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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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the as. the director of the hospital the epicenter of the china corona virus outbreak dies from the illness highlighting the dangers facing health workers. elaborate show kerry this is al jazeera life and oha also coming up their opinion says it will enforce a broken arms embargo in libya with sea and air patrols and efforts to end the civil war. the wife was in his prime minister goes on trial for the murder of his 1st wife in the case dividing the south african country. and the worst flooding in 40 years hits the u.k. after 2 major storms move through. the on that. everything we can check
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on books is last night is taking. it again in china where the head of a hospital and will han the center of the epicenter that is of this corona virus outbreak the doctor has now died from the disease lesion meaning the director of the rouhani shang hospital died this morning china's health authority says over 3000 health workers have now contracted the virus and 6 have now died and total coronaviruses killed more than 1800 people 98 people have died in the last 24 hours in china mainland who have a province that's the epicenter of all this the illness is affecting the country's economy and china's finance minister says they're offering tariff exemptions on nearly $700.00 u.s. products including medical equipment. let's go now to beijing rocketry is reporting live for us so katrina that the death of this. doctor who's the director of the
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hospital obviously that's got to be raising concerns for health workers and if they don't have a handle on dealing with with their own health how difficult must it be to manage this crisis. that's right there's been a lot of sadness and a lot of shock as well on chinese social media in response to the death of your dreaming he was a man in his early fifty's and they're saying that if the head of a very important hospital were trying hospital no one could not be protected from the chrono virus than than who can and i think it highlights to many in china that this is still a very serious situation yes we've seen on state media the pushing of this positive news that cases outside of who they seem to be dropping steadily but we have to remember that inside who by a medical system is very much still overwhelmed and from what we can see under resourced we're seeing a lot of stories of from medical staff and social media lot of stories being
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circulated that they're having to work crazy hours working around the clock not getting enough rest not having access to enough breaks and at the same time there's also this continuing concern that they're not adequately protected that they don't have the medical protective gear that they need so things like masks and gloves suits that kind of things so the government their response has been twofold 1st of all they've sent about 10000 medical staff from all around the country into a province to help deal with the overwhelming of the the stuffing problem that we have to remember out of all these cases there are about 60000 cases in who a province alone and so they do need more staff to help deal with it secondly they're trying to pump more energy into the manufacturing industry to produce more medical equipment and actually the state council announced at a press conference a few hours ago that they were actually encouraging some state owned enterprises who didn't have any experience in producing medical equipment to actually begin to
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produce this because of the shortage there have been stories about actually 2 factories in beijing which they say in 6 days will be built just so they can produce more masks so this is the way the governments of for so far is responding to these concerns but still. we know that about 3000 medical stuff have been infected by the croton virus so it is it is a major problem here ok to you live for us in beijing katrina thank you going out to rob and bride and oklahoma port were approved ship is being quarantined so rob this started out a few weeks ago there were 10 people infected on this ship now we are into the hundreds. how is this being handled. that's right it has raised an awful lot of concerns and questions here in japan and also i think in the the wider public health community about the sense of
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quarantining people on ships as you mentioned there this began as a handful of cases the ship was put into quarantine 2 weeks ago and then very steadily over the the number of days that people have been isolated in their cabins the number of in fact infections has risen and it spiked on a number of days and alarmingly there's something like $450.00 people plus have now become infected some of those have been taken off the ship to get specialist treatment and so on others maybe their symptoms aren't as severe they are still on the ship where they're being looked after but it does raise some serious questions about whether some of those people could well have become infected before the quarantine was imposed on the symptoms only manifested themselves afterwards but alarmingly i think people are coming to the conclusion that despite this quarantine despite people being kept in their cabins not associating on deck and so on it does seem as though there have been new infections spreading throughout the ship through
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the ventilation systems maybe because of food that still had to be distributed obviously to people in their cabin so it has raised concerns the good news is that for the 3000 or so people still on this vessel the end of this cruise that they hadn't signed up for certainly is insights tomorrow wednesday is the end of this 14 day quarantine period where people will be once they prove to be negative they're not tested positive for the coronavirus will start finally to leave this vessel a system a process that's going to take several days before the ship is finally cleared ok rob. thank you. it's a march some u.s. citizens evacuated from the cruise ship quarantined in japan were carrying the crown virus when they were airlifted back home or part of a group that was on 2 flights officials only learned about their test results when they were already on their way to the plane's castro has more. now on the.
