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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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revealing eco friendly solutions to comeback threats to our planet on al-jazeera. a rocket attack on libya's main port brings peace talks in geneva to a sudden halt as the government suspends its involvement. i'm richelle carey this is out there live from doha also coming up hundreds of passengers finally leave a quarantined ship in japan a doctor describes conditions onboard as deplorable you say he says. it was clear. i was so scared of getting caught between again. plus the un expresses alarm over the deaths of nearly $300.00 civilians in northwest syria since the beginning of the year also.
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cowbell a breakdancer all pop songs are being used to tell refugees stories of resilience and march. to begin in libya where efforts to stop the fighting have suffered yet another setback internationally recognized government has suspended its involvement in talks in geneva after warlord forces attacked the capital sport at least 3 people were killed in that assault that port is the main entry point for supplies to libya of taras forces say their target was an arms depot he's been trying to capture the capital since april tripoli's government is now insisting the talks cannot continue until the world firmly responds to what it calls violations or diplomatic editor james bass has more. the port in the libyan capital tripoli under attack
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general half his forces carried out the rocket strikes about the same time the talks were resuming in geneva and immediately put the fate of the peace efforts in jeopardy it's now 10 months since general haftar appended the international community's peace plans by ordering an offensive to try and seize tripoli the operation launched defiantly just hours after he met u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorist who was visiting libya at the time in the months since the death toll has mounted as weapons have continued to pour into the country despite the latest attacks when he spoke to reporters the secretary general's envoy was determined to push the diplomatic momentum forward is your plan back on track my plan is not back on track my plan has never left that that it is being implemented with patience and determination and this by the many obstacles
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you need a ceasefire before next week i better have a cease fire in order to implement all the rest but this is not the precondition but hours later sporadic indiscriminate attacks on tripoli continued the government to fire is issued this statement. there were renewed violations of the truce with the targeting of civilian facilities this time the tripoli seaport which is the life of archery for many libyan cities where they get basic medical and food supplies in this context we announce the suspension of ongoing talks in geneva the presidential council reaffirms that without a permanent ceasefire there is no point in any negotiations the u.n. is now left struggling to see if it can save the geneva process wider talks involving all the political factions in libya would you take place next week once again or day shifts military action by general haftar has derailed peace efforts
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james bays out 0 geneva. tele headlines as live from tripoli with the latest developments so and these talks franking down suddenly stopping what house at translate into how things are playing out in tripoli. well. there is a state of panic especially among civilians as the fighting have to his forces when they targeted the main sea port in tripoli this is a major threat not only to tripoli but to other cities people are worried that the main and major chord is. the multiple attacks by house to this force because as you know. everything comes through this port medicine food done all the life supplies to civilians in chipley and also to many other cities as the
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government of national accord stated there is also fear among civilians that heavy fighting might 3 new again especially after the government of national accord has decided to hold participation in the talks that were due to be held today in geneva but it seems that the on the other hand the united nations support the mission is still hopeful that this process can work out but the government along with the high state council here in tripoli say that the sation of hostilities by have to forces and go to a safe return of displaced people and stopping the threat to tripoli and other cities by have to his forces are a prerequisite for the government to continue in the peace process ok that up tell ahead with the latest from tripoli i mean thank you. hundreds have people have been allowed to leave a cruise ship in japan after living under quarantine for weeks some of those
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considered free of chronic virus are being allowed to disembark from the diamond princess but thousands of passengers and crew remain on board effectiveness of the coroner's inquest and after the virus spread to more than 500 people on kong as reported its 2nd death from the virus a 70 year old man is a 6 person to have died outside mainland china that brings in. that's worldwide to 2010 out of $75000.00 and that actions of or shallow the rate of less than 3 percent on tuesday china reported the lowest daily rise of new cases since the end of january my pride is at the border near oklahoma he says many of the foreigners who are leaving the vessel aren't being welcome back to their home countries. it is the end of this 14 days of quarantine for hundreds of people it is finally over there has been a steady stream of coaches of buses of taxis in some cases coming in here to the port area taking people away taking them to various transport hubs to yokohama
