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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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our relationship with. heading home special flights leave japan carrying hundreds of u.s. citizens quarantined due to corona virus on a cruise ship. in mainland china a 100 more people die in the epidemics epicenter the virus infects almost 2000 people. alone down in jordan this is down to 0 live from doha also coming up the u.n. says an arms embargo in libya has become a joke as diplomatic efforts continue to find a solution to the conflict. plus a u.n. push to get more countries to help millions of afghan refugees based in pakistan.
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to flights evacuating u.s. citizens who are stuck on a cruise ship with hundreds of coronavirus cases on board have now left japan those who are infected are staying behind the ships being quarantined in the port of your karma $355.00 passengers tested positive for the virus among them $44.00 u.s. citizens who were treated in japanese hospitals what china's now confirmed another $105.00 deaths on sunday raising the total number of dead on the mainland to 1770 around 2000 more people have tested positive for the virus and another person has died outside of china a taxi driver in taiwan became the 5th atallah to outside the mainland and elevate chinese tourist in france was the 1st to die outside of asia other deaths have been reported in hong kong japan and the philippines well katrina you joins us live now
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from beijing katrina said nearly 2000 new cases being reported 105 more deaths just put these numbers into context for us are things getting worse. well definitely we're continuing to see a rise in cases in china specifically in whole bay there seems to be no let up of the seriousness of the spread of the current virus there in the epicenter but outside of where we're seeing some good news the numbers seem to be petering out going downwards or at least plas hoeing around around china so that is some good news but as you mentioned we did have a death in taiwan a man who is in his fifty's and he said to have had no known travel history in china so they're still very much this fear of the contagiousness of this illness and if anything restrictions are becoming stricter around china and who be specifically they've announced a new measure banning all non-essential vehicles from the road so if you don't
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drive a government car or medical car for example or a car delivering important supplies you are not allowed to be on the roads and as well in many residents of compounds around who they've actually sealed off the compounds over they've shut out they've closed any entrances that are not monitored so that people can only go through one specific entrance and if you want if you want to leave you have to have a very good reason for leaving i think most people have been told to stay at home in the vast majority of the provinces still under lockdown but some people cannot even leave their compounds and they're told that they must rely on delivery for essential things like food and other supplies measures are also getting stricter around the country if you walk down the street in beijing today and you're not wearing a face mask somebody will quickly come to you and reprimand you and ask you where is your face mask if you go into a restaurant or an office building you'll have your temperature check your details will be taken down so still this athens this very tense atmosphere what we've also found out the government is starting to also clean banknotes any cash that's been
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in circulation in. net much of it has been removed from circulation especially cash that's been used and things are in places like what markets hospitals that kind of thing the removing the chinese banknotes either to be cleaned and. renting or to be completely replaced so although this contagion is still very much concentrated in who bay province preventing the spread of this new coronavirus is still very much the focus of everyday life here in china or to katrina you there in beijing katrina thank you. well the publication of a recent speech by china's president is raising questions about why the public wasn't alerted about the outbreak matsuda agent brown explains why. china's president xi jinping knew about the our break of the corona virus in early january that was 2 weeks before the government confirmed the 1st person to person transmission of the virus and more than a week before dr lee one liang was silenced by the government for alerting
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colleagues the president delivered a speech to the politburo standing committee china's most powerful political body that was on february the 3rd but details were only released by state media this weekend those details amount to an official timeline of what the president knew and when on january the 20th she says he issued special instructions to try to contain the outbreak 3 days later the city of woo han was locked down a measure praised by the world health organization some analysts say china's leader appears to be covering his back after mounting criticism that he didn't respond fast enough on one hand. chinese leaders who would like to demonstrate that it had not the late in free acting in taking action to contain the epidemic that it had not tried to conceal the facts from the puppy but then are obviously the
