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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on out there are. revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al-jazeera. libya's un recognized government pulls out of ceasefire talks in geneva after warlord only for half task forces attacked the tripoli port. down in jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up free at last the coronavirus quarantine is lifted for some on board a cruise ship in japan but the number of dead in mainland china surges past 2000. a 2nd term for ashraf ghani as afghan president but the opposition is calling his
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election win a coup against democracy. plus a u.s. court magicks chinese telecom giant hawaii's appeal to ease restrictions on doing business with government agents. efforts to restore peace in libya have suffered another setback the un recognized government has pulled out of ceasefire talks in geneva that's after the port in the capital tripoli was targeted by forces loyal to warlord honey for have to are last month after had refused to sign a cease fire deal brokered by russia and turkey are diplomatic editor james bays reports now from geneva the porch in the libyan capital tripoli under attack general half his forces carried out the rocket strikes about the same time the talks were resuming in geneva and immediately put the fate of the peace efforts in jeopardy. it's now 10 months since general haftar appended the international
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community's peace plans by ordering an offensive to try and seize tripoli the operation launched defiantly just hours after he met u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorist who was visiting libya at the time in the months since the death toll has mounted as weapons have continued to pour into the country despite the latest attacks when he spoke to reporters the secretary general's envoy was determined to push the diplomatic momentum forward is your plan back on track my plan is not back on track my plan has never left that that it is being implemented with patience and determination and this by the many of the key you need a ceasefire before next week i better have a ceasefire in order to implement all the rest but this is not the precondition but hours later sporadic indiscriminate attacks on tripoli continued the government of
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fires al so raj issued this statement there were needed violations of the truce with the targeting of civilian facilities this time the tripoli's seaport which is the life artery for many libyan cities where they get basic medical and food supplies in this context we announce the suspension of ongoing talks in geneva the presidential council reaffirms that without a permanent ceasefire there is no point in any negotiations the un is now left struggling to see if it can save the geneva process wider talks involving all the political factions in libya would use take place next week once again or day shifts military action by general haftar has derailed peace efforts jamesburg days out 0 geneva well senior diplomats involved in the talks some reacted with dismayed to the sudden turn of events. i only saw this i hope of course. these talks will
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check she will resume as quickly as possible to serve. what is just started to engage clearly with the committee which is the most important thing for the. little supposed for the political trick to. the near future to serve that they withdrew hope that step they will return berkeley to. al-jazeera as mahmud of the wire head is in tripoli he has more on the attack at the port the government has notified the united nations support the mission in libya that it's suspending its parts. in the talks in geneva the government says that it cannot continue in any peace talks with. the capital is under attack the state facility is the region that is the areas and also the port which is the government describes as the lifeline not only for the people in the capital city but all libyans because
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this is the main and major port in the capital city and then you see that the state oil further has declared that it has just moved and evacuated all tankers that are loaded with fuel and gas in the port in order to prevent humanitarian and invented environmental disaster due to the multiple attacks by have to this forces on the port on tuesday what james moron is from the center for european policy studies he says it's not the 1st time the ceasefire talks have been suspended. yes he's given doing it on a number of occasions of course so we also saw in moscow couple of months ago when the g n a has signed a cease fire agreement is the only way a promise you move was sponsored by one of his main backers that is there russia is
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. record as a man of peace has got to be in doubt of the moment and one would very much hope that there will be condemnation from all sides of this attack today coming from the international community including the european union which i think must now be a little bit more robust in pushing back against this sort of thing especially after the bar and as the e.u. yesterday decided at the political level anyway now to move on with this idea of trying to please the u.n. arms embargo now the number of people have died due to the coronavirus in china has now passed 2000 who bay province the epicenter of the outbreak reported 130 deaths on tuesday that's a 33 percent rise in fatal it is since monday but the number of new infections has fallen slightly more than 74000 people are now confirmed to have contracted covered 19 on the mainland meanwhile in japan some passengers and crew on
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a quarantine on board the cruise ship diamond princess and now being allowed to leave there were about 3700 people on board as of tuesday at least 542 of them are reported to be infected and an infectious disease expert who visited the damaged princess during its quarantine period described the conditions on board and in fact had fear of getting infection myself. for evil or a south clever because i know how to protect myself but inside princes than one ever thought scared i was so scared of getting caught between 90 because there was no way to tell where the pharisees no green zone no red zone everywhere could have virus and everybody was not careful about it there were no single professional infection control person
