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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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that. you can find for weeks by the coronavirus hundreds of u.s. citizens are evacuated from a ship in japan as the rate of infection in china slows the president she faces claims he knew about the outbreak threat weeks before the public was told. i'm on taylor's is al jazeera live from london also coming up. the arms embargo how it's become a joke and so it you know we all recently to stock up here frustration from the u.n. over repeated violations of an arms embargo in libya. sudan's ousted president
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appears in court facing allegations of war crimes in the darfur region. and as the climate change debate rages in australia a major new coal mine is given the go ahead a decision that's divided opinions. under the increasingly tight restrictions in china's hu bay province seem to be having a positive effect on the spread of the coronavirus all 60000000 people have been ordered to stay home private cars have been banned and businesses are closed of the 3rd straight day doctors there say there has been a drop in the number of new cases 142 deaths were reported on sunday along with 2000 more infections most are in who bay province where the outbreak was 1st reported in december 1669 people have died from the virus all but 5 in mainland
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china the latest death outside the mainland was in taiwan a taxi driver who hadn't travelled abroad recently and in japan hundreds of american passengers they're on board a quarantine cruise ship have now left the diamond princess they'll be flown back to the u.s. and face another 2 weeks in isolation. all right this is about to step into the big wide world so i have to put my mask on. an american couple from new york film the last moments disembarking from the ship are expected to leave japan on u.s. charter flights in the next few hours to canada hong kong and italy and make a similar efforts to evacuate their citizens from japan. that's going on now to john hendren is in washington d.c. john talks to the logistics for repatch eating those americans well it's going to be a no frills flight back home for these cruise ship passengers imagine 3700 of them have been on a cruise to nowhere for 10 days that's how long they've been anchored off the coast
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of yokohama and they were thinking that that quarantine was going to end on the 19th that's what they had been told but for the americans their government said not so fast now they'll be able to go home on a cargo ship but they're going to have to go to military bases in california and texas for 2 weeks more of quarantine time and that is going that's something that has upset many of these passengers they've been commenting posting on it saying that they thought the coronation was over and this is an absolutely no frills flight it's on a cargo plane they've been told it will be cold they should bundle up they should bring their own food and for those who have bags over 70 pounds they're told those bags will not make the trip line so it's been it's been quite a journey for them what about the provisions generally in the u.s. is it a strict for everyone. there are already people who have been
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quarantined at u.s. military bases that we are told that these people will be held separate from them and on that trip of course is going to look like a hospital where they will all be wearing those masks that your passenger was just talking about in that clip you showed. but the u.s. is not really where the where the hugest concentration is that ship in japan is the largest concentration of corona virus victims anywhere outside of china we have had a number of cases in the u.s. but they appear to be isolated and of course those flights from china have largely been stopped to 100 thank you very much indeed. and in many and china anger is growing over allegations that president xi jinping and top leaders knew about the threat of the outbreak weeks before it was revealed to the public stage and brown is following the story from hong kong. china's
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president xi jinping knew about the our break of the coronavirus in early january that was 2 weeks before the government confirmed the 1st person to person transmission of the virus and more than a week before dr li won liang was silenced by the government for alerting colleagues the president delivered a speech to the politburo standing committee china's most powerful political body that was on february the 3rd but details were only released by state media this weekend those details amount to an official timeline of what the president knew and when on january the 20th she says he issued special instructions to try to contain the outbreak 3 days later the city of woo han was locked down a measure praised by the world health organization some analysts say china's leader appears to be covering his back after mounting criticism that he didn't respond fast enough on one hand our chinese leaders would like to demonstrate that it had
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not the late in reacting in taking action to contain the epidemic that it had not tried to conceal the facts from the puppy but then are obviously the cover up conspiracy is very much in the minds of chinese people president xi also accused regional communist party leaders of not carrying out orders from the government in beijing and vowed to punish incompetent administrator this is the greatest crisis to come from president xi jinping since he came to power more than 8 years ago because it indicates the top leadership were aware of the potential for verity of a virus weeks before the public were told of both dangers had beijing's new international airport the economic impact from the virus is clear with few airlines flying to china one of the world's busiest travel hubs is at a virtual standstill. desolate scenes too across the border in hong kong on
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a sunday the city's world famous harbor side would normally be teeming with tourists but this weekend just 3000 visitors arrived deepening the sense of isolation here as well adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong hundreds of demonstrators rallied for a 2nd day in hong kong against government plans to turn some buildings into quarantine centers the city has 57 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and paradigms administration is coming under increased criticism for its handling of the crisis sarah clarke has more. this is one of a number of community protests being held across hong kong this weekend but the anger here is from this community against the government over what they say is a lack of public consultation with these areas about the sitting up of a crime a virus treatment clinic in their population or in their districts south of the complaint is that number one they didn't get the consultation from the government but number 2 they're being set up in these highly populated areas there's a fear of
