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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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al jazeera. well after. libya's internationally recognized government pulls out of ceasefire talks in geneva after warlord khalifa haftar forces attacked tripoli port. welcome back to doha one i'm kemal santamaria with the world news from al-jazeera the number of deaths in china's coronavirus crosses 2000 with the surgeon fatalities in her bed province the epicenter of the epidemic also the unique human rights bodies as recent attacks on schools and hospitals in syria are prompting questions about war crimes. and u.s. court rejects the chinese telecom giant powers appeal to ease restrictions on doing
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business with government agents. however in libya's internationally recognized government pulled out of cease fire talks after tripoli's port was targeted by forces loyal to the warlords. at least 3 civilians were killed in the assault diplomatic editor james bays has just sent this report the porch in the libyan capital tripoli under attack general half his forces carried out the rocket strikes about the same time the talks were resuming in geneva and immediately put the fate of the peace efforts in jeopardy. it's now 10 months since general haftar appended the international community's peace plans by ordering an offensive to try and seize tripoli the operation launched defiantly just hours after he met u.n.
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secretary general antonio good terrorist who was visiting libya at the time in the months since the death toll has mounted as weapons have continued to pour into the country despite the latest attacks when he spoke to reporters the secretary general's envoy was determined to push the diplomatic momentum forward is your plan back on track my plan is not back on track my plan has never left that that it is being implemented was patience and determination this by the many of the key you need a ceasefire before next week i bet there have a ceasefire in order to implement all the rest but this is not the precondition but hours later sporadic indiscriminate attacks on tripoli continued the government to fire is issued this statement there were needed violations of the truce with the targeting of civilian facilities this time the tripoli's seaport which is the life
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artery for many libyan cities where they get basic medical and food supplies in this context we announced the suspension of ongoing talks in geneva the presidential council reaffirms that without a permanent ceasefire there is no point in any negotiations the un is now left struggling to see if it can save the geneva process wider talks involving all the political factions in libya would use to take place next week once again or day shifts military action by general haftar has derailed peace efforts james bays out 0 geneva. well top diplomats involved in the talks have reacted with dismay to this sudden turn of events. i only saw the hope of course that these talks will check she will resume and quickly as possible to serve. what is just started to engage clearly the military committee which is the most important thing for the.
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little supposed for the political to look to. the near future to serve that they withdrew hope that step they will return berkeley to. hunt up the one who is our correspondent in tripoli with more on the attack on the port the government has notified the united nations support the mission in libya that it's suspending its parts. in the talks in geneva the government says that it cannot continue in any peace talks with. the capital is under attack the state facility is the region that is the areas and also the port which is the government describes as the lifeline not only for the people in the capital city but all libyans because this is the main and major port in the capital city and then you see that the state oil
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further has declared that it has just moved and evacuated all tankers that are loaded with fuel and gas in the port in order to prevent humanitarian and invented environmental disaster due to the multiple attacks by have to the forces on the port on tuesday spoke to james morn on the news that he is an associate senior research fellow at the center for european policy studies and says it's not the 1st time the ceasefire talks have been suspended in such a manner. yes he's given doing it on a number of occasions of course we also saw in moscow couple of months ago when the g n a has signed a cease fire agreement on the way promised even though it was sponsored by one of his main backers that is there russia is. record as a man of peace has got to be in doubt of the moment and one would very much hope
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that there will be condemnation from all sides of this attack today coming from the international community including the european union which i think must now be a little bit more robust pushing back against the sort of thing especially up to the bar and misses the e.u. yesterday decided at the political level anyway now to move on with this idea of trying to please the u.n. arms embargo now the number of people who have died due to corona virus in china has now crossed 2000 province the epicenter of the outbreak reported 132 deaths on tuesday a 33 percent rise in fatalities since tuesday or 74000 people have now been infected in the mainland russia has also become the 1st country to temporarily banned chinese citizens from coming in to try to stop the virus and spreading that comes into effect thursday it applies to chinese nationals traveling to russia for work
