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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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voters in new hampshire decide bernie sanders is the democrat who should challenge donald trump for the u.s. presidency. to watch al-jazeera lie from a headquarters and. also ahead palestinian president tells the u.n. security council the donald trump's middle east plan would and hopes of a palestinian state as israel questions this commitment to peace. a short lived victory for syrian rebels against government forces as they show they won't give up without a fight. the world health organization says the china coronavirus poses
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a great threat to the world and should be considered public enemy number one. hello bernie sanders has narrowly won the new hampshire democratic primary the veteran senator from vermont maintain the u.s. is ready for a left wing policies and speaking to his supporters he offered a message a few nitze meanwhile has come in a close 2nd in new hampshire the 38 year old former mayor urged his supporters to welcome a new generation off leadership so we have 2 correspondents following the story kristen salumi standing by for us in nashua but 1st we'll bring in political hand in manchester they were saying patty bernie sanders is now the projected winner but it was a tight race between sanders about it it's. incredibly tight now keep in mind for you. years ago when bernie sanders came to this state
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faceoff hillary clinton he took 60 percent of the vote right now we're looking at about 25.8 percent to. 24.4 percent so a couple of differences that he's facing a whole lot more candidates than he was 4 years ago but that's a significant drop in the amount of the number of voters he has what you're seeing play out here is a huge desire and there were exit polls today people stop people coming out of the polls and say what is your biggest priority the majority of democrats said hands down the top priority getting someone who can beat donald trump so now they're having this internal debate we saw it in iowa we saw here in new hampshire how do you do that you do it by being like sanders being incredibly progressive very much to the far left proposing things like a racing college tuition debt free college or do you need to be more of a centrist which is what pete is he's a really unknown he's incredibly young he's a veteran and he was the mayor of
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a very small town in indiana so do you want to go centrist or do you want to go far left regardless all of the candidates who came out to talk about these results they had one message and that was they can beat donald trump because they know that's what their base their democrats want to hear. that this victory. is the beginning of the end but donald trump in the model who says we certainly hope it's going to be we have good thing. was going to go and defeat the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country. of. and here's why those words matter coming from bernie sanders because if you look at his supporters from the primary 4 years ago a lot of them just simply didn't show up they didn't vote for hillary clinton and
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that made the difference between a victory for donald trump and a defeat so there's a big concern in the democratic party that that could happen again you'll notice 2 of the people who we expected to be the front runners were really far behind that's former vice president joe biden said there are elizabeth warren they though say they're not giving up and this is why it's a little bit different i married this this time around because the democratic party is getting more and more diverse and that is not what's happening in these 2 primary caucus states the 1st to iowa new hampshire both overwhelmingly white so what you're hearing from those candidates that expected to do much better is well wait till we get to nevada wait to get to south carolina where there's a much bigger minority population and they are banking that this isn't going to be predictive as it has in most modern political history that they can still change to still turn around for those 2 former front runners but after these 2 contests
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nowhere close to being in the start of the pack all right patty thank you for that update let's bring in christine salumi she's joining us from a party or what seemed to be a watch party just a short while ago for pete going to change over and it now that he has come in 2nd . is that slowing him down at all. and how much momentum is he saying he has going forward. well the crowd here was very energized as was the mare of south bend himself coming out to chants of pete for president he clearly has some momentum behind him that started in iowa where he actually pulled slightly ahead of bernie sanders he was 2nd here but still did much better than expected this really is bernie territory in new hampshire he's got a strong base of support here that goes back to 2016 where as just a year ago buddha gedge was a relatively unknown mayor of south bend indiana relatively small midwestern city in fact his competitors have criticized him for his lack of experience but he
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has attempted to make a virtue of it saying that people are tired of the same old thing in washington they want something new and certainly we heard that in the supporters that we spoke to here today they said that they are looking for someone who can reach across the aisle who can work with republicans and compromise someone who's less polarizing not only than donald child but perhaps than bernie sanders that's what the supporters here were saying judge himself said that beating trial will mean that democrats have to compromise too. politics of my way or the highway is a road to reelect and donald trump. vulnerable americans do not have the luxury of pursuing ideological purity over an inclusive victory we also know better than to try to defeat such a disruptive president by relying on the same washington framework in mind after
