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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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zira. back to boyer watching the news hour live from our global headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the w.h.o. says the corona virus is not a pandemic as china admits shortcomings in its response to the outbreak. the race to pick a democratic presidential nominee in the u.s. gets off to a chaotic start in iowa. also this hour we'll tell you why people in malawi are celebrating after months of on rest
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over last year's presidential election and the kenyan government declares a period of national mourning after the death of longtime president out. simmered with the asian champions league is the latest competition to be affected by the coronavirus with all matches involving chinese clubs postponed until april. thank you very much for joining us the world health organization says the corona virus that's killed hundreds of people in infected thousands is showing no signs of mutation and has not caused a pandemic the global death toll stands at 427 all but 2 of those have been recorded in mainland china more than 20000 people have been infected and they're now examples of 2 people contracting the virus without being in china one got sick
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in thailand the other in singapore and a cruise ship is under quarantine at a port in japan a pass. joe who got off the ship in hong kong was later confirmed with the virus that brings the total number of cases in hong kong to 17 as a city reports its 1st death from the outbreak and in an unprecedented move the world's biggest gambling have been neighboring macau has announced all its casinos will close for 2 weeks now the world health organization has warned against the danger of misinformation during the outbreak when you do with epidemic. disease that in addition to the epidemic of diseases we often have an epitome of information and this is what we call in for demick and it's really an e.p. dimmick of rumors of false information that is circulating at the same time and every outbreak as it is in food and mick and sue we have realized over time that
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this in for them it could be really the call for a good response and humper effective implementation of countermeasures. has more now on what chinese officials are saying about the criticism of their response to the virus. now and they've said that there are short comings and difficulties in the way that they've dealt with this so far you know that that kind of goes from the low levels of government all the way up to the 7 most powerful leaders here in china know 2 times since this crisis has really surfaced over the last 10 days the pope or a standing committee has met that's the 7 most powerful leaders in this nation led by xi jinping the president and they met just within the last 32 hours 24 hours and they said that there were shortcomings and problems with the way that this was handled so obviously that's a big admission now later in the day we heard from the health commission the national health commission and they said that they do not yet see what they called
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a turning point a century when the numbers of those infected and deaths related to corona virus they haven't plateaued or they haven't gone down so right now it's still on that upward trajectory so there hasn't been a turning point just yet they say that they've you know they're expanding their resources every hour you know they built a new hospital on monday specific to the coronavirus patients they're building another what they've been building another one that should open in a day or 2 probably the next 24 hours so they'll have about 2500 hospital beds new hospital beds to deal with the crisis so they're saying it's very challenging but they're trying to really step up to the challenge right now and obviously they're catching up as well they say that they need more medical supplies particularly the masks and the garments that the health workers have to wear when they treat those infected they say they're turning up the manufacturing that in country but they've also asked for help to emergency procurement of those types of materials outside the country as well. meanwhile hong kong see things zachary it has defended her
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government's handling of the corona virus outbreak but health workers don't think she's doing enough they're on strike demanding that carry close all the territories borders with mainland china edge and brown reports. as hong kong confirmed its 1st death from the virus a quarter of its doctors and nurses went on strike seriously affecting emergency services several 100 demonstrated outside the offices of their employer hong kong's health authority they say the complete closure of hong kong's border with the mainland would help prevent the disease spreading then members of the new union born out of the protest movement politics have now entered this growing public health emergency headline saying i hope the government quickly listens to our demands quickly closes all the borders and brings this epidemic under control by choose day 10 of the 13 border crossing points with the mainland were closed but
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the bridge to china remains open now one of the few ways into or out of hong kong when this bridge opened almost 3 years ago it stood as a symbol of the deepening links between hong kong and china today it stands as a symbol of the few border links that now remain between the 2. hong kong's leader kerry lam is resisting calls for a total shut down of the front here saying it would go against the guidelines of the world health organization and rejects accusations that her administration is the one playing politics i certainly would not agree with the allegation that we are sort of they're not addressing this public health concern adequately and suddenly i don't agree with the allegation that we are putting politics of public health the economic fallout from this emergency has spread to the nearby gambling hub of macau popular with mainland tourist. it's all casinos will be closed for 2
