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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2020 2:00am-3:01am +03

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close to. 0. however i missed and this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes the chinese doctor who was reprimanded for sounding an early warning about the corona virus has died of the illness. the. vicious and unrepentant donald trump uses profane language to attack democrats a day after being acquitted of impeachment charges. 24 hours of violence for palestinians shot dead tensions rise in the wake of the u.s. president's controversial plan for the middle east. brazil's president diables and
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our own proposes opening up indigenous lands to mining farming and energy interests including this big step depends on congress pressure from environmentalist those environmental people if one day i can i will confine them to the. plus the german state coalition chancellor angela merkel called unforgivably a regional head steps down just hours after taking support from the far right f.t. . chinese doctor who is among the fastest sound the alarm on the corona virus outbreak has died from its 34 year old lee when leon was accused of scaremongering by the police when he 1st posted about the virus on a local messaging application now back in december now after hours of conflicting reports on state made. central hospital has confirmed his death the world health
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organization says there are signs the number of new cases of the virus is dropping but it's too soon to know if it's reached its peak at least 632 people are now known to have died from the virus and more than 30000 remain infected meanwhile chinese authorities are still battling to treat patients a 2nd new hospital with 1500 beds has opened and will hand and those with milder symptoms are being moved to sports centers and public courts but a growing number of countries are also closing their borders to chinese travelers hong kong says it will quarantine all new arrivals from the mainland adrian brown reports. china is on a war footing unverified video on social media shows streets where the virus originated being sprayed with disinfectant. but questions linger over how china's government is dealing with this invisible enemy few countries can marshal the
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resources now at china's disposal and that's the thrust of the narrative on state controlled television but hospitals are swamped with an acute shortage of beds gymnasiums and sports stadiums have been turned into temporary medical centers to cope with the latest infections included a newborn baby but china's government says the number of virus victims who are recovering is also increasing here in hong kong the fear of catching this virus appears to be more contagious than the virus itself on thursday morning there were reports of panic buying in some local supermarkets with shelves being cleared of rice and other staples forcing the hong kong government to say there's no need to worry there's plenty of food. but there are not plenty of facemasks those that are on sale costs 3 times what they did before the crisis began people we spoke to don't understand why the government isn't providing them for free there are many
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poor people they have to queue up to buy to us and i think the government should do more on that to solve the problem because they're not doing enough because they did not plan ahead to pressure you see my word is it's a it's yes now that crisis word mass is like throwing out. the day after the hong kong government announced it would soon begin isolating all arrivals from the mainland it remains unclear how that will happen the 2 options appear to be self isolation or being placed in holiday camps converted to quarantine centers in hong kong a luxury cruise liner the 2nd in asia with infected passengers is now a floating quarantine center as medical teams continue screening the 3600 passengers and crew the authorities are also appealing to passengers who were on a previous voyage to get in touch fearing thousands more may have been exposed to
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the virus adrian brown al jazeera hong kong on china's ambassador to britain says some countries are overreacting to the situation there are concerns in the u.k. and the rest of the world about them some people are worried that it might have a negative effect on china's economy. the world economy they're also reactions by individual countries panic among the public even insulting and discriminatory remarks. targeting the overseas chinese community while trying to haul reports from london's chinatown where businesses are taking a hit. the normally bustling streets of london chinatown the early evening after work rush more hurried walk past half empty restaurants there's often a dip in trade following chinese new year we're told but not like this. a lot of
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poking being cancelled there was a child actually. very effective because the wife has from china. so as he was not a cause they scared they're worried if they're going to. china people. i mean to get away with this it also happens to be the midwinter flu season notoriously contagious sometimes deadly but not generally known to affect business on the high street it's estimated the common flu accounts for more than 50000 deaths a year worldwide coronavirus on the other hand has so far resulted in the deaths of just over 500 people your friend was worried why would she want to tell me what she said she was worried that it would in fact the food to the people that your friend thought coronavirus would it would in my effects what we see. a lot of people and
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masks you know and. she said maybe i should wear a mask but you know sister and i said if there's no problem because of a paper or you were on the. other people sort of get a bit scared of after you know if they put me off a bit i've got to be honest. i thought well we're here now always i was going to enjoy ourselves quite a lot of people seem to think coronavirus is the new plague carried by anyone who even looks chinese there are reports of racism a chinese woman on a crowded london tube tweeting that no one. sit in the seats beside her and not just in london chinese people banned from a nail bar in vietnam and a cafe near the trevi fountain in rome the whole whole who problem he's a because of the a new form the decision of of of the foot of the virus because. of a new start the trend of the problem of virus so people thought that chinese people
