's one of 2 makeshift quarantine centers that have been set up by the south korean government this is actually a police training facility and there's another facility in a neighboring town close by and these will be taking the people of the south korean citizens who are being brought out of and who is said that they want to come out there is an estimated to be just over 700 people and the 1st flight has arrived this friday morning bringing 368 south korean citizens from landing at gimpo airport in seoul they were screened on the way out. and they were certainly screened when they arrived here in south korea we just learned in the fact just as
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we went on air that 14 of those people on board that flight were found to have feverish symptoms some of them have been taken off to hospital and we are expecting in the coming hours the rest will be coming to this center in the neighboring center where they will be basically starting 2 weeks of quarantine this center was chosen because everybody can have an individual room they will be allowed to keep their mobile device but will have no visitors food will be brought into them and obviously their health will be monitored on a daily basis to make sure there are no symptoms of the corona virus and it was also chosen because it's a fairly secluded place but the local residents here i can tell you are not happy there have been protests here there's a small protest still going on just down the road in the past couple of days they've even blocked the road here with bulldozers with tractors trying not to let people in that's despite we assurances from the government that this is being perfectly safe but it does give you a sense of the kind of fear and uncertainty that has been created by this
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coronavirus rob thanks so much joining us from south korea let's cross over to the u.s. in washington d.c. where gabriel is. and there is and as you just heard from rob fear suspicion and real concern there in south korea maybe not those feelings in the united states but certainly a lot of movement and traction when it comes to trying to contain the coronavirus where you are. there sure is and i think there is definitely signs of very much increased worry thursday night we've just gotten word that the state department has now up to the travel warning to china to a level 4 which is the highest level what does that mean quite frankly the u.s. government is telling its citizens very simply do not travel anywhere to china it's very rare that the state department would issue such a high level warning that just came in on thursday night they usually reserve this
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for countries that are at war or perhaps a country that's in the middle of an aftermath of a very severe natural disaster so now level 4 a travel advisory for americans to china u.s. government saying do not travel to any part of china right now this all comes as on thursday that the 1st case of human to human. virus of the corona virus was confirmed in the state of illinois it was a husband and wife in their sixty's the wife traveled to china came back had had a coronavirus apparently gave it to her husband he was checked in the hospital went through exams and his tests came back positive that's the 1st case of human to human transmission of this in the united states over all that brings the total number of people in the u.s. to 6 still relatively small nevertheless it is it appears to be growing
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also united states major airlines both all american airlines delta and united the 3 major carriers of the u.s. have all cut back their flights to china by hundreds of flights united being the biggest carrier that has the most amount of daily flights from the u.s. to various cities in china and hong kong have cut back on hundreds of flights they go with they had about 20. they cut it to 12 a day and now less than 4 a day this all comes as well as pilots for american airlines the union for the pilots have filed a lawsuit with the airline saying that they do not want to fly to china at all either now in far as terms of president donald trump he tweeted earlier on thursday that everything seems to be in his words under control so from the white house perspective they're remaining fairly call him about this but clearly the united
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states is worried given that they've now given it a level for travel advisory warning americans not to travel anywhere to china well for that update to gabriel thanks for joining us from washington d.c. well plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news are included in the united nations we've talked to both the u.s. and palestinian ambassadors about the trumpet administration's middle east plan. also don't want to distinction how a small town by double trouble is the conflict palestine is pushing against his plan. and the joke of it cruises into the australian tennis open final he took all the sports section later in the news of. the country prosecutors have been trading barbs with the u.s. president's defense team in the 2nd day of questions
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a double impeachment trial his lawyers arguing that whatever the president does to boost his reelection prospects sits in the public interest full not impeachable democrats say that they're trying to normalize lawlessness 100 year constables not from washington d.c. . democrats outraged by the recent argument made by trump's lawyers that the president seeking foreign help to win reelection is in the public's interest say he may as well be coronated king with mitch mcconnell holding the crown and the republicans holding his train this is war on dead wrong and you don't need to be a constitutional scholar to understand that what we have seen over the last couple days is a descent into constitutional madness senators serving as jurors in trump's impeachment trial submitted their final questions thursday read aloud by supreme court chief justice john roberts but he declined a question submitted by republican senator rand paul the presiding officer declines