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weeks in wu han a new hospital built in just 9 days has begun treating patients another 3 mobile hospitals are being assembled in a rare move china's government has appealed to the outside world for help saying vital medical equipment is needed including more face masks and protective clothing for medical workers doctors also say there's a shortage of testing kits are in another unusual development china's top leadership has admitted to shortcomings m failures in its response to the crisis the politburo standing committee chaired by president xi jinping warned that officials who failed in their duty would be punished that amounts to a public acknowledgement that they failed the people adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong and to more head on this town just their news hour including a warning that global inequality could lead to
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a major increase in cancer cases plus israel says it's establishing diplomatic ties with sudan after a secret meeting between the 2 countries leaders and why sumo wrestling is making a big play for the tokyo lympics peter has a story coming up meet. the 1st attempt in the u.s. to pick a democratic presidential nominee has gotten off to a chaotic start after results from the iowa caucuses were delayed party officials blame inconsistency for the setback despite no clear results a number of candidates seem to have their own ideas about where they stood at the end of the night with several delivering victory like speeches. well warren the case is going to be close we're going to walk out here with our share of delegates we don't know exactly what it is yet but we feel good about where we are by all indications we are going on to new hampshire victorious
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was our way on the board was let's say happy and let's head to new hampshire thank you i was and i'm going right from here to new hampshire where i will be one of the 7 candidates on the debate stage right and i do have service when those results are announced so i have a good feeling we're going to be doing very very well here all i was it is too close to call so i'm just going to tell you what i do know you was was on the results will be seen as an indicator of who among the 11 democratic candidates will go on to challenge donald trump in the november election allan special reports from the morning before. it was a night of frustration and questions in iowa after people cast their votes in the democratic caucuses the process of putting them up and sending them to headquarters
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was plagued with technical issues it created a terrible image as the country watched the 1st real contests that the 2020 election ton into a farce to get all of the candidates decided to claim victory and move on leaving iowa and its problems behind many sanders is looking like the eventual winner of the self described democratic socialist finished a nano 2nd 4 years ago now he believes he's taken a big step to securing the democratic nomination to date more see the beginning of the end but donald trump was the moz dangerous president in modern american history the biggest loser. the night is shaping up to be former vice president joe biden for a man who campaigned on electability it's not clear if you even finish in the top 3 normally that would kill a campaign he played to continue so it's on
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a new hampshire was the right in south carolina well beyond during this time of. elizabeth warren seems to me to solace sure it was suggested the massachusetts senator would be competing for the same grind with bernie sanders she says the result sends a message tonight she's already showed that americans have a deep hunger for big structural change it was also a good night for the youngest candidate in the field here people to judge had no problem clearing victory by all indications we are going on to new hampshire victorious was. for others there's a question on how long they can sustain their campaign though for 2 years a beginning to have their say. on the republican side no technical problems and a clear and predictable when for president donald trump has 2 opponents but even getting
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3 percent of the vote as the campaign told out of iowa all were demanding to know what went wrong it's not a good look for the democrats as a 1st step on the road to the white house it's also not good news for iowa which is keen to retain its 1st then the nation status when it comes to help picking the candidates alan fischer al jazeera des moines and let's speak to another of our reporters in des moines john hendren john as alan said the status as 1st in the nation is under more scrutiny than ever when can we expect the results of these caucuses to be released. well fully the democratic party says that it will release those results some time later today but it's not at all clear exactly when that will be or whether they'll be able to meet that deadline it's safe to say this is an international embarrassment caucuses are not like primaries they're run by the political parties themselves in the democratic party had
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a new system that they thought was going to be fail safe one in which they had a card a presidential preference card for every voter so according to them this is not a hack or anything like that they have they believe they have accurate reports within each of those $1600.00 precincts but the problem is getting them from those precincts to the central democratic party and then being able to ensure that they have the appropriate count well that has given republicans tons of fodder for criticism donald trump the president says this is an unmitigated disaster his campaign chairman brad karsh kale points out these are the people who want to run the health care system for the united states so i want to week when the president is about to give his state of the union address later tonight local time on tuesday in which he will talk about the state of the economy and all of his achievements and then one day later on wednesday when the president is expected to be included in the impeachment trial you have this embarrassment the democrats had really hoped
