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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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because they say the people have for you the justice system. running out of beds and running short of medical supplies china confirms thousands more cases of coronavirus. want to 0 life from a headquarters and. also ahead the u.s. senator quits donald trump after his impeachment trial but democrats are planning more investigation. 7 deadly confrontation and they're walking city of anti-government demonstrators fight with supporters off the top there are. thousands of syrians free fighting in the province as government forces try to retake the last rebel held territory we report
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from inside syria. hello the chinese city at the center of the coronavirus is running out of hospital beds the toll of dead. infected continues to grow and the country saw a record spike in deaths on wednesday bringing the total to more than $560.00 more than $28000.00 people are infected most of them in the epicenter of. dorothy's say there is a shortage of medical supplies and the number of cases is nearing the total number of hospital beds and the day after the chinese president xi jinping met and thanked his cambodian counterpart for his support in the fight against the virus there are now reports that beijing may delay its biggest political meeting the annual national congress is held every march that's when top communist. party leaders meet
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with thousands of members to the side on the government's priorities for the year and taiwan has banned all international cruises from docking after 10 more cases were confirmed on a quarantine vessel docked in the japanese city of yokohama dozens of crew members on another isolated ship in hong kong also say they're selling symptoms while 8 passengers have been infected so we'll speak to adrian brown now he's joining us from hong kong will get to hong kong in a moment but 1st what do you make of the news coming out of china how concerned do we think authours are at the spread of the coronavirus. during i think the fact that there's talk now about how postponing the national people's congress china's annual meeting of parliament in early march gives you an indication of just how serious things are the country is basically on no wolf footing against an invisible enemy and from what i've been seeing pictures today on
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giant machines spraying disinfectant over streets pavements and other public areas being fumigated but as you pointed out in your introduction hospitals are certainly very overstretched there is a shortage of beds and of course what we're getting at the moment from china are just the official statistics for the number of people who have died or who've been diagnosed with this fire is what we don't know is how many people are trapped at home who may have the fires and want to get to hospital treatment president xi jinping has been meeting the visiting cambodian prime minister concerned that of course these. support for him come is almost a state that relies totally on on china for a lot of the aid it receives so that will be a sort of show support the president cheating the will be very very grateful for that certainly there is you know on social media and. a sense that there are
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questions continuing to be asked about whether the chinese government is able to contain this fire is from spreading certainly there are plenty of public announcements on t.v. exhorting the masses to stay home and not to venture outside at the moment we have about $74000000.00 now in total lockdown what are the measures that are but being put in place in hong kong and specifically where you are right now and how are people there coping. well i'm in the streets in cool's way bay where you can buy face moss but you can buy them at a very inflated price for instance a packet of $20.00 face muscle is now selling for about 100 $26.00 u.s. dollars that's more than 3 times the usual price and people look quite angry about the issue of face mask they're saying the government should be providing free facemask to everyone pointing out that the hong kong government is sitting on fast
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preserves and why isn't it using some of that money to help the people at this time of need we've also been told that a number of private clinics are having to close because of the shortage of face miles short time ago the government in taiwan announced new travel restrictions on people coming from home grown from saturday hong kong citizens who arrived in height in taiwan would have to be placed in quarantine for 14 days foreigners will leave come from hong kong will simply be turned away and also from friday taiwan will not be issuing any movies as to people from hong kong it gives a sense of the sort of growing isolation with long kong is starting to feel very. thank you for that update. now so far there are no confirmed cases of corona virus on the african continent but health authorities are still on alert as hundreds of suspected infections have been reported it's likely to be on the agenda when the
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african union leaders meet in ethiopia in a few days' time and that's where mohamed vaal is joining us from from the if european capital. so given the large amount of traffic between africa the continent and china how concerned are leaders there that there possibly could be an outbreak of the corona virus. your body it seems there is a sufficient amount of concern here among the delegations we know that the african union has issued a statement yesterday saying that they have coordinated to set up a rapid response center nationwide or africa wide task force to deal with any emergency cases and cases are being detected we know that. no confirmed cases so far enough to have been detected the 1st case were the 1st suspect case was in the ivory coast on the 27th of january and ever since we've been hearing news from this
