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wounded while working on mines i wasn't scared to lose and religious a sucker for us we have to like this country. the. truce in libya is hanging by a thread awarding by a u.n. official as foreign ministers meet to try to bring an end to the civil war. you're watching us is there a life from a headquarters and. also ahead. it's impossible to predict which direction this. will take. the world health organization warns leaders globally to step up preparations against the corona virus outbreak with figures out of china showing a drop in new cases for a 3rd straight day. sudan's ousted president ahmed bashir appears in court over
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allegations of 4 crimes and are for. getting away with murder in mexico demonstrators say the epidemic of violence against women must be stopped. hello we begin in munich that's where the u.n. is urging for more accountability to enforce an arms embargo in libya foreign ministers from around a dozen countries met on the sidelines of a security summit to end libya's civil war there seems to be a consensus that efforts must be made to end foreign military support for the warring sides and stop the flow of weapons into the country were. forces have been fighting to capture the capital tripoli since april. the truce is holding
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only by a thread with numerous over 150 violations reported and it is the libyan people that continue to suffer the most the economic situation continues to deteriorate exacerbated by the oil blockade and the looming banking crisis the purchase of pitting countries and organizations today among some there was a consensus on the need to lift the oil blockade i want to touch on the fact that the life of ordinary people in libya does continue to worsen as a result of this conflict and the degrading of basic services one out of every 4 living in has been negatively affected by the ongoing conflict let's bring in our diplomatic editor james bays there he is he's joining us from that meeting in munich and you were at that press conference james and you specifically asked the german foreign minister about those who are breaching the arms embargo tell us more about what he had to say. well i think the key thing here is that this
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isn't some 3rd party country that is of aiding the rest of the international community and defying them the people who are not complying with the arms embargo in libya are in that room we had 13 foreign ministers meeting and among them the countries that are militarily most involved in libya clearly the statement by all the foreign ministers this is it coming out is pretty similar to the statement that that leader has issued 4 weeks ago when but for some of those countries abang been playing since lip service to the woods and continuing to supply the arms in high numbers to both sides to the internationally recognized government in tripoli and to the forces of general huffed in benghazi use been receiving plane loads of weapons notably from the united arab emirates that was represented at this meeting
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all this communication today says that the breaches of the arms embargo deplorable the deputy special representative of the united nations gets on salami who's the special representative we're told is somewhat i will well say his deputy stephanie williams was that she said that the arms embargo is a joke they're hoping that another meeting backed in the last few days by a u.n. security council. resolution will provide the needed pressure to stop those arms shipments that are also planning to monitor the situation that monitoring it seems will be done by the european union that talking about and monitoring and monitoring potentially by sea it should be easy for the e.u. to monitor by sea because the u.n. has all surprised a maritime mission to deal with migrants the actual reality rather embarrassing reality for the european union is that all. peroration operation sofia authorized
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by the united nations actually has no ships operating your tools so in terms of maritime operation don't expect them to monitor it much that way but clearly with satellite truck because these days even with commercial satellite truck as journalists can see the planes that are coming and going on the hourly basis landing in tripoli and benghazi it's not hard to see to monitor that this is taking place i think the question is whether they're going to be repercussions whether the countries are going to be called out and whether that's going to be any sanction taken against them ok james thank you for that update from munich and let's suppose some of those points that james was raising to me when i've been while have because he's on the ground he's joining us from tripoli itself so what are some of the issues that have been discussed in munich and prior to that and burn then mahmoud that are just not being implemented on the grounds.
