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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2020 2:00am-3:01am +03

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30 years of cultures across the world no matter where you go with the news and current affairs that matter to you. hello there i'm a star and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the taliban and the u.s. reach a weeklong deal to reduce violence and success could lead to a major troop withdrawal from afghanistan. china accuses some countries of overreacting to the coronavirus and causing panic as it admits to challenges dealing with the outbreak a military helicopter is shot down a northwest syria as government forces battle to retake the remaining rebel held areas. and out of the game english premier league champions manchester city banned
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from european competitions for 2 years. now it's a deal that lasts only a week to u.s. officials say if it's success it could lead to the withdrawal of troops from afghanistan the taliban and american negotiators have agreed to a proposal for a reduction of violence in the country the announcement is the result of ongoing peace talks in qatar a senior u.s. official says if this deal holds it could be followed by a more permanent peace accord while she had her tansey joins us now live from washington d.c. she had this sounds like a breakthrough of sorts is it talk us through how this might work. well this is what we've been told through a very broad brush strokes officially the unofficial briefings from u.s. and taliban taliban sources the 7 day period of calm this reduction of violence
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will stretch across the country all sides afghan forces government forces taliban and u.s. forces will observe this and u.s. sources say it will be very specific as regards tell about activities including roadside bombs rocket attacks suicide bombs however the u.s. will be allowed to conduct counter terror. activities during this period. and there is also the understanding that the taliban doesn't necessarily control the factions in afghanistan so if there is violence there will be some kind of channel of communication between the u.s. and the taliban so that they can communicate and say well what is what is going on here is you are someone else is a false flag operation to scupper the entire deal so that's not initial 7 day period everyone is satisfied to move on to the 2nd stage and that is where the taliban agrees they will no longer want they will not sponsor terrorism terrorist attacks against the u.s. and its allies and the u.s.
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commits to a phased specific withdrawal of its troops that's that's the that's the 2nd phase and i'm not 3rd phase is that then leads to talks which of so far not happen between the taliban and the afghan government which hopefully then leads to a peace deal so that there are various questions of us but when this is all going to start the u.s. says well it's going to happen really soon i think was the quote we're now getting various taliban sources telling people they told a.b.c. that maybe the 1st stage of the february 22nd 2nd stage should be 29 a week later with talks beginning in march to tell and we should probably take all of this cautiously i mean the big reveal will be on saturday in munich from the u.s. defense secretary and the state secretary of state clearly there are questions about compliance issues you know how you deciding whether this is all working what is acceptable violence what's an acceptable violence but these are all the broad strokes that we have right now from munich. she have i can't help but notice that
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it also seems to be quite convenient timing to u.s. troop withdrawal from an unpopular war that president trump promised oh this potentially in an election year yet because like it or not like him or not if you pulls it off this is a huge achievement president obama campaigned on ending this war failed he said it will be over by 2014 by the time he left there was still 8400 troops. all the democratic presidential candidates running right now are promising to bring the troops home because this is an unpopular quote endless war with no military solution quite clearly we also know now from what the washington post published at the end of last year a viewer out much but the bush and obama administration simply lied about what they kept saying was progress in the afghan war the us people are tired of that they're tired of the casualties $2400.00 u.s. dead many more thousands injured p.t.s.d. 2 trillion dollars is the estimate for how much this will cost this is an unpopular war but problem is it gets more difficult there in the in the small print because
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now we get in time magazine says it has the secret annexes which suggests that what the bush administration is calling withdrawal isn't actually withdrawal there are secret annexes here which say that actually there will be an initial reduction of about of about 440-0000 troops but 8600 troops will remain almost indefinitely on the counterterrorism so the war isn't over the war is over but also look this is just simply counterterrorism to help the u.s. homeland 8600 it's 200 more than obama left so we're going to look for the secret out ex's we're going to find out whether there is more to this whether there's the verbiage there's going to pretend that the war is over you know and then the days to come even as there is optimism this may actually finally be over she happy times are there for us in washington d.c. thank you she have well the u.n. secretary general spokesman has welcomed the agreement he said it's important to calve violence that's hung civilians and afghanistan. if this were to succeed it would obviously be a notable step in greenpeace the country. the dialogue survival is of is vital to
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paving forward the constructive interest of negotiations on peace i think it's very important. to find ways to reduce the levels of violence in afghanistan especially the violence that is harming civilians well let's speak now to me he is a distinguished senior fellow at the observer research foundation and also formerly part of u.s. special representative. advisory group and he joins us now from washington d.c. thank you for joining us mr got me so i see this is not a ceasefire but a significant reduction in violence that seems a little vague i mean over the last year we've been seeing fifty's and 90 attacks a day if so what constitutes a significant reduction here well a significant reduction is primarily you know whatever the the contours of the deal broadly agreed are like
