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this is not a muslim issue this is a human colony issue join me mandy huff and i put up from questions to my special guest and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. $93.00 more fatalities in the last 24 hours of the epicenter of china's coronavirus outbreak the death toll is nearing $1800.00. but the world health organization says covert 19 is actually less deadly than previous outbreaks like sobs but it's more factious. welcome back everyone i'm kemal santamaria here in doha with the world news from al jazeera. the european union says it will try to enforce the
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arms embargo in libya with sea and air patrols. and heavy clashes reported between the saudi military and tribal forces in the east of yemen. so the death toll in china's corona virus outbreak has risen it is now at 1789 new figures just out in fact from the health officials there saying that 93 people have died in the last 24 hours specifically in who by province the epicenter of the epidemic over $800.00 new cases were also detected there on monday the total number of infections worldwide 73260 and so beijing has taken some drastic steps to contain the virus that's deployed more medics from the military into who bay and for the 1st time in recent history the ruling communist
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party is considering delaying its annual congress the year's biggest political meeting but interestingly the world health organization says this china corona virus officially known as coded 19 is actually less deadly than previous outbreaks like even though it is more infectious to start with this report from sarah clarke in hong kong. millions of chinese are returning to work some companies have reopened their factories as i try to get back to business as usual after being shot for weeks. 50 percent of our employees have returned to work bringing our production capacity to 50 percent we predict all of our workers will be back on their post by the end of february and a production capacity will return to normal. employees arriving for work a getting additional checks to make sure they're healthy and the government's offering companies tax incentives to limit the economic damage of the outbreak the government's also rolled out some measures to help enterprises and ensure their
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normal operation so we're encouraged and feel confident government statistics on monday showed a continuing rise in the infection right in china but the fatality right has fallen the national health commission says the situation is improving outside here by the province at the center of the crisis to. the places outside of who by a total of 115 new cases were reported on sunday including 5 new did the number of newly confirmed cases outside of who has kept declining for 13 days in a row the number of new confirmed cases remained at a relatively low level. for the injured by the situation is grim inside this makeshift hospital and will hand patients queue for food and treatment as medical staff care for the rising number of infected china's military is sending hundreds of doctors and nurses to wehrhahn the world health organization is sending experts to beijing as well as to guangdong and sichuan province is. with the virus yet to
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be contained china's largest annual political meeting is expected to be postponed the national people's congress to start a march the 5th a meeting next monday is due to decide if the meeting will be shelved the 1st time in china's recent history here in hong kong another infection was reported on monday that the spread of the virus is feeling more consumer panic with rice toilet paper rolls and face masks still in short supply the government is calling for calm sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. well more than a dozen americans who had been stranded or balls that aboard that cruise ship quarantined in japan have arrived on the evacuation funds to the u.s. in monday carrying the coronavirus the flights have been chartered by the u.s. state department and repack treated more than 300 americans in all all of the evacuees are now in government quarantine share tansey in washington what happened
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here because there were people who were confirmed with coronavirus who stayed in japan didn't get on those flights. already is very clear anyone who actually had been found to have the virus would be staying in japanese hospitals some 44 people we understood with that description those who were allowed to travel as far as the authorities were concerned as well they told us did not have the virus so 338 passengers who had been aboard the ship disembarks got into buses on the way to 2 reconfigured cargo planes that were going to take them to texas and california during the 40 minute rides to these cargo planes japanese authorities alerted u.s. authorities the lab results apparently just come back showing that 14 of the passengers on board these buses freely mixing with other passengers had tested positive for the corona virus
