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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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now what. the u.s. begins ranch reading some of its citizens from japan from a current you'd cruise ship chinese leaders say slowing and fictions prove their containment efforts are working. i'm compelled this is al jazeera live from doha also coming off. the arms of burgos has become. and so it's you know we all really need to step up here. the u.n. criticizes it goes that breaking libya's weapons and warning the agreement is hanging by a thread. sudan's else to president omar bashir peers in court facing allegations of
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war crimes and done for. us secretary of state lands in senegal the white house tries to convince african countries to take sides in the trade war between the u.s. and china. doctors in china are reporting a slowdown in the number of new cases of corona virus for the 3rd successive day the world health organization thought those says it's impossible to predict which direction the epidemic will take 142 deaths were reported on sunday along with 2000 more infections most aren't who by province where the outbreak was 1st reported in december world wide 1669 people have died taiwan's recorded its 1st fatality weiland out chinese tourist and fronts became the 1st to die in europe american passengers on board a quarantined cruise ship docked in japan are being evacuated it's off to 70 more
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confirmed cases of course were reported on the diamond princess bringing the total number of infections to 355 canada south korea and hong kong are also sending aircraft to fly their citizens home let's go live now to john hendren who is in washington d.c. john what happens to these americans once their home. well if they have the virus kim they don't get to go on those chartered flights back home for the 400 americans who are going to be taking these charter flights they'll go back but many of them are upset because they're going to have to spend 2 weeks in quarantine at one of 2 military bases in california and in texas they would have been out of that quarantine on the boat itself in 3 days but the american government along with the canadian government and others have decided that they need to quarantine those people longer and they're going to be they're going to be screened before they get
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on their flight anybody showing symptoms will not be allowed they'll be treated in japan they won't be allowed to go home but for the others are going to spend 2 weeks in a military base on the way they were told that from sunday night to monday the americans will be sent on charter flights they were told that these are converted cargo flights so they have to dress warmly bring their own food because it's very cold play not your usual flight home and many of those people are unhappy at the time they spent on those boats many of them in windowless and on that boat rather many of them in windowless cabins and now to have to go home and to be quarantined there as well many of them are very unhappy with that but the u.s. government says it has to do that the canadian government is also quarantine people for 14 days at a military base after they come out taking their chances that 100 there live from washington d.c. well in hong kong there is the anger of the government's decision to open treatment
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clinics in densely packed areas residents say they want consultants in the clinics may threaten their health center talk with that protest. we've had a couple of 100 people in the calhoun area which is where we are now this is a protest over lies by the community against the government's decision to set up these coronavirus treatment clinics across hong kong now we've had protests on saturday but had protests again on sunday we've got 5 across the city and today you know this particular one the complaint is that this sign the government failed to consult the local community before they announce his decision carry land made this announcement this week they weren't aware of this particular decision until that announcement was made they're also saying that setting up these coronavirus taping clinics in these areas such high density aires there's a risk of a potential community outbreak as a result there where we are we've got schools we've got markets i was the large number of high rise buildings that's quite a low but a poor district and so a lot of these buildings are filled with elderly people and the concern with the
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neighborhood here in the people here at this protest this as a result they believe the risk of an outbreak in the krajina virus infection is high now also we've had a number of our flags pro-democracy flags 9 and hong kong independence flags being raised at this particular rally other softer noon it appears the pro-democracy groups movement and the anti-government movement seem to be moving also they are joining hands with these communities to try and push back the government on the decision to set up these coronavirus treatment clinics across the city. the publication of a recent speech by china's president xi jinping is raising questions about why the public was not alerted about the outbreak sooner adrian brown explains why. china's president xi jinping knew about the our break of the coronavirus you know early january that was 2 weeks before the government confirmed the 1st person to person transmission of the virus and more than a week before dr li one was silenced by the government for alerting colleagues the
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president delivered a speech to the politburo standing committee china's most powerful political body that was on february the 3rd but details. only released by state media this weekend those details amount to an official timeline of what the president knew and when on january the 20th she says he issued special instructions to try to contain the outbreak 3 days later the city of woo han was locked down a measure praised by the world health organization some analysts say china's leader appears to be covering his back after mounting criticism that he didn't respond fast enough on one hand. chinese leaders who would like to demonstrate that it had not the late in for he acting in taking action to contain the epidemic that it had not tried to conceal the facts from the puppy but then are obviously the cover up conspiracy is very much in the minds of chinese people president xi also