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study and tourism. moscow's drastic response comes despite some tough measures adopted by beijing itself to deal with the outbreak sara clark has more on that from hong kong. officials go door to door in a city wide sweeping to identify anyone infected with the virus 10 more quarantine centers are being set up in districts in the city they offer 11 and a half 1000 beds but those showing mild symptoms the number of people infected outside the epicenter of the outbreak may be falling but inside here by province the situation is still serious more than 50000 cases have been confirmed there you go shoot a woman children that being the in that there are still a large number of severe cases in and there are also some objective reasons like the lack of emergency care facilities and insufficient pressure of oxygen supplies . one of we're hands most senior doctors legitimating has now died after contracting the corona virus more than 3000 health workers have also been infected
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. medical teams from the guangdong province and tidbit and now being sent to the city to assist staff struggling to treat the high numbers of patients across china hospitals are also expanding clinics and opening up new centers to ease the pressure across the country and if these are not then in response to the potential epidemic we have activated the hospital facilities that we built with the shanghai public health clinical center back in 2004 and we've renovated around 200 reserve beds for emergency use. on tuesday china announced it would exempt tariffs on nearly $700.00 us goods from the beginning of march that's intended to avoid shortages of products including pork beef soybeans and crude oil the fallout from this outbreak is being felt across asia with some countries describing it as an economic emergency south korea's president has flagged new measures to cushion the
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financial impact so too has hong kong as a region stepped up efforts to prevent a growing economic crisis on china reliant upon a means sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. united nations says nearly $300.00 civilians have been killed in northwest syria since the beginning of the year as the government tries to capture the last rebel stronghold. of the. united nations says schools hospitals and camps for the internally displaced have all been hit it says the russian backed government offensive is cruel beyond belief and it's called for the immediate creation of humanitarian corridors to allow civilians to escape. the sheer quantity of attacks on these hospitals medical facilities schools. would suggest they can't all be accidental. and at a minimum even if they were accidental it shows a lack of proportionality necessity precaution and so on. all of which can
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contribute to something being attributed there's a war crime it's cruel beyond belief that civilians mostly women and children living under scraps of plastic sheeting in freezing conditions are being bombed. reporting now on the plight of those displaced by these attacks he is on that turkish syrian border. but is one of hundreds of thousands of internally displaced syrians she fled her village of a bull murky in the east of when it was taken over by government forces the building is unfinished and the family has little for nature cannot afford to buy a stove to heat the place. and we pray someone will defend us please help us they kill our children they target cars schools we cannot send our children to schools anymore they are bombing the area nonstop it's insane as
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government forces close in but dawn has already backed the tractor outside he's ready if the situation gets worse. i have seen hopeless faces crying out of fear and humiliation i am asking the arabs and the muslims where are you why are you silent come here and see the women and children living in the open people are on the run they leave it live hoping for a better place samir and his family have just arrived from mata norman the rebel stronghold south of. the city was recaptured by the syrian army 2 weeks ago shelling a flare many civilians escaped. on one day we counted $400.00 rockets fired at the city in addition to airstrikes many were killed we fled under the cover of darkness it was so chaotic when you were looking for loved ones who they'd lost track of during the escape this is how northern
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italy and the outskirts of aleppo look like. long lines of syrians piled on tracks their destination is the border with turkey they join hundreds of thousands of people who have gathered in small areas an empty field. hoping to cross into turkey if syrian government troops continue then advance the battle for it live might turn into the worst confrontation since the start of the conflict 9 years ago the syrian army is determined the bubble's must surrender but they are defiant civilians have nowhere to go and if it falls into the hands of the government they're likely to pay a price the millions who live in the province who are stranded near the border with turkey will have to abandon the dream they've carried for many years a syria without bashar assad has. jill virgos a win turkey's border with syria will update the headlines in just
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a moment and then a 2nd term for ashraf ghani is going to stand president the opposition there is calling his election win against democracy. hello again it's good to be back we're here across parts of japan things are going to be getting better over the next few days the big storm system that caused all the problems with the snow as well as the rain is now making its way out here into the pacific and as we go towards wednesday much better conditions across much of the area a few lingering scattered showers across the north but to tokyo it is going to be quite nice at about 13 degrees there a sock at 11 down towards shanghai though expect to see attempters coming up from 12 on wednesday 1215 degrees as we go towards thursday no doubt across southeastern asia plenty of rain across much of the south and that will continue over the next