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a decision was made that they would fly but in an isolated section off the planes apparently they were asymptomatic we're getting reports that they would have elderly or they had underlying conditions of what we often hear about those who are suffering from the coronavirus so they did fly back but it clearly that does raise various questions about surveillance and quarantine meanwhile when the planes actually landed in the us it was discovered that a further 5 passengers were now showing symptoms of the current virus so with the new 14 passengers with confirmed virus the number of cases in the united states has risen from 15 to 29 and so is this increase and the concern with it i know it takes a lot to not politics off the front pages and the news bulletins in the united states i wonder if that could be changing it's always difficult to. gauge public opinion in cases like this clearly there is that unfocused sense of unease and dread as far as we can tell. there isn't any enormous amount of panic
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whatever but then the way we can tell that is by i want the media the managers of the news in the united states are deciding all on the front pages of the moment it's heavily heavily focused on the democratic presidential primaries we were talking yesterday we were looking for opinion polls the only one we could find was from the weekend before last which showed that 65 percent or so of people american said was going to affect their lifestyles but it all is just simply that the messaging is working only for the right is what's wrong is that the media is being very lucky the government's been very low key but when it comes to actually what people are really thinking frankly you know i journalists always ask but we don't really know everything. everton's in washington thank you for that more now on the w h o's latest assessment of china's corona virus outbreak it says 80 percent stay with me only some as 80 percent of those who contract 19 will only have mild symptoms and will recover their are another 14 percent suffering from severe
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complications like you know there are 5 percent in a critical condition and then you have the 2 percent for whom it proves deadly with all the patients at a higher risk however it is actually considered less deadly than saas because of the infection rate it has killed however many more people in a similar timeframe the data also appears to show a decline in new cases this trend must be interpreted very cautiously trends can change as new populations are affected it's too early to tell if this report to decline will continue every scenario is still on the table it also appears that quoted 19 is not as diddly squat and i viruses including service and murders more than 80 percent of patients have mild disease and will recover.
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so one a look at the economic impact of corona virus as well for example apple has just announced it will not meet its revenue full costs due to the on break and it's just $1.00 of many companies feeling the impact of big players operate in china they've been forced to shut their businesses for now at least and there are fears the college onsite volkswagen and tell you might have to cut production major airlines or stop flying to china that affects to mount the jet fuel that hits the tourism industry in china and further afield and of course china is a global manufacturing hub and with many factories shot multinationals are fearing the supply chains could be hit that could eventually have a knock on effect on the value of a thing of goods right around the world let's talk to robert scott about this director of trade and manufacturing policy research at the economic policy institute says the economic impact of coronavirus is significant but he doesn't think it'll be felt in the long term well i think the economic impact has certainly
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been the strongest within china itself for example them announce today that they're going to delay the annual auto show in beijing this is a big disruption and it reflects the fact that industries that have big complex supply chains like us are no beals and i want tronics with thousands of parts going to each of those kinds of products and i phones and computers and cars are very vulnerable to supply chain disruptions and i think this could have an impact but i don't think it's going to extend beyond perhaps one or 2 quarters. i've looked at some of the previous major demick so and environment was asters and the evidence is just doesn't support you that it's going to be a very big impact. over say a year or 2. now the european union is to launch new sea and air patrols in the
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eastern mediterranean to try to stop more weapons reaching libya's warring sides this is a major breakthrough after weeks of negotiations the patrols could start as soon as next month the nischelle a operating in international waters but europe is foreign policy chief says the e.u. can't patrol libya's land border with egypt where arms are also being delivered more from a diplomatic at a james pace. foreign ministers of the european union meeting in brussels have decided in principle to start monitoring illegal arms flows to libya however they've also actually cancelled an already mandated e.u. mission operation saffir that used to have ships in the mediterranean from 2015 to deter migrants until the naval vessels were withdrawn as a result of a talian pressure instead of retard skiing that help aeration they now have to set up a new naval and air mission which may even need fresh u.n.
