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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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there is so much we can take before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization part of the radicalized series on al-jazeera. turkey is president threatens to push syrian government troops back away from turkish positions in northern syria. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm martin there is also coming up. victory. is the beginning of the year for donald trump. u.s. senator bernie sanders now really wins the 1st democratic presidential primary vote in new hampshire. a cruise ship quarantined off the coast of japan reports
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the largest cluster of coronavirus cases outside china. and reports in the cia secretly own just swiss company the produce software used to spy on diplomats and governments. but 1st tried his president has threatened to strike syrian government forces anywhere if another turkish soldier is hurt in italy a province rather tired made the declaration in a speech to his governing at a party in ankara 15 turkish soldiers have been killed by syrian government forces in recent fighting president at a one says syrian forces must be pushed back beyond turkish observation post by the end of february and turkey will not hesitate to strike back if there are any
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further provocations. only civvies guard that know where the these attacks are directly targeting our soldiers and directly targeting turkey there's no more time for talk we have to look at the realities on the field and by the end of february the regime must be pushed behind observation point whatever is needed on the ground or in the air we are not going to hope any hesitation and we are going to act on it . in just a moment we'll be speaking to our correspondent see him cuz the illusions that he in northern syria in our 1st so let's go to our correspondent in this sample hashem a whole bara and hashem a very tough uncompromising message coming from president edouard but was there anything new or basically he had to show a tougher stance when it comes to dealing with the latest developments in libya and this explains why he was repeatedly saying that turkey from now on words will so take the issue of it live on its own hands and that if political talks fail whether
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the russians other than turkey will have no other option but to interfere merely terribly and this explains why who was using repeated leave the term a stronger action against the syrian government lashing out at russia turkey and shia militias back in the syrian soil lashing out at the syrians the russians and also the shia militias militias that are backing president bashar assad but i think despite all those strong statements from the president as of this there are still some. wiggle room for political maneuvering and i think this explains why we've just got this latest news from the local media here that president. spoke a while ago with the russian president vladimir putin both agreed on the need to implement all the agreements about it martin this is the biggest problem that all
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the key players the russians and the turks will face in the near future if they want to implement the a stern and the so she agreements this means that the syrian government has to pull out from all the areas it has captured over the last few months particularly on the western outskirts of aleppo and also in it live including now the syrian government is saying this is absolutely not going to happen which leaves the potential for a full blown regional confrontation there but as far as turkey is concerned especially from the words of president bush as of today. this is it from our own words this is going to be the final ultimate call of the turkish government and when you see the buildup of the turkish military in libya you see the latest development the massive backing for the syrian national army which is the main opposition group in the ground this gives you an indication that the turkish government could be aiming for the 2nd option which is stronger military into
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involvement in syria if the situation remains delicate in it and one of the reasons why the turkish government is pretty much concerned they have already about 3 almost 4000000 syrian refugees here in turkey and there's about 700000 syrian displaced on the border with turkey and there are about 4000000 civilians trapped in the tickers government is saying this absolutely no way what can cope with this growing number of people if they decide tomorrow to cross into turkey right ok thank you. there live in assemble now let's go to northern syria and see them causing only and cinnamon a president at a one repeatedly says that syrian government forces have got until the end of the month the end of february to withdraw back beyond turkish observation posts in the province 70 how much distance are we talking about and is there any indication that syrian forces are turning around.