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couple of days but up here towards the north of men it is going to be quite nice plenty of sun in the forecast and your 3 day forecast does look like this started here on thursday temperatures are on the rise starting at about 34 degrees and into the weekend we do expect to see a nice day in a warm day at about $36.00 to be there well across india there is not going to be much talk about in terms of the rain or the clouds it is going to be those temperatures we are rising across much of the region into the thirty's across many areas kolkata at $31.00 degrees here on wednesday dr at $33.00 and then as we go towards parts of thursday we're going to see tonight with clouds in the forecast at 32 and bigloo at about $33.00. americans live side by side in 2 parallel universes the truck parts of america are getting trampy or there is a poll out a few weeks ago that you had almost 30 percent americans believing they were on the
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cusp of civil war both sides accusing each other of doing things that are celebrate only wrong the bottom line on u.s. politics and policies and their effect on the world. and done things range of stories from across the community from the perspective of the next let's journalists on al-jazeera. you're with al-jazeera these are our top stories this hour libya's internationally recognized government has pulled out of the ceasefire talks in geneva after tripoli's port was targeted by troops loyal to ward khalifa haftar least 3 civilians were killed in the shelling. the number of people have died from corona
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excuse me from corona virus in china has now crossed 2000 after him a province the epicenter of the outbreak reported 132 new deaths on tuesday. and the u.n. says nearly $300.00 civilians have been killed in northwest syria since the beginning of this year almost all of them in attacks by the government and russia just announced the offensive as quote beyond belief. the un security council's also been warned of a marked increase in violence in yemen after reports of hundreds of civilian casualties it's special envoy says peace efforts are now at risk of collapsing mike hanna reports from the u.n. in new york these regular briefings on yemen have for months been mocked by an air of optimism but this was not the case on this day the special envoy to yemen has told the u.n. security council that the upsurge in violence could reverse the gains made in peace efforts over the past year and warns there are signs the conflict is spreading
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during the past month as we last met the military situation has grown increasingly dire both sides have that announced expensive military goals and exchanged fierce rhetoric. most of the heavy fighting is taking place in the home district of the governor of santa and also of. government front lines which had been quiet for several months of being drawn into the escalation of the truths that had been observed in al gore 4 months was shattered this past weekend by saudi led airstrikes at least 30 civilians were killed and dozens injured including women and children more than $35000.00 people have been displaced in the last month alone this escalation in addition to clashes in other places has reversed the trend towards decreasing civilian casualties that we had seen in previous months in january assessments suggest that more than
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$160.00 civilians were killed or wounded across yemen the consulates united on the need for the violence to end but is reluctant to apportion blame for the current crisis we goddess of who started the violence it is clear that have sought to exploit the situation and this is an acceptable the situation is further complicated by accusations of the reigne an involvement in the conflict these accusations make yemen part of a far wider crisis and the gate the possibility of achieving a purely regional truce there's concern to over allegations that who thieves are misusing aid with the us warning that it could suspend all assistance to northern yemen as soon as next month mike hanna al-jazeera united nations now in scuse me yes in afghanistan ashraf ghani has won another term as president
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after being declared the winner of last september's disputed election results have been delayed for months straight of attacks a polling stations as well as allegations of rigging and technical problems this report from rich vallance. since september afghanistan's election commission has been sifting complaints and contested votes trying to work out whether ashraf ghani has the 50 percent plus one vote needed to avoid a runoff he does it's finally announced but only just but that she has said all had to open according to the constitution we declared mr ashraf ghani who recovered 923592 votes which is equal to 50.64 percent of the country's total vote in the election as the president elect of the government of the islamic republic of afghanistan. the incumbent is naturally celebrating. the matter. but i'm dedicating this victory of the people to the
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people and as the 1st servants with our united seem we will always safeguard the rights of the afghan people but although the decision puts months of electoral uncertainty to rest it opens a new chapter of danger just like when gandhi was ruled the winner in 2014 his main rival abdullah abdullah is calling the result illegitimate that's. the result they announced today was the result of election of a coup against democracy the betrayal of the will of the people and we considered it to be illegal. in 2014 the u.s. brokered a power sharing agreement with garni president and of diller chief executive. this time around the u.s. is doing deals with the taliban there near an agreement in doha which could be announced soon if an initial reduction in violence is successfully observed the u.s. wants to bring its troops home. with the taliban also says gone these reelection is