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to read the question as submitted because it reportedly named the whistleblower whose report kicked off trump's impeachment republicans accuse the whistleblower of being a democratic operative helping the party oust trump that is the most massive alexion interference we've ever witnessed its domestic election interference the democrats say republicans who are the senate majority are playing with fire if they blindly support a president who has clouded constitutional norms democrats say at the very least senator should seek to hear all available evidence it is certainly in their interest and the president's interest that we have a fair trial a trial without truth without evidence without witnesses in documents would render the president's acquittal meaningless. democrats want to call former national security adviser john bolton to testify the white house is trying to stop him from
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publishing his upcoming book that reportedly bolsters the case trump abused his power now all eyes are on the moderate republican senators who will be the swing vote on whether to call witnesses or to immediately end the trial what trumps all but certain acquittal how do you know castro al-jazeera washington. we will trump has been running supporters and i were accusing the democrats of trying to overturn the results of the 2016 election event comes ahead of the state caucuses on monday when democrats begin the months long process to choose they can do that for them but the presidential vote of me. you know we're having probably the best years that we've ever had in the history of our country and i just got it can you believe these i gather. their pizza shop the best trade deals the strongest military to cure the vets we got julius we got accountability for the
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it's accountability we got all these things and they impeach the president now the 2nd we're watching just what. they want another 5 year ballot poison our democracy i don't throw the tire system of government that's not happening i can tell you. all official joins me now from des moines iowa and it seems that the president really is all the mission to get his point across the aisle and. yeah he's been speaking for just about an hour no interestingly enough as you join as he's talking about how he came up with the idea 4 years ago a veterans choice that was actually a bill that was signed into law by the previous president barack obama the people here are locking up exactly everything he's got to say when it comes to impeachment he didn't spend
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a great deal of time on it called the usual things that so and so which he criticized that i'm sure he said the 2 senators from iowa both of whom are republicans didn't come here tonight because he wanted them in washington because of course they're part of the jury trying donald trump i've been speaking to the people here no one believes that donald trump has done anything that rises to the level of impeachment they see is a way of trying to overturn the previous election trying to keep him off the ballot for 2020 he course going to be in the caucus the republican caucus also being held on monday night he's going to when because let me tell you can you name the 2 other republicans are standing against him no most people here probably couldn't either he has the bully pulpit he of course has the benefit of incumbency of being the president so he's going to win that quite significantly and people here believe that that is just going to be the 1st step in regaining the presidency and
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rekindling the white house how important are the caucuses on monday you talk about the republican side but for the democrats it really is quite a fight. yeah vote for the democrats in that really horrible phrase sets the table for the upcoming elections people go into the next contests with a bit of momentum if they do well here normally if you finish outside the top 3 you simply won't be the nominee that has been the tradition since the caucuses began so everyone's jockeying for position to try and get into the top 3 at the moment the standings are joe biden and bernie sanders roughly neck and neck elizabeth warren taking up 3rd place there's always a surprise in iowa could be judged doing well could it be him a club a show who has risen and every single pull up to this point over the last 2 weeks so that could be something that we see are suddenly getting momentum and finishing
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4th which gives her the chance to take that momentum into new hampshire a week from no all of those things start to build up but interestingly just in the last couple of hours before the new poll from the new york times and it suggests that donald trump against any. excuse me obviously we're showed here because of the noise in the hall if you put donald trump up against any of the leading democrats according to this poll from the new york times donald trump beats them all and not over something that he couldn't help but mention something that says indicates that he is going to win the presidency when the election in november because people are pleased with what he's doing for american pleased what he's doing with the economy and talk very much about the deal that he signed recently with canada and mexico saying that that's great for the farmers in iowa and great for families here that's the message he is going to hammer home over the next 9 months will be interesting
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to hear what else he has to save his evening thanks for the update alan fischer there in des moines. joining me now is chris garcia former u.s. commerce department official joins me now from washington d.c. good to have you with us and we serve. we certainly heard lots of cheers for the president in iowa and he touched upon the impeachment trial in washington d.c. where where you are in your opinion where does this. trial actually sit at the moment have the democrats managed to prove their case the republicans managed to rebuff the charges right so let's take a look at this maybe from 2 lenses thank you for having me on tonight the 1st lens of course is the actual substance in a 2nd lens would be the process let's take a look at the process i think that the house democrats have failed to prove their case namely firstly because it's been a completely partisan impeachment i think your viewers should know that this is the 1st time a president has been impeached strictly on party lines this is not been
