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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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it's bringing programs to in spying. on al-jazeera. a blast hits a rally in the pakistani city of question at least 7 people have been killed and dozens more wounded. hello i'm adrian finnegan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up 99 more cases of growing a virus been confirmed on board a cruise ship in japan as hundreds of american passengers evacuated from this land safely back in the u.s. . eat eat eat one is on libya's search for libya's revolution of no closer to a lasting peace we're live in tripoli to see what lies ahead plus. watching the
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outside from within we go into the heart of moscow's high tech face recognition surveillance system. we begin with breaking news out of pakistan where at least 7 people have been killed in a blast the attack happened at a rally in the western city of course a more than 30 other people would go lived out of a shower in pakistan al jazeera is kemal hyder is there kemal tell us more about what happened. according to the reports that we've been receiving there was a rally that being a dry eye in front of the press club that did ran attack greatest good graphics penetrated into a crowd and detonated his device that according to the security forces in which you
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mentioned 7 people cared and all were 2 dozen wounded so that indeed another deadly attack but this time dog getting a rally with jordan being organized by undermine a surprise. this is a sunni organized nation which ended up last had been fighting against the shia sect and groups within that country so very difficult to know as to who could have got it out of this that died but engaged deadly attack and another didn't mind that but who just started out to have some problems from time to time kimo many thanks indeed come on how to reporting from but. at least 24 people have been killed in a church by a group of gunmen in eastern back in a faso around 20 attackers stormed the village of poncy on sunday a pasta was among those killed before the gunman set the church on file it's the 3rd attack on religious leaders in the area in the last week. china's military is
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sending hundreds of doctors and nurses to han the epicenter of the outbreak of the corona virus outbreak as the country grapples with new cases of more deaths the numbers are huge just take a look at this tracker from johns hopkins university now those red circles show the extent of the outbreak in china alone nearly 2000 more infections were reported on sunday bringing the total on the mainland to over $71000.00 more than 1770 people have died from the illness so far the world health organization is sending its own team of experts to beijing and 2 provinces in china and for the 1st time in recent history china is considering delaying its annual congress the year's biggest political meeting sarah clarke reports now from hong kong. millions of chinese are returning to work some companies have reopened their factories as i try to get back to business as usual after being shot for weeks. 50 percent of our employees have
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returned to work bringing our production capacity to 50 percent we predict all of our workers will be back on their post by the end of february and a production capacity will return to normal. employees arriving for work a getting additional checks to make sure they're healthy and the government's offering companies tax incentives to limit the economic damage of the outbreak the government's also rolled out some measures to help enterprises and ensure their normal operation so we're encouraged and feel confident government statistics on monday showed a continuing rise in the infection right in china but the fatality rate has fallen the national health commission says the situation is improving outside here by the province at the center of the crisis to. places outside of who by a total of 115 new cases were reported on sunday including 5 new did the number of
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newly confirmed cases outside of cuba has kicked declining for 13 days in a row the number of new confirmed cases remained at a relatively low level. in here by the situation is grim inside this makeshift hospital and will hand patients queue for food and treatment as medical staff care for the rising number of infected china's military is sending hundreds of doctors and nurses to wehrhahn the world health organization is sending experts to beijing as well as to guangdong and sichuan province it's. with the virus yet to be contained china's largest annual political meeting is expected to be postponed the national people's congress to start a march the 5th a meeting next monday is due to decide if the meeting will be shelved the 1st time in china's recent history here in hong kong another infection was reported on monday with the spread of the virus is feeling more consumer panic with price toilet paper rolls and face masks still in short supply the government is calling
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for calm sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong japan has confirmed 99 further infections on board a quarantined cruise ship in yokohama ports it brings the total number of cases on board the diamond princess to more than 450 the highest concentration of infections outside the chinese mainland hundreds of american passengers have been evacuated from the ship and flown back home 14 among them are confirmed to have the virus but not all have chosen to leave matthew smith is one of those still stuck on board he says he was worried about getting the virus if he'd left the ship with other people . let's sensually we decided that the circumstances in which they were going to provide the flight and the requirement that we do another 2 week or in team is that we hadn't done one already just was not acceptable to us and in fact the new smell that they put 14 infected people on the flight with everyone else has just confirmed to us that they weren't really providing