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a 7 day cease fire whatever you want to call it but i think what is more important is the political symbolism of it where from you know one point president from say it's the deal we don't have a deal with the taliban to where you have no negotiating some kind of a political path or an option and violence whatever that may be whatever you know. terms of numbers but the main thing is somebody saying that we have some kind of a pathway forward that that in itself in my view has more of a qualitative significant significant way forward for the for the for breaking the stalemate between the u.s. and the taliban sure but then in order to move on to the next phase of the deal there does need to be this kind of sustained period of relative peace how realistic is that i mean we're looking at a decentralized conflict regional rivalries a variety of factions within the taliban can the leadership control their ranks. well i mean i think you're right i think you mentioned a number of factors one of whatever is happening. inside afghanistan and then
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there's a regional angle to it than there is russia angle to it there is a pakistani there's of course the pakistani and the u.s. iran relations to play with all these things but all that said and done i think the fundamental adversities here are the u.s. and the taliban so them coming on to a political settlement that somewhere if you know even that even this happens even if this happens to be a 7 day ceasefire between the u.s. and taliban like what is an acceptable level of fighting what is an acceptable level of violence these are all the devil lies in the details but you know making a broad announcement like this making a political contours on the sidelines of the munich security conference where the defense secretary meeting with the afghan president i think that in itself is a significant breakthrough in your in your program you had your conversation with your colleague where you were with another colleague where you said this is an election year i'm sure that the u.s. establishment is in full force working with you know working because president
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crumpets obviously the election campaign has begin here and a stake in full flow so. the clock is ticking on both sides or at least on the u.s. side faster than the afghan side where you need to call some kind of some kind of a deal and declare some kind of a victory and i think that's where that's where you see we are heading towards shore where you say the devil's in the detail and we had she had their effect it is alleged secret access to the dia which sounds very much like if it's true that a u.s. withdrawal wouldn't be actually much of a withdrawal at all so do you think the taliban and the afghans might accept something like. i mean the taliban you know the mind of the taliban just as the u.s. has been fighting for 18 years so have the taliban been fighting for 1819 years or more that longer than that to with various factions at the various levels with various adversities so there is a war fatigue in the fighting fatigue with all these things but at the same time the taliban you know have beyond a point nothing to lose in the sense they have dragged the u.s.
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on for as long as they could have and while they know that the u.s. is on a timetable to withdraw. they might perceive this. as a position of strength to negotiate with the u.s. to accept a political settlement that might be conducive and that my also have a benefits for them so you know if i were sitting on the taliban side i might be looking for the most favorable deal and the exit of the u.s. in my on my terms or so i don't see any reason why the taliban should not accept. some kind of a cease fire or withdrawal from the u.s. barack a palace funny that from the observer research foundation speaking to us from washington d.c. thank you for joining us and i was there. now moving on to other news now and china's foreign minister has criticized some countries for overreacting to the current virus which has now killed nearly 1400 people speaking in the german capital one is said containing the spread of the virus remains
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a challenge for the chinese government but he insists that the outbreak is under control. some countries have stepped up measures including quarantine measures which are reasonable and understandable but some countries have overreacted which is triggered unnecessary panic. now to contain the corona virus the chinese government has now ordered people returning to beijing to quarantine themselves for 14 days or to face punishment president xi jinping is abound to boost a virus prevention measures and to fix problems exposed by the crisis hundreds more military medics have started work in hospitals and the epicenter of that outbreak but there is growing concern about the availability of medical supplies almost all the 65000 cases worldwide are and who pay province and china and more than a $1000.00 health care workers have also been infected now egypt has become the 1st country in africa to confirm a case nearly $600.00 cases have now been reported in $29.00 countries and
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territories on friday officials in china confirm that 6 health care workers have now died from the illness the world health organization says it's taking a closer look at those cases. understanding is that the cases are most health workers pete and the 3rd and 4th week of january and there's been a rapid falloff in the number of cases that were occurred in and health workers in the last 2 weeks this may reflect increased levels of training increased levels of protection and also increased levels of awareness remember this outbreak has come expanded very quickly in an unsuspecting health system so we also need to look at how many of those health workers were exposed or knowingly within a clinical environment well the chinese city of lohan is now entering its 4th week under lockdown since it was identified as the source of that outbreak now journalists are still restricted from traveling to the city but al-jazeera has obtained pictures from a resident who is trapped by katrina you reports from beijing. empty streets and