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all if today's washington were serving america well a guy like donald trump would never have come within shooting distance of the oval office in the 1st place. and so it's on to south carolina for be booted judge a campaign that many said didn't belong here he said in his remarks is here to stay he's taking it full force onto the next competition all right this is something we thank you for months. now all 4 prosecutors investigating a close ally of president donald trump have quit the case after the u.s. justice department overruled their sentencing recommendation so roger stone was convicted on 7 counts of lying to the u.s. congress obstruction and witness tampering the change came after the president criticized the proposed sentence of 7 to 9 years as a miscarriage of justice. a middle east peace plan that will neither bring
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peace nor stability and leave palestinians with a fragmented states that's how palestine's president made his case at the united nations security council. says urged the world to reject u.s. president donald trump proposal our diplomatic editor james bays has more. this was the day the palestinians chose to fight back against the trump plan in the un security council president mahmoud abbas describing it as a way to completely destroy the idea of a palestinian state. not the natural this is the summary of the project that was presented to us this is the state that they will give us it's like a piece of swiss cheese really who among you would accept a similar state in similar conditions the palestinians had wanted to get the security council to vote on the trump plan isolating the united states but washington forked back in recent days to news here is the current arab member of
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the security council in the chair for the meeting there deputy ambassador that's because their ambassador who'd been working on a draft resolution with the palestinians was fired last week under u.s. pressure. after the security council meeting a bizarre media event president obama asked with former israeli prime minister olmert the president made it clear olmert was the kind of man he could do business with even though the former prime minister jailed for corruption hasn't been in office for a decade president abbas left without taking any questions olmert stayed with the palestinians might have preferred he didn't he said he wouldn't criticize the trump plan even suggesting it could be a good starting point for negotiations there is here economy. in the period of president trump and i think that this is something that must be further because you in order to establish the necessary frame who were negotiations
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the palestinians didn't get the security council vote they wanted and view israeli figure they invited to help make their case didn't in fact back their position this isn't today that pushes the palestinian cause forward james 0 at the united nations china's government has announced another 94 deaths from the corona virus that brings the total number to more than 1100 people mostly in mainland china and earlier the head of the world health organization said the virus should be viewed as public enemy number one given the grave threat it poses to the world and reports as the 1st patients were released from temporary hospitals and city on tuesday there was a glimmer of hope that china's efforts to contain the corona virus may be succeeding reassuring perhaps for the 50000000 people on lockdown under quarantine measures meant to stop the spread of the disease now known as coded 19 the world health
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organization has praised china's response but it's worried it could spread to poor countries if this virus makes it to a weaker health systems it will create hubble it depends on how. really we need this response and how least how we respond to the outbreak. the scientific community still doesn't know a lot about the virus and a vaccine probably won't be ready for another 18 months but china's leading epidemiologist says the outbreak will soon plateau at least in china you will minutes. the rate of new infections is gradually declining according to the analysis of our mathematical model the epidemic will reach its peak in the south regions after the middle of february or in the 2nd half of the month but no one really knows for sure and thousands of coping 1000 patients are in critical condition in the epicenter of. experts say the incubation period could be longer
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than 1st thought up to 24 days before patients show any symptoms chinese officials have launched a mass disinfection campaign in cities far away from the epidemic to keep it at bay . and into hahn itself patients are doing what they can to pass the time before they too can walk out of quarantine. enter chapelle al-jazeera. still had on al-jazeera coming up in a moment a staggering death toll and another massacre the u.n. issues an urgent warning about violence in the democratic republic of congo. praying for a change the vatican is set to make a decision that could change a 1000 year old policy details in a moment it's. how
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low the weather remains rather cold across the middle east and it's in the all the parts cold enough quite a bit of snow actually we see some snow piling out of the east and so the caucasus further south the same some significant snowfall into syria into iraq easing over towards iran as you go on through wednesday. well all the wintry east of the weather will be over towards the eastern side of the med temperatures struggling to get to 12 celsius in damascus that's something of recovery temperature wise having said that not so for kuwait highs have just 10 degrees celsius cold air will dive its way down across said doha 16 celsius but with the coldest day of the a winter so far for us on wednesday will make up a little as we go on into well thursday notice for thursday yet more that wintry weather a little further north and sewer east in parts of africa will not see a bad across the ethiopian hollins just want to choose showers are rolling in here across ethiopia the west the weather stretching is way down across a good part of kenya northern areas of tanzania saying some very heavy rainfall and
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that wet weather sliding its way down into mozambique and also into zimbabwe some very heavy showers coming in here over the next couple days with the risk of flooding meanwhile for the western side of south africa is dry and fine. but. every attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens who are stories of loss go on told. a sweeping association of islam with violence leaves erupt in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live. and moon the tragic loss of life twice a victim on al-jazeera. war .
