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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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the on. the chinese doctor who was silenced after trying to warn of the dangers of an outbreak has died from corona virus. my. somehow he and this is al jazeera life and also coming up the u.s. has killed the leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula during an operation in yemen. to vicious vicious and on the patent on goes on the attack a day after being acquitted of impeachment charges. and a splinter group of the afghan taliban that's running a we have been the taishan center for drug addicts have an explosive records from
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hair on. my. chinese altar he was among the 1st to sound the alarm on the corona virus outbreak has died from the illness 34 year old lee when the un was accused of scaremongering by the police when he 1st force it about the virus in a group chats and december after hours of conflicts in reports since state media one central hospital has confirmed his death the world health organization says it's too soon to know if the virus has reached its peak but there are signs that the number of new cases is dropping at least 638 people are known to have died from the virus and more than 31 thousands are infected meanwhile chinese authorities are still battling to treat patients a 2nd new office all with 1500 beds as opens in han those with milder symptoms are
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being moved to sports senses and public holes in the virus is still spreading through a cruise ship carrying thousands of passengers which is stuck at the japanese ports of yokohama another $41.00 people on board have been infected. taking the total number of cases to 61 now the commissioner of china's foreign ministry in hong kong has given a rare media conference in efforts trying to calm fears over the virus cyr from has praised the courage of the chinese and says the country had to come together to contain the outbreak learn. time useless and began to. define the rampant violence we did chinese have stood together. in the un going back to the people who. chose to lock down the city for the sake of others. waiting patiently for the dawn of a new day. in beijing he says the chinese government is trying to do damage control
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following dr lee's death. so a lot of anger over it missed dr lee's case specifically because he was someone who identified the dangers of the coronavirus way back in late december and he was actually detained brought in to a police station had to sign a confession that he was spreading rumors just a couple of days later a week later so obviously a lot of anger about that and he was he'd been keeping in touch even though about a week or 2 after that he can track did the virus and then was hospitalized with the virus so it's something that people here in china have been watching very closely dr lee's case and obviously with the way it was handled very very angry messages on those messaging platforms here in china very very anger this is something that's been festering for the last couple of weeks because of the way things have been handled by the by the local government then move on and the central government here now to counter that the central government has really kind of tried to change the narrative there was
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a press conference earlier today in hong kong where the official from the ministry of foreign affairs was saying that the people of china are coming together he even wrote a poem and we heard from the state council. board another press conference saying that they're going to do everything they can to soften the economic impact to small businesses and other businesses in the economy in china generally so they're really trying to change the narrative but if you look online if you look at these messaging apps it's not working well steven vines is a political commentator and journalist they sent home comb he says is growing distrust towards the chinese government. people do not believe the numbers that are being given do not believe the accounts of how fast the virus is or isn't spreading and that dot the death of dr lee is particularly touching because a lot of people are aware of it they know his courage last december in the you know trying to warn his fellow doctors of what was going on he's
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a young man died at the age of 34 really people are very angry about this and very alarmed that sitting so close near to mainland china there's this paucity of reliable information people are seeing with their exploits happening they are seeing that they can't go to work they are seeing their neighbors being quarantined they are seeing people dying if they look at the official state media remember there is no independent media in china they will know that china is valiantly battling this virus is scoring great successes your correspondent in beijing talked about these new hospitals that they've been building at rapid speed in will so the picture that they're getting from the state media are is we've got this under control we are going to be able to defeat rarest to their eyes they see the country so whether that would lead to an arrest is very hard to say would it
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lead to discontent i think that's an absolute certainty and i think the u.s. says has killed the leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula journey a military operation in yemen last month president donald trump says customer remember was seeking to conduct and inspire attacks against americans al-qaeda hasn't confirmed his death and he gallacher princes all the latest from washington d.c. . well the news is just emerging the confirmation of this al qaeda leader's death is just emerging but the strike itself took place last month at the cia and american intelligence officials have been very carefully after previous strikes proved that their targets actually survived them so they were careful to check whether this is actually happened but al really is a significant target for the u.s. authorities he's one of the few al qaeda leaders predates the attacks of september the 11th the training camps in afghanistan before going back home to yemen where he was in prison for 5 years for plotting to attack the u.s.