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well during in there haven't been major changes on the ground in regard to implementing these major to european consumers namely the arms embargo and the implementation of the cease fire or the troops on the ground and are to some extent i agree with the dignity of the united nations in void to libya stephanie williams she described the situation on the ground or the cease fire as a joke because that hasn't been any any change on the ground except with the possible exception of the decrease to some extent of the heavy fighting over the past few weeks as you know during that there has been sporadic fighting random rockets launched but have to have been landing in residential areas killing innocent civilians including women and children until recently until 2 days ago and also have to force or have been violating the arms embargo by receiving get
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thousands of tons of weapons and munitions from the united arab emirates as their. government of national accord says and meanwhile the government says that it is justifying get there it's receiving weapons from turkey as the government is the only legitimate institution of the presenting the libyan people and it had it has the right to defend itself and to defend the capital tripoli against after his forces aggression meanwhile as you know that there have been many meetings to call on the rival factions on the ground to stop or to deescalate starting from russia berlin at this hour. and today minute but that hasn't been major change on the ground and the situation remains a very tense and both roaring factions are determined to continue the fighting ok what i'm going to have thank you for that update from tripoli. now doctors in china
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are reporting a slowdown in the number of new cases of corona virus for the 3rd successive day but the world health organization says it's impossible to predict which direction the epidemic will take 142 deaths were reported on sunday that's along with 2000 more infections most are in who bay province where the outbreak was 1st reported in december now worldwide 1669 have died of the disease they include an elderly chinese tourist in france the 1st fatality in europe and in the past few minutes taiwan is reporting its 1st death the world health organization is urging countries to step up preventive measures it's impossible to predict which direction this week with take we are concerned about the levels of rumor and misinformation that. the response will concern that by the continued increase in
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the number of cases in china we are concerned by reports from china used today both the number of those workers who have been infected or down and in hong kong there is anger over treatment clinics that have been opening in densely packed areas residents say they weren't consulted on the clinics may threaten their health while sarah clarke has the latest from hong kong. this is one of a number of community protests being held across hong kong this weekend but the anger here is from this community against the government of what they say is a lack of public consultation with these aires about the sitting up of a crowd of virus treatment clinics in their population in their districts down the complaint is that number one they didn't get the consultation from the government but number 2 they're being set up in these highly populated areas there's a fear of a community outbreak but you might be able to see behind me certainly around me there are a number of flags that are calling for independence and anti-government slogans this particular protest movement is now moving into the pro-democracy groups and
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the anti-government movement once again. and in mainland china there is controversy over reports that president xi jinping and top leaders knew about the threat of the outbreak weeks before it was actually revealed to the public brown is following that story from hong kong. what's been happening this weekend is that state controlled media has been publishing details of a speech that president xi jinping gave on february 3rd almost 2 weeks ago now this speech was delivered to the politburo standing committee that's like china's cabinet the most powerful political body in the land and jury in that speech president xi jinping concedes that he knew about the virus as early as january the 7th this is 2 weeks of course before the 1st cases of human to human transmission were confirmed then on january the 20th the president said that he issued special instructions to try to contain the virus and we now know that 3 days later the city
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of was put into lockdown measures that were lauded by the world health organization now analysts say what seems to be happening is that the leadership is trying to cover its back in response to all the flak it's taken over its handling of this crisis now a lot of people have called this sort of china's show noble moment referring to the nuclear accident in the former soviet union in the mid eighty's i'm not sure we've reached that tipping point quite yet it's still possible of course that the party will control this virus will contain it and that way it can spin it as you know a victory for the party for the people but i think it's too soon to say that at the moment whether the party is going to be able to do that soon as it wants or in japan 70 more people on board a cruise ship have tested positive for the coronavirus that brings the total number on the diamond princess cruise liner to $355.00 around $3800.00 passengers and crew
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have been stuck on board for 2 weeks since a quarantine was imposed the united states canada south korea and hong kong are sending aircraft to fly their citizens home here's our decide imo with more details about the quarantine on that ship. we are hearing some information that the japanese government would announce soon that extension is going to extend. from the 19th of this month to several days and maybe for a week and maybe this is the procedure which is the reason behind the movements and the plans of. all these countries to evacuate to their citizens the $380.00 passengers u.s. passengers who are going to be evacuated they will be taken to $100.00 the airport about an hour drive from here and they will board the airplane that is coming from u.s. to fly them back to their country but when they arrive to travis air base in floaty
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that they're going to go under quarantine for another 14 days so why would the u.s. government go all the do all this procedures and take them for another 14 days get on to other knowing that maybe the current team here would be prolonged for even longer than that and this information and all the situation with the increase of infected people just today the health minister announced new 7000 new cases so all this increase with the numbers. of the countries the u.s. and other companies moving their evacuating their bus injures that's putting more and more stress on the people staying behind still ahead on al-jazeera the rebels say they shot down a saudi warplane in yemen ponting a retaliation from the kingdom. democratic presidential contenders make their case as the showdown for super tuesday draws near.