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an increasingly empty fridge there are plenty of vegetables but not much meat for the one family's next meal during the coronavirus lockdown speaking via video call from who pay one should told us his family was doing its best not to panic you would only go home with this infection liquid all over our bodies will we go out we wear masks we don't know if we go out we come back with a virus attack our clothes so we do see in fact every day he lives in judgment a city neighborhood the epicenter of the virus outbreak for 3 weeks the family's been ordered to stay indoors movement is increasingly restricted once every 3 days one family members allowed to leave the house to pick up groceries supplies and a limited shopper stand in lines one meter apart waiting to enter it's been almost a month since one saw his daughters who are staying with relatives in southeast
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china is it true that there are few relief that my wife and daughters are not there who are now we chat online every day they're doing ok just worry about me. the vast majority of confirmed coronavirus cases will than $50000.00 are in a province. patients have been sharing videos and social media of life inside makeshift hospitals and quarantine centers at least 1700 medical staff are among the infected. elsewhere in china people taking any chances want shinn hopes leaders will learn their lesson from the outbreak. at the beginning nobody paid enough attention everyone thought it was under control until it was too late. and looks forward to life under lockdown coming to an end. al-jazeera beijing will dr mohamed money as overall
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a just at lancaster university and he says efforts to lock down that city of will have been largely successful but there is still pressure on the chinese authorities to do more. in the majority of the cases those being our own the word they are directly or indirectly associated with who one or the who bear prevents and because probably that was the reason that the majority of the efforts were really to contain and to isolate and to lock down the people in that proven and since the application of those approaches the overall number of cases that we stored see here in their own the word start to decline and all those cases that appear ofter words were true in direct routes from singapore or from other countries where infected people have transmitted the virus so overall it appeared that the control your that was put in place they started to work and therefore the overall impact is decreasing day by day however as we have seen the number of cases are not declining within china so this also indicates that there is still
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a pressure on to the to the government authorities to really take a little more cautionary. scenario to bird controlling the infection within within the vulnerable population so there are still a lot to be done to really claim that all 'd the control in the years that needed to be put in place are being placed because until we start significant decline in the number of cases we can't really say that all those are really up to the mark. well there's plenty more ahead for you this news hour including marking a year of protests in algeria the demonstrators there say they feel betrayed by the lack of progress. in virtual reunion a mother and daughter have been brought back together. and support 2 giants of african football play for one of the continent's major titles away from her so we'll find out who leaves council with
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a can't see because she still has. a syrian government helicopter has been shot down in the northwest of the country state media say all crew members have been killed it's not yet clear who is responsible but rebels say they shot down the helicopter government forces are trying to retake the rebel the remaining rebel held areas there are some of our as at the turkey syria border and he says this downing comes at a time when turkish and syrian forces are risking direct confrontation. the helicopter was taking part in a major government offensive to take over areas on the west of aleppo the government managed to retake some villages from the rebels and crucial military bases when the helicopter was shot down the rubble so that they were the ones who opened fire on the helicopter however government sources say that the syrian
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government sources people are fearful with their supporters all insist that this is the work of turkish military outposts operating in terms of these turkish military is sending more reinforcement into living different parts of the province to try to hold the advance of the syrian government which says it's just a matter of time before it takes over the whole territory including in libya which is the rebels last stronghold in syria about 140000 syrians fled their homes over the last 4 days and they are now on the border with turkey joining the almost 1000000 people stranded on the border area we're talking about a huge number of people and the international aid agencies are grappling with how to deal with this situation we're talking about areas with near military operations where the government is on the move to take over rebel territories as
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a very delicate situation we've been talking to activists and basically they say it's already a tragic humanitarian situation where the syrian army says it's now secure the last part of a strategic highway that runs through that's the last rebel held region in the country now the highway connects the capital damascus with aleppo and is the main trade route running from the north all the way to the southern border with jordan. now 20 people have been killed in an attack in central mali has happened in the village of august saga that's in the region of nazi more than 100 people were killed in the same village back in march an ethnic dogan militia has been accused of carrying out both attacks a fire swept through an orphanage in haiti killing at least 15 children the unlicensed residents on the outskirts of the capital port au prince had been using candles for light because of problems with a generator about 60 people were staying in the orphanage run by u.s.