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well martin the borders of the escalation zone was agreed to depending on the our son and deals that was between turkey russia iran and syrian government and turkey has already been conducting a backdoor diplomacy with syria the intelligence intelligence chief of both countries met each other in mosco in the latest us that i'm meeting with however we see that the syrian government. the syrian government doesn't recognize that the escalations own criteria actually when i speak to some experts they were telling me that after the last meeting and mosco recently which was almost 2 weeks to go everywhere the un willingly accepted that or knew that the syrian government would advance towards the m 5 highway which is vital for both the syrian opposition and
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the syrian government as the artery of the country but it wasn't expected that the syrian government would advance both their 5 highway right taking over serato event when they tried to move towards that that was a when the turkish turkish military established some extra outposts observation posts in order to protect its own military posts and the civilians but however and despite these calls it seems that the syrian government is eager to take over all and live without recognizing this this collation zone because for disappearing government who ever is against them opposing them are terrorists this is what presidents are gone has been telling. russian president vladimir putin for a long time and he has been sharing this with the turkish media wrist and that's why turkey is afraid that the syrian government if they take over all the they will not give a lot of space for the civilian. syria and turkey is of course all concerned with
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the internally displaced people who are who are accumulating via turkey syria border there are almost 4000000 people stuck inside it most of whom are by the borders i should also touch this. to terry in tragedy just a couple of minutes ago and turkey is trying to take a measure against that because no one knows what's going to happen when the syrian government takes over the city center where there are almost 2 and a half 1000000 right now so the clear the situation on the ground is very tense because both sides seem to be not compromising but of course as it has means so far many things will be depending on what hour go on and put in as phil the others will discuss and will come we'll bring to act but right now the turkey continues a syrian force mr cuomo is are still bringing reinforcements to the area and the syrian government is enhanced in this positions in these areas and clashes underway
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and from where i am standing right now and bob well how are i been hearing rockets launching in al assad which is just 17 kilometers away and no one has heard and rockets falling there in the last 2 years so we are at the brink of a very difficult situation and what diplomacy is going to bring is going to be see is going to be seen on the ground martin. oh u.s. senator bernie sanders has now are leaving bullshit change in the new hampshire primary as a democratic party begins choosing a presidential nominee to run against donald trump in november about the race remains why dave and despite the once favored joe biden coming in 5th place out as there is political hay for the sound as victory speech in manchester are all he was expected to win and he did call
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the iowa campaign is just about beating trawled it is about transforming this country the all the and it is about how the their courage to take on wall street the insurance companies the drug companies the fossil fuel industry the military industrial complex of the not far behind former mayor of south bend indiana people to judge a relative newcomer so many of you decided that a middle class mayor in a veteran from the industrial midwest was the right choice to take on this president not in spite of that experience but because these were not the expected frontrunners but with former vice president joe biden and senator elizabeth warren faltering new faces came to the front voters said that was
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a big reason so many were undecided up until the last minute some of the front runners i'm not sure i think their ideas are good but i'm not sure they have the right path and they have the right ideas so i think that's why people are now leaning this way and kind of at this last minute like this is a strong possibility of me coming in 3rd another unexpected candidate moves to the front of the pack minnesota senator a.v. club which are i maybe come. and i would be donald trump. new hampshire is important for momentum attention and money raised clear tonight from the numbers that we are not going to win this race 2 of the lesser known candidates quit after this vote but all the top contender said they were staying in you know remember and we're just. still have 98 percent of our delegate for our nomination up for grabs and americans in every part of the country are going to
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make their voices heard in exit polls democratic voters made clear their number one priority is finding someone who can beat trump but they're split on the best way to do that from the far left or the center leaving new hampshire it's still not clear which camp will win in the end. and 0 manchester new hampshire. but we're getting reports of 2 explosions having occurred in the netherlands suspected letter bombs appear to have exploded at the mail rooms in the dots capital amsterdam as well as in crowded police say so far there were no injuries no let up on those were delivered to companies in amsterdam russia damn you tracked and must tricked last month but none of those exploded so that's a story we'll be keeping our eye on and bring you more details on it as soon as we get them the government in india's capital region of delhi has opened fire on.
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me policy convoy killing a person 'd and injuring another it happened just a day after a landslide victory for the policy in state elections the government targeted a convoy carrying one of the policies new deal to dissembling members naresh of he says the victim was a volunteer for the. now another $39.00 people on board a cruise ship docked in japan have been infected with corona virus and that brings the total to $175.00 the japanese health ministry says the new cases include a quarantine officer with more than 3700 people on board it's become the host to the highest concentration of cases outside of china where the virus originated the german princess had been under quarantine since february the 3rd after a passenger who got off the ship was diagnosed with the virus for the salami has
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the latest now from your karma port. government.
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while in beijing the government announced 97 deaths from corona virus and that brings the total number to at least 1115 people on the mainland on tuesday the head of the world health organization said the virus should be viewed as public enemy number one given the grave threat it posed. fiz account here down there. i'm wayne hay in phnom penh where will tell you why a trade announcement from the european union could have a major impact on the cambodian economy.
