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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2020 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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at the global news media spectacle on al-jazeera government shut off access to social media. the palestinian president again rejects donald trump's middle east peace plan but says with international help peace with israel is still possible. time tally and say this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. we have to do everything today using the availability. to flight this virus the world health organization says a coronavirus vaccine could still be 18 months away and every effort must be made now to contain it. syrian government forces regained key ground from the rebels in
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the country's north but face where new pressure on turkey's government. and a small state with big influence new hampshire residents cost the ballot in the 1st presidential primaries what role could undecided voters play. palestinian president mahmoud abbas has once again rejected donald trump's middle east plan warning it will fail to bring peace or stability to the region speaking at the u.n. security council in new york about said the proposal will only extend israeli control over palestinian land he called on the international community to put pressure on israel to achieve lasting peace and not to waste this final but unity yeah. i've come before you today to say that peace between israelis and palestinians is still possible it is achievable i've come to you to build an international partnership to achieve
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a just comprehensive and lasting peace and we are still committed to this peace as a strategic choice. and. this is the summary of the project that was presented to us this is the state that they will give us its like a swiss cheese really who among you will accept a similar state and similar conditions this deal ladies and gentlemen includes instructions and the entrenchment of occupation and annexation by military force and the strengthening of the apartheid regime. israel's ambassador to the un danny danon has accused the palestinian president of lacking sincerity in finding peace. if president abbas was serious about the goshi ations it wouldn't be healed today it would be enjoy was a limb or in washington on feeding down with the negotiating power to know whether and abbas is not serious about negotiations or about peace. well al jazeera
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senior political analyst is with me in the studio thank you for joining us now and so i was at the u.n. again did he get any of the support that he was looking for it doesn't seem like at the end and we separately was that clear from yesterday when most of the important members of the u.n. security council did not sign on the draft resolution that the palestinians were trying to pass so what we saw today was a speech that was all over the place but notably defensive in nature while the policy and president's criticized that from planned rejected it but he was defensive throughout the speech basically explaining why he's not corrupt why the his authority is not supporting terror and so on and so forth while presumably his entire presence in new york was supposed to be to at a particular late a palestinian vision a palestinian strategy that the u.n. security council members would prescribe to would support instead of supporting the thrum plan but all what he spent on this vision was about 2 lines one minute
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talking about quartet an international conference why international conference how international conference how would that lead to bilateral negotiations none of that so he was mostly on the defensive on the other hand what we saw is an israeli ambassador that never fails to disappoint i mean cliches and lies and deception and spin nonstop basically saying that a bus must go which is sort of an amazing thing to hear at the united nations and saying that out of grew lot of eyes terrorism and does not support peace which is you know basically it renders itself why the policy in president bothers to talk about peace with israel is in this sense they are saying about failed to articulate his vision what how how would the palestinians brought into the consultation process for this plan i think the main problem. for the palestinians in this whole
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trump land is that they were not consulted because from the beginning as president abbas had been saying look we talked about international law but president trump turned around and recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel basically torpedoing international law and u.n. security council resolution and since then basically they were no longer in speaking terms and the americans then went on on their own for the last 23 years and articulated a plan that basically is a. copy and paste from israel's own plans and that is the palestinians are saying look we've seen this ideas before they've been presented to us by previous not the neo delegates and we of course we rejected it then and we were rejected now senator off resolution where do they go from here it's a good question i think for the palestinians they are in trouble present that bus coming to the united nations really made no sense he should have been in gaza he
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should have been searching for palestinian unity around a particular program because in the end of the day as you know any student with their national relations no diplomacy is a reflection of a balance on the ground the balance in international community is gone it's in favor of the united states but the balance on the ground if a bus is not able to articulate a position of resistance peaceful or not peaceful doesn't matter repeat for assistance but united along with hamas fatah and all the palestinian civil society if you can't articulate that then he is lost on the other hand this is especially important. because israel if it's not to morrow certainly in a month or 2 is has been given the green light by different administration to annex some one 3rd of the future palestinian state of the west bank and that is dramatic and that basically will put an end to the idea of a 2 state solution and i think by then the palestinians were going to have to