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based christian group well haitian president of anomalies has tweeted in response saying i'm deeply saddened by the death of about a dozen children as a result of a fire last night at the building of that orphanage. storage fees to urgently investigate in order to establish the causes of this tragedy. in algeria it's the fast anniversary of the beginning of the mass movement that ousted the country's longest serving leda president idolizes there's a fake it was removed in april but protest as a still demanding freedom and democracy as well as the removal of what they still call the ruling elite victoria the reports. every friday for the last year they've been demanding an overhaul of algeria's entire political establishment . many algerian say they feel betrayed by their political elite and have lost trust in the government. algerian political crisis began last february when president after lizzie's beautifully announced he wanted
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a 5th term in office the 82 year old had ruled for 20 years but was rarely seen in public since suffering a stroke in 20. 2 weeks of protests calling for him to step down the army withdrew its support algeria's longest serving president eventually resigned the speaker of the upper house of parliament upped okada bid salah was appointed interim president but faced a daunting task. his replacement was accused of corruption vote rigging and poor governance and seen by many algerians as belonging to the same elite when salah cools for unity as well as transparent and fair elections but discontent continued with protesters determined to push for genuine change. the presidential election of originally shared jewels for last july finally happened in december and with boycotted by many algerians millions described the election as
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a sham and less than 40 percent of the 24000000 eligible voters took part in. the election was won by abdul majid to be a former prime minister the military backed interim government hoped he would end months of protests so far that hasn't happened. the. student in place in the fight against corruption did not go far enough for deep enough. to be social problem student. 58 years after independence from france many algerian say they're still fighting for freedom they want a clean sweep of the political establishment and a national unity government to bring democracy to regain to be out is there. now reigning english football champions manchester city have been banned from european competition for 2 years for breaking financial rules set by the european governing
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body now the club is accused of disguising cash injections from their owners as legitimate sponsorships that's a breach of the financial fair play rules designed to force clubs to run as businesses and not to be overly reliant on their rich owners manchester city intends to appeal well let's speak now to rob harris he's the global sports correspondent for the associated press news agency and joins us now live from london rob i believe the european champions league is the most lucrative club competition in the world so this is a huge blow to man city yet manage the city will lose up by around $100000000.00 euros a year alone in prize money that they'd be getting for reaching the champions league and getting the quarterfinals last season is all the television revenue from that is the gate receipts as well from going to games and also the reputational damage from our club it is an unprecedented ban of this level to season the champions league for one of the richest clubs in world football indeed world sport. rather i
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see that man city are planning to appeal and can they avoid a band you think. well they've already avoid the band wants over financial fair play breeches that was back in 2014 when they were initially found to be massively overspending to try to reach the top status at that time they struck a financial sanction and many thought they should have been done for the champions league so for some this would be the sanction that should have been imposed back then and what we've discovered now from this case is many new details relating to that past ban into includes of alleged deception around the manipulation of sponsorship the case could drag out appeals do take some time but we are still many months away from the group stage of the champions league starting in september so there is time for a appeal to be heard much city could focus on some of the source of the league's internal correspondence that's a man who is accused in portugal of hacking by criminals or it is not directly
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linked to this case but rather man city are the only clubs have been accused of breaking the is also what might this mean for football across the board. well of course these rules were brought in around the time the fight global financial crisis around 10 years ago in attempt to curb big spending so even if you had wealthy owners you aither wanted to ensure that clubs did not live beyond their means and paid club players massively that has been some criticism both of much the city with their abu dhabi ownership and p.s.g. of the ownership about state aided funding that's particularly come from the league at present have your top us tonight as well come your way for getting tough on manchester city but this is very much a case that looks at their ways of trying to comply with the rules rather than the bigger picture over where funding of clubs come from and the bigger overall thing for football itself and this is the future of the city the future of pep guardiola
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as manager and of. ability to sign players to maintain that competitiveness particularly in the premier league and the club still is yet to win a european cup the and now we're going to be out of the champions league for 2 years it's going to make that's even harder for them and did it well rob harris the global sports correspondent for the a.p. news agency that's for joining us on out of there on. its journey. probably we'll have more on that than coming up they say in sports with jack and also still ahead on al-jazeera digging for the troops and families of mexico's drug war victims accuse the government of failing them and their sense for their loved ones. fighting for jobs and fighting for their rights philippine journalists and resist government attempts to shut them down. and despite the snow shortening the race the rally of sweden finally gets underway.
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again it's good have you back well here cross north america we are looking at some bunch better conditions now that the big weather system is making its way off the eastern seaboard we're still going to be dealing with some very cold air behind the system to the forecast map as we go towards saturday still into the northern plains were a little bit better than we were but those temperatures are on the way back down as we go towards the end of the week and the beginning of the week so many apples enjoy the day here on saturday when a big minus 5 take a look as we go towards sunday a big drop in temperatures particularly across parts of canada and for winnipeg the 3 day forecast does look like this would be seeing minus 5 on saturday minus 14 on sunday minus $24.00 in the overnight hours going to monday but a little bit better by the time we get to monday at minus 10 degrees there well here across the caribbean fairly quiet for this time of year we are seeing that from about to push here across parts of florida we may get a shower or 2 for parts of the bahamas but still quite warm for now so with the
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temperature of about 31 degrees and for havana a nice day if you at 28 degrees there and down towards argentina we're going to be seeing a few showers just to the north of one of those those will continue through the rest of the weekend localized flooding could be a big problem there but for rio it is going to be a warmer day and showers in the forecast with a temperature of 30 degrees. the politics of division have pushed india into the grip of a historical reckoning i am afraid because i know on the minorities in the brain where do these ideas come from the tragedy of more lives all might be trying to send the clothes getting to school a happy family for the long haul to join me on this now see you on the final part of my journey when i jus become a target of the hindu 1st policy in search of india saw on al-jazeera.
