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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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and there are all the photos from behavior bureau out there adapt to their new environment women make science coming soon on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this hour jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martin that is coming up in the next 60 minutes he warned of an emerging coronavirus in december now the death of a chinese doctor has prompted mass anger about the official response. syrian government forces retake a strategic town near it live as they battle to reclaim control of the last rebel held territory. it was evil it was corrupted was dirty cops.
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president trump celebrates his impeachment acquittal with a victory speech and more attacks on the democrats. and how the taliban splinter group in afghanistan is finding new recruits among recovering drug addicts. coming up in sports tensions up a new come on heightened those little messes barcelona knocked out of the cup amid a dispute between the players and the club. by the death of a doctor who was reprimanded by police when he raised the alarm over coronavirus is adding to the challenges of the piling up on the chinese government there's been an outpouring of public anger over the case of levy one liang who warned about a new kind of virus back in december meanwhile the world health organization says it's too soon to know if the virus is weak bats they're all signs the new number of
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cases is dropping at least 638 people have died and more than 31000 are infected adrian brown reports now from hong kong. these are some of the last poignant images of lee one liang a doctor who was punished for daring to tell the truth now he's died from the virus that he 1st warned colleagues about late last year. to many he'll be remembered as a chinese hero. or their shift in the culture i deeply regret his death and feel sincerely saying for him we need to see if the employer once of his death can wake up anything and i hope he did not die in vain your heart hurt you here he left us when we needed him to fight the virus and he was a victim of the virus too he was unfairly criticized because of his work so we feel very sad and regretful for certain for he said irresponsible attitude toward
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society he is honest and faithful so i think the whole society should reflect on this on social media the grief and outrage is more profound is it that hard for the government to admit it's wrong a doctor had to die twice that's a national humiliation and the eyes of the people are clear his death is the top trending topic on china's micro-blogging site way below one of the most popular hashtags before being deleted was we want freedom of speech lee had been in the front line of this crisis falling sick from the virus while treating patients his death was confirmed on the website of one hospital on friday morning leader after all rescue efforts said the statement we express our deep condolence as did an official from china's national health commission. now using the national there are some national health commission extends our sincere condolences and respect to the
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family and wife of dr lee when we know that for medical workers on the frontline they start a fight or a family life to contribute to this battle against the virus the society needs to care more about our medical workers. in december leader had sought to share information about his concerns only to be investigated by police who accused him of spreading rumors lee's passing highlights the huge risks taken by frontline doctors and nurses to treat patients a situation made worse by overcrowded hospitals and an acute shortage of beds the government appears to be listening it's dispatched a team of anticorruption investigators to its words listen to the concerns of the public and in china today there's no shortage of people with opinions about the doctor and the way he was treated. the virus is spread across china with cases also emerging in 2 dozen countries 2 cruise ships carrying thousands of holidaymakers
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have been placed under quarantine in hong kong and japan as doctors test all on board for infection and another ship currently in the south china sea has been refused entry by japan south korea and the philippines. in china the growing public outrage will worry their leadership as it threatens to create what they fear most social unrest adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. arliss get the very latest now from hong kong and 10 other of our correspondents sarah clarke and sara and stan that the 5 or 6 day strike that was carried out hong kong's health workers is now ended does that mean they're satisfied with the measures that have been taken by kerry lam and her government. well this was a 5 day strike it started early in the wake it has just come to an end up to these health workers met the hospital 30 this evening now there are 7000 votes 4000 voted
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to go back to work and the other 3 want to continue the strike so those health workers will return to the hospitals to deal with the growing number of infections as of tomorrow so saturday that what these health workers wanted what they wanted a full pleasure of the board is they didn't get that they also wanted greater access to medical and health supplies in these hospitals which have been running short now on saturday we will have a some sort of a quarantine restrictions placed on the mainland travelers arriving in hong kong but certainly the health workers will resume work tomorrow after 5 days and i would just add also a report from the princess margaret hospital which is one of the larger hospitals here it is now at full capacity with regards to the number of infections who are it which are inside that hospital and the overflow of any more infections of a coming days will have to go to other hospitals as a result rise and you mentioned i think tomorrow is saturday is when this mandatory quarantine provision comes into force and anybody coming from the mainland will go into 2 weeks of salacious and that's going to be massively disruptive business for
