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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2020 6:00am-6:33am +03

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i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera. libya's u.n. recognize government pulls out of ceasefire talks in geneva after warlord anything have task forces attacked the tripoli port. derringer all this is out of their life and are also coming up free at last the coronavirus quarantine is lifted for some on board a cruise ship in japan the number of dead in mainland china surges past 2000. a 2nd term for ashraf ghani as afghan president but the opposition is calling his election win a coup against democracy. plus a u.s. court rejects chinese telecoms giant hallways appeal to ease restrictions on doing
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business with government agencies. efforts aimed at restoring peace to libya have suffered a major setback the un recognized government has pulled out of ceasefire talks in geneva after the port in the capital tripoli was targeted by forces loyal to warlord holy for half time last month after had refused to sign a cease fire deal brokered by russia and turkey our diplomatic editor james bays has more on the porch in the libyan capital tripoli under attack general half his forces carried out the rocket strikes about the same time the talks were resuming in geneva and immediately put the fate of the peace efforts in jeopardy. it's now 10 months since general haftar appended the international community's peace plans by ordering an offensive to try and seize tripoli the operation
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launched defiantly just hours after he met u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorist who was visiting libya at the time in the months since the death toll has mounted as weapons have continued to pour into the country despite the latest attacks when he spoke to reporters the secretary general's envoy was determined to push the diplomatic momentum forward is your plan back on track my plan is not back on track my plan has never left that that it is being implemented was patience and determination this by the many of the key you need a ceasefire before next week i'll bet there have a ceasefire in order to implement all the rest but this is not the precondition but hours later sporadic indiscriminate attacks on tripoli continued the government to fire is issued this statement there were a renewed violations of the truce with the targeting of civilian facilities this
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time the tripoli seaport which is the life artery for many libyan cities where they get basic medical and food supplies in this context we announce the suspension of ongoing talks in geneva the presidential council reaffirms that without a permanent ceasefire there is no point in any negotiations the un is now left struggling to see if it can save the geneva process wider talks involving all political factions in libya would use to take place next week once again or day shifts military action by general haftar has derailed peace efforts james out 0 geneva but top diplomats involved in those talks have reacted with dismayed to the sudden turn of events. i only saw the hope of course. these talks will check she will resume and quickly as possible to search. what is just started to
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engage including the military committee which is the most important thing for this is a little supposed for the political trick to stop. in the near future to serve that they withdrew hope that step they will return berkeley to. what i've heard is in aaa he has more on the attack on the port the government has notified the united nations support the mission in libya that it's suspending its parts. in the talks in geneva the government says that it cannot continue in any peace talks with. the capital is under attack the state facilities the region that is the areas and also the poor which is the government describes as the lifeline not only for the people in the capital city but all libyans because this is the main and major port in the capital city and then you see that this state oil further has declared that
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it has just moved and evacuated all tankers that are loaded with fuel and gas in the port in order to prevent a humanitarian and in fact environmental disaster due to the multiple attacks by have to the forces on the port on tuesday what james moron is from the center for european policy studies he says it's not the 1st time the ceasefire talks have been suspended. yes he's given doing it on a number of occasions of course we also saw in moscow couple of months ago when the g n a has signed a cease fire agreement on this the whole way promise even though it was sponsored by one of his main backers that is that russia now is. record as a man of peace has got to be in doubt of the moment and one would very much hope
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that there will be condemnation from all sides of this attack today coming from the international community including the european union which i think must now be a little bit more. robust in pushing back against this sort of thing especially after the bar and as the e.u. yesterday decided at the political level anywhere now to move on with this idea of trying to please the u.n. arms embargo now the number of people who have died due to the corona virus in china has now crossed 2000 who bay province that's the epicenter of the outbreak reported 132 deaths on tuesday that's a 33 percent rise in fatal it is since tuesday that i'm brand new infections that has fallen marginally more than 74000 people are now confirmed to have contracted covert 19 on the mainland meanwhile in japan and some passengers and crew on board the cruise ship diamond princess have been under quarantine are now being allowed to leave there about 3700 people on board as of tuesday at least 542 of them