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progress. or a serious mistake. intelligence is slowly invading every aspect of our lives. but very few of us really understand its capabilities for better or worse. in a new documentary i'll just 0 explores the impact of a are accessing vast amounts of our personal data data land coming soon. again i understand your take and are a reminder about top stories this hour u.s. officials say they've reached an agreement with the taliban which could lead to the
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withdrawal of troops from afghanistan the deal to reduce violence in the country is the result of ongoing peace talks and qatar. china's foreign minister has criticized some countries for overreacting to the corona virus which has now killed more than 1500 people one new says containing the spread of the virus from mainz a challenge for the chinese government. but he insists the outbreak is under control. and his football champions manchester city have been banned from european competition for the next 2 years because of his accused of breaking financial fair play rules set by the sport's european governing body. now u.s. president has said he has a legal right to intervene in criminal cases that's attorney general william complained the president's tweets were making his job quite impossible. criticized for his attacks on prosecutors the judge and jurors in the trial of his former and finds that roger stone prosecutors had recommended that starting service stiff
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sentence but trump twee said that it was unfair well the white house correspondent can be how could says balls remarks may have been part of an orchestrated move to maintain the integrity of the justice department it's enormously surprising it's very rare public criticism from one of the president's biggest defenders and so that's what makes it so on usual because donald trump is a president that while he doesn't offer it he demands loyalty we've seen others in his cabinet who have sort of broken ranks eventually quietly being dismissed sometimes not so quietly the former attorney general jeff sessions also the former chief of staff john kelly so there's a lot of speculation in washington right now about why william barr might be doing this is it to protect his own reputation were simply left to speculate but there is some thinking that perhaps this was coordinated and calculated given the fact that william barr has seen the departure of 4 attorneys from the department of justice
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that he oversees as a result of that stone case and whether or not there's concern that more attorneys might leave and what that could do to the integrity of the department. is a republican strategist and a consultant and she says the attorney general's comments are open to interpretation. what we know right now is that attorney general bill bar's words are that are expressing frustration he's frustrated that the president kind of won't keep his mouth shut but what's really tally is what barb will say and i think you know where we are right now is a moment in which we have to be skeptical the president has just survived being removed by us and he's acquitted for all intensive purposes he's feeling rather emboldened and he takes to twitter when he's feeling confident strong and wants to get his point across so what we learned from his tweets is that he is going to operate how he always did as a private citizen and and as
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a candidate as somebody who's transitioning to the white house and of course somebody who's now quitting reelection he wants to use his bully pulpit to show that he doesn't believe he's a guy he doesn't believe that the law is something that touches him he does believe there are and i think there are certain general sense in terms of get me to say you know mr president. now iraqi women are defying a call by leading cleric to stop protesting alongside men most of the outsiders calling for the segregation of men and women because of what he claims is nudity alcohol drinking and illegal drug taking at mixed sex anti-government rallies from matheson has more from baghdad. iraqi women standing together but not standing alongside men this is how the leading shia cleric knocked out of saddam says iraqis should protest against government corruption high unemployment and u.s. troops pasting the slogan motor cider is not against women protesting but he is
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against some illegitimate acts that happen in the protest camps. asada says protests should be segregated he tweeted the demonstrations have become mired in nudity promiscuity drunkenness and drug use some of our solders female supporters on this march in baghdad sutter city a green national shock now feel we've been protesting since october with our songs on brothers but according to the ways accepted by islam we protest and create our revolution but within limits on values which are accepted by our religion. also and are led armed groups against us forces during the 2003 iraq war now he leads a shia political bloc in iraq's parliament. first backed anti-government rallies when the reignited in the top but when demonstrators refused to accept muhammad a lovely assad as favorite to succeed the current prime minister abdullah abdullah mocked the also to stop supporting the anti-government protests as part of military
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forces are accused of turning on the protesters they were originally protecting. assad as demand for gender segregation and protest was a largely ignored in rallies in baghdad on thursday by men and women who marched together to do it after his last tweet we thought it was positive. because no one responded to it all the people see segregation between gente is as an old idea which leads to more problems and submissions. several weeks ago sort of called for on the march but the numbers which turned up to that one and nothing like hoped for the numbers of protests generally have been 20 since they began back in october but people are going to be watching very carefully about the numbers who turn up at this protest in case it might give some sort of integration about whether or not the shia clerics influence in iraq is changing. then and women