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illegal and contravenes the peace process will reach alan's al-jazeera. ukraine's president says heavy fighting in the eastern dumbass region won't efforts to end the conflict with russian backed separatists the flare up was left one ukrainian soldier dead and several others wounded it's some of the worst fighting in the region since peace talks were held in december with both sides blaming each other. i mean we have a powerful army provocations happen but the army responded firmly the situation is completely under control because we are confident that this provocation will not change the course towards ending the conflict as one can only sit at the negotiation table with a strong army. because forward is to go ahead and stop the war and reach peace the new clashes happened at ukrainian positions near 2 villages northwest of the city
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of sc in the east of the country positions are on the 500 kilometer long front line between the russian backed separatists and ukrainians which was the greatest part of them it's protocol in 2015 they also lie 10 kilometers inside of one of 3 pilot signs they know which both sides agreed to withdraw from late last year more than 13000 people have been killed since the fighting began 6 years ago but there had been hopes recently of deescalation after but the russian and ukrainian presidents met in paris in december and agreed on prisoner swaps and phased troop withdrawals a 2nd round of talks is expected in berlin in the coming months but despite the optimism from ukraine renewed tensions could stall this peace process step fasten explains now from moscow. both parties both the ukrainian army and the separatists backed by russia are blaming each other for this attack as usual the official confirmation is one soldier died but the unofficial reports say that more people
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have died and the president selenski was so worried that he has convened this emergency security council meeting he's sad afterwards that he won't be deterred from proceeding with the peace process which immediately dismounting off to the attack took place in the kremlin spokesman said that they were unsure what was going on did and they needed more details but of course russia couldn't be blamed because obviously russia is not involved and this is of course the line they have been maintaining since the invasion in eastern ukraine and of backing off to support this. rebels there that that's always been the line but of course there's an overwhelming evidence of that the chose the contrary it's also important to note that this did this peace process has been going very slowly from the beginning because russia is insisting that ukraine organizes elections in eastern ukraine and also give a special status to dawn vice and that's something very difficult because ukraine
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says we can only hold elections when there's no forces there in that area and also when we have control over that border which is basically still controlled by the russian backed separatists and so this is a major point and a major debt block to this whole process which just today gone back again very far and it doesn't look very optimistic right now residents in the pakistani city of karachi are demanding answers from the government after suspected ghastly killed at least 14 people of the past 2 days local hospitals have been flooded with people complaining of breathing difficulties some believe poisonous gas has been leaking from a ship docked at the port. a u.s. federal judge has thrown out the chinese tech giant huawei is lawsuits challenging a low restricting its business the case relates to a law which bans huawei from doing business with us federal government agencies and its contractors. many in the usa while we could use its networks to spy on behalf
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of the chinese government while white one of the world's biggest smartphone makers denies any of this. correspondence and washington says this is just one example of the tension playing up between by way of the u.s. government well this certainly is a win for the american government and its campaign against while way which we've seen unfold since president trump took office his administration as you said believes that huawei may allow the chinese government to essentially use its infrastructure and equipment to spy on american users which is something that huawei adamantly denies and today's a ruling from a judge who essentially threw out while waves argument that a law passed last year which had for him a good while way from doing business directly with the federal government or with contractors while we sue saying that was unconstitutional but the judge today ruled that the federal government has a right to spend money however it wants to and huawei has expressed its
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disappointment and it very likely will appeal this court decision this lawsuit alone is only one of many fronts that huawei is facing in its conflict with the u.s. government we know that just last month the u.s. justice department indicted while way for conspiring to steal trade secrets from american firms which weiwei denies and there's also another lawsuit pending the federal communications commission has also banned american telecommunications firms from buying weiwei equipment using federal subsidies and while waves of that law is unconstitutional as well. the u.s. justice department is locked in a dispute with an association of judges over the handling of the trial of president trump's former advisor roger stone he was among several former trump aides who were caught up in the investigation into russia's meddling in the 2016 election more from white house correspondent kimberly how it. less than 2 weeks after being
