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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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ok that's me rethinking radicalization part of the radicalized series on al-jazeera to move the. china sacks to senior officials as the number of coronavirus cases surges to more than 15000 in a single day. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha and martine dennis also coming out cambodia's allowed a cruise ship to dock after several asian governments turned it away of the fears of coronavirus. turkey sends more reinforcements to northern syria after warning it will strike hard against government forces if a target is soldiers. italy's former deputy prime minister is to stand
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trial for refusing to allow a vote with rescued migrants to dog. has been a massive surge in the number of corona virus infections across china more than 15000 new cases were confirmed across the country on wednesday alone that's up from 1600 just the day before 254 more deaths have also been announced and that brings the total to almost $1400.00 memories of these news cases have been in who bay province where it all began the world health organization says reports of the outbreak stabilizing in china must be treated with extreme caution and it's advising everyone to avoid speculation we need to focus on the task the task is to contain.
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virus to detect cases to treat the cases if we keep doing those things yes we may see a drop in the number of cases but i think it's way too early to try and predict the beginning the middle or the end of this epidemic right now and in vietnam $10000.00 people from a community just outside of annoy of been placed under 20 day poor and $105.00 people there or infected and that brought the total number of cases in vietnam to 15 are we can say to katrina you now who is live for us in beijing and katrina 1st of all this is a massive increase in the number of cases that have been documented we're talking about 15000 that it was just 1300 the day before what's behind it. well we heard from the government today saying that they see this week as pivotal in fighting this coronaviruses seems that they are changing things up
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a bit and one of the things that they are shifting is the way they're actually diagnosing these corona virus patients now we know that there were many in who were waiting to be diagnosed many with mild symptoms and people were generally relying on this one form of testing kit sort of acid testing kit to to know exactly whether they had corona virus now that seems to be change and doctors now have been given more free rein they've been given more discretion essentially and allowed to not only rely on this one testing kit but use other ways to to diagnose and confirm that these patients do have over 1000 or the coronavirus using things like c.t. scans lung x. rays and things like that because there had been so many questions raised about the validity of these testing kits a lot of people were saying that they were getting false negatives from this a lot of others were saying also that we took perhaps 4 to 5 times of using this testing kit to get something positive and others were saying that also it was difficult to use so that was causing
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a lot of frustration on the ground and it seems that this has been this decision to allow doctors more methods of testing has provided quite a bit of relief and it's also something that the international community have been urging for for some weeks now and katrina so is this new methodology this new freedom to test for corona virus is this being rolled out across the country i mean if so should we be expecting a far greater number of infections being reported countrywide. so far we know that it's only been ruled out at the moment. but we can expect that there will be more in who they province but we know that there will be more cases like this we're not sure if we're going to see that kind of jump over the next few days but we do know that in hawaii province there have been a lot of cases that exam for example people who have been staying at home who had mild symptoms and who haven't had access to
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a hospital bed because there simply been a shortage or they haven't had access to a testing kit or they're afraid to go out so i think this one this new flexibility is going to give doctors more access to more patients maybe patients are going to be more willing to come out now actually get tested and we're going to see a faster turnaround as well of some of these results possibly or i had katrina you live in beijing thank you and a cruise ship that was turned away by 4 asian governments because of fears of the virus has finally arrived in cambodia we can go live to a correspondent. in veal the port where they. could wait so the cambodians quite a brave decision then the rise in the philippines turning away this this cruise ship or the cambodians allowing it. yes and the decision by the cambodian government to allow it to dock in this city of
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san looked very much welcomed of course by the more than 2000 people on board given that it's been almost 2 weeks that they have been at sea but the ship has not docked yet it is still an kid off the coast of the city and the expectation is that it will tie up at this port at some stage on friday before then there are certain processes that need to be undertaken one of course is the issuing of visas to those people so they can enter cambodia and then get on chartered flights organized by the owner of the cruise ship to the eventual home destination and then there of course is the issue of medical testing we have been told that there are no confirmed coronavirus cases on the ship but the cambodian government now saying that there are 20 people on board who are not well now that's still a very small number of people again when you consider there are more than 2000 people on board the ship but their symptoms are enough to warrant further investigation so blood samples have been taken from those 20 people they are being
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flown by military helicopter from this port to the capital phnom penh where they will undergo further testing then comes the question if any of those samples or more than one test positive for covert 19 will the cambodia north already still allow the ship to travel that short distance and tie up at this court where the government is saying they don't know they don't have the answer to that question just yet belle await the results of those tests before making that decision if those tests are negative then as i say the ship it is planned anyway will tie up at this port some time on friday and. wayne given the huge number i think it's only one confirmed cases being reported in cambodia how were paired there therefore the 3rd is there if there is a large number of infected people on board this this ship do they have the kind of the quarantine facilities that are necessary.
