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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2020 7:00am-7:34am +03

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programs to inspire. on al-jazeera. the. donald john trump president of the united states is not guilty as charged. trump is acquitted by the senate in his impeachment trial the white house says he's been vindicated. and how he's in and this is al jazeera more from doha also coming up 3 dead and 179 injured after a passenger jet skids of a runway in istanbul and breaks into pieces. 6 anti-government protesters are killed in iraq in clashes with followers of shift cleric looked out of southern former ally. and only with legend kirk
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douglas best known for his role in spartacus dies at the age of 103. u.s. president donald trump has been acquitted of both charges in his senate's impeachment trial bring an end to only the 3rd such trial in american history he was facing charges of abusing presidential powers and obstruction of congress when one republican broke ranks but it wasn't enough to see trump removed from office i did jocasta reports now from washington d.c. . it is therefore the outcome was as expected donald trump be and he is here by acquitted of the charges in said articles donald trump only the 3rd u.s. president to be impeached now also the 3rd u.s. president to be acquitted the white house called it full of vindication and
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exoneration mr romney all but one republican senator voted not guilty on both articles of impeachment the lone defector was mitt romney the utah senator who in 2012 with the republican presidential nominee my faith is at the heart of who i am romney said in an emotional floor speech his conscience was more important than party loyalty he voted guilty an abuse of power what he did was not perfect no it was a flagrant assault on our electoral rights our national security and our fundamental values a few other republicans said they believe put trump did was wrong but didn't rise to remove all from office others blasted the democrats' efforts to remove the 45th us president i worry about the future of the presidency after what's happened here ladies and gentlemen you will come to regret this whole process all democrats voted
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to convict on both charges they voice disappointment after his acquittal but did not admit defeat may yet face further investigation in the democrat controlled house and make no mistake about it the drip drip drip of evidence is going to keep coming out with each new revelation the message to the house of representatives don't do this again. now with the impeachment officially behind him from conspiring to for the november election whether all this has helped him or hurt him as a candidate is the big question castro al-jazeera washington. rich a good sign is a democratic strategist and a former legal advisor to the clinton white house steering the impeachment trial in 1909 he said romney's move to convict couldn't bulletin of the republican politicians in both cases i think there was an expectation after the house impeached that the senate was going to acquit was going to basically
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not convict him the one difference though is that this was the 1st impeachment trial in the history of the united states were a senator of the party of the president who was impeached voted to convict him so mitt romney did a lot of things today by breaking this news but i think the words that he used and the sense of conviction and putting country above party is something that democrats whoever the presidential nominee is or frankly democrats going forward will seize upon to say we all don't have to fall prey to what. sort of force donald trump has over most republicans that people can rise above that so in that sense by the time of the clinton trial bill clinton had apologized for his behavior donald trump to this moment still says that his behavior was perfect and i think
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the one answer is that when the impeachment trial was over in 1990 against bill clinton his popularity was in the 6065 percent range donald trump still in the forty's notwithstanding the fact that the economy is reasonably strong so i think the public ultimately soured 'd on his behavior and ultimately things are so partisan that there was a split you know virtually all republicans going with him and every single democrat against him. our correspondent kristen salumi has visited the swing state of pennsylvania which helped secure drums victory in 2016 many there say the strong economy could put him on a strong footing in the vendors election. here in small town america you didn't need a psychic to predict how democrats would react to the failed attempt to impeach the president i believe the impeachment was called for. and it's unfortunate that the witnesses were not allowed to testify but this is the city of new hope in
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the swing state of pennsylvania. the republicans say that that you know impeaching trump would further divide the country but letting him get away with what he's gotten away with it divides the country also. and this sleepy town where the 1st president of the united states george washington camped with his army during the american revolution is tired of politics said i'm not a republican and i didn't vote for john but i'm just sitting here and just trying to get him out you know tell me something that you going to do for the country and even those who don't like the president aren't exactly pleased with the democrats have yet to see i think true leadership come and say ok well here's a here's an option that you can grab on to a lot of the people we spoke to here in new hope say they just don't know who to believe when it comes to politicians but with the wages rising and unemployment falling the strong economy could favor donald trump who won pennsylvania in 2016 by