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a territory that has about $100000.00 crossings every day. we have or have reports that about 80000 people cross over yesterday so the numbers have been dropping but certainly tomorrow saturday we'll see whether or not the number of travelers does decrease even further this is a particular it's a it's a mandatory quarantine scenario where any child. was funded by lance to hong kong will have to go into isolation at the home or hotel isolation for 14 days but the critics do argue it's going to be very difficult to monitor the hong kong government has to go if they don't abide people died of by this particular law they will face a heavy fine and could face up to 6 months in prison so certainly with regards to invoking that particular med it's very odd selection of quarantine it will be difficult but it does stop some or so no doubt they'll be some sort of decline in numbers and i dreamed brad also back in mentioned in his story about the
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unfortunate situation of a number of passengers and crew ships we've got the christian here in hong kong still has about 3600 stop and passengers on board and we're hearing reports of complaints from people on board the passages of a deteriorating hygiene situation and lack of supplies as that particular ship remains in quarantine since wednesday so certainly for another another couple of weeks all right sara thanks for that sarah clarke there live in hong kong well a shortage of medley medical equipment to deal with the virus outbreak has prompted the head of the world health organization to send a warning we're sending testing kits mosques grabs disputers and guns to countries. however. the world is facing growing. protective equipment as you might imagine this afternoon i would be speaking to the. world to identify the boat to
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mix and find solutions. now to syria where government forces have captured the town of southern. province is a strategically important part of the government's campaign to retake the whole province which includes the last rebel held areas of the country the fall of saddam keep a nearby highway that clears the way to the provincial capital which is only 7 kilometers away there's also now an increased threat of syrian troops clashing with turkish forces who have outposts in that area we can talk to our correspondents in of course the early she's just inside syria our border crossing that's not far from the turkish border and sin and this is perhaps the most pressing worry then for the turks at least and that is the proximity of syrian government forces to turkish
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outposts observation posts is what they're known. well yes martin this is this is a big financial tension is mounting actually on the ground in terms of military situation and along with the current very very difficult to military situation for chunks of course this is very worrying because currently 9 military observation posts of turkey is stuck actually surrounded stuck in the syrian government controlled areas is so far to the military posts haven't been then in then jared except for some arrests and fires etc but since the last since the syrian government attacked a turkish convoy that was meant to bring reinforcements to the military because things changed and it seems a part of the game plan of the game has changed inside their right not turkey and
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syria now a turkish and syrian army is risk confronting each other and turkey's president added on sat he is giving he gave an ultimatum and said that the russia the syrian army should withdraw from the areas where the turkish military posts are until the end of february of course this is a very huge risk and they risk fighting each other but how tricky is going to confront syria while the syrian army is supported by the russian air forces is that question and this is this tension between turkey and the syrian military is also increasing the tension on the civilians inside who already are depressed and suppressed because of the internal displacement right to them and this this increased tension might account for the fact that a russian delegation is heading towards ankara as well as damascus maybe to try and defuse the situation. yes martin
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the russians and turks also have had some serious discussions within the last couple of days as turkey pushed for in more observation post after the syrian government advance from south to north and advance through said akka bennett the city center the russians claim that the turkish reinforcements and they were a military post were not coordinated with that while the turks claimed just the opposite so it was difficult for both sides who's who have always said that they are committed to pursue the astana and so achieve peace agreements and pursue the political process and carry it to geneva 2 more of all these details are going to be discussed at the military and foreign policy delegation will be in turkish capital ankara and depending on the outcome of the delegation meetings maybe it
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turkey's present and russian president vladimir putin will come together how what kind of a solution they're going to present on the table is still unknown especially given the tension on the ground all right jim thank you for that sin and cos here you are a correspondent in northern syria. we've got lots more to come here on the news hour including find out about the most pressing issue for irish phrases as they prepare for saturday's snap election. brazil's president unveils controversial new plans for indigenous land which critics are calling a genocide bill. and the man known as the greek unstoppable again in the n.b.a. will have little ditties. now the u.s. says it's killed the leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula in
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a military operation in yemen it apparently happened last month president trump says kasim reed me was trying to organize and inspire attacks against americans there's been no confirmation of the killing from al qaeda and to gallagher has more now from washington. the confirmation of this al qaeda leader's death is just emerging but the strike itself took place last month at the cia and american intelligence officials have been very carefully after previous strikes proved that their targets actually survived them so they were careful to check whether this is actually happened but al really is a significant target for the u.s. authorities he's one of the few al qaeda leaders that predates the attacks of september the 11th he trained at camps in afghanistan before going back home to yemen where he was in prison for 5 years for plotting to attack the u.s. ambassador there he actually broke out of jail in 2006 is thought to be behind the attack on the u.s. embassy and is a significant target for the u.s.