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cover up conspiracy is very much in the minds of chinese people president xi also accused regional communist party leaders of not carrying out orders from the government in beijing and vowed to punish incompetent administrator this is the greatest crisis to come from president putin playing since he came to power more than 8 years ago because it indicates the top leadership were aware of the potential for verity of a virus weeks before the public were told of dangers at beijing's new international airport the economic impact from the virus is clear with few airlines flying to china one of the world's busiest travel hubs is at a virtual standstill. desolate scenes too across the border in hong kong on a sunday the city's world famous homicide would normally be teeming with tourists but this weekend just 3000 visitors arrived deepening the sense of isolation here
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as well adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. dr ali khan is from the nebraska medical center's college of public health he says it's not clear when the worst of the outbreak will be over i think we need to be very careful about making predictions but there is no doubt that this is a global emergency in china and they've instituted a containment strategy an over the last couple of days we've been seeing a decline in cases in china too early to say whether or not that's permanent or not and across the world people have put in various layered public health measures to try to protect themselves they seem to be effective so far but we do know that there are hotspots even outside of china such as singapore is a good example where we are seeing local transmission within the community the world health organization saying yesterday that beijing is going i think it was 82 trials going on to try to find
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a treatment for and you know they're expecting results within weeks again positive sign perhaps i take your point that you don't want to get into the predictions business too much it's absolutely a positive point that they're trying to systematically a bally weight what good options may be to treat patients starting with the existing drugs that we may already have on the shelf and that's the reflection of these 8082 trials there's also a trial underway to try to look at plasma so this is people who've recovered can you take their blood and use that has a therapy for people who are sick so there's also a trial trying to look at the plasma probably people who have recovered from the disease if. one of the un's top representatives on libya says the weapons embargo on the country has become a joke foreign ministers around the world met on the sidelines of a security summit in new nic to discuss the conflict they've agreed not to interfere in libya but many of them have been deeply involved in the conflict against the nations between the un recognized government and warlord only to have
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to do to resume on tuesday and libyans are about to mark the 9th anniversary of the revolution that led to the downfall of longtime leader moammar gadhafi a power vacuum left behind has led to the current conflict the capital tripoli has seen intense fun the past few months child stratford met residents who fled their homes and aren't sure when they'll go back for bill to neglected for almost a decade these tiles are on feet for habitation more than a 100 families who have fled fighting on the outskirts of libya's capital shelter here now this tiny room is where samir omar hoodie and her 2 children have lived for the last 3 months there's no electricity or running water samir a says her son used to be top of his class at school but the school was closed because of the fighting she described what happened when she tried to return to her home with her daughter to collect more of their belongings. as where the
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horror there's this little girl has seen no other child has witnessed in all of libya the whole building in front of us collapsed the bombs were coming from all sides our home was completely destroyed we could have been killed. nation says that more than 150000 people have been forced to flee their homes since general huffed started its offensive of tripoli in april all than 600 people have been killed or injured now many libyans will be celebrating the anniversary of a revolution that overthrew. at the same time as the country is ensuring what many describe a civil war. international efforts to pull just cease fire the failed renegade general who he for half the states is offensive against the u.n. backed government based in tripoli will continue. families attend an
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event organized by government forces to honor their son's killed defending the capital how much a conses he still dreams of peace and a unified libya well i don't know when i heard my son had been killed i was shocked but i hope god willing that he just like so many others who died for this country will be deemed a martyr and in next year's revolution anniversary will be better and all libyans can celebrate one unified libya where we and generations to come come across. back in their tiny cold room in the town samir a says thousands of families like us have nothing to celebrate. the children that there are so many tragedies huge problems and there's people suffering even more than i don't have any hope left there is no security to why and what all the celebrated another generation too young to understand can only wait for the peace and prosperity that was promised to their parents almost