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well so far there's only been you're right one case that was in this city actually the man tested positive for the virus he was hospitalized and his now being cleared and released cambodia is still a developing country of course it has not a great health care system it has to be said so there would be some concern about any major outbreak of the virus in this country then again the world health organization has been full of praise for the government's response to this outbreak from the beginning really the government has been very keen to stress its close relationship with china it has not followed other countries leads by shutting down its borders by refusing entry to flights from mainland china into cambodia or putting travel restrictions on chinese nationals entering this country those things are still in place in fact we had the prime minister hun sen in beijing just last week meeting with chinese president xi jinping and the president of china thanked
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him for cambodia's response to this and that it's been echoed by w.h.o. as well saying that they do not call for the borders to be closed or for trade to be stopped they believe those things should continue in situations like this but with increased chick's and again following the decision by the cambodian government to allow this ship to come here the w.h.o. was full of praise for that decision all right wayne thanks for that wayne hay reporting from sihanoukville cambodia. and staying in china now beijing is sacked its chief on hong kong and macau affairs jang jamming is i'm a senior official to be removed from his pay since the mass anti-government protests started in the whole goal and that was last june he's to be replaced by the deputy chairman of beijing's top political advisor and body the months long protests were against a controversial extradition law that has now been scrapped. turkey is sending more reinforcers through its observation posts in northern syria president ed all
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one has warned that he'll strike back if syrian forces in italy province attack turkish troops syria's ally russia accuses ankara of making the situation worse in the last rebel held region by having its military on the ground. and there's been a confrontation between american troops and government supporters in northeast syria. has lara in that incident from istanbul. a russian patrol in north east syria near punish lee after u.s. troops in the area opened fire killing one civilian. the u.s. issued a statement saying they came under attack and had to open fire the incident is now under investigation. that attack came on the same day turkey's president issued a warning to the syrian government and its russian allies. one of them of the
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president was up to her and has given damascus and till the end of february to pull out beyond turkish observation posts it. says if talks with russia failed to stop syrian troops targeting turkish forces will respond harshly she was very strong the color we are determined to remove the syrian regime to beyond the boundaries of the thought she agreement that is behind our observation post by the end of february we will do whatever is necessary without hesitation without wavering on land and by air. damascus has dismissed the comments saying turkey is out of touch with reality but despite his anger and frustration president is still hoping he would be able to narrow differences with russian president vladimir putin the 2 signed agreements into $1018.00 which allowed for save lives and respect of the rebels
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movements the deals also prevent a syrian president bashar assad from launching a military campaign to take over the last stronghold of the rebels. as turkish russian relations remain strained the u.s. has stepped in during a meeting with turkish officials u.s. syria ovoid james jeffrey delivered a sharp rebuke of russia iran and the syrian government which the us blamed for the escalation as tension turkey sending more troops into it live adding more out opposed to the 12 already established after an agreement with russia and iran 2 years ago. the syrian government has been increasing its offensive in the north taking over crucial highways and towns from rebels but is can only do this with a close support of russia's military and it's up to the russians and to the turks