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ambassador there he actually broke out of jail in 2006 is thought to be behind the attack on the u.s. embassy and is a significant target for the u.s. authorities so we do now have confirmation that the 41 year old was killed in these attacks in this drone strike in fact was a $10000000.00 reward out for him and the u.s. state department says that al qaeda has now been significantly weakened by this strike meaning that both americans and allies on now safe upon his death lawrence korb is a senior fellow at the center for american progress and a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense he says are in this death is likely to result in some temporary setbacks for al qaeda. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is the strongest component of al qaeda and you may remember several years ago we killed an american citizen. a lock away because he was plotting to blow up some of our
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airline as it is probably the most dangerous in terms of being able to hit outside the region a basically he took over he was the head of the military branch of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and then when we killed his predecessor then he moved up i'm sure somebody else is going to move up and sometime that name will be called for mil year i think it does set them back at least temporarily and also probably given what's happening in yemen where we're trying to get a peace arrangement there could end up with that no longer being a branch of al qaeda in yemen if the hoodoos on the saudis can come up with some sort of arrangement. the u.s. president says he's profane language to attack his political rivals union speech celebrating his acquittal on pietschmann charges and unrepentant donald trump described the proceedings as corrupts and run by dirty coax and so white house
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correspondent kelly holcomb puts the address could set the tone for his 2020 election campaign. one day after the u.s. senate voted not to remove the u.s. president from office donald trump was in the mood to celebrate i've done things wrong in my life i will admit not purposely but i've done things wrong. but this is what the end result is. trying to railed against opposition democrats who watched the impeachment effort against him times using language that was derogatory and profane. it was all but. he tried to coerce an ally into helping him cheat trump took a bit congressman adam schiff who led the inquiry into whether trump abused his presidential powers by withholding military aid to ukraine in an attempt to get
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them to investigate his political rival former vice president joe biden a corrupt politician named adam schiff made up my statement to the ukrainian president he brought it out of thin air just made it up they say he's a screenwriter a failed screenwriter donald j. trump earlier that day at a national prayer breakfast trump also went after mitt romney who was the only republican senator who voted to remove trump from office he also lashed out at house speaker nancy pelosi i don't like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong. pelosi blasted the president in response and paid hard for him because he's so off the track of our constitution but throughout trumps more than an hour long remarks he repeatedly maintained he committed no wrongdoing it was a sharp contrast to president bill clinton's more than a minute long statement in 1999 following his own impeachment acquittal i want to
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say again to the american people. how profoundly sorry i am for what i said and did. to trigger these events thank you. tribe's only apology came not to americans but to his family who he says has been caught up in allegations and investigations since the start of his presidency i want to apologize to my family for having them have to go through a phony rotten deal well the impeachment trial may be over the allegations are not well democrats and republicans are vowing to take this case to american voters in november who ultimately decide if donald trump is a one or 2 term president can really help get al jazeera the white house will say
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in the u.s. on the chairman of the democratic national committee has called for a review of the results of the iowa caucuses after days of technical delays with 100 percent of votes finally kansas but a judge has not only defeated bernie 1st contests between the democratic contenders who are vying to take on president trump in the vendor the d.n.c. says a review is needed to assure public confidence the technical glitches and its more slowed down reporting of the results. so to come on all to 024 hours of violence for palestinians show that tensions rise in the wake of the u.s. president's controversial plan for the middle east. and do you hear the people say a gritty independent remake of french classic. the best foreign film at this weekend's oscars.