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rains on its way to japan once again it started its life in china but this is all part of the system wraps itself around a sure it will develop more and more in the next few weeks but currently its top edge is producing snow quite a lot of it after the western slopes of honshu this is still cold air look at the high temperature in salt minus 4 whereas in contrast it's plus 18 beijing that's above where it should be this is below where it should be the rain isn't just gone past the science of honshu given your fine looking day in tokyo at 17 degrees it does cool down quite substantially by the time you get to choose and you'll feel that the breeze is still quite strong stows so falling on the western slopes of the high ground throughout honshu there most of china was dry and in fact the cloud
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just tailed off of course you'd expect it to be dry this time of the is right india bangladesh and pakistan the power for showers in the poll of on the east india that is true there are a few showers and sri lanka even thunderstorms and that's what you might expect the weather is normal for the time the unfortunate so it is in the event and particularly in northern syria and in northern iraq that cloud represents more winter weather right now if you're lucky star if you're not on his cold. for. the controversial leader of the islamic jihad that is currently these one of the most wanted terrorists in the street is really counterterrorism and his alleged extrajudicial killing by israeli intelligence in a sudden sense and being caught in the massacres the outcome is only death if
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someone tried to get back to chicago immediately syrian intelligence was shut down the borders. to kill him in damascus on al-jazeera. luke the. fellow again the top stories on al-jazeera the un is urging more accountability to enforce an arms embargo in libya foreign ministers from around a dozen countries met on the sidelines of a security summit to end libya's civil war there seems to be kicked consensus that efforts must be made to end foreign military support for the warring sides and stop the flow of weapons into the country. doctors in china are reporting
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a slowdown in the number of new cases of corona virus for the 3rd day in a row more than 2000 new cases were reported on sunday that's down by more than 600 from the previous day but the world health organization chief says it's a possible to predict switched direction the epidemic will take. sudan's president omar bashir has appeared in court for the 1st hearing on allegations of war crimes in the darfur region the conflict there began in 2003 when mainly non arab rebels rose up against bashir is government accusing it of neglecting the region earlier my colleague a giraffe against spoke to simon adams who's the executive director of the global center for the responsibility to protect and he says this hearing could indicate a date with the i.c.c. may be getting close. the sudanese transitional authorities have kind of indicated that they are prepared to hand over the sheer to the i.c.c. and that's the 1st time that they've ever kind of given
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a hint of that so something is clearly under way and i think you know it's amazing to see just how quickly that country has changed in less than a year members only april last year when when bashir was overthrown and now they're literally talking about potentially handing them over so you can go in handcuffs to the hague but is what's happening in sudan today going to come up to international standards yeah i think that's a real question and i mean the one thing that's very interesting here is that the international criminal court hasn't actually said anything at this point and i assume that's because behind the scenes they're probably talking to the sudanese authorities right now saying what would a domestic process look like what would a process in the hague look like and how could the international community potentially assist with some domestic process of that's the course they choose to pursue but the transitional council in sudan is not excel of itself full of people who are known for being defenders of human rights is far from it's in fact there are some people inside the transitional council who you know probably belong at the
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hague as well not least of all humanity who controls the rapid support forces which willing to of course of the gender weight in darfur and so what's clear is that there's kind of a debate obviously behind closed doors at the moment inside the transitional authority to say what needs democracy look like but also what does justice and accountability look like 3 missiles have landed near the u.s. embassy in iraq a capital baghdad a 4th. close to the office of the popular mobilization forces that's a paramilitary group backed by iran no casualties have been reported. so day in iraq here strikes have killed at least $31.00 civilians in northern yemen the u.n. humanitarian chief for yemen says the attacks by the coalition are shocking the strikes happened after the rebels said they shot down a saudi warplane mohammad lots of reports in the capital of sana'a this is the moment yemen's houthi say they shot down
