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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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a national spirit of perseverance and resilience this epidemic will be no exception it will only make us stronger and more tenacious our country will march on a more determined a strives to russia in moderate prosperity in all respects to eradicate absolute poverty and to realize the rejuvenation of the chinese nation the history of civilization is one of struggle against a disease virus all respects no borders that is why we have attached a great importance to international health corporation of from the us actually strong in the spirit of openness and transparency with promptly notify the world about the outbreak and the genetic sequence of the virus you have been working closely with w.h.o. he invited international experts to join our ranks and provided assistance and facilitation to foreign nationals in china which are 2 dates or 2 war confirmed cases outside of china. accounted for less than one percent of the world's total
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woman drawn or trying it means that china has effectively covered the spread of the outbreak well beyond our borders. and for that we have made extraordinary efforts. and a heavy sekret for global public health security which will be richer for that china's not fighting alone all danger national community has given us a valuable moral and a multi-role support in this joint fight is strengthening the friendship between the chinese people and people across the world russia belarus and the owl k. swiftly delivered badly needed medical supplies to hand through a chartered lies pakistan apollo iron clad sent us virtually all the mosques in this stark. at the peak of the outbreak prime minister hun son of cambodia paid a special visit to beijing to offer his staunch support for china through
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a specially made video try mr pryor chano china of thailand convey the message to thailand and china a while family committed to fight the epidemic to get prime minister. rajapakse out of sri lanka played for china. temple in colombo alongside nearly a 1000000 buddhists in his country on italian president on the horn sergio much or rather visited a school with a large number of chinese students and hosted a concert in the corrino palace in support of china in the toughest times of the fight people around the world were standing firmly by our side and japanese troops sent assistance supplies to china a test with ancient chinese poetic lines fear not the want of for mine is also yours to wear a touch or message of empathy from a close neighbor. you know the positive the world americans from all walks of life
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donated medical supplies an indonesian policeman send the songs or go han. chinese song want to rule the world with love the bush khalifa tower in the u.a.e. being a rat in support of china and from this country and from this city zion munich sent his best wishes to china. in the face of danger that claiming a french doctor wanting a hand did not hesitate to state and a photon on the side the chinese people he said he kept a bottle of champaign going to be popped open for celebrating the end of the epidemic. renzi. is in a bad way student she lived for 3 years also chose to stay and a signed up to be a volunteer. to date.
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leaders of more than $160.00 countries and international organizations have sent letters and messages to express staff and support from political leaders around the world have spoken in public to cheer for and a cheer for china. the chinese nation is a grateful nation we will remember and hold dear every x. to have support on behalf of the chinese government let me say a heartfelt thank you to all the countries international organizations and people who have supported china's ongoing fight against the epidemic. ladies and gentleman this sudden outbreak reminds us once again that we live in a time when traditional and nontraditional security issues of in twined. local issues easily. shown and versa. no country can prosper in isolation or meet our challenges on its own. go as our
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interests are so closely integrated concert. in the title of. report 2020 west listen this reflects a perception of the world should. such i'm also mean europe and the united states but china's view is that as human society has entered the age of civilization one when you we must transcend the east to west a divergence and the north south divide through to want to see our shared planet as a community cover for all. when you'll be all you must go beyond the ideological gap all and accommodate historical and cultural differences to see the international community as one global family. in the era of globalization we face the same challenges we showed our common responsibilities
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and we have a shared future this means we must set up an effective framework for multilateral cooperation to jointly tackle the myriad of challenges it also points to the need for committing to multilateral cooperation where our international affairs are truly discussed show and decided by all involved were new which is many countries have proposed constructive ideas on building multilateralism as president she pointed out in promoting and in forcing multilateralism going our aim it should be to safeguard peace and development for all. hold fairness justice and mutual benefit. and the practice of multilateralism should be grounded in on international law and widely recognized norms of international relations this is china's considered answer to the question of how to put multilateral lism into action in a globalized world 1st to uphold multilateralism we should pursue shared development
