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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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that's machine on al-jazeera. this is. hello i'm certain this is the al-jazeera news out live from london coming up. warnings of major disruption to libyan schools hospitals and power stations after attacks on tripoli's ports as the warring sides hold ceasefire talks in geneva plus . no shelter is now safe the u.n. accuses syria's government of targeting hospitals and schools in the northwest where almost a 1000000 civilians have fled the fighting china says 3000 health workers have now
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been infected by the corona virus but a new study finds around 80 percent of all cases are mild. and spore of the australian open champion suffers a shock 1st round defeat american sophia cannon loses her 1st deputy tore a match following her triumph in melbourne. we begin in libya where medical sources say 3 civilians have been killed after a rocket attacks on aaa sports forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar say they've been targeting weapons dept hose all fuel vessels have been ordered to leave for safer waters and libya's national oil company says they will be made into schools hospitals and power stations it comes as representatives from the country's warring signs hold ceasefire talks in geneva on diplomatic editor jim spaced reports.
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the porch of the libyan capital tripoli under attack general have to say forces carried out the indiscriminate strikes about the same time that 5 of his representatives sat down at the u.n. in geneva for talks with 5 from the internationally recognized gump. it's now 10 months since general have to appended the international community's peace plans by ordering an offensive to try and seize tripoli the operation launched defiantly just hours after he met the u.n. secretary general and tonio good terrorist who was visiting libya at the time in the months since the death toll has mounted his weapons of continue to pour into the country despite this the secretary general's envoy is keen to push the diplomatic momentum forward is your plan back on track my plan is not back on track
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my plan has never left the track it is being implemented was patience and determination and this by the many of the clearly to cease fire before next week i better have a cease fire in order to implement all the rest but this is not the precondition the reason next week is important as mr salamis ambitious plan to bring representatives of all the libyan factions here to geneva those talks are supposed to start on the 26th james al-jazeera of the united nations in geneva but we're getting reports that libya's u.n. recognized government has now suspended the current cease fire talks in geneva stuff and is monitoring the attacks on shipley's portie centers this update earlier from the libyan capital. you can see the smoke rising from the tripoli's poll behind me it was around 3 in the afternoon where our team here in the libyan capital said they heard what's believed to be around 10 missiles landing in
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this area it was soon after the media wing released an official statement saying that they had chanted what they described as a turkish vessel carrying weapons now turkey has flatly denied that accusation and literally in the last hour or so the saving house has released another his forces have released another statement on a media wing saying they targeted what they describe as just a weapons step no mention of turkey in that 2nd statement now we're hearing yesterday were already beginning to highlight how difficult it's going to potentially paying for the to implement this new arms embargo plan because of the sheer number of parties involved the forces loyal to you have to and you know have to insults are supported by the united arab emirates by russia or at least by the russian companies as is claimed by egypt and
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also by other countries but the ones that are actually helping with the drones it is reported to be chinese made drones financed by the u.a.e. and overlayed then we have reports also that jordanian drones 6 of them were sold by the government of jordan again i have to the u.n. but government here in tripoli is already calling to see you plan for new weapons and bargo on libya is being unfairly weighted against them it's saying that because libya share such a long border with egypt of course egypt supports general then that would mean potentially that egypt could resupply i have to with weapons easily now experts of also say that there are going to be huge problems. potentially policing this in bargo because of the mere fact that the shares borders with 6 other countries the border with chad live alone is around
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a 1000 kilometers long so as i say you know i don't know shoes and experts say that it's fair enough for you to come out with this plan to try and hold weapons supplies to the respective sides in this conflict is going to be a very different matter indeed in trying to effectively implemented the un says the syrian government is hitting hospitals schools and camps for displaced people with air strikes in northwest syria as it keeps up its offensive to capture the last rebel stronghold close 290-0000 civilians have fled conflict zones in and western aleppo since the beginning of december overwhelming aid agencies 80 percent of them are women and children forced into increasingly smaller safe areas the un human rights office says it's recorded 299 civilian deaths since january the 1st around 90 percent of them caused by the syrian government and its allies in that time the
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un says 12 medical facilities and 19 schools have been directly hit or damaged by syrian and russian airstrikes with 2 hospital states on monday the sheer quantity of attacks on these hospitals medical facilities schools. which suggest to me they can't all be accidental. and at a minimum even if they were accidental it shows lack of proportionality necessity precaution and so on. all of which can contribute to something being attributed to those of war crimes it's cruel beyond belief that civilians mostly women and children living under scraps of plastic sheeting in freezing conditions are being bombed. reports on the growing crisis in syria from children goes.