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country about cases being tested people coming from china even including for. the test to the tests was sent to south africa and it was proved negative so the african leaders say they are ready for this we don't have any item on the agenda of the summit it's about is going to take. a few days 2 days from now we don't have that rail but it seems that they are gearing up to take care of it yeah and are you getting an idea or a sense of what sort of precautions are going to be put in place and and are there any lessons that have been learned from past viruses that affect it like a bowler for example that affected some countries over in west africa. well so far what they're talking about is a coordination between several centers control disease centers across the continent and they are going to work in tandem about this situation we have seen or so news
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we have received news that across the continent major hubs for international flights at the airports they have said screening tests there we have seen that also here in ethiopia you know that ethiopia has not yet suspended its flights with china. it goes to 5 destinations in china but several other countries have already suspended their flights including moral code tanzania kenya but the gasket and others so these are the sort of measures that they have been talking about and doing until now but we will know more tomorrow there'll be a dedicated press conference here in the suburb or by the health ministry in also the ministers meeting today to give us more details about what the african leaders are intending to do all right. we'll let you go for now thank you for that update from. the u.s. president donald trump has been acquitted in his senate impeachment trial he was charged with abusing presidential powers and obstruction of congress one republican
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broke ranks but it wasn't enough to see trump removed from office democrats are vowing to press ahead with more investigations how does ok to reports from washington. it is therefore the outcome was as expected donald trump be and he is here by acquitted of the charges in said articles donald trump only the 3rd u.s. president to be impeached now also the 3rd u.s. president to be acquitted the white house called it full of vindication and exoneration mr romney all but one republican senator loaded not guilty on both articles of impeachment the lone defector was mitt romney the utah senator who in 2012 with the republican presidential nominee my faith is at the heart of who i am romney said in an emotional floor speech his conscience was more important than party loyalty he voted guilty an abuse of power what he did was not perfect
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no it was a flagrant assault on our electoral rights our national security and our fundamental values a few other republicans said they believe put trump did was wrong but didn't rise to remove all from office others blasted the democrats' efforts to remove the 45th us president i worry about the future of the presidency after what's happened here ladies and gentlemen you will come to regret this whole process you know all the democrats voted to convict trump on both charges they voice disappointment after his acquittal but did not admit defeat may yet face further investigation in the democrat controlled house and make no mistake about it the drip drip drip of evidence is going to keep coming out with each new revelation the message to the house of representatives. don't do this again. now with the impeachment officially behind him trump can spring for the november election whether all this has helped
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him or hurt him as a candidate is the big question how do you know castro al-jazeera washington. at least 10 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in the southern iraqi city of najaf when supporters of the shiite cleric attacked an anti-government protest camp fights broke out between the groups sadat has a different time supported and if those the protestors who want the removal of iraq's ruling elite imran khan has more on the protests from by towns. there's a real concern here in baghdad and across the south of what exactly a very influential shia cleric one of the most influencers here clerics is up to now he has flip flopped between supporting the protesters and no support taking the protest is that what he seems to be doing is putting his backing behind iraq's security forces he's already said that here in baghdad he wants all the bridges and
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all the roads leading here to tucker a square to be open he wants the protesters to simply remain intact or a square outside of this area but he has a very different agenda to the protesters the protest movement is very clear they want a change a radical change in the way iraq is governed titles actually wants something slightly different to that a much more conservative what he wants is for the writ of the iraqi government law to be applied here in baghdad and across the south he looks to the protesters to simply remain where they had to abate a little you also has a very different a very radically different agenda when it comes to. the idea of u.s. troops being in iraq he wants them out and that's not something that many of the protests we would want to back because they say we have. and the corrupt. government. so what's happening what's really fearful for
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a lot of is the fact that several said it may well be trying to co-opt. the protest . a 19 year old palestinian has been shot dead by the israeli army over house demolition in the occupied west bank town of jenin protests began after heavy machinery was moved in to destroy the family home of the man charged in connection with the $28.00 killing of a rabbi in the west bank settlements 6 others were wounded in the clashes this is the 2nd palestinian death in 24 hours a 17 year old was also shot by israeli soldiers during a protest in hebron and israeli police are looking for the driver for a car that hit a crowd of pedestrians in west jerusalem at least 12 soldiers were injured police say it was deliberate the driver fled the scene but the car was later found abandoned close to bethlehem still ahead on al-jazeera.