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multilateralism does not stand putting any country above others instead of the equal right to development shared by all countries by the west enjoy lasting prosperity and progress of all the rest are mired in by what you know as awful. multilateralism can never be truly implemented and the common progress of humanity would be impossible to achieve. every now to chinese sociologist envisioned in world in which countries treasure their own values me appreciate other cultures and promote shared prosperity differently in the globalized era only one more countries get to develop can the international community be empowered and can there be more partners in our joint response to challenges. as a big country where the fire of your vows and years of civilization china's modernization which is being achieved through the hard work and wisdom of its people represents an evitable trend of history given its national conditions that
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china will not copy the western model dream were given as cultural traditions your china will not seek hegemony even when it grows in strength warm and what we have chosen is a joint peaceful development of our own country and nationally beneficial cooperation with the world having led to remarkable success the path of socialism with chinese characteristics she is brimming with vitality and embracing an even more promising future by the communist party of china represents the fundamental interest of all china's people a. woman and its leadership is supported by the 1400000000 people of china. china respects the choices of western countries and will draw on the experience of developed countries to work or shared prosperity for. or she will likewise the west also needs to east through the subconscious
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believe in the superiority of 8 civilization and abandon its prejudices and anxieties regarding china it needs to respect the choices of the chinese people and accept to spend volcom with the development and rejuvenation of a major country in the east one with a system different from the west for china's development and rejuvenation is an important part of human progress. your future and lady involved is the colorful diversity brought by multilateralism we are 2nd to gorbachev hold multilateralism major countries should set a good example collaboration between major countries is instrumental to the success of multilateralism in international and particularly in multilateral affairs major countries played a key role and showed significant responsibilities therefore they need to behave in a way that is consistent with their status or will instead of putting their own interests above those of others when they should care for the common interest of
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all countries where you instead of carving out some years of influence they should work for an open world where you can start of provoking confrontation or they should work together to maintain world peace and stability when we draw china will further strengthen strategic ordination with russia following the strategic guidance of older president we will advance our comprehensive strategic partnership of called you nation for a new era on all fronts where we were and is still more positive energy into global security stability and strategic balance. china will work with the us to find a way of promoting peaceful coexistence a mutually beneficial cooperation involving help the u.s. side will embrace a more open and inclusive approach one viewing china's development and will work with us to manage differences in a spirit of equality and mutual respect for each. fannie cheered to the principles of our coordination cooperation us debility in. we should work together to keep
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china u.s. relations along the right track and china will deepen cooperation with europe across the board and with a focus on upgrading china relations in housing cooperation and green development and the digital economy and expanding china's central eastern european country corporation into more fields and young as always we support european integration which usually support a united and a strong europe and we support europe's active role in multilateral affairs. 3rd digital to uphold multilateralism we should uphold international norms multilateralism is not untypical so unilateral moves instead it supports greater democracy in an international relations based on international rule of law and justice which. there will be the principles in finding
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the un charter including respect for national sovereignty for peaceful resolution of disputes and not interference in enteral affairs so are the bedrock of modern international law. as the 1st founding member of the un to sign its charter will. emerge through china court has stayed true to the us founding aspirations and firmly defended the purposes of the charter and international law proceeding from our commitment to national sovereignty china has called for the syrian led a syrian owned approach for syria. and an afghan led. gun owned solution to the afghan issue proceeding from our commitment to non interference china has rejected unwarranted interference in its internal affairs are issues related to taiwan hong kong unchangeable. your phone to post the power politics of meddling in other countries internal affairs during the rule proceeding
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from our commitment to the peaceful settlement of peace beats china has advocated a negotiated solution to the korean peninsula nuclear issue based on the simultaneous achievement of complete nuclearization and a lasting peace mechanism. in the same spirit we endeavored to settle disputes. in the south china sea through dialogue and negotiation and are working with our countries on a code of conduct to be observed by all relevant parties. and proceeding from our commitment to international fairness and just as china has firmly student with the palestinian people all the oppressed people in their call for justice we oppose the strong bullying the weak that they get bullying the small meal when you need electoral sanctions or long arm jurisdiction which find no ground in international law we provided assistance to fellow developing countries like to the best of our