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bad is one of hundreds of thousands of internally displaced syrians she fled her village of a woman in the east of where it was taken over by government forces the building is unfinished and the family has little for nature cannot afford to buy a stove to heat the place. and we pray someone will defend us please help us they kill our children they targets cause schools we cannot send our children to schools anymore they are bombing the area nonstop it's insane as government forces close in football has already backed the tractor outside he's ready if the situation gets worse. i have seen hopeless faces crying out of fear and humiliation i am asking the arabs and the muslims where are you why are you silent come here and see the women and children living in the open people are on the run they leave it live hoping for
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a better place. and his family have just arrived from the outer norman the rebel stronghold south of it live the city was recaptured by the syrian army 2 weeks ago a shelling a flare many civilians escaped. on one day we counted $400.00 rockets fired at the city in addition to airstrikes many were killed we fled under the cover of darkness it was so chaotic when you were looking for loved ones who they'd lost track of during the escape this is how northern italy and the outskirts of aleppo look like. long lines of syrians tracks their destination is the border with turkey they join hundreds of thousands of people who have gathered in small areas and empty fields. hoping to cross into turkey if syrian government troops continue their advance the battle for it live might turn into the worst confrontation since the start of the conflict 9 years ago
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the syrian army is determined the burbles must surrender but they are defiant civilians have nowhere to go and if it falls into the hands of the government they're likely to pay a price the millions who live in the province who are stranded near the border with turkey will have to abandon the dream they've carried for many years a syria without bashar assad has. won turkey's border with syria and we can now speak to amgen yemeni communications director for save the children who's in amman in jordan thanks so much for coming on to al-jazeera to talk about this what is increasingly a disaster the figures are staggering reading the latest 50000 a day an exodus of the likes of which we haven't seen since world war 2 what does that look like on the ground. what we are seeing now is a genuine kind of kind of surf that we've not seen since the beginning of the
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conflict in syria where we're looking at a town now you say 50000 i think is actually accelerating so for the last 2 reast was 30000 people a day and last week in particular was 50000 people a day and now we wait that that aid is even excellent even further 900000 people displaced in 2 months is just simply something we do not know how to deal with it as a system just for comparison when we are talking about displacement 3000 people a day is a huge one and that means any agencies are started it was started to deal with on the ground so 50000 people a day it is not even something all of us can call with just also as we have understand for the next 6 months just to be able to respond to the basic needs of these found so we're talking simply shelter so people have places to sleep something to eat and some something to drink we're looking at 300000000 dollars just for the next 6 months and leave them with $100.00 if you wind the sound is that the texas border still closed so we're basically looking at
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a logjam of people just getting closer and closer to the border staying in towns that. there is nothing really for them there unless there is a very quick response by the likes of yourselves so far the only to 50 of the children the families have is humanitarian aid sadly we are doing and everything we can but the solution is not moving people from one display them to another so there are always suggestions that we need to employ to do is we need people to move from one to another and that definitely helps sometimes but on his sleeve we're talking about families have been displaced when times in the last year and to continue to find them new places where they feel safe is a simply not a solution we need out of it to get to a point of able to save the children to be able to go to norman to see that so that the cycle of displacement and sunny. the u.n. coordinator amount low carb was again calling on the security council members to support humanity before their own interest doesn't really feel at the moment like
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people don't realise just how huge a scale this is now we simply don't understand what's happening look we are talking about the biggest this case since the beginning of the crisis and the response. has been the very least we are not seeing a lot of support people are asking what well who are you living in a suit why why do we not matter what's going to happen to us can you just please don't forget about us and the conditions that if you're in the children aren't you are just absolutely catastrophic and i'm we don't know where they were what do we do for. a very grave of you talking to us on this and judge i mean speaking to us from amman. meanwhile a video circling interpolating on social media shows a syrian father trying to protect his daughter from the trauma of what's happening in the country i don't know mohammed says every time a bomb was dropped he tells a 3 year old sour it's part of
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a game. pretty leg as he feels. as if he. says he develops the game to help his only child who's only known to overcome her fear the 32 year old moved his family to the some other district from italy province earlier this month when his town fell to government forces. the un envoy for yemen has warned that a recent escalation of violence there could grow after reports of hundreds of civilian casualties mounting gryphus told the un security council that normally quiet front lines are now being targeted as women and children are suffering the most why can the reports from the u.n. in new york. these regular briefings on yemen have for months been marked by an air of optimism but this was not the case on this day the special envoy to yemen has
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told the u.n. security council that the upsurge in violence could reverse the gains made in peace efforts over the past year and warns there are signs the conflict is spreading during the past month that we last met the military situation has grown increasingly dire both sides have that announced expensive military goals and exchanged fierce rhetoric most of the heavy fighting is taking place in their home district of the coverage of sana and also of marble and southern government front lines which had. we inquired after several months of being drawn into the escalation of the truce that had been observed in al gore 4 months was shattered this past weekend by saudi led airstrikes at least 30 civilians were killed and dozens injured including women and children more than $35000.00 people
