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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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does it. good war. or. it's impossible to predict. this. with. the world health organization warns global leaders to step up preparations for the coronavirus despite the drop of new cases in china for the 3rd day in a row. watching al-jazeera lie from a headquarters in doha and also a heads the rebels release this video they say is the downing of a saudi war plane in yemen the kingdom retaliates with air strikes killing at least 31 people plus we are open to any genuine intention to solve this problem
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qatar's foreign minister keeps diplomatic channels open after talks to end the gulf crisis are suspended. and the former u.s. vice president joe biden battles for a much needed victory if he hopes to keep his race for the white house alive. hello the number of new cases of corona virus in china has slowed for the 3rd day in a row more than 2000 new cases were reported on sunday that's down by more than 600 from the previous day but there are still serious concerns over the spread of the onus the world health organization issued a warning that other countries must step up their preparations for corona virus which has now killed more than 1600 people the w.h.o. chief says it's impossible to predict which direction the epidemic will take. it's
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impossible to predict which direction this week will take we are concerned about the levels of rumor and misinformation that. the response will concern it by the continued increase in the number of cases in china we are concerned by reports from china used to the number of those workers who have been infected or. so the virus has claimed its 1st victim outside asia an elderly chinese tourist in france more than 669 excuse me 69000 people that is are infected worldwide most of them in china and an american woman who was a passenger on a cruise ship that docked over in cambodia has now tested positive for the virus she was one of the 1400 passengers that disembarked from the m.s. westerdam in cambodia a day earlier well there is more controversy over in china amid reports that
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president xi jinping knew about the corona virus outbreak much earlier than previously thought adrian brown has more on that from hong kong. what's been happening this weekend is that state controlled media has been publishing details of a speech that president xi jinping gave on february 3rd almost 2 weeks ago now this speech was delivered to the politburo standing committee that's like china's cabinet the most powerful political body in the land and jury in that speech president xi jinping concedes that he knew about the virus as early as january the 7th this is 2 weeks of course before the 1st cases of human to human transmission were confirmed then on january the 20th the president said that he issued special instructions to try to contain the virus and we now know that 3 days later the city of was put into lockdown measures that were lauded by the world health organization now analysts say what seems to be happening is that the leadership is trying to
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cover its back in response to all the flak it's taken over its handling of this crisis now a lot of people have called this sort of china's sure noble moment referring to the nuclear accident in the former soviet union in the mid eighty's i'm not sure we've reached that tipping point quite yet it's still possible of course that the party will control this virus will contain it and that way it can spin it as you know a victory for the party for the people but i think it's too soon to say that at the moment whether the party is going to be able to do that the suit as it wants and still in hong kong protests are underway right now against government plans to set up coronavirus treatment clinics let's get an update from sarah clarke she is joining us from there so what are people protesting mostly concerned about sour on or what's the turnout like. we've got a couple of 100 people here at the moment in hong kong there are a number of rallies being held across the city i guess today was just said that
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again on sunday we've got 5 different areas that these are the communities who are angry i guess the government's decision to sit. these various coronavirus treatment clinics within these communities within these districts where we are now it's pretty much the poorer areas in hong kong it's in calhoun in the ng if we could see a couple 100 people behind me there were a bigger crowds early but some are dispersed when the right place and other places are to push them on but what they saying is that they never got any government public consultation with this community before they announced that they were going to set this up and the science the density of the it's a high open density within this particular district and by setting up a quarantine clinical study a coronavirus treatment clinic in a district like this the in markets a school and a lot of these buildings around me are filled with elderly people they sang the risk to the government risks a committee outbreaks the senate is angrier at the right place arrived early and a large number of place that pushed some protesters out and did some identity checks and this is also become
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a bit of an anti-government protest as well you might see some of the hong kong independence flags that are now up and they're now chanting some anti-government slogans as well along your answer when we just look at the bigger picture for a moment i mean the number of new cases of coronavirus in china at least has slowed for the 3rd day in a row is a tour of the for optimism what are we to make of these numbers. well certainly it does appear to be the 3rd consecutive day where the number of infection rights have been stalling within china i think in 2009 you cases in 142 more deaths i think as of saturday now it's in china and the government so they kind of pushing that message out that they have this particular corona virus outbreak under control but as you mentioned earlier we had the 1st day for outside of asia that was a man in france and that brings up to now fool people have died outside of china but we also have the princess diana go to try the diamond princess which is a cruise ship that's behind tain in yokohama for some time now we now have the
