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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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so no matter how you take it down to 0 for you the news and current affairs come at a team. down to 0. 0 and. china admits shortcomings in its response to the corona virus outbreak while hong kong reports its 1st death. the air. play watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for the back t. ball also coming up the u.s. president describes a race to pick a democratic presidential nominee as an unmitigated disaster top to the results are delayed. kenya's government declares a period of national mourning after the death of longtime president don you know our warrior plus
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a warning from the world health organization that the number of counter cases could jump more than 60 percent if trends can to. the end the world health organization says the corona virus outbreak that's killed hundreds of people in the infected thousands is showing no signs of mutation and has not caused the pandemic the global death toll stands at 427 but all but 2 of those have been recorded in mainland china more than 20000 people have been infected there now examples of 2 people contracting the virus without being in china one got sick in thailand the other in singapore and a cruise ship is under quarantine at a port in japan a passenger who got off the ship in hong kong was later confirmed with the virus stop brings the total number of cases in hong kong to 17 as the city reports its
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1st death from the outbreak and in an unprecedented move the wall spigots gambling hobby in neighboring macau has announced closing all of its casinos for 2 weeks but he has warned against the danger of misinformation during an outbreak. you deal with epidemic. disease that in addition to the epidemic of diseases we often have an epitome of information and this is what we call in for demick and it's really an e.p. dimmick of rumors of false information that is circulating at the same time and every outbreak as it is in food emic and so we have realized over time that this in for them it could be really. a call for a good response and humper effective implementation of countermeasures. hong kong's chief executive has defended her government's handling of the corona virus outbreak but health workers don't think she's doing enough they're on strike demanding that
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carry all the territory's borders with mainland china intern brown reports. as hong kong confirmed its 1st death from the virus a quarter of its doctors and nurses went on strike seriously affecting emergency services several 100 demonstrated outside the offices of their employer hong kong's health authority they say the complete closure of hong kong's border with the mainland would help prevent the disease spreading their members of the new union born out of the protest movement politics have now entered this growing public health emergency headline thing i hope the government quickly listens to our demands quickly closes all the borders and brings this epidemic under control by choose day 10 of the 13 border crossing points with the mainland were closed but the bridge to china remains open now one of the few ways into or out of hong kong
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when this bridge opened almost 3 years ago it stood as a symbol of the deepening links between hong kong and china today it stands as a symbol of the few border links that now remain between the 2. hong kong leader kerry lamb is resisting calls for a total shut down of the front here saying it would go against the guidelines of the world health organization and rejects accusations that her administration is the one playing politics i certainly would not agree with the allegation that we are sort of they're not addressing this public health concern adequately and suddenly i don't agree with the allegation that we are putting politics of public health the economic fallout from this emergency has spread to the nearby gambling hub of macau popular with mainland tourists. the nose will be closed for 2 weeks in a new hand a new hospital built in just 9 days has begun treating patients another 3 mobile
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hospitals are being assembled in a rare move china's government has appealed to the outside world for help saying vital medical equipment is needed including more face masks and protective clothing for medical workers doctors also say there's a shortage of testing kits are in another unusual development china's top leadership has admitted to shortcomings and failures in its response to the crisis the politburo standing committee chaired by president xi jinping warned that officials who failed in their duty would be punished that amounts to a public acknowledgement that they failed the people adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. now there was a 1st attempt in the u.s. to pick a democratic presidential nominee has gone after a confusing sought after is also on the iowa caucuses were delayed the whole party officials blame inconsistency in reporting for the setback for some the morning
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i'm sure was. it was a night of frustration and questions in iowa after people cast their votes in the democratic caucuses the process of adding them up and sending them to headquarters was plagued with technical issues it created a terrible image as the country watched the 1st real contests that the 2020 election ton into a farce was the candidates decided to claim victory and move on leaving iowa and its problems behind bernie sanders is looking like the eventual winner of the self described democratic socialist finish tonight or 2nd 4 years ago now he believes he's taken a big step to securing the democratic nomination to date more the beginning of the end donald trump was here mose dangerous president in modern american history the biggest loser of the night
