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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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a doctor reprimanded after raising the alarm on coronavirus back in december dies in hospital adding to the pressure on china's government. to watch al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha i'm sorry you know we're going to go also ahead the u.s. says it's killed the leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula during an operation in yemen. it was evil or is corrupted and dirty cops a victory speech from president donald trump as he celebrates isn't he chose acquittal and attacks the democrats. brazil's president is calling his
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controversial plans for indigenous land a dream but critics say it's a genocide. hello a chinese doctor who was among the 1st to raise the alerts about the corona virus outbreak has now died from the illness that's led to an outpouring of anger against the government's. first issued warnings about the virus in december but police at the time accuse the 34 year old of scare mongering of the government's anti-corruption body is now sending investigators to look into issues raised by his case on the state health commission paid respectfully and praised medical workers. we know that for medical workers on the frontline they sacrifice their own family life to contribute to this battle against a fire as they try to protect our people's health we extend our respect to them now it's in the critical period in the battle against a virus in
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a society we need to care more about our medical workers we need to unite as one to conquer at least difficulties of president xi jinping has spoken with donald trump by phone telling him that beijing's efforts to contain the outbreak are achieving resign. the commissioner of china's foreign ministry in hong kong has called for the country to unite against the virus meanwhile the world health organization says it's too soon to know if the virus has reached its peak but there are signs the number of new cases is dropping at least 638 people have died from the virus and more than 31000 have been in fact let's get an update from sarah clarke she is joining us from hong kong to 1st tell us about what you're hearing out of the mainland cerro on the anger that's now spreading of the government's handling of the crisis over news of doctor in the news there. because this is a doctor who worked in the hospital to be at the center of the virus and would you
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send out the early warnings or was it reprimanded of course he's deaf the spot public outrage on social media has been huge amounts of criticism towards the chinese government about the handling of this epidemic as well as the handling of this doctor why he was reprimanded when he sent out those initial warnings of that is considered a whistleblower now he's also now become i said national hero as a result now twitches china's version of twitter which we refer to as why both people are saying things like is it that hard for the government to get it right or to admit it's wrong they're wanting to finding apologies from the chinese government saying to the eyes of the people that china has in a rare move today on friday announced that it will send in its highest anticorruption i see 2 good hand to investigate the circumstances of the death of this 34 year old doctor they've also said they going to investigate the surroundings of something that the public outrage some of the comments that were made about the handling of hands handling of this particular crisis such that it was a ram if you mentioned earlier that she did to me is also i find. he said pretty much
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trying to reassure him that they're handling this virus at this outbreak. that can defeat this epidemic and we've also had the press conference in hong kong on friday of the commission of the ministry for. the thing is he said that china would take hold of this virus and they're winning the special that they have already sequenced the genome that by doing to fight the virus they're now working on a vaccine action so reassurances from china that they're trying to do their best but so the huge public outrage and outcry on social media as a result of this at 34 year old doctor is to have a knot in with it and we see this certainly seen the virus spread beyond china's borders so what are you hearing about the situation outside of china particularly in hong kong as well where you are. but there's also a global concern about the rapid rise of the infections and of course the fatality right japan is reported what you want you cases on that cruise ship that's in
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pointing and you have to hama japan's prime minister shinzo up by has also said now that he will not allow a ship that's on its way from hong kong to dock its if it just doesn't want the foreign passages on japanese soil taiwan's refusing entry for residents from hong kong macau and china setting to bring them in line to main hong kong is also going to do the same to mine that chinese as of saturday and now here in particular in hong kong there's been an ongoing strike by health work been so angry at the hong kong government they want the borders closed a long time ago earlier than this saturday will have actual closure and certainly more strict sions on my land to help us but at the moment they're holding a scene at the hospital authorities buying building in tallinn city demanding to meet the head of the hospital authority to end what they want him to make their demands and that's a full closure and been to access to supplies medical supplies and the whites of this crisis also the world health organization has launched its own fund a $675000000.00 plan by city covering from february to april to try and put in
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place a better health measures to help those countries that are my subject affected by the croix de barge ok sarah clarke thank you. well there have been 2 coronavirus deaths outside mainland china one was in the philippines medical staff there are striking against what they say are deteriorating working conditions jim 11 duncan is the man and learn she explains what their demands it. we're outside one of the government hospitals here in manila where health workers are picketing demanding better transparency from the philippine government the see they have been frustrated with the government's response towards this outbreak and they're hoping for a better compensation and better protection slashing of the national budgets of many health research and monitoring facilities and services actually is worsening the situation they hope they see that the government will react fast because time is of
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the essence they also remain committed to their cause and they will couldn't seeing you there were a call in the government for more support for better protection compensation and better equipment in many government facilities across the country the u.s. says it's killed beleaguer of al qaida in the arabian peninsula during a military operation in yemen last month president donald trump says qassam remey was trying to organize and inspire attacks against americans there's been no confirmation of the killing from. and the gallagher has the latest from washington . well the news is just emerging the confirmation of this al qaeda leader's death is just emerging but the strike itself took place last month at the cia and american intelligence officials have been very carefully after previous strikes proved that their targets actually survived them so they were careful to check whether this is actually happened but al really is a significant target for the u.s.
