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tv   Inside Story 2020 Ep 32  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2020 10:32am-11:00am +03

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the middle east's calling it unfair they held an emergency meeting in cairo that was where palestinian president mahmoud abbas said his people would just never accept it protesters have gathered in lebanon's poorest city tripoli to demonstrate against the new government comes ahead of next week's confidence vote in the new cabinets. and japan sending a warship to the gulf but says the mission is only to gather intelligence attack and destroy it was sent off at a ceremony now tokyo on sunday 90 percent of japan's oil imports come from the gulf and prime minister shinzo abhi is expected to authorize the military to protect commercial oil tank it's up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is next on counting the cost cheaper than a fighter jet how the drug industry is changing warfare plus putin's power grab for life we look at the russian president coming back good over his last 2 decades and she's biggest test controlling the spread of the coronavirus counting the cost on
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al-jazeera. donald trump looks certain to be acquitted republican senate witnesses in the u.s. president's impeachment so is this trial and will democrats still pursue trump's removal of what does it mean for his reelection bid this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan the 3rd impeachment trial of a sitting u.s. president will likely come to an end on wednesday after the senate voted to block any witnesses testifying this put startled trump a step closer to being acquitted given the republican majority in the upper house of the u.s. congress the trial resumes for closing arguments on monday but the vote has been pushed to witness day the day after trump's annual state of the union address
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al-jazeera is how does your caster reports from washington. democrats say the impeachment trial of president donald trump is the 1st trial in u.s. history without witnesses is this a fair trial. without the ability to call witnesses and produce documents the answer is clearly and unequivocally no but despite hours of arguments trying to convince republican senators to allow new witnesses in the trial the yeas are 49 the nays are 51 the democrats lost all but 2 republican senators voted no it's a grand tragedy america will remember this day unfortunately where the senate did not live up to its responsibilities where the senate turned away from troops and went along with the sham trial democrats had hoped to get the support of moderate republican lisa murkowski but in the end she rejected the idea saying in
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a statement i have come to the conclusion that there will be no fair trial in the senate i don't believe the continuation of this process will change anything it is sad for me to admit that as an institution the congress has failed this means the senate jury has essentially sealed its ears to john bolton chum's former national security adviser in his soon to be released book bolton reportedly says trump asked him to help pressure ukraine for dirt on political opponents and it tied u.s. security aid to the request trump has denied the reports his attorneys argue even if true trump should still not be impeached so this idea that they haven't had witnesses. is that's the smokescreen you've heard from a lot of witnesses the problem with the case. the problem with their position is even with all of those witnesses it doesn't prove up an impeachable offense the
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articles fail the impeachment trial now years it's and with trump's acquittal all but certain given that republicans hold the majority trumps political fate more likely lies in the hands of american voters who will decide in november whether to give him a 2nd term i do joe castro al-jazeera washington shortly after the vote in the senate the u.s. president took to twitter and said no matter what you give to the democrats in the end they will never be satisfied in the house they gave us nothing. let's bring in our guests who today are in washington d.c. with us we have jack kingston a former republican congressman from georgia laura brown director of the graduate school of political management at george washington university and alan baron a former special impeachment counsel to the house of representatives of the 4 minority chief counsel to the senate governmental affairs committee welcome to you
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all on a bear and let's start with you so on wednesday president trump all but certain to be acquitted when even republican senators admit that he's guilty albeit of quote wrong and inappropriate actions according to senator rob portman what's your take on what happened on friday and indeed the whole trial. well i would start with the fact that i believe that the procedural aspects of this so-called trial it's a farce no witnesses no documentary evidence and yet we call it a trial no it wasn't a trial it was a sham proceeding designed to just get through it and. endorse mr trump's behavior from a substantive point of view. what trump did is far worse than any president has ever done i mean compared to the clinton sort of his affair with monica lewinsky is is a is certainly not to his credit but hardly jeopardized any american policy here you
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have trump overruling the decision by the congress to make these arms available to an ally fighting the russians and he's holds it up so that he can get some personal political benefit that's terrible and he's going to get away with it laura brown what do you make of republican senators who appear to prepare to be to trivialize the president's actions this as maybe an appropriate snow enough to warrant removing a president from office. well it seems as though republican senators at least most of them are quite willing to go off the cliff with this president into the election i think when you look at the political ramifications of this for especially those senators who are up for reelection and in battleground states like senator cory gardner or senator martha mick sally it is