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security council authorization it could all take months defiance of the international arms embargo isn't the only major problem affecting peace efforts in libya in the coming hours talks will resume here at the u.n. in geneva between 5 representatives of the internationally recognized government in tripoli and 5 from general have to decide to try and get a cease fire can you give us a readout of how they went the government's representative at the u.n. in new york libyan ambassador sunny told me the previous round of talks had been far from easy and there's a lot of issues that we don't need and together but there are some parts that as mentioned from the u.n. led process that could be a breakthrough but i'm still. have to be cautious because we notice that there are certain elements that we look into in terms of the return of i.d.p.'s the area and
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where the withdrawal areas are these are things that are still and good discussions and are not clear yet at the munich security conference the u.n. is except the special representative of libya made it clear if they can silence the guns the plan is for wider political talks in just over a week's time james pays out 0 jinnie. there's been heavy fighting between saudi troops and tribal forces in yemen's province in the east this is close to the omani border saudi troops attempted to storm the town of shan but have been repelled attack helicopters an armored vehicles were deployed as part of the assault it's region of yemen has largely escaped the worst of the fighting that's in gulf to the rest of the country since 2015 some thoughts now from sami hamdi who is the editor in chief of the international interest magazine he told us earlier the saudis are in a difficult position with yemeni tribes now going against them. i think we have to
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understand the context in which these clashes are taking place and it seems that there have been increasing discontent has been increasing discontent in southern yemen that the plan now from the u.a.e. in particular is to seize the pervert's is to back the separatist movement in the south is in order to expand this maritime policy that extends on the coast of east africa earl the way to the mediterranean and it believes that it's an convince saudi arabia to abandon this idea of restoring yemen as one nation by essentially bribing it with having a stake in building a pipeline that goes in the vicinity near the border of arm and through of those posts and it seems that the yemenis in this area have been complaining for some time saying we do not want to control your power you came here to help us to restore the international recognized government stuck trying to essentially steal our resources in the midst of this conflict so these clashes are taking place in this context we should remember that the tribes who are purportedly involved in
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these clashes with saudi arabia were only a few days ago part of keeping representatives of the international recognized government safe from any potential kidnapping and the like to see them today attacked by saudi arabia. say that they ambushed a saudi convoy suggest that the discontent is reaching a very serious level for saudi and the u.a.e. if we talk about how these clashes might change things these clashes would only add to the antagonism towards saudi bombardment in other words it would increase the pressure on the saudis to start growing for that negotiated solution and this is significant because in the past it's been the goofy's who have been the ones who have refused that negotiated settlement the whole of these have believed in the military victory to keep to keep the cities and 1st the entire community to recognize them but if suddenly the southerners turn on saudi arabia if the tribes start turning on saudi arabia saudi arabia will slowly and very realistically see itself being pushed more further and further into a corner and having to cede conditions to the 7 separatists and the forces. we'll
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update the headlines in a moment and then syria's president bashar al assad congratulates his forces for their gains in the north the u.n. though is warning of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis and we'll look at moscow's eyes in the sky a closer look at the facial recognition system provoking fears of big brother. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast all of the next few days things are going to be changing here across northern parts of japan a little bit messy here as we go towards tuesday and the reason being is we have a system coming out of the russian maritimes and into the northern part of japan that's going to bring a lot of snow over the next day particularly in the overnight hours but really just last in one day by the time we do get towards wednesday the system pulls out quite quickly into the pacific it's going to be a little bit cooler but it's going to be
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a little bit brighter across much of the area tokyo at about 12 degrees here on wednesday and a sucka at about 11 to greece you there well down towards indonesia it's going to be a lot of rain over the next few days you can see that quite clearly on our satellite that will continue we're talking about jakarta up here towards parts of singapore as well but we are watching a rain system a storm system pushing through parts of thailand that's going to be some heavy rain maybe towards book at as well bangkok you'll be on the northern end of that we do expect to see a tempter on tuesday of $31.00 degrees but it is going to be warming up as we go towards when say to about 34 degrees for you there and then here across india and down torture lanka things are very quiet they were made quiet over the next few days plenty of sun not a lot of clouds over the next few days up towards new delhi temperatures are on the rise $27.00 degrees for you there in colombo at about $31.00. quarter an essential result. as for all humankind across europe pressure to
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recognize water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very glad to pose was proud as asian on anybody if they really killed. those people who seemed ever to have something to invest the profit of they want all up to the last drop on al-jazeera. war. this is al jazeera is the top stories the death toll from corona virus in china is now crossed 1800 after the province of course the epicenter of the outbreak
