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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2020 7:00am-7:33am +03

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twice evict and on al-jazeera. bernie sanders commands a small lead in the democratic primary in new hampshire as voters decide who should challenge donald trump for the u.s. presidency. the watching all just 0 life from a headquarters in doha and also ahead the palestinian president tells the u.n. security council the donald trump's middle east plan would end opes of a palestinian state as israel questions his commitment to peace. short lived victory for syrian rebels against government forces they show they won't give up without a fight it's. the world health organization says the china coronavirus poses
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a grave threat to the world and should be considered public enemy number one. hello early results are coming in for the 1st democratic primary in the u.s. presidential election with more than half of new hampshire's precincts and bernie sanders has a narrow lead over people to judge our is 3rd no democrat has become the party's presidential nominee without finishing 1st or 2nd in new hampshire in the last 40 years we have 2 correspondents on the story christmas salumi standing by for us in nashua but 1st let's bring in political hay and she's joining us from manchester that is over in new hampshire so it looks like bernie sanders might be the winner patty. here it's kind of strange because this was the unexpected that became the expected sort of explain at the outset of this race joe
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biden former vice president or barack obama was the clear front runner behind him send your list with or and from the nearby state of massachusetts they have both plummeted not just in the polls but in the vote totals so now we at this point we expected the party. was going to win new hampshire gave him a huge win 4 years ago it's gets hillary clinton 60 percent of the vote he's running against more than just one viable candidate though so this is a much closer race than i think a lot of people expected with sanders with about 26 percent of the vote the really surprising thing here is the former mayor of a very small town south bend indiana people to judge pretty much unknown on the national stage he is now placed 1st we believe in iowa and 2nd behind sanders here in new hampshire and it's a lot closer than i think a lot of the polls and pundits thought it would be he's right now about 24 percent and then another huge surprise that we could have seen coming out of this race started was minnesota senator amy klobuchar shar she's in 3rd at
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a strong 19 percent so this is what we're seeing the top 3 candidates who really i don't think many people expected would be the top 3 candidates in sanders had a shot but these other 2 were pretty much written knowledge but now it looks like they're leaving new hampshire with a lot of momentum and a lot of attention pushing them into the next contest in nevada and then to south carolina you have patty and just let me update you for a 2nd because we are getting reports from american media this is according to n.b.c. news that they are projecting that bernie sanders is going to win the new hampshire democratic primary so. this would be good news for bernie sanders if true. it is good news but this is not a race like we've seen really in modern political history because it's changing so much the demographics of the democratic party have changed so much and we've heard this in years past but it's really become like
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a clamoring that the iowa and new hampshire contests perhaps don't represent where the democratic party is now we saw that with former vice president joe biden saying look this is just 2 states in really white states and that's not the base of the democratic party. you cannot become the democratic nominee without the votes of african-americans or and hispanics and this is not the state to showcase that that's at least the bargain that the biden warner make in so they're going into the next contest weekend there's no question about that the top tier candidates get a lot of momentum attention and then they get campaign money and it's going to be much harder for biden unworn to raise the kind of dollars they need to push on to super tuesday although they are saying that they are in fact going to do that what's clearly happening here in new hampshire and i heard this from voters i talked to all over the state the last couple of days the vast majority say their biggest priority is someone who could be donald trump in november they're split on
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how to do that should it be with the centrist candidate or with someone to the far left of the party and if you look at the overall vote totals it's very clear that sanders who is considered very progressive very far to the left he did win new hampshire but if you took the modern votes with people to judge and a clover shahr those of course would outnumber bernie sanders so it is unlike other races in the past other election years i don't know if this is going to have the same import as it has in the past because voters are studies such a mixed message with all these different candidates ok patty thank you for that update on bernie sanders specifically let's now bring kirsten salumi she's joining us from a watch party for people who to judge over and nashua and i believe that he's speaking right now because he seems to be coming in 2nd. that's right bernie sanders may have won this race but a good judge exceeded all expectations coming
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a lot closer than anyone expected here in the state of new hampshire where bernie has a strong following in a strong history. mayor of south bend indiana be prejudged taking the stage right now speaking to his supporters. you could feel the excitement building through the night as the race got closer and closer and tighter but now yes we are hearing well we're sanders is the official winner but snow was the mayor said this. morning that a campaign that many said should be here at all is here. been signed by him in his remarks here and speak here for march just stand by for a moment because let's cross over in the sense of bernie sanders who is speaking right now oh who has shown as he was going to be the winner of the senate who was would argue over who
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would be behind you know the if you know who the the was i you have the new hampshire be the one you all have the living god let me
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tell you to soften sunni. society the people that have shown him for a great victory tonight if you. was was the let me thank the thousands of volunteers in the hampshire who all thank you was who knocked on doors in the rain and the snow and the cold was the reason that we won the night in new hampshire we won last week in iowa who was
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because of the hard work of so many volunteers the was the and let me say. that this victory here is the beginning of the end donald trump was here was victories behind us popular vote and all you were in the victoria and i was going to know god awful were going to south carolina who were going to win though so he was and
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i had all i want to take the opportunity. to express my appreciation and respect for all of the democratic candidates we ran against he voted the. the ok maybe coma chart elizabeth warren was told by far i want i can sell you ok what i absolutely certainty and i know i speak for every one of the democratic candidates is that no matter who wins and we certainly hope it's going to be honest we have got a good night cigar bar hog going to unite together and defeat the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country was and the reason i believe we are going to win is that we have on persimmon did
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grass groups a movement from coast to coast millions of people who are the reason that we all are going to win is that we are putting together and on precedented multiplied generational multiracial political move a are and this is a movement from coast to coast which is demanding that we finally have an economy and a government that works for all of us not wealthy campaign contributor are the and i want to thank.