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authorities he's one of the few al qaeda leaders predates the attacks of september the 11th he trained at camps in afghanistan before going back home to yemen where he was in prison for 5 years for plotting to attack the u.s. ambassador there he actually broke out of jail in 2006 is thought to be behind the attack on the u.s. embassy and is a significant target for the u.s. authorities so we do now have confirmation that the 41 year old was killed in these attacks in this drone strike in fact there was a $10000000.00 reward out for him and the u.s. state department says that al qaeda has now been significantly weakened by this strike meaning that both americans and allies on now safe upon his death the u.s. president has attacked his political rivals during a speech celebrating his acquittal on impeachment charges an unrepentant donald trump described the proceedings asked corrupt and run by dirty cops as our white house correspondent kimberly halakhah reports the address could set the tone for
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his 2020 election campaign. one day after the u.s. senate voted not to remove the u.s. president from office donald trump was in the mood to celebrate i've done things wrong in my life i will admit not purposely but i've done things wrong. but this is what the end result is. trouble railed against opposition democrats who watched the impeachment effort against him times using language that was derogatory and profane. it was all both. he tried to coerce an ally into helping him cheat trump took aim at congressman adam schiff who led the inquiry into whether trump abused his presidential powers by withholding military aid to ukraine in an attempt to get them to investigate his political rival former vice president joe biden a corrupt politician named adam schiff made up my statement to the ukrainian
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president he brought it out of thin air just made it up they say he's a screenwriter a failed screenwriter donald j. trump earlier that day at a national prayer breakfast truck also went after mitt romney who was the only republican senator who voted to remove trump from office he also lashed out at house speaker nancy pelosi i don't like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong. pelosi blasted the president in response and paid hard for him because he's so off the track of our constitution but throughout trumps more than an hour long remarks he repeatedly maintained he committed no wrongdoing it was a sharp contrast to president bill clinton's more than a minute long statement in 1999 following his own impeachment acquittal i want to say again to the american people. how profoundly sorry i am
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for what i said and did to trigger these events thank you. troubles only apology came not to americans but to his family who he says has been caught up in allegations and investigations since the start of his presidency i want to apologize to my family for having them have to go through. a phony rotten deal well the impeachment trial may be over the allegations are not both democrats and republicans are valid to take this case to american voters in november who will ultimately decide if donald trump is a one or 2 term president can really help get al jazeera the white house the chair of the democratic national committee has called for a review of all the results of the iowa caucuses after days of technical delays
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with all the votes finally counted. as narrowly defeated bernie sanders in the 1st contest between the democratic contenders vying to take on president trump in november the committee says the review is needed to assure public confidence after technical glitches in its mobile slow down reporting of the results. still ahead on al-jazeera. doing more on poverty here than $200.00 refugees and migrants at the serbian border demand entry into e.u. countries signing a light on police violence in france we talk to the makers of an acclaimed film that's up for an oscar this week and.