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inside a ship so in a moment we'll get the latest from rob mcbride in new york a hama in japan will have more details about who's getting off that ship the 1st let's go to katrina you she's in the chinese capital beijing with the latest katrina so the death toll has now passed the 2000 mark that's a pretty significant number just tell us a bit more about what chinese officials are doing now. that's right so we've had more than $130.00 deaths in the past 24 hours including the 2nd confirmed case in hong kong chinese authorities seem to be touting the positive side of this is that outside of who province the confirmed number of cases seems to be dropping but inside the situation remains critical indeed before more than 61000 cases in who are province alone and 12000 of those cases are people fighting for their life people in critical condition and the system there is simply struggling to cope they have a huge shortage of staff we know about 32000 health workers from all over the
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country have been flown into kuwait province to help do with all these patients and of course there are certain many risks faced by those health workers we know that at least 7 of them have died and about 4 percent of all queer and a virus cases are people working on the front line there in who province so the government is trying to incentivize those workers they know that it is a dangerous job to be doing those health workers depending on what problems they come from given financial incentives bonuses of about 10024000 u.s. dollars but we have heard that this week they've announced new incentives new non-monetary incentives and now they've said that if you are a health work and you have a child if it's a young child that child will get priority access to public kindergartens and if they're older and older child they'll have. 10 extra points in their their senior high school exams so they can get better access to better high schools now this is a huge deal in china the education system here is extremely competitive and that
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incentive has caused a bit of controversy saying that it's making things more unfair but that's one of the things that they're offering another thing that they've said that health workers will have is that if they do die as a result of working on the current virus front line they will be given national status and that's a huge honor here in china it's one of the highest. as you can be given as a civilian and what happens at after it means that your family will receive regular allowances and then also they will receive benefits and various piracy access will free access to a range of government services all right to katrina you there in beijing katrina thank you let's cross over them to rob mcbride he's in yokohama in japan rob so you'll the at the pool where that cruise ship is docked we understand some passengers have been allowed to leave the ship just bring us up to date them with what's been happening. that's right a lot of activity here on yokohama waterfront with passengers coming off the vessel
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going through the main terminal being processed and then taking various forms of transport a number of buses have already left the key side going to transport hubs like yokohama railway station so people can continue their journeys presumably going home a number of taxis have been coming in and out of this port with family members picking up loved ones who are now allowed off this ship these are people who have gone through the 14 days of quarantine they have proved negative for this coronavirus of being given a clean bill of health of course there are other people who have also proved negative they don't have the virus but who were traveling with people who became infected now some of those people have been told that they have to stay on a few extra days and this whole process is going to take several days something like 3000 passengers and crew are still on this vessel possibly several 100 by the end of today wednesday will have be released and depending on who you are depends
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on what happens to you japanese citizens have been told it is now safe to go home but they've also been told advised to impose a kind of self quarantine stay at home for several days while health officials follow up with you on whether you develop any fever symptoms or not because of course there are concerns about why so many 100. people were infected after this quarantine was put in place there's we heard there a well known infectious disease expert here from one of the local universities taking to social media this wednesday. creating alarm about the conditions that he says he witnessed there which is were raised many questions here is making headlines here in japan and of course the for a lot of other countries they are not convinced that this quarantine has worked countries like south korea has said that people are not allowed to return home straight away coming off this ship and countries like australia united states have said that if you come off the ship they want you to stay away for another 2 weeks
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if you do go home now then you face another stretch in quarantine as soon as you land or to rob a bride in your home in japan rob thank you for the update to afghanistan now where ashraf ghani has won another term as president after being declared the winner last september's disputed election results have been delayed for months due to attacks and polling stations allegations of vote rigging and technical problems really challenge has more. since september afghanistan's election commission has been sifting complaints and contested votes trying to work out whether ashraf ghani has the 50 percent plus one vote needed to avoid a runoff he does it's finally announced but only just but that she has said i had to open according to the constitution we declared mr ashraf ghani who recovered 923592 votes which is equal to 50.64 percent of the country's total vote in the election as the president elect of the
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government of the islamic republic of afghanistan. the incumbent is naturally celebrating. the matter. but i'm dedicating this victory of the people to the people and as the 1st servants with our united's team we will always safeguard the rights of the afghan people but although the decision puts months of electoral uncertainty to rest it opens a new chapter of danger just like when gandhi was ruled the winner in 2014 his main rival abdullah abdullah is calling the result illegitimate that. the result they announced today was the result of election law a coup against democracy the betrayal of the will of the people and we considered it to be illegal. in 2014 the u.s. brokered a power sharing agreement with garni president and of diller chief executive.