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ability and without any a political strains attached character and balanced south south cooperation. or the mission of china's foreign policy is to promote world peace and uncomment of all that. you know that is rooted in international law which were not the basic norms governing international relations will not be swayed by turns of events we pursue no selfish interests our policy which is stable and consistent can stand the test of history and as man. the trust of others. you for free for them to up hold multilateralism we need to see the world as one community the outbreak of the epidemic has once again reminded us that our futures are closely linked judged on global governance and international coordination must be strengthened we thout and a delay. on this front president she'd put forward an important initiative of
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building a community with a shared future for mankind calling on all countries to rise above differences in social system history culture and development stage jointly preserve mother earth you are a common home and work for a prosperous global village in which we all have a stake through training they need to have of building a community with a shared future is inspired by the traditional chinese of the loss of life that sees the world as one big family it reflects for found thinking on the future of mankind any body is a spirit of humanity it points the way forward focal global governance and rebirth that's the ultimate goal of all to lead to this and it is a chinese proposal on how to address today's challenges to what has become an overarching goal of our major country to plymouth with chinese kept touristic china is ready to work with all countries and make unremitting efforts to this and thank you. applause for one
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year the chinese foreign minister speaking at the munich security conference a lot of his speech obviously talking about china's response to the corona virus outbreak but then i think the body of the speech after that more to do with as he was saying multilateralism and globalism and he takes and questions there we're going to bring in john hull who is our correspondent following the munich conference china will come to the crown of our stuff in a moment i think we should deal with it as a sale let's talk about globalism and. this was a stance simply in response to what the u.s. defense secretary was saying or in fact we'll have a quick listen to what he said and then talk about. under president she's ruled the chinese communist party is heading even faster and further in the wrong direction more internal repression more predatory economic practices more heavy handedness and most concerning for me a more aggressive military posture it is essential that we as an international
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community wake up to the challenges presented by china's manipulation of the longstanding international rules based order that has benefited all of us for many decades so joe in a way that was absolutely explicit in what he talked about this chinese threat to the global order foreign minister huang was a little more indirect. well you know they say that the munich security conference doesn't provide solutions but it provides platforms for competing narratives to play out we've certainly seen that here in the last hour under the same roof you've got the united states effectively firing the starting gun on a sort of new era of foreign and defense policy naming china as the number one threat to the world and then swiftly followed by the chinese foreign minister
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waving the flag seemingly for multilateralism a concept that seems to be under increasing strain and stretch in the west yes so when he a pretty staunch rebuttal of u.s. accusations against china china he said will not follow western the western model and seek had germany in the world would rather choose a policy of peaceful development working for shared prosperity he said. he mentioned one not by name the united states but clearly by inference the united states saying some countries should stop carving spheres of influence they should instead work together for international peace and security we will work with the united states he said in that and we hope the united states will work with us and you heard mark esper speaking just before that couldn't be more contrast in stark contrast to that he did say we don't seek an era of conflict with china but we seek fair and open competition in the economic sphere and for china to play by the rules
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and international norms in short we want china to behave and it was a good opportunity as well for the foreign minister was in a journey to talk about china's response to the coronavirus in fact he said the epidemic reminds us of how close the world and you know really listing off all things look what we've done yes there's all this rate of infection bots china has done a lot to stop the spread. yes indeedy said china had effectively stop the spread within its borders it had worked successfully now to regress the rate of infection within china showing he said that the virus was curable. the dawn is breaking he said we see the light after the storm comes the rainbow china will emerge strengthened from this heated thank international nations the international community for the help that they have given china doing what they have managed to do but again the stark contrast to this the
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white house just in the last few days calling into question the verifiability the truck the trust that they have in the figures that china is producing about the rate of infection suggesting that they simply don't believe that an accurate picture is being produced and making the point that china continues to rebuff u.s. efforts offers of help so again 2 very different competing narratives playing out here even on the issue of the coronavirus yeah as you say 2 platforms but under one roof in munich john holl thank you. where europe has recorded its 1st death from coronavirus after an elderly chinese tourists died in france that is the force 4th person to die outside mainland china they are brought has now killed more than 1500 people bunts the world health organization says china is running 82 trials for possible treatments the director of the w h o's emergencies program is calling on nations around the world to work with beijing to fight the virus there's the 2 different trials underway in china