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hello again to welcome back to international weather forecast we do have a couple of things to talk about here on our europe satellite image 1st of all out here across much of western europe it is going to be a frontal boundary that is coming and it's going to bring those winds up across much of the area down here towards the southeast it is still this hour of low pressure causing a lot of problems across turkey over towards georgia and that is in terms of that snow that we have been seeing over the last few days that is going to continue here on friday across much of the region saturday still seeing much of the same you can be seeing some widely scattered snow mostly heavy out here across parts of the east from high temps a few of about minus 2 degrees in terms of those winds take a look at the forecast map here on saturday very windy conditions across parts of northern england we are going to be seeing some snow as well into scotland but it is those winds really developing into saturday as well as into sunday london your forecast does look like this a nice day here on friday a little cool at 9 degrees temperatures will be coming up ahead of that front but we do expect to see the winds increasing in the rain starting to form as we go
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towards sunday well here across another part of africa it is that colder air coming in across much of the area temperatures have been dropping across the region take a look at us $126.00 degrees here on friday but by the time we get towards saturday about $1000.00. when they're online like probably look up and get one of the worst graphs to make your review about. or if you join us on sat there is a difference between diversity and inclusion and overseas sometimes isn't always sincere based is a dialogue sanctions on the ways in which they were applied to iran are an act of warfare everyone has a voice we as a society that is simply to get timidly to sit down and listen join the global conversation on now does iraq. loom on the. earth. or in the world are.
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going to be on the top stories on al-jazeera this hour china's government has launched an anti corruption investigation following the death of a doctor from the coronavirus he was accused of scare mongering after raising the alarm over the outbreak in december. the u.s. says it's killed the leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula during a military operation in yemen last month it's us consummate remove was trying to organize on the inspire at times against americans. u.s. president donald trump a celebrated his acquittal on ph one charges while using the speech to talk as political rivals on wednesday the senate clear drug of abuse of power on the destruction of congress trump has described the proceedings us. we're
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now in our top story and the corona virus outbreak is having an impact on chinese communities around the world john holmes reports from london's chinatown where businesses are taking hits. from the normally bustling streets of london chinatown the early evening after work rush more hurried walk past half empty restaurants there's often a dip in trade following chinese new year we're told but not like this. a lot of poking canceled there was a china actually. very effective because the wise as each of these from china. so as it was not a cause they scared they were worried if they're going to. china people. i mean the 2 together why was it also happens to be the midwinter flu season notoriously contagious sometimes deadly but not generally known to affect business
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on the high street it's estimated the common flu accounts for more than 50000 a year worldwide coronavirus on the other hand has so far resulted in the deaths of just over 500 people your friend was wanted why would she want to tell me what she said she was worried that if it would in fact the fate of the people that your friend thought coronavirus would have it would in my effects what we see and. a lot of people agnostics you know and. she said maybe i should wear a mask but you know sister and i said if there's not a problem because of a paper or you were on the. other papal sort of scared of after you know it took me off that they are going to be honest. i thought well we're here in our way so we're going to enjoy ourselves quite a lot of people seem to think coronavirus is the new plague carried by anyone who even looks chinese there are reports of racism a chinese woman on
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a crowd. london tube tweeting that no one would sit in the seats beside her and not just in london chinese people banned from a nail in vietnam and a cafe near the trevi fountain in rome the whole whole whole whole problem he's a because of the an informed decision of of of the fall of the virus because. of a new such a trend of the problem of virus so people thought that people. carriers i think to do an informed to and cater to rather than. what rather than racism i mean you know at least for now but it does at least for now mean quiete times in chinatown jonah how al-jazeera london. refugees from the war in syria are in serbia demanding hungary opens the border to allow them into the european union that's unlikely to happen thousands fleeing war on poverty remain
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stuck in the balkans and troops on the heavily fortified border fired warning shots at refugees last month laura burton ramli has more. car chain what little possessions they have left and wrapped up against the biting cold of other day one of these people are demanding serbian authorities that some pass into hungry. as a city in protests in the border village television they hold signs demanding they be allowed into hungry a member of the european union i didn't go there to get money from their opinion is i'm only look for a better life you know my country have a lot i going to go back to syria it's not just syrians trying to cross refugees from afghanistan iraq yemen and other countries have found themselves here after fleeing who poverty and persecution as serbian police follow their protests and one