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a very fraught decision they are likely to lose their elections given where the current trends in their states are and yet they seem more than willing to lose with the republicans with this president's sort of wrongdoing and acknowledging that then they are willing to lose with a clear conscience and that suggests really a problem for the rest of their life in terms of their character being questioned they become very bad spokespeople for any interest that they would care to represent jack kingston the trial was a false design to endorse the president's behavior was it was a fair trial. absolutely not in the house when you think about the due process that was denied the president of the united states alan and alan knows very well that both clinton and nixon had the right to cross-examine their accusers they had the right to subpoena witnesses on both sides of the aisle that was denied in
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the house in fact most of the investigation was done by the intel committee in the basement of the capitol behind shut doors most members of the house did not have the right to be in the room nor did the president have the ability to have counsel none the less none the less we heard from the democrats we have overwhelming evidence this case. very clear very easy and then what do they do they get in the senate and they start bellyaching with the losers limp oh we need more witnesses well if the case was so iron why in the world would they need witnesses i mean it would be obvious and i'll predict this joe manchin and john democrat senators from west virginia and alabama they vote against at least one of these articles so what you'll have in the senate just like you did in the house a bipartisan vote but the bipartisanship is against this sham trial this political lynch and the democrats have perpetuated on the president of the united states and
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they all should be ashamed of themselves i know jack the washington post say that you once had the reservations of a president trump would be have become an ardent myra. what do you make of what you just heard democrats should be ashamed of themselves. i am a democrat i respectfully disagree i'm not ashamed at all i think the republicans who just joined in lockstep behind this what i perceive as an outlaw a president who knows no bounds to what he wants to do and what he feels he can do this is very disturbing very disturbing i think he now can consort with foreign officials and in a sense blackmail them into supporting his candidacy for presidency in 2020 he can withhold and if you evidence that the house wanted to get for its impeachment inquiry he ordered them not to do it
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a few brave souls. violated his order not to do it but they and so they showed up to testify but it was ordering all of the various agencies not to turn over any documents that is an outlaw 'd president and he should be he should have been impeached and convicted and shame on the republicans for lining up behind him the way they did already want to come because coming on that. i i would i mean i think what i'd really like to address is the idea that the house proceeding was unfair or in some way biased the reality is this in both the clinton impeachment trial and in the nixon case where he eventually resigned there were prior investigations that was done into the wrongdoing that is not the case here what we saw was that. the attorney general bob barr basically rejected the whistleblowers claim
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rejected that there was anything wrong here decided not to open an investigation into the call was selenski and essentially shut it down this was in the national interest i'm very sorry but when you're talking about holding up aid to an ally that is in the in the national interest this is not about president trump being willing to have his own election just codified by a foreign entity jack a republican so this is of the sense he said is that ok with forwarded to ference in u.s. elections but it's ok if a president bends the rule of rules for his own a political gain. are you saying the democrats said that when they endorsed hillary clinton in the made up dossier and had no interest in. connecting the dots between the hillary clinton campaign the d.n.c. and the phony cia and people like alexandra cook to lupa who it minute she was
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working for d.n.c. and working with the ukrainian government to dig up dirt on donald trump so you know i think we need to just look at the facts there what we do know that i did the president and look at the facts unlike clinton. going ok let me let me finish professor general though if it is hillary clinton is not what we did professor and . therefore she can break the law you are right i understand where you're coming from but here's what we do know 17 witnesses one fact witness alan will will appreciate this one fat witness and he admitted that it was his projection that there was a quid pro quo and when he actually thought of the president about it and this is the congressional record i'm not making this up you can check he said the president said i don't want anything there is no connection and other 16 other witnesses they all said there was no connection and by the way javelin missiles did go through the president's to hold up