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a safe method of transportation back to a united states everyone is directed to remain in their cabins the exception is for those who have indoor and inside cabins and just window cabins they are provided an opportunity to go on deck there are protocols to keep them apart i don't know how well they are succeeding i don't know but in terms of that we have remained in our cabin now for 2 weeks and have not crossed the threshold no one's come inside and we do go out on our balcony but if there are other people in surrounding balconies we tend to come right back inside so the main thing i saw lation that prevents this battle of the virus speak live that was just to be how could have joins us with more of those american vacuum he's from washington d.c. so 2 aircraft of repair tree a good question just from bad to cruise ship in japan what's going to happen to the knock ability. well the clock is going to start taking you heard that passenger
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they're talking about the fact that they have already been in quarantine on the cruise ship for 2 weeks now there is going to be another inforce 2 week quarantine period where not only in california but also in texas these passengers will be housed on military bases the concern of health authorities here in the united states is the asymptomatic transmission of this virus the fact that those that appear healthy can infect others and that is what they're concerned about the other concern according to health officials is the fact that this virus can trick the testing protocols so some people can test negative only to later test positive for the virus and that's the reason for these draconian measures according to health authorities here in the united states they are in an aggressive containment mode to try and ensure that those that are infected returned to the united states do not then go and read in fact other americans so what's for the reaction from people to
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the return of these coronavirus patients particularly the 14 who are infected. there's a lot of confusion and a lack of understanding among the public here in the united states some showing compassion for those that have returned to the u.s. others saying why did you bring them here there's a lot of ignorance and a lot of education that's going to need to take place on the part of public health officials now that is not helping by the fact that the u.s. president himself doesn't seem to have a full understanding of this virus at one point he was scoffed and mocked for saying that he believes this will resolve itself come april when the warmer weather occurs the health officials have said very clearly that there is some nervousness about the transparency of chinese officials whether or not they have been getting the full picture also a concern about this virus the fact that there are no vaccines here in the united states because they don't fully understand this virus and then there also is the concern that essentially that there are many americans who may confuse this wave of
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sort of the traditional flu in the united states with the corona virus so there's a lot of work to be done here in the united states in terms of education and also there is a big sort of question mark for health officials about what they're actually dealing with committee many thanks did i was there as can be held at the live in washington libyans a monkey the in front of us re of the start of the revolution but eventually toppled while the gadhafi large crowds took to the streets of the capital tripoli waving flags playing music but despite the years the power vacuum that followed gadhafi his death continues to fuel vav of conflicts the country is no place of the last thing peace but overall the mood among libyans is mixed as many people mock the revolutions anniversary some say they have nothing to celebrate after 10 months of constant attacks that's where war khalifa haftar launched an offensive to take the capital tripoli. charles stratford has met some of those who were forced from
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the homes of their own sure if they could ever go back. half built to neglected for almost a decade these towers are on feet for habitation more than a 100 families who have fled fighting on the outskirts of libya's capital shelter here and now this tiny room is where samir elma had he and her 2 children have lived for the last 3 months there's no electricity or running water samir a says her son used to be top of his class at school but the school was closed because of the fighting she described what happened when she tried to return to her home with her daughter to collect more of their belongings. i swear the horror that this little girl has seen no other child has witnessed in all of libya the whole building in front of us collapsed the bombs were coming from all sides our home was completely destroyed we could have been killed the nation
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says that more than 150000 people have been forced to flee their homes since general haftar started is offensive only to tripoli in april more than 600 people have been killed or injured now many libyans will be celebrating the anniversary of a revolution that overthrew gadhafi at the same time as the country is ensuring what many describe a civil war. international efforts to pull just cease fire the failed renegade general hurley for half the states is offensive against the un backed government based in tripoli will continue. families attend an event organized by government forces to one of their sons killed defending the capital muhammad shock on says he still dreams of peace and a unified libya well i don't know when i heard my son had been killed i was shocked but i hope god willing that he just like so many others who died for this country
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will be deemed a martyr and in next year's revolution anniversary will be better and all libyans can celebrate one unified libya where we and generations to come a kind of process back in their tiny cold room in the town samir a says thousands of families like us have nothing to celebrate. the children that there are so many tragedies huge problems and there's people suffering even more than us i don't have any hope left there is no security to why and what all the celebrated another generation too young to understand can only wait for the peace and prosperity that was promised to their parents almost a decade ago. tripoli. we're going to weather update next year on al-jazeera then we'll explore the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on asian economies that rely on china plus a historic ruling in india women are now allowed to serve as commanders in the