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carrion police blocked the boat offense. they're left with few options we don't have. to buck and no way to run that's why we're here and tonight we're europe and today we're also on the way that is so but you know does. this winter we have to decide we have children we have women bigness we have all the old guys we will stay here one of the 3 when they give permission to go in border we will go last month and gary in police fired warning shots when dozens of people attempted to cross the border the 2nd to the dentist i mean as a it was evolving group that attempted to break in you carried out with a violent behavior that's why young organized men feel the route was shot off and fences erected with razor wire after hundreds of thousands passed through both in countries 5 years ago. congress prime minister viktor orban has made clear
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refugees are not welcome and starting to use force against them. across the border in serbia there are now more than 6000 refugees living in government run camps they want to leave by getting into the e.u. has become increasingly harder nor about a manly al-jazeera. turkey is warning syria of severe punishment if turkish troops are targeted in the province but these 5 civilians were killed on thursday in the last rebel held territory it's been under attack for months by president bashar assad's forces and his russian allies both syria and on turkish troops were killed in a confrontation on monday and turkey is threatening force if the assault on it live continues the united nations security council met on thursday to discuss the fighting and our diplomatic editor james bays has more from new york. the united nations has long warned that the last and most bloody chapter of syria's brutal war
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could take place in. the security council have now been told that is happening we have it missing the humanitarian catastrophe that the secretary general has warned of this is causing unacceptable human suffering and endangering international peace and security the bombing and shelling have forced hundreds of thousands more people to move in the attempt to find safety we now estimate that 586000 people have moved in the last 2 months they are mostly children this emergency meeting was called by the u.s. france and the u.k. i think their worst nightmare. has come to pass the u.s. counterpart ended her speech with these words i want to close now by speaking directly to the syrian people yes these are dark days of that there can be
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no doubt but you are not alone and you are not forgotten but after 9 years of war no one could blame the people of a glib for feeling abandoned and betrayed by the world the security council is not protected them in fact one permanent member is directly militarily involved in the onslaught they're facing jamesburg days al-jazeera at the united nations. thousands of iraq as students who rallied in the cities of baghdad and bus routes are condemning attacks on protesters by supporters of an influential shiite cleric demonstrators into having a square in the capital denounce the attacks what's left at least 10 people dead supporters of stormed anti-government protest camp in the southern city of najaf on wednesday. rescuers in zimbabwe are searching for survivors after a disused gold mine collapsed killing at least 2 people who were mining illegally
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around 20 people reportedly trapped in the mine just outside the city of quick way the shaft caved in on wednesday nights and the mine has been closed since 2007 brazil's president j. are also narrows proposing a bill that would open up indigenous land to mining agriculture and energy projects it's yet to receive congressional approval but it's drawn criticism from environmentalists indigenous groups they say could wipe out their communities and speed up deforestation. here's what he had to say here's the solver's reports. there are some of brazil's most remote and touched regions but now president both sonera wants to tap into the riches of protected indigenous reservations his proposed bill delivers on a campaign promise to open up the land to mining energy and other projects. this is a big step forward it depends on congress so we will face pressure from
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environmentalists those people from the environment if i could one day i would confine them to the amazon since they like the environment so much. protected indigenous land accounts for some 13 percent of brazil's territory that's too much for ball so narrow he says it hinders economic development he's proposed bill has drawn strong criticism from indigenous tribes and environmentalists while bill so narrow says they'll be consulted any final decision on exploiting lands would be placed brazil's congress also not has proposed a bill brazenly violates brazil's constitution which guarantees the right to its indigenous peoples to consultation this is the kind of consultation that is minister of mines of energy has said will be but a formality and not be carried out in the rigorous manner that the constitution guarantees indigenous people that have this right shrine in the constitution and other international conventions and they're demanding it today the far right
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president says he wants to integrate remote communities into brazilian society and even the other controversial move this week he named a former even jellicoe missionary to head a department responsible for protecting and contactors and recently contacted tribes brazil's $300.00 indigenous leaders opposable scenarios plans they fear not just losing their lands but their unique cultures to draw on the silver our desire . spain's prime minister has met the catalan regional president for the 1st time in more than a year there setting up negotiations due next month about the way through the region is governed 9 catalonian leaders are in prison for organizing an authorised independence referendum 3 years ago a former hitmen for the drug cartel boss pablo escobar has died of stomach cancer in colombia. known as popeye was 57 he gave himself up to