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all of those people who up worked and contributed to our campaign but make the point that on this point in the campaign we are taking on billionaires and we're taking on candidates funded by go. well you know yes it will the but we are going to win the open because we have the agenda that speaks to the needs of working people throughout this country the health care is a human right not a privilege it was the the wealthy and powerful will start paying their fair share of taxes it was the we will be a public colleges and universities too we should free it and can't socorro students
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it was the on line. we know that climate change is very real and it existed until crisis for our planet we are prepared to tell the fossil fuel industry that their short term profits more important than the future of our planet the the it with the bernie sanders rallying the crowds and speaking to his supporters in new hampshire are off to us media has projected him to be the winner in the democratic party in new hampshire with most of the votes counted so let's bring in christine salumi she is joining us from a watch party over for a judge also in new hampshire and we'll get reaction from a good
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a chance camp in just a moment but you heard bernie sanders speaking there sending out quite a unifying message across that i mean how significant is this win for him and his campaign. well he was expected to win here and it was a bit. i wonder that the polls were predicting but he did sound that conciliatory note at the beginning talking about how all democrats need to come together behind whoever the eventual nominee will be but he did take indirect aim at the 2nd place finisher people who to judge when he said that in this election they are taking on billionaire candidates and candidates funded by billionaires that has been a criticism that he's level that they are people to judge of south bend indiana bernie sanders of course pulling ahead of elizabeth warren as the go to candidate for the more liberal side of the democratic party solidifying his place and his base here
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in new hampshire but clearly seeing people who judge in his rear view mirror and worried about the momentum that this campaign has been showing coming out of iowa actually beating standards there their only in terms of delegates although sanders has argued that he has received more votes he says he is the grassroots campaign and he's vowing to take it all the way to the white house but some of the people here are going to fight to make sure that doesn't happen. to somebody for a 2nd for so let's listen to what judge had to say earlier on who was close behind sanders a script i was saying and he was speaking to his supporters in new hampshire right before sander spoke and he said that his campaign now has the momentum to win the nomination let's listen to our over the past year some 2 dozen campaigns have crisscrossed this state each laying claim to the ability to bring people together turn out to vote and move americans toward a brighter future. that too. and here in
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a state. that goes by the motto live free or die you made up your own mind thought that you asserted that famous independence tree. and thanks to you the campaign that some said shouldn't be here at all has shown that we are here to stay so was her saying kristen the buddha judge even though he's now come in 2nd in new hampshire those still sounds quite optimistic. well again he finished higher than expected closer than expected to bernie sanders the excitement was building through the night as the results were coming in and. tallies were inching closer and closer chance a peek for president one theme that we heard one thing that he was responding to in
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those comments were the criticism that's come from some of his opponents that he just doesn't have the experience to do the job in washington is a relatively young man who's been a mayor of a relatively small midwestern city. so that's been seen by some to be a weakness but he has been seeking to turn that to his advantage saying that people don't want another washington insider and that's certainly something that we heard reflected in the comments of people that we spoke to here that came to see him his supporters they say they want someone who's fresh they want someone who's young someone with new ideas and someone that they trust someone to bring stability back to the white house that's another big theme that we've heard not only from the supporters but from the mare himself he said that we cannot defeat john by tearing down others who disagree with us that was his way of reaching out and thanking
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the other democrats in the race but clearly making a distinction even in you know some of the our priorities and. things that he was talking about accomplishing in washington like guaranteeing health care or bringing back islands back to the government he was really stressing his ability to work mothers reach across the aisle not be so polarizing to setting up a bit of a contrast with bernie sanders all right kristen thank you florida update from new hampshire. middle east and that will bring neither peace nor stability and leave palestinians with a fragmented state that's how palestine's president made his case at the united nations security council. says urge the world to reject u.s. president donald trump's hosel our diplomatic editor james bays has more this was
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the day the palestinians chose to fight back against the plan in the un security council president mahmoud abbas describing it as a way to completely destroy the idea of a palestinian state as the whole last not really natural this is the summary of the project that was presented to us this is the state that they will give us it's like a piece of swiss cheese really who among you would accept a similar state in similar conditions the palestinians had wanted to get the security council to vote on the trump plan isolating the united states but washington fought back in recent days to new series the current arab member of the security council in the chair for the meeting of a deputy ambassador that's because their ambassador who'd been working on a draft resolution with the palestinians was fired last week on the u.s. pressure. after the security council meeting a bizarre media event president abbas with former israeli prime minister olmert the