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is shaping up to be former vice president joe biden for a man who campaigned on electability it's not clear to even finish in the top 3 normally that would kill a campaign he played to continue so it's on a new hampshire was south go on throughout iraq during this time of. elizabeth warren seems to me to solace sure it was suggested the massachusetts senator would be competing for the same grind with bernie sanders she says the result sends a message tonight he's already showed that americans have a deep hunger for big structural change it was also a good night for the youngest candidate in the field near people to church had no problem the clearing. victory by all indications we are going on to new hampshire victorious was. for others there's a question on how long they can sustain their campaign. a beginning to have their
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say. on the republican site no technical problems and a clear and predictable when for president donald trump has 2 opponents but even getting 3 percent of the vote. as the campaign all were demanding to know what went wrong it's not a good look for the democrats is a far stamp on the route to the white house it's also not good news for iowa which is keen to retain its farse the nation status when it comes to help picking the candidates alan fischer. des moines let's not speak to another of our correspondents in des moines john hendren john all this very embarrassing for the democratic party has to be said when can we expect results of the caucuses to be. will the democratic party says the results should be released sometime today on tuesday they've got a number of hours left in the day of course it's still before noon here but that
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really strains credulity among a lot of people here in iowa because we were expecting all of these results last night and in the absence of any actual results you had this interesting phenomenon by which the candidates each one by one seemed to declare victory with none of the vote officially tallied now people who judge and bernie sanders each released their own internal figures they say that puts them in a commanding position bernie sanders was said to have been in the lead but of course because of this international embarrassment we don't really know the democratic party says that the votes are actually secure within those $16000.00 precincts they know how many is in each of those precincts but the problem is a program that they have used to transmit them to a central point but this of course was done by the democratic party not by the state of iowa and that has been an embarrassment one that the president of the
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united states has pointed out he's called this an unmitigated disaster his campaign points out these are the same people who want to run health care throughout the united states so one by one these campaigns are declaring victory excess. possibly for the campaign of joe biden who has said that he thinks the democratic party of iowa ought to go to the candidates and explain the methodology of course the other candidates say he didn't do so well last night when i was only it's prided itself john as being 1st in the nation what does this mean then for the future of the iowa caucus and. well the obituaries for the iowa caucuses are already being written there's a story in politico called the death of iowa this may be excessive hand-wringing but. there is a serious question caucuses are an idiosyncratic process it's been accused of being not so democratic because it's sort of dominated by activists and the only reason
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that being one of the 6 caucus states left is 1st in the nation to vote is because it's a caucus and not a primary it seems like a very small point but new hampshire has a law that says it is the 1st primary in the country so if i was suddenly declared itself a primary new hampshire would move its primary before i was and that would really make i would no longer the 1st in the nation to vote and there's already talk about doing that there are a number of newspaper op eds etc with people just saying this is the last straw but whatever you say this is going to be a black eye for this state and people will likely not remember years from now who won iowa this year but they will remember what happened here indeed thank you for that john john hendren i for instance the morning. a stampede at a school in kenya has killed at least 14 children happened in a western region as students were leaving the building to go home for
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a student's were injured in the crash police say there is no clear cause for the panic and are investigating what went wrong one witness a parent described the aftermath. when the wood was going to when it came to pick up my child i heard the students calling for teachers from the upper floor when we went up the staircase we found some it fall and some were on the top while others were under we managed to pull some to a car others to a land cruiser and others into a school bus and took them to a hospital. staying in kenya a former president daniel moore who led the country for 24 years has died during his time in power from 1978 to 2002 he had absolute authority over political and judicial systems vinatieri pressing calls for political change catherine sawyer looks back on his life and career. daniel are up more in kenya 2nd president ceded power in 2002 after 24 years of
