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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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that matter to you. al jazeera. the the a. 0 . point 0 there i missed and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes libya's u.n. backed government suspends its involvement in geneva talks off to a rocket attack on the country's main port. hundreds of passengers a finally allowed off a cruise ship held in japan but just how effective was their coronavirus quarantine . they say they're on a mission from god but they're peddling drugs we investigate the evangelical traffickers of rio de janeiro. and the future of artificial intelligence in the
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european union leaders meet to discuss ways to compete with the u.s. and china. on in sport title holders of political face an uncertain future in this season's champions league beats and war mill in spain by a flintstone woodridge in the 1st leg of their last 16 towing. efforts to end the fighting that's torn libya and to have suffered yet another setback the internationally recognized government in tripoli has now suspended its involvement in talks in geneva after the capital's port was attacked on tuesday at least 3 people were killed when rockets were fired by forces of world khalifa haftar now the port is the main entry point for supplies into libya have to us forces say their target was an arms depor their leader has been trying to capture the capital since april tripoli is government is now insisting the talks cannot continue until the wild family responds to what it calls have violations our
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diplomatic editor james bays begins our coverage from geneva. the port in the libyan capital tripoli under attack general half his forces carried out the rocket strikes about the same time the talks were resuming in geneva and immediately put the fate of the peace efforts in jeopardy it's now 10 months since general haftar appended the international community's peace plans by ordering an offensive to try and seize tripoli the operation launched defiantly just hours after he met u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorist who was visiting libya at the time in the months since the death toll has mounted as weapons have continued to pour into the country despite the latest attacks when he spoke to reporters the secretary general's envoy was determined to push the diplomatic momentum forward is your plan back on track my plan is not back on track my plan has never left that that it is
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being implemented was patience and determination this by the many of the key you need a ceasefire before next week i'll bet there have a ceasefire in order to implement all the rest but this is not the precondition but hours later sporadic indiscriminate attacks on tripoli continued the government to fire is issued this statement. there were needed violations of the truce with the targeting of civilian facilities this time the tripoli's seaport which is the life of archery for many libyan cities where they get basic medical and food supplies in this context we're now it's the suspension of ongoing talks in geneva the presidential council reaffirms that without a permanent ceasefire there is no point in any negotiations the u.n. is now left struggling to see if it can save the geneva process wider talks
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involving all the political factions in libya would use take place next week once again or day shifts military action by general haftar has derailed peace efforts on james basis at the suspended talks in geneva james where to from here now. well i think the u.n. finds itself in exactly the same place it was 10 months ago it had an international plan it thought it had all its diplomatic ducks in a row having had a security council resolution last week having had all the foreign ministers of all the countries that have a stake in this some that was supporting the government in tripoli some that was supporting general have to get them all behind these talks and what has happened well things have repeated themselves general have to again has launched or day shifts military action at the key moment as they were sitting down here 24 hours
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ago those rocket strikes started all new port of tripoli they will try i think to repair the damage we don't yet know if the delegation from the g.n.a.t. the government of national caught the internationally recognized government have left geneva if they haven't then i think they'll be pressure behind the scenes from the u.n. and some of the key actors to try and persuade them to stay and pressure on general have to to stop his military action remember what they were trying to do in these talks was convert a truce that doesn't really exist into a durable cease fire and of course the representatives of the government felt that if that was the aim of the talks and they were coming under attack while they were talking then really this was not being done in good faith. i only saw this i hope of course said and these talks we check she will resume missis's pickiness possible who said i mean the what is just started to engage the military community
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which is the most important scene for the ceasefire and then i supposed for the political director. to start sometime in the near future to set the there was the hope that step they will return but to take. those 2 ambassadors ones that have had different views on this in recent days in fact the russian ambassador you just heard there was one of those who abstained on the most recent security council resolution but they are united in wanting these talks to get back on track so certainly from new york from the political side of the u.n. security council pressure on the parts he's here to resume these talks it's worth reminding you that these were ceasefire talks taking place trying to get a durable cease fire on the plan an ambitious one was 4 more comprehensive talks a week from now talks involving all the political factions trying to get a peace plan for libya and eventually get elections in the country is there
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following all the developments for us and an event thank you very much james. well e.u. foreign ministers have agreed to launch a new naval and m. mission to enforce the u.n. arms in bhaag or in libya but reaching consensus in any talks is complicated by the number of countries and the warring factions involved 1st says the government of national accord based in tripoli it's led by prime minister also raj his administration is backed by the u.n. with diplomatic support from cats its city and other western nations turkey also recently sent military support while the war on khalifa haftar power base is the government into broke that's an eastern libya he's supported by saudi arabia the u.a.e. russia and egypt france's denying providing military support well let's now talk to mom about the wahid she's live for us in tripoli and on the ground there muffled what's the situation like there now after that force attack what's the level of destruction and what are people saying. will people are very worried