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right now everything from traditional medicine all the way through to and drugs. and that's the only collaboration with them trying to extend scientists will extend investigators. that's an incredible advances in just basic knowledge in the next 2 to 3 weeks or so all these trials will have been 2 to 3 weeks. on to other news and a military offensive on the last rebel held region of northwestern syria is causing the largest single displacement of people since the conflict began 9 years ago 800000 people have now fled the fighting since the start of december and on thursday a syrian government helicopter was shot down as well the support from. on the turkish syrian border this is the moment another syrian military helicopter shot down in aleppo province none of its crew survived they were taking part in a military operation to recapture opposition held areas on the outskirts of aleppo
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city it's the 2nd helicopter downed by rebels in the same area this week fees fighting continues in neighboring province it's a critical time for the rebels who are constantly retreating after losing ground. is their last stronghold if they are defeated here the war will be over. many syrians are continuing to flee their homes this woman has been forced from the countryside of aleppo province she feels abandoned by everyone that is mad i mean it's very cold and no one seems to care about what's happening to us the situation is more than tragic no one is helping look at the people leaving i don't know of any safe area where i can take my family almost 150000 refugees have fled to worse the border with turkey in the last 4 days joining more than a 1000000 forced from their homes since the start of the syrian army's offensive in
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it live last april. has been forced to flee his village. as well as refugee camps at least 4 times over the last few months after modernism i recently moved with my family to the city of been ish think you will be safe far from the fighting then the syrian army stepped up its offensive a week ago we packed and left i don't know where to go next i feel like my next move will be towards the unknown. as the humanitarian crisis deepens turkey is deploying more troops into had lived. accuses damascus of violating the terms of a cease fire agreement that was we 2 years ago between turkey iran and russia the deal established safe zones and implemented a cease fire but violence never stopped the syrian army seems determined to defeat the rebels and continue its advance towards the city of idlib that's
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a red line for turkey it's ramped up its military presence in and has given the syrian army until the end of this month to pull out behind turkish observation post or face a tougher response has. delivered as a one turkey's border with syria. haddin health or sound is with us now a spokesman for the world health organization joining us from the un tep in turkey it is hard to believe that 9 years into this calm flecked and we are now seeing still things that shoot displacement actually we're seeing the worst single displacement in the whole conflict what does that mean logistically where the people going and what are they going to. will is it spent in europe or people are moving further north towards the to accuse all this situation indeed it's bad situation is. deteriorating day but it would be far worse if we didn't have access
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humanitarian actors cross border access from to see what we saw last month was that $1000.00 more than $1200.00 trucks up to meet across the border from tucu to syria . providing aid to people displaced by the border. but what we're seeing today is that the needs are still growing and even the number that was mentioned in your report 830000 people displaced might even be out of date by now and she's 2 days old and words noting is that half a 1000000 out of that number is children. and. are is there a struggle to actually treat people i'm just thinking about all the health organizations who are there wanting to help but it's a dangerous place as well and i'm wondering how many of them are actually really able to do the job as they would wish. listen one of our concerns what we have seen since december is that 70 to help the cities which is quite
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a big number ended their operations and other uses this abusiveness inlets the axis of general population to help we're trying to respond to that i relocated some of these facilities to see you tease by increasing the number of momo clinics and made sure that it was supplying them with medicine and medical supplies from 2 into serious thinks we're trying to do us as 1st us we possibly can but again the needs asserts that often they exceed the capacity of humanitarian response ok that's what i wanted to ask you about is actually that about where you use the word capacity i was thinking more about you know having the amount of aid that they need having the supply lines to them in the 1st place again after such a long time of war you can understand where donors would become i think they call it donor fatigue basically and of not wanting to help quite as much because the
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situation doesn't change. i think you might a minute there is a certain city and now and again we are facing something which is unprecedented in the history of this conflict in 3 weeks approximately will be entering the 10th year of the calm looked so there might be a certain dollar at sea or immediately teak if we concluded that we're doing everything that and raise awareness and make sure that there is a focus on what's currently happening in all syria and you're doing a tremendous job thank you have been sent from the world health organization. now this will sound like something from the realms of science fiction really a south korean television network seeking to re-unite a grieving mother with her deceased daughter and doing it through virtual reality it is a project that has sparked fierce debate as we're a challenge that reports. well just.