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number of cases reported it's the highest number of cases outside of china that's 255 people were reported to be positive with this trying to virus outbreak so certainly infections are still kind of telling up but china is certainly reported its 3rd drop their diet a consecutive day of a drop in the rights of infections writes a sarah clarke thank you for that update from hong kong meanwhile in indonesia almost 300 people have been released after spending 2 weeks in quarantine on a remote island they'd previously been in woodland in china so far indonesia hasn't recorded any cases of corona virus investigations are underway into the case of a chinese national who tested positive after visiting the island of bali just to washington has more. as the corona virus outbreak spreads around the world indonesia has found itself in an unusual position while most neighboring countries have confirmed cases of the virus is yet to confirm even a single case and many are asking how one of asia's most populous country has
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somehow invaded lobel alfredo but over here in bali those concerns are particularly pronounced this is a place that draws thousands of troops from china and up until recently they would dozens of direct flights operating from the epicenter of the virus but indonesian authorities say they have the situation under control and the world health organization also agrees that indeed these are is doing everything to their stand. there and. they have already. committed more. rehab. and. bali is quieter than usual that's because tens of
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thousands of chinese tourists have already canceled their holiday plans earlier in the month the indonesian government suspended all flights to and from china but there are at least 3000 chinese tourists currently in bali and while some plan on returning home by flying of the country at least $300.00 have already applied for a visa to enter. a series of air strikes in northern yemen has killed at least $31.00 civilians the u.n. humanitarian chief for yemen says the attacks by the saudi led coalition are shocking the strikes happened after the rebels said they shot down a saudi war plane. reports in the yemeni capital of sanaa this is the moment yemen's houthi say they shot down a saudi air force fighter jet the group this video on saturday the saudi u.a.e.
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little coalition confirmed one of its planes that went down in a drove governorates in the country's north east. the what these also broadcast what it says is the aftermath so how did it it was strikes in the area full of which the who these claim will retaliate to at this hour the quality released the statement saying there was a possibility of what it calls collateral damage to civilians this show you that the us and our forces has been able after they have shut down. several of the. american drones over the skies of yemen in the last 50 months now it seems to be that they are able to slow down despite that get on they can say that if they start at this stage this means that we are going to end that the new stage of the war the how these claim the plane was downed with then it's the missile some another say that of that's true it would be a very significant development and yemen's long running war this is
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a big deal knowing that already their partners the iraqis you know have for all practical purposes withdrawn left and now the saudis are there and incapable of finishing the war and certainly capable of winning the war and now perhaps with this game changer beginning to lose the war. more than 191000 people are being killed and another 3000000 displaced by the 5 ink millions more have been brutes to the brain to famine stricken home agreement of 20000 raised troops for peaceful settlement suppose there is been news sign of that. if it's confirmed no these have new weapon in there that could change the direction. whatever happens it's a variance who's in the middle who continue to pay the price. and
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so on are qatar's foreign minister says efforts to end the almost 3 year long blockade have failed. qatar is remain open to resolving the disputes so to arabia the united arab emirates. are refusing to restore political trade and transport links sara hierarchs reports. from un says been speculation that the blockade of cattle by its neighbors could be nearing an end the foreign minister announced at the munich security council that talks to ease detention came to an end last month in 2017 saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt cut all diplomatic and economic ties with cats are we are open to any genuine intention to resolve this problem and we have been we demonstrated this in fact when there was an opening. here and november and of last year. and unfortunately these efforts didn't succeed and spears suspended at the beginning of january but. remain at the same position that we are often the 4 blockading
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countries accused katz of supporting terrorism which it's repeatedly tonight it's also rejected a list of 13 demands which include closing a turkish military base downgrading ties with iran and shutting down the al-jazeera media network. in december cats are sent its highest representation since the blockade then prime minister shift. any to the annual gulf cooperation council summit in saudi arabia at the time capsule had said that been positive talks with saudi leaders his attendance came after the national football teams of saudi bihari and the u.a.e. all took part in the arabian gulf cup in cats on november reversing an earlier decision not to participate. cattle is home to the largest u.s. military base in the middle east and gulf region the u.s. has called on its gulf allies to end the feud fearing it might undermine its
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efforts to contain what it sees as iran's growing influence in the region normally the united states should have been involved. impressing all the countries involved . saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain egypt and qatar to come to some kind of detente we have very very extensive relationships with all 4 of these governments all 5 of these governments and really it's a failure of u.s. diplomacy 3 years off to the blockade began the 6 nation regional bloc is still struggling for unity it's not a hyena it's. the ha. still ahead on al-jazeera u.s. secretary of state arrives in senegal with a warning about china's influence plus. in the mountains of colombia where the world's top cyclists are racing.