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hello the wintry weather you may be aware of this running through turkey will have a consequence for the south and east this cloud represents stormy weather that's bore rain even tornadoes and is now bringing snow to east and turkey that includes van and yes that could be dangerous millimeters potentially out of the rain to the sox wet windy conditions not feeling very pleasant in the mask is getting crowded too in the jordan valley for example we're down to a max of 8 degrees in jerusalem and in contrast that is a nice warm breeze dusty breeze coming out of saudi arabia into qatar attention to how it could be as high as $27.00 is pretty good for this time of year will be the dusty $27.00 is try elsewhere in north africa as well to get down to more or less the equator big showers be forming around lake victoria and then a 100 in the forecast in tanzania as well the some in the aussie as you might
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expect but you should really have to go further south to find significant rain this time the year we have seen some but i don't think we're seeing these seasonal rain anywhere in particular spotted on the satellite picture so virtually every country possible exception of namibia should enjoy a few decent showers in the next 2 days. anti fascist anti establishment and pro violence despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing of a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of a bill dal stadia. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with violent football hooligans. and read all death on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera our minds are all the headlines this hour a chinese doctor who was among the 1st to sound the alarm on the outbreak has died from corona virus the one the un was accused of scaremongering by police when he posted of 80 it's in a group chats interests and at least 638 people have now died from the virus the u.s. says it's killed the leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula joining the military operation in yemen donald trump says customer was seeking to conduct and inspire attacks against americans there's been no confirmation of the killing. and
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the u.s. president has used profane language to attack his political rivals during the speech celebrating his acquittal on impeachment charges donald trump described the proceedings as corrupt and run by dirty cops. the israeli army says it's sending around a 1000 more soldiers into the occupied west bank after a surge of violence over the past 24 hours there have been clashes between palestinians and israeli security forces in several cities after 4 palestinians were shot dead in separate incidents to bring him has this reports. it's been the deadliest 24 hour period in the occupied west bank in a year i recall a stimulus were killed by israeli fire in 2 separate incidents on thursday and dozens of palestinians were wounded. in janine also bill a few 5 west bank tensions escalated after the israeli army demolished the house of
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a palestinian prisoner in the city. 19 year old years and was killed in confrontations between palestinian protesters and israeli forces following the house demolition of holliston a police officer was also killed the funeral of 25 year old daughter but when it was delayed till mid day friday to allow his wife and 2 children to come from jordan where they live police surveillance video shows but who am standing before he was killed. i witness is $1.00 that but when i was watching the confrontations when he was shot by a sniper a 3rd person was killed in the altar of jerusalem one israeli police officer was lightly injured after the gunmen shot at his really police post in the city. what hamas praised the attacks the palestinian presidency described the latest tension as a dangerous israeli escalation it sir this follows the u.s. announcement of its proposed mideast plan that was unveiled more than
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a week ago. palestinians are strongly rejected the plan they say it's means them accepting this radio station and the status quo analysts say the general mood in the west bank is that of frustration i think that there is going to be a continuity for a while for some actions because i think the palestinian public wanted to show that the palestinian people are against this deal and that this deal is compromising the legitimate rights of the palestinian people and the land but i don't think that it will continue on the long. they don't there's the israeli army said it arrested the palestinian it says it rammed his car into israeli soldiers in jerusalem. the attack has left 12 israeli soldiers wounded one of whom sustained severe injuries it's not clear whether tension will escalate frustration has been mounting for
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a long time and palestinian ringback factions of called for protests on friday against the u.s. peace plan but if the previous calls are any indication it seems unlikely that these women to realize you deborah him al-jazeera the occupied west bank. at least 5 civilians have been killed as fighting intensifies in serious last rebel held stronghold turkey has sent more reinforcements to the northwest province of it live in an attempt to stop the syrian government's advances uncrossed set up for new military posts after a rare confrontation between turkey and syria on monday. where the 200 migrants in serbia have held a process at the border with hungary demanding to be allowed through hungary shot as border this way to prevent them from entering the migrant say they won't leave until they gain access to the european union and among several thousands who have fled war and poverty and their homelands. a drug addiction in afghanistan