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in the 21st century ghosts do exist already. after 4 years she can see her again. she can hear her again. but as hard as she tries jang song const touch her dead daughter now yawn but this is a digital recreation of the girl who died from leukemia in 2016 age 7 just pixels in a headset and a voice in some headphones meeting her daughter's avatar has been a complex and deeply emotional experience for this grieving mother to say to you if now your own were alive she would now be 11 years old and it's heartbreaking to see the time is stopped at the age of 7 going to critical but i was so happy to see how that where the reunion has been made possible by advances in virtual reality.
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and then people often think that technology is caught we decided to participate in this project to see if the technology can comfort and warm people's minds when it is used for people in. the south korean studio used photos and her mother's memories of now yawn and the movements of a child actor. it was filmed in a 2 part documentary for south korean broadcaster n.b.c. called meeting new the film's been a big hit but producers have had to defend themselves against accusations they've emotionally manipulated a distraught family viewer ratings. we thought about the ways in which people can make their lost family members if they were to meet what can they talk about what do they want to talk about this is the biggest motivation of this project. jang says her last wish was to tell now you're on she loved her and has never forgotten . rory chalons how does iraq.
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they are here on al-jazeera and these are the headlines the u.s. defense secretary is calling china the biggest threat to the global order speaking at the munich security conference marcus burke use the chinese government of seeking advantage across the world by any means and that any cost the chinese foreign minister when ye call those accusations lies europe has recorded its 1st death from corona virus after an elderly chinese tourist died in france is the 4th person to die outside of mainland china in an outbreak that's killed more than $1500.00 people but the world health organization says china is running $82.00 trials for possible treatments the director of the w.h.o. is emergencies programs is calling on nations around the world to work with beijing
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to fight the virus the 82 different trials underway in china right now everything from traditional medicine all the way through. and naturally in collaboration with trying to expand financial expert and investigators. that's an incredible advances in just basic knowledge over the next 2 to 3 weeks for some of these trials will have been 2 to 3 weeks. a military offensive on the last rebel held region in northwestern syria is causing the largest single displacement of people since the conflict began 9 years ago government forces are trying to take the last of these opposition held areas sudan's south sudan's president has agreed to return the country to 10 states and 3 administrative areas the move here is an attempt to resolve one of the most contentious issues of the country's peace deal here an opposition rival rick must have until february 22nd to create a unified and to agree on the number of states. protesters in mexico of march to
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the presidential palace to condemn violence against women. newspaper publishing photos of the body of a murder victim 25 year old ingrid. killed this month the mexican government says 10 women were killed every day last year. and u.s. federal prosecutors have dropped a criminal investigation into the former deputy director of the f.b.i. over his role in leaking to the media was accused of lying repeatedly about allowing a subordinate to brief a journalist on an investigation into the clinton foundation always denied any wrongdoing there you go you're up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera the latest inside story is next.
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corona virus outbreak the number of cases in the right and communist party leaders the response of. this is inside story. hello there welcome to the program i met clark china's president is admitting shortfalls in the response to the corona virus outbreak and cheesing ping is promising to fix problems the loopholes in the health system solutions cannot come too soon nearly 65000 coronavirus cases are recorded worldwide 99 percent of them in china the epicenter of the outbreak that's who by province.


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