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a diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of our networks journalists on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and on it like this is the news our life and coming up in the next 60 minutes the saudi tornado fighter jet crashes over yemen who think rebels video which they say proves they shot it down. i want to focus on the pentagon's top concern the people's republic of china. the u.s. describes china as the biggest threat to the global order it's stepped up efforts to persuade european countries to bartek john wiley. the 1st coronaviruses
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confirmed outside asia as china's foreign minister accused some countries because he panicked. and fighting back our popular tourist spot is leading the way for the rest of indonesia on plastic pollution. coming up in sports we'll see what's next for manchester paper pesah take the punishment for breaking financial fair play bills to sports courts of appeal. to the nice side of you a led coalition has confirmed one of its planes has gone down in the government that's in northeast yemen in the past rebels have had video which they say shows the moment a role saudi air force typhoon fighter jet was shot down on friday and he media say at least 30 civilians were killed in coalition air strikes in the same region a coalition statement says there is the possibility of what it calls collateral
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damage to civilians let's cross to our correspondent mohammed out of insanity tell us what more we know. this latest video aired by the. home of the run t.v. satellite channel has shewn there. there are many have been able to shoot down the the fighter jets but we can we could not verify the authenticity of the video photos but according to this for video that the missile the the this. fighter jet turned to the tornado fighter jet and also we have seen in this photo is the 2 pilots have come out of the fighter jet there are reports that the 2 fighters people 2 pilots have been captured by the hope these but we could not officially confirm it. what more do we know about these 30
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civilians who were killed after the jet was downed what happened. yes. the same video that has been aired by the. satellite channel that showed these civilians from the vicinity of the wreckage of the war plane people were angry at the saudi arabia the vote to retaliate for the death and the killing of the of their relatives as they say. they haven't done anything to saudi arabia to be bombed by this way. they are distorting the images and also the the pieces of the bodies of the victims have been turned into pieces this kind of horrific and also. measures have also increased the among the people there the vicinity of the major which is the wreckage of the of
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the of the of the tornado plane the people there who are living in a job which is one of the areas that and regions near the saudi arabia so the people there have become angry and also the vote to retaliate for what have been done to them thanks very much. within an hour from amman bashar who is a senior political analyst he says this incident shows that studies are losing in the ongoing 5 year war. if the houthi s. they if they would have such a kept the capability of missiles batteries or. land air capacity against the saudi air force that would be quite the disability thing to the saudis and that will actually be a game changer in yemen clearly. if all the reports prove correct the saudis are
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so upset in fact from such an upset by the yemenis that what you saw after that are basically revenge attacks basically losing their minds if you were because of the loss thier encouraged and this is a difficult thing this has been going on for 5 years now and clearly the saudis are not winning and clearly this sort of incident means that they are losing and this is a big deal knowing that already their partners the yemenis sort of the iraqis you know how for all practical purposes with drone left and now the saudis there and incapable of finishing the war and settling in cable of winning the war and now perhaps with this game changer beginning to lose the war. now that the us defense secretary is calling china the biggest threat to the global order speaking at the munich security conference. accuse the chinese government of seeking advantage
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across the world by any means and at any cost and he again as european countries to stay away from chinese take john while away the demand has been rebuffed by european allies under president she's ruled the chinese communist party is heading even faster and further in the wrong direction more internal repression more predatory economic practices more heavy handedness and most concerning for me a more aggressive military posture. it is essential that we as an international community wake up to the challenges presented by china's manipulation of the longstanding international rules based order that has benefited all of us for many decades now let's hear now from our correspondent journal hall who has more from the conference in munich. well the world's 2 most powerful nations squared off against one another here in munich 1st the united states secretary of state mike crapo and defense secretary marc esper giving notice firing the starting gun
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essentially on what could be a new era of u.s. defense and foreign policy. china as enemy number one the pentagon's top priority said mark s. but because of its more aggressive military posturing in the region its trade economic and territorial ambitions further afield he said we do not want to conflict with china we want china to play by the rules abide by international norms in short we want china to behave and making the point in no uncertain terms that the u.s. expects its allies to view things likewise noting in particular chinese telecom giant huawei some european allies the u.k. in particular in talks with huawei to help build their 5 g. networks where the u.s. of course sees huawei as a trojan horse for chinese intelligence well it wasn't long before china had the opposite opportunity here to respond when ye the foreign minister saying china will not follow the western model and seek a germany in the world but rather choose