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have been displaced in the last month alone this escalation in addition to clashes in other places has reversed the trend towards decreasing civilian casualties that we had seen in previous months in january assessments suggest that more than $160.00 civilians were killed or wounded across yemen the council is united on the need for the violence to end but is reluctant to apportion blame for the current crisis regardless of who started the violence it is clear that have sought to exploit the situation and this is an acceptable the situation is further complicated by accusations of the reigne an involvement in the conflict these accusations make yemen part of a far wider crisis and the gate the possibility of achieving a purely regional truce there's concern to over allegations that hu thieves are misusing aid with the us warning that it could suspend all assistance to northern
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yemen as soon as next month mike hanna al-jazeera united nations ukraine's president says heavy fighting in the eastern dumbass region will not hamper efforts to end the conflict with russian backed separatists ukraine's military and the separatists have blamed each other for the flare up but left one ukrainian soldier dead and several others wounded in some of the worst fighting seen in the region since peace talks were held in december but a mere selenski says the violence was an attempt to disrupt the peace process a 2nd round of talks is expected in berlin in the coming months. we have a powerful army provocations happen but the army responded firmly the situation is completely under control because of the shah we are confident that this provocation will not change the course towards ending the conflict as one can only sit at the negotiation table with
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a strong army. the course forward is to go ahead and stop the war and reach peace is coming up on this news hour the wife of the so 1st prime minister appears in court charged with murdering her predecessor in a case it's grips the tiny mountainous kingdom ashraf ghani is declared winner afghanistan's presidential election 5 months after the vote took place and we'll have more on the driver who survived a crash at the daytona $500.00 powerhouse the details in sports. the biggest study of coronavirus cases in china since the outbreak began suggests the spread of the disease is slowing but the authors warn the authorities to remain vigilant to prevent a possible rebound data from the chinese center for disease control and prevention finds that more than 80 percent of cases have been classified as mild the sick and
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elderly are most at risk with the fatality rates increasing gradually with ange the research also points to the high risk to medical staff with just over 3000 diagnosed with the disease the virus has now killed nearly 900 people one infected more than 72000 in china and the sarah clarke reports from hong kong china now plans to test all citizens living in ruins. officials go door to door in a city wide sweeping to identify anyone infected with the virus 10 more quarantine centers are being set up in districts in the city they offer 11 and a half 1000 beds but those showing mild symptoms the number of people infected outside the epicenter of the outbreak may be forming but inside here by province the situation is still serious more than 50000 cases have been confirmed there you
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go shoot a woman being the and there are still a large number of severe cases in and there are also some objective reasons like the lack of emergency care facilities and insufficient pressure of oxygen supplies one of where hands most senior doctors meaning has now died after contracting the corona virus more than 3000 health workers have also been infected. medical teams from the guangdong province and to bitch and now are being sent to the city to assist staff struggling to treat the high numbers of patients across china hospitals are also expanding clinics and opening up new centers to ease the pressure across the country but it is about and in response to the potential epidemic we have activated the hospital facilities that we built with the shanghai public health clinical center back in 2004 and we've renovated around 200 reserve beds for emergency use. on tuesday china announced it would exempt tariffs on
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nearly $700.00 u.s. goods from the beginning of march that's intended to avoid shortages of products including pork beef soybeans and crude oil the fallout from this album is being felt across asia with some countries describing it as an economic emergency south korea's president has flagged new measures to cushion the financial impact so too has hong kong as a region stepped up efforts to prevent a growing economic crisis on china reliant upon a means sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. behind the coronavirus outbreak are fountains of nurses some of whom are paying a very personal price harding explains. the faces of the women fighting corona virus are trending online the virus is taking a physical toll on medical staff in china many have deep lines on their faces from surgical masks digging into their skin some hospital staff and even wearing adult diapers to save time from taking bathroom breaks on we bow
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a social media platform in china a topic called sisters go fight the virus we've got your back has reached over 228000000 views one organization has even raise money to provide the female nurses with 180000 sanitary pads however one volunteer said those donations are only helping a 3rd of the women others are cutting their hair to avoid cross infection and to cut down on the time it takes to put on and take off their protective suits this video went viral posted by the chinese newspaper guns who daily it shows 15 women getting their ponytails cut off before being sent to aids patients in rwanda some of them were crying they were hailed as heroes in headlines but the move sparked outrage online with people calling it unnecessary and sexist one user said it's cruel and ask why do people need to cry to become heroes the original video has since been deleted there are campaigns to help these nurses some are taking to social media to ask for others to provide the nurses with meals other patients say