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accused regional communist party leaders of not carrying out orders from the government in beijing and vowed to punish incompetent administrator this is the greatest crisis to come from president xi jinping since he came to power more than 8 years ago because it indicates the top leadership were aware of the potential for verity of a virus weeks before the public were told of of dangers at beijing's new international airport the economic impact from the virus is clear with few airlines flying to china one of the world's busiest travel hubs is at a virtual standstill. desolate scenes too across the border in hong kong on a sunday the city's world famous harbor side would normally be teeming with tourists but this weekend just 3000 visitors arrived deepening the sense of isolation here as well adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. and he went envoys in
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that he says the weapons embargo there has become a joke foreign ministers discussed the issue at a security summit in new nic they agreed not to interfere in libya but many of them have been deeply involved in the conflicts diplomatic editor james baker has more. this was diplomacy is groundhog day foreign ministers and other representatives from 13 countries repeating the same thing their leaders said exactly 4 weeks ago that is summit in berlin. but despite their words arms have continued to flow to both sides in libya and showing what some might call great hypocrisy the countries who are breaching the embargo are actually all among those here mr foreign minister you talk about a deplorable breach of the arms embargo we know who is breaching the arms embargo they were in the room with you what did you say to them that's when i was those who continue to breach the embargo need to know that they will be detected and they
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will be named we will discuss that with the e.u. council on foreign affairs tomorrow and we will discuss the contribution the e.u. can make the arms embargo has become a joke and so it you know we all need to step up here and. it is complicated because there are violations that are happening on land sea and air and that all needs to be monitored and there needs to be accountability ultimately attention will now move to geneva the other problem apart from the breaches of the arms embargo is the lack of a ceasefire talks at the un's european headquarters between representatives of general haftar those of the internationally recognized government brazil won't choose day the un have ambitious plans to keep the diplomatic momentum moving they put in a diary a date of the 26th of february for talks with all the libyan political parties and then the plan is for elections brokered by the un that if there is
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a ceasefire and that remains a very big if james is out 0 munich. gunshots have been heard in tear gas is filled the streets of central bank does dozens of protesters fought with police who used a small bombs to disperse crowds on sunday protesters say they're tense with their home fired by security forces of a not human rights commission says nearly $550.00 iraqis have been killed since anti-government demonstrations began in october. earlier 3 missiles landed near the u.s. embassy in baghdad a 4th misawa exploded close to the office of the popular mobilisation forces say paramilitary group backed by iran no casualties have been reported its. sounds ousted president bashir has appeared in court for the 1st hearing on allegations of war crimes in the darfur region the conflict there began in 2003. when mainly non arab rebels rose up against bush's government accuses it of neglecting the region
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the herring is separate from the charges bashir faces at the international criminal court in the hague the i.c.c. has been pursuing him for more than a decade and in another legal development for amal bashir he's facing new charges of corruption money laundering and financing terrorism allegations date back to his time in power but she was sentenced to 2 years in prison for corruption in december . again or is an international criminal lawyer and counsel for victims at the international criminal court he thinks there are questions about whether sudan can hold a fair trial. it's not clear exactly what's going to happen from here on in so he's the prosecutor of the i.c.c. fighting bensouda has already raised the possibility of a trial before sudanese courts in sudan that's what she raised as a possibility with the un security council in december the principal obligation to carry out an investigation and prosecution does rest with sudan but there will be
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a very big question mark as to whether sudan is not just able but also willing to carry out a full and proper investigation of prosecuting prosecution into the full range of the crimes at issue it concerns of fast company of ethnic cleansing and genocide in darfur so it remains to be seen whether sudan is is willing to do that within its own courts and could a trial take place safely in khartoum that's a big question and if justice in this case is really to be delivered close to where the victims live well then arguably it should not take place in khartoum which should be in darfur and does the security situation in dar for envisage the holding of a trial there probably not so these are these are some of the issues so the the security is often one of the main reasons why these trials are not actually held in the
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country where the hostilities are taking place now a 40 people have been killed in a road accident in the democratic republic of congo and they say the crash happened in a busy district of the capital kinshasa and i think he says or at the same. well still ahead on algis they're on democratic presidential contenders make back and says the showdown to super tuesday draws man. i'm a mix here brian it at that point in queensland when millions of tons of college ship out of history every year find out why some communities are main divided of the whole mining and climate change. now the last bell terrains come out of china china's forecast is a dry one and is japan we need to focus on japan and surrounding countries so