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what was seen as autocratic leadership many called him the accidental president he came from my minority ethnic community called the token was regarded as being not as charismatic as other leaders and was humiliated by close that friends of founding president john working atta when morrie was his deputy when kenyatta died why to cova and was seen as a shrewd and calculating politician president morsi has always kept in mind that his 1st duty is to the people of kenya as head of state he'll be remembered for his passion about education and other social programs he gave the go ahead to build schools universities health centers and charges across the country is selfless personal example has given kenyans a new sense of urgency and purpose but he also spearheaded a campaign to protect the environment passing a leading efforts to build fortifications to prevent soil erosion. present more deserve accidentals as a populist populist to wanted to be seen as
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a compassionate. and they wanted to be seen as a god fearing figure but everything that he did went to contrary to what what he wanted the people to believe some analysts say the timing point for his leadership was in the 1982 quick tempered by a group of soldiers and politicians in the years that followed his government ordered a violent crackdown on opponents some blame for plotting the coup thousands were detained and tortured though the country remained broadly stable ethnic clashes in some parts became common especially during elections. divide and rule like most politicians do you know that's how he kept. he remained at the hill but then he had to be ability to think when he was or not and you always provide unopposed unity to be. credited by many for allowing
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a peaceful transition of power to his successor why keep aki but by the time he retired critics argue that the economy was in drains with extremely high rates of unemployment and poverty in addition to all that corruption patronage and tribalism had been nominees and most kenyans just wanted him gone. and still ahead on al-jazeera oh it was well tell you why people in malawi are celebrating after months of on my summer last year's presidential election last iraq's government looks to move to cleaner fuel outearn it is but why are iraqis so reluctant.
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hello again and welcome back to your international weather forecast where here across northern parts of asia we're dealing with some very wintry conditions across parts of northern japan and the temperatures only getting to about minus 5 here in sapporo that is going to stay but notice here down across the western part of japan we're going to be seen plenty of snow actually in the next 72 hours we could probably see about 60 centimeters of snow across much of that area that is going to continue as we go towards thursday as well across china it is going to be the developing rain across much of the a southern area that will extend all the way over here towards the east as well and for shanghai expect to see some rain in your forecast by the time we get towards thursday evening across the philippines the rain is developing as well we could be seeing some localized flooding mostly over here towards the east we have a weak developing system that is pushing a little bit more towards the west bringing some very heavy rain and the next 72 hours we do expect to see maybe about $100.00 millimeters of rain as we go towards
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the next couple of days so localized flooding could be a problem there and then over towards india it is going to be the rain was still talking about here across much of the east the rain is going to start to diminish as we go towards thursday as well here at $24.00 and a rainy day but by the time we get towards thursday things improve or the temperature of 25 degrees for you. an award winning investigation i mean a workers' room right behind the passing factory when we operate for less and we buy for less we can pass those savings all your customers into the supply chains that produce cheap moving. with little regard for workers' lives the remains of the fire are still everywhere rewind made in bangladesh on al-jazeera. do little to.
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the loon. live. a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera the world health organization says the corona virus outbreak that scaled hundreds of people and infected thousands is showing no signs of mutation and has not caused a pandemic the global death toll is 427 the 1st attempt to pick a u.s. democratic presidential nominee has been delayed because of inconsistency is in reporting results in iowa party officials say the problem is technical and has nothing to do with accuracy and kenya's former president daniel moore has died he left the country for more than 2 decades his government was criticized for violently repressing those who spoke out against his leadership. now malawi said to
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hold a new presidential election less than a year after people voted for a leader at the constitutional court has the knowledge last year's disputed presidential vote citing widespread irregularities has more from the capital in. the capital is an opposition stronghold and some people worried that there would be violence things didn't go the way. the constitutional court. made election results and. within $150.00 days obviously supporting the gathering. is going to be the mood is very different in the ruling can. only lead to a statement and from that people will going to appeal the ruling at the supreme court if they do that it could plunge the country into