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. are curious i think as are these to do for an in-form to advantage catered to rather than. what rather than racism i mean usually at least for now but it does at least for now mean quieter times in chinatown. al-jazeera london or researchers around the world are racing to find a vaccine for the coronavirus nickel gauge takes a look at their progress which is taking place at record speed. this strain of corona virus is related to the common cold as well as the more serious and highly infectious saw as or severe acute respiratory syndrome at the moment there is no or a vaccine or known cure for this new virus what we do know is that it most likely pos from animals to humans in a market in the chinese city of 100 and it's believed to have likely originated in
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bats chinese scientists were able to quickly identify its genetic sequence allowing researches across the world to start work on treatments in a strongly or officials say they've developed lab grown version of the virus which would be i know my just it towards creating a vaccine drugs used to fight hiv and influenza have been tested in china as possible treatments that officials say they are showing promising signs however the world health organization has played down reports of any kind of bright 3 but some drug make his are expected to begin vaccine tests on humans possibly within 3 months that might seem a while away but this process has traditionally taken years is right now some of the best ways to prevent the spread of corona virus is to avoid contact with those showing symptoms washing your hands regularly and covering your mouth when coughing
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or sneezing. well moving on to other news now and the u.s. president has used profane language to attack his political rivals during a speech celebrating his acquittal on impeachment charges an unrepentant donald trump described the proceedings as corrupt and run by dirty cops and as i was house correspondent kimberly helka reports the address could set the tone for his 20 twentieth's campaign. one day after the u.s. senate voted not to remove the u.s. president from office donald trump was in the mood to celebrate i've done things wrong in my life i will admit not purposely but i've done things wrong. but this is what the end result is. trouble railed against opposition democrats who watched the impeachment effort against him at times using language that was derogatory and profane it was all both.
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of you trying to coerce a now into helping him cheat truck took a bit congressman adam schiff who led the inquiry into whether trump abused his presidential powers by withholding military aid to ukraine in an attempt to get them to investigate his political rival former vice president joe biden a corrupt politician named adam schiff made up my statement to the ukrainian president he brought it out of thin air just made it up they say he's a screenwriter a failed screenwriter donald j. trump earlier that day at a national prayer breakfast trump also went after mitt romney who was the only republican senator who voted to remove trump from office he also lashed out at house speaker nancy pelosi i don't like people who use their faith as justification. for doing what they know is wrong. palosi blasted the president in response a pretty hard for him because he's so off the track of our constitution but
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throughout trumps more than an hour long remarks he repeatedly maintained he committed no wrongdoing it was a sharp contrast to president bill clinton's more than a minute long statement in 1999 following his own impeachment acquittal i want to say again to the american people. how profoundly sorry i am. for what i said and did to trigger these events thank you. troubles only apology came not to americans but to his family who he says has been caught up in allegations and investigations since the start of his presidency i want to apologize to my family for having them have to go through a phony rotten deal well the impeachment trial may be over the allegations are not both democrats and republicans are vowing to take this case to american voters
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in november who will ultimately decide if donald trump is a one or 2 term president can really help get al jazeera the white house well let's speak to ashley props who is joining us live from washington d.c. she's a political commentator and also a board member with republican women for progress i say let's start with trump's turn here in this rather extraordinary speech sounded a lot more like a campaign rally instead of an address from the east room replete with these quite bob personal attacks how does this kind of tone and play out in an election year. well you know it's interesting is this is the same tone that he has had since he was on the campaign trail back in 2016 and you would think that the president after going through this impeachment process would feel some sort of you know apology was necessary to the american people but he in fact does not see that he is such an entertainer that he truly believes that he has been wronged by by those in congress
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who put him through this or by those who he thought conducted a witch hunt against him in the democratic party and that is just wrong he needs to uphold the office of the presidency and all of that respect and decorum that comes with it that he just does not possess and i do think that this will be taken out by voters at the ballot box in november because there's a majority of americans right now who are feeling maybe a tad disrespected by this process who feel like this process didn't play out the way in which it should have because the senate didn't in fact do their job but i do want to applaud senator mitt romney for taking a very courageous stand and knowing that it was time to do something about trump's erratic behavior and behavior that quite frankly should give us as americans some pause actually say that mitt romney did the right thing and he obviously voters had with the democrats there and also know that even though they voted not to remove him from office some republicans did say that he acted inappropriately with the
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tongue backed inappropriately in hopes that they that all of this would change his behavior so what do you think it would take for the republican party to try to rein him in. so what's interesting about that statement is the fact that sen such as susan collins lisa murkowski all went on national television saying that message of the president will feel remorse because of this process and we are we are thinking that we are encouraged by this because he has acted badly he must know this because he is then on trial for his behavior and for his actions which were inappropriate however this campaign stump speech that he is doing post acquittal is showing that he has no remorse for any of his behavior the only thing that he had said is yes i've made some mistakes in my life but he is not speaking directly to the american people for the mistakes that he has made during his time as president so i don't think we're going to see a remorseful trump leading through the election i think we're going to see