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a from time to time the impeachment manager democrat crow said he only did it for you crime another lie he actually did it for south korea afghanistan. guatemala honduras and el salvador this president is not alone in thinking that there's corruption in you crying fiona hill said the same thing said the president was not alone that's almost a direct quote by the way so the the house did not prove the case because there was nothing to prove the senate is job is not to investigate it's to deliberate they deliberated and they said there's nothing there and that's why i'm saying there will be a bipartisan vote when the democrats join the republicans no actually there was no abuse of congress ok laura. well i just say very simply that in fact solicitation of a foreign. entity or government for help in a campaign is against the law it exists already as
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a prohibition that was in the n.r.a. in the in the in the statute this yes i know but the problem is is that if you read it since. you know how and with so when the president asked for help hold that and then ask for something of value that is in fact against the law. ok it is laura that the president did not do that and we've just had 17 witnesses who just about saturday what the summary shown in their partisan writing that it did let me ask you quote. well you're wrath should be jerry nadler and adam schiff for not going to the due process to subpoena witnesses and getting people there that could have changed this case instead of russian it through the house so they could get home for christmas break or whatever and then having the humiliation i'm nancy pelosi sitting on the articles for 30 days even though there was this big rush rush rush she said on the articles for 30 days 30 days that could have been used so that your party could have subpoenaed witnesses again people like john
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bolton and there now we were denied the ability to cross-examine the whistleblower people like alexandra chalupa on her budden and adam schiff himself but if you wanted to open it up that's what would have happened in the senate and i know part of the tactic here is 100 percent political the democrats have wanted to drag this out throughout the year because you can't be. donald trump with your socialist candidates that you're running and iowa new hampshire and south carolina and all the primary. give me a quick response to that now and then we'll have to move on and bring in our and. my quick response is 1st of all i have i have actually voted on both sides of the aisle and i do not consider myself solely at here into any political party secondly i think one of the things that's important to say is that we have a president who has been lawless and if my raft is at this administration it is
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because as gordon someone said everybody was in the loop including the president's white house counsel paths of alone and this appears to be a bigger problem than anyone on the republican side wants to admit is the level of collusion and corruption that is supporting an outlaw. president. regardless of whether he's guilty or not there will always be word that a whiff of impropriety hanging over this president from now on the i mean he's wearing it as a badge of honor but how will history judge him do you think this is a terrible period in american political history trump is an outlaw president he's a liar i mean that has been documented something like 16000 times he's a disgrace he is a disgrace the only thing i think that is keeping him in office or got him into office he has this hard core of about 35 percent of the voters and so far at least
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the economy's doing well probably due to nothing having anything to do by the policies of this administration and. i just think history will judge him harshly and it would judge the republican party harshly for having gotten into lockstep behind him out and could could he be impeached again between now and the election i mean we're arguing here about what we know who has happened what don't we know has happened. in theory he could be i don't know that the country or the house is prepared once again to gear up to do this but there's nothing in theory that would preclude it i just don't think it's going to happen i think what you will see between now and november is a very aggressive democratic party hammering away at what the republicans would not let the public 75 percent of whom said that they wanted to hear more evidence real
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evidence i think the democrats will hammer away at that throughout the rest of the year and i think the republicans should pay a price at the polls by quoting the president to what extent to republicans taken ownership of the president's actions is the party ready and willing to take responsibility for whatever the president happens to do next. i think that the republicans are happy to say you know what we're part of the greatest economy america's lowest unemployment historically low unemployment rates among african-americans women hispanics frankly every demographic were they'll take credit for the build and the trade agreements that we have had the prosperity the pace through strength that the president is in this shame the president it's very dicey world today we all know that but the president has done a very good job in the middle east and then with north korea and strengthen our
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relationships with allies nato is now paying more the more of their fair share that they should be doing you say he has i think you say he's done a good job in in the middle east and south korea to go stations with north korea and with north korea negotiations going nowhere what what what has he done in the middle east. well here's what we heard from the democrats well what is done in the middle east let's look at it under president obama and the mess that he inherited what the president's trying to do is say you know we can't be there forever we can have a presence we can have military assistance but we do not need to own the middle east and i think that most people in the middle east are saying you know what we do want want to be allies with you but we want to run our own countries and so i think it was time for us the really really examine our policies over there but we have not had. the terrorism that we could have had and the terrorism that has been predicted again let me say this world's a very dicey dicey place these days but it's
