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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. the or. this is al-jazeera. hello there i am how my head see an endo how with the al-jazeera news our coverage for you in the next 60 minutes turkey's president vows more retaliation against syrian forces after striking back for attacks on his soldiers in provence opposition forces mean paul have shot down a syrian army helicopter over it. also ahead striking a coronavirus death surged past the thousands the world health organization is warning of a very grave global threat. and with fury simmering at home palestinian leader
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mahmoud abbas is at the u.n. to make his case against donald trump's middle east plan. and in sport teatime gold medal as le bron james is ready to make an olympic return having missed the rio games is in the u.s.a.'s provisional roster for telco 2020. well syrian government forces are fighting on 2 fronts trying to regain the last pockets of opposition held territory turkey's president is promising swift revenge against syrian forces in italy provence after they killed 5 turkish soldiers on monday. or the syrian regime got what it deserved but that's not enough it will pay
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a heavy price for attacking turkey's soldiers i will announce the actions to be taken about the syrian issue after i meet with my parliamentary group tomorrow. well on cheese day opposition fighters shot down in a syrian government helicopter in it live the pilot was killed in the crash along with 2 others there when another kids of elements there are reports that the government and its allies have captured the entire m 5 highway that links damascus with aleppo well here's a look at things stands on the map for president bashar assad's forces are now firmly in control of almost the ents higher country except those opposition controlled areas markets in green and kurdish held parts in the north marked up there in yellow there are reports that for the 1st time in syria's 86 years civil war government forces have seized control of the entire m 5 highway driving opposition fighters it's all that area west of aleppo and that's important because
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it's the main trade routes running from the north all the way down to the southern border with jordan it connects the commercial hub of aleppo with major cities like damascus holmes and hama and it will make it easier for assad forces to move in to capture it live cinema is inside syria it's baba ho not far from the turkish border. clashes are still ongoing around i am 5 highway area and around surrounded by area the sack of is the intersection town nearby and 5 an m 4 highways which has been very important for the syrian government to regain and that's why and that's how they actually advance towards the town and gained it back a couple of days ago we are hearing that the clashes are sometimes violent and but the opposition had managed to take take back the village in iraq and in
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iraq and that the their position was able to destroy some of the syrian army's armored vehicles personnel carriers and they shut down the helicopter but one thing is important today just a couple of hours ago the syrian government syrian government forces bombarded location inside in the city center what we learned from the local sources that 1st religions were killed during this airstrike and in the city center is not much for much far from here and this was and the city center was really to the safe especially for us as journalists who travel to this area from time to time for instance our team was able to see there at the last time in last august. but according to the syrian government forces recent that even the ellipse at the center was listed as
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a military target. sudan's government and darfur's rebel groups have the greens that those wanted by the international criminal court for crimes in the darfur region should appear before the courts the announcement was made during peace talks in juba former longtime president omar al bashir who was toppled after a mass protest last year is wanted by the i.c.c. but the minister did not specifically name him hit the button i love him more society more meat we agreed on 4 key mechanisms to establish justice in darfur the 1st that all those arrest warrants shall appear before the international criminal court i am saying this very plainly justice is served by justice we cannot bury our heads in the sand against the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed against innocent people in darfur or else a bad justice will not be served unless those arrest warrants appear before the i.c.c. our we also agreed to special tribunals for the crimes committed in darfur it will
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be a special court entrusted with investigations the trials in these cases including the international criminal cases. the number of people killed by the coronavirus i'd break has not passed 1000 chinese officials announced another 109 deaths the biggest single day jump since the outbreak began in december the government has also fired officials in 100 for their handling of the epidemic katrina who has more from beijing. in his 1st public appearance since the corona virus outbreak began chinese president xi jinping came to rally the troops against an invisible enemy. let's fight this war which. let's fight these people for war we must build up our confidence we will eventually win. speaking from beijing in a video called he thanked medical staff in the city of will harm for what he called the heroic efforts saying the virus had revealed the strengths and shortcomings of
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china's readiness to fight the outbreak shortcomings which were partly addressed this week with the firing of 2 senior health officials in local leaders have been criticised for downplaying the severity of the outbreak and being too slow to act the province has been locked down for weeks and nationwide many businesses and workplaces are closed she jinping has promised to minimise the economic impact of the virus but companies have already begun laying off staff and hundreds have applied for emergency bank loans to keep going in mohan thousands of coronavirus patients are in critical condition experts say the incubation period for the illness could be longer than 1st thought up to 24 days but there is some good news the number. is going down. so that's good news she isn't going suddenly emergence comes as the government faces mounting pressure over its earlier the crisis the communist possible scrambling to shift the focus