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a community outbreak but you might be able to see behind me certainly around me there are a number of flags that are calling for independence and anti-government slogans this particular protest movement is now morphing into pro-democracy groups and the anti-government movement once again. un's deputy special representative to libya has labeled the arms embargo aimed at reducing fighting in the country a joke stephanie williams said that those who breach it must be held to account because she is between the un recognized government and warde hollister have to reduce resume on tuesday on diplomatic editor james bays reports from munich. this was deployed overseas groundhog day foreign ministers and other representatives from 13 countries repeating the same thing their leaders said exactly 4 weeks ago that is subject to. but despite their words arms have
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continued to flow to both sides in libya and showing what some might call great hypocrisy the countries who are breaching the embargo are actually all among those here mr foreign minister you talk about a deplorable breach of the arms embargo we know who is breaching the arms embargo they were in the room with you what did you say to them that when i was those who continue to breach the embargo need to know that they will be detected and they will be named we will discuss that with the e.u. council on foreign affairs tomorrow and we will discuss the contribution the e.u. can make the arms embargo has become a joke and so it you know we all need to step up here and. it is complicated because there are violations that are happening on land sea and air and that all needs to be monitored and there needs to be accountability ultimately attention will now move to geneva the other problem apart from the breaches of the
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arms embargo is the lack of a ceasefire talks at the un's european headquarters between representatives of general haftar those of the internationally recognized government brazil won't choose day the un have ambitious plans to keep the diplomatic momentum moving they put in a diary a date of the 26th of february for talks with all the libyan political parties and then the plan is for elections brokered by the un that if there's a cease fire and that remains a very big if james pays out 0 munich. in syria at least 4 people have been killed and 7 others injured by a car bomb near the turkish border the bomb was detonated in a town of iraq a province dozens of civilians have been killed by car bombs in the town since turkish backed forces drove out the kurdish y.p. gene militia in october. turkish state media have blamed the attack on the wife e.g.
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turkey's foreign minister has told his russian counterpart that attacks in syria's last rebel held stronghold must stop and that a cease fire has to be achieved if you cover so to met so gay lover of on saturday during the munich security conference ankara and moscow support opposing sides in the conflict but have collaborated on a political solution syrian government forces backed by russian air power have been trying to seize control of live turkish and russian officials are due to discuss the issue on monday in moscow. say that with us and this delegation you meet with the russian delegation tomorrow in moscow prior to the summit with sergei lavrov that's of the aggression and it looks should stop and the permanent cease fires should be established or delegations will evaluate these issues tomorrow in moscow . gunshots i mean heard and tear gas sprayed in central baghdad square dozens of protesters fought with police to use smoke bombs to disperse the crowds on sunday protests the say the tents were set on fire by security forces rocks human rights
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commission says nearly 550 iraqis have been killed since had to government demonstrations began in october earlier multiple missiles landed in baghdad some near the u.s. embassy another exploded close to the office of the popular mobilization forces a paramilitary group backed by iran no casualties have been reported and no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. saddam's ousted president omar bashir has appeared in court in khartoum accused of corruption and killing protesters as well as those charges sudan's attorney general said bashir was also being questioned over money laundering corruption and financing terrorism and make it latest legal problem for the former president who was overthrown following mass protests. this hearing is separate from the charges a schiff ace's at the international criminal court in the hague the i.c.c. has been pursuing him for more than a decade in 2009 he was charged with 2 counts of war crimes and 5 of crimes against
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humanity a year later the i.c.c. added 3 additional charges of genocide and will have to do with the shias role in the darfur conflict years of fighting between pro-government forces and ethnic rebels left thousands dead and displaced and displaced 2 and a half 1000000 for gainor is an international criminal lawyer and counsel for victims at the international criminal court he says questions still remain of whether sudan is able and willing to investigate the full range of bush's crimes. it's not clear exactly what's going to happen from here on and so is the prosecutor of the i.c.c. fatted bensouda has already raised the possibility of a trial before sudanese courts in sudan that's what she raised as a possibility with the un security council in december the principal obligation to carry out an investigation and prosecution does rest with sudan but there will be
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a very big question mark as to whether sudan is not just able but also willing to carry out a full and proper investigation of prosecuting prosecution into the full range of crimes and issue it concerns of fast company of ethnic cleansing and genocide in darfur so it remains to be seen whether its leader and he is willing to do that within it to other groups could a trial take place safely in khartoum that's a big question and if justice in this case is really to be delivered close to where the victims live well that an arguably it should not take place in khartoum which should be in darfur under the security situation in dar for envisage the holding of the trial there probably not so these are these are some of the issues that the the security is often one of the main reasons why these trials are not actually held in the country where the last.