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station and other stations around here to continue their journey many of them people being allowed to return home these are people who have gone through the quarantine have been declared to be negative there's been no trace of the coronavirus found so they have now been allowed to leave but they have for a lot of the japanese citizens a priority has been given to some of the elderly more elderly passengers they've been allowed to go home but with the caution that they should monitor their health for the next few days at least to search to make sure there are no signs of fever meanwhile for many countries people of other nationalities who are leaving their countries have said they don't want to them to come home just yet australia the united states and the u.k. they have all said that they should take a couple of weeks before they return to their home countries or if they do go home right now then they face being put straight into quarantine so it doesn't seem to
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be a lot of confidence from the international community that this quarter in team has worked and in fact headlines have been made here in japan this wednesday with an infectious diseases expert going online using social media to really raise alarm about the conditions he says are onboard belowdecks here he went on the ship in the last couple of days he says finding chaotic conditions and in fact had fear of getting infection myself. for you well no south. because i know how to protect myself back inside and have a floor scared i was so scared of getting caught. because there was no way to tell where the pharisees no green zone not already everywhere could have
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and everybody was not careful about a. single professional infection control person in a ship now this whole disembarkment process is expected to take several days your passengers are expected to leave if they have found to be negative on these tests for the coronavirus over the next coming days finally seeing a lens to this horrific journey this odyssey for some 3000 passengers and crew are still on the ship now we're at one gate where were people have been coming out healthy passengers another gate from this port where we have been we have seen throughout the day several ambulances the sirens blaring taking away what we can assume to be further cases of people being taken sick. like now to adrian brown in hong kong so a trend what do we know about the 2nd that that is reported and hong kong.
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michel we know he's 70 years old we know that he crossed over to the mainland on january the 22nd he was admitted to hospital a week ago his condition worsened early this week and he finally died on wednesday morning now it's understood he had an underlying condition which is thought to be diabetes this is common of course amongst those who've also been dying of this virus elsewhere in china of course the the other man who died just over 2 weeks ago was 39 years old he also had an underlying condition now on wednesday the authorities here confirm that the number of confirmed infections had risen to 63 and across the border in the mainland the the media there has been showing pictures more pictures of the hospital being expanded we also know that more soldiers have been deployed to her bay province to help in the way that they patients they are being dealt with hundreds of soldiers we're told arriving there on wednesday of
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course the authorities have also announced that in addition to those 2 hospitals that were built in record time after the lockdown of began an additional 10 hospitals are also going to be built in the province it's another reminder that few countries in the world committee sort of marshal the sort of resources that china can at times like this more than 2000 deaths now on the mainland more than 75000 infections but the mainland media trumpeting the fact that so far more than 14000 people have recovered from the virus and that the rate of recovery outside of her bay province is now about 40 percent whereas inside the province it's about 15 percent so quite a big gap there in those 2 recovery rates the shell so there is pressure on the government to vaccinate i mean if your a person that's in an area and you're airfreight you're going to get infected obviously you want to get home to sleep on the ship that want to get help people in
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mainland china that want to get home how is the government handling all of that. well i can tell you in the last few minutes it's a murder that some of those hong kong citizens who are aboard the diamond princess are more than 350 hong kong people on board that cruise line oh well some of them are going to be returning to hong kong on wednesday evening it's understood that 2 planes have been chartered by the hong kong government but we're not sure how many people are going to be brought back we know that at least 53 of those hong kong citizens have been infected with the virus that leaves another 300 who have tested negative for the virus but of course those people who are coming home will have to endure another 2 weeks of coron scene on top of the 2 weeks of quarantine they've just gone through and then of course we mustn't forget that in a province there are more than 2000 hong kong citizens stranded there desperate to leave but who can't leave because they're so they're so scattered over the province
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that it's very difficult for the government to work out how to get them to a central point because of all those travel restrictions ok adrian brown with the latest from hong kong adrian thank you so ahead on al-jazeera i'm actually i guess to keep large force an officer of the country a group of u.s. federal charges contends president trying the case again that overstepping his legal boundaries. is in time between a dynasty more than 1050 years old pardon me and a new leader the one kobo. are green here ready to vote. hello once again hoping to get a forecast in southeastern parts of asia and see all the thunderstorms occurring