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military. but. we've had a good scattering of snow showers across parts of the korean peninsula easing over towards japan or recently and in fact in some say the dusting of snow i think the snowy or whether the heaviest snow will make its way into that western side of. it as we go on through with choose day maybe 3040 centimeters of snow certainly a possibility that it sweeps through bright skies come back in behind temperatures getting up to around 12 celsius therefore picking up and sold as well to be up to around and 9 degrees lousy dry there she can see across a good part of china want to see right showers around but nothing much to speak of plenty of showers meanwhile across malaysia and indonesia even a few showers there into the philippines over the next few days where that's
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a northeasterly monsoon continues to drive those showers in showers to into the eastern side of vietnam heavier rain the united states just around southern parts of thailand pushing through the mill a peninsula even here at wetter weather wally as we go on through the next day or so but not too much wet weather across south asia sloshy clear skies all the way we will see the temperatures picking up new delhi at around $27.00 celsius a similar temperature there for the whole wanted to show was towards the pole fewer and further between by mid week. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop their energy demands in crew. requiring innovative solutions to make such to moms as a global power develop into the basement company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against the stimulus we provide business growth promote
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social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generation the breastpin pioneering future energy. oh. god again it's like about to remind you of the main news this hour at least 7 people have been killed in the blast and pakistan it's actually up and in a rally in the western city of more than 30 other people but the word. japan has confirmed 99 further infections on board a quarantine cruise ship in yokohama hundreds of american passengers a flown back home 14 among them a confront to have the virus. for the 1st time in recent history china is
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considering a delay to its amiel congress the year's biggest political beating that's the number of new cases on the mainland lies again with nearly 2000 more on the sunday . a growing number of asian countries are feeling the economic pressures of the corona virus outbreak china is rolling out tax incentives to encourage companies to reopen while hong kong has pledged additional economic measures in japan the economy has shrunk at its fastest pace in 5 years and there are fears of a recession after 2 straight quarters of decline singapore's prime minister has said a recession is also possible there lists are predicting it could run its biggest deficit in war than a decade and in cambodia where the economy is strongly depended upon beijing the government is warning of job losses which is there as wayne hale reports from but i'll bet. the skyline in cambodia's capital phnom penh has changed dramatically in recent years buildings went up rapidly as the money flowed in mainly from china
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cambodia's largest investor but china's economy is grinding to a halt making for uncertain times for many including the 200000 cambodians employed in the construction sector. i'm so worried if i lose my job i don't know where i would find another one. to the bank so if i lose my job for a few days it would be tough for me to pay the. there's even more uncertainty for those in the garment industry which is facing setbacks on 2 fronts the european union will place tariffs on some footwear and clothing it imports from cambodia because of a deterioration in democracy and workers' rights the industry employs almost 800000 people and relies on chinese investment and raw materials with many suppliers in china closing down because of the spread of coronavirus cambodia's government says some of its factories will suspend operations for as long as 3 months as many as 90000 people may lose their jobs temporarily in recent years china has become more
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influential and more invested in southeast asia from tourism to construction to manufacturing but even before the corona virus outbreak as the chinese economy was slowing governments in this region were beginning to wonder if they were becoming too reliant on china. singapore's prime minister lee hsien loong says because china is a much bigger factor in the region than it used to be his country's economy could dip into recession this year as visitor numbers drop by as much as 30 percent thailand's economy was already stuttering and may also be nearing recession with growth heading for less than 2 percent and vietnam's manufacturing sector depends on a well oiled supply chain from china in january exports fell more than 17 percent but some experts believe the threat extends well beyond this region all countries in the world depends on china but action especially in the united states and europe
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importer a lot from china and when china has a problem they will how inflation they're the same thing so that is not for cambodia and for. but for the world. the wealthy may be able to ride it out but it is perhaps tougher for those living on the edge of poverty who could easily slip backwards in the event of a regional or global economic shock in cambodia there are millions in that category and as corona virus spreads in china and beyond the economic contagion is also worsening wayne hay al jazeera phnom penh the world health organization says it's concerned by what it calls an info demick that's the misinformation fake news and overall uncertainty about the corona virus that's spreading faster than the disease itself and her schapelle reports. rumors about emerging diseases can and do have real world consequences with so much information out there on social media both accurate or not it can be difficult to find trustworthy sources of information and