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a nother crisis or they could just say they accept the thing and the country will. be the $1800.00 is going to mean that it takes 40 let's decide what to do with the electoral commission that's the new kings of the siding. i think all going to be 50 if they're not going to be. put in place to make sure the issues that sold out in a maze election won't repeat themselves. libya's warring leaders are free to separate in talks in geneva aimed at ending years of chaos and conflict speaking at a news conference the un's libya envoy. said that all sides were working to transform a truce that was put in place had the berlin conference last month he also said there is new evidence that both parties have violated a noms embargo and that the new men and that new mercenaries are arriving in libya
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this is the 1st time. high ranking offices of the 2 sides meet the very very 1st time i hope. within the few days the security council will come to its 1st is illusion that reaffirms this and i also hope that those who are exporting these understand that that is already more than $20000000.00 pieces of the country. to iraq now where anti-government protest movements appear to be fracturing over the appointment of prime minister designate. simona fulton rate for some bank that way students have been on the streets. no money no studies just one of many slogans we have heard during this student march today 100 have turned out to boyce their
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opposition to the appointment of the allow as the prime minister designate they're also criticizing shiite cleric loadout father for endorsing him and of course this march comes at a critical moment it just comes just days after a split within the protest movement between the followers of father on one hand and the other protesters who reject allow islamic nation this march aimed to improve their numbers to show that the protest movement is not over despite mohamed allow it being appointed as prime minister president and the students are determined to keep going until their demands for an independent candidate are met even if that means putting their own future on hold and keeping. a saying in iraq the government there is trying to get people to switch from imported fuel to locally produced gas all new public transport vehicles must now run on liquefied petroleum gas but despite awareness campaigns and government subsidy users are reluctant to move away
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from traditional asama bin job it has a story from baghdad. if. that's the sound of a cleaner start. talks he now runs on iraqi produce liquefied petroleum gas. is daily fuel cost is nearly a 3rd of what he used to pay for breaking the petrol. for sure it is more economical and hence more profitable incentives paying $16.00 per day for fuel now a pair run $6.00. it's mandatory for new public transport vehicles to install in p.g. kits although the law was passed in 2016 it was only implemented a year ago the oil ministry subsidizing the installation instead of a $1000.00 it costs around $400.00 to install an l.p.g. kit. any new project faces resistance the oil ministry has tried to tell people that there is no danger as the cylinder doesn't explode because it's
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a safe and with international standards the gasket is safe and complies with international standards there is propaganda to defame the ministries if it's just needs some time so people start to understand the benefits of l.p.g. . there are up to 6000000 cars in the iraqi capital more than 500 are registered every month with no new roads or bridges some of the 30000 offices and 600 cameras still can't prevent gridlock the traffic department is encouraging the use of alternative fuel to these baghdad's public transport spews fewer emissions. we have installed gaskets on different types of vehicles there have been no accidents or explosions through word of mouth other drivers are also beginning to see the benefits. that's the case among many drivers who started using gas powered taxis. yes of course i encourage all drivers to install it it's safe and nothing wrong will happen. people say it's not safe to use the gasket i have witnessed 2
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incidents with friends cars who did not have the kit their fuel tank caught fire because of loose wires in the fuel pump. is the 2nd largest producer of oil producing opec nations and is trying to reduce its gas flare at defining much over all its liquefied petroleum is a readily available byproduct the pilot. if transport is meant to reduce the carbon footprint and expensive refined imports the government plans to expand it to hospital restaurants and even almost but it still needs to convince iraqis that it is the safer cheaper and cleaner alternative some of it out of there. now cancer is the 2nd biggest killer after heart disease but the world health organization says millions of lives could be saved if the gap between rich and poor nations can be bridged in the fight against it is easy around one in 6 deaths are caused by cancer last year it killed nearly 10000000 people around the world the
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number of cases has gone shopping in the last 10 years and is expected to nearly double over the next 2 decades lung cancer is the most fatal followed by calling and stomach cancers that he chose says more than 2000000 people die every year from cancer caused by tobacco products dr andre bauer is a cancer control technical officer at the world health organization he says investing in cancer care in poor countries can save money and lives in the long run . we know that the cancer burden in poor countries is increasing quickly if we focus on prevention now we can avoid the cancer cases that we know will come in the next $23.00 decades at the same time we have to also invest in treatment capacity because many cancer patients who live in poor countries are unable to access even the most essential or basic cancer services so if you're going to tackle this major cancer and public health challenge we have to do both prevention and control