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a bit of a closer than having seen a winter without a great of snow is all for in the last 2 weeks masses still to come in whole cardew and all these western slopes of honshu right down to the south you'll notice it's quite a cold wind give you maximum temperature about minus 4 in seoul now in contrast in china in beijing it's woman that should be 8 degrees it's obvious about for this time of the year tokyo is also enjoying a bit awards the time being the coast cold is going to come across the high ground at some point so as it turns into more of a northwesterly tokyo drops that city but you are still in the least so you're still in the sunshine now for the south and the showers are drifting slowly indoors was now more in borneo more impotence them and they see the new scene of late and curling into southern thailand that wind which is quite strong around the vietnamese coast will bring rain showers feel some storms through cambodia and into southern thailand during tuesday and that's it this is not quite weather proper few
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showers in the pole the northeast india and sri lanka things are quiet. join africa's largest trade an investment there in the wanda i.e.t.f. gives you access to more than 1100 exhibitors and 10000 visitors and bias and more than 5000 conference delegates from more than 55 countries participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 u.s. dollars as business and government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibit which will include a creative africa exchange by the african export import bank and the premium fatness the i.e.t.f. 2020 transforming africa.
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you're watching al-jazeera armada of our top stories this hour the u.n. envoy is describing the arms of boggo of libya as a german foreign ministers discuss the issue in munich they agreed not to interfere but many of them have been deeply involved in the conflicts. sudan's ousted president on al bashir has appeared of course for a hearing on war crimes allegations in the dull for reaching the goals of their began in 2003 when minority rebels rose up against his government killing around 300000 people displacing 2500000. american passengers are being evacuated from a cruise ship that's under quarantine for corona virus and. there are 355 confirmed cases on board the time princess meanwhile doctors in china reporting a slowdown in the number of new cases for the 3rd day in a row taiwan has reported its 1st death. the virus has been detected at more than
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2 dozen countries but one of asia's most populous nations is yet ter taught a single case indonesians who were evacuated from heart have been released from quarantine with a clean bill of health as jessica washington reports from bali concerns a growing of a high transit areas of the country. it's quieter than usual on bali's beaches tens of thousands of chinese tourists who would have spent their winter holidays on the island have had to postpone their plans because of the corona virus outbreak who visit is from china who landed here before the outbreak escalated there were 2 choices return home or extend their stay at least 300 out of the 5000 who are here have applied for visa extensions but you and her husband are ready to go home the couple say they're confident chinese authorities and governments around the world handling the situation you know what we need to go back to our jobs and
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our children need to go to school so in our holiday ads we will immediately return home every year around a 1000000 chinese tourists visit bali and they would direct flights from where the outbreak began until they were stopped a few weeks ago as many ask how indonesia has seemingly avoided this outbreak for now this concern the virus is present here but undetected somewhere in this vast archipelago a recent study by harvard researchers looked at data around the outbreak and its link with a travel volume it calculated the risk of an outbreak in countries with direct flights to when the outbreak began and found the disease could already be in indonesia some say indonesia is vulnerable. there are many ports of entry into the country so many airports and ways for people to get in and
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some areas don't have the right equipment to take to the virus. but authorities here are defending the measures taken by indonesia. we've been mapping the spread of what would happen if there was a right we have 100 hospitals ready now and getting ready the facilities and personnel are prepared. the world health organization also says the country is taking the right steps to detect the virus and prepare for cases we did. have. and we have. it's been confirmed one chinese national who traveled to bali has constructed the virus but it's not clear whether that happened in bali or elsewhere authorities are looking into the case and on this island many are anxiously waiting to know jessica washington al-jazeera. u.s. secretary of state my pump oh is in senegal 1st official trip to africa since
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taking office on fire was hosted by a senegalese president mucky sala dakar a short while ago i've been talking about china's growing influence across the continent. has pledged u.s. support for said it all its fight against armed groups in the region senegal's leaders and i also talked about islamist terrorism which endangers 350000000 people right here in west africa. it threatens americans too. we are counting on set it on it is an important ally in this fight and i shared our friends that the u.s. will keep up this fight as well in addition we discussed how united states can continue training and supporting senegalese peacekeepers in the region their success up in transition to gambia to a democracy is a historic legacy. turkey's foreign minister has told his russian counterpart that the syrian government must halt its offensive in the province that's a challenge shouldering that so
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a level of on saturday on the sidelines of the munich security conference comes ahead of talks between turkey and russia and moscow turkey has said that it would take necessary steps if diplomatic efforts with russia fail say the u.s. and its delegation will meet with the russian delegation tomorrow in moscow prior to the summit with sergei lavrov into the aggression and ad libbed should stop and a permanent cease fire should be established or delegations will evaluate decisions tomorrow in moscow. qatar's foreign minister says efforts to end the almost 3 year long blockade have failed because the areas remain open to resolving the disc which saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt are refusing to restore political trite transport links reports. for months says been speculation that the blockades of cattle by its neighbors could be nearing an end but the foreign minister announced at the munich security council that talks to ease detention came to an end last month in 2017 saudi arabia the u.a.e.