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to overshadow all that and talk about how they could take up the leadership so in the absence of those results as you pointed out a little earlier with those clips the democratic candidates are essentially declaring victory. and bernie sanders went so far as to release their own internal numbers which each of them said suggested that they were somehow in the lead with the bottom line is we really don't know what those numbers are and it is an embarrassment to the democratic party at a particularly bad time in it really calls into question this caucus system there are only 6 states. that you know still do that the state of minnesota was one of many that stopped doing that and it should be pointed out that there were local officials here in the state of iowa who pointed out that there were glitches in this system days before this happened and now this is where we are fully all right thank you for that john hendren reporting there live from des moines let's speak some more about this now to our shot hasan was
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a democratic political strategist and the former executive director of howard dean's but it's organization democracy for america is live from burlington vermont very good to have you with us on al-jazeera as john said there this is really an early gift for the campaign because it questions the competence of the democratic party in running the country where where does this tobacco leave the democrats and the process of choosing a nominee well to be very clear one democratic state party organization the i would democratic party chose a terrible app and that really doesn't have much to say about the rest of the democratic party or the way the federal government is run under the democratic party so i think is mixing up the campaign from campaign is mixing up a couple very distinct organizations some have questioned why should actually be the 1st round of announcements given its demographics that are not really representative of the base of the democratic party can't can iowa be an indicator really for the rest of the country. i agree with those critics the
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caucus system is old antiquated and inaccessible as you mentioned only a few states still do it and they do it out of tradition this is a kind of system where very few people participate because it is difficult to participate they actually run the iowa caucus better before they started doing some of these reforms but the point is you can't slap in to an old an antiquated system and hope that it is that it becomes more accessible or more transparent the problem is the system itself just moved to a state administered elections like 44 other states do right where the democrats figure this out before we go into new hampshire and super tuesday you know and since a vote count is so disorganized and delayed any candidate does who doesn't really do well in iowa could contest as a result so what are we looking for ahead in the coming weeks and coming months well the good news is almost every state runs their election through a traditional primary process so this is not
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a system that will be replicated that many times i would look to nevada because they're using the same technology and the same caucusing system it's slightly more accessible because you can vote absentee but again the caucus system has very little to do with the way the rest of the elections are run anywhere else here's the value of the iowa caucus it is supposed to be that it sets the tone it sets the momentum it sets a narrative the clearly that hasn't happened here iowa has less than one percent of the required delegates necessary to clinch the nomination so being that they're not numerically important and they've basically ceded their importance in setting the agenda tone i think it's best that all of the other candidates move on to the subsequent states and then we exactly what we're saying we should just move on as we said in the beginning president trump is really relishing all this is about to be equated barring any surprises in his senate trial you've got this debacle in iowa a lot of people are wondering especially outside of the u.s. you know what do what do the democrats have to offer right now. well i think we go
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back to the different presidential candidates we've very rarely had such an opportunity not only have so many different candidates but to have different perspectives within our party represented we have more enthusiasm on the democratic side among the base than we've seen since 2008 so for the democratic party this is a good sign we get to continue to have a debate within our party about the best way forward to present a contrast don't trump right now the polling shows that the top 4 democratic candidates are all polling ahead of president trump who himself has an approval rating around average of 42 percent he's profoundly unpopular this is still a good opportunity for democrats to change the narrative but but who sense of the best the better chance here among those democrats that you talk about against donald trump given once again you know his popularity right now. a lot americans will say he has done well for the american economy who stands a better chance among those 11 kansas well again there are different visions and
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honestly i think it's down to 4 or 5 candidates people will continue to run even when they don't have a chance but we've got a small set of top candidates who themselves provide distinct visions each of whom seem to motivate a part of the base of the democratic party also most of whom are still more popular than the president himself so we might go with a more moderate or conservative approach people like biden are due to judge or we might have an opportunity to have more systemic a bigger vision change like with warren or sanders thank you so much for speaking to us very interesting to provide a pathway to victory very interesting top to democratic political strategist joining us and i thank you for your time. set to hold a new presidential election less than a year after people voted for a leader the constitutional court has announced last year's disputed presidential vote signed in widespread irregularities reports in the capital. the capital is an opposition stronghold and some people will worry that there would be violence