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a very boastful trump who is going to continue to sound the drum of his acquittal and just really throw it back to the democrats and i do think now that we're seeing some republican senators go after the connections on the bidens you know they're a dog with a bone to pick even though the president's been acquitted and i don't quite understand that because there is a lot more i think that needs to be investigated on the side of trump than there on the side of the biden's actually let me ask you because if this is his stump speech as we head towards november who do you think that he has to win over does he try to need to try to be well even appeared to to tries to be bought bipartisan. i think that 2 demographics that he really needs to pay attention to that i think most of the pollsters here in america are paying attention to are the urban female voters who really swung for trump in 2016 but in the midterms really swung blue which means they supported democrats in those midterm elections are those same women who were really worried about their family's financial well being going to
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cast aside all of the degrading racist sexist comments that this president has made and think that he can be a true leader for the american people i really think we've shown now again and again through polling that that is not the case that his support among that voting bloc is slipping and there are a very very strong voting bloc so i do think that he has some concern he will have to try to win them over but again that all really speaks to his tone and it shows that his tone is not changing in the hours after his acquittal indeed actually i want to take a step back kid because we've seen this demonstration of really profound partisan division that and business essentially in congress so how now does the country move forward. i really don't know i hold out hope that this country can come together in a bipartisan manner but i really don't think that that's going to happen and what i saw in the state of the union the other night was just. in my opinion just very sad
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you know you saw speaker pelosi reach out to shake the hand of donald trump you saw him refuse that at the end of the night you know given her frustration in that situation i don't blame her for ripping up the speech that speech was full of many false hoods and she knew it when the president spoke about many things you could hear a lot of the democrats in the chamber chanting you know specific bill numbers saying pass it move it forward so i really don't think there's going to be a willingness from this president to move anything forward in a bipartisan fashion i think he believes he has won the case but again it's going to come down to the ballot box and whether he can win over the american people i think congress really did tried to do its job of the senate unfortunately did not the only senator who i believe did his job was mitt romney and he spoke to that and said you know years from now i believe that i can look my children and grandchildren in the eye in history and know that i did the right thing and i would urge all americans at this point november to think the same thing ashley process
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political commentator that is speaking to us from a very divided washington d.c. thank you ashley for joining us. well there's plenty more ahead for you in this news hour including in this water it is not only water it is also the sewage of the scam the diet conditions at a makeshift camp in syria's it live province as thousands flee an intensified government offensive. and one formula is having to go back to the drawing board for its race in jakarta. now the israeli army says it's sending around $1000.00 more soldiers and to the occupied west bank after an upsurge in violence than there been several clashes in several cities between palestinians and the israeli army off to 4 palestinians were shot dead in separate incidents a suspect involved in
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a colorado attack in jerusalem that also wounded 12 soldiers has been arrested on you that you behave as in ramallah and talks this through some of the incidents that unfolded on. the tensions started in the morning after the israeli army has raided the city of janine north of the occupied west bank where confrontations have erupted between the palestinians and the army and 19 year old palestinian was killed and he was later really to rest another palestinian policeman a father of 2 was also killed and as we've seen from the sort of violence video he seemed to be standing in a police station doing nothing the time of his injury and later his death it's not sure whether his family is going to be allowed to enter the west bank from jordan to attend his funeral now more than one in more than one occasion competitions have been emptied between the palestinians and this raid the army medical sources tell us that there are around 80 palestinians who are wounded now in other news the post
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that is really army has been reading several towns and villages in the occupied west bank they say they're looking for a palestinian who was injured in israeli soldier in the shooting attack here near ramallah at least 5 civilians have been killed as fighting intensifies in syria's last rebel held stronghold turkey has sent more reinforcements to the northwest province of inflamed in an attempt to stop the syrian government's advances anger has set up for new military posts after a rare confrontation between turkey and syria on monday while the u.n. special envoy to syria get peterson says the fighting could lead to a bloody and protracted last stand on the turkish border our correspondent from costly early visited a makeshift camp in a province where people displaced by the fighting are struggling to cope with winter. this is one of those camps and so our mother in it lives nearby the roads of the camp was actually built by the civilians who had to escape their lands is
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since august after the syrian government advance its strikes in the south of there at the camp situation is very dire a because it's all make up to make up shelters there are only tents and because of the harsh weather conditions a people have been suffering as you can see here the tents have been flooded it is getting more difficult for those people to live around here because there are also more people coming over and they have to share their tents it with those people and of course it is very difficult mostly for women and children who suffer bad conditions mainly lack of hygiene food lack of education everything is a problem here and those this is not a regular camp by the way the camp was built by the financial fight or by the finance of the people who have been living here and i'm told by the local n.g.o.s