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away from its biggest and towards more stories of resilience and sold ours but so far it's done little for whom the roof here in china where morale remains low and the fear is. training al jazeera. well analysts some been telling up the negative impacts coronavirus is having on china's economy a leading chinese government's think tank predicts a hoe percentage points could be weitzel for growth this year alone. and economists have slashed their growth estimates for the 1st 3 months of this year from almost 5 percent to just 3.6 percent 300 chinese companies are waiting for more than $8200000000.00 in bank loans to help them avoid laying off workers or their brick is also causing disruption to trades and events outside of china such as the singapore air show where we have florence louis. it's asia's largest asher but it doesn't seem like it more than 70 companies have pulled out including big names
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like us defense company lockheed martin all because of concerns over the spread of coronavirus we do see hope to see more picked up over the next few days. but i we presume there is going to be staying above 50 percent and so for people coming in to see the show singapore has the 3rd largest number of confirmed cases after china and a cruise ship quarantined in japan some countries have advised their citizens against unnecessary travel to the city state. but organizers are determined to put on a good show even giving special exemption from a ban on visitors from china to the country's military or batiks team seen before their. fears over coronavirus are not just affecting attendance at the event but also raising concerns over demand for aviation companies and services it's a major impact it's a crisis for the industry we've had experienced before almost 20 years ago
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similarly a devastating impact but there was a very strong recovery so we have to manage the current situation get through it and i mean with every come so be ready to respond to. dozens of airlines have suspended flights to and from china the outbreak of coronavirus comes as the aviation industry is already experiencing slower growth and passenger demand grew at a smaller pace last year compared to 2018 and it was also the worst year for ag cargo since the end of the global financial crisis in 2009. a former chief executive for low cost airline says companies especially those exposed to chinese markets will suffer in the short term in this case we don't know when the endless when you don't know and it's really really quite tough to be honest and what's going to happen is that you have to respond back to the money that people already pay for plus the
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future is going to be slimming down. many analysts say long term growth prospects for the aviation industry remain positive but the number of confirmed cases and deaths from coronavirus has already said past that of the sauce outbreak in 2003 and what's more difficult to predict is how long this outbreak will last and what impact it will have on the industry florence lilly al-jazeera singapore. india's government policy looks set to lose a major state's election its 1st electoral test. since anti-government protests began 2 months ago with voter counting almost completes the liberal party is on track to secure the most seats in the delhi legislative assembly trancing prime minister narendra modi's b j p well the government has been under pressure since pounced on a new citizenship law opponents say it violates india's secular constitution and discriminates against minority muslims and this with piron m is
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a new delhi and says the b j p had say a very divisive campaign. there are celebrations already at the headquarters of. people's saying people telling us when we were there earlier that this is a vote for things like development education health care things that the common man party really campaigned on and a seen as having delivered on rather than the b j p s very divisive politics and campaign as we've been reporting you know the election took place is taking place after some of the biggest protests against the big government over the citizenship law which is widely seen as being discriminatory against muslims in the bay j.p. really chose to campaign on this issue on the protests on ending the protests you know many analysts say that this is one of the most vitriolic campaigns that they can remember to be j.p. politicians were banned from campaigning one after comparing protesters to rapists and murderers and saying that they wanted to make india
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a muslim country and now this said that protest is should be shot so. whether they were saying that we're just you know campaigning on ending the protests judging by the results campaigning on this one issue will not be enough to win a local election just one more thing to note with these results is we're talking about i mean we're talking about the b j p it looks like india's oldest political party the congress party the party of india's founders mahatma gandhi and. nehru have once again. that they'll get 0 seats in this election so they perhaps will they will be the biggest loser. poles of opens in new hampshire for the us presidential primary election candidates and looking to get ahead in the race after a delayed start in the iowa caucuses last week recent polls show him a cool bashar is ahead with bernie son does not seem far behind well here the one
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percent of americans live in new hampshire so you might speak wondering why it's always 1st so in the primary calendar here's andras a photo. so why does new hampshire one of the smallest u.s. states play such a pivotal role in choosing the democratic nominee much is due to tradition candidates have braved the cold to try and woo new hampshire voters for the past 100 years in this 1st in the nation primary now the state's election laws require it to be 1st let's go but the primaries seem to be increasingly irrelevant for democrats because the state's demographics no longer match up with the rest of the nation americans in new hampshire are on average wealthier whiter and older than the rest of the country 42 percent of voters there hadn't made up their minds as of last week winning in new hampshire can breathe life into a campaign after a setback in iowa as it did for hillary clinton in 2008 we want to thank the people