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reported infected by the corona virus well we'll get the latest from rob mcbride in your karma in japan who will have more details about who is getting off that ship but 1st katrina you is in beijing with the latest katrina so the death toll has now passed that 2000 mark just put that number into context for us what does it all mean. well from the chinese government they've been touting that the number of cases outside of her bay has been falling for about 15 days now and they've also presented this other good news that the number of new confirmed cases for the 1st time today is lower than the number of people who appear to be cured from the disease at 1800 people have recovered compared to 7800 also confirmed cases but as you mentioned daryn we have to look at the fate tallis you're right today we've had more than $130.00 deaths in the last 24 hours including the 2nd death in hong kong and that's slightly up from the
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previous days where it was lower than 100 but not the highest number we had some days last week where there were more than 140 days 140 lives lost and in china the situation does remain very serious there are about 12000 people who are in critical condition we've also gotten some more information about this illness itself from china's center for disease control they did a study the 1st large study on the new coronavirus and it's showing us that 80 percent of people develop mild symptoms so they invariably recover which is good news but 20 percent of those people are left with severe pneumonia which brings us to the mortality rate of about 2.3 which is lower than other current viruses such as sobs but is it still much more infectious we're also getting some more information about the people who appear to be more is defective by this 64 percent of all fatalities are men and it also appears to be that this is really affecting older people so about 30 percent of those who have died are in the sixty's 30
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percent are in their seventy's and 20 percent are in the eighty's so we're starting to steadily learn more about this but still the situation means quite serious in china and around the world or i took it you know you there in the chinese capital beijing katrina thank you for that let's cross over now to rob mcbride he's standing in front of that cruise ship there at the yokohama port in japan rob so some passengers have been allowed to leave the ship we understand bring us up to date with what's happening there where you are. that's right a lot of activity down here at the dockside in yokohama a lot of the media have been fact been moved back from the key side in bygone days we've been allowed to be up close to the ship now we held back while there's an awful lot of activity along the quay side as the start of the end of the quarantine that everybody onboard the ship has been looking forward to for 14 days now but many people will have to remain on the ship in the coming days while this is a gradual process we're expecting several 100 people in the 1st batch to be
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released today wednesday number of coaches have been seen standing by moving around these approaches which is expected to be taking people mainly japanese citizens we understand priority being given to elderly citizens and of course people who have tested negative for this coronavirus it's assume taking them to places like yokohama rail station where they can continue their journeys go round david's with families and so on but we are being told very little by the old dorothy's here about just what's going to happen where these people are going to go to and it's being seen criticised in some parts as again a further example of a certain lack of disorganization on the part of your thorough in the handling of this of this group cruise ship and the infection on board more charitable e of course there is an awful lot of media interest of there are literally hundreds of international media here there is a natural news interest in this developing story and the concern is i think for the
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authorities they want to avoid having these people being chased they've been through a pretty traumatic experience now being chased by hordes of media and the course the recommendation is that these people do not go back to normal life they spend the next couple of weeks at least in quarantine at their home so it does raise questions about why the japanese all authorities went through this whole process to begin with when maybe the people could have been released earlier and of course it was. you know in the past week or so we have seen literally hundreds more people becoming infected now standing i dove of fire well over 500 and in fact in the past couple of hours or so we've still see a couple of ambulances going past with this sirens blaring white suited ambulance people presumably taking people who are sick off the ship or right or wrong mcbride at the yokohama port rob thank you now in afghanistan ashraf ghani has won another
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term as president after being declared the winner last september's disputed election the results have been delayed for months due to attacks and polling stations allegations of vote rigging and technical problems where we challenge reports. since september afghanistan's election commission has been sifting complaints and contested votes trying to work out whether ashraf ghani has the 50 percent plus one vote needed to avoid a runoff he does it's finally announced but only just but that she has said i had to open it according to the constitution we declared mr ashraf ghani who recovered 923592 votes which is equal to 50.64 percent of the country's total vote in the election as the president elect of the government of the islamic republic of afghanistan. the incumbent is naturally celebrating the lucey matter. but i'm dedicating this victory of the people to the
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people and as the 1st servants with our united seem we will always safeguard the rights of the afghan people but although the decision puts months of electoral uncertainty to rest it opens a new chapter of danger just like when gandhi was ruled the winner in 2014 his main rival abdullah abdullah is calling the result illegitimate that's. the result they announced today was the result of election law a coup against democracy the betrayal of the will of the people and we considered it to be illegal. in 2014 the u.s. brokered a power sharing agreement with garni president and of diller chief executive. this time around the u.s. is doing deals with the taliban there near an agreement in doha which could be announced soon if an initial reduction in violence is successfully observed 1st the u.s. wants to bring its troops home. with the taliban also says gone these reelection is