2:36 am
who protest in iraq say they share a common purpose in opposing the government and demanding change but they seem divided about how they should make their voices heard rob matheson al jazeera back down turkey's president has expressed solidarity with pakistan's stance on india administered kashmir or have held talks with pakistani prime minister iran can and has done a bad addressing parliament at one says he stands with the people of kashmir india revoked the disputed regions autonomous status last august come out higher has the latest from the pakistani capital. both sides again bilateral trade to the tune of $5000000000.00 the pakistani prime minister one on one meeting with their president their dress pakistan's parliament and bridgie turns the people of pakistan for the support does pakistan has given to turkey whenever there's been a natural disaster and the cooperation between the 2 was strong on the strategic
2:37 am
and political level but do you also stress that they should not be a relationship which should be an economic one as well the pakistanis want to learn from their turkish border the pakistani prime minister are going. to help pakistan and the. both countries have a strong strategic relationship they have had military maneuvers together by just gone by a lot of military hardware from god country so indeed an important meeting as far as pakistan is concerned and the turkish president also saying that he will support pakistan on the international forum. now of course in istanbul has a kris's attack us novelist who is charged of being a member of a terror organization. or one was arrested back in 2016 as part of an investigation into alleged links to outlawed kurdish fighters she was held in pretrial detention
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for 4 months and now lives in self-imposed exile in europe the newspaper as i worked for was shut down by the tuckers government one of 130 media outfits closed in the aftermath of the failed coup and 2016. serbia and kosovo have signed a deal to restore rail and road links after more than 2 decades the u.s. brokered agreement was signed at the munich security conference and follows a decision last month to resume direct commercial flights now serbia does not recognize kosovo's independence and still considers it to be part of its territory talks to normalize relations between the rivals ended in november 28th. i can say on behalf of the. republic of serbia the full force of will feel. much better in the future and we will be able to stabilize the region and secure the peace for the next decades which is often of course even if it does for all the
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inhabitants of the us suppose what we are signing today gives another positive message that there will be more pace more stability more development to divorce jobs exactly what corsa vote serbia and the whole region need. now trains are at a standstill in canada because of a blockade by protest as against a gas pipeline through indigenous land the government is calling for a rapid solution as the cost of the nationwide demonstrations rises like a gauge has a story. it may look like a small protest but groups like this in ontario and all across canada have brought north america's 3rd largest rial network to a standstill protest is angry the building of a gas pipeline have blocked trial lines for 6 successive days forcing sea and rail to shut its network in the country's east hundreds of passenger and freight trains have been cancelled it's got to. be the last route to do it but this is it we have
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to take the approved pop line owned by t.c. energy corps is planned to carry natural gas from dawson creek in british columbia south west were a fine or a new key to matt for shipment to asian markets the pop line is central to a 40000000000 dollar export project it also runs through traditional indigenous lands where those bands of side agreements where they don't have the authority and so on the greens they play the game that the province in canada played for years in nova scotia in canada's far east demonstrators block tallow. fact city hall prime minister justin trudeau has recognized the right to protest but he's pushing for a swift resolution industry groups are worried about the cost to canada's economy and are urging the restarting of train services i'm not here to advocate for a project i'm here to advocate for
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a process that make sure that we don't fail to allow canadians to be heard effectively through the examination fair and full of these types of nothing cations . if the pipeline outcry continues c.n.n. rial says temporary layoffs are possible nicola gage al-jazeera. journalists in the philippines have been demonstrating against attempts to close down the country's largest television network a government lawyer filed a petition to cancel the franchise of the a.b.s. c.b.s. corporation on monday the network has been a fierce critic of president or rico detest say our correspondent allan dyke and was at the rally in kazan city. they're calling this the red friday protests hundreds of journalists and activists are taking to the streets right outside basically the main headquarters of the biggest media network in the country calling on the public to support and for the government basically to respect the country's
2:42 am