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hello again the top stories on al jazeera. bernie sanders has narrowly won the new hampshire democratic primary the veteran senator from vermont maintain the u.s. is ready for a left wing policies. came in a close 2nd in the primary for the 38 year old former mayor to supporters to welcome a new generation of leadership. the palestinian president has rejected the u.s. president's proposed middle east plan at the u.n. security council. says trump's proposal will bring neither peace nor stability to the region. turkey's president is warning of swift revenge of his troops in syria continue to be attacked ridge of comments come as syrian opposition rebels
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recaptured a village an it'll a province as they try to regain territory lost to government forces to reports. the all were against the syrian rebels forced to retreat and abandon their strongholds in the more these fighters have suffered may just setbacks over the last few days but then they launched a sudden counterattack and within i was managed to overrun government positions in may that the rebels also shot down a syrian army helicopter. but there were no match for an army backed by a russian fighter jets the opposition's military victory was shot lived and president bashar al assad's troops soon regain control of the town. although a nadir holds no strategic importance the rebels needed a small victory to reassure the millions of civilians trapped in it live there the fight is far from over. the rebels gains in and they were largely due to turkey's
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growing involvement in. the turkish military has intensified is shallowing of syrian army defense lines in and they are there and. more took his troops are pouring into it live establishing military outposts their aim is to prevent syrian forces from advancing towards the city this. order the syrian regime got what it deserved but that's not enough it will pay a heavy price for attacking turkey soldiers i will announce the actions to be taken about the syrian issue after i meet with my parliamentary group tomorrow. as fighting intensifies civilians abandoning their villages. is a ghost town its population of 80000 has largely left for safer areas around 700000 people have been displaced over the past 2 months as the
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syrian army continues its offensive in the north of the escalation is raising fears of a broader military confrontation. said may on my russia has called on turkey to stop its artillery attacks 2 years ago russia and turkey played a crucial role along with iran in establishing a safe zone in. the us your own voice james jeffrey is expected to meet with syria officials on wednesday to discuss the governments of funds have been in the u.s. accuses iran russia shia militias and the syrian government of undermining international efforts to implement a cease fire that would allow millions of syrian refugees to return to their homes . is the board well let's take a closer look at where that military offensive is taking place in northern syria president bashar al assad's forces are now firmly in control of almost the entire
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country but that doesn't include opposition controlled areas marked in green and kurdish held parts in the north marked in yellow the reports that for the 1st time in syria's nearly 9 year war government forces have now seize control of the entire m 5 highway by driving opposition fighters out of that area west of aleppo and that's important because it's the main trade route running from north all the way to the southern border with jordan it connects the commercial hub of aleppo with major cities like damascus homes on tamil and it'll make it easier for assad's forces to move in to capture it lip city at least 400 civilians have been killed in attacks in the democratic republic of congo rebels have been targeting villages on towns in the east for months thousands have been displaced and they're now fleeing to the city of beni where haleigh mohammad has more. another massacre in the town of mangina in the northeast of the democratic republic of congo.