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is things didn't go their way but they got what they were going through the constitutional court. maze election results and frankly not going to be out within $150.00 days obviously supporting the gathering. leading by the way for what is going to be the mood is there any difference in the wording had any desire we still need to do that in a statement and from that's the people will know when they going to appeal the ruling at the supreme court if they do that it could plunge the country into a not the crisis or they could just say they accept the dates and the country will . 1000 out and meet the needs of the living things one day is going to meet and they're going to set a date for the next decide what to do with the electoral commission that's the new
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kings the presiding over a sad they all going to be fired or if they're not going to be fired what steps are going to put in place to make sure the issues that sold out in the maze election won't repeat themselves. a stampede at a school in kenya has killed at least 14 children it happened in a western region as students were leaving the building to go home 40 other students were injured in that crash police say there is no cause for the panic and are investigating what went wrong. one witness a parent described the aftermath it was going to when i came to pick up my child i heard the students calling for teachers from the upper floors when we went up the staircase we found some had fallen some were on the top while others were under we managed to pull some to a car others to a land cruiser and others into a school bus and took them to a hospital but kenya's former president daniel moore who led the country for 24 years has died during his time in power from 1900 to 2002 he had absolute authority
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over political and the judicial system of violently repressing corsa political change catherine so i looks back on his life and career here with. my god daniel are up more in kenya 2nd president ceded power in 2002 after 24 years of what was seen as autocratic leadership many called him the accidental president he came from my minority ethnic community called the token was regarded as being not as charismatic as other leaders and was humiliated by clothes that friends of founding president john working atta when morley was his deputy when he died why to go over and was seen as a shrewd and calculating politician president morsi has always kept in mind that his 1st duty is to the people of kenya as head of state he'll be remembered for his passion about education and other social programs he gave the go ahead to build
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schools universities health centers and charges across the country is selfless personal example has given kenyans a new sense of urgency and purpose but he also spearheaded a campaign to protect the environment passing a leading efforts to build fortifications to prevent soil erosion. present a more to some extent was it was a populist populist to wanted to be seen as a compassionate. he wanted to be seen as a god fearing figure but everything that he did went to contrary to what what you wanted the people to believe some analysts say the timing point for his leadership was in the 982 quick tempt by a group of soldiers and politicians in the years that followed his government ordered a violent crackdown on opponents some blame for plotting the coup thousands were detained and tortured though the country remained brutally stable ethnic clashes in some parts became common especially during elections. divide and rule like most
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politicians do you know that's how he kept he remained at the helm but then he had to be ability to see when he was not always provide unopposed unity to be tension is credited by many for allowing a peaceful transition of power to his successor white but by the time he retired critics argue that the economy was in ruins with extremely high rates of unemployment and poverty in addition to all that corruption patronage and tribalism had been normalize and most kenyans just wanted him gone. medium with film is a historian and lecturer at the technical university of kenya she says more you will be remembered as a president who ruled with an eye and faced. other while i was president for
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24 years that's a long time and he is remembered for this school milk program he's also remembered for his tough intolerant. he was a very quiet educator noted don't call him a politician nobody thought he was going to last long so he became president to fill in that gap. 1981 was the decisive act that made us see his true colors there was an attempted coup and after that moyes rude was inflexible he made sure that we understood who was leading we tend to forget that morning ruled for us from a very small minority group. and i suppose that did something to our democracy but i would only call it democracy in quotes it was a one party system and we knew who the leader was the news always started with the
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president what he did what he didn't do he was not a tolerant leader and we were ruled for a very long time by a minority leader from the minority i suppose that's what kept kenya safe compared to the neighboring countries are still ahead on this al-jazeera news hour. march in baghdad as a protest movement in iraq appears to fracture. air pollution in believe is basically result in a public health crisis why residents of india's capital want pollution brought to the top of the political agenda and in sport the talian veteran who shows no sign of slowing down after 21 years in the lead you to have more coming up in sports just to us. the end.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts we're here across the eastern mediterranean as well as into southeastern europe we are watching a system coming out of europe and with it a lot of snow a lot of rain as well as some very very gusty wind conditions across much of the area really evident here on our forecast map on wednesday with those winds pushing down from the north across the central med pushing more towards the east and then up towards the north as it makes its way towards turkey so for turkey over the next few days it is going to be quite wet as well as very snow in the higher elevations wind gusts across much of the area including antalya over the next few days could be reaching about 75 kilometers per hour so we will be watching this on wednesday and thursday improving conditions by the time we do get towards friday well for the northeastern part of africa you will be seeing the winds as well also the rain will be developing probably by the time we do get towards thursday here in benghazi