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a policy of peaceful development working for shared prosperity and he had this very pointed response to those u.s. comments. before i came here my colleagues told me about what the 2 american senior officials said and they have been once again repeating their smears and criticism of china it has become a common scenario they basically say the same thing wherever they go about china and i don't want to waste our time responding to each and everything they've said what i want to say is that all of these accusations against china are lies they are not based on facts so china emerging here presenting itself certainly as an unlikely standard bearer for multilateralism the very policy plank and pillar upon which western diplomacy has been built and practiced for decades and. anything that many here and elsewhere would say that the trumpet ministration has abandoned well also in munich ending the violence in afghanistan has been high on the agenda
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a provisional agreement between the united states and the taliban aims to reduce violence for one week u.s. officials say that if it is a success it could lead to interact and peace talks and the eventual withdrawal of troops but speaking out here at the conference nato secretary general jens stoltenberg insisted there will never be a hasty withdrawal of forces from afghanistan 16000 nato troops are training the afghan forces so they can fight terrorism and create the conditions for peace we are not leaving afghanistan but we are prepared to adjust our force level if the taliban demonstrate their will and the ability to deduce violence and make it real compromises. that could pave the way for negotiations among afghans sustainable peace and ensuring the country is never again
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a safe haven for terrorists well even as the provisional deal was reached funerals have been held for 8 people in eastern afghanistan who were killed in an airstrike gone wrong afghan officials say the attack was meant to target taliban fighters but hit civilians instead and it's unclear who launched the attack but the united states and afghan militaries are the only ones conducting air strikes in the region and witness said a truck carrying a family home from a picnic was struck killing everybody inside. well let's pray now to our diplomatic editor james bays who's at that security conference in munich and james those deaths coupled with the developments on this provisional deal does demonstrate the difficulty of forging a way forward in afghanistan. absolutely and this is a war gone on for a very long time involving the u.s. for nearly 19 years clearly afghanistan's been in conflict for the best part of 40
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years in the last few minutes we've been hearing the afghan president ashraf ghani here at the munich security conference now he in the past has made it clear he's very very wary of this sort of deal because he has not been at the table this is been talks between the taliban and the u.s. the afghan government at this stage until now has not been involved involved and president gianni in the past has said he fears that the taliban could be using peace negotiations as a trojan horse to get in and then overtake the government in kabul and he is all all 'd made it clear that he needs a cease fire he said before there could be any deal with the taliban but the u.s. have gone ahead and done a deal and there is a reduction of violence not a cease fire our president danny i think being somewhat diplomatic when he spoke here. when is that is the leap. so we have to end there's
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a consensus on duty when we must stop this war. to we must find the political solution to stop the war there is is a level of complexity an uncertainty in the 11 to build in the 5 years that i've had the honor of leadership to manage complexity without losing our way in to cope with uncertainty and turn uncertainty 1st into this can then not do need. a job is always an understatement to say the level of uncertainty on the way forward is not . yes because just look at the difficult position that president carney finds himself in the fighting is not getting any easier in afghanistan the u.s. in fact carried out more bombings in the last year than any year during the war and the death toll certainly for president johnnie's forces is very high the afghan
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government doesn't publish of statistics any more they kept those secret in recent years but it's estimated between 50 to 90 afghan security personnel army or police die every single day in afghanistan and that's why there is so much at stake for the afghan government at all and to all of that the un certainty in the country right now remember afghanistan had a presidential election to decide whether president garny should still be the president is going to stand back in september and they still haven't got a final result yes it looks like president gianni has more votes than dr abdullah who's in number 2 position but whether he has a no off to get over the 50 percent margin in a void a 2nd round which will have to take place after the winter that's not clear so that gives political uncertainty and if we are to go to the next stage even choosing a delegation to represent the afghan side it talks with the taliban is going to be
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difficult yup in a james thanks very much ed james braze reporting from munich. probably more still ahead on the news hour including. patrol with the congolese army soldiers struggle to stop rebel attack. innocents are fighting for survival. we sure wish he were here today. right. 3 weeks after his death the lakers star kobe bryant is announced as a candidate for basketball hall of fame will have no. now an elderly chinese tourist in france has died of the coronavirus to become the 1st fatality in europe in china the death toll is at least $1500.00 american women who'd been on board a cruise ship that docked in cambodia has now tested positive for the virus in malaysia so have $67.00 more passengers on a cruise ship docked in japan bringing the total to almost $300.00 infected some
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american passengers are due to be flown home on sunday well the world health organization says that chinese scientists are carrying out trials of more than 80 treatments of the virus and the head of the w.h.o. says that global leaders aren't doing enough to prepare for that lee virus up next . we throw money at an outbreak and when it's all over and we forget about it and do nothing to prevent the next $1.00 the world spends billions of dollars preparing for a terrorist attack but relatively little preparing for the act of a virus which could be fired more deadly and far more damaging economy clearly politically and socially this is frankly difficult to understand and dangerously short sighted so in china's foreign minister when you accuse some countries of overreacting and causing panic over the outbreak and he says that