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democratic forces a rebel group is being blamed for carrying out an ambush attacking victims with machetes and guns. right now there are 12 bodies being buried at mco and 12 people are missing or have been kidnapped by the i.d.f. ugandan rebels family members are angry and frustrated. worried about the situation all the time the seems to be normal and the government needs to come to its last few years we've had enough mangina is an area that's been exposed to the bone outbreak since 2018 the latest attack has forced shops and markets to close only soldiers and date with his patrol the streets panicked residents are packing whatever they can carry and leaving to find safety many were operated from their homes before they now heading 30 kilometers east towards the town of benny between north and provinces. there's bodies in this coffin he was killed
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with a machete by e.d.f. rebels while farming we managed to get parts of his body so that we can go back and bury him in the village. but then he has come under frequent attack with hundreds of people killed it's also facing a major threat of ebola treatment centers have been destroyed and authorities are struggling to control the region. under control but this still active now with a mass movement of people from and you know to benny there are some who have not been thing care of also the rebels can take advantage of this with more attacks. the u.n. has sent in reinforcements we have. to prove. movements.
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tensions have escalated since december when the congolese army along with u.n. peacekeepers and a local militia led an offensive against the allied democratic forces. but for many trying to escape the violence and the health epidemic the road to peace and security looks more uncertain. al-jazeera sudan's government and our 4 is rebel groups have agreed that those wanted by the international criminal court for crimes in the darfur region should appear before the courts the announcement was made during peace talks in juba the former long time president obama and bashir who was toppled after mass protests last year is wanted by the i.c.c. but he wasn't named specifically to go to the hague for a trial. unless. we agreed on 4 key mechanisms to establish justice in darfur the 1st that all those who have arrest warrants against them shall appear before the international criminal court i am seeing is
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very plainly justice is served by justice we cannot bury our heads in the sand against the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed against innocent people in darfur and elsewhere justice will not be served unless those with arrest warrants appear before the i.c.c. that is why we agreed today that they will appear before the i.c.c. we also agreed on a special tribunal for those crimes committed in darfur it will be a special court entrusted with investigations and trials in these cases including the international criminal cases. thousands are attending the state funeral for a former pro kenyan president daniel iraq war he died last week aged 95 and 24 years in power more had absolute control over the state are oppressed and he calls for change reports. even in death kenya's 2nd president daniel are up more remains a deeply polarized figure. the man who led the country for 24 yes has
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divided opinion on how kenyans remember him. thousands attended his funeral service in nairobi and those who stood to speak led by heads of state from kenya and neighboring countries called him a statesman a nationalist and pan african a man of integrity and soft lessness the last words country and its commitment to night. informed. of peace love and unity which. is exactly what i wore when i was where i remember differently we were treated worse than convicted criminals he reads to us an excerpt from his book i refuse to die i was to be punished document his life under moyes rule he remembers the detention torture and how he was hounded even after his release and forced into exile thousands of the former president's
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political opponents were detained after that tempted coup in 1902 and during the clamor for democracy in the 1990 s. there is nothing more. than total isolation to broke people and it breaks people in fact. i know people don't deal with isolation how they go to strokes. some just went crazy. so that was my. state for 3 days. government officials say more than 200000 people came to see him some told us it was out of curiosity because a surprise didn't he was unreachable as much as he seemed to be everywhere many of those who lived through more time in office he was larger than life his presence was felt everywhere the space of on the current streets building than even a national named after him t.v.