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decide whether they're going to continue to embrace a 2 state solution or perhaps embrace a one state for 2 people and thank you for putting that into context for us thank you turkey's president is promising swift revenge against syrian government forces and after they killed 5 turkish soldiers on monday this is the syrian army continues to make key territorial gains president bashar al assad's forces are now firmly in control of almost the entire country except those opposition controlled areas marked in green and kurdish held in the north locked in yellow the there are reports that for the 1st time in syria's 8 year civil war government forces have seized control of the entire n 5 highway by driving opposition fighters out of that area west of aleppo and that's important because it's the main trade route running from the north all the way to the southern border with jordan it connects the commercial hub of aleppo with major cities like damascus homs and hama and will make it easier for assad
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forces to move in to capture. syrian opposition rebels have recaptured a village in a lead province as they tried to regain territory recently lost to government forces action reports. the odds were against the syrian rebels forced to retreat and abandon their strongholds in the more these fighters have suffered major setbacks over the last few days than they launched a sudden counterattack and within hours managed to overrun government positions and later the rebels also shot down a syrian army helicopter. but there were no match for an army backed by russian fighter jets the opposition's military victory was shot lived and president bashar al assad's troops soon regained control of the town. although a nadir holds no strategic importance the rebels needed
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a small victory to reassure the millions of civilians trapped in it live there the fight is far from over for the rebels gains in and they were largely due to turkey's growing involvement in. the turkish military has intensified is shallowing of syrian army defense lines in and they are and they have more turkish troops are pouring into it establishing military outposts their aim is to prevent syrian forces from advancing towards the city this. order the syrian regime got what it deserved but that's not enough it will pay a heavy price for attacking turkey's soldiers i will announce the actions to be taken about the syrian issue after i meet with my parliamentary group tomorrow. as fighting intensifies civilians are abandoning their villages. is a ghost town its population of 80000 has largely left for safer
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areas around 700000 people have been displaced over the past 2 months as the syrian army continues his offensive but the escalation is raising fears of a broader military confrontation a. main onli russia has called on turkey to stop its artillery attacks 2 years ago russia and turkey played a crucial role along with iran in establishing a safe zone in. the us your own voice james jeffrey is expected to meet with senior turkish officials on wednesday to discuss the governments of funds have been in the u.s. accuses iran russia shia militias and the syrian government of undermining international efforts to implement a ceasefire that would allow millions of syrian refugees to return to their homes. is on board. the head of the world health organization says the corona virus
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outbreak should be considered public enemy number one given the grave threat it poses to the world almost 1200 people have been killed by the virus after china reported $100.00 more deaths 2 top officials have also been fired for the handling of the outbreak and there are reports. as the 1st patients were released from temporary hospitals and city on tuesday there was a glimmer of hope that china's efforts to contain the corona virus may be succeeding reassuring perhaps for the 50000000 people on lockdown under quarantine measures meant to stop the spread of the disease now known as coded 19 the world health organization has praised china's response but it's worried it could spread to poor countries if this virus makes it to a week ahead of systems it will create hubble it depends on how. really we need this response and how these power we respond to the outbreak. the
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scientific community still doesn't know a lot about the virus and a vaccine probably won't be ready for another 18 months but china's leading epidemiologist says the outbreak will soon plateau at least in china. the rate of new infections is gradually declining according to the analysis of our mathematical model the epidemic will reach its peak in the south regions after the middle of february or in the 2nd half of the month but no one really knows for sure and thousands of coping 1000 patients are in critical condition in the epicenter of. experts say the incubation period could be longer than 1st thought up to 24 days before patients show any symptoms chinese officials have launched a mass disinfection campaign in cities far away from the epidemic to keep it at bay . and into hahn itself patients are doing what they can to pass the time before they too can walk out of corn to. enter chappelle's al-jazeera. still to