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china is confident and determined to defeat the virus but as a jim brown reports there are growing concerns over the shortage of protective gear for frontline medical workers medical workers in china are fighting a battle for the world in some cases without adequate protection more than 700 nurses and doctors have so far been infected several have died many of them look so exhausted in front of the camera and when you are exhausted you will get infected because you just lost your alegate you cannot follow the guidelines well. last week the chinese government conceded there was a shortage of essential medical equipment including protective clothing but state t.v. says that's changing now it's been showing pictures of army medical teams arriving at the epi center with specialist gear further proof says china of its intensifying
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efforts to control the virus a virus that the country's foreign minister says has created excessive alarm among some governments really good winter will pass and the spring is sure to come china's vigorous and thorough measures are paying off the epidemic has posed a severe challenge to china's economic and social development none the less the difficulties will be temporary and short lived the latest official figures from china's national health commission offer a crumb of comfort these latest figures don't show a significant drop in the death rate but the number of new infections in who by province is falling they were half what they were on thursday but experts outside china urged caution saying these figures can be independently verified analysts say it's become a pivotal moment for china's leader xi jinping if this works and it looks like this thing is contained and they get thumbs up from the world health organization and other you know epidemiologist it's going to look like they've done the right thing
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and he could come out of this looking well but at the moment it's such a go on saturday china's government extended its quarantine restrictions to the capital beijing anyone returning to the city following the extended lunar new year holiday miss now isolate themselves at home for 14 days state media says those who don't will be punished without specifying what that will mean in hong kong the infection rate is under 60 with one dead now the chief executive kerry lam says the government has to spend more than $4000000000.00 of taxpayers' money helping workers affected by the virus she says around. $200000.00 low income families will be given a one off grant of more than $600.00 each but there's no help yet for many small to medium sized businesses which are reeling from the effects of this public health emergency adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong syria's military offensive on the last rebel held region is causing the largest single displacement of people since the
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war began 9 years ago 800000 have fled the fighting since the start of december most are stranded in freezing temperatures near the border with turkey which is where. reports from. what is burning her own clothes to try and keep family members warm they recently arrived in this freezing makeshift camp in the town of atma province. we fled our homes in aleppo we couldn't live anymore under constant bombardment and airstrikes we start children dying in front of us we came here it's tough i'm sick i have leukemia and the smoke from the heater is suffocating her. and her family are just some of the many war refugees suffering cold overcrowding and fear of what might happen next in the last 4 days alone around 150000 syrians fled their villages as government
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forces close in took up to rebel held. the military campaign that started in april has seen more than a 1000000 refugees stranded on the border with turkey they are feeling increasingly betrayed and abandoned by the world. has 10 children but only to live with her the others are dispersed across province while bread is that it's very cold i have no place to serve my kids' meals there's no furniture snow is everywhere i'm hopeless and there's nothing i can do i pray god will help us. as a humanitarian crisis diverts aid agency. overwhelmed with growing demands for tans blankets stoves want clothes and for the internally displaced have often been forced to move many times over the last few months and each time they were hoping this would be their last that they would finally settle and start and your life but
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the 9 year war grinds on the rebels are losing ground and for almost $4000000.00 people in it lead and on the outskirts of aleppo it's probably just a matter of time before they pack and run away seeking another shelter in a safe area but there may be no more safe areas in italy province government troops and their russian allies are determined to defeat the opposition civilians who are trapped may have little option but return to government held territory but fearing retaliation many prefer to stay near the border with turkey hoping tomorrow might be a better day has about al-jazeera i went to his border with syria south sudan's president says he's agreed to a painful compromise aimed at meeting the deadline to form a unity government so the care is cutting the number of states from 32 to 10 that's a major demand of the opposition for me and the civil war kiran rival react which are 8 days left to agree on a joint government for the world's youngest country after 2 failed attempts these
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decision was reached by the presidency. and we thought these latest compromise will preserve the unity of the country and move the people of south sudan out of these imposed senseless conflict we are affected the livelihood of many of our citizens. rebels are continuing their attacks in the democratic republic of congo despite an army of soldiers and un peacekeepers trying to stop the threats of further attacks on villages in the eastern region of benny forcing many to seek safety. been killed in the 4 month military offensive to root out the. democratic forces. exclusive report. a patrol by congolese soldiers and un peacekeepers in the bank and no one