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authorities so we do now have confirmation that the 41 year old was killed in these attacks in this drone strike in fact was a $10000000.00 reward out for him and the u.s. state department says that al qaeda has now been significantly weakened by this strike meaning that both americans and their allies on now safer upon his death well i've been speaking to measure where is director of the girl studies center here at cass a university he says the al qaeda leader had been that of in yemen for many years. the group basically announced its responsibility for more than one operation or want to touch one of the you mentioned in florida but there are also responsibilities of other attacks on foreigners inside yemen as well on spanish or group. nationalities i think 6 of them were killed in yemen as well so basically this is an activity started since 2006 but he was active even before that in yemen
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i think the context of. targeting this leader is not the 1st time we witnessed another operation in spring 2000 seen. in that attack on. a village south of yemen and assuming that there would be. a need that there that time has been reported that actually 6 people were killed from. yemenis but so it is a trend. you know how they're making a mistake with the war into yemen now is needed to divide that there is no central government and all of those so-called and non-state actors like that that is an amazing opportunity for them to be more active so that is the reason why the american security departments believe that you know this is the strongest the group in yemen because they are benefiting from the political sphere which is basically very weak. the refugees from the war in syria are among the protesters in serbia
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who are demanding that hungary offends its border to allow them into the european union but that's unlikely to happen thousands fleeing war and poverty remain stuck in the balkans garion troops on the heavily fortified border have fired warning shots at refugees laura batman the reports. change what little possessions they have left and wrapped up against the biting cold of other day one of these people are demanding serbian authorities that some pass into hungry. as a city in protests in the border village television they hold signs demanding they be allowed into hungry a member of the european union i didn't go there to get money from their opinion is i'm only look for a better life you know my country had no war i going to go back to syria it's not just syrians trying to cross refugees from afghanistan iraq yemen and other countries have found themselves here after fleeing who poverty and persecution as
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serbian police both a protest and one carrying police blocked the border fence the left with few options we don't have a way to to buck and nowhere to run that's why we're here and tonight we're europe and today we're also in a way that is so but you know does a winter this winter we have to decide we have children we have women goodness we have all the old guys we will stay here one of the trees when they give permission to go in border we will go last month on kerry in police fired warning shots when dozens of people attempted to cross the border. i mean as it was evolving group that attempted to break in you carried out with a violent behavior while young organized manner of fear through to a shot off. fences erected with razor wire after hundreds of thousands passed
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through balkan countries 5 years ago. congress prime minister viktor orban has made clear refugees are not welcome and started to use force against them across the border in serbia there are now more than 6000 refugees living in government run camps they want to leave the getting into the e.u. has become increasingly harder nor about a manly al-jazeera president trombones attacked his political rivals in a speech celebrating his acquittal on impeachment charges and on repentance donald trump described the proceedings as corrupt run by dirty cops as a white house correspondent kimberly how can our policy address could set the tone for his 2020 election campaign. one day after the u.s. senate voted not to remove the u.s. president from office donald trump was in the mood to celebrate i've done things
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wrong in my life i will admit not purposely but i've done things wrong but this is what the end result is. trouble railed against opposition democrats who watched the impeachment effort against him at times using language that was derogatory and profane. it was all both. of you trying to coerce a now into helping him cheat trump took aim at congressman adam schiff who led the inquiry into whether trump abused his presidential powers by withholding military aid to ukraine in an attempt to get them to investigate his political rival former vice president joe biden a corrupt politician named adam schiff made up my statement to the ukrainian president he brought it out of thin air just made it up they say he's a screenwriter a failed screenwriter donald j. trump earlier that day at a national prayer breakfast trump also went after mitt romney who was the only
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republican senator who voted to remove trump from office he also lashed out at house speaker nancy pelosi i don't like people who use their faith as justification. for doing what they know is wrong. pelosi blasted the president in response and pray hard for him because he's so off the track of our constitution but throughout trumps more than an hour long remarks he repeatedly maintained he committed no wrongdoing it was a sharp contrast to president bill clinton's more than a minute long statement in 1999 following his own impeachment acquittal i want to say again to the american people. how profoundly sorry i am. for what i said and did. to trigger these events thank you. trump's
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only apology came not to americans but to his family who he says has been caught up in allegations and investigations since the start of his presidency i want to apologize to my family for having them have to go through a phony rotten deal well the impeachment trial may be over the allegations are not both democrats and republicans are vowing to take this case to american voters in november who will ultimately decide if donald trump is a one or 2 term president can really help get al jazeera the white house. and the chair of the democratic national committee has called for a review of the results of the iowa caucuses with all the votes finally counted people to judge his narrative defeated bernie sanders in the 1st contest between the democratic hopefuls vying to take on president trump in november the committee