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come on al-jazeera. defeat in delhi india's governing body loses its last electoral tasks and anti-government protests began 2 months ago. angry protests as a flight deporting people to jamaica leave the u.k. despite announcement legal challenge. for. the weather rise very blustery across northern parts of year the winds are in the process of easing and as blustery winds driving in quite a few showers from the north westerly direction away from the british isles out across the low countries and all the way across into that eastern side of you have a fair bit of snow to making its way over the high ground you can see how these the . the chart here showing the blues in the whites there increasingly wintry showers
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just tumbling in from the atlantic and as that wintry mix down across the passage towards austria and down towards the southeast and cold air we could see some significant snow fall over the eastern side of the next weather system will make its way across both western parts as we go through wednesday and on into thursday and again fabulous snow there over the scottish mountains more the mountains of england as well further south this increasingly turning to right it will sweep its way through a wet weather when she weather data to central parts of europe a little dry down towards the south and that does include by this stage across the other side of the med it is lost the fine and dry we got a fair bit of cloud there just spilling out of mali having said that we could catch wanted to showers into southern parts of algeria but for the most part is fine dry and sunny with highs around 20 degrees. but. the controversial leader of islamic jihad is caught he is one of the most
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one internists street israeli counterterrorism and his alleged extra judicial killings by israeli television the mossad says and being called in the massacres the outcome is only death if someone tried to get back to chicago immediately searingly tennison was shut down the borders. to kill him in damascus al-jazeera. in fled to protect his life but denied asylum a congressman's activist must return home facing an uncertain future he once again trying to himself at the forefront of a political revolution to try to put democracy can come at a heavy personal cost. back to kinshasa i witnessed documentary on al-jazeera. the earth. the world the
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earth. a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera palestinian president mahmoud abbas has once again rejected donald trump's proposed middle east plan as protests continue in the occupied west bank a bass told the u.n. security council the proposal won't bring peace or stability to the region. turkey's president is promising swift revenge against syrian government forces in after they killed 5 total soldiers on monday meanwhile there are reports syrian army have now captured the entire m 5 highway that links damascus for the left. the world health organization has called on countries to consider the coronavirus public enemy number one they also 'd announce the virus will be renamed coded 19
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but warn the vaccine could be over a year away. sudan's government office rebel groups have agreed that those wanted by the international criminal court for crimes in the darfur region should appear before the court in notes that was made during peace talks in juba former longtime president omar al bashir who was toppled after mass protests last year is wanted by the i.c.c. but the minister did not specifically name him. we agreed on 4 key mechanisms to establish justice and or for the 1st that all those who have arrest warrants against him shall appear before the international criminal court i am seeing this very plainly justice is served by justice we cannot bury our heads in the sand against the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed against innocent people in darfur and elsewhere justice will not be served unless those with arrest warrants appear before the i.c. . that is why we agreed today that they will appear before the i.c.c.
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we also agreed on a special tribunal for those crimes committed in darfur it will be a special court entrusted with investigations and trials in these cases including the international criminal cases. india's governing party has conceded defeat in a major state election its 1st electoral test since antigovernment protests began 2 months ago the vote counting was complete the liberal party is on track to secure the most seats in the delhi legislative assembly trial saying prime minister the j.p. elisabeth reports. a celebration fit for a 3rd term in office and chief minister. and supporters of. the common man party jubilant as they hear their victorious. the people of delhi have sent a message they have voted for people who built health centers we have given you 24 by 7 electricity it's a beginning of
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a new kind of politics and this is great for india. campaign focusing on development education and health care. this is a great win for mr king because he really made all the promises he made to the people of delhi and be a very happy that kid has worked for us. supporters said to the common man party's campaign had resonated with voters rather than that of the b j p that had focused on ending the protests against the citizenship law including in the new delhi neighborhood of. this is not always the hindu know for muslims for sure hamburg this is not only for pakistan this is a good win this is a win for a party with good intentions as. the election commission banned a to b j p politicians from campaigning after one compared protesters to said murderous and said the demonstrators were determined to make india