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is an issue often overshadowed by the years of armed conflicts in the country in the 2 decades following the us invasion the number of addicts has risen now some members of the taliban have stetson to provide rehab services but that's comes with its own coast as saying this from the reports. iraq city western afghanistan. these men just a few of the millions of addicts in the country today the latest you would figure suggest women and children are as much at risk of ending up like this but dick did opium heroin morphine crystal but. even with their high meadow where it could lead . sarin every night one or 2 are dying here they are very young and they do not have any family they were once very useful citizens and were not like this before but now their life is in a severe condition and i worry about them if someone will not take care of them
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they will also die. this is what a lost generation of afghans looks like. a splinter group of the taliban says it has a moral duty to do something in heroics belt in caves they've been running a drug rehabilitation center for 4 years addicts go through what passes for detox here several months of cold showers and long walks in freezing weather a taliban commander offers a slavic teachings for inspiration and pain killers for withdrawal. once they're cleaned half of the addicts go home others stay for training weapons and to join the taliban. that's the actual this is us or who helps us with our military operations he can go 100 kilometers into enemy territory he plants mines and enemy areas even inside their rooms he killed 15 to 20 people by planting mines former addicts do these things people inside these centers are encouraged to become a man like him. a new lease on life makes for loyal fighters going to come on as
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india i destroyed my life my family became hopeless because of me and i was left alone the taliban not only treated me but also i helped my family financially they seemed money to my family i had the commander's trust and i'm valuable now i want to stay in the street hard you know to the last day of my life. the 2 decades since the u.s. invasion of afghanistan the number of drug users inside the country as well as neighboring countries has seen a sharp increase an addict so become a common sight in city streets across this country experts say addiction is a symptom of a problem that stretches beyond afghanistan its borders and open secret of the capital kabul is that all sides of the conflict make money dealing drugs criminal gangs armed groups including the taliban as well as the governments and militaries of neighboring countries. traffickers that loan to the terrorists not
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for their needs and they're exploiting the situation broke in the instability of afghanistan for their business and this. works for the ministry of counter-narcotics he says despite cases of corruption at the highest levels of government the label narco state is not afghanistan's alone to bear. our fart marks are not receiving a lot of money from the poppy cultivation so what i want the rest for for me if you call it clear there are plenty wrong of. him economy or not. it increases then $400000000.00. then this money it's not in afghanistan. is it is it in pakistan is it in iraq is it in central asia is it in the. it's a complex issue that has for years taken a back seat to the country's more immediate security concerns and more recent efforts to end the war. but how those in power now deal with afghanistan's drug
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problem analysts agree will dramatically influence the future of the afghan people say a couple. brazil's far right president's gyre ball scenario is proposing a bill that would open up insurgents land to mining agriculture and energy projects the bill which has yet to receive congressional approval has drawn criticism from environmentalist's and indigenous groups they say it could wipe out their communities and speed up the forestation charge a silver reports. there some of brazil's most remote and untouched regions but now president both sonera wants to tap into the riches of protected indigenous reservations his proposed bill delivers on a campaign promise to open up the land to mining energy and other projects. this is a big step forward it depends on congress but we will face pressure from environmentalists those people from the environment if i could one day i would
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confine them to the amazon since they like the environment so much. protected indigenous land accounts for some 13 percent of brazil's territory that's too much for ball so narrow he says it hinders economic development he's proposed bill has drawn strong criticism from indigenous tribes and environmentalists while both so narrow says they'll be consulted any final decision on exploiting lands would be placed brazil's congress also not has proposed a bill brazenly violates brazil's constitution which guarantees the right to its indigenous peoples to consultation and this is the kind of consultation that is minister of mines of energy has said will be but a formality and not be carried out in the rigorous manner that the constitution guarantees indigenous people that have this right and shrine in the constitution and other international conventions and they're demanding it today the far right president says he wants to integrate remote communities into brazilian society and
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even the other controversial move this week he named a former even jellicoe missionary to head a department responsible for protecting and contactors and recently contacted tribes brazil's 300 indigenous leaders opposable sonars plants they fear not just losing their lands but their unique cultures to draw on the silver al-jazeera rescuers in zimbabwe are searching for survivors after a disused gold mine collapsed killing at least 2 people who were mining illegally around 20 people are reportedly trapped underground in the mine just outside the city of quickly the shaft caved in on wednesday nights and mine has been closed since 2007. a former hit man for drug lord public who boasted of killing hundreds of people has dies in colombia urine hiero last quests known as popeye died of stomach cancer aged 57 gave himself up super nice in 1902 confessing to