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here should expect at this time of the year so when i show you the forecast indicated rain bear in mind it's going to accompanied by thunder and lightning so lots of showers for java. borneo is looking particularly wet at the moment heavy showers too across india needs inside of the island as we look further towards the north scattering showers across the philippines generally weather conditions not too bad here and a very strong winds we've had blown down the coast of vietnam those seem to be easing away of that there was a slightly quieter weather expected here elsewhere we've got some heavy showers for singapore and kuala lumpur highs in k.l. of 34 degrees moving down into a straight here these are the thunderstorms which have swept through sydney and other parts of new south wales and we've had one fatality and you see the sort of damage we've had from those storms as they swept through quite violent at times we've got a circulation of low pressure he said between new zealand and australia certainly across new zealand some heavy rain developing here at times some big surf conditions heavy showers up through parts of queens and into the cape york
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peninsula meanwhile out across western australia we've got generally fine conditions it should be a bright day in perth with highs here of 34. and i'm on my phone with my face you can access your bank account with your voice unique algorithmic measurements of us that are revolutionizing the process of identification biometrics are far from perfect a convenience and seemingly infallibility comes at a cop's most crucially our privacy. and the 4th of a 5 part series on radio addresses the appropriation of our most personal characteristics all hail the algorithm on a jersey you know. roger
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al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now liberation recognized government has suspended involvement in ceasefire talks in geneva after war largely behalf tars forces attacked the capital's port to please government says the world must firmly respond to half star after weeks under warranty and on a cruise ship in japan hundreds of passengers have been allowed to leave more than 2000 though passenger and crew still remain on board the timing and says. his attorney general bill bars reported to be considering stepping down over conflicts of president on all trial accounts as the u.s. justice department is locked in a dispute with judges over the handling of the trial of tribes former advisor roger stone is among several former trump aides caught up in the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election or else correspondent kimberly helka courts. less than 2 weeks after being acquitted by the u.s.
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senate of abusing his presidential powers donald trump is once again facing similar accusations as he fights his own department of justice somebody has to stick up for the people tropp is being criticized for intervening in a case involving a close friend and political ally roger stone convicted last year of lying to a congressional committee investigating whether trust political campaign colluded with russia federal prosecutors recommended stone go to jail for at least 7 years truck tweeted the recommendation was a miscarriage of justice that same day his attorney general william barr downgraded the recommendation prompting for federal lawyers to quit the case complicating things further bar took the unusual step of admitting publicly the trump's tweets don't help if i do make his job harder i do agree with that i think that's true now
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is trump defense bar and lashed. as out of federal judges and prosecutors a group representing the judges is accusing trump of overstepping the legal boundaries of the presidency with unprecedented involvement in politically sensitive judicial cases their actions trump defense i'm allowed to be totally involved i'm actually i guess the chief law enforcement officer of the country but i've chosen not to be involved in reality it is the attorney general that is the chief law enforcement officer in the u.s. not the president but that hasn't stopped trump from undoing other sentences through a series of pardons for high profile individuals including convicted financier michael milken former new york city police commissioner bernard kerik and even former democratic illinois governor rod blagojevich convicted for trying to sell former president barack obama's vacant senate seat once obama took office and
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president trump says he may continue to try and influence the legal case involving his friend roger stone stone sentencing is set for thursday and trump hasn't ruled out pardoning kim kimberly help at al-jazeera the white house i've got sense for us on our afghani has worn another term he was declared the winner of last september's disputed election the results have been delayed for 5 months because of attacks of polling stations allegations of vote rigging and technical problems or a challenge reports. since september afghanistan's election commission has been sifting complaints and contested votes trying to work out whether ashraf ghani has the 50 percent plus one vote needed to avoid a runoff he does it's finally announced but only just but that she has said i had to open it according to the constitution we declared mr ashraf ghani who recovered 923592 votes which is equal to 50.64
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percent of the country's total vote in the election as the president elect of the government of the islamic republic of afghanistan. the incumbent is naturally celebrating. the matter. but i'm dedicating this victory of the people to the people and as the 1st servants with our united seem we will always safeguard the rights of the afghan people but although the decision puts months of electoral uncertainty to rest it opens a new chapter of danger just like when gandhi was ruled the winner in 2014 his main rival abdullah abdullah is calling the result illegitimate that's. the result they announced today was the result of election law a coup against democracy the betrayal of the will of the people and we considered it to be illegal. in 2014 the u.s. brokered a power sharing agreement with garni president and of diller chief executive.
