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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 10, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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further infections 60 more people have tested positive for corona virus on a quarantined ship and japan has. every shot here and this is our just your life from doha also coming up syrian troops take control of more villages and civilians are forced to flee we're live from northern syria plus. i'm bernard smith in bangladesh along the indian border where there's been a significant increase in illegal crossings since india introduced a controversial citizenship bill. and they are scared goes to.
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parasite. south korean dark comedy makes movie history becoming the 1st foreign language film twin best picture at the oscars. the global death toll from the crowded virus outbreak has reached 910 more than 40000 people have now been infected 60 more people tested positive on a cruise ship quarantine and a port in japan and that brings a number of cases on board to 130 more than 3000 people had been stuck on that cruise liner since it was put under quarantine a week ago now and all but 2 of the deaths have been confined to mainland china. as at the port and yokohama safadi what is the situation with these these numbers increasing on this ship. huge increase in the numbers was
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a complete pick spirits have been. getting the couple laws they. that such circle find place could be could show a greater risk of the virus. and some experts also say that the infections happened during the cuban superior than taking that into consideration that this. is still carrying more than 3600 passengers and crew members and they are all. of the ship although they have been asked to stay in their rooms even for their crew members but still such an environment could could. show a great risk of spreading the virus and this is what happened today just a couple of hours ago for the ministry announced that they have discovered 60 more infections and the numbers that we have got so far show that this have been carried
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on 366 truss injures and crew members so. the 130 people now have been tested positive and this is a very high percentage and it shows really that. what the experts have cautioned. the experts have warned of maybe really happening and many people more on board of the ship might also be infected with the disease this is what this is what. made the health minister the mr the health minister mr carter to announce that the japanese authorities now are thinking of testing all. members on the ship and they are not going to allow any of them to disembark from the ship until they get their tests so it would be a very long 10 days for the bus injures and also for the crew members on board of the ship because even if they are allowed to disembark that wouldn't be before the
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19th of this month all right very solemn for the latest on that am 3 houses. people right now quarantined on that cruise ship thank you very much and northwest to syria at least 22 civilians have been killed by airstrikes and sunday as government forces take control of more villages they're advancing in the southern part of aleppo province towards the rebels last stronghold even live. reports from neighboring turkey. the moment the syrian army seize control of the hilltop village on the southern outskirts of aleppo will give the army the height advantage to monitor and shelled rebel positions the army has also recaptured other rebel held territory in northwestern aleppo that's seen as another major setback days after the rebels lost control of the city of. the government insists it's fine it will continue to defeat what he describes as terrorist organizations syria's
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leaders in damascus also brushed aside warnings from turkey to halt its offensive or face bitter repercussions. over the past few days. forces have managed to make significant achievements the troops that were coming from eastern little had met with the advance forces from southern aleppo and managed to regain control of the geographical area more than 600 square kilometers. as fighting shows no signs of abating civilians in rebel held territory fleeing their villages following the last numbers already skate most of the has is among thousands. they have nowhere to go. where 3 families i mean my brother both have 7 children we're looking for a house or a camp or something i really don't know what we're going to do. turkish soldiers
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recently deployed in province have been asked to set up a new outpost near. turkey's minister of defense hosea has warned of possible military intervention in the last remaining rebel held province turkey is giving syria's leaders until the end of this month to withdraw its military units from positions near turkey's observation post in. its 2 year. since turkey russia and iran agreed to establish to rise. but tension between russia and turkey has increased following the deaths in italy of 8 turkish soldiers in a recent syrian army attack by deploying more troops into syria turkey is sending a clear message that it stands ready to retire if syrian government forces continue their offensive turkish leaders are determined to prevent the worst scenario which
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to them is president bashar al assad's troops defeating the rebels and the millions of refugees trying to cross into turkey and join the many already here house about al-jazeera istanbul and dozens of graves have been vandalized in the southern suburbs have aired live he appears to show groups affiliated with syrian government forces destroying the graves and constable region syrian forces have control of the area since late last month. was inside syria at the crossing not far from the border with turkey and what's the latest. well the latest is that there was a car bomb explosion in a friend which is the creation all of ranch area under the turkish backed free syrian army control a couple of hours ago it was reported that a car bomb on the way to our friends roger wrote in.