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reported 93 new deaths across mainland china over 1800 new cases were also confirmed on monday. the world health organization says the virus is less deadly than previous outbreaks lights like sars but it is more infectious to say 80 percent of those who contract over 19 will only have mild symptoms and will recover . and the european union has to launch new sea and air patrols in the eastern mediterranean to try to stop more weapons from reaching libya decision i mean to hold a barely recognized u.n. arms about their father's months of negotiations. as those warring sides prepare to resume their talks in geneva libyans have actually been marking 9 years since the start of the revolution that ultimately led to the war as the conflict drags on there is little to celebrate as charles stratford reports now from misrata. thousands of people flooded into martyr square in central tripoli the place named
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in honor of the many fighters who were killed in a revolution that eventually topple. the tator who ruled libya for more than 40 years there for the 1st of all i'd like to congratulate all our libyan brothers and sisters on the anniversary of the revolution and our message today is the same we had back on february 17th 2011 we want freedom let me say again freedom justice and a democratic civilian state. but 9 years later libya is far from that instead a country suffering civil war. renegade general khalifa haftar is offensive to take control of tripoli with the un backed government is based goes on ceasefire kohls ignored hundreds of civilians killed while no 150000 people forced to flee their homes. in misrata east of tripoli the city proud of its role in ending gadhafi as
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rule and from where the majority of the u.n. backed government forces come from celebrations marking the revolution also loud and joyous. but people were quick to describe general huffed as another potential dictator who is holding libya's development back said and i want peace for libya i want good for the people of libya we don't want any more war among horton have an after hours killing our children and displacing so many people we rise for this revolution with our brothers and aced for nothing else but to bring a civilian government to libya. the international airport in tripoli was again a force that closed today because of what authorities say was shelling 20 score a body off the school says despite the celebrations on this very special day marking the start of the revolution that overthrew normal gadhafi you know i mean years ago libyans remain very afraid for their future because there seems to be no
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last thing political solution to this most recent crisis in sight charles travel al-jazeera misrata. the united nations has 900000 civilians have now fled the fighting in northwestern syria just since the beginning of december and is calling it a horrifying new level of humanitarian crisis the syrian government offensive to retake the last rebel held areas has created what is the biggest single civilian displacement in the whole 9 years of war half of the $3000000.00 civilians living in italy had already left other areas but despite the crisis syrian president bashar al assad has promised to press on with the offensive he made a rare address on state television and congratulated his forces for gains they've made recently syrian government troops are backed by russian warplanes in the air and iranian backed militias on the ground in the nighttime and we fully understand that this liberation does not mean the end of the war or the end of plots or terrorism eva this liberation does not mean the enemy's will surrender this
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liberation means that we put our enemies pride and nose in the dirt as a primary step to defeat them completely sooner or later. more now from hashem a whole bar near the turkey syria border he says while it is clear assad is confident of victory the country's fate isn't really in his hands anymore. this is a delicate moment for the syrian opposition but also for the syrian government and this explains why president bashar assad has been celebrating in his speech the new major gains made by the syrian army particularly on the outskirts of. and also the southern parts of it live saying basically that this is just about a matter of time before the opposition is defeated this explains why he has been saying that the fight will continue until the terrace and this is the term that he uses. most of the time to describe the syrian opposition will no longer in 2014 or 13 when the syrian government was on the verge of collapse and when the
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syrian opposition was making spectacular gains across the country all those games were reversed and now they're just confined to it which is their last stronghold but president bashar assad also told his people that they have to wait and that this is not the end of the war and i think he was hinting to the fact that with the growing turkish involvement with turkey sending more boys into into taking over it it might take some time now it's no longer up to us or to decide what happens next and i think this is something which will boil down to 3 players russia turkey if you have been holding talks in moscow to defuse tension iran is also another regional player the 3 iran russia and turkey will decide the future of syria in the near future. a suicide bombers killed at least 7 people and wounded dozens of others in pakistan police in question the provincial capital of blood just on
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say a teenager destination the bomb when they stopped him heading towards a religious rally so far no particular group has said it was behind the attack government and became a fast so of killed 24 people in a church among the dead the church pastor in the village of poncy the attackers then set the building on fire this is the 3rd time religious leaders have been targeted in the area in just the past week now activists in russia are concerned the government plans for one of the world's largest facial recognition systems and they're now taking legal action they fear the surveillance systems being used to single out critics of president bush and police say law abiding russians have nothing to fear a corresponding step vasant has been given exclusive access to the police headquarters in moscow. moscow fights are being watched closely $200000.00 cameras will be installed not only on public streets but also at the entrances of private