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a bipartisan impeachment at all in fact we had one congressman congressman ben drew who was a democrat voted against impeachment and switched his party to republican because of the one sidedness the process was completely unconventional the house intelligence committee which held the secret hearings in the basement of the capitol without any public eye on these on these secret intelligence committee hearings that the committee does not have jurisdiction over over and even if the house judiciary committee and it is during that process that you have impeachment witnesses called and evidence presented the senate merely has to vote on the existing evidence they will do that. do you believe that the facts that have been presented in the here and now and will exonerate the president yes or no and if not why. yes so that's exactly the 2nd point is is the substance certainly all of the evidence that has been presented thus far exonerates the
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president and this is why we have the transcript with president trump between president trump and ukrainian president the linsky where there is clearly no quid pro quo which was the the buzzword if you recall during the house democrats. initial investigation that there was a quid pro quo but we saw that the transcript had no quid pro quo there was no pressure on the president of ukraine he vocalise came out and said that on a number of occasions in fact that the aid was released in the same fiscal year that it was appropriated without any conditions and again the substance of it is that every any president of the united states is fully within his right to conduct a full foreign policy which includes withholding aid if there are in fact is a suspicion for corruption and if in fact if there was a condition placed on the a the president would be fully within his rights that is the that is the right of the of the president in our constitution but of course that you know it is your opinion of course with that so do you think then that that has been some suggest
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abuse of powell or an obstruction of coal and that perhaps you think that neither of these all crimes to be impeached appalled. well if you think about it if if there was a if let's go back to how this all started the president was looking into probably allegations of corruption from former vice president joe biden and some possible election interference that had to have perhaps taken place allegedly at the hands of the ukrainian government or ukraine operatives for president the united states to enquire and to investigate that is fully within his rights there is no impeachable offense with the obstruction of congress charge nor has there been a busa of power. that is an impeachable offense that is not constitutional at all but hypothetically if you would if you were to be investigated or you had committed a crime and in the future declared for office that does not immune you that is not make you immune from any future investigation by your government so if that were
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the case any american could commit any crimes that they wanted and then in the future declare for political candidacy and be exempt from any potential investigation because it would be a political investigation against someone's. rival so that it simply does not make any sense at all i think that we have to again remember what the basis of this was so hell and looking forward this is a constitutional republic not a banana republic when the 1st settlers came here from james to jamestown we set up a constitutional republic it's rule by the people and what house democrats unfortunately are doing now in this distraction is that they are they are they are they are taking the the will of the people away well if they see it that sort of opinion then i want to ask you know hypothetically now as we go ahead full where there's a vote on friday whichever way the vote goes how much of this story about the impeachment is going to run an impact on people's opinions as we head towards the presidential election in. just in general terms you know into the conversation be
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having with associates whether they are republican or old democrat. so certainly that's a great question i think if we take a look at just the the evidence the polling again we saw that the support for impeachment was very strong at the beginning once the facts started to come out we saw those numbers drop and so i think that house democrats unfortunately are going to be on the wrong side of history and president trump's approval numbers are going to continue to rise i think that's something that house democrats understand i think that that's particularly why they rushed it through and i think republicans know now that this is essentially going to guarantee the president's reelection come november but that's a great thing for america because we've had unprecedented success during the 1st 4 years of president trump and we're going to have continued success if he's reelected such as the $7000000.00 jobs he's created and all of the all time lows for hispanic unemployment african-american unemployment the manufacturing jobs he's
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come at a comeback the 2 major trade deals with the u.s. mexico and canada as well as the phase one of trade and a variety of ways that that we are now prospering and it's really a model for the rest of the world we want to make sure that the world knows that there is a there is a pathway to. prosperity and it's and success and that and that is only attainable when you put power in the hands of the people and not in the few political elites as it had been in so many years past year in the united states well so i think we're very much looking forward to another 4 more years but i'm happy to answer this question i think we don't have enough time with chris but it's been good to get your insight certainly and that was that you know where you start and said not all defense but at least one side of it and we look forward to seeing what happens . friday. one way or the other what happens at the day of friday thanks very much for your time you bet so hell yes.