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this time around the u.s. is doing deals with the taliban there near an agreement in doha which could be announced soon if an initial reduction in violence is successfully observed the u.s. wants to bring its troops home. with the taliban also says gandhi's reelection is illegal and contravenes the peace process will reach alan's al-jazeera. they won't says nearly $300.00 civilians have been killed in northwest syria since the beginning of the year as the government tries to capture the last rebel stronghold . of the. united nations says schools hospitals and camps for the internally displaced have been hit the russian backed government offensive is beyond belief and it's call for the immediate creation of humanitarian corridors to allow civilians to escape 900000 people have been displaced just since the beginning of december. reports on the turkish syrian border on the plight of
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those displaced by these attacks. but is one of hundreds of thousands of internally displaced syrians she fled her village. in the east of when it was taken over by government forces the building is unfinished and the family has little for the cannot afford to buy a stove to heat the place. and we pray someone will defend us please help us they kill our children they talk it's cause schools we cannot send our children to schools anymore they are bombing the area nonstop it's insane as government forces close in football has already packed the truck outside he's ready if the situation gets worse. i have seen hopeless faces crying out of fear and humiliation i am asking the arabs in the muslims where are you why are you silent
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come here and see the women and children living in the open people are on the run believe it live hoping for a better place. and his family have just arrived from la to norman the rebel stronghold south of. the city was recaptured by the syrian army 2 weeks ago a shelling and. menace of millions escaped. on one day we counted 4. 100 rockets fired at the city in addition to airstrikes many were killed we fled under the cover of darkness it was so chaotic many were looking for loved ones who they'd lost track of during the escape this is how more than italy and the outskirts of aleppo look like. long lines of syrians piled on tracks the destination is the border with turkey they join hundreds of thousands of people who have gathered in small areas and empty fields hoping to cross into turkey if
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syrian government troops continue their advance the battle for it live might turn into the worst confrontations is the start of the conflict 9 years ago the syrian army is determined there are bubbles must surround but defiant civilians have nowhere to go and if it falls into the hands of the government they're likely to pay a price the millions who live in the province who are stranded near the border with turkey will have to abandon the dream they've carried for many years a syria without bashar assad has to. win turkey's border with syria voters in togo head to the polls this weekend between a dynasty that role the tiny west african nation for more than half a century or a new leader and the 1st of a series of stories on this vote many of us went to well made to find out what matters to people in their. walkers at this nutritional supplement plant race to
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beat orders. but not much how hard they were they can only 15 percent of customer demands because the plant lacks the capacity to handle large orders young entrepreneurs like. i could strain birdlike of funds and government support. we want the government to act on 2 parameters to create a bank to support young entrepreneurs and to invest more in skilled use instead of wasting resources trying to appease every unemployed person this way the skilled individuals can set up businesses to employ young people but reviving the economy is not the only concern for these in these election in rural areas where most of the population lives about 60 percent of the people like access to electricity and clean water. there is
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widespread poverty among the population there is little or no economic empowerment for the poor some voters want to change to the current regime to them it will mean economic freedom togo is rich and as the president himself acknowledged resources are currently controlled by a few individuals this is unacceptable. campaign rallies on the way as political parties try to convince the voters to support their candidate members of the i said before being in power here since 967 many on short change in the ongoing assembly will make any difference but president for you know similar supporters believe he provides the security and stability of the forward needs but the opposition insists only it can grow the economy and bring prosperity to travel. but many voters are less confident of a quick fix to the economy and their living conditions. with i'm not going to vote because a call go in queue up to cuff my ballot for change that never comes when i know my