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to be seen in several villages. people say they're facing unprecedented attacks by the democratic forces the a.d.f. originated in western uganda in the 1990 s. to fight for the creation of an islamic state their rebellion was crushed by ugandan forces. fighters then crossed the border into the neighboring. where they've remained for nearly 20 as human rights campaign has been 400 have been killed in the last one month alone hundreds have fled their homes. there's no one here because of the attack that happened last week people are afraid to come back are patrolling. security forces have increased patrols in remote areas where the attacks have been happening 64 people were killed in this village of more the last week. that talks are happening at the same time as
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a government offensive against the a.d.f. security forces this is their campaign started last october they've killed dozens of a.d.f. fighters including top commanders they say are the fighters have been captured and their bases destroyed will be here a new transit we must defeat a day if they are terrorists to call upon or people to support us so we can neutralize the enemy and help civilians return to their homes. thousands in beni protested against the u.n. force known as. accusing peacekeepers of not doing enough to protect them a un base was banned down and peacekeeping operations in the city were paralyzed for nearly 2 weeks when the school commanders say troops are now working even more closely the congolese soldiers to target the a.d.f. says the crisis we have in has our activities. ourselves doing the trolls also with us. she continues
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a little different as we just worked with continued violence it's increasingly dangerous for health workers to reach people possibly affected by the ebola virus benny's the epicenter of the latest outbreak in the d.r. c. it's also where many of the rebel attacks have happened recently making it even more difficult footballer respond is to do their job safely catherine sawi. we just saw in that package is the bureau chief of the u.n. peacekeeping mission in the democratic republic of congo and he explained to us why talks of continue despite efforts here for. we know that every time we put pressure on the a.t.f. ourselves with our partners they tend to move quickly out of their areas and adopt even more symmetric warfare and by doing that they start moving around in a very mobile very agile way in small groups and attacking civilian population this
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is for 2 reasons one to retaliate against or at attacks in order to push us to stop things of operations but also to do resupply of food medical that material and so on so this does not come to us as a surprise and that's what we have doubled our efforts both in the jungle and on the other side of the jungle where now they are more appearing to be active in order to stop them and make sure that we neutralize the threat and protect the civilians in that area. well still ahead here on al-jazeera why the busiest migration path in the world is also the most dangerous and desperate of journeys plus. we'll show you how these estate is the cyclists are on thin ice in durance race in siberia that's coming up the general it's been.
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a hell of the wintry weather has not left syria nor indeed iraq is this massive cloud here the coldest is on the high ground in northern syria and in turkey maybe a bit more snow or even occasionally freezing rain which is quite a surprise but the blue is typically just ordinary right and that's sporadic through iraq running into northern saudi talking back into the finals heats of egypt jerusalem lebanon as well the picture the tension vaknin plus for means this is no longer a snowy regime in the whole system is moving east was getting snow in iran come monday leaving still only brightening skies for northern syria but it still looks mostly cloudy was occasional right could be better not quite as cold as it was there where that same system extends into northeastern parts of africa it will not attempt to pass we've got 17 is a backs in benghazi 90 now this is quite a breeze so i think you'd pick the dust up in chad and mali for example and even need the warms at its best is on the western side of north africa as it has been
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for a while we got significant rain on the way to the coast all for tanzania lemaire went curiously and it was a good spanish as elsewhere the concentration might be seen to be thorough the west somewhere in southern one again. but. in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world we're digital communication technology is growing digital platforms contribute to making change and expanding civic space consequently activists face harassment states valence and increasing restrictions on the other hand digital platforms may be used to spread hate speech and trigger violence division conflict and terrorism which in turn contributes to undermining human rights. in this context
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the national human rights committee of qatar organizes the international conference on social media challenges and ways to promote freedoms and protect activists in cooperation with the united nations high commissioner for human rights the european parliament the global alliance of national human rights institutions and the international federation of journalists. have again you're watching our desire our mind about top stories this hour and these how do you eat led coalition has confirmed one of its tornado fighter jets has crashed and i'll draft government that's in northeast yemen be the rebels have
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added video which they say shows them is shooting the wall with saudi air force plane down on friday. 18 media say at least as he civilians were killed in retired treat as strikes in the same region coalition statement says as the possibility of what it calls collateral damage to civilian. u.s. defense secretary has described china is the biggest threat to the global order mark kasper accused the chinese government of seeking advantage across the world by any means chinese foreign minister why he has called the accusations lies. and general jens stoltenberg who says they will never be a hasty withdrawal of forces from afghanistan it comes after u.s. officials said they've reached a provisional agreement with the taliban which could lead to the withdrawal of troops from afghanistan. so that libyan fights his loyal to warlord handy for have to regain shelling residential areas on the outskirts of tripoli it is the latest bombardment and have to as