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well still ahead here is there is news on a peaceful rally in india turns violent talk to a gunman opens fire on protesters. and freedom and a lot of the u.k. is funded. leaving the european union we look back at britain's threats at all to say. the u.s. women's basketball team pay tribute to brian todd his daughter peter will have those details in sport. hello again it's good to have you back we're here cross japan we are still watching the air of low pressure over kaido bring a lot of snow across much of the area you can see the clouds right there swirling over sapporo the system is quite slow and moving out of the area so we were going to be stealing some more snow across much of the region for sapporo for down towards sendai it could be
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a mix of rain and snow as well temperatures into the single digits there a little further to the south though for tokyo it is going to be about 12 degrees by the time we get to saturday dropping to about 11 we do expect to see a lot of the rain and snow start to dissipate but really along that western coast it could still be much of a problem there well here towards the south in indonesia very heavy rain expected over the next few days talking java all here towards bali as well civil way see could be seeing some very heavy rain as well so far palu expect to see those rain showers quite heavy at times with the temps a few of about $34.00 degrees to the north though manila it is going to be a partly cloudy day afternoon showers at $29.00 degrees there and then very quickly across parts of india not much to talk about in terms of rain or clouds were to be seeing much of that pass over here towards the east a few showers across much of the east but down here towards the south it's going to be a nice day for you at 32 degrees more clouds as we go towards saturday and for colombo attempt of 31.
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0 explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how life already has influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communism away feel castro is a feudal east the not a communist the just a wanted his country che wanted international revolution they came a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera . a journey of personal discovery my great grandfather he was the sole aim of the leave property algy. here is james gannon expose his family's legacy the slave owner shut down like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to save people and america's debt to the black people today some of us so scar we even scared to speak out because a surprise. al-jazeera correspondent
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a moral debt. all. told. welcome back you're watching the officer who's are with me so whole rob a reminder of our top stories the world health organization has declared the corona virus outbreak a public health emergency of international concern the w.h.o. says it's concerned about the virus spreading to countries that are ill prepared to deal with an outbreak and its declaration will require more cooperation. also china has confirmed 213 people died from the virus and nearly 10000 people have been affected the disease has spread to 18 countries. and all trunks trial defense team
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has told u.s. senators that the president should not be impeached for doing anything to boost his reelection prospects democrats say they're trying to normalize lawlessness. more on our top story the coronavirus on the efforts to stop it spread the government's globally are grappling with the challenge of how to get the citizens out of china's $100.00 city the center of the outbreak but pakistan isn't evacuating any water leaving hundreds of foreign students in limbo nicholas cage has more. inside the city of new han the epicenter of the coronavirus the streets are unusually quiet come run on a pakistani student has been confined to his dormitory but is briefly left to buy food like many others he's stuck in a city that's under lockdown pakistan has announced the health risks are too high to evacuate any of its citizens all the foreigners and all the chinese are well
5:33 am
aware of all the precautionary layers and you can see like we always try to be at home and try to be as much alone as possible across the border in pakistan want to know about your health and current situation in your city it's been an anxious wait for cameron's family who want him home. but the concern my family is very concerned my parents are very concerned and we are very. concerned about his conduct his movements his food his care at least 4 pakistani students studying in we han have been infected by the virus the city is in education hard with more than 30 colleges and universities hosting students from around the world many are feeling isolated hoping they can get out but pakistani officials say quarantine regulations prevent it from evacuating more than $500.00 of its citizens there but in contrast to other countries including neighboring india and bangladesh which are
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working to bring their citizens home. our loved ones who are in china at the moment we are not going to evacuate them and it's better for them and for the larger interests of the region this is what the w.h.o. is advising for more than 50000000 people locked in and around we han it's an uncertain future with the world waiting to see if this virus can be contained nicola gage al-jazeera. of other news now. palestine's ambassador to the u.n. says there's no way any official will consult with the u.s. over what he calls a quake of a big lease plan it comes after america's own representative said that she was ready to talk about the future of a palestinian state our diplomatic editor james bays reports from the un's headquarters in new york there's still be no security council meeting about the trump middle east plan the u.s.