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who brought us here that even the rules are built by this of millions all monies so it seems the administrations are not enough are not capable enough to take care of all those people who have been displaced from all over. across it lip. this is not a life it's no way to live. in a new cloudy lab we lost our homes and our land our kids it's not safe for them to go away we are subjugated. there's no food for the children no education no skills we don't have the basics even i feel like my soul is leaving my body. no money there's lots of money there's no school no aid no water no bread it's hard for us to play even going to the market is difficult i'm scared of the planes people have a lot to cope with here for instance here they are trying to fill in that order so
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that they can stop the flood reaching their tents so that they can keep their stuff clean and a usable i have to tell that in this water it is not only water it is also the sewage of the scam that's why hygiene is a very big problem and it is a risk for people diseases that might be seen on people and i have to remind that there is no medicine here when it's a an 8 doesn't reach to everywhere especially medicine and it is difficult for dignitary and aid organizations to access everyone especially given the conditions given more displacement from south to the north it is very difficult it is very very dire in these camps and if people are tired people are tired of struggling with everything and when we speak to people they always cry because they say they lack everything here now it's a call from those people to the international community that the syrian government's attacks must be stopped very soon. protest leaders in malawi are
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threatening more demonstrations if a presidential election rerun is delayed president putin was a record is appealing against the constitutional court ruling to and now his election victory last year. has more from the capital a long way. parliamentarians in malawi don't have a lot of time to arrange another presidential election 1st they have to set a date the negligence lation ordered by the constitutional court but all that could be delayed by president peter metallica's plan to appeal to the supreme court ruling to overturn his reelection last may so as far as we're concerned we go by the directions that we have and less if the supreme court comes up with something different or you feel did this martyr they will have to. change direction depending. on monday 5 judges nullify the result of may's election saying it was
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marred by widespread irregularities metallica's is appealing the judgment because it's full of errors that needed to be corrected. the president is ready to spread is ready for an election actually the president would love the 1st election to prove a point that he had the digital $800.00 from the people but we have to respect them all the democratic process. which article won the election with a 38.5 percent share of the vote opposition in the last 2nd with 35.4 percent and had 20.24 percent in the final tally the constitutional court advised parliament to consider removing the current electoral commission to try to make sure the next election is more credible in an attempt to avoid discrete the winner will need to get more than 50 percent of the vote. the election result to speed has provoked months of demonstrations in several parts of the country some of the protests have been violent at least one police officer and a civilian were killed part is due to say they'll be more mass action until the
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election. so that parliament is starting to meet on monday. immediately they said to me to the fire from the citizens who want them to do the right things if they think they're going to play games with us we're going to tell them get out of our parliament we are there as a people and make decisions for the betterment of our country. opposition supporters celebrated when they heard a new election is to be held but the president's plan to appeal the judgment has put a damper on the mood and recent flaming tensions. out 0. still ahead on. oil and where record numbers of families are now living in emergency accommodation the country's housing crisis is central in this year's general election. plus do you hear the people saying the gritty independent remake of the french classic laissez les miserables is up for the best foreign film at this
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weekend's our schools. and in sports how the young cricketers of bangladesh reach the world cup final peter has all the action. hello friday may well end up being cleanup day for some of the southern states where tornadoes have done some damage certainly strong winds and of course flooding which is still around suddenly grand the rain is for the rain maybe offshore now going up the east coast and you're talking snow bihari into which isn't particularly bad i have to say but you might get a spell of pre-employment weather but we're left behind with kodesh weather 8 in atlanta but the sun should be at the most a time good deal of cloud through the eastern side of the plains and midwest minus
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3 is a max in the alps my 16 we paid and the stars befalling in the cascades and the rockies all were down to denver still that not particularly strong but it is for those far south as it was our go to south today as an improving day not much falling out of the skies a bit of snow around of course but temps are still love you here is minus 6 also lances improved to 12 that's drops the caribbean should be fine but of course the tail end of the frontal system this cloud here will have an effect it's going to go through florida it's also going to go through cuba and then tell us from your time which means have as temperature drops to 22 and yet again get a spell of wet and thundery weather. but. the 2000 mile trip across europe seems impossible. as the boat comes route begins to close for refugees it has become
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a race against time for one syrian family. it's a perilous journey from greece to germany but there's no turning bank to the ravages of war left at home the. sky and the ground a witness documentary on al-jazeera. from passion into transformative science that brings about change al-jazeera goes on a journey with 5 scientists who are determined to use scientific knowledge to serve the human cry if we have dolphins in our sanctuary we can monitor that and record their all the photos and behavior we're able to figure out how they're adapting to their new environment women make science coming soon on al-jazeera. to.
