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tv   Dreaming Of Vincent  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2020 9:00am-10:01am +03

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al jazeera. after viewing. the world. i'm can balance the top stories on al-jazeera the u.k. has officially left the european union the start moment ending 47 years of membership was marked by both celebration and protests chalons reports from london . for those who see this is national liberation for those who see the e.u. was a sovereign t sapping monster this is their moment 11 pm g.m.t. on january 31st 2020 britain is no longer part of the european union the fan base
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in this country is built i'm saying. i mean yesterday through a half years and a lot of children moaning about it i think that the european union had a lot of fault and had there been a bit more come a day today the cameroon this would have boris johnson he staked his political career on bracks it and won the prime ministership has marked it with an address to the nation when you look at the potential of this country waiting to be unleashed. that we can turn this opportunity into a stunning success and whatever the bumps in the reading i do that we will succeed with the day that with we've taken back the tools of self-government. never before has the e.u. had to do this it hopes it never will have to again experienced only an expansion now the e.u. has taken down a member's flag because it's left europe's leaders want to show that there's little
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to be gained from this we want to have the best possible relationship with the united kingdom but it will never be as good as membership. to europe and for those who voted the main this is a moment of sadness and in a sign of the constitutional challenges ahead for the u.k. rex it is boosting the coals in scotland for independent study is very very sad and i think what really does or is it shows that it isn't really a future but in and europe and the way that we've enjoyed over the last 3040 years hand but it is a future for scotland you know but the crowds in parliament square on friday nights the possible breakup of the u.k. is made do mongering considered do mongering to the concerns that britain should be too fussed about doing a deal with the european union i told. was . and this is their moment they say that night it doesn't the sky will
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be heading they think so yeah the trade relationship with the european union is just beginning. to bret's it has just finished for the countdown to the end of the transition period and little under a year's time well that's just begun for a challenge al-jazeera london. the impeachment trial against donald trump a scheduled to wrap up on wednesday after the senate voted to block any witnesses from testifying trump is almost certain to be acquitted given the republican majority in the senate a u.s. president is accused of abuse of power and obstruction of congress for threatening to withhold military aid to ukraine and exchange for an investigation into his political rival joe biden. the number of people killed by the corona virus has now risen to 259 after china announced 46 new fatalities many are in who
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a province the epicenter of the outbreak the u.s. says it's banning foreign nationals from entering if they traveled to china in the past 14 days and australia's quantas airways has become the latest airline to halt flights to china because of the outbreak. strikes on opposition held territory in northern syria forcing hundreds of thousands of people to flee to the turkish border at least 21 civilians have been killed in government attacks backed by russia in recent days. the us government has announced immigration restrictions on 6 additional countries citing security concerns washington is suspending visas that can be to permanent residency for nationals from eritrea coexist on me and my and nigeria sudan in tanzania will also start receiving diversity pieces. when this is not next.
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to you you go i was told that money. watch what i wanted you young. want out of on the one i show you the. philippines and we. will lead you to its own. because of the sourcing which plans to. take someone to. london as in the me. when
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i go out and work toward us along with you go back to the legislature. lots of those thought. it was a fun. to get to sit in the. it's a novelty. to. single one of your buddies are. you.
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going. oh i don't know where you are today you. know. there's another bob woodward. who's on. the fence a bit i wonder why didn't. you tell you about. unions in vietnam and. thought i knew you and still kinda funny looking down me good about them do but shouldn't. you hugging him on. buses issued
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a plea hold on that you committed to the washing machine. would you be on the home. john with his and. usage are you getting that which undone you get israel one that she bought a. 100 acres or in the. does a good shit out of them some good shit are. they good is ot it because again you avoid it off is it ok then you. go. on the so that on the golf shot. you go off on. so you should you that you should get out.
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the front seat just put it to washing. machines that you are going to show up on issues and there's a lot. to the new cd. from god. to divine when it was something that uses. it when it's a child and you know what does that sound as if some of it and i did. you know what i. wanted and i don't want to bother go so deep you fall but i want to. tell you he says you did all the gold. for somebody that you would get my phone got us remember it's almost on the walk of beauty. and it's about you know that one of my office numbers you know just the digital but if you. don't want you to i want to that uses you want to have you on some instruction visit i don't know if you knew some
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of the going to one do you live with it. and i would have to get up to help because we live in looking down at. some of the at your whim 100 home. to me and one and so it's one of those on. the whole do call i've been. as you know was a knock down meant to my be gentle and we have continued to do it wasn't up to what . someone can build i want i want. more nightmare womanizer on the ball. slowly the man you'd be double wides to see until you went home somehow a lot you know
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a lot of that she goes on until you know me. while you go deep. sums here and i do know you'll always on this one. to all of us on up to. the union. sound. so this is all most of them do with music us with truth. is what. i got you know the kind of. strange. kind of structure resistance you know it's going to move. better and that's a good bit yeah lousy thing to live. through to. do the. follow up on the one who cries out mountains or how often yes you know i'm no
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longer a front runner the optimism and back she want is enough was easy i'm not gonna crack or you go out i've bought items that at the back of a good. reason . i'm. glad you found. this stuff. that has this new. thing. now something. wow.