5:35 am
ambassador kelly craft is not briefed her colleagues but she did come to speak to reporters outside the chamber in the days to come that will be able to work with the countries that were very positive and hopefully have more dialogue and i'm open to conversation with mandatory what is there in this deal for the palestinians to like doesn't this just reward 'd israel for illegally taking palestinian land over many decades you know i think i think what you say is a dialogue that has become normal and we need to move away from that dialogue because it's not normal and we need to focus on the palestinians the children the future of a palestinian state she says she's prepared to discuss the plan with the palestinian ambassador to the u.n. but he made it clear to me it's a meeting he won't be taking there is not a single palestinian official will meet with american officials now after this subnet it. earthquake the essence of it the destruction over the national over the palestinian people that is the palestinians
5:36 am
and the united nations no israel may declare its sovereignty over settlements in the west bank sooner rather than later secretary-general what's your message to israel on possibly an ex in the settlements. it's very clear statement is very clear on that he didn't answer so i put the question to his spokes person for our position. last week last month last year and today remains the same is that according to security council resolution $2334.00. israeli settlement activities are flagrant violations under international law i mean that's that's been our position the focus now will be on palestinian diplomatic outreach at the weekend president mahmoud abbas will attend an emergency meeting of the arab league in karo just over a week later he'll be at the african union. and then on for the 11th he'll attend
5:37 am
a meeting here of the u.n. security council james pays out of the united nations or president trump as. in the occupied west bank as a potential capital for a palestinian state in his proposed middle east plan but. explains residents there say they don't want the distinction nothing much surprises in iran what rod anymore the 62 year old palestinian spends a lot of time in his garden trying to enjoy life but politics constantly intrudes his hometown is once again in the headlines and emraan can't make sense of it. with all my respect to our bodies and as a son of lebanese it's not qualified to be the capital and it doesn't even have qualifications to become a city it's needs a lot of things 1st of all it's surrounded by the wall from many directions the possibility to expand and to become developed is very difficult this small town is
5:38 am
getting a lot of attention now because of u.s. president donald trump's proposed middle east peace plan where it was suggested as a potential capital of a palestinian state. on a nearly empty street younger residents of up with these gathered looking for something fun to do i asked 1000 year old now that hamish what he thinks about mr trump's proposal it's impossible to have a capital because jerusalem remains the capital in our hearts all that they said was in one paper and it's not useful it's worthless. pieces close to jerusalem's old city residents say it feels further and further away israel's separation wall blocks most of the view but from some vantage points you can still see the aqsa mosque compound. the idea of having a play a larger and more significant role in palestinian politics is not a new one this structure behind me was for a time in the mid 1990 s. intended to how was the palestinian parliament but the building was never finished
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many palestinians felt completing its construction would indicate that i would these had in fact been selected as a future capital of a palestinian state something they did not want to happen and something all the residents we spoke with still don't want to see become a reality and last but not a capital is to resell them and we don't accept any other option no matter what they sail what they do history shows that people's rights will be returned to them resolve running deep through a palestinian town that's not seeking the spotlight even though it's been thrust into it. in the occupied west bank. the u.s. special envoy for syria says at least $200.00 strong the last rebel held province in the last 3 days and estimated $700000.00 people in it lebanon are fleeing towards the turkish border at least 21 civilians have been killed in government strikes backed by russia in recent days the tory reports. this is what's left of al
5:40 am
shami hospital in the province. we were at home with their kids when a russian warplane carried out an aerial raid against a hospital and also a residential area people are fed up with life here we don't know where to go no one can help no one can protect us from these attacks. many of the patients here have been injured and evacuated to other hospitals dozens of medical facilities have been destroyed in airstrikes in recent months say these facilities were attacked deliberately. i work in the rehab hospital it was directly targeted the hospital is not operating now it is completely destroyed due to the direct shelling so many were killed in dozens wounded the syrian civil defense group known as the white helmets also blames russian warplanes for the attack. the russian warplanes targeted a hospital hundreds surrounding residential areas in
5:41 am
a real and 3 air raids civil defense units rushed to the scene and were trying to evacuate a woman and a boy under the rubble. russia is supporting syrian government forces and has denied bombing a real hospital moscow insists it avoids attacking civilian targets turkey's president wretched type 2 and says both russia and syria have violated a cease fire in it brokered by turkey and russia earlier this month the territories the last that's controlled by rebel groups in syria's northwest region thousands of civilians are caught up in the violence the u.n. says more than $350000.00 have been forced to leave their homes. it's the beginning of december many families are now packing their belongings and leaving the city over rear but they don't know where they can go that safe victoria gates and the. activists gathered outside your headquarters on thursday after a delay the release of a reported destroys all syrian medical facilities the un says its workers need more