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we look back on the life and career of hollywood legend kirk douglas who has died at the age of 103. pictures of protests we meet the indian artists using their work to speak out against the controversial citizenship. how i wish i was of course continues right in today's year but it's been an increase in the numbers throughout the philippines central and south and particularly and in the forecast that continues or they will creep up towards lose all in the continuing east the breeze and a mass of them seem to want to fall in the wind eventually showing up road cincom the coast of borneo the meantime the deepest shares there for the biggest shares are somewhere around sumatra they're still in java not quite as deep as they were in fact very thing that they said tending to
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a yes and that's to clump over water which wants to follow the winds down towards coochie which we expect to see them on sunday or monday fear sheryl's but still there in sumatra now australia still like to see more flash floods they've happened recently in southeast queens in the existing dancer in new south wales of course us 2 handed in some respects is good because we want the rain but if you have too much it any one time it's flash flood territory and that can be dangerous it looks like the worst might stay offshore so you get the benefit of not too much to too bad the waves flash flood risk in new south wales and it may well be a welcome or west coast in western australia the tropical cyclone developing which might well make landfall on saturday that's where it. the island of sardinia a famously a delayed college a spot. less well known as
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a proving grounds for. investigation claims that years of military training and arms testing triggered cancer and birth defects made to the local population. secret sardinia people in power on al-jazeera. teller again the top stories on al-jazeera china is struggling to cope with the corona virus outbreak it's another record spike in deaths $73.00 in a single day and there are reports that beijing may delay its biggest political
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meeting of the year officials say it's unlikely the spread will be contained by next month u.s. president donald trump has been acquitted in his senate impeachment trial he was facing charges of abusing presidential powers and obstruction of congress only one republican mitt romney voted against him democrats are vowing to press ahead with more investigations. at least 10 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in the southern iraqi city of najaf one supporters of the shiite cleric with a southerner attacked an anti-government protest. rebels in syria supported by turkish artillery have pushed back government forces from a key town in the province that says turkey's president warns serious governments not to continue their offensive into the rebel held region hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by the fighting simcoe is in syria at the crossing along the border with turkey she has more on the humanitarian situation there. the camps
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that were by the border where i recall the ottoman area have older have older they've been fool so far and since last year's since the syrian regime intensified its assault to wards north of the last april it's even more crowded i'm told by the locals here that each kid is each 10 to each house it isn't that there is not only one family at least $23.00 even more families it resided in one friend or one apartment it seems is that civilians in the people have opened their dorms for the new late comers who are recent the escaping from south of it where it is actually all under control of the syrian government's. about one month ago the syrian government to control regain territory down below the m $4.00 and $5.00 highway and set up to where the clashes are is at the junction of the highway
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and turkey it tried to establish a naval observe a shim posts over that and last night 4 of them were again surrounded by the syrian government forces and there were clashes what i learned from the military sources on the ground is that we must not i mean those clashes one syrian army general 7 offices plus several fighters embedded with the syrian army have been killed by the by the turkish back opposition forces over here a train has derailed in northern italy killing 2 people and injuring more than 20 others it happens in the early hours of thursday morning between milan and bologna our local media say the 2 people who died were crew members emergency services are investigating what caused the crash. turkish prosecutors have launched an investigation into what caused a passenger jet to skid off the runway while landing in istanbul 3 people were killed and dozens injured when the pegasus airlines plane broke into 3 pieces after
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landing in poor weather. crew had to be evacuated through cracks in the fuselage reports from istanbul. the dramatic and for the short flight from is me to istanbul the boeing owned by pick us as airlines was touching down when pilots appear to have lost control the plane veered off the runway burst into flames and broke into pieces. most of the 171 passengers along with the crew their back asleep escaped alive many suffered injuries and were sent to hospitals. the 2 pilots reported to be in a serious condition an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the crash because of. unfortunately the pegasus airlines plane could not stay on the runway due to poor weather conditions and skidded for around 50 to 60 meters it