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hello again and a reminder of our top stories this hour a chinese doctor who was among the fastest sound the alarm on the corona virus outbreak has died from it. was accused of scaremongering by police when he found posted about it on a local messaging app in december at least 632 people have now died from the virus . the u.s. president has used profane language to attack his political rivals during a speech celebrating his acquittal on impeachment charges donald trump described the proceedings as corrupt and run by dirty cops. at least 5 civilians have been killed as fighting intensifies and syria's last rebel stronghold turkey has sent reinforcements to the province of idlib anger has set up 4 new military posts after
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a rare confrontation between turkey and the syrian government on monday. now brazil's farai president diable sonar is proposing a bill that would open up indigenous land to mining agriculture and energy projects now the bill which has yet to receive congressional approval has already drawn strong criticism from environmentalists and indigenous groups they say it could wipe out their communities and speed up deforestation also naro is accusing critics of hindering development. this is a big step forward it depends on congress pressure from the board to list those people from the environment right if i could one i would confine them to the. likely environment so much well let's speak now to christian party as he is the program director at amazon watch and he travels regularly to the brazilian amazon and now joins us live via skype from oakland california christian i know that amazon watch is saying that this bill violates brazil's constitution so tell me how
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this does that. thanks for having us on the call today this is an incredibly important issue and indeed also not as proposed bill brazenly violates president's constitution which guarantees the right to its indigenous peoples to consultation this is the kind of consultation that is minister of mines of energy has said will be but a formality and not be carried out in the rigorous manner that the constitution guarantees in addition to international labor organization convention $169.00 which also in trying is the right to consultation indigenous people to have this right and shrine in the constitution and other international convention then they're demanding it today much to incur in opposition to oppose or not it was trying to ram down their throats a christian i say this is a is a part of a raft of legislation that also now is saying will lift indigenous communities out of poverty and also improve brazil's struggling economy but i also say that
2:34 am
brazil's own central bank is warning that this will house investment when banks are looking towards more climate friendly policies so could this actually have the opposite effect and backfire and also nora. indeed it could also not i was doing here is he's pushing brazil upper reputational cliffs by trying to open up indigenous territories which are the best preserved territories in the brazilian amazon to industrial activity which is highly destructive not only to the environment but also to the culture of indigenous peoples he sending a signal that this government lives outside of the law that it will do anything to encourage what it considers to be development by destroying the forest and destroying indigenous territories the government is actually sending a signal to investors that if they want to be responsible with their money they need to look elsewhere and christian i do want to ask you about how also now is regarded in brazil particularly his ass attitude towards and digitas people i
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believe has referred to them as animals in a 0 and last month said something like more and more the indian as a human being just like us how have brazilians been responding to that kind of thing. by and large brazilians reject this deeply racist and exclusionary language the poles is using towards indigenous peoples this is the kind of language that was used routinely during. dictatorship an era that both are not harkens back to the as an era of great pride when in fact this sort of language is extremely retrograde is extremely harmful to the country's image and of course is extremely harmful to minorities like indigenous peoples but he has not only targeted indigenous peoples he's targeted other minorities with this kind of language which is that essentially trying to do you does human rights that he actually said last month that indigenous peoples are evolving and that they will soon reach our status that is the say white people status and he is being sued
2:36 am
for this racist language this hate language by the largest indigenous organization in brazil called the association of brazil's magennis peoples because it is illegal to use that kind of language in brazil and to brazilian public. rejects this language by a large it does not want to see people marginalized in this way it wants people's rights to be opposed well speaking of indigenous groups i say that this week also now are also pointed out from the christian missionary to lead the national indian foundation this is a man who previously tried to establish a chechen every indigenous community in brazil how is that going i have a. yes this fundamentalists zealots that was it a name to run very sensitive branch of the national indigenous organisation for now . is someone who in the past has tried to profit ties in indigenous territories and isolated peoples are the people he will be overseeing peoples who live in by
2:37 am