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less than a percentage point so i don't think. the charges that they put together were worth the impeaching a president. that had you vote for him yes i would and i voted for clinton the last time but some people who voted for trump the 1st time around say he needs to clean up his act but he keeps door to door right now as far as the economy and and trying to help our country vote form again. he needs to really stop some of the silliness that he does and concentrate on his job with so much drama in d.c. there seems little hope here of bringing the 2 sides together any time soon christine salumi al jazeera new hope pennsylvania. his m. a classic party has begun the process of selecting a presidential candidate's take on donald trump later this year party officials in
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iowa have released updated results from monday's caucus faults or with 75 percent of precincts reporting people to churches slightly increases lead over bernie sanders 3rd place elizabeth warren's votes fell marginally while joe biden's tally increased by the same amounts so no words when the final results will be a night's. the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus site break has risen to 563 the chinese government says more than 28000 people are known facts it includes a new born baby diagnosis just 30 hours after birth meanwhile thousands of passengers on to use cruise ships in hong kong and japan are under a 14 day quarantine japanese authorities say 20 people from the vessel have tested positive for the virus well i speak now to save a cork in hong kong for as they've been repeated calls to seal the border with that
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mean one china 8 hong kong just bring us up to date with the leases developments for you on. all certainly hong kong on wednesday a nonstop partial closure of some borders and as of saturday impose full closure of those borders at the moment the airport is still open to passengers coming from mainland china or macau due high bridge to hong kong is also still open allowing traffic to come into hong kong and we also have the checkpoint in chains in that still open until saturday that taiwan has announced that it too will impose restrictions on hong kong and macau travelers as of friday that will have to go into an eye selectional quarantine period for at least 14 days and behind me you mentioned earlier the cruise ship we had this cruise ship a behind me is docked in hong kong we have at least 3600 passengers and staff who are currently in isolation being quarantined as you mentioned for 14 days after a number of passengers on a previous voyage on the ship were found to be infected with the crown of virus now
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we know of 3 of those particular infections but there are also local reports saying as many as i people my been infected are from the ship behind us at the moment they're in quarantine and also you mentioned earlier there's also another cruise ship in japan it's now in quarantine and taiwan has announced that it will not allow any cruise ships to dock in taiwan as of today. says they talk about sealing borders and whatnot but it's difficult to seal the ports is where are the people coping you're on those cruise ships you often talk with captain fever it must be exceptionally difficult for the people who are trapped on that ship and can't leave . we've seen very little movement on the cruise ship behind us we have another cruise ship just in the harbor as well which hasn't moved as of yet but now the moment you mentioned the full closure of borders it's only the partially existing at the moment but the health workers in hong kong on strike and they push that strike again to february 7th which is tomorrow on friday they want the old boy borders to mine and china close as all at the moment they still partially open we
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also have the education bureau south to noon on thursday holding a press conference at the moment all schools are closed until much the 2nd here in hong kong this speculation those closures of schools may extend beyond that simply because of the increased a rapid right of infection of this crowd of virus here in hong kong. life in hong kong thank you. still to come on al-jazeera long as president says he will appeal against court decision and know his reelection last year pictures of protests may be at the enzian offices using their way to speak out against the controversial citizenship will.
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be. hello again it's good to have you back well here cross parts of turkey we have been watching a lot of snowfall across much of central as well as eastern turkey and the winds have been a big problem across this region as well and into parts of the mediterranean now the snow is going to continue here on thursday as you can see push into parts on korea a lot of heavy rain along the coast winds are going to be a big problem here and increasing and making their way a little bit more over here towards the east by the time we get towards friday for beirut you're going to be seeing a change in weather as well over the next few days not bad on thursday increasing clouds but by the time we get towards friday heavy rain and very windy conditions here on saturday only a top 10 for their dropping down to about 14 degrees well here across the southern part of africa it is going to be the rain here across much of south africa really developing over the next few days things have been quite warm as we went into the beginning of the week but as we go here towards the end of the week we'll be seeing those temperatures drop the cape down to about $24.00 degrees rain in the forecast really developing across much of the area and here on friday we do expect to see
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some heavier rain pushing out here towards the east but of torture him it is going to be a mostly cloudy day with rain in the forecast $25.00 degrees there but over here towards medicare partly cloudy conditions with a temperature of $27.00 and harare a $25.00. anti fascist anti establishment and pro violence despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of the bilbao stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with violent football hooligans. and read all death on al-jazeera. world.