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they wouldn't have made it through quarantine without help from the medical team and when it got worse i really thought i was going to die but the doctors did not give up on me and the nurses were on hand every day so i could feel that my condition was getting better day by day i feel so good and i want to say thank you to the medical workers for their care and love thank you so much these nurses are at the forefront of the battle against the coronavirus emergency and they do it at great personal risk. residents in caracas here are demanding answers from the government after suspected ghastly killed at least 14 people over the past 2 days hospitals around the pakistani city have been flooded with people complaining of breathing difficulties possesses say they want a transparent investigation into the deaths some believe a poisonous gas has been leaking from a ship docked at the ports but a spokesman has denied these allegations. the ugandan government has deployed the
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army to help contain one of the biggest locust outbreaks east africa has seen in decades the soldiers will be used to spray pesticides on props coffee and insects feed on 10000000 people have been affected across the region including in kenya ethiopia and somalia. the south is 1st lady has appeared in court for her alleged role in the murder of a husband's previous wife missi on to benny is charged with the ordering the killing of lip pillow the bunny in 2017 she's been granted bail but was caught in the capital must hear you for a pretrial hearing from where freedom miller reports. in a case that's a rock to the small mountain kingdom of the sioux to the 1st lady my c.r. to bonnie appears in court for murder she's charged with masterminding the killing of prime minister thomas to barney's a strange wife to palermo almost 3 years ago if found guilty by sia could face the
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death penalty the judge at the court in must 0 told her to return next month and she remains out on bail police are still investigating the case. reportedly refused to divorce her husband after he'd begun a new relationship with myself the intrigue has not only caught the attention of the nation of more than 2000000 people but it's also lead to political tensions with police commission a whole lot more molly bailey says to bonnie instructed that he be sacked as the investigation gains momentum a quarter later ruled that his job be protected and will. give you. information or evidence. or. michelin into lately including. my c.r. has been released on bail but some members of the to bonnie family want that decision reversed they say the brutality of the murders shows she's dangerous. it
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was here in hama sana at de paulo to barney's home that people say she realized her life was in danger just days before her death someone tried to break into our home back to the attack of flared when her neighbors were alerted within days diplo was shot and killed on verse rolled while traveling home with a friend witnesses say 4 men fired at a via car they're too afraid to speak to us on camera saying they fear for their safety. both my c.i. and a lawyer declined requests for an interview but in court papers she's denied having anything to do with the murder and says the police have acted maliciously prime minister de bonnie has been linked to the crime 2 but hasn't been charged police say a call was made to his mobile phone from the scene of following the murder he is not the kind of guy who would plot have been and still i think to be corrected but i
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have different convictions in this light his new wife is concerned. the scandal has worsened divisions within the governing all of us who to convention party while some within the party support abani others want him to resign for people to listen to these developments may be unprecedented but the main test for their democracy and the independence of its courts for me to miller al-jazeera a serious suit to. you know watching out is there a line from london still to come residents of rio de janeiro's say from a security force members to down and i want dangerous in the cities drunkenness president jiang gets his role but it's in india and not everyone is happy about this and in sports this brazilian forward makes himself the chance to take you in champions league i think.
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hello again it's good to have you back well we did see some very active weather down here across parts of of toria on tuesday with thunderstorms pushing across much of the area that's all dealing with this area of low pressure in the closet you see right here now that is still going to be a problem on wednesday with very active rain across much of tasmania some winds will be a problem as well not too bad of a day though as we go towards thursday the system slowly makes its way towards the tasman sea things get better in terms of the sky as well as the rain but notice that the temperatures are coming down so melbourne only getting to about 1000 degrees there hobart at about 20 and here for sydney while your temperatures will be coming down as well a nice warm day here on wednesday with plenty of sun a little bit cooler as we go towards thursday and by friday we do expect to see some rain in the forecast at about 25 degrees there well here across much of asia isn't required over the next few days the big weather system that cause most of the
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problems across japan is going to be making its way out here towards the pacific and we are going to be left with much better skies as we go towards wednesday tokyo a better day here at 13 degrees as we go towards thursday we are going to see plenty of sun in the forecast shanghai it is going to be a beautiful day at about 15 degrees but down towards hong kong it is going to be a little bit cooler at 19 for taipei maybe some showers at $21.00 degrees. an estimated 100000 lives cruelly ended over a century ago. a distant past not to the descendants of the sawtooth. a tale of colonialism and racial supremacy unravels in the quest for justice and recognition of the sacrifices of tribal people in the media. skulls of my people a witness documentaries on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when
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people who need to be heard the general situation of course is affecting both of any advantage and graphically and the story needs to be told with exclusive interviews as a country that is used in polaroids and in-depth reports movie have i thought my fair al-jazeera has teams on the ground there saying that they're against you on the united way the award winning documentary and live news. scary moment in our top stories here and i'll just there are we're getting reports that libya's u.n.