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of new hampshire. and for donald trump in 2016 his 1st primary win that year bernie sanders won by more than 20 points and he's hoping for another decisive win in the granite state unlike that chaotic caucus in iowa which saw him effectively tied with pete now losing in new hampshire won't necessarily spell disaster for a presidential campaign bill clinton george w. bush and barack obama all lost in the state before going on to win the white house well let's get more on this now from ashley pratt's a political commentator who joins us now from washington d.c. good to have you with us here on al-jazeera this seems to be quite a critical phase in the primary calendar he would you say has the most to lose right now. so i think the person with the most to lose is definitely joe biden he came into this primary as the front runner he was leading in the polls nationally he had the best name i.d. i would say he had the most support by way of the establishment democrats meaning
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those that had supported barack obama the presidency his vice presidency and i think at this point in time coming out of iowa really really saw the wind in his sails leave and i think we have seen the wind in the sails of people to judge rise and i think as a result of that we're seeing this split among moderate and independent voters and in new hampshire 42 percent of the voters are under clarity or independent so i do think that vote is splitting and we're seeing it really siphon off more between booted judge and close the char which is stealing votes away from joe biden so biden's loss is definitely blue judges again tonight. as we've been hearing of in new hampshire is not terribly represented civils the rest of the united states do you think that house. in this primary race. well as someone who grew up in new hampshire and lived there for 23 years it does have a special place in my heart but one thing that i do know is that 90 percent of the
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state is cock asian that is obviously not representative of the rest of the country but one thing i will say is that in recent years new hampshire has actually started to see a change in demographics 10 percent now of the state is actually minority which is huge for the state of new hampshire that traditionally hasn't been the case it's been in single digits so for it to hit double digits i think is a trend that pollsters should be watching over time in the state of new hampshire there are very more diverse areas such as manchester and concord new hampshire which are largely you know more suburban metropolitan areas where the we're seeing a lot more diversity a lot of young people both manchester and concord are refugee resettlement areas we've seen a lot of transition in that over the recent years so i do think there are trends there to watch that make new hampshire more representative of the rest of the country when it comes to diversity however 90 percent of the state is still caucasian still older so i do think we'll see that play out in the primary tonight
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in the results and among that demographic who to judge seems to be leading well it's not just the cans it's if you're coming on to screw city here you hampshire the democratic party itself will be. particularly given the who will happens in iowa how do you think that's him across that part see what will come through this. i think right now the democratic party is pretty and me mick we're starting to see mike bloomberg being the person who's kind of floating the democratic party right now with the amount of ads and everything that he's been spending i think i saw a statistic the other day that he's spending $38.00 almost every 2nd which is really breathing life into the party into the platform of the d.n.c. currently who just don't seem to be able to stay afloat iowa was a huge disaster for democrats i'm really hoping that because new hampshire is an actual vote where there are ballots and there is a ballot box that things will change that and that the party can write its course
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but as of right now they're very anemic they are struggling and they really need something to breathe life back into this primary contest and his money will come brees life back into it it seems like right now you know the way that michael bloomberg is going yes i do think there needs to be some more excitement around it i think last night watching some of the early results coming in from new hampshire really showed that there is still a stronghold of support for trump which means that the democrats need to be doing a lot more to make this primary about defeating trump rather than you know firing shots at one another which we definitely saw in the debate on friday night is that there really turning their fire among one another and they need to focus more on defeating trump ok actually prot great support your thoughts thank you so much for joining us the line from washington d.c. . that lebanon's poem and says meetings take up a vote of confidence in the new cabinets of prime minister. the protesters who've
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spent months calling for a political move a hole or rejecting the government's they say it's an extension of corrupt traditional political parties. and he's well to sleep whether to accept the proposed government and his cola sees the police didn't hesitate to use force on protest is even more than 300 injured. well there where there is in barrett's she says protest as a reason hope because they see more shame she. added was so we're breaking into our coverage to listen in see president mahmoud abbas the palestinian president is addressing the u.n. security council on u.s. presidents donald trump's middle east plan let's have a listen a problem. and i have members of council where i made the peace nursy and blessings of god be of value.