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this is al jazeera mind all the top stories for unite the republican majority u.s. senate has voted to acquit president donald trump and both charges in his impeachment trial that wrongly was the only republican to break ranks on the abuse of power a charge. all democrats force it to convict john they've called the acquittal valueless center variants press ahead with more investigations. and more than 28000 people have now been infected by the corona virus that includes more than 20 people on a cruise ship is under foreign seen in japan a 2nd cruise ship has also been quarantined in hong kong. a palestinian teenager has been killed by israeli fargher in process in the occupied west bank
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the shooting happened in hebron the palestinian health ministry says 17 year old mohammed al had died was killed when a bullet went through his hearts israeli military says its troops opened fire after a palestinian threw a fire bomb. there's been a suspected car ramming at a bus station west jerusalem according to israeli security forces at least 14 people were injured when vehicles driven into a crowd of pedestrians the driver fled the scene after the suspected attack. at least 6 people have been killed in the southern iraqi city over the john for supporters of the shia cleric worked as an outsider stones an anti government process camp souter has at different times with supports and opposed to protestors who want the removal of iraq's willing elites some wonderful team has more from baghdad. this is just the latest in a series of confrontations between the sudras who supports the nomination of mohamed tawfik allow as prime minister designate and other protesters who reject
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him until recently the sudras supported the protesters providing important logistical support protection as well as political cover but not that assad or has changed his position on the protests several times at times offering his support about other times we've drawing it now the situation has become particularly tense with the nomination of allowing as prime minister designate on saturday that a starter and doris him while many protesters rejected him the sudras then moved into central protest sites controlling strategic buildings and since then we have seen several confrontations just yesterday on tuesday we saw that a group of sudras beat several student protesters who criticize sutter and who rejected allow we as the prime minister designate so all of these all of these tensions risk further escalating and therefore further fueled by mark that us that has repeated a change in stance on the protests with increasingly confusing messages to words
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his supporters on whether they should join the protests or whether they should withdraw all of this comes amid growing fears among the protesters that the sudras may try to seize control of the protest movement that they may try to ended all together. several missiles have been intercepted near the syrian capital damascus called and she state media says they were far from over the occupied golan heights there are no immediate reports of damage or casualties israel hasn't commented about it has previously targeted geranium and his policies are gets inside syria. a passenger jets have skidded off the end of a runway in istanbul killing 3 people and injuring dozens of others the pegasus airlines flight from his marriage was seen in flames and broke into 3 pieces passengers and crew had to be evacuated through cracks in the plane russian mob are reports from istanbul. the dramatic and for the short flight from his me to
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istanbul the boeing owned by pick gases airlines was touching down when pilots appear to have lost control the plane veered off the runway burst into flames and broke into pieces. most of the 171 passengers along with the crew their vacuously escaped alive many suffered injuries and were sent to hospitals. the 2 pilots reported to be in a serious condition an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the crash. unfortunately the pegasus airlines plane could not stay on the runway due to poor weather conditions and skidded for around 50 to 60 meters it fell from 30 to 40 to 175 passengers babies for flight attendants and 2 pilots were on board 120 passengers have so far been transferred to nearby hospitals. there was
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a thunderstorm bringing gusty winds at the time of the incident the authorities closed the airport and diverted flights to different destinations this isn't the 1st time this has been involved in such an incident 2 years ago one of its jets skidded off the runway atop zone port and and half way down a steep slope by the black sea all 162 passengers and crew aboard would have backed away to safely pegasus airlines is likely to face further scrutiny in the coming days last month one of its planes slid off the runway an airport investigator said the incident was due to bad weather conditions. is the board. sit on transitional government says holding an emergency cabinet meeting following a decision to boost ties with israel a military council spokesman said monday's meeting between sudan's leader and israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu was an effort see protects national