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this time around the us is doing deals with the taliban there near an agreement in doha which could be announced soon if an initial reduction in violence is successfully observed 1st the u.s. wants to bring its troops home. with the taliban also says gone these reelection is illegal and contravenes the peace process will reach alan's al-jazeera. time for a short break here not just iraq when we come back we speak to iranians to see how they're feeling at a friday's parliamentary election. and find out why business groups in canada blocked most of the country's rail network on the stay with us. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast all of the next few days we are going to still see some stormy conditions across parts of iraq iran as well
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will be single rain as well as snow in the forecast across much of the area notice here on our wednesday map we're going to see the rain coming out of the eastern med bring a lot of rain anywhere from beirut damascus even baghdad by the end of the day you'll probably see some rain as well by thursday that continues to make its way towards the east the rains could be quite heavy high elevations though we could be seeing snow but that colder air is not the case here across much of the gulf actually here towards dubai take a look at a 3 day forecast we are going to see temperatures into the low thirty's so here on wednesday $32.00 staying about $31.00 as we go towards friday well down here across parts of south africa the rain could be heavy at times we do have a front that is slowly making its way up here towards the northeast now behind the front we are going to see those temperatures dropping cape town was into the low thirty's just a few days ago were to be seen you at about $29.00 possibly some rain showers in the forecast you johannesburg it is going to be a nice day partly cloudy afternoon at 25 but a little bit better by the time we get towards thursday but over towards madagascar
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we are still seeing a lot of rain in the forecast and for the capital we do expect to see 23 as your forecast high. for. chilling day listening paste as we tend the cameras on the media india has more than 424 hour television news child porn baucus and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most the states misleads the public the state media reflects the same thing. climate change character on your show you take a time to leave they have anything to apologize for they're listening post on al-jazeera. you're.
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back up to trim out of our top stories here this hour libya's u.n. recognized government has pulled out of ceasefire talks in geneva that's after the port in the capital tripoli was targeted by forces loyal to warlord anything after all of these 3 civilians were killed. the number of people who've died due to the coronavirus in china has now passed 2000 that's after province the epicenter of the outbreak reported 132 new deaths on tuesday but the number of new infections is 4 meanwhile in japan some passengers and crew under quarantine on the cruise ship down in princess are being allowed to leave about 3700 people on board these 542 are porters have contracted the virus. as a pakistani student under lockdown and will hand the capital of who province he's calling on his government to help evacuate students like him. if i talk about my
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government pakistan they are come they're continuously they're continuously ignoring us and they have this on us we are continuously in contact with them but no one know under sponsible us and came in contact us in yesterday some investigators came to our university in the contacted maybe some a few students in them it pictures to show them on the t.v. in newspapers but then they were contacted us and they never had a only the chinese government is helping us and they're cooperating with us in this situation but i want government is completely neglecting neglecting us they are thinking like me and the pakistanis my message to pakistani government is that our countries have been eloquent did their citizens from the hunt in riyadh to the only ones we are staying in no one in if they are not a soul who are they will create us because we are pakistani it's our constitutional right to be evacuated from here in not only our families and to suffer and we're
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due to us so it's a bit situation for us and you know for our family the u.n. says nearly 300 civilians have been killed in northwest syria since the beginning of the year as the government tries to capture the last rebel stronghold. in the. united nations says schools hospitals and camps for the internally displaced have been hit over the media creation of humanitarian corridors to allow civilians to escape it. the sheer quantity of attacks on these hospitals medical facilities schools. would suggest they can't all be accidental. and at a minimum even if they were accidental it shows lack of proportionality necessity caution and so on. all of which can contribute to something going on a trip if there's a war crime it's cruel beyond belief that civilians mostly women and children