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illegal and contravenes the peace process will reach alan's al-jazeera. time for a short break here on al-jazeera when we come back we speak to the family of a filipino crew member on board the diamond princess cruise ship in japan. and the escalating protests against a pipeline in canada including a rail blockade causing nationwide destruction or in the stables. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast with the big story here across united states is still the flooding across much of the south we have seen a lot of rain well above average rain for this time of year across much of the region and in fortune of the next few days there is more rain to come now we do have a frontal boundary that is making its way out here into the atlantic but in texas that is where our next round of rain is going to be coming from and that is going
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to be heading over here towards the east across many of those rivers that are at moderate and also major flood stage so we don't see really any more rain but unfortunately that is what is coming for atlanta it is going to be a wet day also a cool day the temperatures are coming down but by the time we do get to friday it is going to be sunny with a temperature of 8 degrees there while much of central america as well as into the caribbean is looking fairly quiet right now we are going to be seeing those temperatures rising though from managua maybe $35.00 degrees here on wednesday as we got up towards parts of havana though it is going to be a nice day with a temperature of 30 and we have been dealing with some very heavy rain here across parts of argentina that is now making its way up here towards southern parts of brazil or rio though is going to be a very hot day here as we go towards wednesday at $35.00 degrees but temperatures are coming down for one is out is from $29.00 to about $24.00 with plenty of sun in the forecast.
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from fossil fuels to modern day renewables as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against these demands we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generations the breast passed by a neighboring future energy. or. hoop. welcome back agreement about top stories here on al-jazeera libya's un recognized
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government has pulled out of ceasefire talks in geneva after the port in the capital tripoli was targeted by forces loyal to warlord anything have tell of these 3 civilians were killed. a number of people have died due to the corona virus in china has now crossed 2000 that's off the who bay problems the epicenter of the outbreak reported 132 new deaths on tuesday but the number of new infections a 4th. and in japan some passengers and crew on board the cruise ship diamond princess had been on the current team and now being allowed to leave there were about 3700 people on board at least 500 $42.00 of them are reported to have contracted the virus. but it's not just passengers have been struck down on board the diamond princess cruise ship workers from around the world have also been caught up in the corn teen melanin duggan's in manila and spoke to the family of one of the filipino workers who's been held up in japan. i think that for victoria jo and her father every phone call lately feels as if it may be their
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last victoria is in the philippines her father works abroad now stranded in the diane one princess cruise ship in japan where the corona virus has infected hundreds of passengers. the danger her father continues his work as a steward she says her family is being kept in the dark about what the shipping company and the philippine government planned to do with those stranded on the ship the job he loved so much been loyal to 1st solid. it's giving a returning the same love that place given. inside the cruise ship her father. it's a tour of his work. we could. still keep serving that's why he's really hard because we are still exposed to passengers and that is that they
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are very stressed. in this whole way passengers post their requests and comments outside their door which service workers to attend to. we've already about our immunity many of us are tired and. we feel that they are not safe here anymore. it's a sentiment shared by many here in downtown manila filipino seafarers look for jobs abroad to despite the risks around 400000 of the more than 1600000 people who work on ships globally are filipino they send back hundreds of millions of dollars in remittances back to the country every year for years filipino seafarers have been calling on the government to help them lobby for better protection and compensation abroad now they say the current crisis has exposed the philippine government inability to respond quick enough to the growing challenges of the
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global shipping industry was the one who. defeat the war in the ships anyway and they have their war by h. job security so we are not concerned about the bios they say they simply don't have a choice for them it's more important to adjust the uncertainty about whether they will be able to provide for their families back home. dugan al jazeera. the un security council has been warned of a marked increase in violence in yemen after reports of hundreds of civilian casualties it's special envoy says peace efforts are at risk of collapsing like reports now from the united nations. these regular briefings on yemen have for months been marked by an air of optimism but this was not the case on this day the special envoy to yemen has told the u.n. security council that the upsurge in violence could reverse the gains made in peace efforts over the past year and warns there are signs the conflict is spreading