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a saudi air force fighter jet the group this video on saturday the saudi u.a.e. lit qualis and confirmed one of its planes it went down you know drove governorates in the country's north east. the what these also broadcast what it says is the aftermath so how did it it was strikes in the area full of which the who these claim were retaliatory that the saudi quality released a statement saying there was a possibility of what it calls collateral damage to civilians this show you that the us and our forces has been now able after they have shut down. several of the. american drones over the skies of yemen in the last day 3 months now it seems to me that they are able to slow down despite that get on they can say that if they start at this stage this means that we're going to end that the new stage of the war the who these claim the plane was downed with then missile some another
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say that if that's true it would be a very significant development and yemen's long running war this is a big deal knowing that already their partners the iraqis you know how for all practical purposes withdrawn left and now the saudis are there and incapable of finishing the war and certainly capable of winning the war and now perhaps with this game changer beginning to lose the war. more than 191000 people have been killed and another 3000000 displaced by the fighting millions more have been brutes to the brain to famine stricken home agreement of 20000 raised troops for peaceful settlement suppose there is been news sign of that. if it's confirmed now these have new weapon in there that could change the direction. whatever happens it's
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billions who's in the middle who continue to pay the price. so know. washington's top diplomat has arrived in senegal at the start of his 4 country whistle stop tour if i. africa before he arrived the u.s. secretary of state my pompei a warned of what he called china's dangerous influence on the african continent and said chinese investment is a death trap for african countries but not everyone sees it that way as they call us have reports in the senegalese capital jakarta. in the trade war between the united states and china a small garment factory in west africa sees an opportunity chinese owned but made in senegal 200000 sports have been shipped to the united states for sale in the wal-mart supermarket chain after delivering the goods a month before scheduled the senegalese workers have been sent home to wait for the next order of the last of them we have good trade deals in place to us we can export to the u.s.
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treaty free and best way to attract the chinese investors to come here in senegal and more generally to africa also it takes us 14 days from dakar by ship to get goods to the us compared to shanghai where it takes 2 months. chinese investors have found in african countries a way to avoid u.s. trade tariffs imposed on goods made in china in the past 20 years china loaned $180000000000.00 to african countries including senegal some of the money's being spent on building a new city on the outskirts of the capital where chinese manufacturing companies are setting up operations in general u.s. secretary of state might pump warned against chinese investment in africa. it's tempting to accept easy money from places like try there's a better alternative we all know it and we can all achieve it together. western firms american firms operate according to values proven to produce good deals and quality work bumppo is trying to change the perception that the world's leading superpower has no clear strategy for a continent that's home to over
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a 1000000000 people namby is health system isn't donald trump has shown little interest in africa so far is the 1st president since ronald reagan not to have visited the continent despite strong historic and economic ties compare this with his predecessor barack obama who's visited senegal twice and in fact on this road where tens of thousands of people lined up chanting the name of the united states president now for mike pompei oh look at it now those special arrangement he's being received like any other foreign minister and that's because for many senegalese and many africans across the continent america's influence on the region is waning. it's 2 years since the white house and now it's a pullout of u.s. troops from the saheli region of west africa where armed groups are attacking regularly and gaining ground in african states will find themselves weakened in the face of armed groups like the islamic state or boko haram who are regrouping in the hell region and soul we are seeing russia and china trying to take position the us
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administration is sending mixed signals open for business but close for many africans washington is imposing a travel ban later this month on 4 african nations amongst the confusion fast growing economies such as senegal regard china as a more reliable partner nicholas hawke al-jazeera to car las vegas is where a democratic party candidates for the white house are hoping to find political fortune they include former front runner and vice president joe biden who's fallen behind in the race to replace donald trump contenders are campaigning in nevada before next weekend's nominating contests early voting for the caucuses began on saturday. ritter president who owned by the n.r.a. where the president's own by the gun manufacturers and i promise you president not president to live a breath and me i'm going to do everything i can to go after those government. in
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order to win in november we're going to have to have strong support from the african-american community the latino community asian community and the native american community we cannot take these communities for granted anymore. the danger is real our democracy hangs in the balance we can get 10 maybe we can back up or we can get in the fight me i'm in the fight and there's anger over a supreme court ruling which said that states are no longer bound to reserve job promotions for the so-called lower costs and other tribes or india correspondent elizabeth prod him spoke to some of the protesters in new delhi. people have gathered here in the center of the indian capital new delhi to protest against the supreme court's ruling on friday that affirmative action in government jobs and