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a decade ago. tripoli. syrian state media is reporting that government forces of recaptured most of aleppo province once controlled by rebels russian planes have been bombing the region in the north west president bashar al assad's forces have made significant gains over the past few days seizing these to teach them 5 highway which links aleppo with the capital damascus. turkey's trying to stop that advance into the last rebel held areas u.s. president donald trump has commended turkey's president for trying to stop the syrian government forces backed by russia earlier turkey's foreign minister told his russian counterpart ankara will take the necessary steps if diplomatic efforts with moscow fail and that cover sulu held talks in munich the syrian government with the help of its ally russia is also advancing in libya several turkish soldiers have been killed. well the syrian government tightens its grip rebels are abandoning strategic areas in aleppo and turkey steps up its involvement in the
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conflict those fighting bashar al assad's forces see a chance to regain ground bar reports from had say on turkey's border with syria. these are fighters from the national liberation front a rebel alliance backed by turkey outgunned and outnumbered the fighters seek refuge behind in you directed embankment on the other side government troops are stepping up their campaign. thought. we are consolidating our defense lines setting up small flexible command centers and most of the factions are coordinating their operations and our image to drag government forces into our own area fighting has surged over the last few days president bashar al assad's forces have regained control of many areas in and live. their advance infuriated turkey which accuses us of violating the terms of
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a cease fire agreement turkey signed with russia and iran 2 years ago unka has sent more troops into it and expanded its military outposts despite that damascus insists its campaign won't stop turkey's growing involvement in the syrian conflict is welcomed by the rebels who see it as an opportunity for a cold. we are still fighting to prevent assad's army and the militias backing him from destroying our villages and evicting civilians the morale of our fighters is high and we are all determined to defeat assad the rebels have been weakened by internal fighting and divisions the national liberation front is one among many operating in rebel held territory but hey at the us. is the most powerful it's an alliance of bennett groups with
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a strong presence in. the rebels have no hope of defeating assad's troops who are making more gains and determined to take over the last area held by the opposition now their last chance is that turkey increases its military presence in syria stops the government offensive and imposes a ceasefire but such agreement will be decided by 3 key powers russia turkey and iran have. had tie on turkish border with syria for a short break here not just iraq when we come back selling the u.s. policy in africa secretary of state mike pompei and makes his 1st visit to the continent plus find out how some weird and wonderful designs in philadelphia a problem people to imagine a very different reality in the future and that stands. welcome
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back it's time to take a look at the weather across the americas this time now in north america who have got an area of low pressure developing across parts of the upper midwest sunny standing towards the great lakes we've got snow on its northern side there so temperatures hovering just one degrees from minneapolis further south is largely rain and that system is expected to move it northward and eastwards into the ohio valley cheering the course of choose day for the north course eastern parts of color some heavy snowfall is likely for a time out across western parts of the u.s. it's looking generally find some francisco there a bright day and highs of 18 degrees heading down into the caribbean is a largely fine picture we've got one or 2 showers for particularly the dominican republic and also down through parts of costa rica and panama but elsewhere it's looking fine cancun plenty of sunshine much from temperature of 27 rising to 28 on tuesday and by and large the showers again still largely effect in the caribbean
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side of the isthmus now as we head into south america i think the main feature aside from the heavy showers across the basin which is what you'd expect we have got this area of low pressure further towards the south into parts of argentina paraquat some heavy rain here and all around the river plate is going to be pretty wet highs of $28.00 when it's aires. life begins. thousands of babies every year in the united states. and also on the same day. the baby is african-american. this is twice as likely to happen why. rewind america's infant mortality on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here on the al-jazeera china has reported $105.00 more coronavirus deaths bringing the global total to more than $1702.00 flights evacuating u.s. citizens who were stuck on a cruise ship have now left japan but those on board who tested positive for the virus stayed behind. a u.n. envoy describing the arms embargo on libya as a joke foreign ministers from 13 nations discuss the issue at the munich security conference they agreed not to interfere but many of those countries have been deeply involved in the conflict. and syrian state media is reporting that government forces backed by russian warplanes have seized most of the rebel held areas of aleppo is part of the government's offensive to take them over the region
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near the turkish border including deadly province. for more now on the global response to the coronavirus al jazeera she had the chance to reports on the evacuation of some u.s. citizens from on board a cruise ship in japan. 2 flights which which took off wildly will had 2 and a half or space in california one to texas $300.00 of the $400.00 americans on board . the latest figures we have all 44 showed symptoms of the coronavirus they will be they will be staying in japanese hospitals now the rest will head to these and 4 spaces where they were put into 40 day quarantine before they are before the release of the show any signs or symptoms obviously we're told they will be taken to a suitable off base facility meanwhile $100.00 americans chose to stay on board the ship despite this being the center of corona virus outbreak they felt as well as we