5:42 am
time for the investigation among them was syrian filmmaker. whose documentary for sabah has been dated for the cut of the award. syrian filmmaker just a syrian woman who believed in freedom and democracy and still believe in that. you have. i felt so many tough situation inside syria and is part of i lived in the hospital always my husband and the place where i brought my 1st the child doesn't tell you where we lived was the main target for assad and. there was one of. them completely destroyed and we became the last remaining in the area the 3500000 people who are still in adlib now it's their story now and i hope we can really make a difference from that and that's why we're trying to stand today in front of the
5:43 am
you and asking them to take their responsibility for these people was. at least 23 people being killed by a rebel group in eastern democratic republic of congo democratic forces all group or suspect to have been behind the offensive in the city of betty brings the number of civilians killed this week to at least 15 on a wednesday at least 36 people were killed in attacks which also took place in the east of the country. police and protesters have clashed in india's capital a dramatic and fire of what has been a peaceful rally is the latest outbreak of violence in weeks of nationwide protests against the citizenship law passed last month which critics say discriminates against muslims elizabeth warren has more from new delhi. defiant and undeterred protesters gathered at jeremy a 1000000 islam a university where a man opened fire just hours earlier. mobile phone video shows him brandishing
5:44 am
a gun at protesters and journalists as he walks backwards towards police officers he's heard praising delhi police and threatening protestors. but the readers who just want. one student was taken to hospital after being shot in the arm. there is a tense standoff here between protesters and police who won't let people go past that point protests here had been planning to march to a realtor one of india's founders mahatma gandhi on the 72nd anniversary of his killing by a hindu nationalist but after the shooting police have cordoned off the area around the university and closed 3 metro stations police are questioning the gunman whose facebook profile is said to contain extremist views they included
5:45 am
a post praising the man who in 1948 assassinated mahatma gandhi the leader of the campaign for india's independence from british rule. the. protests have been held across the country since the hindu nationalist government of prime minister than in the past the citizenship amendments act last month the law of fast track citizenship to minorities from 3 neighboring countries but not muslims. is one of many lawyers who filed petitions against the india supreme court saying it's discriminatory. only thrive on terror only try on creating insecurities violence and 2nd life. is normal thing on which they thrive and that is what. 6 to be j.p. politicians have been banned from campaigning for 3 days in delhi. upcoming local
5:46 am
elections after saying 'd protestors should be shot and likening demonstrators to rapists and murderess. dozens of people have been killed in 7 weeks of protests critics of the government point out that while demonstrations have taken place around india the deaths have only occurred in states ruled by the b j p the prime minister says the citizenship law helps people from other countries who've been persecuted for their faith that protests to say both him and the law threaten the foundations of a secular india elizabeth purana al jazeera new delhi. friday is the united kingdom's last day as the member of a european union it's a key moment in europe's history but there's not much change expected this week and that's because the u.k. will follow most of the ease regulations until the transition period finishes at the end of the year challenge as more big ben wasn't born in celebration like the
5:47 am
press it is want but at 11 pm on friday midnight in brussels they'll get their freedom they've long desired the u.k.'s 47 years of marriage with europe will finally end in divorce the british wanted all the benefits of european integration . without having to. engage in many of the internal trade offs necessary for it to work when france west germany belgium its a lead luxembourg and the netherlands 1st united the coal and steel industries in 1951 the u.k. didn't join the new club it was the e.u. forerunner created to stop a war ravaged continent have a fighting itself again the british attitude was well this the greater the go ahead but we don't really need things as we were in the war i think there was a sense here that a we were we can often need that sort of crutch and actually we had the rest of the world we had the commonwealth we had the united states in addition to europe and as a leading colonial power with
5:48 am
a global role we didn't want to tie ourselves to something as regional and small simply or by the sixty's the european economic community as the 6 countries have become looks more alluring to british eyes it was economically successful compared to an increasingly uncompetitive u.k. but french president showed a cool played hard to get twice rejecting london's proposal it wasn't until 973 that the u.k. and europe finally tied the knot. but the u.k. always wanted something of an open relationship it stayed out of the passport free schengen area it didn't join the common currency the euro and it paid proportionately less. than other member states none of these exemptions though growing euro skepticism on the u.k.'s political rights. supported by a largely anti e.u. press some in the conservative party wanted out of the whole thing fearing the e.u.