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hello and welcome to international weather forecast behind me you can see the swirling mass of clay which is associated with storm dennis dennis has proved to be the 2nd strongest storm on record in the north atlantic still we're getting very very strong winds coming in from the west very heavy rain across the u.k. we've had a lot of flooding here and river levels are going to continue to rise and it's still going to be an issue meanwhile out towards the east we've got very mild weather can do. indeed in rumania 15 degrees should be about 4 degrees this time of year so there should be just above freezing but very mild air pushing in but this weather front will be pushing on it'll give some snow over the alps but as it goes on through a cold front so we're going to see temperatures falling back there was so back at 8 degrees at that stage for much of the u.k. it's still going to be windy still going to be sharing will still be more trouble disruption but things will begin to quieten down as we get through into the working
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week for the south much of europe looking dry and fine is also fine across the bulk of northern and central parts of after some very warm weather here in de protect across the central african republic sectional temperatures can trusting with the cool air coming in from the north along the coast of libya and so we're expecting maximum temperature in benghazi of just 16 degrees. or. more to an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water resume and right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission will be very very trained for is water privatization on anybody they really feel. those people who see every 2 years something to invest a profit of they want are up to the last drop on al-jazeera.
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or. whole. from under the top stories here on ars 0 hundreds of american passengers who had been on board a quarantine cruise ship in japan have now left the diamond princess it's been confirmed that 40 u.s. passengers have been infected with the coronavirus. one of the un's top representatives on libya says the weapons embargo there has become a joke and those who breach it must be held to account foreign ministers from around the world met on the sidelines of security come summit in munich to discuss the conflict. turkey's foreign minister has told his russian counterpart that attacks in syria's last rebel held stronghold must stop and that the ceasefire has
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to be achieved syrian government forces backed by russian air power have been trying to seize control of it. returning to our coverage of the corona virus outbreak a virus has been detected in more than 2 dozen countries but one of asia's most populous nations is yet to report a single case indonesians who were evacuated from han have been released from quarantine with a clean bill of health but as jessica washington reports from bali concerns are growing about the high transit areas in the country. it's quieter than usual on bali's beaches tens of thousands of chinese tourists who would have spent their winter holidays on the island have had to postpone their plans because of the corona virus outbreak who visit is from china who landed here before the outbreak escalated there were 2 choices return home or extend this stay at least 300 out of the 5000 who are here have applied for visa extensions but you and her
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husband are ready to go home the couple say they're confident chinese authorities and governments around the world handling the situation you know what we need to go back to our jobs and our children need to go to school so in our holiday we will immediately return home every year around a 1000000 chinese tourists visit bali and they would direct flights from where the outbreak began until they were stopped a few weeks ago as many ask how indonesia has seemingly avoided this outbreak for now this concern the virus is present here but undetected somewhere in this vast archipelago a recent study by harvard researchers looked at data around the outbreak and its link with a travel volume it calculated the risk of an outbreak in countries with direct flights to when the outbreak began and found the disease could already be in indonesia some say indonesia is vulnerable. there are many
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ports of entry into the country so many airports and ways for people to get in and some areas don't have the right equipment to take to the virus. but authorities here are defending the measures taken by indonesia. we've been mapping the spread of what would happen if there was an outbreak we have $100.00 hospitals ready now and getting ready the facilities and personnel are prepared. the world health organization also says the country is taking the right steps to detect the virus and prepare for cases. have. and. it's been confirmed one chinese national who travelled to bali has constructed the virus but it's not clear whether that happened in bali or elsewhere authorities are looking into the case and on this