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can hear some of the reasons well look i mean we'd rather not go on a pretty cold windowless called her plane all the way to the us only to be put into quarantine on that would rather actually stay on a on a cruise line however there's some strict rules for them to actually we understand they will only be let off the ship on february the 9th 10th we understand but they won't be allowed into the u.s. until march the 4th but as far as this larger issue of the coronavirus in the u.s. should you be scared it doesn't seem to be. an intense stage of tool really i think the main concern right now actually is among americans we're getting reports of slowdown in businesses and chinatowns in new york chicago los angeles this is this country has a long history of xenophobia against asian americans and we're saying community leaders local leaders saying look this isn't some ethnically. ethnically based virus this is you know. everyone should just stay come. pakistan and the un refugee
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agency are holding a conference to highlight the challenges facing millions of afghan refugees it's estimated more than 2000000 from afghanistan live in pakistan some of been displaced since the 1979 soviet invasion continued violence makes returning home dangerous but a report ration program is set to resume next month to travel to a refugee camp in the pakistani city official of. the united nations high commission for refugees and a government of. refugee and mog over 40 years of the president and done for progress down the road confronted read problems of its own it warns the international community to dig deeper into their pockets to help the plight of these. who have been on 3rd and fade already. their worn more hair in order to be able to go back to their
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country but that cannot happen unless there is. something that. we became refugees due to the conflict in afghanistan but there is no end to it for how long will we be living like this we have no future our kids have no future and even the international community has forgotten us sadly we are left at the mercy of god the united nations and the international community had acknowledged that bug at dawn had done enough for david refugee the u.n. secretary general spoke to sufficient international conference is a recognition of pakistan's exemplary compassion generosity and the result of in hosting of gone refugees for the past 4 decades and now efforts for peace and stability in afghanistan this will also be an opportunity figure lobel international community added might be. more to help our get done and to help these
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people dirty patridge back to their country pakistan for 4 decades has been not just a generous host has always given shared with afghan refugees brothers and sisters across the border to host communities in a manner that is exemplary units and the international community not only in terms of sharing the burden and supporting pakistan and the host country and the host communities with accommodating refugees but equal if not more stringent focused effort has to be made within afghanistan with the afghan government to create an environment which provide solutions for refugees that refugees can go back in safety and dignity in a while and to manage all one nor how long the other one refugee would really have to expend a life of one 3rd india and pakistan they were 3rd only need help of the international community and the album government to try to find
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a solution to their problems. india has rejected by the un to mediate in the kashmir dispute in delhi says it's a bilateral issue u.n. secretary general antonio guterres made the offer during a visit to pakistan islamabad has been lobbying to put pressure on india after it was due the autonomy of kashmir a territory under its control and then deeply concerned about the increase in tensions that we have witnessed last year i have repeatedly stressed the importance of exercising maximum restraint and taking steps to deescalate militarily and verbally while regulating my offer to exercise my good offices should both sides us diplomacy and dialogue remain the only tools that get into peace and stability. details are emerging of a massacre in cameroon at least $22.00 people including 14 children were killed by
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an armed group on friday if it happened in the farming village of mecarbil in the north west there's been fighting between rebels and the government in the area over a push to carve out a separate english speaking nation. the us or state my campaign has arrived in angola after concluding a trip to senegal its 1st visit to the african continent since he took office more than 2 years ago but pompei as trip comes at a very awkward time as nicholas hawke explains. explaining chum's policy towards africa it's the challenging mission said his secretary of state mike pompei on a 5 day visit to the continent the visit comes after the white house and now and a travel ban on 4 african nations and a withdrawal of troops from west africa plotless terrorism which endangered 350000000 people right here in west africa. threatens americans too. we are counting on setting it is an important ally in this fight now should our friends that the u.s. will give up this fight as well. according to the u.n.