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behind and egypt cut all diplomatic and economic ties with cats are we are open to any genuine intention to resolve this problem and we have been we demonstrated this in fact when there was an opening. here and november and of last year. and unfortunately these efforts didn't succeed and spears suspended at the beginning of january but. remain at the same position that we are often before blockading countries accused katz of supporting terrorism which it's repeatedly tonight it's also rejected a list of 13 demands which include closing a turkish military base downgrading ties with iran and shutting down the al-jazeera media network. in december cats are sent its highest representation since the blockade then prime ministership. to the annual gulf cooperation council summit in saudi arabia at the time capsule had said that been positive talks with saudi
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leaders his attendance came after the national football teams of saudi bihari and the u.a.e. all took part in the arabian gulf cup in cats on november reversing an earlier decision not to participate. cattle is home to the largest u.s. military base in the middle east and gulf region the u.s. has called on its gulf allies in the future fearing it might undermine its efforts to contain seize iran's growing in. in the region normally the united states should have been involved in pressing all the countries involved. saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain egypt and qatar to come to some kind of day talked we have very very extensive relationships with all 4 of these governments all 5 of these governments and really it's a failure of u.s. diplomacy 3 years after the blockade began the 6 nation regional bloc is still
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struggling for unity so hideouts. the ha also i guess is where democratic party candidates for the white house are hoping to find political fall to include former frontrunner and vice president joe biden who's fallen behind in the race to replace donald trump content as a campaigning and developer before next weekend's nominating contest early voting for the caucuses began on saturday. the publication of graphic images of the body of a young woman murdered in mexico has provoked more anger about violence against women activists highlight what they're calling an epidemic it is estimated that 10 women and girls are killed there every day mine while at a polo reports from the mexican capital. hundreds of women continue to demonstrate on the streets of mexico city. their anger ignited by the case of 25 year old. brutally murdered by her boyfriend on february 9th.
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the national palace was one of the targets of the crown's he said the government hasn't done enough to address the issue of violence against women it's estimated that 10 women are killed in mexico every day. when i last saw what i meant they were going to i'm sure people will say look at these crazy women spray painting this historic door from their lucian but what they should do is read what we've written how many women have been killed how many have been raped how many are being discriminated that's what really matters. there's also been a backlash against mexican media after photos of mutilated body be published. and. i'm asking the members of the press before you publish a photograph before you write a story think think this could have been your sister this could have been your daughter that this could be your mother. more than 1000 cases of femicide were recorded across mexico in 2900. women's rights advocates are
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demanding that all murders of women be automatically investigated as femicide when the to investigate something means c.d.o. when a murder is investigated as a femicide it automatically sets off a series of protocols recognised internationally through this documentation a statistic is generated making it possible to recognise the scope of the problem so public policy can be developed. outside the apartment building where indeed ischemia was killed neighbors joined demonstrators in a vigil for all victims of gender based violence while it was the death of anybody that has come to you that support these latest demonstrations protests against gender based violence are becoming louder and more frequent in mexico more than 20 different organizations have signed an open letter against gender violence in mexico. with emotions still running high more demonstrations are expected when.