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island many are anxiously waiting to know jessica washington 0. you know secular state might pompei or has concluded his trip to senegal the 1st stop on his trip to africa. was hosted by senegalese president baucus out in dhaka and also met the foreign minister of a as was it come as a tense time with washington recently imposing travel bans on for more african countries the us is also considering military cuts and the rest of the region but pompei was keen to stress washington support for senegal security senegal's leaders and i also talked about islamist terrorism which is dangerous 350000000 people right here in west africa. it threatens americans too. and we are counting on setting on it is an important ally in this fight and i shared our friends that the u.s. will keep up this fight as well. in addition we discussed how united states can continue training in supporting senegalese peacekeepers in the region their success
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of in transition the gambia to a democracy is a historic legacy. because hackers in dhaka has more on what papa said and the confusion around washington's approach to africa. this press conference was really no surprise for any people who are observing the united states and their involvement in africa many people wondering what is it all about because 2 years ago the national security advisor at the time john bolton announced a pullout of american troops in the region but at the same time within the last 2 years attacks from groups like the islamic state in the greater sahara and before her has doubled just yesterday in mali 22 people were killed in the village of go by the border in mali so really an uptick of violence so a lot of people here wondering why is the united states pulling out in this region joining us is how a from the open society of democracies in west africa to perhaps answer this
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question how will the effect how will this affect the west africa region this pullout of west of american troops from this region. knows a key role is that us it's the united states plays into the jones went on so intelligence surveyance and tending. so it would be a peachy job the u.s. pullout from gaza dejan we see heightening off attacks more countries being on the brink off collapsing you know. miley oh he's already a serious case and he sent this into a few months of looking up my ass so instead of. attacking civilians and being a grant didn't say it so us when expecting to play you know even to be go to an insult stability and peace into teaching. u.s. democratic party candidates are campaigning in nevada 1st saturday's caucuses there
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facing off for the right to win their party's candidate see to take on donald trump in a presidential election candidate and former vice president joe biden has set his sights on one of the front runners bernie sanders the former v.p. has criticized sanders gun control voting record or calling on the senator to condemn what he called vicious malicious and mr genetic rhetoric being used by his supporters. in india demonstrations are being held over supreme court rulings which said that states are no longer bound to reserve job promotions for the so-called lower castes and minority tribes or india correspondent elizabeth for an arm spoke to some of the protesters in you jenny. people have gathered here in the center of the indian capital new delhi to protest against the supreme court's ruling on friday that affirmative action in government jobs and promotions is not a fundamental right various groups and political parties have spoken out against
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the ruling they say that the indian constitution guarantees affirmative action for the most socially disadvantaged groups now these reservations are quotas as they're known here are given to cost based groups made to a group called the ballots and also to tribes people to rectify historical wrongs perpetrated by the hindu religions caste hierarchy. by the one who are the forces of. so we are here with this simple slogan 1st save constitution save. save citizenship save constitution we are to see here for. the obvious self-respect we needed to believe as i believe. this protest has been very popular man by the name of chandra shaker who is a leader of the community he's asked people to march from here to the indian parliament but there is a large police presence are there to stop people from reaching parliament as that
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has also asked politicians belonging to costs and tribes to ask the indian government to nullify the supreme court's verdict. at least one person has died as storm dennis wreaked havoc across the united kingdom at london's heathrow airport planes battled strong winds as they struggle to land there were at least $500.00 flood warnings issued across the u.k. but in forced hundreds of people from their homes across wales and the men's midlands. this is also travel to france where it struck the western region of britain the ocean foam flooded the coastal streets of san bruno with authorities warning of imminent danger. the go ahead for a new coal mine has divided opinions in australia that catastrophic bushfires have raised concerns about fossil fuels climate change and the switch to greener forms of energy but the new mine provides jobs and strengthens australia's position as
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the world's largest coal exporter and reports. claremont population 3001 of australia's mining heartlands most of the work here is a cult following and they keep all wilkes motel business going as well possibly 70 percent of their business would be call related in one way or another whether it be the shoe salesman all of the shampoo sidles men feel salzman claremont's the closest town to the controversial kamaka mine and it's still 160 kilometers away. the mines are owned by the indian company adani and got the go ahead from the government last year after more than a decade they've been holed up so the environmental approvals and funding problems for the mines be scaled back from its initial plans however it will still be among a strain his biggest exposing at least $10000000.00 tonnes of coal a year this is the workers camp for the mine which is under construction just