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way the norm for the u.s. government's original plan had been to keep off the planes anyone suspected of or known to be carrying the coronavirus but that's not how things turned out the state department says all 338 americans evacuated from the diamond princess cruise ship had appeared healthy when they disembarked but during the 40 minute bus ride to the to a waiting cargo planes the japanese health ministry called with news that 14 passengers had tested positive for corona virus american officials then decided to allow those passengers to continue with the evacuation isolating them behind white curtains near the plane's tails other passengers then boarded the route we're down to where we are in the morning there and after difficulty pretty miserable where there's massive row everybody had to go the ramp or i'm on the bus the president was with
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revising their private 5 hours a way to get off across the. currys the very very well on the buses the infected and apparently healthy passengers had mixed given that they were still on a learning curve well iris i think u.s. public health admissions made the best decision they could recognizing that the alternative leaving them on the ship was not. by the time they landed in california and texas 5 apparently healthy passengers had developed infection symptoms now all the evacuees are in coron teen with 13 high risk cases transported to the university of nebraska medical center well there's been no documentation that came with them so everything is been sort of passed along and passed along you know and they've had a very long journey so i think we're not going to make any assumptions about anything that's passed along virtually we're going to go ahead and just test
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everybody by the government's numbers 5 of the evacuees who tested positive in japan are being treated at undisclosed hospitals near military bases meanwhile a number of americans still remain aboard the diamond princess in japan they had turned down the offer to evacuate and instead hope to complete their corn teen on board the ship then there is now that 14 infected people on the flight with everyone else has just confirmed to us that they were really providing a safe method of transportation back to the united states the u.s. state department has completed a half dozen evacuation flights from asia since the coronavirus outbreak began those other evacuations happened as planned but this latest incident draws scrutiny to the u.s. government's response and nearly double the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the u.s. over night. hi joe castro al-jazeera washington some countries are moving quickly
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to evacuate their citizens from china's had their problems others like uganda don't seem to be a reality on is a ugandan student stranded in we're on city and says she's frustrated by her government's response will have gone through. the embassy they are going to never see it as a sort of being brought up in the parliament in uganda and all that means those are aware of what's going on and they're well we're praying for it booky we should but . bookie awaits us because they don't think they are able to contain the virus in case it broke out in uganda so they decided to send us money but money is not really what we need i know the other one is that they were able to quarantine the other ministers who came from china and went to go so it works pointing to. the mean he says but i don't understand why they don't do the same thing for us the students think it's ok we can still quarantine it so we went up to the media so i
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only know about this situation honestly makes me angry makes me feel like i don't matter to the country look my legs don't matter they don't care i mean. it's not actually the best decision. for the evacuation going still being made it and it's best we're preventing that is they have been don't. get to see there's been having fighting between saudi troops and tribal forces in the east of yemen saudi troops attempted to storm the town of san an armada province near the money border or repelled attack helicopters and armored vehicles were deployed in this assault the region of yemen this particular region has largely escaped the worst of the fighting at some gulf the rest of the country since 2015. their pan union is planning to launch a new c.n.n. polls in the eastern mediterranean to try to stop more weapons from reaching libya's warring sides it's seen as a major decision reached after weeks of negotiations talks to try and establish
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a lasting cease fire in libya are due to resume on tuesday our diplomatic editor james bays supports from geneva. foreign ministers of the european union meeting in brussels have decided in principle to start monitoring illegal arms flows to libya however they've also actually cancelled an already mandated e.u. mission operation saffir that used to have ships in the mediterranean from 2015 to deter migrants until the naval vessels were withdrawn as a result of a talian pressure instead of retard skiing that help aeration they now have to set up a new naval and air mission which may even need fresh u.n. security council authorization it could all take months to find some of the international arms embargo isn't the only major problem affecting peace efforts in libya in the coming hours talks will resume here at the u.n.
