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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2020 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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must transform our relationship with. 5 turkish soldiers and 3 civilians are killed in shelling by syrian forces backed by russia the last rebel held on. i'm sam is a band this is al jazeera live from also coming up hong kong closes most of its border crossings with china to try and contain the corona virus as the epidemic spreads chinese stocks plunge main shanghai index dropped by nearly 9 percent in trading on monday plus. i'm alan fischer in iowa where they're about to cast the 1st votes in the 2020 u.s. presidential election campaign it's not 1st because it's important it's important
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because it's 1st. to begin with one of the most serious escalations between turkish and syrian government forces in recent years the syrian military has killed 5 turkish soldiers and 3 civilian military personnel and now turkey has hit back and korea says its forces killed dozens of syrian soldiers and province the syria's main ally russia is contradicting those claims so he has sent more reinforcements to live and is threatening further action turkey's president project tiber through and says his country's retaliation was justified. you know. how are some of the similar what we see is an aerial assault by regime forces in italy which resulted in 8 people dying by soldiers and 3 civilians and we concluded that it was unacceptable
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and retaliation was carried out we responded we did what was necessary and made them pay the cost of their actions by air and land assault is our wish that everyone remember and know the responsibilities within the us time every meant so we continue our efforts within the terms of the agreement we've got 2 correspondents on this story step vasant is standing by for us in moscow for russia's reaction but 1st let's go over the sin and cos in this damn ball one of the most serious if not the most serious escalation between the syrian regime and turkey in years is this now contained or is it likely to go further. well sami for now it has it doesn't seem to be contained because of the statements the explanations from russia hasn't been satisfactory for the turkish officials yet we know that just almost an hour ago turkish and russian foreign
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ministers had a phone conversation and they have both of them decided that they need to monitor the situation in the they ask relations zone and so far they have no one has the syrian government let's say hasn't taken any responsibility on the attacks against the turkish convoy which was which was actually bringing reinforcements to the observation post within the scope of the disc relations on it has been like this since the beginning of the us sun and such a process there are turkish military observation force and turkey's sensorium force and the pentagon the time and the situation over there by the way i have been explaining this in my lives since the syrian government again to gain back territory i mean the area right below the m 5 highway 3 of the 12 turkish military observation posts were already there and for the last one month the regime forces
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have been there but the military observation posts or the brain foresman reinforcement convoys haven't been attacked so why is the sap inning now is a question to be answered that's why presence as on just a few just an hour ago during his press conference with the ukrainian counterpart said that the situation in live is all manageable because there are lots of players on the ground and everybody has been saying that this is a proxy war ongoing in syria it was all about managing the partnerships and the alliances on dick run especially through russia to and iran through a standard process so. what is next will turkey and the syrian government forces will confront each other this is they're not what people want to see actually because otherwise it's going to be a direct war so far during all the assaults or attacks against the turkish convoys
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or mother to her posts inside the escalations on the syrian government has always accused the embedded shia fighter a boost but so far it hasn't and there hasn't been any statement yet and i believe president don is expected to speak to russian president vladimir putin and see for more satisfactory explanation in order to sustain their skill ation and a political solution and that has to come up in and let so many thanks for the update let's continue this though is the vast and she joins us with the latest from moscow moscow in a interesting position here friends with both the syrian regime and turkey how is it spinning this one. well i think we can agree with that nobody is actually waiting for a direct confrontation between a russian and turkish forces so russia has been very much don playing this whole incident initially even denying that someone some turkish soldiers got killed they
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were only talking about injuries and also this sort of blaming the turkish forces for not to notifying the russian military so they got caught up in this this assault and attack by the syrian forces so basically saying it's a it's an accident and also not. the bluntly denying actually that the turkish forces are now attacking syrian forces as a retaliation a russian said there was nothing like that but in another africa to downplay this whole incident the russian foreign ministry has not come up with a statement about the phone call between the 2 foreign ministers also saying that the only solution and the only alternative for this situation and it live is a political diplomatic solution so clearly not a military one and they also stress that the agreements between turkey and russia which have been signed several times in that style are also in sochi in 2018 to