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president made it clear olmert was the kind of man he could do business with even though the former prime minister jailed for corruption hasn't been in office for a decade president abbas left without taking any questions olmert stayed with the palestinians might have preferred he didn't he said he wouldn't criticize the trump plan even suggesting it could be a good starting point for negotiations there is here economy. in the play of president trump and i think that this is something that must be huge in order to establish the necessary were negotiations the palestinians didn't get the security council vote they wanted and the israeli figure they invited to help make their case didn't in fact back their position this isn't today that pushes the palestinian cause forward james 0 at the united nations turkey's
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president says warning of swift revenge of his troops in syria continue to be attacked. comments come as syrian opposition rebels recaptured a village and province as they try to regain territory lost to government forces has mad about i reports. the odds were against these syrian rebels forced to retreat and abandon their strongholds in the more these fighters have suffered major setbacks over the last few days but than they launched a sudden counterattack and within hours managed to overrun government positions and they left the rebels also shot down a syrian army helicopter. but there were no match for an army backed by a russian fighter jets the opposition's military victory was shot lived and president bashar al assad's troops soon regained control of the town. although a nadir holds no strategic importance the rebels needed
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a small victory to reassure the millions of civilians trapped in it live that the fight is far from over for the rebels gains in and they were largely due to turkey's growing involvement in. the turkish military has intensified is shallowing of syrian army defense lines in a nailer and. more took his troops are pouring into it live establishing military outposts their aim is to prevent syrian forces from advancing towards the city this. order the syrian regime got what it deserved but that's not enough it will pay a heavy price for attacking turkey soldiers i will announce the actions to be taken about the syrian issue after i meet with my parliamentary group tomorrow. as fighting intensifies civilians abandoning their villages. is a ghost town its population of 80000 has largely left for safer
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areas around 700000 people have been displaced over the past 2 months as the syrian army continues its offensive in the north of the escalation is raising fears of a broader military confrontation. said main onli russia has called on turkey to stop its artillery attacks 2 years ago russia and turkey played a crucial role along with iran in establishing a safe zone in. the us your own voice james jeffrey is expected to meet with syria officials on wednesday to discuss the governments of funds have been in the u.s. accuses iran russia shiite militias and the syrian government of undermining international efforts to implement a cease fire that would allow millions of syrian refugees to return to their homes
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. is the board well let's take a closer look at where that military offensive is taking place in northern syria president bashar al assad's forces and are firmly in control of almost the entire country but that doesn't include opposition controlled areas martin green and kurdish held parts in the north there marked in yellow on the reports that for the 1st time in syria's nearly 9 year war government forces have now seize control of the entire m 5 highway by driving opposition fighters out of that area west of aleppo that's important because it's the main trade route running from north all the way to the southern border with jordan it connects the commercial hub of aleppo with major cities like damascus homs and hama and it will make it easier for assad's forces to move in to capture it lifts it. china's government has announced another 94 deaths from corona virus that brings the total number of to more than 1100 people mostly in mainland china and earlier the head of the world health
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organization said the virus should be viewed as public enemy number one given the grave threat it poses to the world and reports as the 1st patients were released from temporary hospitals and city on tuesday there was a glimmer of hope that china's efforts to contain the corona virus may be succeeding reassuring perhaps for the 50000000 people on lockdown under quarantine measures meant to stop the spread of the disease now known as coded 19 the world health organization has praised china's response but it's worried it could spread to poor countries if this virus makes it to a weaker health systems it will create hubble it depends on how. really we need this these bones and how these how we respond to the outbreak. the scientific community still doesn't know a lot about the virus and the vaccine probably won't be ready for another 18 months
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but china's leading epidemiologist says the outbreak will soon plateau at least in china. the rate of new infections is gradually declining according to the analysis of our mathematical model the epidemic will reach its peak in the south regions after the middle of february or in the 2nd half of the month but no one really knows for sure and thousands of coping 1000 patients are in critical condition in the epicenter of. experts say the incubation period could be longer than 1st thought up to 24 days before patients show any symptoms chinese officials have launched a mass disinfection campaign in cities far away from the epidemic to keep it at bay . and into hahn itself patients are doing what they can to pass the time before they too can walk out of corn to. al-jazeera sudan's government in darfur is rebel groups have agreed that those wanted by the international criminal court for crimes in the darfur region should appear before the courts the