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a muslim country and other politicians had protesters should be shot there were 2 shootings against protesters in one week in new delhi after those comments were made the b.j. piece says its campaign was successful despite the losses everybody knows about. and if those any kind of rejection then from 2000. of 10 percent i was a rejection. the biggest loser was india's oldest political party the congress it ruled the country for nearly 50 years after independence from british rule 1947 but in a repeat of its performance of the 25th. australia's highest court has ruled the government cannot deport indigenous people even if they don't hold citizenship the ruling is being seen as an historic moment for the recognition of australia's 1st inhabitants the case relates to an appeal by 2 men who have indigenous heritage but foreign citizenship and were to be deported over their criminal record under australian law
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foreigners lose their right to live and work in the country if they're sentenced to a year or more in prison it's not about citizenship and that's. with the commonwealth it's about the use of this alien spell which we believe the government. family and now would prevent. a challenge to deportation flight from london to jamaica has gone ahead despite a last minute order from an appeals court the court ruling came late on monday after concerns that some detainees may not have had access to legal advice the british government says 25 people were prevented from being deported because of the ruling that a barber explains. t.j. thompson came to britain when he was 5 his parents are british citizens and he thought he was too but when he was 17 he committed a drug related offense he says he was groomed by a gang and was later jailed for 15 months then he got caught up in a battle with immigration or thora spending months at
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a time in detention centers unable to work out his era spoke to him shortly before he was due to be deported to jamaica where he was born like i was stuck in a. minute. and nobody in jamaica on the streets in the end taiji and many others like him were taken off the passenger list after campaigners won a legal challenge a judge ruled people in detention centers near heathrow airport should not be deported because they haven't had mobile phone coverage so couldn't contact lawyers eventually the flight to jamaica left with fewer than half the intended number on board these are all foreign national offenders guilty of crimes that have led to senses of at least 12 months of war and this includes crimes such as manslaughter you know rape dealing class a drugs and it is absolutely right if you are a foreign national found what you have service said in the u.k.
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that we deport you. much of us disputed by charities who work with some of the thousands of victims of britain's windrush scandal because of administrative changes in the last decade people from former colonies who were entitled to british citizenship were deprived of health care and the right to work and even deported now campaigners say the government's failing to learn the right lessons. people have been here since they were very young are to all intents and purposes british and that's what government is and not not quite ready to back its head around it but it needs to because the people that will be most effective at place are these deportations of british kids. stand to lose a parent british can stand to lose. more than 150 members of parliament wrote to the government saying the flight should be perspire and 2 recommendations from a review into the wind drug scandal published now the home office insists there is no wind rush link with these deportations but one of the leaked recommendations
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from that review is that foreign national offenders who spent most of their lawyers in the u.k. should not face deportation the flood came after an angry debate in the house of commons on monday his opposition m.p.'s demanded a rethink despite protests inside parliament and outside downing street the u.k. government says it will continue to deport foreigners who are serious persistent offenders campaigners say that's not what's happening they're determined to keep up their legal challenges but al-jazeera. maritime authorities in spain say they've located dozens of african migrants who had disappeared while trying to reach europe by boat on monday more than 100 migrants were rescued from 2 rubber boats east of the strait of gibraltar separating europe from africa spain's maritime rescue service says another boat was located on tuesday an official rescue vessel has transferred the migrants to a nearby port at least 15 rangar rest refugees have died after their boat capsized
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as they tried to escape bangladesh dozens of nimitz still missing near st martin's island in the bay of bengal where the boat overturned the coast guard a navy a searching for survivors with a 1000000 refugees live in dire conditions and camps in bangladesh 750000 have fled from the one in a brutal military kept on 2017 the philippines government has told the united states that it will end a major security pact between the 2 countries the agreement allows u.s. forces to train in the philippines the u.s. embassy is that the need has serious implications jamiel an indonesian has more from. territory has ordered the cancellation of the visiting forces agreement which is causing fear and anxiety in different security sectors here many security experts say this is ition of the philippine government has long term consequences in the coming years over the last few weeks due territory has been attacking the us
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government after it cancelled the us visa office former police chief who is believed to have been behind he sort of called drug war which has killed thousands of filipinos over the last few years when deterrent it was sworn into office in 2016 he promised a more independent foreign policy moving away from longstanding allies the united states and building closer relations with countries like china and russia but now many are questioning do terry to this issue and they're questioning whether this is truly independence or a capitulation to xi jinping government voters in the u.s. state of new hampshire costing the ballots in the presidential primaries it's the 2nd state to hold a vote for the democratic nomination candidates are looking to get ahead in the race after a delayed start in the iowa caucuses last week recent polls show bernie sanders leading the field of candidates followed by pete british judge and amy klobuchar