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says a review is needed to restore public confidence after technical glitches in its mobile app slowed down the whole reporting exercise let's speak now to. the author of the trump presidency journalism and democracy is an associate professor at lancaster university in the u.k. nice to talk to you again let's start with the democratic party then are they in state of disarray as a consequence of this rather embarrassing scenario that we witnessed in iowa. you know to move forward from from iowa they almost need to forget that it even happened you know there are some on the far left thinking that bernie sanders really won the day as the democratic socialist but that doesn't go too well for the for the hardcore democrats who want there to be more of a central figure somebody who's older more centrist who can bring in some people from the republican side but where donald trump winning at almost every single
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downfall he's had that's going to be really hard to support people over no matter how central a democratic candidate is. not your man then going forward looking ahead to new hampshire and cheese day isn't he the man then you can perhaps occupy the center space for a party that has almost 2 choices to either go continue with the establishment joe biden type of democratic party or move off to the left and the bernie sanders in the more radical perhaps younger side of the party. well yeah i mean i would does seem to be historically the place that does push and launch people ahead but that would be in a traditional election year this one is not a traditional alexion year and you're seeing the infighting within the democrats become even stronger than before because they really want to get somebody out there who can take down donald trump certainly people like biden who have decided he
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hasn't really but his his numbers are showing him sliding aside and you still have people questioning the validity of the democratic party if they can even. figure out their 1st caucus of the year so going into new hampshire it's a repairs issue for democrats to say remember this is who we are the su i am individually and i'm the person who's going to win forget about what happened in iowa we're going forward right and then going back to the president himself that speech which was a victory speech it wasn't a scintilla of contrition will set the press is not really useful to compare with bill clinton but he's certainly setting the. tone in the style of the next 9 months when of course the election is in november and donald trump has been doing this every single time someone has questioned him in any way whatsoever he finds a way to win. he's never going to get your fired saying that he has to do from the
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apprentice in his own brain he thinks that he can he can move ahead no matter what but more importantly it's not even about the candidates it's about the political division it is a logical division that is growing even stronger on the on the streets of america that are going to make these rallies and these events security nightmares but also ones where ringback are we coming out as a whole nation are we really going further and further down the line of divide all right she took into a life from one can see in of a scene thank you very much. all right it's time to take a look at the weather now here's calving that's right in the cross parts of southeastern europe of course we've been talking about the snow in turkey but it's not just turkey that would sing the very heavy snow across the area i want to take you to serbia take a look what they've been dealing with just the last 24 hours very heavy snow blizzard like conditions on 41 man was found dead in his car people have had to be
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evacuated from their cars because of very heavy snow some towns that have been closed off as well as roads things are now getting better in that area but not in turkey we're still dealing with a lot of mixed precipitation across much of the area today we're looking at a lot of snow across much of the central and also over here towards eastern but there is some good news in the forecast we're going to be seeing a lot of that snow begin to dissipate starting tomorrow most of it will be along that northern coast temptress though are going to be quite low we're talking about minus figures on chrome minus 8 over here van minus 4 there by the time we get towards the next 4 days things are going to be improving but that same weather system not only affecting parts of south eastern us to. europe we're also talking down here across the northeastern part of africa we're not talking snow of course all rain we're talking about that cold air pushing down across libya as well as into egypt we're seeing those temperatures a little below average today but in the overnight lows tomorrow morning we're
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getting down into the low single figures down here across southern parts of libya as well we're talking about 4 degrees below average temperatures only pop up in here us one well below average for this time of year we're talking 1000 degrees for them kevin thank you very much indeed still to come here on the out of syria news out of time to write to untrain that isn't a tale of police brutality we'll have the story of an unlikely french contender at this year's oscars plus. he's. also making roger federer is so impressed that's coming out in sports whipple. a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis how many would have to die this stock is hard says really for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia
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a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case is interesting to watch the amount of money involved yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera. the island of sardinia a famously a delay khalid a spot. less well known as a proving ground for. investigating claims that years of military training and arms testing that triggered cancer and birth defects amid the local population. secret sardinia people in power on al-jazeera. route.