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security and and sudan's designation by the us as a supporter of terror so wm partners in the governments have rejected the talks with israel saying they weren't consulted malawi's president is set to appeal against a court ruling that overturned his reelection piecer mr ricca who has been president since 2014 narrowly won his 2nd term last year the court cited widespread systemic and grave irregularities in the cones in process. reports from the capital. people in malawi were preparing for another election after the constitutional court nullified last year's presidential vote saying it was marred by widespread irregularities but now they've been told he's going to be an appeal at the supreme court when printing press made. out the we know. all along on the ground agreed
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that it had approved through free fair and credible and. exploiting the upward growth. and. the court. the may 21000 presidential election results showed metallica beat this man opposition candidate. 515-9000 votes a lead of just over 3 percentage points secularist says he's not worried about the appeal they have a right to do that if they know they have a case but you cannot really think you can succeed against 5 judges who had a unanimous decision. the constitutional court judges said several people may have voted more than once there was evidence of ballot stuffing and some think this was changed using typewriter correction fluid is the 1st time a presidential election has been challenged on legal grounds in malawi for months
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opposition supporters protested over last year's disputed election some people fear an appeal could spark more demonstrations. the opposition supporters have criticized african and its a national election observer missions for endorsing the disputed polls a lot of what we saw for the entire electorate process is what the international observers saw except when it came to management transmission of the results and the determination and announcement of results there were things you know people who come from outside could not easily observe or if you feel safe they kind of economic sense of what's happening because you are required to be grounded in the chords in their practices and so you begin to put things together and you realize that in this case 2 plus 2 is not equal to 4 it is something much more than for. the outcome of the president's appeal is likely to have major implications for
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malawi both politically and economically. al-jazeera a long way. the african union summit is looking at the disputes which in cairo khartoum and this over ethiopia's ground bringing so on stand several attempts to resolve the crisis have so far failed as mohamed phone reports. there is no shortage of issues to debate at the african union summit even the host country ethiopia has its own dispute with neighbors while the construction of its multibillion dollar hydropower dam over the blue nile river continues it remains at odds with egypt over some major aspects of the project egypt initially opposed the giant dam itself now it's opposing the plan for the filling of the lake that's going to hold up to $74000000000.00 cubic meters of the rivers waters if the filling spreads over 3 years as ethiopia once egypt expects to face probably the
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biggest manmade reduction in its share of the nile waters in recorded history. in 2015 if the o.p.'s sudan and egypt signed the declaration of principles aiming to resolve the dispute and getting rid of a colonial era treaty which gave egypt a lion's share of the nile. but disagreements over technical details continue to prevent its implementation as the dam construction neared completion egypt pressed for international mediation against the wishes of ethiopia however the 3 parties finally agreed to us arbitration last year. they held several rounds of talks in washington coming close to signing a final agreement in january but after visiting the dam on saturday if you open the prime minister ahmed told parliament he'd asked for more time to study the draft agreement oh no it's among my despite great efforts by the us president the us treasury secretary and the world bank to overcome the obstacles we still need to
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negotiate this matter further during the negotiations the downstream countries changed their position from rejecting building the dam to how to operate the dam and the water flow we will continue to benefit from our resources without harming anyone. if your peers says it has every right to utilise the blue nile waters but originated from its territory for both farming and the production of hydro power that is designed to produce up to $6000.00 megawatts but egypt believes any dramatic change in the water flows as the dam is filled will cause a crisis on its territory so then for which the nile passes seems the least concerned despite warnings by some of it sr experts have a potentially negative impact on its water supplies it's not clear what progress the a you leaders can achieve during the 2 days of talks while eyes are still on washington and lincoln hopes but the parties will sign an agreement some. are dizzy.