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a 10 month campaign to capture the capital civilians are constantly in the foreign life as child stratford now reports. this is one of the southern neighborhoods of tripoli an area that has seen some of the heaviest fighting in recent months we've heard in the last few minutes or so sounds like outgoing and incoming shelling we've also heard what sounds like small arms fire despite this push for a cease fire there is ongoing fighting here we heard last night one civilian was killed very close to here the majority of this area now is completely clear of civilians they have left part of the what the u.n. says around 160000 people that at least being displaced by this conflict many of them staying in schools in other areas of tripoli the been a number of schools that have been hit by shells as well according to the u.n. around half a 1000000 children have been affected by this conflict now we spoke to one of the
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field commanders operating in this area and this is what he had to say this but. the situation is that we are maintaining our positions on these sporadic shelling from have to post his dining and residential areas and killing civilians in a neighborhood we are steadfast on the front lines we had gone to the last couple of days in a number of areas but now we are awaiting orders to advance again. so despite those efforts by members of the international community to try and get both sides to sit down and agree on a loss to cease fire those efforts of thus far failed the commander was also telling us reminding us that many of the fighters here volunteers they are not being paid any money by the u.n. backed government in tripoli the united nations is very concerned about what it describes as on registered or uncontrolled weapons in libya trying to hold that supply of weapons they say that there could be up to 200000 tons of on controlled
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munitions in libya meanwhile yesterday friday general huffed despite these these efforts to try and forge a last thing cease fire valve say his forces would continue until in his words he took control of of tripoli for the 2nd successive year the world's busiest route for my current smuggling continues to be from north africa to yemen the u.n. migration agency reports that 130000 people made the voyage across the gulf of aden in 2019 to resign to arabia that's 28000 more than crossing the mediterranean sea to europe 9 out of 10 traveling through yemen were ethiopian all cross from djibouti in somalia and smugglers but it's risking war zones kidnapping torture for ransom exploitation and trafficking and many face deportation if they do manage to reach saudi arabia even decades the spokes person for the eastern horn of africa
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and the international organization for migration and she says despite being sold a dream of a better life many of big exploited. there is a lot of reporting about the 10s of thousands that we see crossing the mediterranean trying to get europe but in this part of the continent there has been an exponential rise in the number of migrants trying to get to the gulf countries normally as you said in the intro possible to the small country of djibouti in the whole of africa crossing the gulf of aden taking the dangerous ship across the the gulf and trying to pulse to yemen and up into saudi arabia many of the people are young people from countries like ethiopia looking for opportunity many of them spent a week walking through the mountains the desert 100 out food sometimes without water like you rightly said sometimes they are confronted by smugglers and traffickers some do go along the way and all to get in pursuit of this better life for this
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perceived better life and in the last year or so there has been this exponential rise we estimate anywhere between 135-210-8000 things that to place from the east the horn of africa just last year and we also estimate around every single month around $11500.00 trying to make the crossing the vast majority of the migrants we see trying to move along this eastern route we call it a similar route because it's the eastern way out of this part of africa like you say a young ethiopian ethiopia has an enormous population of over around a $100000000.00 people and every single year there lost tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of young people graduating from universities than if you threw all in search of jobs all in search of opportunities now sometimes those young people are exploited by people promising them that if they get to places like saudi arabia
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like cad there i'd say that they will be given jobs there. given opportunity but of course they have to go to yemen and that everybody knows yemen is in crisis is a very dangerous situation the people i myself was at the very crossing just a few days ago in djibouti and i spoke to young ethiopian myself and not just the europeans they were from across the region and i also why why are you making this journey do you know the dangers and yet they admit they do know the dangers but that desire for a better life that belief that if they can get to a better place they will find opportunities and be able to send money back to their families is deeply ingrained now what i went been doing to get migration agency has been working extremely hard with all the countries in the region to try and come up with a coherent response to this like i think the slow burning crises that sometimes get
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get very good media traction. in lebanon's former prime minister side hariri is accuse the successes government of pushing the country to near collapse in his 1st speech since becoming part of the opposition hariri cast doubt on whether the government would be able to win foreign support so the reports from. lebanon's 3 time prime minister appears to be planning a political comeback sad how d.d. invited supporters to his home to commemorate the 15th anniversary of his father's assassination former prime minister rafiq. it coincides with lebanon's deepening financial and political crisis how do you use the event to reposition himself in the opposition camp blaming his one time political partners for failing to implement reforms that he says would have prevented lebanon's near economic collapse i never strike my house i am not going anywhere i am staying in my country in my home and i promise you regardless of my political position i will