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you know we'll. use you. always me away not me you know. your. i use it a boy. on the other. then we're going to do one up. but i. saw there was a whole. suite you.
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think you know jumping. ok. don't see them as you go i. don't want to do all of them all. and then. bt me you have a lot. going outside so well. but i give a good. i know you guys. don't want to double more. now on why not. both sides without. the result.
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they got. if you go all who don't even know what. you got. on the job i want. my.
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kids. double. gold dust. beaten down was this is god on the. phone with us all about the legal system going to be $21.00 in 5 we get all. the mail bought up ya know see the tonality connection is so time sleazy the title doesn't go down the number that we we see the other ones it will probably be g. . sooty good don't ask oh it's only if we don't know are only do we still go do we go to war so i end up we dot up down the. pub we dealt with out there
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was a little drizzle needed young i got it so if i was done counted common times with thought to do them good touches on me a job in the how the gun did job inside out of him. some of the summer. months of our. lives there's the amount of if he. knew. you. knew. that if you wanted to move. because you were suzy was not good news my mom. didn't.
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come on the wasn't. looking.
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bobbins. jensen logical. this is a long go off on the. use of money on which i'm sure on a couple of occasions. on the initial audition times.
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if. she just goes on and on this issue you know she's. going to come. you know it's didn't you just feel that you're. on the edge of. you some of the village and it's in the book that you do you. kind of do you see if you move on to. other bits of the room. then hot out and you know what.
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to put in law do you do that in a. book. about an antenna to the middle of elliott. good heavens. how many little. part of. how much.
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is. this. guy was. well so. let us move 3 teams into order to avoid what a lot of other bunch of those with whom they didn't do which is kind of. 2. 100 you're going to feel good. i mean. it was yesterday rented accommodation just nobody thought it was how they usually get it so they could take a look at it he got a lot out of the work you already knew that being on the shoes of. the boats i didn't sit on. live and they literally. you know they just.
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want one incident it's you know yeah yeah i did it could get up around the corner but you know we didn't even live there you will know who is needed a shot. in going to him or. what issues. we're going to show you how do you and should. we do. but as for. my intruder. bob. moon there were some. very much shards from the recent. history.
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of optimism about going out that i was going to. talk about the it wasn't a doubt one of the we're going to find a place where you can sit on your body. for.
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gold also doesn't sound good to look at it. says a lot of us in the. p. and l. why did yeah how about yeah i was a little help in the move to limit the may sound all that and then you mentioned listen. to more quotes you'll. be hearing i'm going to get. ringback
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dizzier explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how libel reigns influenced the course of history who was the cuban revolution communist away feel castro was a feudal eastern not a commie stuff custer wanted his country che wanted international revolution they came a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed
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the course of latin american politics che guevara and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks violence is all the lies and on here has paved the way for a wave of glass and there is the joy of the cold that with details coverage and feel is generalism can cry riot police have been using except i have found has tear gas to the throats of the crowd from around the world covering the areas affected by alcohol it only represents and likely at least so far they face apparently. in india identity politics on the rise what we're seeing is the construction of but decisions in the hearts and minds of you put across the country and as a dark side is you do see the grit from his office the majesty of the him the face into something more like the team i didn't see of the british football i meet with victims of violence and discover what life is like for minorities in the country
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join me on my journey in search of india's soul on al-jazeera. i'm kevin allen doha the top stories on al-jazeera the u.k. has officially left the european union and happened more than 3 years after a referendum narrowly won by the leave vote the u.k. now enters a transition period with the e.u. while a new trade agreement is negotiated by minister barr stunts and says the country is in a moment of national renewal. for many people this is an astonishing by bit of a moment they thought would never come and there are many course who feel a sense of anxiety and loss and then there's a 3rd group perhaps the biggest who had started to worry that the whole political
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wrangle would never come to an end i understand those feelings and our job as the government my job is to bring this country together and take us forward the most important thing to say tonight is that this is not an end but a beginning this is the moment when the dawn breaks and the curtain goes up on a new act in our great national drama. the impeachment trial against donald trump is scheduled to wrap up on wednesday after the senate voted to block any witnesses from being called he's accused of abuse of power and obstruction of congress for threatening to withhold military aid to ukraine in exchange for an investigation into his political rival joe biden the number of people killed by the coronavirus is now risen to 259 to china and down to 46 new fate tell us he's many are and who they are province the a.p. center of the outbreak the u.s. says it's banning foreign nationals from entering if they've traveled to china in the past 14 days a public health emergency has been declared in the u.s.