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get a welcome back to you in the national weather forecast well here across vietnam and cambodia over the next few days we do expect to see clouds lingering as well as some rain pushing through much of the area so cloudy situation along the coast and by the time we get to friday that cloud and that rain will start to make its way into parts of central thailand as well could be seeing some rain over the next few days as well as we go into the weekend down towards the south jakarta rain popping up by the time we get to a friday afternoon with the tempter there of 32 degrees now into the tasman sea we are watching a cycloid making its way to the south this is cyclone you see it passed very close to new caledonia over the last few days continuing to make its way towards the south now we're not going to see landfall here in australia but we will be impacted
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in new south wales with dangerous rip currents as well as storm surge over the next you days maybe some enhanced rain as well as we go towards the weekend the storm could make its way to the south and then the southeast and for the south island of new zealand we could be seeing maybe a stronger impact there possibly a landfall we will be watching this very closely out towards the west though take a little 3 day forecast here for perth we do expect those temperatures to be going up $35.00 degrees here on thursday a very warm day on friday but by the time we get to saturday it is going to be nice and 30. around the world powerful entities are working to manipulate and influence us trolls thoughts taking interest algorithms that a change developed and designed to push content that says click me every click we make is valued and sold off but to what end in the further of a 5 part series i did raise in mexico examining how propaganda and proper shape
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content thanks to the algorithm on the jersey of. all right it's time for us to take a look at the top stories here it out zira turkey's president has threatened to strike syrian government forces anywhere if another turkish soldier is hurt in italy province 15 turkish soldiers have been killed by regime forces in recent fighting in syria. u.s. senator bernie sanders says now really won the new hampshire primary the results give him a staunch edge but the field is still wide open as most states prepare to vote for
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a democrat who will run against donald trump in november. another $39.00 people on board a cruise ship docked in japan have been infected with coronavirus bringing the total to $175.00 the diamond princess is close to the largest concentration of cases outside of china. now is a company that sold generating machines to more than $100.00 countries was secretly owned by u.s. intelligence for decades according to the washington post the cia and germany's spy agency raked swiss firm crypto agee's devices to eavesdrop on clients iran saudi arabia even the vatican had secret correspondence that was read possibly shared with as many as 6 countries the firm was dissolved into n.t. 18. they're going call is a former deputy national intelligence officer for trans national threats at the cia
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he says it's incredible the u.s. spies kept the secret for so long. i think that this will be viewed in the future going forward now as one of the great intelligence operations of the last 120 years is. that a country break another's codes is not unusual but that a country be able to read more than half the world's countries trant. correspondence telegrams cables reports and so on in their entirety is i think. never done before that i'm aware. the the impact important impact of this is huge so it has for 75 years given the united states a tremendous advantage in diplomacy foreign affairs and intelligence any secret
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shared is a secret potentially lost and by the nature of the operations for 75 years the information was shared this was a joint german american operation so that there right away you have the secret is shared from the outset and then in addition over time countries are always careful to see why there are foreign counterparts or adversaries do and respond as they do and one can infer a knowledge by various foreign policy moves cumulatively that counterintelligence analysis can lead one to various suspicions but that this did not occur in a decisive way for 75 years is remarkable. lebanon's parliament has voted for a new cabinet and for a financial rescue plan 75 percent of employees voted in favor of the incoming
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prime minister ha sandia and his plan after an 8 hour debate thousands of lebanese outside meanwhile protested against the proposed cabinet and say the changes don't go far enough they want a complete political overhaul to help fix a deep financial crisis palestine's leader has rejected the u.s. president's proposed middle east plan mahmoud abbas told the u.n. security council the transfer pozo will bring neither peace nor stability to the region. this is the summary of the project that was presented to us this is the state that they will give us it's like a swiss cheese really who among you will accept a similar state and similar conditions this deal ladies and gentlemen includes instructions and the entrenchment of occupation and annexation by military force and the strengthening of the apartheid regime. in a rare public address cameroon's president paul b.
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is urged young people to end the armed separatists movement in anger phone english speaking regions the country is waiting for the results meanwhile of municipal and parliamentary elections after sunday's vote out his ears nicolas hogg reports now from the economic capital. celebrating cameron's youth with a parade for its aging leader they march to the portrait of their 87 year old president who by the time he leaves power will be in his mid ninety's making him the oldest living state leader that's if he's able to finish his time in office. because in the country's english speaking region young people are taking up arms joining a separatist movement they want to break away from cameroon to create their own country amazonia home to 4000000 people in the size of switzerland the english speaking regions are on lockdown since sunday's local elections violence there has killed 3000 people and left a 1000000 displaced most of them children in
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a rare public address b. i called on young people to lay down their arms calling for dialogue going to once again i urge them to come out of the bush and rejoin their fellow young citizens who are leading normal lives in our society this is right for both sarah who was arrested in an opposition rally and his music he's an outspoken critic of the government calling on the president to work for the people not against them and accusing the aging elite of leaving the young and their aspirations behind. the government says people here are free to express themselves but when it comes to president paul b. or the english speaking regions it's another matter and so anti terror laws are being used to arrest people who are critical of the government and say young people are having to use other ways to express themselves or treatment is going to bring order to take ways originally from the english speaking regions his exhibition the hard way the only way is about his personal struggles but also the need for peace among the cameroonian people i'm not happy all the situation but soon enough