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observe this deescalation zone these agreements have to be observed and russia specifically mentions and urges again turkey to separate what they call the moderate opposition from the terrorist forces in the loop and that's what they've been complaining about for a long time already that it's these so-called terrorist forces that are attacking the syrian and russian forces and that's why they have to fight back and this cease fire never actually stood the whole that's very long so exactly it was a balancing act from the beginning there flight i mean put in has been doing between turkey the syrian forces and also iranian forces and it's a very complicated balancing act and it could definitely be the end of a very delicate relationship that he has been trying to build specifically with the turkish president or the one thing so much stuff vast and. use of
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is a security analyst and a retired turkish armed forces colonel he says diplomacy will suffer as a result of the deaths of those turkish soldiers from now on there will not be any diplomatic. efforts in order to give an end to all kind of clashes inside the soria in the area because all kind of diplomatic forts has been given so far by president are gone and it has been declared a cease fire at the 12th of january but didn't work for a new refuge of law came to the door after turkey which is more than 710000 that is a big track to turkey in terms of socially in terms of economy clee and also a demographic change not inside syria but also at the same time inside the cities up to turkey for this reason turkey see it as a red line and militar really they before yesterday started to set up and built
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a military build up inside so for this reason from now on there won't be any solution using the military intervention in this area from my point of perspective but that does not mean that diplomacy will not work we will see after the turkish side decisive the use of this military intervention in the area how the diplomacy real change on the table. austrian airways and last handset have become the latest airlines to suspend their flight to mainland china their last chances says it will continue flying to hong kong the move comes as pressure grows to contain the corona virus in hong kong on monday the territory to most close most of its borders with the mainland leader kerry lam hopes that by suspending 10 entry points fewer people will cross of freight operations can continue earlier on monday
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hundreds of medical workers went on strike to push for leaders to shut down the border 14 cases of corona virus are confirmed in hong kong with 100 suspected adrian brown is in hong kong with more on how the territory is coping. well this is causeway bay one of the busiest areas of hong kong and one of the few places where you can now buy facemasks it's a case of supply and demand little supply and plenty of demand it's the same story across the border in mainland china where the government on monday appealed to the international community for more medical supplies especially face masks also on monday hong kong's chief executive kerry lamb gave more details of her decision to close down more sections of the border between hong kong and china it now means there are just 2 places where you can cross from hong kong into china excluding the international airport and this was why she said she was taking this qualified
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decision our strategy is really to consol a day as much as possible a day existing control points now is really down to excluding the airport there are only 21 is the sense and they the other is. a high bridge and the additional benefit of doing that is we are channelling all cross border traffic into a lease or to cross border control points and because of the inconvenience we have cost to people as a result so the numbers will come down kerry land has been under pressure from a group of striking medical workers to close the border in its entirety also on monday hong kong confirmed its 1st person to person transmission of the virus a man returning from move to hong kong infecting his mother who hadn't been to the mainland this week of course hundreds of thousands of hong kong citizens who've been across the border celebrating chinese new year will be returning raising the
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prospect of more infections. now doctors in thailand have had promising results treating the coronavirus with medication normally reserved for battling h.i.v. and flu like sara brian has more on that from bangkok. in labs around the world scientists are racing to understand the new coronavirus they want to know where it came from and how to stop it and to get the answers they need they've turned to beds 75 ops infected this is can farm. animal that can tell you there while i says. look healthy. it best can. last to other animal to human doctors who has been studying these viruses for years the thailand's chulalongkorn university the corona virus spreading now she is almost 100 percent
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d.n.a. match with another one found in bats and she hopes that study and wildlife can help us prevent and control outbreaks in humans supercool on help decode the genome for the 1st confirmed case of the new virus outside china behind the story researchers are working with patients of the corona virus and they are taking steps to make the fragments safer to work with by killing the virus but keeping its d.n.a. and tagged we can't go in here because it's too dangerous. to my doctors say a new approach of treating some of those who do get sick appears to be working using a cocktail of flu and hiv drugs that's after one chinese woman treated in a hospital in bangkok recovered but other patients didn't and the government says it's too early to say whether that mix of drugs is effective. we can only do a case reports always in this report. in the medical journals and also in the.