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with 7 confirmed cases there and australia is quantas airways has become the largest sorry latest airline to halt flights to china because of the outbreak. airstrikes on opposition held territory in northern syria forcing hundreds of thousands of people to flee to the turkish border at least 21 civilians have been killed in government attack specs by russia and recent days the us government has announced immigration restrictions on 6 additional countries citing security concerns washington this is spending visas that could lead to permanent residency for nationals from eritrea kurdistan me and maher and nigeria sudan and tanzania will also stop receiving diversity visas those are the headlines news continues here on al-jazeera after witness stay with us.
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let. me. sleep.
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it was a hand up a lot which i don't want your credit so go higher. but you still clever to. achieve a shot in the blue they are going on to what is a hummus and we are. going to come to. boston for it just as i have been choosing going to something to. what money you come up with additional money all of which should not when they should look at you again have made you a less refusals with. their trip was no kidding and i'd love to see you come to get you to be. but you have got much energy or just the one that is usable go that you could use the left leg just on the one that might be on the bottom of the trauma that i'm not
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. much of it. so even though you want to knock down with it i was shocked and i did ask for that to have it on and that other. that. no sling one of the finals i just wanted to do that. and then. when. you're coming out and you give every time i asked. was how much. to walk about. oh yeah i could usually live you. know yeah. jonathan i'm not. your father what. i want to walk in. college and want to pay for good. money than usual by going and it was all of that and i didn't. have
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a. bill but i've read. so many years doing good business you know fairy said the so i think you see shit we're going to look we're going to show it was ok here's what they'll. do the hot. sun yeah maybe you could kind of saudi beautiful us in the sea for years you know even what a good decade that i've. been at the you know what i go through i've been in the game they. want to. kind of we're going with this you want to go. like this. and to go well it's a little cool cool with it there are other things that are like oh you want sinker . this night i think is this problem is the one in the museum and believe me they don't see that they've. had enough of it she
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shared but. often i feel. that you would want to. hug a little of them would you believe the kind of on all the news the bell want that i don't know what it is unless and if the michelle doesn't make enough time.
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you can look another one in a minute. maybe you're. familiar with how this about was originally under the. sun. but what's a sort of. bus is a 100 media. will that oh you're. funny. if
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. true how you gonna go how you buy them. because i want the phone. company and half of the how the whole. thing. sounds and smells of the honda to go to some other time so the solution. if you think the.
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answer. the.
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question. for you for troops. so tim you go back to the macy job where you saw the shot. we didn't go to hook up to the hottest.
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thing. you need to. be in the game with us and the president going to listen to a. check of 10 of them as a. monk don't want to. do is
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a mistake on the money on salon i'm. assuming he kind of just a living human just didn't. when i was going to run it and we got to and will damn . damn well for i'm. going to. now. yes i most of the world here lie to. so it just goes in that it will and it was innocent until we were on a. good movie about wallace john goodman but. you know for the winds with it's an elite standing disease swanny it's going
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to. get. stranded at that one but then it will add. on but it will mean that one don't but the bottom of my childhood home an. image of it here in minnesota shall no longer than it had on its one and. put it in the bosom of a senator to form a shut in of 1. $101.00 company how much without going to the end of it what it wants on the right use of the wm what will be the loans that are. put out which will not. be of real. recent years. just for fun
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fun fun fun fun fun fun. fun fun fun . fun fun
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fun i do them. that you feel. timid you know really. fun fans in the 1st 4 years and only daniel chance you know they're going to feel for the entire economy you know what future home sitting there with so they're going to move which in with a full fledged 595 on your gut it feels.