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recognized government has now suspended the current cease fire talks in geneva it comes as tripoli supports was targeted by rockets from forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar. the u.n. says hospitals schools and countless for displaced people in northwest syria are being hit by government airstrikes around 900000 civilians have fled conflict zones in and western aleppo since the beginning of december and health officials in china say the spread of the coronavirus appears to be slowing and they're warning the authorities to remain vigilant to prevent a possible resurgence a major study into the outbreak has found that 80 percent of cases have been classified as mild. let's get more on those developments from me in libya talks from our diplomatic to james spacey joins us now live from geneva james at least the reuters wire services credit saying the 5 of the talks have now been suspended to an actual statement coming from the government to the internationally recognized
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government quite a blow for where you are where there were quite quite strong hopes and see for ceasefire talks would be really ongoing. yeah the information is coming out from recognized government channels in tripoli libya that the internationally recognized government the so-called jna the government of national accord is pulling out of these peace talks for now this is the 2nd round of the so-called 5 plus 5 talks they were sitting down for the 1st time in the last few hours the beginning of this 2nd round with representatives from general half there were 5 from each side in this so-called joint military commission but as they were sitting down fresh attacks taking place on the ship early by generals have to us forces we had rocket attacks on the port of tripoli and then later in the day we
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had tat attacks on miss a grab pole which is the only international airport operating in the libyan capital and certainly the libyan government is saying for that reason that they are pulling out all of these talks at this stage i can tell you we've tried to get in touch with the united nations this news only broken in the last hour and no response from the u.n. and there envoy ghassan salaamed but remember he was putting a lot of faith in these talks he was trying to create some momentum he was going to have these talks continuing this week on the military aspects trying to work for a durable cease fire and the plan was in exactly a week's time to have further why you to talk with all the political groupings in libya so that is a blow i think now if the libyan government continues to stand by this decision i say could ease this time by this decision because clearly it will be quite a lot of pressure on them from the united nations from the international community
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to come back to the talks table but i think they will know those even those countries that are strong supporters of the tripoli government that they're under a great deal of pressure if they come to talks at the same time as their. bombarded by general haftar they also have misgivings about that european union monitoring mission that is going to monitor arms flowing into libya because their arms going to general haftar in benghazi and they're coming by air by sea and from land across the land border from egypt the arms and supplies going to the gym and i are coming by sea and there it's clear that there is a bit of a disadvantage to the jna government in that the forces in general have to certainly will still have a landrieu to get their supplies in across the border with egypt and potentially the e.u. mission then won't be fair to both sides james you know more than anyone how these
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diplomats think is it now showing strength if they stay around the table or is it showing strength that they say we can't carry on with this happening once we're here to talk about these talks and this sort of aggression is going on and we should walk away. well remember the talks are about converting what was supposed to be a truce into a durable cease fire and if you're coming to sit around the table to talk about something like that you have to come in good faith most people would say and clearly it doesn't show good faith while you're talking about a durable cease far to be firing barrows is of rocky it's. your opponent particularly as general hof does people always make the claim that they are an o. me a libyan national army the reality is not that he has some forces are pretty loyal to him but he also has all sorts of militia that have joined him in his operation
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remember he or dayshift silly back in april last year when there already was an international peace plan on the table and on the very day that the u.n. secretary general had been in tripoli decided to junk all that and go for broke and go and try and take the other side and take control of the libyan capital and that is what is seriously intensified this conflict in the last 10 months the u.n. desperate to get efforts back on track the peace plan back on track and in the last hour or so that's taken a big blow to many things james james bay there are diplomatic and its ally for us in geneva. in afghanistan has just gone he has won another term as president after being declared the winner of september's disputed election the results have been delayed for months to 2 attacks at polling stations allegations of rigging out technical problems where we challenge reports. since september afghanistan's election commission has been sifting complaints and contested votes trying to work
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out whether ashraf ghani has the 50 percent plus one vote needed to avoid a runoff he does it's finally announced but only just the fact that she has said i had to open according to the constitution we declared mr ashraf ghani who recovered 923592 votes which is equal to 50.64 percent of the country's total vote in the election as the president elect of the government of the islamic republic of afghanistan. the incumbent is naturally celebrating. the matter. but i'm dedicating this victory of the people to the people and as the 1st servants with our united seem we will always safeguard the rights of the afghan people but although the decision puts months of electoral uncertainty to rest it opens a new chapter of danger just like when gandhi was ruled the winner in 2014 his main