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have a 2nd look at the top stories here on the out of their news hour the death of a doctor who tried to raise the alarm of a coronavirus has prompted an outpouring of public anger in china leaves one land he died for me on this was reprimanded by the police when he warned about the new virus in december. syrian government forces have captured the town of such a keep in italy province is a strategic lee important part of the campaign to retake the last rebel held areas of the country the u.s. says it's killed the leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. in a military operation in yemen washington says al remey was trying to organize and inspire attacks against americans. ok let's go back to the main story that of course of corona virus have been confirmed cases of
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it in africa so far but has been high on the agenda of the african union foreign ministers summit taking place in ethiopia vaal is there in the capital addis ababa . as african leaders prepare to meet here in the european cups this about for a normal summit the gates are telling us that the continent is making itself ready to combat any possible outbreak of the coroner a virus coming from china the african center for disease control and prevention is coordinating efforts across the continent and in the senegalese capital of the car a training is going on to make more countries ready as we speak only south africa and ghana have a laboratory is that contest specimens for the virus but in a matter of 2 weeks they tell us that 15 more countries will be ready for that testing so far all of the cases suspected suspected in some countries have been proved negative and african countries are responding differently to what's going on
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in ethiopia foursomes the best african airlines have not stopped flights to china and that is being received in the wider public here in the g.o.p. with some negative feelings they are putting pressure on the government to follow suit because other countries in africa have stopped flights at least 5 other airlines including morricone madagascar and others we know also that china and africa have huge investments and some african countries are afraid to cut any ties or to current in china because they think that is going to hurt their economies but as this situation develops probably their response in africa will be different depending on how many cases will be coming from china with regards to corner a virus. well i've been speaking to cheryl cohen who is from the national institute for communicable diseases in shower factor care and she says the continent is
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perhaps more prepared for corona virus than one would imagine because it's already dealt with outbreaks of other diseases before. so this it became apparent to us you know that this was becoming a risk more globally you know we were we were really quick off the mark to start releasing guidelines to our doctors a clinical case definitions information on what to look for as well as what to do if you have a case in terms of current teen it's a trend certainly there's a very high level of awareness within the public health community and within the party community throughout africa and you know everyone all or all of our colleagues in the different african countries all really very engaged in preparedness activities i think there has a lot been put in place on the continent partly in response to which was a big epidemic for us in africa and also as part of preparedness activities related to influenza because i think you know with the world this is
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a bit and expected that it's a coronavirus people were thinking it might be an influenza virus and so there is a network of the bird trees and surveillance literates throughout africa which has been established in relation to influenza as well as other systems for operate response rebirth and i think you know really people are trying to to piggyback on these existing systems and as well as existing capacity in the bar trees and in the public health sector to to modify plans that might have been made and make sure that african countries are prepared. shocking students in iraq are defying government orders to return to class many schools and universities close when anti-government demonstrations started in october the students say until protest his demands are met there's little point in recess returning to school so manifold ripples out from baghdad. your education is a failure they chant rather than preparing for midterm exams these students from
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various universities in baghdad skipped class to join anti-government protests they demand a better future a future they say the current system is incapable of providing the government is at the mine if this doesn't succeed we won't have another opportunity this is the last chance for us we haven't achieved anything in the protest square yet so we can't return to our studies as usual you've unemployment in iraq is high and one of the protesters main grievances a lot is a 1st year engineering student but without connections she stands little chance of finding a job missing class is a small price to pay. it doesn't worry me to lose one year because there are 600 people who lost their lives entirely not just one year what is one year compared to the goals of our revolution which is to bring change. what they want is to open the political establishment that rose to power after the overthrow of saddam hussein's regime they reject prime minister designate mohamed. the former communications
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minister and member of parliament is seen as representing the status quo. as protests continue its term exams are looming to catch up on months of last education some received tutoring at private institutes like this one. is a senior in a nearby public high school classes there were suspended for several weeks when protests began in october but even after schools reopened his peers pressured him to stay away. brothers in the protest squares they were asking for support they said they need us some of my friends pressured me don't go to school it's not good it's better to go protest. despite his private schooling on the worries about not achieving the marks he needs to get into university the biggest losers are of course we will get hurt by this we went with the protesters and supported them but it will all come back to us of months teacher and the director
