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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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amounts of money involved yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera. the. arab. spring the streets of new han to try to stop the coronavirus but the chinese city is running out of beds for those already infected. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha navigator also ahead clashes in bethlehem as israeli soldiers carry out raids after a cruel ramming on the shooting of 4 palestinians in 24 hours. the u.s. senate acquits president donald trump after his impeachment trial but democrats are planning more investigations. parker in oil and where record numbers of families
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are now living in emergency accommodation the country's housing crisis is central in this year's general election. hello a growing number of countries are closing their borders to travelers from china the death toll from coronavirus there rises to 5632 cruise ships one in japan the other in hong kong are also in quarantine after passengers were found to be infected by the virus sarah clarke has the latest from hong kong. medical workers in china stepping up their efforts to stop the rapid rise of corona virus infections spreading countrywide since wednesday more than 3 and a half 1000 new cases have been officially confirmed in china taking the total count to 28030 a new born baby by province where the virus was 1st detected remains in lockdown.
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in provinces reporting the highest rates of infection supplies are being delivered by all forms of transport in japan this cruise ship is in quarantine after 20 passages were confirmed to have the virus there in hospital receiving treatment the rest of the passengers are confined to the ship. to figure you know there are 4 people who are japanese nationals of the others 2 are from the united states 2 from canada one from new zealand and one from taiwan in hong kong more than 3600 people on the world dreamz cruise ship had been put into quarantine after passengers on the previous voyage tested positive for the virus the ship's medical team is carrying out mandatory temperature checks on passages oh cruise ships will be banned from docking in hong kong from saturday and the government has further restrictions on arrivals taiwan is also banning chris shipped in
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a bid to stop the virus spreading hong kong has partially closed its borders with mainland china the bridge linking hong kong with mccowan ju hai remains open so as hong kong airport one of the busiest in asia from saturday all travelers crossing from the mainland to the city will be quarantined for 14 days in asia has announced it too will stop all arrivals from china the world health organization is sending a quarter of a 1000000 testing kits to affected countries to try to curb the outbreak but a shortage of protective gear for doctors and nurses as well as medical supplies is stifling efforts to treat those already infected and stop the global spread of the corona virus sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong were age around is across all the developments he's joining us from hong kong and it appears that there is no sign of coronavirus slowing down despite the quarantine measures that have been put in place in china. yes it's
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fair to say during the. in a really remains on a war footing against this invisible enemy we saw dramatic pictures on social media unverified pictures showing streets being sprayed with disinfectant and also other public areas being fumigated the narrative though on state controlled television is this china is winning this battle and will continue to win the battle i think that window we had several weeks ago when the media was being very questioning in its coverage of what was taking place has now changed i think the government wants to focus on the positive and less on the negative the news that china may well have to postpone it samuel session of parliament the national people's congress in early march is a further reminder i guess of just how severe the authorities are now treating this but certainly the impression you get from wuhan today is that hospitals remain
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swamped there is an acute shortage of beds and remember just a few days ago the chinese government conceded that it needed the international community to help it in terms of sending more supplies more face moss and in particular protective medical gifu workers and what about the korean team vessel in the harbor in hong kong where you are what's the latest on that and how are people there being. well the enforced holiday for the 800 or so passengers on board that vessel looks like it will continue for at least you know another 2 weeks they are going to remain in quarantine as officials from hong kong center for disease prevention continue doing mandatory checks on everyone on board now we did have some good news today concerning the boat 3 crew members who were admitted to hospital feeling unwell on wednesday have been given the all clear they don't have the virus but the
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authorities are not taking any chances they are continuing to screen everybody on that boat and remember that before we realized that several people had been infected we know that from a previous forward when there was an infection several 100 people got off the boat in hong kong just over 10 days ago and the authorities are still looking for those people sarah mentioned in her report there's been another blow for hong kong today with taiwan announcing that it's going to place severe travel restrictions on people leaving hong kong for taiwan basically taiwan's not going to issue any more visas to people from hong kong or indeed 20 foreigners living here it's all helping to increase the sense of isolation i think the people here in china in china and in hong kong are starting to feel right adrian brown thank you for bringing us that update from hong kong clashes have erupted in bethlehem between palestinians and israeli soldiers after a tense 24 hours the israeli army is searching for