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rival abdullah abdullah is calling the result illegitimate that t.j. dickey in rosedale on the result they announced today was the result of election law a coup against democracy the betrayal of the will of the people and we considered it to be illegal. in 2014 the u.s. brokered a power sharing agreement with garni president and of diller chief executive. this time around the us is doing deals with the taliban there near an agreement in doha which could be announced soon if an initial reduction in violence is successfully observed 1st the u.s. wants to bring its troops home. with the taliban also says gandhi's reelection is illegal and contravenes the peace process will reach alan's al-jazeera. in rio de janeiro mafia like organization is known as the militia and become even more feared for their violence than the brazilian city's notorious drug gangs the militia is
12:39 am
reportedly made up of former policeman fire fighters and soldiers who started out wanting to protect their neighborhoods but now have gone rogue under same as john holdren reports from rio de janiero. a gunfight in rio de janeiro reputedly between drug traffickers and another force in the city one that many might not heard of they're known as the militia they've been quietly expanding the areas they control to cover more than 2000000 of rio's inhabitants. said to be made up mainly of retired or off duty police officers soldiers and firefighters it all started as an attempt to protect the neighborhoods from criminal gangs that many say they've since become a mafia who control almost everything in their zones so they can say all you want there and they can say oh you a martyr you have. a lot of options and
12:40 am
for these days militia is also selling drugs experts say they've even got into real estate illegally developing learned when 2 buildings collapse last year in a militia controlled neighborhood 24 people died. but despite their grip on parts of the city authorities have been reticent to speak about them this area is notorious for being run by the militia and the only reason that we're able to be safely is at the rio de janeiro governor wilson bit so just came here to give a speech about security in that speech he didn't mention the militia once even though everyone we talked to said that more dangerous than the drug gangs no sense someone it's it's extortion you know you call because they are the police but one crime linked to militia members nearly 2 years ago demanded investigation this was the question that really shone a spotlight on the militia who ordered the killing of this woman money early franco
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she was a real big general councilwoman before for the city's minorities and when she was gunned down right here the investigation focused on some of the most notorious militia figures in the city the suspects appeared to have links up the political ladder this facebook pitches one of them with brazil's current president j. boss and now to an operation to detain targets in the franco case was called untouchables prosecutes a somali sybille you had to do. these people need to be taken out of action they have to realize that the monopoly of power the monopoly of force is only in the hands of the state in an al-jazeera interview last year she described the militia leader on the suspicion expression forces policeman of the piano my god legs to valinor going to when you talk about captain i.g.r. no criminals are actually afraid of him because they know how much power he has not just in terms of firepower it was hoped he might be able to reveal who ordered my
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release killing instead he was shot dead by police at the beginning of this month john homan al-jazeera real degenerate. long brick wall has been hastily built in india's state ahead of a visit by u.s. president donald trump critics say it was built to block the view of a shanty town inhabited by more than 2000 people drive nabi slum in and out of mind about accompanied by indian prime minister narendra modi who is himself a local residents have voiced anger at the walls construction comparing it to the wall trump wants to build along america's border with mexico. but it will be added to our people have lived here for 3 generations but no one has built any facilities for us here important people pass by this road but way of being hidden since they are spending so much money on the school why not use that to improve our community
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and provide better facilities for us why are they hiding us living in poverty the u.s. justice department and attorney general are in a growing disputes over the handling of the trial of one of president trump's former advisors will just own the federal judge's association has been meeting to discuss concerns about alleged intervention by the president along with attorney general william ball in politically sensitive cases jump has called for all cases stemming from the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election to be thrown out and says he has total confidence in bo country i think he's doing it actually job he's a strong guy i never spoke to about the roger stone situation roger stone just so you know that the work he did work for my campaign that might have been a time way early long before i announced where he was somehow involved a little bit but he was not involved in our campaign at all and i think it was
12:44 am
a very very rough they got up with the roger stone. well let's get more from our white house correspondent kimberly how code can be very a strange looking from a fog that you've got president saying has total confidence in the attorney general meanwhile the association of judges all questioning whether or not china is making the right decisions yeah there's real concern and considerable growing backlash against the president that he is once again the allegations are alleging that the president is abusing presidential powers that is as you recall was one of the articles of impeachment the president was acquitted on just under 2 weeks ago but now there is real concern that the president seems to be disregarding the boundaries of the presidency when it comes to his influence of judicial cases and so that's why you have not only a rare group representing judges meeting very concerned the president has been