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to decide what happens in syria next. is the board all right let's talk to our correspondents him because they all knew who is in northern syria very close to the turkish border and said them say that these turkish outposts the 12 of them agreed as part of the a stunner agreement or 2018 to observe syrian force at tipitina's but some people would argue that a star is now dead given the fairly aggressive forward advances being made by the syrian government and indeed attacks on turkish forces. well yes that's exactly the mission of the observation post their court by their stunning rayman and not only. observing the violations by the syrian government but also the opposition but it's not all of the syrian turkish government that has moved through observation posts inside of the escalation zone in that martin but
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also the russians so it's a joint cooperation it's a joint effort as a girl enters of sochi agreement and turkey has 12 homes or very soon post but since the syrian government started to violate the borders of the the escalation zone mainly beginning from last august and pushed its advance towards north from south turkey began to start to in frame force its military observation post may need the ones that are left on their d. and 5 home way which is. the area which is basically under the syrian government's control right now so after after those those posts were encircled by the syrian government and there were some attacks mainly targeting the turkish cornwall last week turkey is starting to establish 4 more observation posts mainly around serach of area to secure its soldiers and military posts that's why it's
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beginning from the 1st week of february we are hearing that at these $2600.00 vehicles arrived from turkey to inside live those called mors they brought the tanks armored vehicles military personnel carriers plus recent to turkey deployed hope it's serious in serach of a rare in its posts around there for ports as i said in surat kabera and those horses were basically used by the by the bye then. during yesterday's offensive by the rebels against the syrian government forces current the turkish ses to the syrian government should go back to its previous place which is required by the us agreement otherwise the turks will chase the syrian army members until they they go back to that line so current the ground this tense as both the syrian government
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forces and the church see in force they are military positions and turkey continues to send reinforcements today where cinema. in northern syria very close to the turkish border thank you very much still to come here at al-jazeera 15 people are dead dozens of others and missing after a boat carrying ranger refugees capsizes in the bay of bengal. hello again and welcome back we're here cross parts of borneo heavy rain is expected over the next few days take a look at the forecast map as we go here towards friday you can see those tops really bring some very heavy rain across much of southwestern borneo that's going
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to continue probably towards saturday morning as well as we go towards saturday though the shift is going to be over here toward sumatra we're going to see some very heavy rains on that western coast to the north though not looking too bad for bangkok where the temps are few of about $35.00 degrees now we have seen some heavy rain again for parts of new south wales notes here on the satellite image you see all these clouds well that has brought some heavy rain just in the last 24 to 48 hours you've got to remember that the ground is already saturated across much of this area and here is the images that we are now seeing that has come out of the region here on wednesday the big problem is a lot of the creeks a lot of the rivers are overflowing their banks because of the amount of water and we really don't need too much more to instigate this tale of the forecast map here on friday we do expect to see a few rain showers you will notice out here in the tasman sea this is the remnants of you see we don't expect to see any landfall with the system as we go towards saturday though notice down towards parts of victoria heavy rain from melbourne a temperature of 22 in sydney at 27 for you.
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the plundering of armenia's natural riches has uprooted residents and desecrated the habitat of some of europe's most endangered species. but a remarkable campaign by local residents is challenging the miked of the country's investors and pinning high hopes on its newly elected prime minister people in power investigates armenia mining out the left. on a 0. 0 . 0.