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in other for them to. continue further and a treatment can't come soon enough thailand is seen as one of the countries most at risk from this new virus because of the number of chinese visitors it receives and because in recent weeks some came from. the outbreak planes flying in and out of the mainland cleaned and disinfected. has a use in thermal imaging cameras to taste for those who may have a fever hand sanitizers are a common sight so too in mosques in bangkok's chinatown which is one of the biggest chinese own claves in the world it's both a major tourist attraction and popular with locals. i've seen a decline in the number of tourists especially in the past few days since the news broke about the virus when chinese tourists easier some type people don't come because they're scared of getting infected well people try everything they can to
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protect themselves they're looking to doctors and scientists around the world who urgently trying to find a solution to a problem that's growing by the day brian al-jazeera bangkok. said ahead of al-jazeera to convict or acquit both sides begin their closing arguments and impeachment trial not just a lump of clay a centuries old tradition finally gets u.n. recognition in mexico. but. again it's good to have you back well here across northern asia we are watching the attempters dropping across northern parts of japan as well over the next few days now we've had a system coming in off the sea of japan that are shared in some colder air as well
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as we did have some snow pushing through here on tuesday sapporo only getting to about minus 3. more snow in the forecast as we go towards wednesday tempters even coming down lower we're about minus 5 degrees as expected high with widespread snow even over here towards the western part of japan we could be seen to be kewl ations there tokyo though not a bad day tempter a few of about 14 degrees well across the philippines it's been quite nice over the last week but that's going to change as we go towards midweek we do have a tropical wave just towards the east and with it were to be singing increase of rain not here on tuesday but you can see the circulation just to the east but by the time we get towards wednesday particularly in the afternoon we do expect to see an increase of rain along the coast and that could lead to some possible localized flooding and some very heavy rain showers across much of the region here from italy we do expect to see a temperature of 30 degrees and then for india it is going to be an increase of rain over the next few days and we're going to be seeing that rain starting to make its way towards the northeast for kokoda attempt a few of about $23.00 degrees their.
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own counting the cost she pulled off i said jeff how the drug industry is changing warfare plus putin's power grab for life we look at the russian president economic record over his last $2.00 decades and she's biggest test controlling the spread of the coronavirus counting the cost on al-jazeera. investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on the consumer.
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you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now turkey's president says his military strike on syrian government forces was justified retaliation that followed an attack in syria said live province that killed 5 to his soldiers and 3 non-combat personnel. hong kong has temporarily shut down the majority of its borders with mainland china in an effort to contain the spread of corona virus these 361 people have now died in china 17000 are infected. and chinese stocks plunged by nearly 9 percent early on monday that is the biggest falls since 2015 austrian airways and become the latest airline says flights from mainland china. the final phase of donald trump's impeachment trial has started there are kratz and trump's defense team will each have 2 hours to make
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closing arguments the us president is facing charges of obstruction of congress and abuse of power over accusations he pressured ukraine to investigate his political rival joe biden but after the senate voted on friday against hearing witnesses it's likely trump will be acquitted in the final vote that expected on wednesday. joe castro joins us live from capitol hill what should we expect in closing arguments today. sammy this is really the wind down after the weeks of the inquiry followed by the trial of the impeachment of president travel what we're hearing right now are those democratic house impeachment managers making their final plea they'll have up to 2 hours today equal time at the president's defense team and on their face of course you're hearing these arguments speaking directly to those senator. who will stand as the jury in this case trying to convince them that what trump did in regards to re to ukraine is in fact an
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impeachable offense that so worthy of being removed from office but as you said that is not going to happen all the signs are pointing toward an acquittal coming on wednesday afternoon why are we so certain of that well because we know republicans are the majority in the senate it takes 2 thirds of them to remove a president from office that would be 20 republicans crossing the line and simply there is no political will for that to happen and we've heard some indications from republican senators who are hearing these arguments under oath to be impartial jurors but who have also explicitly said that while they think that this behavior again that the president has been accused of was inappropriate some have even acknowledge that it's been proven it does not in their estimation rise to the level of an impeachable offense and that is why they are planning to acquit the president