a voluntary isolation who are the among the most vulnerable people on the planet they are not immunized against even the most trivial illness like a common cold so if they come into contact with outsiders they can be wiped out and what he is proposing is a forced contact with these people he has in the past he's now trying to distance himself from his past behavior and positions but we know what both are not who has done by naming him is a continued dismantling of the indigenous institutions in the country to make them completely not only not serve indigenous peoples but serve interests that are completely in detriment completely opposed to their interests this is what the indigenous movement in brazil has called institutionalized genocide and question i'm still continue to see opposition to one of these policies christian paria there a program to act had amazon watch thank you for joining us on out of there thanks for having me. now thousands of iraqi students have rallied in the cities of
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baghdad and basra to condemn attacks on protesters by supporters of an influential shia cleric demonstrators in tahrir square in baghdad denounced the attacks which left at least 10 people dead supporters of al sadr stormed an anti-government protest camp in the southern city of najaf on wednesday sutter has at different times both supported and oppose the protesters who want the removal of iraq's reeling elite someone a fault and has more from baghdad on the government's next steps as the violence in najaf continues. prime minister designate mohamed tawfik allow you react to the latest violence in niger which left several people dead after supporters of shia cleric mark that other side are attempted to storm a protest site beating protesters burning tents and also using live ammunition according to eyewitnesses on the ground allow he was appointed as prime ministers in that on february 1st and he has 30 days to form a new government but in his speech he appeared to threaten to quit even before
2:39 am
assuming office in the normal assad herbie he practices put us in a critical angle the task intrusted to us cannot be continued at the same time while our youth is being targeted i didn't accept this mission except to build what has been destroyed it is not ethical to accept the current situation. allow he said it a priority for his new government would be to conduct an investigation into the latest killings but in fact there have been many promises of investigations in the past but only one has been published so far since the beginning of protests in october another reason why it might be difficult for allow you to bring those responsible for the latest violence to account because his appointment was backed by shia cleric and look to the outsider and it's his followers who stand accused of committing the violence and it also seems that the speech of the prime minister designate has done little to actually stabilize the situation because just as he
2:40 am
was. speaking there was another very similar incident in the southern city of kerbala with followers of for the us that are allegedly against forming the protest sites in the incident once again led to several casualties not a sudden have come out repeatedly and denied in the involvement in these incidents what they have said however is that what they're trying to do is to root out any infiltrators but overall these mounting as collations and clashes in the protest side are raising fears that the sudras are trying to curtail any opposition to their candidate that they're trying to perhaps even and the protest movement. now police in the city to fear that the 1st lady may avoid facing murder charges if she is allowed to travel into neighboring south africa my aside to bonnie is charged for her alleged role in the killing of the prime minister's 1st wife back in 2017 to bonnie turned herself in after weeks on the run the prime minister thomas to body has said he'll resign following pressure from his party over the investigation
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. a state premier in germany says he will step down from new polls just today after being elected with the help of a far right party thomas keller swept into power on thursday and the state of touring here after the alternative for germany party lent their support that sparked criticism from the governing coalition in berlin and chancellor angela merkel it was the 1st time after the end of the 2nd world war that a far right party helped to form a government in germany. together with my state department colleagues of the 3 democrats we decided to ask for the 3 state parliament to be dissolved by doing so we'd like to make new elections possible to remove the floor you have to support the position of state premier democrats new democratic majorities which obviously does not exist in this parliament well. is the senior director of the counter extremism project and a former german diplomat he says that parties in germany's political center stand
2:42 am
to lose from the situation. yesterday was not a good day for the john political system and it was not a good day in any efforts to him in the really rising appeal that the if the present to germany so it will be very difficult to roll this back the resignation of the minister president the head of government during yeah by itself is not enough for a general election so 1st of all you need to go back to the parliament ask for 2 thirds majority for the parliament to dissolve itself and then only be will go into a new election campaign which is not going to go well for the parties of the political center following yesterday's events it was quite shocking for a lot of germans that have a bit of historical memory ensuring the other 90 years ago it was the conservative party at the time included the nazi party of people for the 1st time into a state government and that meant the beginning of the rice of it that that ended
2:43 am
in becoming rice transfer so there's historical parallels are very scary the spanish prime minister has met the leader of catalonia in a bid to improve strained relations catherine regional president kim torah welcomed prime minister petro sanchez for talks in buffalo on the leaders have widely differing possessions on the issue of catalan independence 9 catalan leaders are still setting president sentences for holding an unauthorized secession referendum in 2017. well island's general election on saturday could shake up that bullet that country's political status quo prime minister lee ever again has overseen significant social change and during repealing a ban on abortion he stood up to britain over breaks it and the economy is one of the fastest growing in europe but broad because popularity at home has plummeted his critics accuse them of ignoring domestic issues and that has led to a surge of support for shane fein that party was once the political arm of the ira