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mexico city. a volcano in mexico is living up to its reputation as one of the world's most active. which means smoking mountain has erupted twice within 24 hours so far there's been no reports of injuries or damage from the lava flow is all from the ash clouds. and the approval of a huge new coal mine is dividing a strategy is catastrophic bush was to increase debate about fossil fuels climate change and the switch to green energy but the new mine provides jobs and strengthens a strategy is position as the world's largest coal exporter and they are brian has the story from the state of queensland. claremont population 3001 of history is mining heartlands most of the work here is a cult following and they keep all wilkes motel business going as well possibly 70 percent of their business would be call related in one way or another whether it be
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the shoe salesman all of the shampoo sidles men feel salzman claremont's the closest town to the controversial comical mine and it's still 160 kilometers away. the mines are owned by the indian company adani and got the go ahead from the government last year after more than a decade they've been holed up so the environmental approvals and funding problems for the mines be scaled back from its initial plans however it will still be among a strain his biggest exposing at least $10000000.00 tonnes of coal a year this is the workers' camp for the mine which is under construction just a few kilometers away we weren't allowed to film inside and wouldn't talk to us on camera for this story the mine lies here in the galilee basin which is home to one of the biggest coal deposits in the world there are fears the mind could push an endangered bird species towards extinction while the land also holds spiritual significance to some indigenous groups adani will be the 1st mine in the basin and
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that's made it a flashpoint for protests it's madness to actually lead it to that it's got this far in the stein age with what we know about climate change and. one of the biggest. deposits because it had this shouldn't happen in the mining industry and the role of fossil fuels in the climate crisis have been in the spotlight in australia after months of devastating bushfires and he has a drought a strike is the world's biggest exposures call and the government's being accused of not doing enough to reduce emissions or protect the planet. their generation called mana and local union chief steve smyth says he. open to change but it's got to be realistic if they expect mourners in a family and community come along on this journey and i've got to provide something more than what they were born now which is rhetoric and woods and the fact that people are not convinced that renew the renewable sector can be avoid the scientology of employment so i'm going job security and
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a future for about them and they keep. the mind could be exporting its 1st call is soon is next yeah in the meantime astray remains deeply divided over where the minds of purely sources of money and opportunity all scars on the landscape that take more than i provide except brian al jazeera queensland australia. dissolves there and these are the top stories american passengers are being evacuated from a cruise ship that's under quarantine for corona virus in japan there are $355.00 confirmed cases on board the diamond princess meanwhile doctors in china reporting a slowdown in the number of new cases for the 3rd day in a row 1 one has reported its 1st death those american passengers who have begun vacuous it from japan will not be going directly home as john hendren explains the
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400 americans who are going to be taking these charter flights they'll go back but many of them are upset because they're going to have to spend 2 weeks in quarantine at one of 2 military bases in california and in texas they would have been out of that quarantine on the boat itself in 3 days but the american government along with the canadian government and others have decided that they need to quarantine those people longer and they're going to be they're going to be screened before they get on their flight anybody showing symptoms will not be allowed they'll be treated in japan they won't be allowed to go home. u.n. envoy is describing the arms embargo on libya as a joke foreign ministers discussed the issue and munich they agreed not to interfere but many of them have been deeply involved in the conflict. the truce is holding only by
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a thread with numerous over 150 violations reported and it is the libyan people that continue to suffer the most the economic situation continues to deteriorate exacerbated by the oil blockade and the looming thinking crisis. sudan's ousted president omar bashir has appeared in court for a herring on war crimes allegations in the darfur region the conflict there began in 2003 when minority rebels rose up against bush's government separately the attorney general has also announced new charges of corruption and money laundering against bashir. let's the news here on al-jazeera do stay with us though our next is what i want to still have more headlines about an hour's time.
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i want to strengthen his university campuses tensions are rising and then i let a chance hang her heart she has got to go i. thought it was at that moment that i was attacked. by. the universe these billions of dollars a year from chinese student fees and research projects with china. but now feel is a growing that these lucrative arrangements made were seen as strategies academic institutions even national security at risk strategy university use of not being sleep walking that brain in a kind of it's astonishing there is no excuse anymore. what i want to use to investing.


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