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windy conditions rainy conditions where the temperature there of about 13 degrees over towards cairo it will just be the winds and a temperature of $22.00 degrees there well here across parts of south africa across the eastern cape we are going to be seeing the rain increasing over the next few days dry here on wednesday but rainy conditions pushing through much of the area for cape town great for you with attempts to there about 23 degrees. frank assessments the one thing about these bushfires usage really well going out to all of the climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on both through school noise on 'd a bogus argument is astonishingly patronize an in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of a new iraq of the new conscious and aware youth about struggle against an ethnic
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sectarian kota inside story on al-jazeera. i think of some of the biggest companies in the world today all of them big tech with algorithms that they call them all that we use them the more data we produce we're in the midst of a great race for data and big tech companies around the checks empires are rising on a wealth of information and we need other commodities and the 2nd number 5 series i'll be re-examined is where the corporations are colonizing the internet like me the popularity and power of big tech on a. watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me fully back to bore
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a reminder of our top stories the world health organization says the corona virus outbreak that's killed hundreds of people and infected thousands is showing no signs of mutation and has not caused a pandemic the global death toll is $427.00. the 1st attempt to pick a u.s. democratic presidential nominee has been delayed because of a new consistencies in reporting results in iowa body officials say the problem is technical and has nothing to do with hockey and kenya's former president daniel mori has died he left the country for more than 2 decades his government was criticized for buying at the repressing those who spoke out against his leadership . more now on our top story and china says it needs more medical supplies as it tries to contain the corona virus outbreak malaysia is one of several countries that's helping drone story is in kuala lumpur with details on what's being done. malaysia has joined japan south korea and several other countries in
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donating medical equipment to china as it struggles to contain an outbreak of corona virus now on monday the chinese government made a no joint appeal for more medical supplies to be delivered to china now in addition to the 2 who base which is the province epicenter of the outbreak other cities and provinces have also made it compulsory to when mom went out in public and what you see behind me is the result of a donation drive organized by malaysian non-governmental organization in these boxes on. these items worked on. aided by members of the public companies dropped off at various points at a profit country and then brought here to be loaded onto a commercial plane that flies to shanghai malaysia has recently brought back more than 100 cities and the family members who had been stranded in on the capital of group a crossing now all that's number 2 have been admitted to foster talent for showing signs of during a virus infection read the rest and eventually point in center where they will be
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kept on di fallacious an observation for 14 days now and the government recently can found 2 new cases of corona virus bringing the total number 10 now unlike other countries in the region malaysia haven't yet banned visitors to been to china and the possible team date but it has restricted entry to people coming from the bangkok. i fear the virus is hearing reports of racism and xenophobia towards the chinese in the philippines the asian nation confirmed its 1st death from the virus on saturday prompting a temporary travel ban to and from china wanna be no reports on manila. empty streets empty shops and then 2 restaurants this is manila chinatown bustling on almost any day of the year but recent days have been anything but normal fear has gripped the city's chinese community a cyclone a virus outbreak continues to spread the community itself has now become
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a target of discrimination on facebook photos of chinese businessmen distributing face masks were met with offensive comments this one reads you can keep those face masks go home to china one university was criticised for a memo requiring isolation for all its chinese students regardless of travel history. a number of chinese schools however took it a step further by suspending classes altogether for 2 weeks the beauty of the beauty is that we have to go for the proper time and i think you know it does not bode because you know it's also why we come to. you i know. many people. and it's not just in the philippines elsewhere in asia there are examples on social media has still of the against those who chinese if this city leaders of the chinese filipino community however say the issue of racism has been blown out
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of proportion in the this could mean anything the chinese whether they are discriminating is the koran or bios of the good though then the or this from the bin has come from and then his coughing in the reason of the bin as i wouldn't think him going to community leaders and health department officials have nonetheless come together to address the allegations of racism and so find ways to help each other in preventing the further spread of the virus as recently as last week hundreds of tourists from china and even will haunt the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak or being allowed into the philippines that seems to have fed into the alarm we're seeing now and to some extent what many are saying is you know phobia. philippine government is also barred entry of foreigners would recent travel history to china and its autonomy as regions but with the country having been the 1st to record the death of outside china some worry that move may be too