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tonight i mean i'm dying policemen's i'm dying and i mean it. is knowing of. course that is where i can. for french speaking artists is on every good day art can do with politics cannot in a week the masses this is the sort of new one in a society. art is the mirror of society and the issue here is that we have not successfully united the english and french cameroon it is something that can be easily resolved with a little world power to artists when vision painting a nation struggling to find unity where a young majority feels silenced and disconnected from its all the leaders now wanting to take control of their own future. the hundreds of mourners are attending the funeral service for a former kenyan president daniel arab lawyer he died last week at the age of 95 leaving behind a complicated legacy during his 24 years in power he had absolute control over the
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say to repress any calls for change will be buried later on wednesday with full military honors. so that sudan the transitional government in dol fulls rebel groups of agree that those wanted by the international criminal court for crimes in the darfur region should appear before the court for a long time president obama al bashir who was toppled after a mass protest last year has been indicted by the double say. we agreed on 4 key mechanisms to establish justice in darfur the 1st that all those who have arrest warrants against them shall appear before the international criminal court i am seeing this very plainly justice is served by justice we cannot bury our heads in the sand against the crimes against humanity and war crimes
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committed against innocent people in darfur and elsewhere justice will not be served unless those with arrest warrants appear before the i.c.c. that is why we agreed today that they will appear before the i.c.c. we also agreed on a special tribunal for those crimes committed in darfur it will be a special court entrusted with investigations and trials in these cases including the international criminal cases. now cambodia set to find out on wednesday whether the european union will scrap its preferential trade agreement under the deal it can export most goods to europe tax free but concern about workers' rights and democracy is putting all that at risk when hey reports hour from now on ban. it's closing time after another long tough day in a factory making clothes and shoes for some of the world's biggest brands cambodia's garment industry employs around 800000 people and is the driving force behind its economy but their jobs are under threat because of
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a decision by the european union which is cambodia's biggest customer that could make it 12 percent more expensive to send products their workers say they haven't been warned about the announcement but the prospect of factories closing all reducing their hours is worrying. it would affect me a lot because i need all that money to spend on my family especially for daily expenses like food my small daughter needs milk so if this factory closes it won't be easy to find another job a year ago the e.u. signalled that it would end cambodia's preferential trade arrangement that allows most goods to be sent to europe tax free the announcement came after the government launched a crackdown on dissent banning the main opposition party and charging its leader with treason among the demands from the e.u. is that the case against can be dropped and it wants better protection and rights for workers in factories according to leaked documents from the european commission in parliament but likely to walk for a partial withdrawal of the agreement rather than a complete cancellation with one of the main concerns being job losses and
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communities like this in the e.u. may also be trying to limit geopolitical space for china which is becoming increasingly assertive in southeast asia according to a cambodian government official chinese president xi jinping urged cambodia's prime minister hun sin not to bow to european demands when they met in beijing last week but china will. also lose if the trade agreement is canceled most of the investors are from china. imports of the roman fear from china it seems certain the e.u. will want to follow through and punish the cambodian government to some extent when the final announcement is made any changes to the tariff free trade deal would come into force in 6 months which could have a big impact on hundreds of thousands of cambodian workers when hey al jazeera phnom penh. now i'm sure you haven't forgotten but there's always the out jazeera website al-jazeera dot com they can see lots more about bernie sanders and his
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impressive win in new hampshire. these are the top stories here it is here president is threatening to strike syrian government forces anywhere for another soldier is her in italy province. made the declaration in a speech to his governing ak party in ankara 15 turkish soldiers have been killed by government forces in recent fighting in syria and president says syrian forces must be pushed back beyond turkish observation posts by the end of february and turkey wouldn't hesitate to strike back if there are any further what he called provocations. only serves guard to know where the these attacks are directly targeting our soldiers and directly targeting turkey there is no more time for talk
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we have to look at the realities on the field and by the end of february the regime must be pushed behind observation boy use whatever is needed on the ground when we are not going to have any hesitation and we are going to act on it. bernie sanders is narrative on the new hampshire democratic primary the senator from neighboring vermont maintained the u.s. is ready for a left wing policies there reports coming in of 2 explosions in the netherlands suspected letter bombs appear to have exploded at mail rooms in the dutch capital amsterdam and in crowder police say there were no injuries letter bombs were delivered to companies in amsterdam rotterdam your tractor and maastricht last month but none of those went off this is a developing story and we will bring you more details as we get them another 39 people on board a cruise ship the diamond princess stopped in japan have been infected with karuna
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virus and that brings the total to $175.00 the japanese health ministry says the new cases include a quarantine officer with more than $3700.00 people on the cruise is become the. it's become the highest concentration of cases outside of china where the virus originated a company that sold code generating machines to more than 100 countries was secretly in by u.s. intelligence for decades according to the washington post the cia and germany's spy agency rigged swiss firm crypto g.'s devices to eavesdrop on clients the firm was dissolved in 2018 right those are the latest headlines all hail the algorithm is next. trade tensions could cut global economic growth by north point 8 percent we'll bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in to what extent will china be
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a drag on the global economy in 2020 counting the cost on our own just xerox.
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around the world powerful entities a working to manipulate and influence us you've heard about it trolls books fake news their algorithms at work behind each of these algorithms that have been developed and designed to push specific types of content to us content that says click me.


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