5:49 am
was becoming a federal superstate vicious infighting over europe bedevils prime ministers margaret thatcher john major and david cameron it is time for the british people to have their say ken clarke was a minister in all their governments. chances of quite sure he'd win a referendum he thought it was rather a clever way. stopping the party having these public rounds on the subject and that was the start of works become an historic crisis and so the whole country going back to square one starting all over again trying to decide what his role in the world is cameron's remain campaign last the 2016 referendum boris johnson's leave as one but when next strengthen independence cheers some poverty and loneliness laments others much depends on what future relationship the u.k. and europe will have and what different parts the to take. out
5:50 am
a 0 london. well still ahead in sport pete as unction from the australian tennis open including the low ranked american who stunned the world number one. the latest news as it breaks while as is all the whys and honor he has paved the way for a wave of blessing there is the joy of the conflict with details coverage and feelings journalism can try riot police have been using except of amount of fear get out of the earth the crowd from around the world covering all the areas affected by the album it only wraps it and what they have so far the 5070. over 40 years ago the mysterious killing of the president of north yemen the nation
5:51 am
. it's a story of deception and. one that still resonates today. al jazeera world reveals how a banquet for your many dignitaries became the backdrop to a brutal assassination. yemen the last launch. on al-jazeera. called the box office bought his peter. thank you very much domestic football in china has been postponed due to the speed of the coronavirus this applies to all levels of the game including the lucrative chinese super league which was due to
5:52 am
start next month will cup skiing races a chinese 2022 winter olympic venue have been moved to. the u.s. is also on alert for the virus ahead of the super bowl in miami thousands of n.f.l. fans of traveling from around the world to sunday's game were doing enhanced screening at 5 primary airports that has now expanded to 20 airports including miami here. medical professionals we do a number of enhanced medical screenings there from individuals coming from mainland china the kansas city chiefs and the san francisco 49 ers meet at hardrock stadium it's 50 years since the chiefs last reached this showpiece game and their players are hoping to step up to the big occasion. knowing that you've got a long pre-game a long kind of ceremonies that will happen at the beginning of the game but i'm never going to be ready to play and so for me it's about time managing my emotions go out there with a clear had the right mindset to go out there and play my best of all it is the biggest football game we've ever played and. you can't over hype it because then
5:53 am
you start doing things you haven't been doing all year or your whole career you know so i'm just trying to approach it you know same way approach playoff games we're going games 7 time australian open champion of actual commits got the better of arrival roger federer in thursday's semi final of this year's event but there's a surprise one up for the women's final in melbourne stated stokes reports i know that djokovic she already has 7 australian open titles and he's hungry for more after get another win of a roger federer in a major as night fell in melbourne federal court hard to open up a full one lead in the. despite struggling with a growing injury. but he couldn't make it count and djokovic full back to win it on a tie break i federer did his best to keep up in the 2nd set but the serve was just too good i
5:54 am
he was fired up and he wrapped it up in straight sets. it's his 6th straight win of the federal mages and gives him a chance to win grand slam number 17 that would put in just 3 behind federer is all time record respect to roger for coming out tonight see he was obviously hurt by them fans and he's best in close to his best things in terms of movement and you know respect for coming out and trying his best all the way through joke of each will face are the dominant team alex and as fair as in the final there was a big shock in the women seventies where the world number one actually bazzi was looking to become australia's 1st time winner in 42 years and it was going to plan for the topsy. i was shocked set up she said points and had her american opponents afia cannon rattled but barty didn't convert her chances and was made to pay 21 year old ken in one the tie break to take a one set lead and since. it was the same story in the 2nd set again had to
5:55 am