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of this institute doubts that many students will fail not because they master the subjects but because the education ministry has told instructors to help them pass . the education ministry told us to teach only the important things and skip whatever we feel isn't necessary to be sam's so i expect that this year we will see highest success right public schools reopened but attendance has been solo many classes have been cancelled so private institutes like these are flourishing many public school teachers are in double salaries by giving private lessons classes here cost over $600.00 per subject too expensive for many lower income families. and so the inequality gap threatens to further widen students who can't afford private tutoring have a little choice but to keep protesting and hope for a better education for all the government and shia cleric thought or have ordered students to return to class for penalties for both. of these shooters are
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determined to stay on strike the only way to pressure the government to listen to their demands even if it means putting their own future on hold see monopole to mean i'll just about. that was just 24 hours ago before the general election in ireland the public health care is one of the main issues for voters more than half a 1000000 patients are still waiting to see a doctor as paul brennan reports from the american west and. around cork city political posters gazed down from the lampposts but it's island's health care crisis which the voters want the politicians to look at you know when the end of a woman had to bring in pillows for the mother but. sort of the daughters were like if you have tried this insurance it's it's it's appalling it's no problem for the ordinary man in the street it's not good to see people waiting on trolleys for
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hours and hours dr sarah fits given has worked in a deprived area of north cork for the past 15 years her dedication is self-evident and so are her frustrations so a child presenting today with mental health issues that i feel require specialist intervention if i put them on a waiting list they might be seen in 4 years time which is just that's not a service and 2014 nearly 359000 patients were on the public waiting list to see a consultant by 2017 the number had risen above half a 1000000 for the 1st time and in 2019 it had grown to more than 553000. it's time to tackle those relentless increases in the waiting lists the irish government is throwing millions every year of public money into buying private health care in 2019 it was the equivalent of 82000000 dollars and this year it's going to be closer to $110000000.00 and still the waiting lists go up having
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private health insurance meant that when john wall was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer in 2017 prompt treatment helped extend his life in the time he has left he's advocating urgent reform frontline staff to their absolute to do whatever they can given the resources that they have but that's the problem they don't have enough resources they don't have enough beds they don't have enough staff and the resources that are being allocated is basically telling good money after bad a universal health proposal called slow has been suggested but the different political parties have very different ideas of what to prioritize and how to implement it so really what's important here is that the population they're going to vote in the next on saturday are really looking for change and it's a change in culture to actually be citizen centered and to put the politics aside to ensure that everybody can have safe timely access to health care it was the
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threat of a no confidence vote in health minister simon harris which forced the irish tea should be over at good to call this election faced with a combination of public anger and the sense that no one was accepting responsibility on saturday in the polling booths the voters will hold the politicians to account for brennan al-jazeera limerick. now leaders of indigenous people in brazil say they're outraged by what the president calls his dream plan to exploit the amazon rain forest president enjoyable scenario unveiled a proposed law which would allow for mining agriculture and energy projects on formerly protected land critics say this could wipe out communities and speed up deforestation president balls another accuses opponents of hindering development. this is a big step forward it depends on congress because we will face pressure from environmentalist those people from the environment right if i could one day i would confine them to
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the amazon is the likely environment so much christiane from the campaign group amazon watch says the proposed law aims to sideline indigenous communities. also not his proposed bill brazenly violates brazil's constitution which guarantees the right to its indigenous peoples to consultation this is the kind of consultation that his minister of mines of energy has said will be but a formality and not be carried out in the rigorous manner that the constitution guarantees in addition to international labor organization convention $169.00 which also in trying is the right to consultation indigenous people that have this right and shrine in the constitution and other international conventions and they're demanding it today much to incur in opposition to what bills or not it was trying to ram down their throats but both are not always doing here is he's pushing brazil
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up a reputation cliff by trying to open up indigenous territories which are the best preserved territories in the brazilian amazon to industrial activity which is highly destructive not only to the environment but also to the culture of indigenous peoples he sending a signal that this government lives outside of the law that it will do anything to encourage what it considers to be development by destroying the forest and destroying indigenous territories the government is actually sending a signal to investors that if they want to be responsible with their money they need to look elsewhere. that drug addiction in afghanistan is an issue that's often overshadowed by the years of fighting bought it's a serious problem and in the last 2 decades say following the u.s. invasion the number of addicts is risen now some members of the taliban have stepped in to provide rehabilitation services but that comes with its own cost.