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killing 300 people and coordinating the deaths of 3000 others is most notorious crimes include the assassination of a presidential candidates and the 1989 bombing of a passenger jets which killed a 107 people he was released after 23 years in jail but arrested again in 2018 for extortion. the 92nd the cademy awards are sent to be held in hollywood this weekend's french film the miserable is nominated in the best foreign film category but this version sets in paris as per suburbs many in the cast are nonprofessional exes from the area the film's success has given them hope for a better life as the sasha butler reports. to devote himself to let me set out as a striking and gritty portrayal of police violence social exclusion and childhood the oscar nominated french film is set in the paris suburb of moore film a it reveals the hardships of people's lives but steers clear of cliches as it
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follows 3 low paid police officers battling to keep the peace but with a heavy handed approach that makes things worse. many of the films act as a residence from the housing estate nonprofessionals including activist can you take your place in the enigmatic owner of a fast food restaurant to whom police and young people turn to for advice on appearances for decades we've seen a denial of police violence recently we saw the repression faced by the yellow vest protesters when many people discovered police violence but we have all one itty scarce he hopes the film will act as a wake up call and it will not things changing schools in the suburbs or a catastrophe culture also so she had just stuck to these cuts so this film is a cry for help to say listen to us because it's more than 20 years that it's been going badly in we feel like no one hears us. let me the habit is bleak but its
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success has delighted residents and more fellow may at the local football club few imagine that a story set in the neighborhood would be nominated for an oscar the fact that the director lajmi comes from our film is obviously a huge source of pride here and it is particularly exciting for these teenagers because the filmmakers and the 4 ball club offline some of them to los angeles for the occasion such as us it is a. research happy because the show is that spark of reality there are so many talented people in the suburbs today that. in the. large reproves that even young people in the suburbs can make it at the airport the countdown to hollywood begins the trips a unique opportunity to explore new horizons represent friends and cheer on largely a local hero who's inspired them to believe in a dreams and prove that it doesn't matter where you come from it's where you're going that counts natasha butler al-jazeera paris.
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this is al jazeera and these are the headlines a chinese doctor who was among the 1st to sound the alarm on a night break has died from corona virus leaving the young was accused of scaremongering by police when he posted about it in a group chat back in december and 638 people have died from the virus scott hyder has more from beijing. even before the official announcement there was a lot of anger on the social media sites here the messaging apps here in china because of you know he's been he was one of the 1st whistleblowers way back in december 30th so it took 5 weeks from and he actually in that period he was called into a police station on and had to sign a confession said that he was spreading rumors so a lot of anger even before his death now obviously that is really ramped up because
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of what has happened and how he was treated initially by the officials here in china the u.s. says has killed the leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula during a military operation in yemen it says customer remey was seeking to conduct and inspire attacks against americans al-qaeda hasn't confirmed his death the u.s. president has used profane language to attack his political rivals during a speech celebrating his acquittal the 2 charges from a trump described the proceedings as corrupt run by coax the israeli army says sending around a fence and more soldiers into the occupied west bank after an upsurge in violence in the past 24 hours there have been clashes in several cities in the occupied west bank between palestinians and the israeli army after 4 palestinians were shot dead in separate incidents. nearly 200 migrants in serbia have held a process that the border with hungary demanding to be allowed through hungry shut its border this week to prevent them from entering. and a former hit man for drug lord public bar has died of stomach cancer in colombia
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your own height over the last verse confessed to killing 300 people and coordinating the deaths of 3000 others is most notorious crimes include the assassination of presidential candidates the bombing of a passenger jets. those are the headlines to stay with us here on al-jazeera the news continues after the ticklish youth. musician of whom a visionary teacher. al-jazeera world meets the man bringing traditional arabic sounds to a whole new audience being a one man and being american playing at it already in something live from boston to palestine the land of his but the nutters the next generation of musical talent simon shaheen the musical journey on al-jazeera. talk to al-jazeera let me talk about 2 of the biggest problems facing them they all the endemic
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corruption around the character we listen so if you really put on as an enemy a couple more than that's really bad yours we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter although just 0. for the.
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