12:45 am
weighing in on what they call politically sensitive cases but also you have just the day before about 24 hours ago notification of 2000 former you department of justice officials saying that the attorney general needs to resign now the u.s. president as you heard there he has been speaking about all of this he is defending his actions in fact he even made that claim many consider outrageous to say that he is the chief law enforcement officer of the united states i can tell you that's not the case it is the attorney general william barr but even william bars actions coming into question given the fact that he has really you'll did to donald trump's urgings that intervene in the case of roger stone the president's friend and the president has signed a tell us some of the people he's given pardons serve. yeah this is just the president essentially doubling down on the concerns of so many not just in the
12:46 am
legal community but the broader u.s. population that has watched all of this it is sort of a maze now to put into context look lots of presidents issue pardons but they don't seem to do this so quickly after pietschmann acquittal some of these individuals are former convicted financier's there's the head of a former head of the owner of a football team there is even a former new york police commissioner and even a former governor of illinois who was convicted of trying to sell the vacant senate seat belonging to barack obama. was frank obama vacated it to become the u.s. president so a lot of people shaking their heads wondering what the next step will be of this president again the president not apologizing in fact what he told reporters before he left to california for a fundraiser is that he says in his view somebody has to stick up for people but not everyone's convinced that in fact these are the people that deserve to be stuck
12:47 am
up for extraordinary time risking really speaking to his life from the white house canada's prime minister justin trudeau says he wants a peaceful resolution to a book which has shut down for each passenger traffic indigenous groups have been blocking lines you don't terrio british columbia for nearly 2 weeks there and where was the construction of a natural gas pipeline which would run through native land because i didn't national railway company has obtained a court injunction to stop the blockade but so far police haven't removed protesters from alan fischer joins me now live from time to naga in ontario so explain just what this process his protest is all about. well you can see one of the protest camps and the dotted all over canada just behind me the very clever the no actually on the real we align itself but they're close enough that means the railway company doesn't want to run trains up and down here because the concern
12:48 am
that people might get injured now these come started springing up after the original camps which were parked near where the pipeline was going to go on native indigenous land owners 1st nations here in canada were moved forcibly by the police so that led many more comes to spring up on the railway lines that it's been going on for about 2 weeks but 5000000 commuters have been impacted but it's also got bigger economic impacts the nut for example food supplies aren't getting to distribution centers let me take because of because they're falling off and getting to distribution centers and so that means that there could be food shortages people who export things like farmers who same grain out of the country they can't get their stuff to the ports and there's also a problem with propane gas no a lot of canadians use that to heat their home particularly in the winter on a deal like today when it is absolutely freezing subzero temperatures the wind
12:49 am
whipping across the plain and it's very very cold well they're starting to see those prepaying supplies start to diminish so this is a real problem for the canadian government a real economic problem and of course the difficulty is that the people here don't want to move until they get some sort of reassurance about the path of the pipeline and the government want to get the reals moving as quickly as they can and with fame which this well allan there must be trying very hard to to rezone of this situation what is being done. well 2 weeks in there is no sign that the negotiations are moving any closer no the 1st nation tribal leaders they held a news conference in ottawa a few hours ago they said look people have made their point let's sit down and have some sort of discussion but what you've got to do is not just take this in isolation you've got to look at the 1st nation issues that they've had with canadian governments for 203040 years and bring them into the discussion is well
12:50 am
and respect the rights of 1st nations and respect what they say about the use of the land the government would like to get things moving as quickly as possible of course they're not going to order the police or one because canadian politicians don't direct police operations but to they also know that if they start to move comes like this all that is going to do is start to spark other protest and even more widespread than the ones we've got the moment seems to be a bit of a stalemate the other problem they've got here of course is that while the 1st nations very much support these protests comes other groups are no attached to them as well and so they're concerned that even if the 1st nations see we agree that they're going to be talks and we think the hardships that the country is suffering well we should move away from the camps at the moment there are others who are much more hard line won't move from those can so it's a very difficult situation justin trudeau has been talking about in parliament he
12:51 am
said he would like to see a negotiated settlement the difficulty is at the moment no one seems to know where that path is to get the blockades lifted to get the real running to get the country moving and making sure that the 1st nations get what they want this is well the main thing feeling it is a must back and again that's how official the line for us in ontario. still ahead on the news hour and sport 2 of baseball's biggest stars how best say on the houston astros cheating scandal.