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promotions is not the fundamental driver the various groups and political parties have spoken out against the ruling they say that the indian constitution guarantees affirmative action for the most socially disadvantaged groups now these reservations of quotas as they're known here i've given to cost based groups made to a group called the ballots and also to tribes people to rectify historical wrongs perpetrated by the hindu religions caste hierarchy. edition of windows at trick one where the forces of. so we are here with this in. save constitution save. save citizenship save constitution we are to see here for. respect we need to believe as i believe. this process has been created by a very popular man by the name of chandra shaker as that who is the leader of the community he's asked people to march from here to the indian parliament but there
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is a large police presence are there to stop people from reaching parliament as out has also asked politicians belonging to the costs and tribes to ask the indian government to nullify the supreme court's verdict of the publication of graphic images of the body of a young woman murdered in mexico has drawn attention to what activists say is an epidemic of gender based violence it's estimated that 10 women are killed every day in the country when you are awful reports from the mexican capital. hundreds of women continue to demonstrate on the streets of mexico city. i know their anger ignited by the case of 25 year old. brutally murdered by her boyfriend on february 9th. the national palace was one of the targets of the crowds he said the government hasn't done enough to address the issue of violence against women
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it's estimated that 10 women are killed in mexico every day. when i last been there what i meant they were going to go i'm sure people will say look at this crazy woman spray painting this historic door from there to lucian but what they should do is read what we've written how many women have been killed how many have been raped how many are being discriminated that's what really matters i there's also been a backlash against mexican media after photos of mutilated body be published every month and. i'm asking the members of the press before you publish a fight before you write a story think think that this could have been skipping your daughter that this could be your mother. more than 1000 cases of femicide were recorded across mexico in 2900. women's rights advocates are demanding that all murders of women be automatically investigated as femicide when the to investigate something means you deal when a murder is investigated as
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a femicide is automatically sets off a series of protocols recognised internationally through this documentation a statistic is generated making it possible to recognise the scope of the problem so public policy can be developed. outside the apartment building where indeed the ischemia was killed maybe join demonstrators in a vigil for all victims of gender based violence while it was the death of anybody that has come to you that support these latest demonstrations protests against gender based violence are becoming louder and more frequent in mexico more than 20 different organizations have signed an open letter against gender violence in mexico. with emotions still running high more demonstrations are expected when. mexico city. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera the un is urging more accountability for an
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arm. embargo in libya foreign ministers from around a dozen countries met on the sidelines of a security summit to end libya's civil war there seems to be a consensus that efforts must be made to end foreign military support for the warring sides and stop the flow of weapons into the country. the truce is holding only by a thread with numerous over 150 violations reported and it is the libyan people that continue to suffer the most the economic situation continues to deteriorate exacerbated by the oil blockade and the looming banking crisis the participating countries and organizations today among them there was a consensus on the need to lift the oil blockade i want to touch on the fact that the life of ordinary people in libya does continue to worsen as a result of this conflict and the degrading of basic services one out of every 4
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living in has been negatively affected by the ongoing conflict doctors in china reporting a slowdown in the number of new cases of coronavirus for the 3rd day in a row more than 2000 new cases were reported on sunday that's down by more than 600 from the previous day but the world health organization chief says it's impossible to predict which direction the epidemic will take taiwan reports its 1st sudan's ousted president bashir has appeared in court for the 1st hearing on allegations of war crimes in daraa for up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next.
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attacking media freedom in the philippines president. takes legal action to shut down the largest t.v. network which is also his fierce critics journalists accuse him of dictatorship so what now for freedom of speech in one of asia's largest democracies this is inside story. and welcome to the program. it's being described as the most severe attack on media freedom in the philippines frezza.


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