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attacks by armed groups like the islamic state in the greater end book doubled with 4000 deaths in the last year he knows a key role exactly united states plays into the june surveyance and training i think it just demonstrate the fact that africa isn't a priority for the u.s. and for top administration despite tribes travel ban being extended at the end of february to take in the 4 african countries including nigeria the continent's biggest economy pompei 0 insisted that the u.s. is open for business. and warned against china's growing influence since 2000 china has invested over $280000000000.00 in africa and now it seems that the investment is paying off chinese investors are using african nations to avoid u.s. trade tariffs imposed on goods made in china or go out. trade deals in place with the u.s. we can export to the u.s. duty free and that's what is attracting chinese investors to come here in senegal
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and more generally to africa also it takes just 14 days from the car by ship to get to the u.s. compared to shanghai where it takes 2 months and it's a lot more expensive. after senegal pump it was heading to angola then 3 countries benefiting from chinese investments compare called that a debt trap think american investments are a lot better the challenge for the secretary of state is to put word into action and on that china is one step ahead and it was hawk al-jazeera deckard. at least one person has died as storm dennis wreaks havoc across the united kingdom at london's heathrow airport planes battled strong winds as they struggled to land there were at least $500.00 flood warnings issued across the u.k. flooding forced hundreds of people from their homes across wales and the middle and . now the role of design in the challenges that humans may encounter in the future
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is the subject of a major exhibition at the philadelphia museum of art school designs for a different future. that is on the reports it's meant to provoke people to imagine a future much different than the reality of today it's an art exhibition not about the past not about the present but about imagining the future of everything like this 25 collaged passports proposing a system to allow people to temporarily exchange citizenship a critique of a world where goods and services freely cross borders where humans often can't. it's one of more than 75 exhibits by designers tackling issues of the future and the human condition at a major new exhibition at the pill adelphia museum of art it is a vast show that tries to ask a lot of questions without necessarily giving answers. when you come to an
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exhibition about the future you might expect to see things like this robots and there is one this is corey that looks at the interaction between robots and humans and artificial intelligence but this exhibition is also about a lot more these faces were created from d.n.a. extracted from discarded cigarette ends and gum on the streets the designer using the genetic information to render the portraits. there are several pieces related to food like these 2 salmon a larger genetically modified one next to a smaller organic one and a replica of steaks grown out of human cells from hospital waste both provocative ideas we electing a future where food resources are strained the idea is to make people think about food as a cornerstone of human civilization and think about what will happen to food and the future of human diet as we start thinking about the big challenges that are
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lying ahead like climate change diversity loss and environmental pollution einstein once said he never thinks of the future because it will come fast enough in this exhibit designers are the ones bringing bare ideas for the future and not telling people what to think rather what to think about gabriel's andu. philadelphia. but that's a quick check on the headlines here on the al-jazeera china has reported $105.00 more coronavirus deaths bring the global total to more than $1772.00 flights evacuating u.s. citizens a list on a cruise ship have now left japan but those on board who tested positive for the virus staying behind she had the chance she has more on that from washington d.c. . 2 flights which which took off while had to an air force base in california one to texas 300 of before and remarkably on board this one
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bug the latest figures we have all 44 showed symptoms of the corona virus they will be. in japanese hospitals now the rest will head to these air force bases where they were put into 40 very keen u.n. envoy is describing the arms embargo on libya as a joke foreign ministers from 13 nations discuss the issue at the munich security conference they agreed not to interfere but many of those countries have been deeply involved in the conflict. syrian state media is reporting that government forces backed by russia sees most of the rebel held areas of aleppo it's part of the government's offensive to take the northern region near the turkish border including it province. of pakistan and the un refugee agency holding a conference to highlight the challenges facing millions of afghan refugees it's estimated more than 2000000 from afghanistan live in pakistan continued violence
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makes returning home dangerous but the repatriation program is set to resume next month details are emerging of a massacre in cameroon at least $22.00 people including 14 children were killed by an armed group on friday it happened in the farming village of garble in the north west there's been fighting between rebels and the government over a push to carve out a separate english speaking nation at least one person has died a storm dennis wreaks havoc across the united kingdom at london's heathrow airport planes battled strong winds as they struggle to land. there are at least 500 flood warnings issued across the u.k. well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after a statement that so much about americans live side by side in 2 parallel universes the trouble parts of america are getting trampy or there is a poll out a few weeks ago that you had almost 30 percent americans believing they were on the cusp of civil war both sides accuse each other of doing things that are so
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blatantly wrong the bottom line on u.s. politics and policies and their effect on the world. hello and welcome to rewind we're back here at comic museum of islamic out for another look back at some of the best documentaries we've brought you over the past 10 years this week we're returning to the united states and 2013 at that time cleveland ohio was experiencing one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the industrialized world disproportionately affecting african-american malpas. the racial gap is.


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