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more than 2 thirds of those registered to vote new hampshire are undeclared to independent voters may be a small state but it plays an important role in selecting the party's nominee and as custom salumi reports it can be the outcome hard to predict. new hampshire resident jonathan blitz says he leans republican sue inly will board lean democrat but like many voters in the state they don't belong to a political party this is serious stuff and we need to change the direction of the country they were among hundreds of voters who lined up to see democrat pete would a judge in a school auditorium on balancing between p. and burning right now although i do like even closer to a little bit. with no clear front runner for the democratic presidential nomination these independent voters are in high demand particularly by middle of the road candidates like blue jets when you're coming up here to run for president you're
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not just appealing to the members of your own party but you're also trying to reach those folks in the middle who might vote for your party but not want to identify with it maybe are not as ideological maybe a bit more pragmatic minded 42 percent of the electorate here has no party affiliation and unlike voters in other states independents in new hampshire can vote in either primary democrat or republican that's led to some surprise finishes in the past. in 2016 bernie sanders who comes from the neighboring state of vermont beat party favorite hillary clinton here by more than 20 percent with this strong base of support he could win the primary again in 2020 but this year is like none other due to the large field of democrats and a president who's loved by his base despised by the left. so if you're a voter who doesn't like bernie sanders you're not just thinking which candidate do i like more than bernie sanders who currently which candidate who's not bernie sanders do i like can i support who i think has the best shot of beating him it's
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a job these voters take seriously we're still debating but i think he would be an excellent choice very proud that he and i think i'm excited about to what i've heard a warrior more like right here on talk you still not decided i'm. close and i'm not making the outcome hard to predict kristen salumi al jazeera nashua new hampshire where you can find much more on our website the address for that is al jazeera dot com all those stories including the w.h.o. telling the world to consider the coronavirus public enemy number one and i'll be back in half an hour with more news. here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera palestinian president mahmoud abbas has
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once again rejected donald trump's proposed middle east plan speaking at the u.n. abass of the proposal only extend israeli control over palestinian land as protests continued in the occupied west bank he called on the international community to put pressure on israel to achieve lasting peace not to waste this final opportunity. and. this is the summary of the project that was presented to us this is the state that they will give us it's like a swiss cheese really who among you will accept a similar state and similar conditions to steal ladies and gentlemen includes instructions in the entrenchment of occupation and annexation by military force and the strengthening of the apartheid regime. turkey's president is promising swift revenge against government syrian government forces in after they killed 5 took us soldiers on monday meanwhile there are reports that syrian army have captured the entire m 5 highway that links damascus with aleppo the world health
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organization has called on countries to consider the coronavirus public enemy number one they also announce the virus will be renamed covidien 19 but want a vaccine would be 18 months away the death toll from the outbreak has shot over to more than 1000 in china people died on monday than any other day since the virus emerged in december at least 15 rehang are refugees have died after the boat capsized in the bay of bengal as they tried to escape bangladesh the coast guard and navy a searching for survivors more than a 1000000 refugees live in dire conditions in camps in bangladesh up to fling a minute she cracked down 2017. voters in the u.s. state of new hampshire accosting the ballots in the presidential primaries it's the 2nd state to hold a vote for the democratic nomination candidates are looking to get ahead in the race after a delayed start in the iowa caucuses last week recent polls show bunny song does
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lead in the field of candidates followed by people but a judge and a miklos. those are the headlines the stream is up next. ok and your in the stream today a respectful representation why disability destructive to the community take a look at a vital twist a thread that explores the impact that some common tropes have people with
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disabilities and this is an important conversation we want to hear from you you can chat me in all tweet me at history. my name is malcolm smith and i want to stick to that media traps that affect me one says the people are jerk wants is bad behavior is justified because there really isn't this trapeze artist that people as untitled which makes it hard for us to get accommodations to people are always white male and young usually children.


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