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hello and welcome to international weather forecasts we have got some wild weather at the moment across europe deep areas of low pressure one which has produced gusts of winds of more than 250 kilometers per hour and ice and another one still developing which could produce wind almost a strong across ice and meanwhile for the u.k. for southern parts of scandinavia and for all these countries are bordering the north sea coast is going to be very wet indeed they could well be some localized flooding the winds will cause some problems large across northwestern parts of the u.k. but the rain is likely because the real issues the low pressure south is going to hang around for a while becoming distorted amongst the afloat meanwhile across more eastern areas of your the weather conditions are actually going to change and for the better so some warmer weather coming in across the balkans parts of italy during the course
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of sunday and into monday some high night time temperatures meanwhile we've got this area of rain which is going to be pushing towards the alps turning broadly to snow says much welcome falls of snow expected over the alps peyronie's though still remain largely dry as you move into north africa put the temperature contrast on here and you can see that the heat across central parts of africa lagos only cheery highs of 34 but roughly cool with a strong wind across the coast of libya with highs a 17 in benghazi. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop their energy demands in. requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against these 2 mounds we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generations no breastpin pioneering future energy.
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on the way down the top stories on al-jazeera. the number of new cases of corona virus in china has slowed for the 3rd day in a row more than 2000 new cases were reported on sunday that's down by more than 600 from the previous day but the world health organization chief says it's impossible to predict which direction the epidemic will take. the u.n. humanitarian chief or yemen says he's shocked by the killing of 31 civilians in the airstrikes they happened after a cold the rebels said they shot down a saudi air force warplanes. qatar's foreign minister says efforts to end the
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almost 3 year long walk aid have failed a catch all reason remain open to resolving the disputes saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt are refusing to restore political trade and transport links. washington's top diplomat is due in senegal at the start of his 4 country whistle stop tour of africa the u.s. secretary of state has already warned of what he called china's dangerous and fluence on the african continent maicon peo said chinese investment feeds corruption and it undermines the rule of law but not everyone sees it that way as the reports in the senate of these capital the car in the trade war between the united states and china a small garment factory in west africa sees an opportunity chinese owned but made in senegal 200000 sports have been shipped to the united states for sale in the wal-mart supermarket chain after delivering the goods a month before scheduled the senegalese workers have been sent home to wait for the
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next order of the loss of. we have to trade deals in place to be us we can export to the us treaty free and that's way to track the chinese investors to come here in senegal and more generally to africa also it takes us 14 days from dakar by ship to get goods to the us compared to shanghai where it takes 2 months. chinese investors have found in african countries a way to avoid u.s. trade tariffs imposed on goods made in china in the past 20 years china loaned $180000000000.00 to african countries including senegal some of the money's being spent on building john you know joe a new city on the outskirts of the capital where chinese manufacturing companies are setting up operations in general u.s. secretary of state might pump warned against chinese investment in africa. it's tempting to accept easy money from places like try there's a better alternative we all know it and we can all achieve it together western firms american firms operate according to values proven to produce good deals and
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quality work bumppo is trying to change the perception that the world's leading superpower has no clear strategy for a continent that's home to over a 1000000000 people namby is health system isn't donald trump has shown little interest in africa so far is the 1st president since ronald reagan not to have visited the continent despite strong historic and economic ties compare this with his predecessor barack obama has visited senegal twice and in fact on this road where tens of thousands of people lined up chanting the name of the united states president now for mike pompei oh look at it now those special arrangement he's being received like any other foreign minister and that's because for many senegalese and many africans across the continent america's influence on the region is waning. it's 2 years since the white house and now it's a pullout of u.s. troops from the saheli region of west africa where armed groups are attacking regularly and gaining ground in african states will find themselves weak and in the