12:52 am
12:53 am
now as a father for the sports. thanks so much sue newly crowned australian open champion sophia cannon suffered a shock defeat in the 1st round of the divide championships playing in their 1st step toward a match since clinching the title in melbourne the american was eliminated by un seed alaina ribeye kena the 21 year old won the 1st set on a tie break but then lost the next 2 because it stan who has already reached 3 finals on the tour this season completed the 3 set victory in 2 hours. also eliminated defending champion belinda bennett cicily swiss clearly unhappy with her performance at times as much was beaten by am a seizure probably kovach russian came from a set down to beat bench which won 66161 close at the victory in 90 minutes. all nascar driver ryan newman is awake and speaking with family and doctors comes a day after he suffered a huge crash at the daytona 500 in florida newman was in the lead on the final lap
12:54 am
of the great of the event 2 known as the great american race when he was bumped by fellow ford driver ryan blaney blaney said afterwards he was trying to help push newman to victory 42 year old won this race back in 2008 dale earnhardt's death 1000 years ago was the last time a driver was killed in nascar's top series. a late goal from leandro gave s.c. tokyo their 1st win in the asian champions league this season the brazilian scoring in the 82nd minute to give the japanese team a one nil victory over australian side perth glory with the win last year's jane league runners out move to the top of the group. katter's champions outsider looking in good form they hammered around 7 hand f.c. 3 now to go top of group d. sad are the only cattery side ever win the competition having won it twice before.
12:55 am
all the fallout over the houston astros it cheating scandal is dominating in the build up to the new baseball season steams return to spring training to the sport's biggest stars of the hughes the game's governing body being too lenient in its punishment david stokes reports sanchez thanks so much it was so good do you. think this was the moment the houston astros played the biggest prize in baseball the world series and 2017 but since then they've admitted they cheated to win it using a camera to steal pitching signs to get their batters an advantage by julie baseball for the $5000000.00 the team's manager and general manager both lost their jobs but the players were given immunity for cooperating with the investigation and many in the game want tougher sanctions including stripping the franchise of the trophy league boss rob mumford disagrees the idea of you know an asterisk or asking for a piece of metal back are seen as you know sort of
12:56 am
a futile act. those comments specifically about the trophy have not gone down well at the l.a. dodgers the team the astros beat to the title 3 years ago back in spring training for the new season 3rd baseman justin thomas has played more than a 1000 korea games still without a championship to his name i mean i don't know if the commissioner's ever won anything in his life maybe but the reason every guys in this room the reason every guy is you know working out offseason and showing up to camp early and putting in all the time and effort is specifically for that trophy you know we understand how difficult it is to win pretty evident to me that it wasn't and it's not something that you know a banner should be hung in their stadium a trophy should be put up wherever there is trophies go sorry world series championship and it's it defines careers. it's not just the dodgers who feel aggrieved of the team the angels are also back in training and their biggest star
12:57 am
mike trout believes the astros players should be held accountable on the structure and. just to. see so much of. the tough things like that and not always going to be called champions for now the houston astros keep their 2017 trophy but with anger growing within the sport major league bosses may well have to reconsider their punishment and take away that piece of metal after all david stokes al-jazeera. ok and that is all your sport for now it's now back to see when london. thank you for that is it from a citizen for this new south but i will be back in a moment with more of the day's news where we bellflower in libya and geneva on that breaking news out of tripoli don't go away.
12:58 am
the latest news as it breaks. the breakthrough is just finished rather down to the end of the transition period but it's just begun we detailed company doing studies to show that around 30 percent of people in conflicts are likely to suffer from some form of mental illness from around the world the government here has said only a cent so workers will return the others not for another week at least. americans live side by side in 2 parallel universes the truck parts of america are getting
12:59 am
trumpy or there is a poll out a few weeks ago that you had almost 30 percent americans believing they were on the cusp of civil war both sides accuse each other of doing things that are so blatantly wrong the bottom line on us politics and policies and their effect on the world. trade tensions could cut global economic growth by north point 8 percent we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in to what extent will china be a drag on the global economy in 2020 counting the cost on our own just iraq. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for which is you know it's very challenging but in the particular because you have a lot of people that are deployed on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mandate is to deliver in-depth journalism we
1:00 am
don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. libya's un recognized government pulls out of ceasefire talks off the wall khalifa haftar us forces attacked tripoli's ports. and again i'm suitors and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. no shelter is now safe the u.n. accuses syria's government of targeting hospitals and schools in the northwest where almost a 1000000 civilians have fled the fighting china says 3000 health workers have now been affected by the corona virus but a new study finds around 80 percent of.


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