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living quarters not many people are aware that their biometric data images body measurements and other characteristics are being captured real time and transmitted to police monitors within moments a person's identity can be determined and his place of residence. if the person is on the wanted list it means he is a criminal if you have not committed a crime you don't have to be a warrant they've been defied if he is a caught on camera russia is taking the phrase big brother. to a new level. seemingly available at nearly every 3. criminals but. they will keep a close eye on opposing the putin 3 dream at the same time. police have been accused of using face recognition technology to crackdown on peaceful protesters during a wave of anti-government demonstrations last summer of us as she was arrested
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after taking part in the protests in 2018 she filed a case against the police at a moscow court dismissed it she will mount a not a legal challenge against a technology next month. by using facial recognition technology the state violates people's privacy and i'm saying they're doing it illegally i'm convinced that they collect and use or biometric data and they don't have a right to do so they must stop. but the company that designed a technology sas it system is being used legally in russia an activist should be more worried about their mobile phones when you're talking about your phone position is always on. all the content is monitored which you're saying you know. speech recognition is always. whatever so. when you when you do from the from the government perspective this is the number one thing
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the company claims it can identify people even if only their eyes are visible and do the test we do find a loophole the company admits that mismatches can happen and aims to improve the system. not only to systems and base of news and accuracy is being questioned but also its security recently russian media discovered that captured images are being hacked and sold on the black market which instead of compared to crime would make it criminals work a lot easier step fasten al-jazeera moscow. hundreds of flood warnings remain in place across the u.k. after some areas recorded the highest water levels in 40 years 2 storms have battered person in the past week bringing heavy rain and strong winds and at least 4 people have died this report from chalons. hangry season dangerous swollen rivers dennis is the 2nd storm in
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a week to batter parts of the u.k. blowing in shortly after storm chiara blew out dennis has brought floods and destruction to wales and western england. in herefordshire became flotsam borne away by the waters because storm chiara had already saturated the land dennis's heavy rain swiftly turned roads to tarantulas rivers fields into lakes the town center of 10 bre wells in which the ship was submerged it can take months for people's lives to return to normal after this kind of event it's up to my thigh and stitching me and everything that we put up on boxes last night is. serving. coffee and hot water somebody wanted it but it was time to sort of evacuate prime minister boris johnson quick to visit storm hit areas while
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campaigning for december's election has yet to do the same this time. but the government has announced plans for a new $1500000000.00 supercomputer that will try to predict weather and climate change faster than ever before bats won't stop storms like dennis and he are of course but more warnings should mean better preparation and that could prevent future storms being so destructive. 0. 0 these are the headlines the death toll from corona virus in china has now crossed 1800. province the epicenter of the outbreak reported $93.00 new deaths across mainland china $1800.00 new cases were confirmed on monday the world health organization says the virus is actually less deadly than previous outbreaks like sols but it is more infectious it says 80 percent of those who contract it will
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only have mild symptoms and will recover. did also appear to show a decline in new cases this trend must be interpreted very cautiously trend is going to change as new populations are affected it's too early to tell if this report the decline will continue every scenario is still on the table it also appears that quoted 9 didn't is not as diddly as a record and i viruses including service and murders more than 80 per cent of patients have mild disease and will recover more than a dozen americans have been stranded aboard a cruise ship quarantined in japan have arrived on evacuation flights to the u.s. on monday but they're carrying coronavirus the facts have been chartered by the u.s. state department and repatch more than 300 americans in all all of the evacuees are now in government quarantine other headlines the european union is to launch new
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sea and air patrols in the eastern mediterranean to try to stop more weapons from reaching libya the decision aiming to uphold a barely recognized u.n. arms embargo follows months of negotiations and there has been heavy fighting between saudi troops and tribal forces in yemen some of her province in the east it happened near the border saudi troops attempted to storm the town of shot but they have been repelled. and the u.n. says 900000 civilians have now fled the fighting in northwestern syria it's just since the beginning of december it's calling it a horrifying new level of humanitarian crisis a syrian government offensive to retake the last rebel held areas has created what is the single biggest civilian displacement in the entire 9 year war. the headline story is next.
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how is also official intelligence shaping our society from offices to living rooms devices with human like characteristics are quickly creeping into our lives the besides the benefits what are the risks and little a i take over the world one day this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. many of us interact every day with siri apple's voice activated digital personal assistant siri can find information gives us
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directions sends messages plays music one example of how ai is becoming a bigger part of everyday.


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