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his razor wrote explode that the car was parked by the road after the explosion there was the fire and 8 civilians got killed and many injured we don't have the records of how many people got injured after this exploration locals say that it is not the sort hasn't been claimed by an organization but speaking to locals and mother 3 forces on the ground they suspect the why p.g. . syrian kurdish fighters group which is linked to the out both kurdish kurdish organization p k k in turkey this is what we know from our friend besides that since it is since yesterday morning the syrian government has been bombed being bombing at a target in western aleppo countryside and since last night until this morning it went to 2 civilians have been killed in western countries side of aleppo during all those assaults so today just today 30 people have 30 civilians have been killed
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because of the violence inside syria in northwestern syria by both the syrian government and other fighter groups and when you come to the military situation on the ground the syrian army has been advancing that's a rep advents from south to the north and the displacement of the civilians continue to the north closer to the turkish border the camps are camps are full the humanitarian situation as i have been reporting for the last couple of days is even worse than what we see in pictures and in the video. those people are stuck they they have to share it tents there are no houses that when you speak to the humanitarian aid organizations they say some of the i.d.p.'s the displaced people are moving to the f.s.a. controlled areas like those but again even on in these areas it is really difficult to find a place to stay for the internally displaced syrians right now and while all this
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happening turkish military is into in hand saying it's reinforcements for the turkish observation posts and they are building some extra military observation posts then there is a deadline for the syrian government to pull back from the areas where the turkish military posts are by the end of february so you situation is very bad and the military tension is very high on the ground or it costello live for us in serious and thank you bangladeshis living in india have told al-jazeera they're increasingly being threatened with deportation many say there is a climate of hostility towards muslims since a new citizenship law came into force its priority to non muslim immigrants from neighboring countries or it's met the ports and the bangladeshi border with india. along bangladeshis border with india people smuggling has suddenly become a booming business those orange lights are in india the traffic is all one way to
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bangladesh held up the follow on it they say they've been living over there for a long time but now there are problems there and they're being forced to leave sometimes the smugglers are necessary. and these are indian border force officers hunting people over to their bangladeshi counterparts they're all muslim they say there is a new hostile environment towards them in india in decades past bangladeshis left their villages and crossed the rice paddies to india more than 2000000 are there now according to the government in new delhi. in december india's parliament passed a fast track citizenship act for people from neighboring countries that explicitly excludes muslims now it's impossible to say exactly how many people are illegally crossing the border from india into bangladesh but we do know that the border force has detained more than 500 people just in the last couple of months and the
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smugglers tell us they're crossing between 40 to 60 people every night and that's just along this 45 kilometer stretch of a border that runs for more than 4000 kilometers. the indian government says its new law is for persecuted religious minorities living among its muslim dominated neighbors that's not convince these bengali speaking muslims they say they faced harrisson from police in new delhi in bangalore who told them to leave or risk being sent to a detention center. says he was just 18 months old when his parents took him across the border 26 years ago. they have been cracking down and there been no arrests 60 people from our community were detained and we haven't heard from them this caused panic and we decide it's time to leave and head for bangladesh cookie begum says she been in india with her husband and daughters for 11 years that's her indian work permit. it's absolutely clear the ruling party in india doesn't want any
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bangladeshis living there anymore only allowed speaking indians to live where we were what can we do we have to live without dignity and honor so we came back. bangladesh prime minister sheikh hasina says she doesn't understand the purpose of india's new citizenship law our government is already struggling to cope with 1200000 reading or refugees from me and it can't afford another influx from its largest neighbor bernard smith al-jazeera on the bangladesh india border. so had on al-jazeera. say now is the moment when they finally have their voices heard. and blast off in iranian rocket fall short.