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during the past month if we last met the military situation has grown increasingly dire both sides have announced expensive military goals and exchanged fierce rhetoric most of the heavy fighting is taking place in their home district of the coverage of sana'a and also of america and saddam government front lines which had. we inquired after several months of being drawn into the escalation of the truths that had been observed in al gore 4 months was shattered this past weekend by saudi led airstrikes at least 30 civilians were killed and dozens injured including women and children more than $35000.00 people have been displaced in the last month alone this escalation in addition to clashes in other places has reversed the trend towards decreasing civilian casualties that
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we had seen in previous months in january assessments suggest that more than $160.00 civilians were killed or wounded across yemen the consulate united on the need for the violence to end but is reluctant to apportion blame for the current crisis we goddess of who started the violence it is clear that your kids have sought to exploit the situation and this is an acceptable the situation is further complicated by accusations of to reigne an involvement in the conflict these accusations make yemen part of a far wider crisis and the gate the possibility of achieving a purely regional truce there's concern too over allegations that who thieves are misusing aid with the us warning that it could suspend all assistance to northern yemen as soon as next month mike hanna al-jazeera united nations and the
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u.n. says nearly $370.00 and have been killed in northwest syria since the beginning of the year as the government tries to capture the last rebel held stronghold. that the u.n. says schools hospitals and camps for the internally displaced and been hit it says the russian backed government offensive is cruel beyond belief and us call for the media creation of humanitarian corridors to allow civilians to escape. the sheer quantity of attacks on these hospitals medical facilities schools. would suggest to you they can't all be accidental. and at a minimum even if they were accidental it shows lack of proportionality necessity precaution and so on. all of which can contribute to something being an attribute if there's a war crime it's cruel beyond belief that civilians mostly women and children living under scraps of plastic sheeting in freezing conditions are being bombed
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ukraine's president says heavy fighting in the eastern donbass region won't hamper efforts to end the conflict with russian but separatists the flare up was left one ukrainian soldier dead and 7 others wounded is the worst kind of violence in the region since peace talks were held in december both sides of burning each other. philosopher to stardom in we have a powerful army provocations happen but the army responded firmly the situation is completely under control because of the shah we are confident that this provocation will not change the course towards ending the conflict as one can only sit at the negotiation table with a strong army. because forward is to go ahead and stop the war and reach peace over 6000 bodies have been found in newly uncovered mass graves in burundi there's been a decades old conflict between the to see an hutu ethnic groups is the biggest discovery of its kind since a truth and reconciliation commission ordered the excavation of mass grave sites
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the head of that body says the recently discovered bodies a likely from 1902. to. a u.s. federal judge has thrown out chinese tech giant who are ways lawsuit challenging the law restricting its business the case relates to a law which bars who are away from doing business with the u.s. federal government agencies and contractors many in the u.s. say that while it could use its networks to spy on behalf of the chinese government which is one of the world's biggest smartphone makers denies this out as it was how does your castro has more in the case. well this certainly is a win for the american government and its campaign against while way which we've seen unfold since president trump took office his administration as you said believes that huawei may allow the chinese government to essentially use its infrastructure and equipment to spy on american users which is something that huawei adamantly denies and today's a ruling from
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a judge who essentially threw out while waves argument that a law passed last year which had for him a good while way from doing business directly with the federal government or with contractors while we sue saying that was unconstitutional but the judge today ruled that the federal government has a right to spend money however it wants to and huawei has expressed its disappointment and it very likely will appeal this court decision this lawsuit alone is only one of many fronts that huawei is facing in its conflict with the u.s. government we know that just last month the u.s. justice department indicted huawei for conspiring to steal trade secrets from american firms which weiwei denies and there's also another lawsuit pending the federal communications commission has also banned american telecommunications firms from buying while way equipment using federal subsidies and while waves of that law
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is unconstitutional as well huge profits of television as rail network of ground to hold as must protests continue against the construction of a natural gas pipeline the plum route runs through traditional indigenous lines to carry natural gas from dawson creek in the canadian province of british columbia to coast of sundry the kitchen out from there the shift to asian markets and social reports now from ontario. in the chilling call the small protest camp stands alone throughout the day local people have been bringing supplies showing their support in the most practical of ways they've brought hot food didn't vegetables and even firewood what they see is a vision that's bigger than us and the vision i think that they see bigger than us is protection of the environment for too long we've allowed corporations in for example big oil is just one of them but too long we've allowed those of those folks to run the show i was driving through. it seeing as i'm driving by i have to.