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what the world health organization is calling an info demick about the coronavirus is they say just as dangerous as the disease itself the w.h.o. says false information about prevention measures or fake so-called cures are potentially harmful to public health it's using the hash tag know the facts to dispel some of the most dangerous rumors such as concerns that pets can spread the corona virus to people there's no published evidence of that it's another fake fact that it's unsafe to receive packages from china or that sesame oil garlic or gargling mouthwash can protect you no evidence of that either or that inhaling smoke and gas from fireworks can kill the virus definitely don't do that the u.n. children's agency says rumors about polio vaccines are one of the reasons why the virus hasn't been eradicated in afghanistan or pakistan parents in remote areas hear the rumor and don't vaccinate their kids social media allows misinformation to
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spread faster than ever before and sometimes fake information comes from more traditional sources with political motives numerous russian t.v. stations have spread the conspiracy theory that corona virus is a bio weapon intended to weaken china's economy internet trolls and conspiracy theories say the us health agency undermine the global response news organizations and social media platforms are helping counter the spread of misinformation facebook and instagram has got its army of fact checkers working will twitter is directing its users who search for corona virus information to credible institutions such as government health websites finally the organizers of the year's most anticipated event the olympic games in tokyo want to make it clear don't believe everything you read online hugo touch me with regard to the corona virus which started in china's hu by province there are many irresponsible rumors but i would like to make it clear again that we are not considering postponing or canceling the games. india's supreme court has ruled that women in the military
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must be given the same career opportunities as men it means that female officers could now apply for permanent commissions but open up the models but it's not yet clear if we're going to be able to take part in active combat copia did government argued that many male soldiers would be except female superiors judges said questioning the ability of the chief that some women in the army was an insult female officer are ecstatic about the victory in court as elizabeth broad of reports from new delhi. where at the supreme court where female officers are celebrating the judge's decision the courts told the government that female officers should have what's called permanent commission that is they should be allowed to serve for the same duration as their male counterparts evaded for this day for so long in really good food. in defense forces so this day has finally come. ecstatic about the decision it's a wonderful decision it's
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a decision that's come up and it tells everybody that women are equal to everyone else the men are no different and the women are no different so it's about equality here for the supreme court also said that the government needs to change its mind set and that's because permanent commission was posited by the delhi high court in 2010 but challenge by the government which cited physiological features and societal norms as reasons why women couldn't have equality in the armed forces now the supreme court said that the government's grounds for denying permanent commission and for denying command positions are disturbing and need to be changed they cannot be accepted female officers hope that this paves the way for them to command positions in all branches of the indian army the u.s. and the taliban the afghan taliban have read. to the green meant to reduce violence
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for a week the 2 sides been holding talks to find a political solution to america's longest running wall a taliban spokesman says agreement could be signed in the next few weeks which could see the departure of all foreign forces from afghanistan. we had fruitful meetings with the americans we agreed at the end of the negotiations to sign a peace agreement by the end of this month in the qatari capital of doha immediately following the signing the agreement and releasing 5000 tell about prisoners direct talks with stuck between us and the afghan government syrian state media says that government forces have recaptured parts of aleppo province that once controlled by rebels president bashar al assad's forces have made significant gains over the past several days they've seized the strategic m. 5 highway that links aleppo with major cities turkey backs a section of the opposition that is trying to stop those advances. israel's prime minister says that an israeli civilian airliner has through has flown through
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sudan's and space for the 1st time benjamin netanyahu says that it's another example of warming ties with formally hostile states the 2 nations are technically still a war suzanne has been part of a decades long arab boycott against israel's illegal occupation of palestinian land the aviation breakthrough followed a surprise meeting in uganda earlier this month and now we're discussing rapid normalization the 1st israeli airplane passed yesterday over the skies of some i've been developing contacts with the arab countries and muslim countries and i can tell you there's scarcely 123 muslim or arab countries around the world that we don't have to be putting ties with. activists in russia are concerned that government plans for one of the world's largest facial recognition systems are taking legal action they fear the surveillance system is being used to pinpoint critics of president vladimir putin police say the floor abiding russians have
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nothing to fear our correspondent has been given exclusive access to police headquarters. being watched closely $200000.00 cameras will be installed not only on public streets but also at the entrances of private living quarters not many people are aware that their biometric data images body measurements and other characteristics are being captured real time and transmitted to police monitors within moments a person's identity can be determined and his place of residence. of the person is on the wanted list it means he is a criminal if you have not committed a crime you don't have to be a warrant there. if he is a caught on camera. taking the phrase big. seemingly.