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and i have. on behalf of 30000000 listin younes to call for a just close that is all. i have to come to you today ladies and gentlemen. to reaffirm our alison tenure and position live from that reject the israeli american proposal. supported by the results of the meeting of the league of arab states and the i.c.c. well again hamas and the a you know they all rub conclude. that this must be rejected a lot of vali. in addition to that it has
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a tremendous issued by you know of russia china japan. and other countries around the world and. i mentioned specifically the position of the secretary general of the united nations. that reaffirmed his commitment to the relevant china resolutions. the. rejection of this plan reaffirms or is the result of. unilateral steps and the fact that violates international legitimacy and the arab peace initiative. known as the legitimacy of palestinian rights are rights to
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self determination freedom and independence in our own state. legitimized what is illegal. settlements and confiscation of land. and an accession of palestinian land. i would like to reaffirm. that this plan. or any part in this plan should not be considered as an international reference for negotiations this is an israeli american preemptive plan in order to put an end to the question of palestine. it was rejected by us because it considers that east
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jerusalem is no longer under the sovereignty of the state of palestine that alone is defined as enough for us to reject this plan. italy is palestine fragmented without any control on our land air and sea it wouldn't put an end to the question of palestinian refugees it will end all bases for a peace plan it means rejection to all agreements and obligations to establish 2 states along the 1967 lines this plan will not bring peace or stability to to the region and therefore we will not accept this plan we will confront its
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application on the ground. this is the summary of the project that was presented to us this is the state that they will give us as like a swiss cheese really who among you will accept a similar state and similar conditions. this deal ladies and gentleman. includes instructions and the entrenchment of occupation and annexation by military force and strengthening our tired regime. we thought we got rid of a long time ago is coming back to palestine there are strengthening their the apartheid regime but this plan rewards the occupation.
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instead of holding it accountable for all the crimes perpetrated against our people and our land. in this regard i would like to think countries. regional and international organizations parliaments around the world members of the security council. for helping us support international consensus. on the basis of international legitimacy relevant un resolutions. we also thank israelis yes we thank israel. we thank the israelis who also rejected this plan in different ways. and those who stood where the us from the house and the senate and the united states we also
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thank. america and organizations and free people who were jack to. this plan. we value their positions to support peace and committed to international legitimacy this document. 300 israeli officers. reject this. document 300 israeli officers. who fought for their country and now they say we are fighting for what is just. we also welcome israeli demonstrators who took to the street in tel aviv. to reject this plan.