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a man involved in a car ramming incident that happened in west jerusalem and it wounded 12 soldiers but since early wednesday 4 palestinians have been shot dead by soldiers in separate incidents let's bring in gary foster he'll give us an update he's joining us from west jerusalem and when you look at the situation in the occupied west bank town of bethlehem why has it become somewhat of a flashpoint terry. well certainly it has been a pretty violent 24 hour period this current operation by the israeli army inside the occupied west bank in bethlehem in particular is in search for the suspect in a running attack which as you say took place in the early hours of thursday morning in west jerusalem in a popular entertainment area there were this group of soldiers were on
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a tour of the city ahead of a swearing in ceremony at the western wall in occupied east jerusalem in the old city which was due to happen later they were according to israeli police deliberately rammed into by a vehicle one of those soldiers seriously injured one moderately and 10 lightly the car that's alleged have been used was found in beit jalla which is a city just on the fringes of bethlehem and now we've seen these clashes and since then there has been another incident inside jerusalem inside the old city in occupied east jerusalem as soldiers say or the israeli army says a man was seen approaching a group of soldiers at the entrance to the al aqsa mosque compound opened fire injuring one of those soldiers lightly and he himself was shot dead so a couple of developing stories as far as violence goes in and around jerusalem in
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the last few hours and we're also hearing of a palestinian man in geneva in who's been killed by the army what more do you know about. yes again that's that the details in that are emerging as we speak it was an overnight operation of it by the israeli army inside janine they were demolishing a house which had been rebuilt by a family one of whose members was involved in an attack on an israeli rabbi in the occupied west bank in 2018 in which that rabbi was killed the traditional method of collective punishment or or trying to prevent other such attacks depending on which side of the argument you fall was is to destroy such houses and so this house was being destroyed again and clashes developed after that in which at least one palestinian police officer was shot by israeli forces there was
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a 2nd person who was killed some reports that that could have been another palestinian security operative although that has not been confirmed as things stand at the moment and all of this is following what happened on wednesday in hebron in another part of york by the west bank for the south where there were clashes between palestinians and israeli soldiers there israeli forces say that they shot a 17 year old palestinian dead after he was in the process of throwing molotov cocktails towards israeli forces so all of this really does seem to be a bit of a spike in terms of violence and all of it of course coming in the week after the unveiling of the trump peace plan in washington all right terry thank you very much . more demonstrations are expected in the iraqi capital baghdad and other city cross cities rather across the country after weeks of political deadlock and
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anti-government protests on wednesday priest 10 people were killed and more than a 100 injured in the southern city of measure off supporters of the shah cleric more talk to protest camp so that has a different time supported oppose the movement came on khan has more on the protests from baghdad's. seems that there is a crack between those movements now what we're hearing from people very close to the general so that i'd also from political analysts is it the other has actually got a mission to try and open new voting and all of the bridges to be central baghdad leading to where i'm standing right now which is tucker a square he wants all of the protesters to be pushed into takrit square and he's also replicating this strategy where the in the southern provinces well that's why we saw his followers supporters go in to niger where 10 people were killed now the reason for this is that whatever also has actually put his support behind the iraqi
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government and behind the security forces he says that the rich load needs to come back to iraq but he also has a very different agenda to the protesters the protesters have been here since october with a very clear agenda they want a complete overhaul of the government system an end to corruption a new government you elections but what other actually wants is an end to the u.s. presence both diplomatic and military in iraq and those 2 things are very different what people are really worried about here is that the totals how to will try and co-opt the protesters and try to force them to back his agenda levanon government has approved a rescue ponza for the country out of its worst economic crisis in decades which has driven months of mass protests it's unlikely to satisfy people living in the country's poorest city though who remain skeptical the government can help lift