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not leave any stone unturned and i will tour the world to defend. formally announced the end of his alliance with the governing coalition led by hezbollah had it is calling for early elections a core demand of anti-establishment protesters who have been demanding change for months. earlier by confronting has a lot he was actually forced to leave the country to the premiership in 2016 but the result of a political deal with. president michel calculations themselves. and there's no allies. the presence of high ranking members of onetime allies at the ceremony could be a sign that had a pro western alliance known as the march 14th coalition could be reborn probably probably what you need is before and in your coalition a new form of. local and international coalition. to save
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guard lebanon and to support the lebanese in order to rebuild their country he was out there as well how did he enjoys international standing but he's not as influential as his father and in recent years a shaky relationship with longtime backer saudi arabia weakened him the party that the upper hand today when it comes to the bunnies. and his the. collapse now or his chances. are various them at least in the near future and. how did his resignation in october during nationwide protests was seen as an attempt to gain political capital he did try to return as prime minister of a government he would be able to control he failed how did he is now promising a new path that could change his political fortunes senator there are
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a lot. of coal fired power stations in germany are all due to be closed within the next 18 years the government is accused of breaking its promises to replace coal with more environmentally friendly sources of electricity and coal mining is threatening some communities has us. the guts phylum mine has been here for decades producing lignite brown coal to fuel the nearby power station which produces more energy than any other in germany a symbol of the country's continuing dependence on fossil fuels in 2019 brown coal and hard coal or anthracite provided more than 29 percent of the electricity used nuclear provided 14 percent renewables accounted for 46 percent but ministers are committed to combating climate change by reducing emissions and spent much of the last year deep in discussions about how to meet those commitments eventually they found a compromise we have i both forms of coal will be phased out within the next 18
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years. that's the heart of these were tough negotiations they took a long time in my view too long but you can see the result where the 1st country with a binding agreement to exit coal and nuclear power and that's an important signal internationally felix martis was a member of the commission which advised the government to prioritize a steady phasing out of coal he says they've not taken that advice and broken their promises in doing so their viral loads are to dis recommendation of the study phase out the pathway at the moment is to wait until the year 2013 and to wait until the year 2038 and shut down the major share of the listener plants shortly before abuse their clients one of the consequences of that will perhaps be felt most here bare for heart just down the road from guts failure with the mines immediate future guaranteed its owners want to expand it by buying the properties
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in bear the heart relocating the residents and then destroying the houses to mine the coal underneath already some people here have taken the money and moved out but not litter cox whose family has lived here for 6 generations she is fighting to stay. we need to go back on to the streets we must show people above all we must show politicians that what they're planning to do is absolute in that we must show them that we won't put up with it ministers are clear that mines will one day disappear and that renewable sources of energy are. the trouble for the people living round here is there will have to go 1st of all despite the government stated commitment to a green future dominic came al-jazeera. what germany is planning an end to coal australia is committing to a massive new mine and i will have that story force on sunday. protesters in
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mexico march to the presidential palace to condemn violence against women marchers were outraged to do newspaper publishing photographs of the body of a murder victim 25 year old in greatest amir was killed earlier this month the government says 10 berlin were killed every day last year in gender based attacks. now to sri lanka and the increasing confrontation between people and hungry elephants $121.00 sri lankans and more than $400.00 elephants were killed last year as mel fernandez reports conservationists are criticizing the government for distributing shotguns to help protect farms crops. and on the production is struggling to cope with the loss of her husband the 31 year old special task force policeman was killed by elephants here in it whoever just over a year ago. that it was his last day of
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a 5 day break at home we were both getting work done around the house in the evening he went to buy provisions as he would only be coming back in a month but it was while returning home that he ran into a herd of elephants. last year was the worst year for conflict between people and elephants 121 tree lankans and 405 elephants were killed sure lanka is home to around 6000 wild elephants 70 percent of them live outside protected areas which means they share their habitat with people farmers see they are vulnerable when travelling to their fears to work or when protecting their crops from night dream. this family was rushing to harvest that paddy before the elephants got to it. but the elephants are threatened with 500 shotguns handed out by the government the minister of wildlife has given the guns to civil security
9:45 pm