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this is a letter from the u.s. congress. and in this letter. 107 members have signed this letter. another document from the u.s. senate. 12 members who have signed this document they all reject this plan. and some. are even presidential candidates. we salute palestinians arab peoples and all of those fighting for peace around the world who took to the street by thousands and hundreds of thousands in the west bank now in gaza. although it is freezing there
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is called but still they take to the streets to say no to this deal. it is not like some are saying. and $2.00 and $3.00 of his supporters are refusing and rejecting this plan no hundreds of thousands of people are taking to the streets to say no to this. deal. tens of thousands around the world are saying no to this deal. and some and says that this deal is just no this deal is not just. i have come before you today to say that peace between israelis and palestinians is still possible. it is achievable i have come to you to build an international partnership to achieve just comprehensive and lasting peace and we are still committed to this because as
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a strategic choice this deal is not an international partnership. this proposal was from one state supported by another state to be imposed on the world on the international legitimacy. that represents hundreds of un resolutions and dozens of security council resolutions we reject this deal. mr president ladies and gentlemen. i wonder. why are they determined to draft this american israeli proposal alone at a time when we have entered in 2017 into a dialogue with the us administration and we talked about all the final status issues between me and president trump. we have had
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a long discussion we spoke many times about international legitimacy about the vision of the 2 state solution and he said to me yes now i will declare it we also talked about the pre-one 967 lines we talked about jerusalem we talked about security and other issues that we have discussed in oslo i was happy to discuss these issues with him at the time. however i was surprised afterwards. when the p.l.o. office in washington was closed and they've declared that jerusalem is the capital of israel how is that possible they transferred their embassy and they called on other countries around the world to do the same and they stopped sending us aid
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$140000000.00 u.s. $1.84 u.s. dollars they stopped sending assistance to honor. i don't know who gave him this unacceptable advice i know that mr trump is not like that. the president trump that i have met is not like that. and this was very surprising. i would like to recall that we held the madrid peace conference there were the washington negotiations. oslo accords annapolis conference for peace on the basis of resolutions of international legitimacy that called for negotiations on final status issues including jerusalem. we should negotiate over jerusalem we
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shouldn't dictate and say we gift jerusalem to the state of israel no jerusalem is an occupied land it is an occupied land. who has the right to give this as a gift. to one state or another we come before you. the security council we are committed to all your resolutions. ladies and gentleman we were committed to implementing all agreements with israel. we. behaved in a responsible manner that's why the world respected us $140.00 countries recognized the state of palestine. we have become part of the international community we became an observer state in the general
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assembly we were unable to become a full member because of the veto but still we were able to become an observer state. we have joined 120 regional and international organizations and we have become the observer state. service state came the chairperson of the group of $77.00 and china that includes $135.00 countries in addition to china last year so we do exist. we have continued to build our national institutions based on the rule of law. and international parameters promoters for a modern state that supports transparency accountability and combating
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corruption. we are among. the countries comeback thing corruption i call on the security council to send a fact finding mission to palestine to look at our efforts to combat corruption to see that this emerging state. under the yoke of the occupation is fighting corruption and is free from corruption. and anyone who claims that our state is corrupt only has to come and visit and see for himself we have empowered women and youth we have worked on spreading the culture of peace among. our people. we always call for peace we say we reject violence we reject
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terrorism. we fight violence and terrorism around the world we have $83.00 protocols. 83 countries. we have signed these protocols to fight terrorism and one of them with the united states of america. and canada russia japan and other countries we are fighting terrorism we are not terrorists. and we will remain committed to combat in terrorism. 3 times we have held elections we believe in democracy. we called for elections last time but israel rejected that why because we can't hold
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elections in jerusalem although we did hold elections in 190-620-0520 extension 06 in jerusalem but now they said no. because there was this decision that the undivided jerusalem will be the capital of israel but no this will not happen east jerusalem as ours and west jerusalem is theirs and nothing prevents cooperation between both states and both capitals ladies and gentleman. they said we have wasted opportunity is for peace but that is not true. about a band said one day. that palestinians do not waste one opportunity to waste opportunities.
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and have. recently. it was quoted by another senior israeli official saying that. we do not waste any opportunity to waste opportunities we never waste opportunities these are silly slogans. we. accepted. all un resolutions 24222334. 87 resolutions and we became an active member of the international community. and 1993 we signed the oslo accords and we are committed to the oslo accords. in all their details in all their provisions. we have recognized israel and
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israel recognized us. in oslo we have recognized israel. yasser arafat said i recognize the right of israel to exist and robin said and it is written. i recognize the p.l.o. as the legitimate representative of the palestinian people so we have recognized one another so what opportunity did we waste for peace. we responded to the efforts of the u.s. administration to international initiatives to all calls for dialogue and negotiations however we were never offered the bare minimum of
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justice according to international legitimacy. the government of the occupation is undermining international efforts. we have tried to seize every opportunity. in a serious way because peace is in the interest of our people and the peoples around the world and this document shows that. more than one country sent us an invitation russia japan belgium. the netherlands they all sent us an invitation to hold a dialogue with mr netanyahu on their territory and every single time we have responded to these invitations i went to moscow 3 times and he didn't appear so who is rejecting peace. therefore
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i wonder what opportunity is that we waste. and i've been sent that. and then i was quoted by the son in law. on the other hand. israeli governments and israeli settlers have sought to destroy every opportunity for peace they move forward with their settlement activities everywhere in the west bank. every land that was occupied since 1987 they are building settlements there with impunity they have changed the characteristics of the occupied city of jerusalem. and they have continued with their violations
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against muslim and christian holy sites they confiscated land they continued with their war against our people in the gaza strip. supported unfortunately by the us administration that issued a number of decisions violating international law that the world rejected that. a number. of the current house. in the in the united states have rejected and a number of american and jewish organizations have rejected that this is a decision by u.s. congress. number 326 rejecting. the policy of secretary of state pump a 0. and the u.s. president on settlements. this is not
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a decision from the congress. i would also like reaffirm that we share. the fact that they are linking. it cannot make assistance to a political solution they went to war so to bahrain and they said we will give you $50000000.00 u.s. dollars. what about the political solution now. first a political solution and then if you wish to help us we welcome that health however we cannot accept an economic solution 1st before a political solution we thank every country that provides us with assistance now.