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acquitted by the u.s. senate of abusing his presidential powers donald trump is once again facing similar accusations as he fights his own department of justice somebody has to stick up for the people trump is being criticized for intervening in a case involving close friend and political ally roger stone convicted last year of lying to a congressional committee investigating whether trust political campaign colluded with russia federal prosecutors recommended stone go to jail for at least 7 years trump tweeted the recommendation was a miscarriage of justice that same day his attorney general william barr downgraded the recommendation prompting for federal lawyers to quit the case complicating things further bar took the unusual step of admitting publicly the trump's tweets don't help if i do make his job harder i do agree with that i think that's true now
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as trump defends bar and lashes out at federal judges and prosecutors a group representing the judges is accusing trump of overstepping the legal boundaries of the presidency with unprecedented involvement in politically sensitive judicial cases their actions trump defense i'm allowed to be totally and i'm actually i guess the chief law enforcement officer of the country but i've chosen not to be involved in reality it is the attorney general that is the chief law enforcement officer in the u.s. not the president but that hasn't stopped trump from undoing other sentences through a series of pardons for high profile individuals including convicted financier michael milken former new york city police commissioner bernard kerik and even former democratic illinois governor rod blagojevich convicted for trying to sell former president barack obama's vacant senate seat once obama took office and press
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. trump says he may continue to try and influence the legal case involving his friend roger stone stone sentencing is set for thursday and trump hasn't ruled out pardoning him kimberly help at al-jazeera the white house. one of the largest youth organizations in the united states has filed for bankruptcy it's the 1st step by the boy scouts of america towards creating a compensation fund for potentially thousands of victims of sexual abuse last year it was revealed more than 12000 children had allegedly been abused while taking part in boy scouts activities. the protests against a natural gas pipeline in canada have shut down large parts of the rail network and digital groups have been leading the protests for nearly 2 weeks and this is why a planned route runs through traditional indigenous lands from dawson creek in the canadian province of british columbia to a coastal refinery kitimat from there will be shipped on to asian markets
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arlen's coast guard as will the public to stay away from a big congo ship which is washed up on its southwestern shore after a massive storm it was abandoned in the atlantic more than a year ago and is now washed up on the on the coast of county cork in the aftermath of storm dennis of this of course caused widespread damage across ireland and the u.k. in the past few days. past the hour on al jazeera here the headlines libya's internationally recognized government has pulled out of ceasefire talks in geneva after the port in the capital tripoli was targeted by forces loyal to ward. at least 3 civilians were killed in the shelling half has been trying to take over tripoli since april but one of the one who has more on the attack on the port. the government has notified the united nations support the mission in libya that it's suspending its parts. in
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the talks in geneva the government says that it cannot continue in any peace talks with. the capital is under attack the state facility is that it is a danger areas and also the port which is the government describes as the lifeline not only for the people in the capital city but all libyans because this is the main and major port in the capital city where the headlines in the number of people have died from corona virus in china has now crossed 2000 after who a province the epicenter of the outbreak reported 132 new deaths on tuesday when 74000 people have now been infected in mainland china russia has also become the 1st country to temporarily ban all chinese citizens from coming in try to stop the virus from spreading this comes into effect on thursday and applies to chinese nationals traveling to russia for work study and tourism the united nations says
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nearly 300 civilians have been killed in northwest syria since the beginning of the year almost all of them in attacks by the government and its russian allies and the us federal judge has thrown out chinese tech giant wise lawsuit challenging a law restricting its business the case refers to the law which bars while away from doing business with the u.s. federal government agencies and contractors many in the united states say while we could use its networks to spy on behalf of the chinese government while way is one of the world's biggest smartphone makers until a commission communication companies it denies all the charges as you headlines the bottom line is coming up next.
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hi i'm steve clements and i have a question how bad are the problems of big money and powerful corporations in american politics and are they eroding people stressed in elections their elected leaders and even democracy itself let's get to the bottom line. in the last presidential election cycle more than $2000000000.00 was raised and spent by the top 2 candidates donald trump and hillary clinton this time around we have some fabulously wealthy candidates mayor michael bloomberg tom styer and even donald trump but we're still waiting for proof in his never released tax forms while other candidates pride themselves on not accepting any big money with the top one percent of this country getting even richer and the poor getting poorer and the middle collapsing out of the middle class and concentration of money in fewer and fewer hands what is happen.


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