2:44 am
and could hold the balance of power in the new parliament and those domestic problems into a critical shortage of affordable housing leading to a sharp increase in homelessness as we've barker reports from dublin the crisis is now a defining election issue lifting the legal island's housing crisis it left this family homeless forced to live with friends and relatives a room precariously short term housing the result of sky high red set a market years against the the main town. people not wanting a single mother with 3 children because maybe single mothers are trouble or why or the single you know walk the streets of los and i often. just days where i just felt despair charities have intervened where the government has and the family now has a long term home and a place to grow. ready ready ready ready this charity is inundated with desperate
2:45 am
calls some from entire families affected from their homes you have children with. a record number of babies and now being born into homelessness currently we have nearly $4000.00 children who are homeless time includes only 2000 families it's a disgrace that there are so many children homeless but it's just a reality of the homes crisis in our moments and was hit hard by the economic crash in 2008 the house building stalled since then wages have increased rents and house prices have risen by a bigger margin it's left an entire generation struggling to afford rents that are higher in dublin and tokyo sydney and singapore meanwhile house prices have soared social housing is scarce on the outskirts of dublin a new suburbs emerging from wasteland built by an american property giant to attract large investors this is a tree but in a nearby development this 3 bedroom apartment costs more than $3000.00 above well
2:46 am
beyond the reach of many we need something in the order of $35000.00 houses a year we're only delivering 2025 so the main political parties at the moment are promising 406-088-0000 extension 0 units every over the course of the next government whereas i think they perhaps might need to look and see how feasible those numbers are it is a critical issue in this year's election all parties agree that rents need to be lower and they need to be more houses but they can't agree on how much to intervene in the lucrative private markets the government of prime minister leo veronica's having to account for its time in office opinion polls are predicting a shift away from the main. centrist party safina galen finn a full wielded power for generations towards left wing shin fein during the conflict in northern ireland the party was regarded as the political wing of the
2:47 am
republican paramilitary group the ira it's put housing at the heart of its campaign . charities urging all politicians to find a robust solution to the housing crisis the consequences of inaction clear or families tonight the basic right of a secure place to live. how to sarah. now the 92nd academy awards are set to be held in hollywood this weekend french film len miserables is nominated in the best foreign film category but this version s.s. in paris has poor suburbs and many in the cost and nonprofessional act as a from the area and the film's success has given them hope for a better life the taj about the reports. of the limits of our business a striking and gritty portrayal of police violence social exclusion and childhood the oscar nominated french film is set in the paris suburb of moore film
2:48 am
a it reveals the hardships of people's lives but steers clear of cliches as it follows 3 low paid police officers battling to keep the peace but with a heavy handed approach the makes things worse. many of the film's actors a residence from the housing estate nonprofessionals including activist al mommy can you take your place in the enigmatic owner of a fast food restaurant to who police and young people turn to for advice on appearances through the decades we've seen a denial of police violence recently we saw the repression faced by the yellow vest protesters when many people discovered police violence but we have always known about it because today's repression was refined for years in the suburbs betraying life in the suburbs came naturally to direct a largely who grew up in more fi may and began filming police violence as a pastime he says the decades french governments have ignored the suburbs where
2:49 am
unemployment is high an opportunity scarce he hopes the film will act as a wake up call and it will not things changing schools in the suburbs are a catastrophe cultural so she had just stuck to these cuts so this film is a cry for help to say listen to us because it's more than 20 years that it's been going badly and we feel like no one hears us. let me is bleak but its successes did lighted residents and motha may at the local football club few imagine that a story set in the neighborhood would be nominated for an oscar the fact that the director lajmi comes from all film a is obviously a huge source of pride here and it is particularly exciting for these teenagers because the filmmakers and the full ball club offline some of them to los angeles for the occasion so it is i suppose it must be the research happy because the show is that spark of reality there are so many talented people in the suburbs so they go to the tunnel to the movies and do believe that dream proves that even young
2:50 am
people in the suburbs can make it at the airport the countdown to hollywood begins the trips a unique opportunity to explore new horizons represent friends and cheer on a local hero who's inspired them to believe in the dreams and prove that it doesn't matter where you come from it's where you're going that counts natasha al-jazeera paris. still ahead on al-jazeera yamaha long stand near season but what does the future hold for a 7 time world champion valentino rossi kate it will happen. we
2:51 am
understand the differences in the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what we have been losing kind of for that matter.