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them out of poverty from tripoli sara feyerick reports. poverty is visible on every corner of this neighborhood as tripoli. the impact of lebanon's west economic crisis in decades is felt. we spoke to people from different can. units seized at fort pitt city over sectarian divisions only just a few years ago now they stand side by side in protest against the government and the over. this man tells us the ceilings of houses are crumbling and buildings are unsafe. every family here is suffering one way or another his elderly neighbor shouts from his balcony that he has nothing to his name. in another part of tripoli regie has just a few cents left his last meal was a loaf of bread shared with his family of 3. he says
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they have nothing to eat. this woman tells me she lost 4 children in the civil war she too can barely make ends meet she's not the only one we've only been here for a few hours and we're already hearing all sorts of stories of poverty and we've actually been stopped a number of times by people wanting to show us the harsh conditions that they're living in as you can see just behind me there now there's no jobs no medication and what's even food for some and they are asking the same questions over and over again where are the politicians and why is the government not helping them the new government says fixing the economy is a priority the world bank has warned that poverty will rise by a further 50 percent if the financial crisis continues many families are relying entirely on charity and. we're serving society as much as we can but the absence of the government is having a huge effect we're seeing it in this economic crisis is bigger than any of us you know the the whole of the problem of the angry frustrated and desperate this father
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and son tell us they too are struggling and i had to beg them and i understand when i'm at home without a job what can i do i'm forced to protest why should i trust this new government when even the international community is cautious unemployment in tripoli has reached nearly 60 percent many children aren't attending schools and with an influx of hundreds of thousands of syrian and palestinian refugees the newly elected mayor of tripoli says his city is at breaking point that all that and a couple of the a problem man that we're trying our best to help people as much as we can but we're limited by the government as a municipality. i have to get any decision approved 1st by the interior ministry before we can implement anything we've not much left people here are keeping the government movement alive they say they feel neglected and they're demanding change sort of. tripoli. still ahead on al-jazeera coming up in a moment camps inside syria struggle to cope with new arrivals tens of thousands
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flee the car bombing campaign in rebel held. a passenger jet skids off a runway in istanbul and breaks into concerns details in a moment. one of the really special things about working for others here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for that is you know it's very challenging there but in this particular because you have a lot of people that if i did on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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there's still plenty of snow to come in these showers they're heading towards honshu western slopes and of course is a long awaited start has been a very dry winter effectively in japan but forecasts far as that's disappearing out of the way now and then we see rains come out of china got across the southern japanese islands that's position like to be cheering friday so there is rain for the size otherwise not affected things much tech is not very well what 7 degrees beijing's 4 represents a quiet typical still winter weather yes equality isn't that good if it is about unhealthy at the moment but you're not alone there and a great deal of still exists over other parts of china but not with much right in there of course is likely to want to develop again of a united well we'll wait to see what happens later in the weekend it has warmed up into a can on saucer to 13 degrees but the study of rainfall some cells on the western slopes in honshu now across to india receives one usually rain in
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addition heading up towards west bengal that these cloud doesn't look very deep into about 60 millimeters falling out of the shadows and they're there in the forecast today but again this orange which suggests they're going to get deeper not sure about flash floods but very early right. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera china the struggling to cope with the corona virus outbreak it's seen a spike in deaths with 73 in a single day and there were reports that beijing may delay its biggest political meeting of the year. ashes have erupted in bethlehem between palestinians and
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israeli soldiers after a tense 24 hours the israeli military is searching for a man involved in a car ramming incident in jerusalem that saw 12 soldiers wounded since early wednesday for palestinians have been shot dead by soldiers in separate incidents. at least 10 people have been killed and more than a 100 injured in the southern iraqi city of measure when supporters of the shah cleric looked at the southern attacks and antigovernment protests. so the us president has been acquitted in his senate impeachment trial he was charged with abusing presidential powers and obstruction of congress. to reports from washington it is therefore the outcome was as expected donald trump be and he is hereby acquitted of the charges in said articles donald trump only the 3rd u.s. president to be impeached now also the 3rd u.s.