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hi this is a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera there's been a huge surge in the number of for the virus infections in china many of them are in the province of course the center of the outbreak there were more than 15000 new confirmed cases of wednesday across the country 254 more people have died. a cruise ship that was sent away by 4 asian governments because of fears of coronavirus has now arrived in cambodia 20 of its passengers are being tested for the fire this. turkey has sent more reinforcements to its observation place in the northern syria government ally russia accuses ankara of making the situation worse in the last rebel held region by having its military on the ground. is former deputy prime minister says he has no fear all concerned that he could be put on trial for kidnapping over the ban he imposed on migrants the senate has lifted his
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immunity so he can be prosecuted because of his decision to hold more than $100.00 people on board a ship last year gena how reports. as italy's interior minister matteo salvini had promised his rightwing support base that he would reduce immigration across the mediterranean from libya. so in july last year when he refused to allow $131.00 migrants to disembark in sicily salvini was keeping his word but prosecutors say he was also breaking the law and a vote that has narrowly gone against him in the italian senate means his immunity as a former minister is lifted and a trial can go ahead. the migrants spent 6 more days aboard the bruno gregory to rescue ship or salvini waited for other european nations to take them in italy he'd insisted would no longer shoulder the migrant burden alone now at
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a sensitive time in italian politics with regional elections due on sunday salvina may try to turn the possibility of legal action to his advantage. my children have the right to know that their father is often away from home not because he's spending time kidnapping human beings but because he is defending the borders and security of his country and that this was his precise duty it was not his right it was his duty. this is a kind of historic thing in italy. seemed to do the same thing so when he was under trial he was accusing. the judges and the prosecutors trying to boost his popularity this way depicting yourself as a victim of the system what selvin e did could have fatal consequences for the far right politician who hopes one day to be prime minister charges of illegally detaining migrants on the gregor ready kidnapping in other words could result in a jail sentence of up to 15 years
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a conviction would in cell beanies political career journal whole al-jazeera. levon as you cabinet is due to hold its 1st session later on thursday despite a backdrop of widespread public anger prime minister has government one of a lot of confidence in parliament and cheese say it aloud tackle the deepening economic crisis and prepares ideas for debt repayment the protesters have denounced the ads new cabinet and say they want a complete overhaul of the political system. the u.n. security council has adopted a resolution which calls for a lasting cease fire in libya earlier the u.n. said forces loyal to the warlord. had blocked flights carrying it staff to and from libya more now from our diplomatic editor james. this resolution has taken a long time to negotiate almost 4 weeks since the bourbons summit russia had
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a number of problems with the text particularly the mention of mercenaries operating in libya and we know the wagon the group a russian company does have people in the country russia in the end abstained in the resolution has passed which means attention now goes to geneva next week for the next stage of military talks the so-called 5 plus 5 talks between the 2 sides in libya to try and work out the details for a cease fire in the country which according to the international community is the next stage of the process if there is a cease fire then attention goes back to new york into the secretary general of the united nations because under the resolution he's supposed to come up with a monitoring mechanism for any cease fire could there be un monitors put into libya that's one possibility i'm also told there's a possibility of monitors from either the african union or the european union. at
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least 15 people have died around 50 others are missing after a boat carrying ranger refugees heading for malaysia capsized on tuesday in the bay of bengal i was a child a report from cox's bizarre in bangladesh. some 130 people mainly women and children were packed on the fishing trawler that capsized relatives wait anxiously outside the police station to find more information on the missing so be a big i was one of the survivor but she lost her 8 year old daughter in the tragedy she was planning to join her husband who lives in malaysia. when the boat capsized over trying to steal my child was on my lap so that he slipped and washed by the wave i cried out my child my child but she was gone by then marriage is another layer of the smugglers commonly use 17 year old. lives in malaysia her
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fiance made all the arrangement with the smuggler she managed to survive and now regrets ever attempting the trip. at around 3 in the morning the boat carrying us hit a coral reef most of us were kept in 3 separate holes in the boat but suddenly people started shouting there was water entering please open the hatch once the boat started sinking we were let out and eventually rescued. bangladesh security services said they have intercepted at least $500.00 running a refugees from around its shores since last year but security agency that made its a major challenge. we have been able to identify many of those who are involved in this human trafficking business so far we have arrested at least 8 of them after this incident and taking preemptive actions against others we also have increased patrolling and surveillance along with the other security agencies more than 730000 growing are muslims who fled brutal military crackdown in myanmar in 2017 currently