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without any precondition. to build our national institutions. mr president. ladies and gentlemen. in this difficult time and before it is too late. i would like to say to mr donald trump. that the proposed american deal cannot achieve peace and security because it cancelled international legitimacy who can cancel international legitimacy. international legitimacy who can. and can so that president jiang trump that so. it cancels. all resolutions of international legitimacy
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it cancels all the rise of the palestinian people it even the side that is jerusalem is no longer part of the palestinian sovereignty. this does not meet the aspirations of a 2 state solution israel and palestine. believe me if there is peace between us and the israeli people. will be the most beautiful form of peace and the best relations will be between israelis and palestinians but give us this opportunity to achieve peace and. i know that the peace deal. is 180 pages. and not everyone is willing to read of 180
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pages therefore we have the side the 2 summarized these 180 pages with 20 pages. i wish. that president donald trump will be just will be fair and will support the implementation of resolutions of international legitimacy so that we can have a real opportunity for peace between israelis and palestinians if you impose peace it will not last it cannot last let us reach peace between one another we have reached peace without the intervention of anyone and are slow that peace was reached without the intervention of any party without the knowledge of any country. and we reached the
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best. agreement and we are willing to commit to that agreement and we were willing to commit to that agreement until we reach a final solution however they killed robin. why did they assassinate robin may his soul rest in peace. from this rostrum i call on the international quartet represented by the united states and the russian federation. the e.u. and the un the international quartet. and i call on the members of the security council to hold an international conference for peace. we have the quartet.
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so we can hold this international conference to implement. resolutions of international legitimacy notably resolutions 2334 not only in this resolution all the resolutions. all your resolutions 'd you can even pick and choose the resolution that you want and we will implement it on the ground however we have chosen to disregard all resolutions not even one when you take into consideration who we resort to if these resolutions adopted by this august council. if this council's resolutions are disregard the one who will we resort to. we call for the implementation of all un resolutions the arab peace initiative and
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we insist on the implementation of the arab peace initiative because it's part of the resolution $1515.00 adopted by the security council. by establishing an international mechanism. to sponsor negotiations between the 2 sides. and any other country can join the quartet so the quartet in addition to any other country. but however to be honest the u.s. alone cannot be the sole mediator among the quartet you are more than welcome however as the sole mediator we will not accept we have tried this now and honestly we cannot accept it again. and i call on the international community to bring pressure to bear on the government of israel to put an end to their occupational
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practices and their decisions to annex our land these are our land these are disputed land what gives you the right to annex these lands. you will destroy every opportunity for peace and this historic moment i would like to extend my hand for peace again before we waste this final opportunity and i hope to find a real partner in israel robin may solve rest in peace anyone who believes in peace and israel is welcome to join us to create a real peace that will bring fruit fruit to. palestinians and israelis alike let us co-exist. in peace our people ladies and gentlemen can no longer tolerate. this
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occupation the situation can implode that any a moment to avoid this we need renewed hope do not take hope away from us hope for our people. for justice for independence for peace. hope. please do not take away this hope from us. i would like to show you this map. 2000 and. 97937947. and then 2020. every time i look at this
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map. i lose hope. is this what we deserve. is this what the palestinian people. deserve why. we were here. and how did we get to this point and these small islands and land islands. on this occasion i would like to call on the israeli people. to say that their continued occupation and military control of another people this will not help achieve your security we only have one choice. we have to be partners we have to be neighbors each in their