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president to be acquitted the white house called it full of vindication and exoneration mr romney all but one republican senator voted not guilty on both articles of impeachment the lone defector was mitt romney the utah senator who in 2012 with the republican presidential nominee my faith is at the heart of who i am romney said in an emotional floor speech his conscience was more important than party loyalty he voted guilty on abuse of power what he did was not perfect. no it was a flagrant assault on our electoral rights our national security and our fundamental values a few other republicans said they believe put trump did was wrong but didn't rise to remove all from office others blasted the democrats' efforts to remove the 45th us president worry about the future of the presidency after what's happened here
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ladies and gentlemen you will come to regret this whole process all the democrats voted to convict on both charges they voiced disappointment after his acquittal but did not admit defeat me yet face further investigation in the democrat controlled house and make no mistake about it the drip drip drip of evidence is going to keep coming out with each new revelation the message to the house of representatives don't do this again. now with the impeachment officially behind him trump can spring toward the november election whether all this has helped him or hurt him as a candidate is the big question castro al-jazeera washington well after days of delays and technical issues the preliminary results from i was democratic caucuses have 2 presidential contenders virtually tied while early county judge slightly had a bernie sanders the gap has narrowed significantly with nearly all results counted
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party officials are now scrambling to verify the remaining results it comes as new hampshire prepares to hold the 1st democratic primary election on tuesday. rebels in syria supported by turkish artillery have pushed back government forces from a key town in the province that says turkey's president warned syria's government not to continue their offensive into the last rebel held region hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by the fighting sinan close hold who is in syria at the bobbin how a crossing along the border with turkey shows more on the humanitarian situation. the camps that were by the border where we call the ottoman area have older have older they been fool so far and since last year's suit since the syrian regime intensified its assaults to wards north of in the last april it's even more crowded i'm told by the locals here that each kid is each 10 to each
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house it isn't that there is not only one family at least 2 or 3 even more families every siding in one friend or one apartment it seems is that civilians in the people have opened their dorms for the new late comers who are recently escaping from the south of there where he is actually or under the control of the syrian government. about one month ago the syrian government to control regain territory down below the m $4.00 and $5.00 highway and set up where the clashes are is at the junction of the highway and turkey it tried to establish a new observer a shim posts over that and last night 4 of them were again surrounded by the syrian government forces and there were clashes what i learned from the military sources on the ground is that we must not i mean those clashes one syrian army general 7 officers plus several fighters embedded with the syrian army have been killed by
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the by the turkish back opposition forces over here. a 39th person is now confirmed dead in avalanches and eastern turkey most of those killed were part of a team sent to rescue villagers hit by an earlier out a launch before a 2nd one struck rescue operations were halted on wednesday night due to poor weather conditions. also in turkey prosecutors have now launched an investigation into what caused the passenger jet to skid off a runway and down a bank while landing in istanbul 3 people were killed and dozens injured when that pegasus airlines boeing 737 broke into 3 pieces after landing in poor weather passengers and crew had to be evacuated through cracks in the fuselage but our reports from istanbul. a dramatic and for the short flight from his be to istanbul the boeing owned by pick gases airlines was touching down when pilots appear to
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have lost control the plane veered off the runway burst into flames and broke into pieces. most of the 171 passengers along with the crew there back asleep escaped alive many suffered injuries and were sent to hospitals. the 2 pilots reported to be in a serious condition an investigation is under way to determine the cause of the crash because of your knowledge of unfortunately the pegasus airlines plane could not stay on the runway due to poor weather conditions and skidded for around 50 to 60 meters it fell from 30 to 4175 passengers babies for flight attendants and 2 pilots were on board 120 passengers have so far been transferred to nearby hospitals. there was a thunderstorm bringing gusty winds at the time of the incident the authorities
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closed the airport and diverted flights to different destinations this isn't the 1st time this has been involved in such an incident 2 years ago one of its jets skidded off the runway atop zone port and and half way down a steep slope by the black sea all 162 passengers and crew aboard would have backed away to safely pegasus airlines is likely to face further scrutiny in the coming days last month one of its planes slid off the runway at an airport investigators said the incident was due to bad weather conditions. is the board a high speed train crash has crossed and italy killing 2 people they were both railway workers 27 passengers were also hurt came off the tracks in the early morning traveling at around 300. matters an hour from milan to bologna are. now arlen does one of the fastest growing economies in europe but the sudden boom after