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late barnaby lo al-jazeera manila. cancer is the 2nd biggest killer after heart disease but the world health organization says millions of lives could be saved if the gap between rich and poor nations can be breached in the fight against the disease around one in 6 deaths are caused by cancer last year it killed nearly 10000000 people around the world the number of cases has gone shopping in the last 10 years and it's expected to nearly double over the next 2 decades lung cancer is the most fatal followed by colon and stomach ounces w.h.o. says more than 2000000 people die every year from cancer caused by tobacco products and air pollution is also leading to an increase in cases and accounts for 29 percent of deaths said diseases from lung cancer dr andriy it bhai is a cancer control technical officer at the world health organization he says investing in cancer care in poor countries can save money and lives in the long run
6:36 pm
. we know that the cancer burden in poor countries is increasing quickly if we focus on prevention now we can avoid the cancer cases that we know will come in the next $23.00 decades at the same time we have to also invest in treatment capacity because many cancer patients who live in poor countries are unable to access even the most essential or basic cancer services so if you're going to tackle this major cancer and public health challenge we have to do both prevention and control because in fact there are many lifestyle changes that we can make that will reduce our cancer risk for colon cancer as an example we know that diet makes a big difference both the foods that we eat and the risk that we have to develop obesity that is related to the foods that we eat those 2 factors significantly impact the likelihood that an individual will develop cancer there are many countries that are struggling to get health on the agenda because there are limited resources and there is a perception that diseases have to compete amongst each other but what we've done
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with this report this is show that cancer should not be seen as a competing disease in fact if we invest wisely we can save lives and add societal value that is in the form of reentry into employment productivity gains and broader societal benefits. one of the world's most polluted cities and as the people of new delhi propecia vote in local elections this week many are demanding action to improve quality in the indian capital last year and pollution levels were 40 times the limit said by the world health organization elizabeth has a story from. jane up to me that lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the delhi region it's also one of the most polluted the tiny home she shares with 6 other members of her family backs on to the 2nd biggest dumping ground in the city toxic air from the dump is just one of the hazards that the 40000 residents of bias
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will have to live with. the doctor says that besides my lungs my kidneys are also affected now he told me to stop going to the landfill that you're not going to live a very long but i said if i stop going to the landfill who's going to feed my children. jane ob and others and make a living by sorting in separating waste they held a town hall meeting ahead of elections to ask politicians what they're doing about the environment the candidate of prime minister and that in the morning the party told us that was not their priority. we don't create this is one of our election. election as. prime minister. but it's not just people who live in the delhi regions illegal slums who are affected new delhi's equality sees it consistently ranked as one of the most
6:39 pm
polluted cities in the world in this neighborhood people are not waiting for others to tackle the problem the traders association and this market have installed the 7 makes a high tower it's f.-l. to clean the air pollutants as it passes through them but environmentalists say such towers only create a clean is on them and a lot of solution for the whole city. the towel was put up after air pollution levels reached 40 times higher than the amount deemed healthy by the world health organization late last year air pollution in belief is basically resulting in a. crisis it's not just a pollution problem anymore it's also. a problem politicians they did address by improving public transport and planting more trees but jane up hamid doubts whoever wins the election will do anything to improve the lives of the
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people of on a swath elizabeth piron of al-jazeera new delhi the head of saddam's sovereign council has agreed to start normalizing ties with israel but khartoum's government says it was not informed israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced a decision after travelling to uganda to meet president yoweri museveni and. the sudanese cabinet says that it was a firsts in i had heard of the plan and the strain between sudan in israel can be traced back to 1967 when it went in the aftermath of the arab israeli war sudan hosted a summit where several arab nations decided not to recognize or negotiate with israel israel for 6 years considers sudan a security threat because of what it said was its support of on groups under former leader a mob a shia israel also believe you ron used to don to smuggle weapons into the gaza strip and bashir accuse israel of attacking a munitions factory in khartoum in 2012 and an attack on an arms convoy in
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2009 harry fossett is in west says this is part of a wider strategy by the israeli. well the word from israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is pretty celebrate 3 he says that they've agreed to start a cooperation that will lead towards a normalization of relations between sudan and israel and he calls that history it is part of a wider strategy both in africa and in the middle east to try to get friendly relations going with majority muslim and arab nations in the region and of course it comes very soon after the trump plan which was released last week which attracted at least not immediate arab state condemnation of course there was a rejection of that plan at the weekend and so there has been a slowing down of the provisions in that plan for potential annexation of the
6:42 pm