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hello once again while the weather still very nasty across northern parts of europe at the moment still kara may well have made its way across the north sea there through an. norway pushing across the into moon sweden at present that's not a fight so i suppose indicate just how windy it will remain will blustery she was rattling across the northwest a few tiny wintry and some wet windy and when she where the sinking down is essential parts of here up in the north of scotland we still await the start seeing 200 kilometers per hour in congo in the scottish highlands and in the north of wells where we had 100 millimeters of rain in couple courage in snowdonia this is the northwest of germany where we saw some very wet sand windy weather lapping on shows of course widespread disruption to travel loss of power outages centuries down further chaos to come as we go on through the next couple is not quite as bad it has to be said west the weather the wintry weather that will slink its way further southwards and a switch into central pos temperatures fulling behind the system staying very windy
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them all blustery showers coming in crusts british isles down across the low countries 3 fronts will snow they nicest is gathering over the alpine ration forgot what to wear them to know the process by scattering a shower as to the southeast. gives you an feel dead and did you get the peace prize too soon. is this going to hurt or help donald trump's reelection chances and is very free money for you could shoot somebody on 5th avenue and not have any consequence this is not a muslim issue this is a human colony issue join me maddi often as i put it up front questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera.
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here watching out is there a let's recap the top stories right now the global death toll from the corona virus outbreak has reached 910 more than 40000 people have been infected and 60 more people tested positive on a cruise ship quarantined in the border in japan and what syrian government forces have taken control of more villages and dancing towards the rebels' last stronghold of meanwhile dozens of graves have been vandalized in the southern suburbs. and bangladeshis living in india have told al-jazeera they're increasingly being threatened with deportation and many say there is a climate of hostility towards muslims since a new citizenship law came into effect. many lebanese women say they'll no longer
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be silenced by laws they consider to be discriminatory they've been at the forefront of the nationwide protests that started in october and led to the resignation of the government of the prime minister saad hariri from beirut met some of these women leading new projects. well michel assists is making their voices hodes stay music in all its criticizes the political elite corruption and raises social awareness month it is not as though who i don't it isn't and this is that is collaboration and initiative with which means nothing against gender violence and discrimination they wrote this song about people unable to speak up for themselves. the years lebanese women have fought for equal rights and against social prejudices and they've been at the forefront of nationwide anti-government protesters started in october not and who were in remote areas women were marginalized and was silenced but with this revolution women were able
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to find their voices one message as revolutionary songs play out meals are being made right in the middle of a muslim and a christian area the people here 40 each other during the civil war and this project is the brainchild of a group of women who came together during the protests and call themselves on. grassroots initiate such as these are keeping the protest movement alive and many of them are led by women who feel that they've been excluded by the government and even society and they're saying if there's ever a time to challenge the status quo and create change then it's now. these meals are bringing dividers communities together mainly through mothers and daughters by creating dialogue everyone is invited regardless of social class or wealth everybody must know i believe it was it was not them so this is what i would like to see and i will not stop i but i go on kicking sheltie lebanon now has its
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highest ever ratio female ministers including the arab world's 1st female minister of defense. but activist donna hum moot who was arrested after a standoff with a police officer says the political system needs a radical change in its view of women. here i told him i would rather die than live in the country where there is such police officers and someone the suspects who even if it's a police officer i'm not going to shut up. lebannon has a new government and people are waiting to see if it will deliver on its promises of change. and one thing they're all united on is that they will always fight for their right. side of old azita. early results are n for ireland's general election his search to take 24.5 percent of 1st preference votes ahead of the 2 center right parties gonna fail and a gale that had dominated mainstream irish politics for nearly a century paul brennan reports summed up one by action fein leader mary lou
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mcdonald was welcome to the dublin county like a hero of the left wing nationalists for a campaign of eye catching pledges on housing and pensions which caught the imagination of an electorate crying out for an alternative to the 2 biggest opposition parties on fianna gael it's it takes a concession she says it makes statements that she says no not free to marry system i see the steps he took on a different type of office to keep every confidence in us and i i say that with all humility written off by some as a party just for those with short memories shin fein confounded the conventional wisdom there was in the build up to the election people saying oh this is young people who don't remember the troubles in northern ireland and i think that we see that's not the case it's only the much older voters who still could be reformed to go past links to the republican paramilitary group the ira lingo as evidenced by a group of jubilant shin fein supporters singing