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vote will make a difference maybe i'll change my mind for now she's passing up the thrill of casting off post by lot and like many others think the politicians are out of tune with a. comedy greece how does iraq. have a developing story to bring to turkey's president is threatening an imminent operation to push back syrian forces and it will a province or one says he wants the syrian government troops to withdraw behind turkish military positions in that area he also says turkey's demands have not been met during recent talks with russia will stay on top of that. of the refugees breakdancing and the music of staying have in common it is an unusual combination but together they're telling a story of human resilience reports from london and. a new show is opened in london. message in
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a bottle it tells the story of refugees 3 siblings fleeing their village after its bombed and held by armed militia and more i've researched and gone into the more human side of the story of refugees the more i've seen. that there is a way and to try and present it to provoke so to. maybe humanize the situation a bit more to try and help us approach people who have been forced to flee their homeland with a bit more kindness and get more understanding. the music is all still familiar songs that take on new relevance putting words to grueling experiences faced by millions. message in a bottle was 1st released 40 years ago when sting was with his band the police the songs of alienation and isolation have been repurposed to tell the story of
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refugees leaving their homes and all they know for an uncharted future. hip hop popping breaking contemporary dance at its most dynamic the troupe of downstairs from 7 countries also can snap into live improvisation even the warm up for the downstairs is physically demanding the show involves changing styles varying speeds early on in the process things came to a workshop he said he was moved by what he saw and how the downstairs had interpreted its music using songs that already have a fan base helps convince theater producers that seats will be sold. of course from a commercial praga to having a backup look where people go in knowing that they already know and like the music that's a huge. ultimately this show is about human resilience but not all refugees
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stories end up on an upbeat note the creator hopes after seeing the movie portrayal of people forced from their homes at least london audiences will get the message and jessica baldwin al-jazeera and. i'm richelle carey let's recap the headlines right now on al-jazeera will be asian recognized government has suspended involvement in ceasefire talks in geneva after war cliff a half tars forces attacked the capital sport to place government says the world must firmly respond to hof star at least 3 people were killed and the assault after spending weeks in quarantine on a cruise ship in japan hundreds of diamond princess passengers have finally been allowed to leave but more than 2000 passengers from the church passengers and crew remain on board and an infectious disease expert who visited the diamond princess during this quarantine period describe the conditions on board and then had to
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fear getting infection myself. for. size. because i know how to protect myself but inside pieces that i went out with scared i was so scared of getting caught between 90 because devon is no way to tell where the pharisees no green zone no rent some everybody could have virus and everybody was not careful about it. professionally infection come to pass and he said a ship struck his president is threatening an imminent launch of an operation to piss back push back syrian forces an adlib province ratchet type hurdle on one syrian government troops to withdraw behind turkish military positions in that area he also says turkey's demands have not been met during recent talks with russia as
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attorney general bill bars reported to be considering stepping down after conflicts with president donald trump it comes as the u.s. justice department is locked in a dispute with a group of judges over the handling of the trial of president trump former advisor roger stone. ukraine's president says heavy fighting in the eastern donbass region will not hamper efforts to end the conflict with russian backed separatists a flare up has left one ukrainian soldier dead and several others wounded and both sides are blaming each other. keep it are on al-jazeera much more news to come throughout the day including the latest about rajat typer to want to what he is saying about his country's operation inside syria and the meantime we're going to hand it over to all hill algorithm. tensions could cut global economic growth by the 1.8 percent we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in to what extent will china be
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a drag on the global economy in 2020 counting the cost on al-jazeera. i can unlock my phone with my face and you can access your bank account with your voice and fingerprints are often the key information on a national id card all of this face voice fingerprints there are biometrics unique algorithmic measurements of us that are revolutionizing the process of identification but biometrics are far from perfect they convenience and seeming infallibility comes out across most crucially our privacy. our biometrics our individual unique.


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