occupied west bank something that netanyahu had hoped to start moving on in this past weekend so it is about time given the fact that he's in the midst of an election campaign for another major foreign policy announcement of this one serves netanyahu very well it also serves sudan to some extent that the leader of sudan's been invited to washington so there's a recommendation from israel. as far as the prime minister's office is concerned sudan is moving in a positive a positive direction away from iranian influence and also potentially provide something more practical for israel as well as airspace over sudan would make it much easier for israeli flights to fly directly to south america where there is a large jewish population. 3 members of any rainey and separatist group have been arrested in denmark charged with spying on behalf of saudi arabia that been under investigation for more than a year they're accused of collecting information on individuals in denmark and
6:43 pm
abroad and passing it on to saudi intelligence offices danish authorities say they've also charged in absentia a member of the iranian intelligence service who is accused of a murder attempt on one of the activists. it is the director of the gulf affairs institute in washington he says denmark takes this case seriously and will look to prevent being used as an arena for the conflict between saudi arabia and iran. essentially the tensions of the gulf and that confrontation between saudi arabia particularly and iran apparently has spread beyond their borders as a matter of fact beyond the region in this case immigrants that happen to be welcomed in scandinavian countries have brought the conflict to gether we know with that together and then you the countries of refuge and therefore this
6:44 pm
frustration that we sense today. denmark and other scandinavian government. and their upset their man both actually saudi arabia and iran for allowing this conflict to the spillover across borders and come to our own security wise in this case the danish government and this is the prostration we heard from the head of the intelligence system system and in denmark mr anderson the foreign minister also kofod he has also voiced essentially the same complaint against both countries saying that these types of spying operations are serious and unacceptable as far as the danish government is concerned that was middle east analyst. and not made to as reported now libya's warring leaders are participating in talks in geneva aimed at ending
6:45 pm
years of chaos and conflict speaking at a news conference un's the un's libya envoy has on site i may said that all sides were working to transform the tools that was put in place at the berlin conference last month he also said there is new evidence that both parties have violated an alms and bottle and that new mess nerissa still arriving in libya this is after all the 1st time. since a very long time high ranking officers of the 2 sides meet the very very 1st time i hope that within the few days the security council will come to its 1st resolution that reaffirms of this and i also hope that those what exporting these arms understand that that is already more than 20000000 pieces of what happens in the country. to iraq now where anti-government protest
6:46 pm
movement protests rather appear to be fracturing over the appointment of prime minister designate mohamed tawfik alawi simona 14 reports from baghdad where students have been on the streets. no money no studies just one of many slogans we have heard during this march today 100 have turned out to boyce their opposition to the appointment of the allow as the prime minister there also criticizing shiite cleric that outsider for an dorsett and of course this march comes at a critical moment it just comes just days after a split within the protest movement between the followers of father on one hand and the other protesters who reject allow islamic nation this march to prove their numbers to show that the protest movement is not over just by muhammad allowing being appointed as prime minister of them and the students are determined to keep
6:47 pm
their demands for an independent candidate are met even if that means putting their own future on hold and keeping. staying in iraq the government is trying to get people to switch from imported fuel to iraq ie produce gas all new public transport vehicles must run on liquefied petroleum gas. but despite awareness campaigns and government subsidy users are reluctant to move away from traditional fuel osama bin job it was for some back that. that's the sound of a cleaner start. taxi now runs on iraqi produce liquefied petroleum gas and p.g. his daily fuel cost is nearly a 3rd of what he used to pay for breaking the petrol. for sure it is more economical and hence more profitable in syria paying $16.00 per day for fuel now apparent $6.00. it's. mandatory for new public transport vehicles to install in
6:48 pm
p.g. kits although the law was passed in 2016 it was only implemented a year ago the oil ministry subsidizing the installation instead of a $1000.00 it costs around $400.00 to install an l.p.g. kit. any new project faces resistance the oil ministry has tried to tell people that there is no danger as the cylinder doesn't explode the kits a safe and with international standards the gasket is safe and complies with international standards there is propaganda to defame the ministries if it's just need some time so people start to understand the benefits of l.p.g. . there are up to 6000000 cars in the iraqi capital more than 500 are registered every month with no new roads or bridges some of the i don't want 3000 officers and 600 cameras still can't prevent gridlock the traffic department is encouraging the use of alternative fuel to these baghdad's public transport spews fewer emissions.
6:49 pm
we have installed gaskets on different types of vehicles that have been no accidents or explosions through word of mouth other drivers are also beginning to see the benefits. that's the case among many drivers who started using gas powered taxis. yes of course i encourage all drivers to install it it's safe and nothing wrong will happen. people say it's not safe to use the gasket i have witnessed 2 incidents with friends cars who did not have the kit their fuel tank caught fire because of loose wires in the fuel pump. is the 2nd largest producer among oil producing opec nations and is trying to reduce its gas flare at defining much over all its liquefied petroleum isn't readily available byproduct the pilot public transport is meant to reduce the carbon footprint and expensive refined fuel imports the government plans to expand it to hospitals restaurants and even homes but it's. needs to convince iraqis that it is
6:50 pm
a safer cheaper and cleaner alternative some of their own but. coming up next in sports will show you what happens when a competitor is i don't tie a geranium on to stratify it's estimates with me to decide it's.