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it's fairly clear how this is going to go down but tomorrow is the key pivotal day tell us how it's supposed to unwind. short actually between today and tomorrow we will hear these senators have an opportunity to each speak their mind before the the well of the senate that's going to happen after the closing arguments and and it's expected to stretch out tomorrow tuesday then on wednesday in the afternoon that is when we expect the final vote on this matter it'll be they'll tackle each article one at a time abuse of power obstruction of congress expected to be acquitted on both of those counts sammy all right how did joe castro. the senate trial is happening as u.s. democratic presidential hopefuls are preparing for the nominating process in iowa it's to to begin in the coming hours results can indicate how well
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a candidate may do in the campaign the state has held the 1st caucus for more than 40 years alan fischer looks at why that is. thank you this is the benefit from going 1st the chance to meet the candidates face to face to ask them questions to test their positions iowa is not 1st because it's important it's important because it's 1st iowa has been the 1st in the nation contest since 1972 that's because its caucus process is drawn out and complicated presidential campaigns can spark into life here or be extinguished that gives people incredible power one report suggests voters in iowa have 20 times more influence than almost any other state the weight and meaning of iowa is really supplied by our national media establishment this is the 1st time they have hard results from actual voters and so if you as an opportunity to essentially understand where these candidates are in the race iowa is predominately white it's mainly rudel has few big
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industries essentially it doesn't look a lot like the rest of america there are plenty who would like to see the 1st contest held in the state this more representative of america as a whole but that's simply not going to happen if somewhere were to move its primary or its caucuses in iowa would move it so and because the state law says it always has to be flushed. the people here insist they take their responsibilities very seriously in vetting presidential candidates and then just think that you know we've made good decisions in the past not always one you want but very important to know that the people that are on the 1st line for cook is doing hard knowledgeable and can represent minorities throughout the united states when experienced political watcher says the people who. you know they're doing their job for the rest of the country in terms of the diversity of the state. iowans care about a wide variety of issues there's a lot of issues including issues that relate to the minority communities they get
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aired in the iowa caucuses there's a brown and black forum specifically dedicated to giving candidates an opportunity or their issues only. now are. some politicians who skipped iowa completely of its size influence it's never worked out for them whether they like it or not for the moment the road to the white house goes through here alan fischer al-jazeera des moines iowa. traffic recording suggest iranian aviation officials were immediately aware a missile had brought down a ukrainian airliner last month the exchange between a control tower at teheran airport and a domestic flight pilot trying to land a pilot reports who saw both a missile and an explosion iran's revolutionary guard admitted it had shot down the aircraft killing all $176.00 on board after denying it for days there are now says
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he'll no longer share information with ukraine on the investigation as a result of the leak the u.n. plane has left yemen's capital becoming the 1st humanitarian flights out of sunshine years around 30 patients are being sent for treatment to egypt and jordan the rebels control sana coalition they are fighting controls the air space the nearly 5 year conflict has pushed yemen's health system close to collapse british prime minister boris johnson has outlined the u.k.'s negotiating position with the european union the u.k. is the left the block and has until the end of the year to agree to a long term deal with the e.u. johnson says he wants a free trade agreement but not only costs e.u. is warning the u.k. will have to abide by its regulations. the question. is whether we agree a trading relationship with the e.u. comparable to canada's or more like or strangers and i have no doubt
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that in either case the u.k. will prosper mightily in of course. new relationship with our closest neighbors who range far beyond trade war and say is covering this for us from london he says both sides are presenting demands they know the other side is unlikely to meet the problem is really you know you've got to go to european sides that wants things to be exactly the same as they have been but knows that that's exactly the opposite of what the british want and the brits want things to be completely different to how they have been but also know that europe's still their main markets and so they put out these you know initial positions knowing perfectly well that they're going to have to change it's like you know if you're my boss and i want a 3 percent pay rise for me i'm going to demand that you give me nothing less than 10 percent you hear me you know and it doesn't mean anything yet because of it i