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face of armed groups like the islamic state or boko haram who are regrouping in the sahara region and so we are seeing russia and china trying to take position. the u.s. administration is sending mixed signals open for business but close for many africans washington is imposing a travel ban later this month on 4 african nations amongst the confusion fast growing economies such as senegal regard china as a more reliable partner nicholas hawk al-jazeera deckard and in almost 2 decades of war in afghanistan has been high on the agenda at a security conference in munich and talks follow a provisional agreement between the u.s. and the taliban aimed at reducing violence but that will only last for a week i was there as diplomatic editor james bays reports from germany that some of the war in afghanistan continues to claim lives here villages prepare to bury those killed in the u.s. airstrike the un only started counting civilian casualties in 2008 years
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into the conflict but in the decade since then over 100000 civilians were killed or injured. in munich the us was explaining the deal it's now struck with the taliban an effort to try and end the war we have on the table right now a reduction in violence a proposal that was negotiated between our ambassador and the taliban it looks very promising we have now been for a few days now in the process of consulting 1st with our congress i've had many conversations and then secondly concurrently with our nato allies in brussels now the u.s. has done its steel its partners must follow all the nato countries still have 8000 personnel in the country serving alongside of 12000 u.s. troops we are not leaving afghanistan. but we are prepared to
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adjust our force level if the taller bar on the most straight there will and the ability to deduce violence and make compromises kowtow to the negotiations with the taliban that they've gone on for over a year with the afghan government president ashraf ghani had demanded a ceasefire be put in place before any deal instead the taliban have only agreed to what's being called a reduction in violence the critical test is going to be will be will that except in elections as the mechanism the mechanism of referring to that one people in the still have the view from of course afghanistan's last election is still not been formally decided i should afghani has the most number of votes but he's not been declared the winner that is going to make things difficult in the coming days because afghanistan needs to choose the delegation for those talks that
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it now needs to have with the taliban jamesburg days i'll just 0 munich the race to become the democratic presidential nominee has moved to the u.s. state of nevada early voting open in nevada on saturday ahead of the caucuses next weekend it's one of the 1st tests of the candidates a pill in a state with a more diverse population and many eyes will be on the former vice president joe biden who was once a front runner in the polls but he's yet to win a contest where the president oh by the n.r.a. where the president oh by the gun manufacturers and i promise you. president not president to live a breath and b i'm going to do everything i can to go after those gun manufacturers. in order to win in november we're going to have to have strong support from the opera going to american community the latino community the asian community and the native american
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community we cannot take these communities for granted anymore shepparton city has more from washington. it's about a 30 percent latino population here 9 percent african-american or an 8 percent asian american that might help explain some of the figures we're looking out in the 1st poll we've had for ages from from nevada but the soul is in the lead 25 percent he has a really strong latino base in nevada and now actually by the way that all that leave the house right now does that is reflected in the national polls we're going to last national poll we had on thursday had a double digit lead over joe biden he was at 29 percent joe biden at 19 percent but he said it is looking very good at the moment joe biden 18 percent in nevada he has to do well now after his disastrous performance in new hampshire and iowa where he's going to continue to say that he's the electable one he has to start winning
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or at least vaguely doing well in elections he's hoping that the african-american base that he's always hoped for will come out with as evidence in the polls that even that is declining now as what we were told in the pose of the main reason why the african-american community is. coalescing around that is you know maybe they do prefer other policies from someone else but they feel that he can beat trump but if that is the priority and if you call and win elections it's not good for elizabeth warren for 13 percent told him start now this is the really interesting one as well make or break for him perhaps as well so what we haven't heard off much before. is another 1000000000 a businessman and his pitch is i can beat trump because i can be the sort of centrist front than and i can beat him on his own on his own ground and so on he's put huge amounts of money in nevada if he doesn't do well here he's probably going to be out of it and then peter amy clover 10 percent each this is their opportunity these are on the on the right of the democratic party is their opportunity to