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police in 1902 and confessed to killing 300 people as well as coordinating the deaths of 3000 others his most notorious crimes include the assassination of her presidential candidates on the 1989 bombing of a passenger jets which killed a 107 people. the 92nd academy awards are being held in hollywood this weekend and the french film is a nominated in the best foreign film category it's set in paris as poor suburbs and many of the costs aren't nonprofessional actress from the area natasha butler reports on what it means for them to be nominated. to the bottom so for example they miss our business striking and gritty portrayal of police violence social exclusion and childhood the oscar nominated french film is set in the paris suburb of moore film a it reveals the hardships of people's lives but still is clear of cliches as it
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follows 3 low paid police officers battling to keep the peace but with a heavy handed approach the makes things worse. many of the films act is a residence from the housing estate known professionals including activist can you take the place in an enigmatic owner of a fast food restaurant to who police and young people turn to for advice on appearances through the decades we've seen a denial of police violence recently we saw the repression faced by the yellow vest protesters when many people discovered police violence but we have always known about it because today's repression was refined for years in the suburbs betraying life in the suburbs came naturally to direct a largely who grew up in more fi may and began filming police violence as a pastime he says the decades french governments have ignored the suburbs where unemployment is high an opportunity scarce he hopes the film will act as
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a wake up call it would not things changing schools in the suburbs or catastrophe culture also so she had just stuck to these cuts so this film is a cry for help to say listen to us because it's more than 20 years that it's been going badly and we feel like no one hears us. let me the habit is bleak but its success has delighted residents and motha may at the local football club few imagine that a story set in the neighborhood would be nominated for an oscar the fact that the director lads only comes through more film is obviously a huge source of pride here and it is particularly exciting for these teenagers because the filmmakers and the football club off line some of them to los angeles for the occasion so it is us that is opposed to the research happy because the show is that spark of reality there are so many talented people in the suburbs to the end of the tunnel in the. lead reproves that even young people in the suburbs can make it at the airport the countdown to hollywood begins the trips
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a unique opportunity to explore new horizons represent friends and cheer on largely a local hero who's inspired them to believe in a dreams and prove that it doesn't matter where you come from it's where you're going that counts natasha al-jazeera paris. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera china's government has launched an anti corruption investigation following the death of a doctor from the coronavirus he was accused of scare mongering after raising the alarm over the outbreak in december so a car council latest from hong kong. this is a doctor who worked at the hospital at the center of the one hand virus and sent out the early warning. actual meeting with one of the doctors know so you can discover not as thoughts public outrage is almost become a national hero it is public outcry just being own social media and in
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a very rare move china is in the last couple of hours announcing it's going to send its highest and corruption agency to investigate the surrounding the surroundings of these did the u.s. says it's killed the leader of al qaeda and their arabian peninsula during a military operation in yemen last month it says cost me was trying to organize and inspire attacks against americans president donald trump is celebrated his acquittal on impeachment charges while using the speech to attack his political rivals on wednesday the senate cleared him of abuse of power on the structure of congress trump who's described the proceedings os corrupt final results are in from the iowa caucuses people who judge his narrowly defeated bernie sanders it's the 1st contest between democratic contenders vying to take on president trump in november the chair of the democratic national committee has called for a review of the results after days of technical. refugees from war in syria are among protesters in serbia demanding hungry opens the border to allow them into the
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e.u. . fleeing war and poverty remain stuck in the balkans and hungary and troops on the heavily fortified border a fired warning shots at refugees. thousands of iraqi students have rallied in the cities of baghdad i'm busted out to condemn attacks on protesters rights supporters of an influential shiite cleric demonstrators in the capital denounced the attacks which killed 10 people. brazilian president proposing a bill that would open up indigenous lands a mining culture and energy projects it has yet to receive congressional approval but it's drawn strong criticism from environmentalists groups those are the headlines the stream is next. there's a wave of sentiment around the world people actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries and i think often people's voices are not heard because it's not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover big stories and report from big events going on but we also tell the stories of
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people who don't have a voice i mean one of the charms that's never be afraid to have the last question and i think that's one of the really don't question people should be accountable and get people to give their view of what's going on. ok and your in the stream today finally here come down at the european parliament but in places like scotland where they voted 62 percent to stay in the northern island where they voted 56 percent stay in the e.u. the departure from the union has spot interest. in today show we will discuss whether it could break up the united kingdom we want to know what you think. it's. going to.


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