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show my support can it is mean real roots of been virtually shut down for 2 weeks protests near the tracks forced the country's biggest rail company canadian national real week to suspend most operations those protests sprung up key locations after police forcibly cleared camps near the route of the proposed coastal gas link pipeline it crossed the line of canada's indigenous people known here as 1st nations the demonstrators were trying to block access to construction sites the worry moving the new protesters will create an even bigger reaction essentially freezing canada is realigned has a greater impact than the 100000 passengers that may have been affected food isn't getting to distribution centers that may lead to shortages export of light farmers can't get their goods to port and there is a shortage of gas getting to consumers with weeks of winter still to go in the country's capital ottawa the 1st nations leaders say they're willing to discuss an
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end to the protest but years of being ignored has to be addressed when governments ignore 1st nations rights title jurisdiction it creates conflict and court cases. when governments respect 1st nations rights in title it's a path to peace progress and prosperity prime minister justin trudeau is trying to find a solution he insists he's no power to direct police operations but says talks are the way forward it is time past time for this situation to be resolved. but what we are facing was not created overnight it was not created because we have been barked upon a path of reconciliation recently in our history it is because for too long in our history for too many years we failed to do so several groups are seeing the real blockade is creating
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a real crisis across canada and the longer it goes on the longer it will take to recover alan fischer i'll just kind of not go on tear you. down for a quick check of the headlines here on the al-jazeera libya's un recognized government has pulled out of ceasefire talks in geneva after the port in the capital tripoli was targeted by forces loyal to warlord and the have top at least 3 civilians were killed after he's been trying to take over the capital tripoli since april with up to one head has more on the attack on the port. the government has notified the united nations support the mission in libya that it's suspending its parts. in the talks in geneva the government says that it cannot continue in any peace talks with have in the capital is under attack the state facility is
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that it is a danger areas and also the poor too which is the government describes as the lifeline not only for the people in the capital city but all libyans because this is the main and major port in the capital city for the number of people who have died due to the coronavirus in china has now crossed 2000 that's after who province the epicenter of the outbreak reported 132 new deaths on tuesday the number of new infections as for them in japan meanwhile some passengers and crew on board cruise ship diamond princess would be under quarantine are now being allowed to leave there about $3700.00 people on board at least $542.00 of them are reported have contracted the coronavirus the u.n. says nearly $300.00 civilians have been killed in northwest syria since the beginning of the year almost all of them in attacks by the government and its allies russia its announced offensive as cruel beyond belief the government's been trying to capture the last rebel stronghold. ukraine's president says heavy
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fighting in the eastern donbass region won't hamper efforts to end the conflict with russian separatists the flare up has left one ukrainian soldier dead is the worst spell of violence in the region since peace talks were held in december a u.s. federal judge just thrown out chinese tech giant who are ways challenge to endure restricting its business case relates to a law which bars who our way of doing business with the us federal government agencies and contractors many in the usa that hawaii could use its networks to spy on behalf of the chinese government. those were the headlines that is continues on al-jazeera after woman by. soldier but. the race for the white house has begun this month to 04 states have their say on their wants to place donald trump to move the action. genre to africa to continue parker took the 1st step to put 2020
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u.s. inaction. on are just around. the base for us is one of the most amazing places in the world.


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