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a few kilometers away we weren't allowed to film inside and wouldn't talk to us on camera for this story the mine lies here in the galilee basin which is home to one of the biggest coal deposits in the world there are fears the mind could push an endangered bird species towards extinction while the land also holds spiritual significance to some indigenous groups adani will be the 1st mine in the basin and that's made it a flashpoint for protests it's madness to actually lead it to that it's got this far in the starry nights with what we know about climate change and. one of the biggest new deposits because it had this shouldn't happen in the mining industry and the role of fossil fuels in the climate crisis have been in the spotlight in australia after months of devastating bushfires and he has a drought a strike is the world's biggest exposures call and the government's being accused of not doing enough to reduce emissions or protect the planet. their generation
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called mana and local union chief steve smyth says his. members are open to change but it's got to be realistic if they expect more than a family and community come along on this journey and i've got to provide something more and what they were born there which is rhetoric in words and the fact that people are not convinced that renew the renewable sector can be avoided the signs of employment so i'm going job security and a future for about them and making the adani mine could be exporting its 1st call as soon as next year in the meantime mr lee remains deeply divided over where the mines are purely sources of money and opportunity or scars on the landscape that take more than they provide elixir brian al jazeera queensland australia a volcano in mexico is living up to its reputation as one of the world's most active public out of petrol which means smoking mountain has erupted twice within 24 hours so father been no reports of injuries or damage from lava clouds
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25000000 people live within 100 kilometers of the volcano including in the capital mexico city to hear a major eruption particularly dangerous there's more fear any time on a website address in a dot com. top stories and i was there a chinese doctors say new coronavirus diagnoses of fallen for the 3rd straight day taiwan though has recorded its 1st death and hundreds of american passengers had been on board a quarantined cruise ship in japan and now left the diamond princess will be flown back to the u.s. and face another 2 weeks in isolation 40 americans on the ship have been infected. one of the un's top representatives on libya says the weapons in bangor there has become a joke deputy special representative stephanie williams said those who breach it
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must be held to account foreign ministers from around the world metal the sidelines of a security summit in new nick turkey's foreign minister has told his russian counterpart that attacks in syria's last rebel held strong hold him stop and that a cease fire has to be achieved syrian government forces backed by russian air power have been trying to seize control of adlib turkish and russian officials are due to discuss the issue in moscow it will say that with us in this delegation you meet with the russian delegation tomorrow in moscow prior to the summit with sergei lavrov to the aggression and it looks should stop and the permanent cease fires should be established or delegations will evaluate these issues tomorrow in moscow . sudan's ousted president omar bashir has appeared in court in khartoum accused of corruption and killing protesters as well as those charges sudan's attorney general said bashir was being questioned over money laundering corruption and financing terrorism. yes extra state might pompei or has completed his trip to senegal the
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1st stop on his trip to africa a pair was hosted by senegalese president lucky south in dhaka and you also met the foreign minister famously distressed washington support for senegal's security. at least one person has died a storm dennis wreaked havoc across the united kingdom on those heathrow airport planes battled strong winds as they struggle to land there were at least $500.00 flood warning is issued across the u.k. flooding forced hundreds of people from their homes across england and wales. talk to others there is next examining gaming addiction talking to gamers and doctors are more useful after that thanks for watching.
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more and more young people are addicted to online video games. in a controversial decision last year the world health organization classified it as a disease. it defines gaming this order as quote impaired control over gaming increasing priority given to gaming over other activities and could do ation or escalation of gaming despite negative consequences. although is spreading all over the world and only affects a small number of people who play video games one of the 1st countries dealing with the disorder has been.


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