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fell from 30 to 40 to 175 passengers babies for flight attendants and the pilots were on board 120 passengers have so far been transferred to nearby hospitals. there was a thunderstorm bringing gusty winds at the time of the incident the authorities closed the airport and diverted flights to different destinations this isn't the 1st time this has been involved in such an incident 2 years ago one of its jets skidded off the runway atop zone port and and half way down a steep slope by the black sea all 162 passengers and crew aboard would have backed away to safely pegasus airlines is likely to face further scrutiny in the coming days last month one of its planes slid off the runway at. port investigators said the incident was due to bad weather conditions. is the board so don's
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transitional government has held an emergency cabinet meeting after the country's military leaders moved to boost ties with israel a military council spokesman said monday a surprise meeting between sudan. leader an israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was an effort to protect national security and sudan's designation by the u.s. as a supporter of terrorism council agreed to allow is relief flights to use sudanese air space civilian partners in the government have rejected the talks with israel saying they were not consulted sudan has been trying to reform its image and open the country to international investment since the overthrow of the longtime leader ahmed and bashir him or morgan more from the capital since it was revealed on monday that the head of the sovereign council of sudan abdul fatah hahn has met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and to be in uganda sudanese have been divided on whether to accept the move or reject it now some people have taken to the streets to protest the move that has been taken by the head of the sovereign
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council saying that it is not within his mandate and that there is an executive cabinet headed by the prime minister who is responsible for sudan's foreign relations and how to deal with foreign countries others have been saying that it is the right time that sudan opens itself to the international community especially in times of economic and political turmoil now the sudanese army earlier came out with a statement saying that they do stand with the head of the sovereign council of the for the 100 and the steps taken by him saying that because he is the head of the of the army and the commander in chief they stand by his decision but not all sides in sudan have welcomed the move that has been taken by the head of the sovereign council let's go back to the makeup of the transitional government it's the result of a power sharing deal between the former military council that ousted former president i'm going to be here in april and the protest movement known as the forces of freedom and change coalition that has led demonstrations that led the military to
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overthrow the president now the parties that make up the coalition say that it is not within the mandate and that if the prime minister who holds executive power is to decide. he wants to start normalizing ties with any country especially israel or not now the prime minister has said that he had no knowledge of the meeting between the and the israeli prime minister but that is something that the head of the sovereign council contradicted on wednesday when he had an informal set sitting with journalists and editors in chief in the country hollywood is mourning the death of actor kirk douglas who has died at the age of 103 and argo starred in more than 80 movies becoming one of the most celebrated actors the film industries golden age he was nominated 3 times for the best actor oscar and received an honorary academy award in 1906 laura burton manley looks back at his life and career. kirk douglas graced the silver screen for more than 7
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decades he burst onto the scene in 1946 next to veteran movie star barbara stanwyck and strange. for people douglas quickly established himself as the star and leading man in his own right earning his 1st oscar nomination in 1950 playing a boxer in the champion. to more. pollo to over the next decade population one for playing a producer in 1952 the bad and the beautiful how do you know heart feel about and another in 1956 playing tortured artists vincent van gogh in lust for life well. i want to make. like a dog this is most iconic role came in 1960 playing spartacus. a slave leading a revolt in ancient rome he also produced the film and helped end hollywood's
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communist blacklists by insisting right to dalton trumbo receive on screen credit blacklisted hollywood writers had been working under pseudonyms they hadn't had their names officially on projects. courtesy system that for dalton trumbo one of the greatest writers of his own generation and that's that was really important douglas later became patriarch of an acting did a stage son michael followed him into business becoming an oscar winning actor and producer. in 2003 the path along with michael son cameron appears in the film it runs in the family. the veteran actor was a prolific author as well penning a whole dozen books including his $988.00 autobiography the rockman son. despite suffering it to police having stroke in 1905. to the film in