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perhaps or that they have any support whatsoever amongst ethnic minorities because certainly if they don't then it doesn't look good for them moving forward so i think the evidence right now is that they have minimal support amongst the democrats diverse base. well some of the world's best cyclists will be racing towards the finishing line in a few hours time after the tour of colombia and they include this year's tour de france champion hoping for a happy homecoming in the capital bogota. as following his progress i the 2nd to last stage of the tour arrived at the hometown of tour de france winner. sits at more than 2600 meters of elevation yet the rarefied air did little to stem the excitement of fans waiting to see the city's most famous son o'connell 600 i met him when he was riding with his 1st colombian team and started winning pan american bases and then i followed him when he went to italy it's very exciting to see him here because people adore him and this is his
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3rd edition of the world tour competition has attracted the roaster of cycling greats and is positioning itself as a premier race in latin america for overseas riders it's an opportunity to compete at the beginning of the season at high altitude with each stage averaging above the highest peaks of the tour de france while for colombians it's an opportunity to shine at home. i think growing up in busy narration for me is pretty special. to those for this country because they're. colombian cyclists star take over to a world rewon comes along after training everyone to speak really well of the country despite being a cycling loving country until recently colombia didn't have a u.c. . race at the traditional colombia 2 were known as well as long been bogged down
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by terrible infrastructure an accusation of widespread doping. the tour's 6 stages are in colombia straight dition will cycling regions of. also home tonight. so kind of cycling experts says. are going from strength to strength after an hour came one after another you know one of the chime in drips and drabs but now they're trying to use in the words all very fashionable very economical and very successful to have seen nearly all the world saw them and now they are coming through as well so latin america is really changing the face of words on sunday the last stage will reach the capital and its most emblematic climbed the phone at 3266 meters alison that m.p.'s. sudan's ousted president bashir is due to appear in court in the coming hours for
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a hearing on war crimes allegations in the dark for region the conflict there began in 2003 when minority rebels rose up against this year's government around 300000 people were killed and 2 and a half 1000000 displaced. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera the sour the number of new cases of corona virus in china has slowed for the 3rd day in a row more than 2000 new cases were reported on sunday that's down by more than 600 from the previous day but the world health organization is warning that other countries must step up their preparations for corona virus which has now killed more than 1600 people. it's impossible to predict. this. with we above the level of rumor and misinformation
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that. the response. by the continued increase in the number of. we. used to the number of those workers who have been infected or done the u.n. humanitarian chief or yemen says he's shocked by the killing of 31 civilians in airstrikes strikes happened after what the rebels said they shot down a saudi air force work plane qatar's foreign minister says efforts to end the almost 3 year long blockade have failed but catteries remain open to resolving the disputes so the arabia the u.a.e. an egypt are refusing to restore political trade and transport links washington's top diplomat is due in senegal at the start of his 4 country whistle stop tour of africa the us secretary of state mike on peo has already warned of what he called china's dangerous influence on the african continent the race to become the democratic presidential nominee has moved to the u.s.
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state of nevada early voting opens in nevada on saturday ahead of the caucuses next weekend it's one of the 1st tests of the candidates appeal in a state with a more diverse population and many eyes will be on the former vice president joe biden once a front runner in polls he's yet to win a contest so don's ousted president obama and bashir is due to appear in court in the coming hours for hearing on war crimes allegations in the darfur region the conflict there began in 2003 when minority rebels rose up against bashir as government around 300000 people were killed and 2 and a half 1000000 displaced those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next thanks for watching. coronavirus and its impact on the gas market spending billions of dollars to save trillions later from new york so we look at the cost of oil using sea level. was approved or riskier to.
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come to. attacking media freedom in the philippines president. takes legal action to shut down the knowledge is t.v. network which is also his fierce critics journalists accuse him of dictatorship so what now for freedom of speech in one of asia's largest democracies this is inside story. and welcome to the program. it's being described as the most severe attack on media freedom in the philippines president rodrigo tatay has 5 a supreme court petition to shut down the not just television network accusing abs of committee.


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