personnel to protect farmers and their crops he told al-jazeera the weapons will be used under wildlife department supervision only to scare the anyone is of morning sunday. we have issued bird shot you can't shoot and kill elephants with the stable fire up into the yeah elephants are scared of guns because they've been used by villages for many years these guns will be used in a disciplined way. conservationists say the guns are a bad idea and will only make things worse for the pointers to any point in this confrontation bill if one turns against you you're going to run a bird really reinforces our vision in elephants and the next time they reform comes in contact with somebody who doesn't know that that person doesn't have a gun and he's not going to shoot you're probably killed or 4000 kilometers of electric fences have been built to deal with the elephant problem but the barriers
9:46 pm
are mostly in the jungle and are no obstacle for hungry and determined elephants instead he says fences must be used to protect villages and crops. these farmers are doing just that. going to get under the you know make it this middle post we'll have electricity running through it like the base and other wires the elephants can pull it out at any point now we can get some rest at night earlier we had to stay up. deaths on both sides of this battle are rising every year and a national policy to conserve wild elephants is yet to be fully implemented 14 years after it was introduced but protecting these farmers and their crops is the biggest challenge for the government one that carries important votes in a finance as al-jazeera era of a north central sri lanka. and i know cleanup of beaches in bali is underway the
9:47 pm
1st since the island became the 1st province in indonesia to ban plastic bags and other throwaway items environmental campaigners say the bodies beaches all getting cleaner and more progress needs to be made jessica washington has a story. it's early morning but these volunteers are braving the heat and spending their weekend picking up plastic for years bali's beaches have attracted millions of tourists but plastic pollution has spoiled the natural beauty. chain age sistas are behind the push to cut down the island's waste it's the 4th year they've organized this annual mass clean out this is to say the beaches are clean assumes a ban on many single use plastics began but there's more work to do we saw a definite overnight shift change in modern retailers in bigger businesses but when it comes to you know smaller family owned businesses or you know the traditional markets it's definitely
9:48 pm
a longer process the ban applies to plastic bags straws and some packaging but there's no penalty for businesses that preach it food wrapping and bottles make up most of these plastic waste at this market try to start their day early selling fruit vegetables and traditional sweets all of it is still covered in plastic oh my mum complaining that sometimes people forget to bring bags so we have to give them out we also need plastic to repost. a lot myself i think that's it but i've noticed bali is cleaner since the ban started but sometimes i differ get to bring a bag but it's still new here. away from the tourist hot spots locals come to this speech on the islands south east coast to fish and cool off the situation on the beaches can change from day to day when there's heavy rain the incoming tide often washes in a deluge of plastic waste the local government here has set an ambitious target of
9:49 pm
reducing marine plastic by said. percent by the end of the year but not all of bali's plastic comes from bali itself a large proportion comes from other internation islands indonesia is one of the world's worst marine pollution is one recent study found around 15 percent of marine plastic around the world is thrown away in indonesia bali is the 1st province in indonesia to introduce anti plastic regulations but environmentalist's here hope it won't be the last bali was definitely i think the pioneer island in any ship going past a bag free but we did see commitments crap from jakarta you know wanting to go plastic bag free as well in the next 6 months in other places as well and we definitely see a ripple chain effect it's a message even bali's youngest on getting behind just to washington al-jazeera. still ahead here on al-jazeera controversial robey stoddard israel folau makes his return to the pitch we'll tell you how we got on his debut for a couple 100. progress
9:50 pm
. or a serious mistake. artificial intelligence is slowly invading every aspect of our lives. but very few of us really understand its capabilities for better or worse. in a new documentary al-jazeera explores the impact of a are accessing vast amounts of our personal data for data land coming soon the controversial leader of islamic jihad his car he is one of the most wanted terrorists in the stream of israel you can't turns them and his alleged extra judicial killings by israeli television inside the sense of being caught in the buskers the outcome is only that if someone tried to do but fish got immediately
9:51 pm
serially terms and was shut down before they go to kill him in damascus on al-jazeera. that is trying to support his job nick thank you english football giants mention city say they will appeal their 2 season ban from the european champions league and $32000000.00 fine for breaking financial fair play rules european governing body weight said on friday that the premier league champions committed serious breaches of its regulations on overspending the club refutes the claims for fund to work for ports. 29000 was a case of another year another title for manchester city but 6 weeks into 2020 and
9:52 pm
the big spending in the quest for trophies could have left them even further away from the one they really want the city will lose up by around $100000000.00 euros a year alone in prize money that they would be getting for reaching the champions league is an unprecedented ban at this level to season ban the champions league for one of the richest clubs in world football and the world sport. this will began in 2018 when the allegations were 1st raised in german sports magazine der spiegel at that time manager pip 20 ola city had full trust in the club's actions and of course want to follow the rules while the way for the future all this team is in the premier league. they do what they wanted to do so believe me. i didn't know what happened because. the 1st prospect of a ban was raised last month when you a 4 opened an investigation city welcomed the investigation into what it called the
9:53 pm