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in geneva between 5 representatives of the internationally recognized government in tripoli and 5 from general have to decide to try and get a cease fire can you give us a readout of how they went the government's representative at the u.n. in new york libyan ambassador sunny told me the previous round of talks had been far from easy and there's a lot of issues that we don't need and together but there are some parts that as mentioned from the u.n. led process that could be a breakthrough but i'm still. have to be cautious because we noticed that there are certain elements that we look into in terms of the return of i.d.p.'s the buffer area and where the withdrawal areas are these are things that are still and good discussions and are not clear yet at the munich security conference the u.n. has its deputy special representative in libya made it clear if they can silence the guns the plan is for wider political talks in just over
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a week's time james pays out 0 geneva. still ahead on al-jazeera syria's president pledges to push on with its offensive towards the humanitarian crisis worsens. hello again and welcome back to your international weather forecast well we have been talking about storm dennis for many days now and we're still going to be dealing with here across parts of northern europe about this front where you see here this line of clouds that is where we're seeing the gusty winds continuing as we go towards tuesday still cross parts of the baltics we will experiencing some gusty winds there is ferry service could be disrupted as well as we go towards tuesday in terms of the rain here across the u.k. swiss still dealing with a lot of flood watches and warnings in effect in terms of the rain though it is
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going to be lighter but that's not the end of it as we go towards the middle of the week we're going to be seeing another storm coming in out of the atlantic and this one is going to bring some more rain some more winds with it as well really we're going to see in the force of this as we go towards wednesday night and then the system pushes an even closer as we go towards thursday heavy rain expected across much of the area also gusty winds could be a problem there's that front pushing through london later in the day we do expect to see rain with a temperature of 11 degrees there well here for the northern coast of africa a lot of clouds over the next few days in parts of libya as well as into egypt we don't expect to see too much in terms of rain mostly along the coastal areas but for alexandria and maybe into cairo it could be a few showers few attempts of the 20 and the guy at 16 degrees. frank assessments the one thing about these bush bars is that really what the.
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climate should informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical to. secret all goes through school you've been told what the story is sort of oh this argument is astonishing the power trying to in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning for you iraq of the new conscious and we would use about struggle against an ethnic sectarian cultural inside story on al-jazeera. you are watching al-jazeera these are the top stories this hour the number of people killed by the coronavirus is now past 1800 after china reported 98 more deaths and the last few hours the head of
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a major hospital in on the center of this outbreak has also died after contracting the virus inside of ships in yemen have been pushed back after trying to storm a town near the omani border clash with tribal forces in eastern amara province after launching an assault involving helicopters and on for vehicles their opinion has announced it will began to see an air patrols in the eastern mediterranean to stop war weapons reaching libya's warring sides talks try to establish a lasting cease fire in libya are due to resume want to stay in geneva. the white felicitous prime minister is due in court in the capital on tuesday messiah to bonnie has been charged with masterminding the murder of her husband's former wife and 2017 minute miller is outside the court in miss a room to tell us more about what's expected today from media. well 'd my spirit or body made
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a very brief appearance in the quarter just behind us and the case has been pursued until march or there was a lot of speculation that she may not turn up but given that she had previously led a lawsuit to to south africa and that's when police wanted to question or ahead of charging her with the murder of a deeper law to bonnie at least organizing masterminding that to murder now of course the 1st lady of would be concerned because the charges laid against a murder and attempted murder carry the death penalty here in a suit you so you know there has been a lot of concern around what may transpire during this court case and also if further charges will be laid we know that at least 8 other people have been charged and we also know that her husband the prime minister tom to bonnie has been questioned and also has been linked to the crime following these investigations by police but here is a look at some of the background the events leading to this point. police have
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charged a suit is prime minister thomas to ban his wife my cea seen here with the murder of his previous wife almost 3 years ago reportedly refused to divorce the husband of after he had begun a new relationship with my cea intrigue is not only caught the attention of the nation of more than $2000000.00 people but it's also lead to political tensions police commissioner says it's a bunny instructed that he be sacked as the investigation gains momentum a quarter later ruled that his job be protected from the. difficulties in the. information or evidence. but of. information and intelligence my cea has been released on bail but some members of