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96 at the age of 18 yet to finally won his fuss academy award an honorary oscar andrew knight i love all of you and i thank all of you. artists around india are joining the campaign against a controversial citizenship while they say they're using their work to show how the laws on say air and discriminatory especially against muslims elizabeth purana reports from. the writing is on the board and. the name of this one's little known neighborhood in new delhi has become synonymous with the protest movement against the citizenship amendment act it's also become a place for artistic expression the road protest is occupied looks more like an open their art gallery just an aria has been portraying the protests on paper since
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the indian government passed a little in december. i think it. was actually going. to drawings had been shared online and used in protests around the country they criticized the law which fast track citizenship to minorities from 3 neighboring countries but not muslims want. to know my name because. it's not anymore. the movement has drawn in musicians to rap and nevin kumar who's performed it show he says have a responsibility to use their voice to be their times when you should speak up in any which way whatever you do. says he was inspired to write his song
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speak after police used force against protesters and students at johnny a 1000000 islamiya university while artist and johnny a limb and i have some on painted this work reflecting the violence is one what's special about this you see that mark in the middle that is real blood from the student who was beaten by police we thought let's not hide that. police removed houses. other paintings of the protests from the india out to fan the 2nd of february. at new delhi's other big protest site the day off for a man opened fire at peaceful protest at a valley here on the 30th of january 2 women created this new road depicting the incident. the gunman praised police has he carried out the shooting but despite 3 shootings that show him back and job one week. and the people keep coming elizabeth purana al-jazeera you daddy a record breaking female astronaut has just landed back on earth touching down in
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kazakhstan earlier american christina coach departed the international space station on a russian so use capsule along with 2 other crewmembers coach shattered the space flight record for a female astronauts by spending 328 days on board and she also led the 1st all female space walk austere. the headlines on al-jazeera china struggling to cope with the corona virus outbreak at sea in another record spike in deaths in a single day $73.00 that is and there are reports that beijing may delay its biggest political meeting of the year officials say it's unlikely the spread will be contained by next month adrian brown has the latest on the chinese government's efforts to curb the outbreak. but the fact is. the national
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people's congress china's annual meeting of parliament gives you an indication of just how serious the country is basically on a week footing against an invisible enemy and from what i've been seeing pictures today giant machines spraying disinfectant over the streets pavements and other public areas being fumigated the us president donald trump has been a credit in his senate impeachment trial he was facing charges of abusing presidential powers on the struction of congress only one republican mitt romney voted against him democrats are vowing to press ahead with more investigations at least 10 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in the southern iraqi city of measure off and supporters of the shiite cleric attacked an anti-government protest. and 10 year old palestinian has been shot dead by the israeli army after clashes over a house demolition in the occupied west bank town of jenin protests began after
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heavy machinery was moved into destroy the family home of the man charged in connection with the $2800.00 killing of a rabbi in a west bank settlements turkish prosecutors have launched an investigation into what caused a passenger jet to skid off a runway while landing in istanbul 3 people were killed and dozens injured a high speed train has crossed in northern italy killing 2 crew 27 passengers were injured but the train wasn't as crowded as normal because they drill men's happened in the early morning we're up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera people and power is coming up next thanks for watching. americans live side by side in 2 parallel universes the trunk parts of america are getting trampy or there is a pull out a few weeks ago that you had almost 30 percent americans believing they were on the cusp of civil war both sides accuse each other of doing things that are so blatantly wrong the bottom line on us politics and policies and their effect on the
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world. best known to tourists for its beautiful beaches and dramatic coastline italian island of sardinia is also a major cause to make this work the locals are long and these tests of the took effect. for years the authorities have refuted those playing reporter emma alberici went to investigate.


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