and the people's right to press freedom and freedom of speech over the last few years to target has basically threatened to shut down and not bring you the franchise of abia c.b.s. he has accused it of bias and impartiality and for not airing his campaign videos during the 2016 elections now activists and journalists they remain defiant and they remain committed to doing their very best in providing and reporting the very best possible of information to the public it's another tool really. the best everything somebody the size of even. most come most logical. kumba is always with really no observers say the philippine government and the president in particular has grown intolerant of critical media and dissent people say basically that the efforts of the government our calibrated
2:43 am
attempts to him to mediate the press now this is not the 1st time that the a.b.s. t.v. end has been threatened it was shut down during the martial law years of former president ford in a market and was reopened after the people coward revolution happened since then maybe a c.b.i. has grown to become the biggest media network in the country covering every single important piece of history over the last few decades no journalist say they can who can sing you to remain committed to reporting the truth they say and they were basically calling on the government to remain committed to its mandate basically to respect freedom of speech and the right to information. now the united states has blacklist. army chief surendra silva alleged human rights abuses the left hand in general is accused of extrajudicial killings in 2009 during sri lanka's civil war rights groups say some 40000 ethnic tamils were massacred as government forces
2:44 am
seized the predominantly tamil north the sanctions by ourselves and his family members from entering the us. government leaders in mexico are being accused of giving only hoss heart and support to families of people killed in the drug cartel war. reports from vera cruz relatives say they are forced to rely on volunteers to search for the remains of loved ones buried in secret graves. a search party has assembled on the grounds of a catholic church in vera cruz who said the volunteers of the family members of missing persons mission wide more than 60000 people have disappeared since the story of the war on drugs in 2006 most are believed to be the big terms of criminal gangs or corrupt authorities there in recent years it's become commonplace for the families of the disappeared to participate in organized search its proposed clandestine gravesites. the recent discovery of a human bone fragment in this field means other human remains could be hidden
2:45 am
nearby and the amount of. money at it is this traveled nearly 2000 kilometers from her home in sonora to join the search which oh this is one of. the obvious about it sometimes for a family member being given just a small piece of bone can make them feel better because they'll know that that's their family that fragment can mean someone's parents or children can finally have peace. false alarms are not uncommon. but if you volunteers like mine you've got to have gotten quite good at spotting clues. he says he can't remember exactly how many bodies has helped to uncover in that time. the families of the missing that have learned and are now teaching the government how to conduct a search these families don't have forensics training but we're the ones finding the bodies this should be an embarrassment to the mexican government. there are fishel observers and police keeping watch over the search brigade but it's the
2:46 am
volunteers digging holes and sifting through the soil that seem to be doing most of the work. one of the most common things that we've heard from members of the search brigade is that it's the mexican government that should be out here in the heat and the sun searching for human remains. this is the 5th time a national brigade has gathered for this kind of search and it's the largest one to date. by the end of the day authorities arrived to examine the scene and determine whether or not this site will be counted among the more than $600.00 clint destine graves discovered in recent years. now the french president's candidate for paris has dropped out of the race after a sex video was released on social media benjamin grievers said he was stepping aside to protect his family his withdrawal is seen as a major setback for. leaving it without a candidate for next month's elections. that you know when i
2:47 am
announce my candidacy for mayor of paris i knew the harshness of political life for more than a year now my family and i've been subjected to defamatory statement. attacks to revelation a private conversation that with and desperate was. has affected me. as if that wasn't enough yesterday a new stage has crossed a website and social networks of tax my private life my family does not nobody deep down inside should ever have to suffer such a violent. head on. we'll have more on monday. the city's 2 year ban from the champions me so i will have all the details along with the rest of the school.
2:48 am
2:49 am
sounds like something from the realm of science fiction a south korean television network has sought to reunite a grieving mother with her deceased store say 3 virtual reality but as for a challenge reports the project has sparked fierce debate. of just talk. in the 20 percent. ghosts do exist already. after 4 years she can see her again. she can hear her again. but as hard as she tries jang song const touch her dead daughter now you're on for this is
2:50 am
a digital recreation of the girl who died from leukemia in 2016 age 7 just pixels in a headset and a voice in some headphones meeting her daughter's avatar has been a complex and deeply emotional experience for this grieving mother to say to you now your own life should now be 11 years old and it's heartbreaking to see the time is stopped at the age of 7 going to go critical but i was so happy to see her that way the reunion has been made possible by advances in virtual reality is that don't think it's on and then people often think that technology is cold we decided to participate in this project to see if the technology can comfort and warm people's minds when it is used for people in. the south korean studio used photos and her mother's memories of now yawn and the movements of a child actor. it was filmed in a 2 part documentary for south korean broadcaster n.b.c.