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own country sovereign country let us remain committed to this just choice for it's too late. once again i stress that our struggle is not with the jewish people we're not against the jewish people we are muslims. a muslim who says i'm against a jewish person has committed blasphemy. if i say i am against the torah i'm against. jewish people you are committing blasphemy are not against the jewish people we are against anyone who attacks us regardless of their religion. our struggle is not. with the jews our struggle and our fight is against every one who attacks our
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land. we call on ending the occupation and on a stablish ing our palestinian state our people will not surrender and you've seen before we will not surrender we will continue to demand our rights to give us our rights. then we will stand with you however we will never surrender our rights and we will not surrender to this occupation regardless of the sacrifices in conclusion i would like to say once again that i am ready to start negotiations as i was ready always if we have a partner in israel ready for peace ready for negotiations under the sponsorship of the international quartet and on the basis of internationally agreed upon promoters i am serious i am ready to stay here. in the
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united nations to start these negotiations immediately. and i will say one thing we were not resort to violence or terrorism. no matter how strong the attack against us is we believe in peace we believe in combating violence and therefore we will not resort to violence $83.00 countries. that will soon become 138 countries we are willing to cooperate with any country against terrorism and violence we are against terrorism regardless of its form and manifestation we will not resort to terrorism we will fight with peaceful means look at what is happening now in the west bank and the gaza strip 100000 people took to the street although it is
6:56 pm
freezing cold there to say no to this deal it's not just me rejecting this deal or my delegation our entire people are saying no no and no to this deal and finally i say to the world. be careful not to take away. the hope of the palestinian people i have come here to save this hope i thank you. ok we've just been listening there to the palestinian president mahmoud abbas outlining why they reject the trump plan for the middle east may he said they denounce this ban on the base the plan rather on the basis it's not just suskind who would accept the swiss cheese of a state's let's listen to the response now from the israeli representative at the
6:57 pm
u.n. dan isn't on. whether and abbas will truly serious about negotiating in good faith if you were really interested in peace you wouldn't be here today would have taken their device that would be thieves for many of you and for many arab states in you didn't use this opportunity to start they wrecked negotiations. about who was serious about negotiating you wouldn't be here in new york you would be in jail with a limb. in 1997 after the young people wall in countless clashes on the border by that in fact that of egypt didn't come to new york to speak at the un you went to do with a limb to speak in the knesset but it inside out and those stood that to achieve peace bold and brave steps must be taken that the
6:58 pm
difficult dorie must be put in the past both inside that came to jules alem and spoke directly to the they were early people about to reach out a hand for peace i remember listening to that speech of a child and the fact that the leader of a country that we fought numerous wars against was speaking at the knesset it was incredible all of israel would be glued to our screens listening to it was not long after this speech after that show of leadership and the willingness to negotiate and compromise prime minister begin and president thought that signed the historic peace treaty between israel and egypt mr president if president abbas was serious about negotiating it wouldn't be here in new york it
6:59 pm
would be in washington d.c. in 1904 it majesty king hussein of jordan didn't go to the u.n. to discuss you dispute with israel you went to washington together with by minister rabin and president clinton he signed their washington declaration back then they agreed on terms for negotiations and only 3 months later i story peace deal was signed between israel and jordan. if president abbas was serious about the girl she ations it wouldn't be here today it would be enjoy the limb or in washington on sitting down with the negotiating power no a president abbas is not serious about negotiations or about peace instead he did what he always does you came here to distract from his and
7:00 pm
a willingness to negotiate to sit down to speak you can ask him when the last time he met our prime minister benjamin netanyahu in the last decade they met only once how many times by the end up asking him to speak here in the to go to council in the general assembly. to come hold the way here or not to drive digital them or the prime minister will drive to a mullah he's trying to blame the lack of progress towards peace on israel complaining instead of leading that is not leadership that was either way when he took office and that to be making these raid today in the thick skin of the year or with the fall here is a term for the entire bus claims that he wants sovereignty for the palestinian people but i've done everything to avoid.


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