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living under scraps of plastic sheeting in freezing conditions are being bombed iran's supreme leader has called for a high turnout in friday's parliamentary elections the way to display unity within the country there are nearly 58000000 eligible voters and while the turnout is traditionally low in the capital and surrounding towns and villages it's often a different story i was there was a door such a trouble to outside tehran to find out why. this is the main street investor mean. it's dedicated to those killed during one of the bloodiest uprisings leading up to the 1979 revolution. this town sits about 35 kilometers south east of tehran and it's home 228-0000 people. 195000 of them are eligible voters one of them is the would suffer who owns this car battery shop. suffer he has been working with cars for nearly 20
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years and is a native. he explains why voting on friday is crucial for the people in his town. i will vote for now because if i don't and my friends don't and others don't then who will who would support these couple of minutes if we leave the system alone then our officials won't be able to do anything this town has only one seat in parliament and $27.00 approved candidates are fighting for it all are running for the 1st time that includes ahmed reza ye who says he believes he can make a difference for the people here. our town has a number of problems and deficiencies and a concern lawmakers should pursue these problems i promise if i make it to parliament as a local of this town. attention to their problems i have 1st and seen them for myself. one of the main concerns here as in other parts of the country is the
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economy and that what you got going yes i will take part in the election because this town is facing many problems the most important one is unemployment there are things i expect from the person i vote for and i hope the next n.p.r. news stands astounds wos. no i won't participate because they don't do anything about our problems i'm starting now but there is no job for me today's major problems inflation and sanctions are economies ophuls 20 like sion is done they don't even look at these town suffer he also says the economy is the main issue for him he has 2 small children and says he earns in reales but spends in dollars that means as iran's currency loses value life is getting tougher. by voting many here believe they can hope for a better future. the view was of the people in vera mino on the parliamentary elections are quite those of many in iran despite the fact that the current m.p.
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from here has been disqualified many still believe in the system as a whole it's not just about electing their next member of parliament but rather a show of support for the political system that came into being over 4 decades ago in 1979. or so to bari al-jazeera there i mean. ukraine's president says heavy fighting in the eastern donbass region won't hamper efforts to end the conflict with russian separatists the flare up was left one ukrainian soldier dead and several wounded is the worst spell of violence in the region since peace talks were held in december both sides of blaming each other. i mean we have a powerful army provocations happen but the army responded firmly the situation is completely under control because of the show we are confident that this provocation will not change the course towards ending the conflict as one can only sit at the
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negotiation table with a strong army provoke the course forward is to go ahead and stop the war and reach peace. over 6000 bodies have been found in newly uncovered mass graves in burundi the east african nation has seen decades of conflict between the c. and hutu ethnic rebel groups a peace accord in 2005 led to the end of an 11 year civil war and is the biggest discovery of its kind since the truth and reconciliation commission ordered the excavation of mass grave sites a u.s. judge has thrown out chinese tech giant huawei is challenge to ignore restricting its business is the case relates to legislation which bars while away from doing business with the federal agencies and contractors many in the u.s. say that they could use its networks to spy on behalf of the chinese government which is one of the world's biggest smartphone makers denies this al-jazeera is how does a castro has more on the case. well this certainly is a win for the american government and its campaign against while way which we've
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seen unfold since president trump took office his administration as you said believes that huawei may allow the chinese government to essentially use its infrastructure and equipment to spy on american users which is something that huawei adamantly denies and today's a ruling from a judge who essentially threw out while waves argument that a law passed last year which had for him a good while way from doing business directly with the federal government or with contractors while we sue saying that was unconstitutional but the judge today ruled that the federal government has a right to spend money however it wants to and huawei has expressed its disappointment and it very likely will appeal this court decision this lawsuit alone is only one of many fronts that huawei is facing in its conflict with the u.s. government we know that just last month the u.s. justice department indicted huawei for conspiring to steal trade secrets from
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american firms which weiwei denies and there's also another lawsuit pending the federal communications commission has also banned american telecommunications firms from buying weiwei equipment using federal subsidies and while waves of that law is unconstitutional as well large parts of canada israel network of ground to a halt as people protest against the construction of a natural gas pipeline the plan route runs through traditional indigenous law terry much will gas from dawson creek in the canadian province of british columbia so a refinery in the kitchen much from there will be shipped to asian markets of the sort of ports on terrorists. in the chilling call the small protest camp stands alone throughout the day local people have been bringing supplies showing their support in the most practical of ways they brought hot food didn't vegetables and even firewood what they see is a vision that's bigger than us and the vision i think that they see bigger than us