4:44 pm
now reports from kabul. iraq city western afghanistan. these men just a few of the millions of addicts in the country today the latest you would figure suggest women and children are as much at risk of ending up like this addicted to opium heroin morphine crystal meth. even when they're high meadow where it could lead. sarin every night one or 2 are dying here they are very young and they do not have any family they were once very useful citizens and were not like this before but now their life is in a severe condition and i worry about them if someone will not take care of them they will also die. this is what a lost generation of afghans looks like. a splinter group of the taliban says it has a moral duty to do something in heroic smelt in caves they've been running a drug rehabilitation center for 4 years addicts go through what passes for detox
4:45 pm
here several months of cold showers and long walks in freezing weather a taliban commander offers islam a teachings for inspiration and pain killers for withdrawal. once they're cleaned half of the addicts go home others stay for training weapons and to join the taliban. to see us the actual this is up to the bus or who helps us with our military operations he can go 100 kilometers into enemy territory he plants mines an enemy areas even inside their rooms each old 15 to 20 people by planting mines former addicts do these things people inside these centers are encouraged to become a man like him. a new lease on life makes for a loyal fighters going to come on as india i destroyed my life my family became hopeless because of me and i was left alone with the taliban not only treated me but also i helped my family financially they seemed money to my family i had the commander's trust and i'm valuable now i want to stay in the street hard you know to the last day of my life.
4:46 pm
the 2 decades since the u.s. invasion of afghanistan the number of drug users inside the country as well as neighboring countries has seen a sharp increase an addict so become a common sight in city streets across this country experts say addiction is a symptom of a problem that stretches beyond afghanistan it's borders an open secret of the capital kabul is that all sides of the conflict make money dealing drugs criminal gangs armed groups including the taliban as well as the governments and militaries of neighboring countries. who are traffickers down into the terrorist networks and their needs are and they're exploiting the situation right in the instability of afghanistan for their business and this. works for the ministry of counter-narcotics he says despite cases of corruption at the highest levels of government the label narco state is not afghanistan's alone
4:47 pm
to bear. are far more sudden we're proceeding with a lot of money from the poppy cultivation of what i want the rest of the me if you call it clear there are plenty. of. economy in auckland and we need it increases in $400000000.00. then this money it's right in afghanistan. is it is it. is it is it. it's a complex issue that has for years taken a back seat to the country's security concerns and more recent efforts to end the war. but how those in power now deal with the problem analysts agree will dramatically influence the future of the afghan people. with.
4:48 pm
business leaders.
4:49 pm
business leaders. all the all the all. the. amateur french actors who brought police violence in the suburbs of paris to the big screen hoping to win an oscar this weekend les miserables lives nominated for best international feature at the academy awards in hollywood that has a story. the bottoms of example let me start out as a striking and gritty portrayal of police violence social exclusion and childhood the oscar nominated french film is set in the paris suburb of moore film
4:50 pm
a it reveals the hardships of people's lives but stays clear of cliches as it follows 3 low paid police officers battling to keep the peace but with a heavy handed approach that makes things worse. many of the films act as a residence for the housing estate nonprofessionals including activist al mammy can you take the place in the enigmatic owner of a fast food restaurant to whom police and young people turn to for advice on appearances for decades we've seen a denial of police violence recently we saw the repression faced by the yellow vest protesters when many people discovered police violence but we have always known about it because today's repression was refined for years in the suburbs betraying life in the suburbs came naturally to direct a largely who grew up in more fi may and began filming police violence as a pastime he says the decades french governments have ignored the suburbs where
4:51 pm
unemployment is high an opportunity scarce he hopes the film will act as a wake up call it will not things changing schools in the suburbs are a catastrophe cultural the associations have just stuck to these cuts so this film is a cry for help to say listen to us because it's more than 20 years that it's been going badly in we feel like no one hears us. let me is bleak but its success has delighted residents and motha may at the local football club few imagine that a story set in the neighborhood would be nominated for an oscar the fact that the director lads only comes through more film is obviously a huge source of pride here and it is particularly exciting for these teenagers because the filmmakers and the football club are flying some of them to los angeles for the occasion so it is i think is a. researcher have people that spark a reality or throw many talented people in the suburbs are going to. do the. luxury
4:52 pm
cruise that even young people in the suburbs can make it at the airport the countdown to hollywood begins the trips a unique opportunity to explore new horizons represent friends and cheer on largely local hero who's inspired them to believe in a dreams and prove that it doesn't matter where you come from it's where you're going that counts natasha butler al-jazeera paris. right it's time for the sports news now here's paul martin thank you very much now could we be about to see the end of the little messy era barcelona the internal divisions that basso weren't helped on thursday night as the spanish champions were knocked out of the copper del rey by a fanatic bilbao messi has been at the center of a dispute with sporting director erik after the team's former coach was sacked it comes as they've also slumped to 2nd in the league behind a rail madrid spanish football reporter told us messi does have a clause in his contract that would allow him to leave in the summer after 20 years