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keep a close eye on the opposing team at the same time. police have been accused of using face recognition technology to crackdown on peaceful protesters during a wave of anti-government demonstrations last summer of us as she was arrested after taking part in the protests in 2018 she filed a case against the police at a moscow court dismissed it she will mount a not a legal challenge against a technology next month. by using facial recognition technology the state violates people's privacy and i'm saying they're doing it illegally i'm convinced that they collect and use or biometric data they don't have a right to do so they must stop. but the company that designed it acknowledges sas its system is being used legally in russia an activist should be more worried about their mobile phones when you're talking about your phone position is always. all
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the content is monitored which you're saying you know. speech recognition is always . whatever so. when you when you do from the from the government perspective this is the number one saying the company claims it can identify people even if only their eyes are visible and do the test we do find a loophole the company admits that mismatches can happen and aims to improve the system. not only to systems invasiveness and accuracy is being questioned but also its security recently russian media discovered that captured images are being hacked and sold on the black market which instead of compared to crime could make it criminals work a lot easier step fasten al-jazeera moscow. well facial recognition technology is already a part of everyday life in china but privacy activists worry it will soon mean
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round the clock monitoring of citizens you can see that report a 2nd report in a series on the high tech surveillance throughout the day on tuesday here on out 0 . it is good to have you with us hello adrian figure here the headlines on al-jazeera japan has confirmed 99 further infections on board a quarantined cruise ship in yokohama hundreds of american passengers have been flown back home 14 among them are confirmed to have the virus and for the 1st time in recent history china is considering a delay to its annual congress the year's biggest political b. sing says the number of new confirmed cases on the mainland rises again with nearly 2000 more on sunday sarah clarke reports now from hong kong. this is a huge news this is the basically beijing with china's biggest political gathering
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which is to go ahead on march 5th in about a month now this is all but been confirmed that it might be postponed as a result of the 3000 delegates to attend this this particular meeting of the bison on the basis of the current quarantine restrictions of 14 days in some provinces in one county they have now confirmed to extend that to $21.00 days it seems a number of these delegates minister of stuff which oversee this annual meeting will be unable to attend the governors also confirmed that a key number of these delegates at least one 3rd a county on the front line across the provinces dealing with the corona virus infection the own going out right across china at least 7 people have been killed in a blast in pakistan the attack happened in the western city of course a more than 30 other people will board it is come on haida with more from bashar. according to the reports that we've been receiving there was a rally that was being hazed right in front of the press club and i did ran
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a tag on great a good guy greg penetrated into the crowd and detonated his device that according to get security forces libyans are marking the 9th anniversary of the start of the revolution that eventually topple moammar gadhafi large crowds took to the streets of the capital tripoli pleading flags playing music. but despite the is the power vacuum that followed could after his death continues to fuel violent conflicts in the country. how to hear with the news out for you and a little over 25 but it's on al-jazeera right off to talk to al-jazeera which is next. the whole d.n.a. of al-jazeera is to deliver news on behalf of people who are subject to the sessions made by the powerful recently nowhere to put only people their only individuals to children the law exist with such stories this place has become
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a complete trap you have to hear all of them and to treat them with something the same respect. more and more young people are addicted to online video games. in a controversial decision last year the world health organization classified it as a disease. it defines gaming this order as quote impaired control over gaming increasing priority given to gaming over other activities and could to ation or escalation of gaming this by negative consequences. of those spreading all over the world and only affects the small number of people who play video games one of the 1st countries dealing with the disorder has.


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