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leave in a crowded camp in cox bazaar facing an uncertain future facing increasing restriction on their movement communication blackout and desperate condition in the camp many rowing the refugees are now turning to human smugglers to ferry them across a broad to stick a better life willing to take a dangerous journey for the bay of bengal bangladesh government says it is working hard to tackle the problem but it made its a huge task. cox's bazar bangladesh the us president has dismissed a decision by the philippines to withdraw from a decades old military pat says it will say the u.s. a lot of money the philippine government announced this week it will pull out of the agreement by the end of the year it allows us troops to take part in military exercises president had been criticizing it ever since he took office but
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opposition senators say it will undermine security and foster aggression in the south china sea. i really don't mind if they would like to save a lot of money but if you look back if you go back 3 years ago when isis was overrunning the philippines we came in and literally singlehandedly were able to save them from vicious attacks on their islands. that was a song that became an internet sensation and a lengthy legal battle as well now copyright lawyers in south korea are waiting for a court to decide who wins the rights to baby shock from the bride has the story. it is the annoyingly catchy ditty that became a global phenomenon and got stuck on repeat in millions of heads over and over but just spawned a slew of spinoff parodies. even finding its way into screen protests for its
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south korean producers baby shark has been up and. because i believe baby shark is one of the top intellectual properties dominating all media these days is a great present and blessing for us. but not their intellectual property according to the creator read this song. sounds familiar produced in 2011 by u.s. musician johnny only it predates the south korean version and his lawyers are now baring their teeth claiming plagiarism rejecting the defense that baby shark is actually based on an old campfire song that no one owns. originality and ever deeper tea to the public domain song and we think that they copied our originality. and there seems no stopping that baby shark juggernaut.
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the latest spin off baby shark and fellow animation pink funk go on a space romp it's a single long movie and yes guess what they're singing to. try to find anyone who doesn't know it. when the case was 1st brought long. some of the district court ruled that careers copyright commission get involved to study the 2 versions side by side and give its opinion since then the commission has due to flee and probably painfully be listening over and over to be shocked. shocked when the court hears the commission's decision it could have big implications in the world of copyright i think it's a very. interesting case in korean copyright or international copyright law as
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well but will do nothing for the estimated $4000000.00 of us on this planet to have heard it never be the same again probably right al-jazeera so. far this catch up with the headlines in here at al-jazeera there's been a huge surge in the number of corona virus infections in china mainly in her bay province the center of the outbreak there were more than 15000 new confirmed cases on wednesday across the country and 254 more people have died katrina you has more now from beijing the government at the moment seems to be on a sort of p.r. blitz because then they concern right now of course it's containing the virus but also they're very much worried about the fallout economically of this virus on china they were already facing a slowing economy and now there's been massive impacts on the service industries
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the manufacturing sector and for just fishy jumping having very an economic downturn could potentially be a bigger threat than the virus itself when it comes to his leadership so they're very much concerned about that. turkey has a more reinforcements to its observation post in northern syria government ally russia accuses ankara of making the situation worse in the last rebel held region in syria by having its military on the ground president eder one has warned he'll strike back in syrian forces in attack turkish troops italy's former deputy prime minister says he has no fear or concern that he could be put on trial for kidnap over a band he imposed on migrants is remarks come after the italian senate stripped material harlem entry him immunity so he can now be prosecuted for refusing a rescue boat with migrants to dock last year lebanon's in cabinets expected to
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hold its 1st session later on thursday despite a backdrop of widespread public anger prime minister has and the government won a vote of confidence in parliament on tuesday is who now have to tackle the deepening economic crisis. the u.s. president has brushed off a decision by the philippines to withdrawal from a decade's old military pact says it'll save the u.s. a lot of money if a big government says it will pull out of the agreement by the end of the year is allows us troops to take policy minute says the philippine president. has been critical of the arrangement ever since he took office all right that is all the latest headlines are right up to date now coming up next here about its people and how. the latest news as it breaks down for breakfast is just finished reading down to the end of the transitional period that's just begun with details company u.n. studies that shows that around 30 percent of people in conflicts are likely to
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suffer from some form of mental illness from around the outside the government here has said only essential workers will return to the others not for another week at least. a new government came to power in armenia amid widespread optimism that its leader they cope with in decades of corruption and the economic mismanagement but now his administration faces a major time limit whether to proceed with the huge be defunct mining project that some are warning will cause enormous environmental damage and endangered one of the world's rarest animal species.


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