4:53 pm
out. we have to see because messi said when his stinging with barcelona he said that barcelona will be his last team and that he might go to argentina maybe it will be his last team but he will stay in barcelona if he thinks he is able to win something he asked at the beginning of the season to sign back neymar because he said he thinks is the only way that barcelona can win the champions league this was not possible and things that team is not is strong enough to have an important season so when any come either try to just to fight the cycling of a coach or nest of all better then he was very upset because he played a key point that the players like the players were not happy they were not training proper so leo messi he's the captain he's not used to speak but quite he that's he knows there is
4:54 pm
a lot of. surrounding of our crises every time he complains about something we have to see they will probably the club try to do figure thing out to come all together but if he doesn't feel that he can do important things in barcelona yet he could be leaving at the end of the seeds of his contract permitting him doing that for one positive for boss is that rail lost as well as entertains the dons man missing out on the copper del ray semi's $43.00 defeat to real sociedad at. the milwaukee bucks almost total dominance of the n.b.a. so far this season continued with the ice and to compo putting in another super human displays the man known as the greek freak was a thorn in the side of the philadelphia 76 ers bamboozling his fellow all-star joe and beat head on to compose last season's most valuable player and looks well on
4:55 pm
the way to claiming the title again drawing an m.b.a. to set up paths konitz and. shares rather than looking 6 yes would like a league title as well though and his 36 points mean milwaukee stay top in the east 44 wins and just 7 defeats. under 122101 the score against philly that's 4 road losses on the bounce for the 76 since. gregg popovich has seen plenty of ups and downs in his 24 years as coach of the san antonio spurs but of a down this one c.j. mccullum running the plays with damian lillard to give portland 812-5217 win by those teams just outside the playoff picture. one of tennis's greatest rivalries is set to resume in a record breaking match in south africa later roger federer will play rafael nadal and a one off charity event at the cape town stadium for federer this is his 1st match
4:56 pm
in sub-saharan africa he was helped to warm up by rugby world cup winning captain see a khaleesi all 50000 tickets sold out in 10 minutes setting a record of attendance for a tennis match. a lower body in cape town. just up to the tennis court or football stadium of a load. mazing. i got the orange color for rafa so it feels like it's on clay but it's hard courts . to go from phil mickelson is looking for a 6th title at the pebble beach pro am the course has been a happy hunting ground but mickelson house struggled lately last week's 3rd place in saudi arabia was his best result in a year he's yet to qualify for the u.s. open and says he won't accept an exemption mickelson shot a 68 in the opening round on thursday he's 4 behind leader nick taylor.
4:57 pm
the hall i'm globetrotters are world famous for their impressive basketball was a drink now they've added a new player or more accurately a new harlem globetrotter. for the for the. record literally. organs use c.l. to juneau impressed slam dunk star zeus mcclurkin with a wave of attacks on the hoop juno became an internet star last year when the zoo posted videos of her exercise thoughts attract the team's attention she could be just a whisker away from making this quote. for us all a sports page will be back with more all right thank you very much indeed paul that's it from paul in for me for now a days but do stay with us i'll be back in just a moment with much more updates on the day's news.
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and whether online like probably would be one of the worst grabs the mainstream media about. or if you join us on sat there's a difference in diversity and inclusion and overseas sometimes isn't always sincere base is a dialogue sanctions and the ways in which they were applied to iran are and i'm of what fair everyone has a voice we as a society that is simply too big to blame need to sit down and listen join the global conversation on mt is iraq. soberly. al jazeera. and many tension with the u.s. and protests over a plane downing iran's parliamentary election will be held on february 20. 5th to syria explores the phrase of india's religious minorities on the prime minister modi's hindu move. us voters get the chance to weigh in on the 2020 lection al-jazeera will have comprehensive coverage
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a new series looks at how female scientists across the globe are opening doors for other women to pursue careers in science and up to 5 years of civil war could bitter rivals agree a peace deal to revive africa's youngest nation. separate on al-jazeera. the story is just sounds so headline the media angles in their story are too numerous for comfort separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism the listening post on al-jazeera. london is one of the most important cities in the world and decisions made here have an impact on brighter around the globe and so here at al-jazeera we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people but how it affects their everyday lives. we are free to put them on air and to really engage those stories because we know that all audience is interested not just in the mainstream news but also the more hidden stories from parts of the
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world that often go under reported. he warned of an emerging corona virus in december now the death of a chinese doctor has prompted mass anger about the official response. hello again i'm off indonesia with al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. syrian government forces retake a strategic town near it live as they battle to gain control of the last rebel held territory. of course in the u.k. rejects the 1st stage of ours a recruit shima bacon's appeal against revoking his.


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