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one of the stars of hollywood's golden age has died small scale winning actor kurt jugglers who starred in more than 80 movies during his career was 103 he's best known for his lead role in the 1960 s. from spartacus but was also a producer for life it wiser and the patriarch of an acting dentistry so this was nominated for best actor 3 times and was the recipients of an honorary oscar in 1906. artists around india are joining a campaign against the controversial citizenship law they say they are using their work to show how the law is unfair and discriminatory especially against muslims was with piron and reports from new delhi. the writing is on the wall and shopping bag the name of this one's little known neighborhood in new delhi has become synonymous with the protest movement against the citizenship amendment act it's also become
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a place for artistic expression the road protests is occupied looks more like an open their art gallery just an audio has been portraying the protests on paper since the indian government possible in december it seems they go away. from the what are you going. to be going. to draw and sippin shit online and used in protests around the country they criticize the law which fast track citizenship to minorities from 3 neighboring countries but not muslims want. to see all my love for them because. it's not the role of. the movement has drawn in musicians to rap in a vain kumar whose performed shaheen bob says have a responsibility to use their voice these are times when you should speak up in any
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which way whatever you do. as he was inspired to write his song ball speak to police used force against protesters and students at johnny a 1000000 islamiya university while brown lied about the artist and job a limb and i have some on painted this work reflecting the violence is what what's special about this you see that mark in the middle that is real blood from the student who was beaten by police we thought let's not hide that. police removed his other paintings of the protests from the india fan the 2nd of february. new delhi's other big protest site the day off for a man opened fire peaceful protest rally here on the 30th of. and you read too woman created this new role depicting the incident. the gunman praised police has he carried out the shooting the despised 3 shootings that she had bagged and johnny a one week the artist and the people keep coming elizabeth pradhan al-jazeera new
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delhi. a trial has begun in paris for 6 suspected fraudsters accused of impersonating a french politician to steal millions of euros they're accused of calling more than 150 targets by phone and skype forcing this french foreign minister should leave the detail where investigators say they requested money for a secret mission with a promise of repayments on the french states 3 people were successful egypt's including the spiritual leader the aga khan who reportedly sent 22 $1000000.00. you know. this is an attack on the state this is an attack that could have because it in the context of public affairs we must not forget that the events that interest us took place in 20152016 that at that time they were the child and batman attacks so in a context of very very high levels of terrorism everybody was sensitive to the
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issues and the crooks who using the breeding ground of and terrorism. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the republican majority u.s. senate has voted to acquit president on trump or both charges in his impeachment trial mitt romney was the only republicans of break ranks all the abuse of power charge. well all democrats voted to convict trump they've called the acquittal valueless undergoing to press ahead with more investigations. more than 28000 people have now been infected by the corona virus that includes more than 20 people on a cruise ship that sons of corn seen in japan a 2nd cruise ship has also been quarantined in hong kong sarah clarke has more. we have at least $3600.00 passengers and staff who are currently in isolation being
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quarantined as you mentioned for 14 days after a number of passengers on a previous voyage on the ship were found to be infected with the chrono virus now we know of 3 of those particular infections but there are also local reports saying as many as i had people my been infected are from the ship behind us at the moment they're in quarantine and also you mentioned earlier there's also another cruise ship in japan it's now in quarantine and taiwan has announced that it will not allow any cruise ships to dock in taiwan as of today at least 6 people have been killed in the southern iraqi city of know just from supporters of the shia cleric knocked out of southern songs an anti government process camp sort of has at times will supported sound appalls the protesters who want the removal of iraq's ruling elites. several missiles have been intercepted near the syrian capital damascus according to state media and says they were far from over the occupied golan heights there are no immediate reports of damage or casualties israel hasn't commented virt it has previously targeted
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a rainy and and hizbollah sites inside syria there's been a suspected car running at a bus station in west jerusalem according to israeli security forces at least 14 people were injured when the vehicle was driven into a crowd of pedestrians the driver fled the scene after the suspected attack. and one of the stars of hollywood's golden age has died oscar winning actor kirk douglas who appeared to move in 80 movies during his career was 103 he's best known for his lead role in the 1960 s. film spartacus but was also a producer a prolific writer and a picture of an acting in the city. well those are the headlines stay with us on al-jazeera the news continues after the stream. to al-jazeera we talk about 2 of the biggest problems facing and they are the endemic corruption. we listen so if you replace china's enemy of ours and that's really bad news we meet
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with global news makers and tweak about the stories that matter just 0. hi answer me ok and you in the stream today is the united states deporting salvadorians to their deaths where discuss a new human rights watch report highlighting violence and abuse many face falling deportation you can share your thoughts on this issue twitters at a.j. stream or leave a comment in our live chat curating it right now as i speak and you can you to get me in the street. ringback project angry i'm an attorney with out there the people's justice center we want to and we to pension and family separation and you're in the street. the u.s. government's hardening immigration policies putting fountains deported salvadorians at.


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