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the to bonnie family want that decision reversed they say the brutality of the murders shows she's dangerous it was here in hama sana de paulo to barneys home that people say she realized her life was in danger just days before her death someone tried to break into our home but to the attack of flared when her neighbors were alerted within days diplo was shot and killed on verse rolled while travelling home with a friend with mrs say 4 men fired at a vehicle they're too afraid to speak to us on camera saying they fear for their safety both my cia and a lawyer declined requests for an interview but in court papers she's denied having anything to do with the murder and says the police have acted maliciously prime minister bonnie has been linked to the crime too but hasn't been charged police say a call was made to his mobile phone from the scene of following the murder he is not the kind of guy who would plot have been and still i stand to be corrected but
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i have different convictions in a slow and his new wife is concerned the scandal has worsened divisions within the governing all of us who to convention party are some within the party supporter bernie others want him to resign for people in the suit to these developments may be unprecedented but remain a test for the democracy and the independence of its courts. but we can't rule out that turbos 'd will be a drawn out case and also that the prime minister time to bonnie could potentially face charges of years of on that application to have my theater bonnie's bail revoked as before the courts will wait to hear if perhaps bail will be revoked and she'll be forced to stay in. the suit to give up the office she could leave the country once again but also we spoke to the woman who accompanied you to bonnie that's tom to bonnie's a 2nd wife who was killed she was of prison when that attack happened she has since
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and was injured and she since flips to south africa where she's been hiding so there is a lot of concern along some of the dangers involved in this case but also the political implications members of the whole bus you to conventions say that my cea to bonnie was in control of the prime minister lot of political connections and that it can't be ruled out that they could potentially be political interference in just how this case develops ok for me to fill in with a wrap up there from the say were of me to thank you. the united nations secretary general says creating a safe and stable afghanistan will make it possible for millions of refugees to return home and trying to get tara says economic prosperity can be achieved through greater cooperation between afghanistan pakistan and the international community the terrace is attending a conference in islamabad recognizing 40 years of afghans living as refugees or than 2000000 of them live in pakistan and hyder is at a refugee camp near the city of
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a shower he joins us live so. small there this huge event happening. at us completely separate location from where the people are that are most affected is the really a connection between the 2 the people at this camp feel like that this conference matters. to give you an idea in the last 3 days where visit their own refugee camps. on the outskirts were there did we have drugs are there people extensively they have seen even end up far. from the international community there really be headed. there and however there are a lot of people who are skeptical. because of the condition that they're living in and because of the fact that they've lived there for 40 years now most important to the pakistani foreign minister would also saying on the need for that.
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framework which word of god facilitated the safe return on their bit of return of the of one refugee to that country and they said that they should be a part of the hour on peace said to be very important to ignore the pakistani foreign minister saying that stability and peace and one istanbul old story and they returned it really had taken not make them better men 8000000000 euros connectivity although that is that upbeat mood as far as the government and the united nations is concerned there are great divisions by many to fear did who have seen such promise they didn't apply however that is there a of all that dogs were the taleban are burying some sort of fruit. hider. thank you. the united nations says nearly 900000 civilians have fled fighting in northwestern syria since the beginning of december it says the humanitarian crisis
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has reached a horrifying new level a syrian government offensive to retake the last rebel held areas have created the biggest single civilian displacement during the 9 year war half of the $3000000.00 civilians living in the province have already had to leave for other areas and despite that syrian president bashar al assad has promised to press ahead with the offensive and a rare address on state television he congratulated his forces for gains they've made recently syrian government troops are backed by russian warplanes in the air and iranian backed militias on the ground. fully understand that this liberation does not mean the end of the war or the end of plots or terrorism eva this liberation does not mean the enemy's will surrender this liberation means that we put our enemy's pride and nose in the dirt as a primary step to defeat them completely sooner or later on. bar is near the turkey syria border and says while it's clear offside is confident in victory the
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country's fate isn't really in his hands this is a delicate moment for the syrian opposition but also for the syrian government and this explains why president bashar assad has been celebrating in his speech the new major gains made by the syrian army particularly on the outskirts of aleppo and also the southern parts of it live saying basically that this is just about a matter of time before the opposition is defeated this explains why he has been saying that the fight will continue until the terrace of this is the term that he uses. most of the time to describe the syrian opposition would no longer in 2014 or 13 when the syrian government was on the verge of collapse and when the syrian opposition was making spectacular gains across the country all those games were reversed and now they're just confined to it which is their last stronghold but president bashar assad also told his people that they have to wait and that