2:51 am
called meeting new the film's been a big hit but producers have had to defend themselves against accusations they've emotionally manipulated a distraught family viewer ratings. we thought about the ways in which people can make their lost family members if they were to meet what can they talk about what do they want to talk about this is the biggest motivation of this project. jang says her last wish was to tell my own she loved her and has never forgotten. rory chalons how does iraq. oh now it's time for sports. thank you very much english premier league champions manchester city have been given a to see them banned from the champions league by a way for european football's governing body says the club committing serious breaches of its financial fair play roles it's also fine city $32000000.00 the club
2:52 am
says it will appeal the decision of the court of arbitration for sport all sports correspondent lee wellings says he waived his decision had been expected while you were from a mansion the city had been on a collision course the sun times this has been how many will remember that if you go back to 24. matches the city were fighting for similar fans of the $50000000.00 you wait for are really targeting not just my interest but there's suddenly going off to the cops that i thought huge amounts of money i might believe in some way it's not a good seeing you as a host with such things as inflated sponsorship ways that you either feel it's misleading said how they make their money to make it look like they are actually keeping a line with financial fair play when they're not and what manchester city happy about my role is that that was the leaks after the way failed mission investigation
2:53 am
28 saying it was already clear that magic city were going to fight us quite a bit punishing what moment not being expected is the level of the punching 2 seasons out of the challenge they got pretty much as tough as he got it underlines how do you wait for a while to make a stand are you conscious of the example of a clock that match the city to the amount of money they have of course they're not the only defenders in this area but certainly the ones that look to have been spending the most money in this one and now would he never says they happened so often speaks to just. it is it goes to the cause of our childish sport in switzerland the cities appear and they will be confident of finding a wine with them though it is said beyond fairy trace in the lyrics shouldn't it should've been targeted in this way will this only result of good time before that
2:54 am
season's champions league matches the city if the right roger to the last thing this is. it's going to be one of the biggest. that's. got to be more they. say. now diction science amalek have won one of africa's biggest club football competitions the caps a pickup playing hare and cats on the egyptians were too strong for to see in club esperance winning 31. has the action looking to do what they didn't take the cash super campuses showdown between the winners of the african champions league and the holders of the confederation cup with. the sellout crowd barely had time to find these seats before confederation cup holders emilie's open scoring i mean just the 2nd. most was a heated 1st half still the white knights almost doubled the lead just before half time but it's bronze was saved by some lucky defending the tunisian club had their
2:55 am
chance to equalise in the 50th minutes after the v.a. our old they'd been ahead born on the box and they didn't waste it thank you scios . here they come looking for it it's just but thank god it's to be sparks 10 minutes later zemanek were back in front. and the stoppage time ashraf bin sharkey ensured its bronze would be runners up for 2nd year in a row but sure i can finish she said it's only the 5th time in the history of the competition that the champions league hold a hasn't won the super cup switch roles and a worse al-jazeera. thing to stem it was that game for us in doha a victory for the egyptian giants they win by 3 goals to one heartbreak for the tennessean club it was the 2nd year in a row that they were in the super cup last year they lost 21 against roger casablanca of morocco and on this occasion it was 31 will they be back for a 3rd year in a row but they'll certainly be trying no doubt about that though is hosting the
2:56 am
african super cup 3 years in a row as part of an agreement between the football association and caf what are the africans get out of it well it's an opportunity to expand their horizons expand they may. markets kind of like the way italy and spain have done with these super cups what does the host nation of the next world cup get out of it for us the main benefit is to begin testing our operational plans testing new teams these are all people that are going to eventually be working at the world cup and it's another opportunity for us to showcase stuff it's hosting a capability is all the new facilities that have been built here the 2 teams are training our state of the art brand new training sites and you know there's a lot that needs to be tested so joyful zamalek they go back to egypt with another trophy to put into the cabinet as will the 2 new zealand's well it's not the end of the road for them quite they are 10 points clear at the top of the 2 new zealand domestic league so when they resume duties they no doubt they can confidently
2:57 am
expect another trophy in the cabinet sooner rather than later a lack of snow shortened run delayed the start of the rally of sweden but the race finally got underway on friday a thin layer of snow covered the gravel roads around tolls be close to the border with no way stages had to be cut from the race because of unseasonably warm conditions which also forced the cancellation of thursday's opening stage here to elfin evans one to the days of 4 stages to hold an 8 and a half 2nd lead of the defending world rally champion tomic going into day 2 all right that is all useful for now we'll have more for you later. well you can find much more as well on our website is in treating all the latest updates on the spread of the qur'an a virus that's al-jazeera dot com. i mean stars that have this news out of way back in just a couple of minutes with more of the day's news stay with us. one
2:58 am
of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story a feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for us as you know is that it turns the body but to give because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mended used to do the work in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. to illustrate your views a wise thing about china's growing influence on university campuses. one
2:59 am
o one east investigates how beijing is building offer. on al-jazeera. around the world council and cities are working to manipulate and influence us trolls and sports taking you just out rhythms that a team developed and designed to push content that says click me every click we make you just sold. one and in the throes of a 5 part series i do 3 years in mexico examining how propaganda and proper shape content all the algorithms on the jersey. one day i might be covering politics as usual and the next i might be protesting from the hungry the what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. here and i just you know we believe everyone has
3:00 am
a story worth hearing. the taliban in the u.s. reach a weeklong deal to reduce violence and success could lead to a major troop withdrawal from afghanistan. and i get my mistake and this is al jazeera live from dar also coming up china accuses some countries of overreacting to the coronavirus and causing panic as admits to challenges dealing with the outbreak. a military helicopter has shut down the northwest syria as government forces battle to retake the remaining rebel held areas. and out of the game english premier league champions manchester city up.


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