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a we all know there is going to i'm sorry jack it's always been a dicey place. adrian when he was elected. for that he's going to alex goen what ok now i want to know how the hell is your president mr obama did you want me to answer the question of the number of bombs it's just i was. saying we said javelin missiles and i don't i don't know i don't know what go to we've engaged in and you have it jack i don't i don't want to go down a whole lot of other avenue here but just briefly alan moore to make a point that. i mean i don't think i don't think you can take much credit for the economy if presidents could run the economy and no knowledge you know they're not that way. well i am after i actually have an if you're in economics and i can tell you when you're when you're reduced the regulatory burdens on businesses or kill and the job creation you do help the economy regulatory and sad ones we used to
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do at a nominal in which it's been discredited for generations oh you mean you mean the reagan prosperity followed by now the prosperity come on ok alan you know listen i'm going to admit to you that the president is always a boy scout and when he says things as you probably will with me when barack obama said your health care is going to drop by $2500.00 per family and you can keep your own doctor i mean the president say things will all admit that but just remember this when you were sitting in the chamber under clinton he got to have his he got to have witnesses cross examine it examine a did and donald trump was not given that option and you know that to be true alan lorillard the president is no was a boy scout to give the state of the union address on tuesday before the verdict in this trial how do you think he's going to behave in that chamber. well i think it's
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very telling that the republicans including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell ensured that this acquittal would actually not occur prior to the state of the union i think it is clear that the senate is wanting the president have some restraint on him when he goes into the body of the house chamber and makes that speech there i think as worried about what the president's future behavior will be as his past behavior and i think what we know from how the president has been for the last 3 years is that he believes he is not accountable for anything and he doesn't regret or is sorry about anything so as a result i predict and i will stand by this that there is sure to be more wrongdoing in abuse between now and the election and all republicans who acquitted this president will own that as their responsibility because they kept him in
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office they allowed his character which is severely flawed to remain there and they propped him up as a ridiculous leader and alan given that if what laura says is correct how will this this impeachment trial affect both the democrats and the republicans when it comes to the election. well i think the democrats will cry foul that this is a lawless president he's gotten away with it because the republicans just got into lockstep behind him and enabled him to get away with it and i think lars right what we see between now and the election. it will be trump unleashed and that is a scary prospect i think that the republicans you know it's like putting lipstick on a pig i mean they're going to try to make it look better they're not going to want to acknowledge how out of control he really is and try to sell it to the american
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public i hope they don't what it doesn't work check is the president very briefly is the president destined for a 2nd. i think i think you're seeing weak weak democrat candidates you can't win an election based solely on hate and socialism and high art we college sophomores we want free stuff you have to have more substance and when you're running against an economy that's one of the strongest economies america is ever seen even the world is looking at it with a lot of envy right now you're looking at peace through strength you're looking at a president who has good coalitions between evangelical christians between military families between farm families between working people he's got popularity with hispanics and blacks that scare the democrats to death that's why they always have to pull out the race card or he's going to get reelected and by the way i want to say this anybody who can say harry quickly check it out in time lay in every single
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house district and you can predict impeachment the house does it we can do it when we impeach president clinton and the democrats can't do it now that they've impeach president over the just keep things or 2 to fluid there i'm afraid we've got to leave it many thanks indeed to you or jack kingston laura brown and alan barron thank you for watching don't forget you can see this program at any time just by going to the website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion join us on our facebook page you'll find that at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can join the conversation on twitter handle a.j. inside story from avery and for the good of the whole team here and thanks for watching i'll see you get by foot. from fossil fuels to modern day renewables as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such to moms as
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the 1st from the coronavirus outside of china a man from work dies in the philippines as china steps up its fight against the outbreak the death toll is past $300.00 and countries around the world are imposing more travel restrictions they will not be able to come in and remain within new zealand. santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera iraq has a new prime minister after months of deadlock but the protesters.


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