2:52 am
it's time for sports. thank you very much tokyo 2020 organizers say they are no plans to postpone or cancel the olympics or paralympics of a coronavirus the games c.e.o. seemed to backtrack a day after he said he was seriously worried that the spread of the virus would dampen enthusiasm for sport's biggest event which is less than 6 months away but the man in charge of the paralympics believes there's no cause for alarm yet with the advice from the world health organization they've clearly said there's no pandemic they have today they'll come up with a great phrase which is called an info demick which they say says is speculation that is driving fear and one thing i'm noticing at the moment is fear is spreading
2:53 am
far quicker than the virus. and it's important that we qualify here many olympic athletes are putting their final preparations together while most will be aiming to medal and athlete from south sudan already knows what he'll get out of the games 1500 meter runner abraham a jockey's one of a handful of competitors from his country who has been invited to train in japan and he's been struck by the welcome he's had from locals sometimes you get when you know go to a foreign country you know sometimes you may have talent is going to. love the ponies before have. more. my own understanding is a game of peace and it happens because the world is at peace and now as an athlete from a country that is still not having a 4th and i have come this we haven't seen the advantages of these and when i get back the message i will have is the importance of peace and that's the biggest message of the same to my people after canceling marches race in china due to the
2:54 am
corona virus outbreak another date in the formal e.c.s. and is under threats to carter's a debut race in the series which is the jena 6 must find a new venue on thursday the indonesian government refused plans to have a track around the capital's national monuments viable venues on they'll be assessed olympic swimming gold medalist roland schoolman has been given a one year ban after a positive doping test the 39 year old south african was caught in may last year for using a banned hormone and metabolic modulator won gold in the 4 by 100 meter freestyle relay at the athens games and is also a 3 time world champion. bangladesh captain moment all hocks and security concerns are not on their minds as they go into their one of the pakistan in rawalpindi the tourists most experienced batsman mushfiqur rahim refused to travel bangladesh or the 2nd team to a pakistan since they resumed home matches after 10 years at new true views we
2:55 am
don't think about security concerns. you know and one of the best beer you don't have is sometimes difficult but at this other hand you can see is a good opportunity for a new player so look for it is a good opportunity to look new players as. bangladesh's young players are through the under 19 cricket world cup final of the beating new zealand in foods they say me kiwis were always under pressure to make a big target when they were released to 74 for all but one beaten 75 from will agree no help them set a target of 212 bangladesh also made a bad start so they any losing too early wickets but they were rescued by her son joy he made exactly $100.00 they went on to win it by 6 wickets and with $35.00 goals to spare bangladesh will beat india in sunday's final which is also taking
2:56 am
place in parts of st. the future of 7 time world moto g.p. champion valentino rossi is still very much up in the air as yamaha launched a 2020 season in malaysia on thursday but rossi who is now 40 years old is in the last year of his contract and the team have already signed rising star fabio qatar 042-0212 ride alongside a maverick of in your list rossi has won a record 89 races in his career but is without a victory 2017 years expected to confirm his plans by the middle of the season. i can fight for the podium and they can be competitive i have i have motivation and that might get these a tight to continue also and it's the. but. if the result of what they expect become difficult so for these are these are my when we speak up i am not ready to decide in the n.b.a. a friend seconds of the game between that surrounds the raptors an indiana pacers
2:57 am
saw the raptors clinch a franchise record 12 straight when the reigning champions were trading the pacers with just over a minute to play pascal c.r. come into sips of the india and our friends to get around to within 2 points. and refer to the seconds left serge ibaka sent the raptors crowd into raptures to age a point ahead victor on the depot was unable to bag it for the pacers on the buzzer as you'll see here final score toronto $119.00 indiana $118.00 raptors now $66.00 the l.a. clippers kept on the trail of the lakers at the top of the western conference that's despite a slam dunk showcase from the miami heat derek jones jr 3 pointers with the order of the day for paul george who scored 23 people so. we'll leave it there for now with syria and later for more sports. well that's also it for maine as this news hour but don't go away i'll be back in just a moment. the
2:58 am
whole d.n.a. of al-jazeera is to deliver news of people who are subject to the decisions made by the pope but you know most of the others you feel about will the general election in december the 12th is old anything when you see big groups of people walking through your they're all individuals with children the lowlifes of it but stories this place has become a complete trust so-called there is simply no way to put all these people you have to deal with them and to treat those who do to respect. the island of sardinia a famously adelie college
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a spot. less well known as a proving grounds for war. investigating claims that use of military training and ons testing triggered cancer and birth defects a made to the local population. secret sodomy on people in power on al-jazeera. auntie fascist anti establishment and provocative. despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing of basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of a build files stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with violent football hooligans. can read old death. al jazeera. really understand the differences and similarities the cultures across the world so much of what we use in politics that matter to you.
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the chinese doctor who was silenced after trying to warn of the dangers of the corona virus has died from the elements. but i missed all the attack and this is al jazeera live from dar also coming up. the a vicious mean vicious. an unrepentant donald trump goes on the attack a day off to being acquitted of an pietschmann charges. the u.s. says it's killed the leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula during an operation in yemen. 24 hours of violence 4 palestinians shot dead tensions rise in the way.


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