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the men down a. color on the legs are $2.10 the other one of them. was about the faucet. and one i would try. to move. those out that was i was out kind of funky you insult because i'm against them kind of law. it is always a defunct ology introduce me but what about some about that he has a. go my knowledge
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of law could it will hold a lot of them a lot of you have. asked how you summoned the menu that i found out of boredom and that it was a major companies that want to sue you mr brown and i felt kind of fun but a what i would love about your kind of them is more the 3rd was that i did paul was the kind i was. going to motorway have been and i would love a hobby of mine. ok. ok then when i move when i want to sound it i get to be in the country bit where you can see better watch crap of those of the plywood and as it will come out of the show the green lights is a kind of something to. say to going to the. senate time what if i see even a little why you. think she's using this touch you. just kind of the video thing down the road of that kind of thought. yeah that is that government stance as you come to town was we got that whole wanted and then the
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booking was off. and on yourself up on the other end you know hala i was in and out a lot of the ok food aisle here and you're making good. use of it talking about them on a yacht and i think when we does it and what's the year for the summer to give them a what does that mean. that i mean by this i mean most. of them will this is another matter please email me so we've got a feel for you go hog on your way you go find john white said tell you he was a lot churches use a plane and would use this and we're going with that i was exactly like john haas you want to turn in the man that you see listed as long as we get good doing. a good thing with football do you me it's him or you think it was so much older you make your subordinates so they've been so you know seeing the kids in a suit the mechanical and it's the nice suits and that's it she thought somebody be
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out on a 30 you don't know judgment going on about. you my uncle frank outgoing. to the mayor says it's all what do you get mail from by and then they mail an e-mail from god. i mean how can the mail to continue i mean by took out a little bit of time would you to go hot with this just using what i said listen put me over here wouldn't know what happened for a book on the wall for something else like that but that. doesn't matter yeah yeah yeah and that's the solution is it but honestly the sort of the message of the. things you have to do it. without counting on you know a funny thing. let us up a little bit something that we when you that when you donna. we are a good employee that i did for the us
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a good amount of the we've done come out there i want you to show you know it a little. more to tell you. so you. off it this way this isn't war you know what i did a lot. done i'm. told you talk to myself i'll walk out of that office that has come to us so it's no. fun going nothing's going to click down. honey snap you move to the ship. and so on the. whole holiday season with the teacher. i was and i had been using
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maki down those a young girl about fox. news and they belittled the billions on the bow. it was and this is the old way it was with the cobalt but it sort of is no good. to go there. you forgot your washing bridge and think. oh my. gosh. korea think it's nothing to both of us.
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from a time of awe and on a. day to day they would. come up. with. a good.
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deal of it you'll do it if it doesn't like it and it's all posh because. you go find you 2 nearby you go once a month he says in one of the show you decided to go wash. your friends you know that you're saying god did not believe that it will wash. to the you know to buy it because you know. the good will it do is just what to get with it. and that is that any going to the big day that you know the vase what it was it is any kind. and what they will live on they could do with. little that they've
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been. to this. class a dozen of them have. made and those are the tavern dad. has a young audience. he says india has an idea not a living off. as a defining levels of the that it almost. doesn't. matter under the law of.
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the musical sort of the solid and young woman says of the following some of us are . singing yeah the name of the little bit is i'm not going is all you possibly one of the of us open to me. going to sing for just about a year because i'm just a gentleman. we'll send a woman yes with you but if i'm a to go to go see a whole new 70 she's on the phone. if i sit on the phone i want to watch it is a lot of pushing for melissa. and the listener it's a hole you buy doesn't want to play as a date just a little more just college student she's a little. the 2000 mile trip across europe seems impossible. ask the bocuse route
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begins to close for refugee it has become a race against time for one syrian. it's a perilous journey from greece to germany but there's no turning back to the ravages of war left. sky and ground a witness documentary on. hello there is little snow working its way throughout much of turkey and on its way into northern iraq how much of iran but in the meantime there's been some very heavy snow to the polls just on the banks of the black sea this is very close to sochi and they've had to actually shut the slopes for the training sessions women's downhill while the cops are as i say there is certainly something is too much snow for this punch is no work as we go throughout the weekend the 1st part is when we'll see that snow continuing to work its way east was out of turkey pushing into know that and western areas of iran but if any mild start to the weekend across the
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eastern end of the mediterranean 16 celsius in beirut 13 celsius in damascus and by sunday it's a similar story but the temperature is also back up to where they should be sunny close in to doha 23 degrees and a very warm 27 across in dubai the rain showers have been a bit light of the last few days across much of madagascar we have got a few calls in the 4 calls and then throughout saturday mostly through south africa one or 2 shots further to the east but the rains are already very widespread right the way across tools the east up into tanzania and it's a very sinister sunday but today probably across much of mozambique want to scout of showers on a warm day with a high of 26 degrees. countering the cost cheaper than a fighter jet how the drug industry is changing warfare plus putin's power grab for
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life we look at the russian president's economic record over his last $2.00 decades and she's biggest test controlling the spread of the coronavirus counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is likely. a warning from the world health organization is the number of people killed by the coronavirus crosses 250 and countries scramble to evacuate their nationals. when i'm come all santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera. no witnesses no documents it impeachment trial is a perfidy. outrage from the democrats as president trump said to be acquitted in the impeachment trial.


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