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this is not the end of the war and i think he was hinting to the fact that with the growing turkish involvement with turkey sending more people voice into into taking over it it might take some time now it's no longer up to us to decide what happens next and i think this is something which will boil down to 3 key players russia turkey if you have been holding talks in moscow to defuse tension iran is also another regional player the 3 iran russia and turkey will decide the future of syria in the near future. a stampede at an 8 facility in his chair has killed at least 23 people refugees from neighboring nigeria had been queuing for food and clothes and if that's in the southeast crowds push forward when the gates to the facility open crushing those waiting including many women and children. uganda has deployed soldiers to fight against a desert locust infestation that is spread to the country and sex pose
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a threat to crops such as coffee and livestock a locust outbreak has been spreading through parts of east africa already affecting kenya ethiopia and somalia united nations has called on the international community to help with the relief efforts flooding in the u.s. state of mississippi has forced hundreds of people from their homes weeks of heavy rain pushed the river in the state capital jackson to its highest level in 37 years about a 1000 homes have been flooded and more than 200 flood warnings remain in place across the u.k. after some areas report of the highest water levels and 40 years 2 storms have battered britain in just the past week and at least 4 people have died reports. hangry season dangerous swollen rivers dennis is the 2nd storm in a week to pass a parts of the u.k. blowing in shortly after a storm chiara blew out dennis has brought floods and destruction to wales and
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western england in herefordshire became flotsam borne away by the waters because storm chiara had already saturated their land dennis is heavy rains will be turned roads to tarantulas rivers fields into lakes the town center of 10 bridwell's and was the ship was submerged it can take months for people's lives to return to normal after this kind of event and it's up to my thigh in situ mean and everything that we put up on boxes last night is a change we've got electricity so we're really lucky so we've been serving. will just somebody wanted it but you know i mean it was time to sort of evacuate now prime minister boris johnson quick to visit storm hit areas while campaigning for december's election has yet to do the same this time. but the government has announced plans for a new 1500000000 dollar supercomputer that will trying to predict weather and
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climate change faster than ever before bats won't stop storms like dennis and he are of course but a small warning should mean better preparation and that could prevent future storms being so destructive glory chalons 1000. which i carry these are the headlines right now on al jazeera the number of people killed by the corona virus is now past 1800 after china reported 98 more deaths in the last few hours the head of a major hospital and han the epicenter of this outbreak has also died after contracting the virus katrin to you as more from beijing there's been a lot of sadness and a lot of shock as well chinese social media in response to the death of your dreaming he was a man in his early fifty's and they're saying that if the head of a very important hospital which on hospital could not be protected from the chrono
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virus that then who can and i think it highlights to many in china that this is still a very serious situation yes we've seen on state media the pushing of this positive news that cases outside of who they seem to be dropping steadily but we have to remember that inside who by a medical system is very much still overwhelmed and from what we can see under resourced saudi troops and yemen have been pushed back after trying to storm a town near the omani border these helicopters and armored vehicles to attack tribal forces in the eastern amara province it's a region that so far had escaped the worst of the violence in yemen's 5 year war their opinion has announced it will began to see an air patrols in the eastern mediterranean to stop war weapons reaching libya's warring sides talks to try and establish a lasting cease fire in libya are due to resume on tuesday in geneva. the united nations secretary general says creating a safe and stable afghanistan will make it possible for millions of refugees to
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return home and turn to terrorists as attending a conference and islamic recognizing 40 years of afghans living as refugees more than 2000000 of them live in pakistan the united nations says nearly 900000 civilians have fled fighting in northwestern syria since the beginning of december it says the humanitarian crisis has reached a horrifying new level that's come after syrian president bashar al assad said his country had achieved victory but the fight wasn't over a syrian government offensive to retake the last rebel held areas has created the single biggest civilian displacement during this 9 year war there's a headlines keep it here on al-jazeera inside story is next. and the race for the white house has begun. to 04 states have their say on the dance to please don't try. to continue to stick to the
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2020 u.s. election. only just. how is artificial intelligence shaping our society from offices to living rooms devices with human like characteristics are quickly creeping into our lives besides the benefits what are the risks and will ai take over the world one day this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program peter w. now many of us interact every day with siri apple's voice activated digital personal assistant siri can find information gives us directions sends messages plays music one example of how ai is becoming a bigger part of everyday.


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