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announcement was made during peace talks in juba the former long time president bashir who was toppled after mass protests last year is wanted by the i.c.c. but the minister did not specifically name him hit the button and losses the more meat we agreed on 4 key mechanisms to establish justice and or for the 1st that all those who have arrest warrants against them shall appear before the international criminal court i am seeing this very plainly justice is served by justice we cannot bury our heads in the sand against the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed against innocent people in darfur and elsewhere justice will not be served unless those with the rest of warrants appear before the i.c.c. that is why we agreed today that they will. appear before the i.c.c. we also agreed on a special tribunal for those crimes committed in darfur it will be a special court entrusted with investigations and trials in these cases including the international criminal cases a washington post report says
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a company that sold code generating machines to more than 100 countries for decades was secretly owned by the us intelligence service according to the post the cia raid swiss firm crypto agee's devices to spy on its clients that allowed american agents to eavesdrop on communications made during the firm's devices its clients include iran saudi arabia and even the vatican the firm was dissolved in $28.00 seen glencora as a former deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats at the cia and he says that it's remarkable how the u.s. intelligence managed to keep the secret for the sloan. i think that this will be viewed in the few in going forward now as one of the great intelligence operations of the last 120 years or so that a country break another's codes is not unusual but that a country be able to read more than half the world's countries trant.
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correspondence telegrams cables reports and so on in their entirety is i think. never done before that i'm aware of the impact import and impact of this is huge so it has for 75 years given the united states a tremendous advantage in diplomacy foreign affairs and intelligence any secret shared is a secret potentially lost and by the nature of the operation for 75 years information was shared this was a joint german american operation so there right away you have the secret is shared from the outset and then in addition over time countries are always careful to see why there are foreign counterparts or adversaries do respond as they do and one
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can infer knowledge by various foreign policy moves cumulatively that kind of intelligence analysis can lead one to various suspicions but that this did not occur in a decisive way for 75 years is remarkable. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. media is projecting that senator bernie sanders has narrowly won the new hampshire democratic primary that's with most of the votes counted any offered a message of humanity to his support of thing. that this victory. is the beginning of the end for donald trump i want no matter who wins and we certainly hope it's going to be awesome we have got to go i suggest all of
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the we're all going to nights ago and defeat the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country the ok but it has come in a close 2nd in new hampshire the 38 year old former mayor urged his supporters to welcome a new generation of leadership he says his campaign now has the momentum to win the nomination. oh over the past year some 2 dozen campaigns have crisscrossed this state each laying claim to the ability to bring people together turn out the vote and move americans toward a brighter future. that too. and here in a state that goes by the motto live free or die you made up your own mind the all the
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over you asserted that famous independent streak and thanks to you a campaign that some said shouldn't be here at all has shown that we are here to stay palestine's leader has rejected the u.s. president's proposed release plan that the u.n. security council. says trump proposal will bring neither peace nor stability to the region. turkey's president is promising switzer avenge against the syrian government after 5 turkish soldiers were killed on monday turkish backed rebels are reinforcing their positions and in the province after the syrian army continued to advance. those are the headlines on al-jazeera we will have more news coming up after the story and thanks for watching. al-jazeera we talk about 2 of the biggest problems facing and they all the endemic corruption and we listen so if you replace china's enemy of the with and that's really bad yours we meet with global
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news makers and talk about the stories that matter just 0. for me ok and you know in the stream today a respectful representation why disability so destructive for the community take a look at a vital twist a thread that explores the impact that some common tropes have people with disabilities and this is how important conversation we want to hear from you you can chat me all tweet me at a.j. straight. my name is malcolm smith and i want to stick to that media traps that affect me one i just think people are jerk wants is bad behavior is justified because they're going to be this trip you got to see people as untitled which makes it hard for us to get accommodations to just that people are always.


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