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is protection of the environment for too long we've allowed corporations in for example big oil is just one of them but too long we've allowed those of those folks to run the show i was driving through. it seeing as i'm driving by i have to. show my support can it is mean real roots have been virtually shut down for 2 weeks protests near the tracks forced the country's biggest rail company canadian national railway to suspend most operations those protests sprung up key locations after police forcibly cleared camps near the route of the proposed coastal gas link pipeline it crossed the line of canada's indigenous people known here as 1st nations the demonstrators were trying to block access to construction sites the worry moving the new protesters will create an even bigger reaction essentially freezing candidates realigns has a greater impact than the 100000 passengers that may have been affected food isn't
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getting to distribution centers that may lead to shortages export of light farmers can't get their goods to port and there is a shortage of gas getting to consumers with weeks of winter still to go in the country's capital or to the 1st nations leaders say they're willing to discuss an end to the protest but years of being ignored has to be addressed when governments ignore 1st nations rights title jurisdiction it creates conflict and court cases when governments respect 1st nations rights entitle. it's a path to peace progress and prosperity prime minister justin trudeau is trying to find a solution he insists he has no power to direct police operations but says talks are the way forward it is time past time for this situation to be resolved. but what we are facing was not created overnight it was not
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created because we have been barked upon a path of reconciliation recently in our history it is because for too long in our history for too many years we failed to do so several groups are seeing the real blockade is creating a real crisis across canada and the longer it goes on the longer it will take to recover alan fischer kind and i go on tear you. down for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera libya's un recognized government has pulled out of ceasefire talks in geneva after the port in the capital tripoli was targeted by forces loyal to warlord only for have to are at least 3 civilians were killed after he's been trying to take over the capital tripoli since april. the number of people who have died from the corona virus in china has now passed
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2000 that's after who bay province the epicenter of the outbreak reported 132 new deaths on tuesday but the number of new infections was full of in japan meanwhile some passengers and crew on a quarantine on the cruise ship diamond princess are being allowed to leave about 3700 people were on board at least 542 are reported to have contracted the corona virus and an infectious disease expert in visited the ship germ its quarantine period describe the conditions on board and. fear getting infection myself. for evil or a south clever because i know how to protect myself but inside princes that i'm going to have a 4th scared i was so scared of getting caught between 19 because there was no way to tell where the pharisees know green zone no red song everywhere could
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have virus and everybody was not careful about it there with no single professional infection control person inside the ship. the u.n. says nearly $300.00 civilians have been killed in northwest syria since the beginning of the year almost all of them in attacks by the government and its ally russia it's denounced offensive us cruel beyond belief the government's been trying to capture the last rebel stronghold. and a u.s. judge's thrown out chinese tech giant while his challenge to him nor restricting its business is the case relates to legislation that bars doing business with federal agencies and contractors many in the usa could use its networks to spy for the chinese government away one of the world's biggest smartphone makers denies this. well those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after listening post stage of them so what it. was an essential resource for all
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humankind across europe pressure to recognize water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very. would. anybody if they really feel. people who see every 2 years simply to invest a profit of $1.00. to the last drop on al-jazeera. to hear sounds like. that it's a challenge that can help. with china trying to make sure. that they already have a. hello richard gere's when you're at the listening post among the media stories that we're covering this week transparency the managed time beijing's approach to controlling the narrative on the coronavirus remains
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a work in progress and trying to keep fear of the pandemic contained. in places like germany they're loud they can pull.


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