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bulletins only started with him and his wife. some people also accuse him and his colleagues of plan during the economy allowing tribal violence to persist and nearly destroying the country but many who came to this stadium named after he said no mater his mistakes he was a symbol of peace and. al-jazeera nairobi kenya. coast guards have rescued nearly 200 refugees and migrants off the coast of gibraltar the numbers of people trying to cross from morocco has surged recently more than 60000 people a time to the journey last year after roots in other parts of europe were restricted growth macedonia's parliament has ratified an agreement to become the 30th member of the nato alliance all lawmakers votes present excuse me voted for the deal on shoes day and a dispute with greece over the macedonian name prevented the former yugoslav
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republic from becoming a nato member for more than 2 decades. the vatican is set to reveal on wednesday whether pope francis supports a proposal to let married men be ordained in the catholic church last year bishops in the amazon regional voted to relax a celibacy rule dating thousands of years to address a shortage of priests but as a lot america editor of c.n.n. reports not everyone thinks it will work. latin america is home to the largest number of roman catholics but the flock is dwindling as dramatically as the churches influence revelations of widespread clerical sex abuses are greatly to blame but they're not the only reason. and former priest luis pena are newlyweds lease took his vols of chastity at age 17 but 10 years ago he fell in love with they had 3 so they kept the relationship secret but although
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he loved his pastoral work he says he couldn't keep living a double life so he left the priesthood last year. if i could have been married and remain the priest 'd i would have been overjoyed but it wasn't possible i wish that would change because i believe it's completely compatible to devote oneself to a family and also to pastoral work at an excellent this as louise was an excellent priest he was very close to everyone young and old the parish loved him so it was hard. god now the catholic church is rigid disappeared the norm the demand celibacy from priests could be changed or deeds loosened starting in the amazon which is shared by 9 south american countries during the pan am the song synod of bishops last october there was consensus and it happened the very desperately needs more priests not only for the sake of souls but also to save the
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amazon rain forest from deforestation which has been one of the pope's he focuses and in order to get more priests it was argued that it might be necessary to end the prohibition on marriage. the idea is being resisted by the vatican's most orthodox wing with the blessing of former pope benedict a controversial new book by cardinal robert sarah argues that lifting the celibacy law would strongly damage the catholic church the world's oldest institution but others insist that enforcing the celibacy law is discouraging priests from joining and damaging the reputation of those who've already taken their vows. one of them is father the left wednesday who believes that making an exception to the amazon legion is not the answer even if to put a fool i don't think that this reform should apply to one specific case whether there should be a profound study carried out about the celibacy requests it and the decision that
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results from it should apply to the entire catholic church not just a segment of it. still the vatican has defended celibacy for more than a 1000 years and given its historic a version to reforms abolishing it could take a long time to see in human al-jazeera santiago. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera bernie sanders has narrowly won the new hampshire democratic primary veteran senator from vermont maintained the u.s. is ready for a left wing hall of sense. that this victory here is the beginning of the end for donald trump. no matter who wins and we certainly hope it's going to be honest we have got a good i suggest. we are going to
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nights ago and defeat the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country. has come in a close 2nd in new hampshire be a 38 year old former mayor urged his supporters to welcome a new generation of leadership politics on my way or the highway is a road to reelecting donald trump. vulnerable americans do not have the luxury of pursuing ideological purity over an inclusive victory we also know better than to try to defeat such a disruptive president by relying on the same washington framework and mindset after all if today's washington were serving america well a guy like donald trump would never have come within shooting distance of the oval office in the 1st place. turkey's president is promising swift revenge against the
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syrian government after 5 turkish soldiers were killed on monday the turkish backed rebels are reinforcing positions in the province after the syrian army continues to advance the palestinian president has rejected the u.s. president's proposed plan and the u.n. security council. says trump's proposal will bring neither peace nor stability to the region china has confirmed another $96.00 deaths from corona virus bringing the total death toll to more than a $1100.00 people the world health organization has officially renamed the virus covert 19 and says it poses a grave threat to the world you have to thank for the headlines on al-jazeera we'll have more news coming up right after the listening post thanks for watching. trade tensions could cut global economic growth by 1.8 percent we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in to what extent will china be
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a drag on the global economy in 2020 counting the cost on al-jazeera. consequences of. this i know i'm i'm. i'm not talking it's not that i think i'm. going to. cut out the account of the god hello i'm richard gere's virgin you're at the listening post among the media stories that we're covering this week unrest over a new citizenship law in india are all those news channels out to inform or incite a state of a union divided donald trump on or a controversy of talk radio host media in the middle east and the troubling use of blackface why is it still considered an acceptable form of entertainment. plus the u.k. breck's it and the war of words were.


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