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years of economic austerity has left the country with a critical shortage of affordable housing that's led to a sharp increase in homelessness the crisis is a defining issue head of this weekend's general election eve bartha reports from. lifting the legal island's housing crisis it left this family homeless forced to live with friends and relatives or in particular areas short term housing the result of sky high red said a key it against the the main challenge was people not wanting a single mother with 3 children because maybe single mothers are trouble or why or the thing you know i did walk the streets of la and i often had. just days where i just felt despair charities have intervened where the government has and the family now has a long term home and
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a place to grow. ready ready ready ready ready ready this charities inundated with desperate calls some from entire families affected from their homes you have children with. a record number of babies and now being born into homelessness currently we have nearly $4000.00 children who are homeless time includes only 2000 families it's a disgrace that there are so many children homeless but it's just a reality of the homes crisis in our love moments and was hit hard by the economic crash in 2008 the house building stalled since then wages have increased rents and house prices have risen by a bigger margin it's left an entire generation struggling to afford rents that are higher in dublin and tokyo sydney and singapore meanwhile house prices have soared as social housing is scarce on the outskirts of dublin a new suburbs emerging from wasteland built by an american property giant to attract large investors this is a 3 bed pan tastes in
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a nearby development this 3 bedroom apartment costs more than $3000.00 above well beyond the reach of many we need something in the order of 35000 houses a year we're only delivering 2025 so the main political parties at the moment are promising 406-088-0000 extension 0 units every over the course of the next government whereas i think they perhaps might need to look and see how feasible those numbers are it is a critical issue in this year's election all parties agree that rents need to be lower and they need to be more houses but they can't agree on how much to intervene in the lucrative private markets the government of prime minister leo varadkar is having to account for its time in office opinion polls are predicting a shift away from the main. centrist party safina galen pheno fall he willed it power for generations towards left wing shin fein during the conflict in northern ireland the party was regarded as the political wing of the republican paramilitary
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group the ira it's put housing at the heart of its campaign. charities are urging all politicians to find a robust solution to the housing crisis the consequences of inaction are clear for families tonight the basic right of a secure place to live. leave park out to 0 dublin. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera china is struggling to cope with the corona virus outbreak it's seen a spike in deaths with 73 in a single day and there were reports that beijing may delay its biggest political meeting of the year officials say it's unlikely the spread will be contained by next month adrian brock has the latest on the chinese government's efforts to curb the outbreak china really remains on a war footing against this invisible enemy we saw dramatic pictures on social media
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unverified pictures showing streets being sprayed with disinfectant and also other public areas being fumigated the narrative though on state controlled television is this china is winning this battle and will continue to win the battle i think that window we had several weeks ago when the media was being very questioning in its coverage over what was taking place has now changed i think the government wants to focus on the positive and less on the negative. 4 palestinians have been shot dead by israeli soldiers in separate incidents in a tense 24 hours clashes have erupted in bethlehem between palestinians and israeli troops the military is searching for a man involved in a car ramming incident in jerusalem that's all 12 soldiers wounded. at least 10 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in the southern iraqi city of and as a one supporters of the show a cleric work for the southern attacked an anti government protest camp more
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demonstrations are expected in the capital on to other cities. a 39th person is now confirmed dead following avalanches in eastern turkey most of those killed were part of a team sent to rescue villagers hit by an earlier avalanche before the 2nd one struck rescue operations were halted on wednesday night due to poor weather conditions. u.s. president has been acquitted in his senate impeachment trial on charges of abusing presidential powers on the structure of congress only one republican mitt romney voted against him democrats are vowing to press ahead with more investigations those are the headlines on al-jazeera the bottom line is coming up next thanks for watching.
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hi i'm steve clemons and i have a question donald trump says he's made huge accomplishment since he took office but just how healthy how strong and how united are the united states of america today let's get to the bottom line. this week president trump lays out his achievements in the annual state of the union address it's sort of like an annual health check up at the doctor's office in trump world everything is rosy we have prosperity lots of new jobs and lower taxes we're getting a big beautiful wall to block migrants his words not mine as part of his culture war all american policies foreign and domestic are changing really fast for its critics they don't recognize america anymore where is the america of greater racial inclusion where is the concern for those working full time but still in poverty and
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the rich getting richer at the expense of the rest of the.


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