illegal hacking and out of context publication of its e-mails and that the accusations were entirely false in may city were referred to you wafers financial watchdog where there were reports that its members were pushing for at least the one year champions league ban the club's chairman had back at the criticism claiming rivals were jealous of this success i will not accept for this club to be used as a diversionary tactic on poor investment history and from other cause we've managed ourselves well. and we do we will be touched by facts manchester city filed an appeal to halt the investigation but the court of arbitration for sport last june but that was thrown out in november with cast saying the appeal was inadmissible their latest appeal could be crucial of quality ols mission to win a 1st champions league title for the club is to end in success paul venter with al-jazeera. correspondent lee wellings says that city's appeal could cause problems for champions a qualification in the english premier league. english clubs get 4 positions much
9:54 pm
of the city would inevitably qualify for one of those 4 if it's not my interest the city then we start looking about whether the 5th place team can qualify now this is extremely problematic because lawyers of course will be getting involved there's no guarantee of what's going to happen so the premier league can't make any promises you wait for can't make any promises with which car finishes 5th so it could get very messy but it's also bear in mind that manchester city of a position where their lawyers will be confident of getting something out of this that are being prepared up about it for over a year by feel that the whites mean how that is when they've called it a kind of group called when it goes to the court of arbitration for sport can i get the 2 years removed over juiced if it's changed into a fine that will suit them they won't supply champions league football so the other clubs like with those manchester not in tottenham and chelsea or wharves who feel
9:55 pm
unless the that they were in a position now a better position to get one of the spots in the champions league they'll be encouraged by this but there's a long way to go on israel folau has scored in his controversial super league debut catalans dragons the 30 year old took just 6 minutes to get on the school sheet against castleford in his 1st game of rugby league for decades conservative christian joined the french side after being fired by rugby australia following a homophobic post on social media fans of other teams of promise to protest his signing for lao side claiming their 1st win of the season 3618 after a hat trick by sam tomkins. after retiring in 2016 this year was the 1st that kobe bryant was eligible to be a candidate for the basketball hall of fame and the lakers great was julie confirmed on the shortlist on friday. considered one of the greatest to ever play the game and named a finalist by the north american committee as a player and we sure wish he were here today kobe bryant. prime so in this case
9:56 pm
comes just a few weeks after he was killed in a helicopter crash alongside his daughter jana before the famous will be announced on april 4th also in the running bryant's fellow all stars kevin garnett and tim duncan as well as women's olympic legend to meet her catchings all-star week is underway in the n.b.a. the u.s. to calm the rest of the world in the rising stars game on friday rest of the world having the best of the 1st half of the u.s. power back it was purely an exhibition by the time miles bridges with this one in the homegrown players winning by 20 points. now this was all mourned duplantis last week when he broke the pole vault world record but he's just done it again the 20 year old was competing at the glasgow indoor grand prix in needed just the one attempt to vault 6.18 meters with room to spare basing his previous record by a centimeter. say it as elfin evans has extended his lead at the shortened rally of
9:57 pm
sweden he made it through the model a snowy conditions when all 3 of the early stages before crossing into norway where he increased his least to 17.2 seconds at his return for his 1st w.r.c. win in teo to colors whether for sunday's 1st stage to be cancelled. spaces and cyclists have been taking part in an insurance rice on top of the world's deepest freshwater lake bike how in siberia in russia freezes over every winter with temperatures dropping below minus 14 degrees celsius the record for completing the ice storm marathon is just under 8 hours but for most just finishing is a major accomplishment. but the other only just got a victory is for the sportsman we have strokes who are approaching retirement age just need to feel happy feel that nature in the moment and preferably stay alive before the finish usually that is a useful for now have will feel it and make sure yes we'll see you later thanks very much indeed that is it for this news hour we'll have more news in just
9:58 pm
a couple of minutes but for me we're sitting. in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world where digital communication technology is growing digital platforms contribute to making change and expanding civic space consequently activists face harassment states railings increasing restrictions on the other hand digital platforms may be used to spread hate speech and trigger violence division. conflict and terrorism which in turn contributes to
9:59 pm
undermining human rights. in this context the national human rights committee of qatar organizes the international conference on social media challenges and ways to promote freedoms and protect activists in cooperation with the united nations high commissioner for human rights the european parliament the global alliance of national human rights institutions and the international federation of journalists. a unique yet endangered biodiversity lies in the heart of one of ecuador's tropical jungles there was a lot of misinformation about the i knew of a half year and now the probability is becoming boss that their self conservation their communities al-jazeera journeys deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist untouched teams efforts to save the flora and fauna so precious in the region women make science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera because
10:00 pm
context they change the face in depth storytelling around the biggest issues but add today you should do it again. a saudi fighter jet crashes over yemen rebels say they shot it down and released video is proof. dante this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the u.s. and china trade blows at the munich security conference after the u.s. defense secretary mabel's beijing the biggest threat to the global order. the battle against the coronavirus goes on with a warning from the w.h.o. that governments must do more to prevent deadly virus outbreaks. and it could be
10:01 pm
one of the largest displacements of the syrian war 100.


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