set points but fail to make them count and once again ken in the 14th seed at this tournament took full advantage to record a famous victory was i born in russia but raised in florida she's through to her 1st grand slam final she's a great player you know and there's a reason why she's run under wine by i mean i'm disillusioned with him to the bar to a disappointing end to the tournament but her baby niece by her side in the post much press conference helped soften the blow you know perspectives a beautiful thing life is a beautiful thing it's she brought a smile on my face as soon as i came off the court i got to give her a hug and. so good. in saturday's final can and will fight to the full when number one. he fought hard to beat the wimbledon champion similar to how up like canada she changed this a full set point the 2 time major winner has dropped down the rankings and he's unseated at this tournament but she's been enjoying the record all recently and
5:56 am
right things up in straight sets i the spanish venezuelan setting up a 1st appearance in a major final that she would wimbledon back in 2017 david stokes al-jazeera the l.a. lakers are preparing to return to action on friday against the portland trailblazers it'll be 2 teams 1st game since the death of their former star kobe bryant the u.s. women's basketball team have paid tribute to him and his daughter giana who was also killed in the helicopter crash bryant drew criticism and lived with the controversy following a sexual assault charge in 2003 which was later dropped members of this team believe he's attitude after that incident should be the overriding memory yes he was beloved prior to what happened in colorado and then it happened and you fast forward a year or so now and i feel like a lot of time has passed and that he has had opportunities and chances to i guess redeem himself and to prove that it's not just lip service you know he genuinely as
5:57 am
a potential as basanti genuinely was was into it and genuinely care almost perfect because he always found a way to come back the next day and working harder and try even harder and that's why he motivated so many of the younger kids players like me. and a whole generation of people that maybe thought they i'm not good enough some of gold's biggest names are in the middle east for this week's audi international tournament 5 to a major win a full mickelson impressed in his opening round sydney with parts like this one to finish 2 shots behind the joint leaders graeme mcdowell and kevin green the world number one brooks kept also making the trip from the u.s. for this one but he is 6 shots off the pace. and that's where we'll leave it for now we'll see you again later for more sports news. and of course you can follow all of the stories are covering a website at al-jazeera dot com you've been watching the news out means the whole robin hood but i was up next a bit of
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a full half hour until it for me on the news on t.v. thanks for your time. john presents on donald trump jr was promised a damaging information about hillary clinton to make a show like to see an investigation sit down to see did the trump campaign with russia did you at any time birch the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form to close sort of backing down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question bottle field washington on al-jazeera. so i bring on al-jazeera. and the tension with the u.s. and protests over a plane downing iran's hanum entry election will be held on february 21st to see explores the fate of india's religious minorities on the prime minister modi's
5:59 am
hindu. us voters get that last chance to weigh in on the 20 twentieth's action al-jazeera will have comprehensive coverage a new series looks at how female scientists across the globe are opening doors for other women to pursue careers in science and up to 5 years of civil war could be to rivals agree a peace deal to revive africa's youngest nation. separate on al jazeera. an award winning investigation i mean the workers room right behind it has been factory when we operate for less and we buy for less we can pass those savings all dark us to burst into the supply chains that produce cheap clothing. with little regard for workers' lives the remains of the fire are still everywhere rewind made in bangladesh on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. every. day u.s. warns against travel to china or won't help organization declares the deadly coronavirus a global health emergency. i'm committing all this is al to their lives. also coming up now as you go 270-0000 syrians are reportedly heading to the turkish border is s. strikes intensify in the last rebel held province. they have gone to extraordinary lengths to put a muzzle on john bull. democrats keep up the pressure of donald trump's impeachment
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trial if they seek to hear from a key witness. and it shed light on faraway galaxies.


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