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because in fact there are many lifestyle changes that we can make that will reduce our cancer risk for colon cancer as an example we know that diet makes a big difference both the foods that we eat and the risk that we have to develop obesity that is related to the foods that we eat those 2 factors significantly impact the likelihood that an individual will develop cancer there are many countries that are struggling to get health on the agenda because there are limited resources and there is a perception that diseases have to compete amongst each other but what we've done with this report this is show that cancer should not be seen as a competing disease in fact if we invest wisely we can save lives and add societal value that is in the form of reentry into employment productivity gains and broader societal benefits. one of the most polluted cities in the world as the people of new delhi prepared to vote in local elections this week many are demanding action to improve equity in india's capital last year evolution levels were 40 times the
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limits set by the world health organisation it is a story from. jane up to me that lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the delhi region it's also one of the most polluted the tiny home she shares with 6 other members of her family backs on to the 2nd biggest dumping ground in the city toxic air from the dump is just one of the hazards that the 40000 residents of bias will have to live with. the doctor says that besides my lungs my kidneys are also affected now he told me to stop going to the landfill that you're not going to live a very long but i said if i stop going to the landfill who's going to feed my children. jane oben others in violence will make a living by supporting and separating waste they held a town hall meeting ahead of elections to ask politicians what they're doing about the environment the candidate of prime minister and that in the morning the party
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told us that was not their priority. no no no we don't treat this as one of our election and. election as honorable prime minister. but it's not just people who live in the delhi regions illegal slums who are affected new delhi's equality sees it consistently ranked as one of the most polluted cities in the world in this neighborhood people are not waiting for others to tackle the problem the traders association in this market have installed the 7 meter high tower it's ethyl to clean the air pollutants as it passes through them but environmentalists say such towers all. create a clean air zone around them and a lot of solution for the whole city. the towel was put up after air pollution
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levels reached 40 times higher than the amount deemed healthy by the world health organization late last year air pollution in delhi is basically resulting in a public health crisis it's not just a pollution problem any more it's also a public health problem. a problem politicians say they'll address by improving public transport and planting more trees but jane i had made doubts whoever wins the election will do anything to improve the lives of the people of by a swath elizabeth brannon al-jazeera new delhi. so again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera the world health organization says the corona virus outbreak that killed hundreds of people in infected thousands is showing no signs of mutation and has not caused a pandemic the global death toll is $427.00 w.h.o.
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has warned against a dangerous misinformation during the outbreak. when you do is epidemic. disease that in addition to the epidemic of diseases we often have an epitome of information and this is what we call in for demick and it's really a nippy dimmick of rumors of false information that the circulating at the same time and every outbreak as it's in for dimmick and sue we have realized over time that this in for them it could be really they called for a good response and home for effective implementation of countermeasures. the 1st attempt to pick a u.s. democratic presidential nominee has been delayed because of inconsistency in reporting results in iowa party officials say the problem is technical and has nothing to do with hacking kenya's former president daniel morley has died he left the country for more than 2 decades his government was criticized for violently
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repressing those who spoke out against his leadership and saying in kenya a stampede of a school in the west of the country has killed at least 14 children the students were leaving the building to go home when the incident happened 40 other students were injured in the crash police say there is no clear costs for the panic and are investigating what went wrong one parent does cried the aftermath. libya's warring leaders are participating in talks in geneva aimed at ending years of chaos and conflict the un's libya envoy on sodomy said all sides were working to transform a truce into a lasting cease fire he also said there is new evidence that both parties have violated an arms embargo and that new mess neris are still arriving in libya that's . the news that i just care for now more news on our website on jazeera dot com rewind is next.
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hello i'm adrian for the good in this episode we're revisiting bangladesh where a few years ago a garment factory collapsed and killed over 1000 people working inside the magnitude of the accident laid bare the lack of safety standards for the country's garment workers at the apparent indifference of the multinational corporations that profited from them.


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