6:51 pm
time for sports ace peter thank you very much the spirit of the coronavirus has seen a major reorganization of asian champions league football with all matches involving chinese clubs postponement. april type of games were staged behind closed doors
6:52 pm
last week and all domestic football in the country has been cancelled china's 4 clubs in the competition have had big group fixtures in february and march moved the knockout stage is also expected to be delayed until june the disruption to sport has already seen next month's world indoor athletics championships in nanjing postponed by a year alone to qualify as a basketball boxing and women's football have all been moved and the all electric formula the motor racing series abandoned plans to hold the race in sanya in march but former ones shanghai race in april is still on the calendar for now to south korean football fans have won a lawsuit they filed after cristiana rinaldo failed to take to the field in a friendly match in seoul last year the fans sued the match organizers complaining that they'd been promised the portuguese star would play at least 45 minutes of events is a game against the caley all stars they bought tickets and went to the stadium but
6:53 pm
the only view they had over now there was of him sitting on the bench the court awarded $312.00 to each friend including $252.00 for mental anguish last season city are runners up now police are showing signs of recovery after a dreadful 1st half of the italian season they were at sampdoria who fought back from 2 goals down to level the school's 37 year old fabio quietly out of jail out here getting centurions 1st betty's 21st year in the league not bad but an error from the home side's keeper major enough to lead to the points they moved up to 10th. the los angeles clippers went within 2 games of the lakers at the top of the western standings with a comeback win against san antonio spurs. spurs had been 15 points ahead in the 1st off a paul george. combines a blow them away in the 2nd effort with seconds to play and sure there was no way
6:54 pm
back for san antonio the top is winning 181 of them before. the atlanta hawks trey young schooled more than 50 points for the 25th game this season and helped them into a half time lead over the boston celtics with a 21 year old young could not get them the win boston fighting back to get food in the system standings 123150. 6 weeks n.b.a. all saw game will be full of tributes to the late kobe bryant composed team will weigh bryant's number 24 on their backs while the bron james and he's teammates well done the number 2 show which was the number of bryant's 13 year old daughter giana he was also a talented player and died along side him in the helicopter crash james says brian stiff still weighs heavily on him and his l.a. lakers teammates. magic. and by the mableton upon offer for being a respond people respond to hold him responsible as younger than him sponsor want
6:55 pm
that kind of living inspiration is now professional aphorisms doing great things and i was on the barbershop i'm sorry the logic like you've never done. every i'm going to be emotional you know obviously you know time heals all is going to continue to help us every game every every day tim you lean on each other and your crowd problem on us and you know we have to continue to push for that's what you want to do. but father of a limbic ski champion mackay to shift from his dad at the age of 65 jeff shifrin died suddenly often accidents at his home. who is the current 3 time over a world cup champion says her family is heartbroken beyond comprehension she's yet to announce if she'll race in the next event in garmisch this weekend. the french sports minister of the man the head of the country's ice skating federation resigns following allegations of rape against one of the national coaches in a book released last week former world champion of medalist sara accused coach.
6:56 pm
seen here of raping her when she was a teenager in the early 1990 sports minister roxana morris c.n.a. on who interviewed federation chief gainer on monday and then asked for his resignation is not part of the allegations made by a bull dog out there living. many i doubt it the president of the french skating federation. cannot clear himself from his moral and personal responsibility. for. this great dysfunction is merely institutionalized within the federation silence seems to have been the rule. the 1st people responsible are those who allowed these actions to take place i would of course like to cite the ministry on the sports minister at the time their incompetence their numerous u. turn to to allow these people on ice in a sport where minors can be champions and are therefore more vulnerable they should have been cared for and put out of harms way. japan's national sport of sumo
6:57 pm
wrestling is unlikely to be any limb pick any time soon but it is still hoping to take advantage of the games later this year 2 of the grand champions. show launched a special tournament on tuesday will take place in between the olympics and paralympics in august or thousands of tourists are in the city. and just enough time to show you some beautiful pictures out of norway which has been hosting some of the world's best dogs and mushes in a sled race the grueling course proved too much full some of the competitors who would dog tired and needed a lift it took almost 3 days for norway's a robert surly to complete the 650 kilometer route in temperatures of minus 40 degrees celsius. believe it i'll be back with more sports news again later for the ija thank you very much we'll see you later of course that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera but do stay with us we've got plenty more world news coming up after
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this very short break thanks so much. just going to the polls to elect a new government faced with criticism over the housing crisis health care cuts and unemployment in rural parts of the country will the current prime minister manage to preserve his position and join us as we look at the country through brigs its. anti fascist anti establishment and pro violence despite the recent official
6:59 pm
disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement just found alive and well on the terraces of a build vile stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform and ideology with violent football hooligans. read all death on al-jazeera. the island of sardinia a famously a delay khalid a spot. less well known as a proving ground for war. investigating claims that years of military training and ons testing triggered cancer and birth defects amid the local population. secret sodomy on people in power on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no
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matter how you take it out 0 bringing you the news and current affairs that matter to you. down to 0. i am. china had made shortcomings in its response to the corona virus outbreak while hong kong reports its 1st death. i am. player watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for the back t. ball also coming up the u.s. president describes a race to make a democratic presidential nominee as an unmitigated disaster to the result. kenya's government declares a period of national mourning after the death of longtime president don yes our.


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