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a rebel song at the count sent in dublin come back. but the party has evolved i think one thing to tickle the very clever things one was gerry adams party when he did and mary lou mcdonald is in no way associated with troubles in the war on dots you know the terms of marketing communication cuts were pretty well it's created an ideological headache for the establishment parties the current irish leader the t. shirt over of a phoenix jail except that the results mean talks with sinn fein are probably going to be necessary but agreeing a coalition not for us this machine is not an option but we are willing to talk to other parties. possible you form your government one that can leave the country for the next 5 years fully to me how martin looks most likely to become the country's next leader his local county cool key to describe chin thing as incompatible for a coalition to teach a cliché in thing may prefer to buy the time rather than be
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a minority partner in a coalition government with the outcome of this post as it seems now the wrangling could last for weeks and such is the nature of irish politics with the ballot boxes being packed away now could be back out again in just a couple of months paul brennan al-jazeera dublin as a rush on the governing party is claiming victory in parliamentary elections that the opposition are calling a shallow exit poll suggests the new azerbaijan party of president has won a majority in the national assembly several parties have boycotted the vote. persecuting political opponents and silencing the media are on space program has suffered a setback after a satellite launch failed the rocket carrying the so far one communication satellite blasted off from the launch pad as planned according to state t.v. but it did not reach the speed needed to put its payload and to orbit but
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surveying countered and cameron's discipline parliamentary elections they'll be the 1st in 7 years but the poll comes at a time and date political divisions and security concerns it was boycotted by separatists from english speaking regions. in the economic capital. too scared to vote this is bum and home to more than 2000000 people in the heart of the english speaking greeting of cameroon as polling stations opened most people kept their doors closed outside heavy gunfire echoed in the distance. armed separatists don't want these elections to take place the government is trying to counter those calls. i ask all of my compatriots to do their duty and go out and vote contrary to what some of these little parties are asking you to do democracy is working in our country and we are moving forward. but separatists want to break away from cameroon and form an independent english speaking country they call. in the run up to the polls they attacked election officials rallying
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calls for a boycott of the vote from opposition leader movies come to he believes the vote is rigged in favor of the ruling party. mark my words these elections will not resolve any of our problems. 3000 people have died in fighting between armed groups and government forces forcing almost a 1000000 people to flee the violence as a method to neighboring nigeria others are seeking refuge in the economic capital douala away from home they were unable to vote in these elections a low turnout for those calling for the boycott is a success but it will certainly give the majority of the votes to poll be a party the more democratic. a party that's been in power for the last 36 years and so the change that so many had hoped for from this election is unlikely to. josh rosy is an opposition m.p. from douala he's hoping to get re-elected saying the fight against the government
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should continue but by the ballot and not the bullet of the mayor some councils that will come out of this election for the 1st time we will have a little more policy and we will still have it's an important election even more so important because half of the country's at war and we need a strong representation to bring about peace. for the people living in the english speaking regions it's the armed groups and security forces not elected officials that are in charge these regions ignored for so long have lost trust in what feels to them like a broken political system that cannot be fixed with elections alone nicholas hawke al jazeera. france is about twice as being battered by high winds as europe continues to feel the effects of storm sara major flood warnings have been issued in several areas power has been cut to thousands of homes and hundreds of flights canceled say the worst has passed but there are
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a work still in effect. we'll be history has been made at the 92nd academy awards a film from south korea won the biggest prize of the night best picture for it's a terrible look at class divisions obvious there is robert oulds has more from hollywood. and the oscar goes to. parasite i am knight of triumph for south korean cinema and director paul june home for the 1st time in the oscars 92 year history a film in a language other than english one the top award surprising many critics and so-called hollywood insiders. honks critically acclaimed story of wealth class power and deceit swept best director best screenplay and best international feature film in addition to best picture. thank you i read it during country next morning thank you. renee zellweger the star of judy won the best actress award for