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got months and months of this to go on michel barnier for the europeans said we want access to british fishing waters you know perfectly well the british don't want to give the europeans access to fishing water anymore it's become a totemic thing for brics it is equally boris johnson having said that he got a trade deal with the e.u. last year now made it clear he wasn't so much bothered with this and says he wants the u.k. to be more like australia or canada. it's a style of ceramics that dates back centuries and a tradition that links pain in mexico now the cultural significance of. pottery rather has been officially recognized by the un's cultural agency gentleman reports from mexico the style has become intertwined with the city's identity. this comes this traditionally may tell a bit of pottery which you miscues just declared when tangible true heritage. it
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starts with the clay. in central mexico they believe only the local variety can be used for true tyler verda. from then on it's almost exclusively homemade an elaborate process which is survived 500 years salvatore joined a long line of tell of it a potters putting their hand to the wheel 27 years ago. i saw how just from a lump of clay you could make art that captured my attention that the masters here made art from nothing. the intricate patterns which make tell a very unique one hand painted in workshop. which opened its doors 200 years ago there were only 6 permitted colors this blues come all the way from africa north but given that there is one at the end of this base yes we don't just use any materials they are very special and we can take 3 months to finish a piece and that makes it unique. and this is the end product the
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unesco designation covering tell a better production impossible or also applies to the neighboring state of class color and tell of it at the marina in spain that for many is a heartland when you come to probably see tell of it are all over the place in museums and churches and in colonial houses they say here that it's the place that produces the most true. vision will tell a better in the world. and it's a painstaking business so much so the cross people here worried that the new generation are being drawn to it. i hope that this designation from unesco means that young people show more interest and worming this tradition so that we keep hold of it because of tell of our disappears then we practically lose the city's identity. the about 100 people employed in ca so do you believe traditional television or their own livelihoods are also under threat from cheaper copycat
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ceramics they hope the unesco visit nation will help keep what they consider the real thing alive john home and al jazeera. and let's take you through some of the headlines here in al jazeera now turkey's president says it's virtually strike on syrian government forces was justified retaliation but syria's main ally russia is contradicting claims dozens of syrian government forces have been killed all follows an attack in italy province that killed 5 turkish soldiers and 3 non-combat military personnel. how it's all of this and what we see is an aerial assault by regime forces and it led which resulted in 8 people dying by soldiers and 3 civilians and we concluded that it was unacceptable and retaliation was carried out we responded we did what
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was necessary and made them pay the cost of their actions by air and land assault is our wish that everyone remember and know the responsibilities within the u.s. tire freemont so we continue our efforts within the terms of the agreement. hong kong has temporarily shut down the majority of its borders with mainland china in an effort to contain the spread of corona virus hong kong has recorded its 1st human to human transmission of the virus at least 361 people have now died in china 17000 been affected and chinese stocks plunged by nearly 9 percent early on monday that's the biggest force since 2015 austrian airways and become the latest airlines to suspend flights to mainland china the final phase of dark trumps impeachment trial has started democrats and trumps the fence team will each have 2 hours to make closing arguments it's likely the u.s.
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president will be acquitted in the final vote that's expected on wednesday. leaked air traffic recordings suggest a rainy and aviation officials were immediately aware a missile had brought down a ukrainian airliner last month the exchanges between a control tower at the horizon airport and the domestic flight pilot trying to land the pilot reports he saw both a missile and an explosion. that set for the headlines we're back again at the top of the hour with another full bulletin of news do stay with us here on out is iraq.
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this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week cheaper than a fighter jet saving the ground and turning the globe into a battlefield drone as the multibillion dollar industry and the nation is changing warfare. powerful life but one of president putin's last 2 decades we look at the economic successes. plus the cost of a trade war but coronavirus as investors growing christening we anxiously look at the economic impact of china spreading.


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