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brilliant and emotional portrayal of one of hollywood's late stars judy garland misguide you were certainly among the heroes he knights in the final. as widely predicted joaquin phoenix won the best actor award for his electrifying portrayal of poverty despair and mental illness in joker he made a plea for social justice animal rights and low for the planet whether we're talking about gender inequality or racism or career rights or indigenous rights or animal rights we're talking about the fight against injustice we're talking about the fight against the belief that one nation one people one race one gender or one species has the right to dominate control and use and exploit another with impunity brad pitt was selected as best supporting actor for once upon a time in hollywood and laura dern won her 1st oscar for best supporting actress in
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a marriage story this is the best birthday present ever only one person of color was nominated for an acting award cynthia error in harry and she didn't win. there was. much criticism of the lack of racial and gender diversity and exception is st louis superman the 1st oscar nominated film commissioned in produced by al jazeera as program series witness which has an african american as its lead character to indian american filmmakers and to producers from malaysia not felt like you know at this my time to stand the broadcast which for the 2nd year in a row was presented without a host seemed flat and sluggish at times perhaps a reflection of the uncertain times we live in but after all diversion and distraction is what the movies are all about and so the show must go on rob
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reynolds al-jazeera hollywood and as rob mentioned there al jazeera says that part oscar for best documentary short subject just missed out but he did speak to the nominees for the film saying listen from. never could we have thought that we'd come this far so hopefully this is the 1st of many many more such things to come the film is about bruce franks jr who in 2014 was a battle rapper community a community leader and then when michael brown was killed and ferguson was eerie he was politically awakened and bruce decided to run for political office so our film follows bruce as he's trying to get a bill passed to honor his late brother who died from gun violence and so in this kind of plot but it gets into all these deeper issues about mental health about the value of african-american life in the united states and you know the father's relationship with his son too probably they were most proud of is that the team
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behind the film and how we all came together and how we come from different backgrounds different countries different religions races all of that and came together bruce brought us together to tell his story and so we're so incredibly proud of the work that witness and al jazeera english has been doing for over a decade and it's about time this is just the beginning so just watch out they'll be many many more al jazeera english unwitnessed business films that will come to this platform. and that's wake up to headlines right now on al-jazeera the global death toll from the koran a virus outbreak has reached 910 and more than 40000 have now been infected 60 more people tested positive on a cruise ship quarantined in a port in japan and that brings the number of cases on board to 130 on a cell may have a saying in the port yokohama. a huge increase in the numbers wasn't
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a complete shock experts have been warning during the last days so it's trickle find place good. good show great risk of violent action. experts also say the. infections happened during the cuban superior than taking that into consideration but this. is still carrying more than $3600.00 passengers on the crew members on they are all on board of the ship although they have been asked to stay in their rooms even for the crew members but still such an environment good good. show a good at the risk of spreading the virus and northwest syria government forces have taken control of more villages they're advancing towards the rebels last stronghold of meanwhile dozens of graves have been banned allies in the southern suburbs. and all that she's living in india have told 'd al jazeera they're
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increasingly being threatened with deportation and many say there is a climate of hostility towards muslims since a new citizenship law came into force early results are in for ireland's general election and famous ahead of the 2 main center right parties for the 1st time in nearly a century that counting continues in a single party is expected to win a majority south korean film parasite has made history at the 92nd academy awards and won 4 oscars for best picture director international feature film and original screenplay function hose film is a dark satire on class in any quality it's the 1st non english language film to win best picture. as are the headlines up front this next. the race for the white house has begun. to see 4 states have their say on the day he wants to please don't try. to lose too much to continue talking to the rest of the
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2020 us interaction. only just. he got away with it this week senate republicans voted to acquit president donald trump but can he ever escape the taint of impeachment lost one of his closest allies. steve cortez thanks for joining me on outfront on wednesday president trump was acquitted on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of congress you must be delighted the white house has called it a full exoneration for the president but given this was the 1st full senate impeachment trial in american history not to feature any witnesses senate republicans did not allow any witnesses it's not a full exoneration at all.


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