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that the heavy fighting could ruin you at any time especially after the latest escalation by half the us forces ho targeted the main port the lifeline in the capital tripoli and also after the government of national accord along with the high state council here in tripoli decided to hold talks in geneva it seems that the peace process sponsored by the united nations is facing a lot of the challenges especially with the conflict now intensifying get if they may say at the bag doors as you know honest here that the united arab emirates egypt and france are supporting the war a lot of the have to and meanwhile the art of taken part in the peace process which has been rejected by the government of national board meanwhile of turkey the president of the van has stated that to he is supporting the government of national accord and it agrees with the government in its decision suspending the talks the
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question now is with or not the international community and the united nations will put pressure on house to to deescalate and to hold the secession. to stop the hostilities on the capital of tripoli this is a pretty quiz it for the government to resume talks in geneva up the double i had there for us on the ground in tripoli thank you matt. well moving on and turkey's president is threatening to imminently launch an operation to push back syrian forces and province russia talk about on once government troops to withdraw behind turkish military positions in that area and he says turkey's dumond's haven't been met during recent talks with russia the kremlin says it strongly opposed to any tech military operation the syrian government is conducting an offensive to retake those last rebel held areas while techie says it's pushing to establish
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a safe zone in northern syria. well there's plenty more ahead for you on this news hour including find out why families in the philippines are worried about a cruise ship stuck in japan. impossible for me to do my job. anger grows about u.s. president donald trump's attacks on judges and prosecutors his attorney general considers quitting. and in sport a losing return to tour action for the newly crowned straight you know you can chant. off to weeks of being stuck on a quarantined cruise ship in japan over fears of the coronavirus hundreds of
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passengers are now finally going home they've been deemed healthy and have left the vessel but there are still thousands left on board with criticism mounting over just how effective the quarantine was and just in the past few minutes japan has reported $79.00 more cases taking the total to of the $600.00 infections on board the vessel while in south korea there's also been a spike in infections with 20 reported on wednesday 15 of those can be traced to just one person who attended church services in the central city of daegu while hong kong has now recorded its 2nd death a 70 year old man that brings the total number of deaths now to 2012 all but 6 were in mainland china and there have been 75000 infections globally well let's go live now to adrian brown who's in hong kong to speak about developments there and also on the mainland where we're now hearing reports of china expelling 3 wall street journal reporters adrian there's been so much speculation about just
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how the chinese government is trying to control the narrative is this some sort of a crackdown. yes i think in a way it is the chinese authorities are very unhappy with an article that was published in the wall street journal recently an opinion piece headlined of china is the sick man of asia now you know that sort of headline is like a red rag to a bull to chinese officials particularly at this time so they've taken the decision to expel 3 respected journalists from the beijing bureau very rare to expel 3 journalists from one organization and it's a reminder of just how difficult it's becoming for foreign journalists to do their jobs in that country i was based in beijing for 5 years until june and towards the end it was getting more and more difficult to operate effectively the way that you would want to as a reporter in china because of the growing restrictions and the growing surveillance now here in hong kong we've had
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a protest today outside the liaison office that china's defacto embassy in hong kong by a group of activists accusing china of spending more time suppressing freedom of speech instead of fighting the virus now that's a reference to these citizen journalists who've gone missing during the past few weeks citizen journalists who've been independently trying to give voice to what was happening in china at the moment and they haven't been seen as i say now for several weeks tome kong has confirmed it's 2nd death that was on wednesday morning a 70 year old man the other man to die 2 weeks ago was 39 both men it said had underlying conditions in the term in as regards a man who died on monday and wednesday or rather he had reportedly diabetes so this is a common thread that people who are dying from the disease appear to have often underlying illnesses chinese media meanwhile says that 14000 people have so far made
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a recovery from the virus they say that the recovery rate outside of her the province is now about. 50 is about 40 percent whereas inside who pay province it's 15 percent so quite a wide gap there in those 2 recovery rates but certainly that is something that the media is focusing on on the mainland on wednesday adrian we're hearing about these deaths in hong kong but we are also hearing that the number of new infections in china is dropping is it too early for optimism about that. yes i think it possibly is because at the end of the day the stars you were being asked to interpret figures that may well be inaccurate wrong or simply inflated all figures that don't really present the true picture so i think it's very hard to base an assessment on figures of not independently verified but
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certainly china continues to insist through the broad cars that we're seeing on state state media that it is containing the virus it points to the fact that it's building ever more hospitals outside of to cope with the number of people who have been treating and again its diplomats overseas continue to stress that one point that people are recovering it's proof they say that china is containing the virus and no country on earth they continue to insist could really they have responded to this virus in the way the chinese government has adrian brown there for us and hong kong thank you very much adrian. now let's also get an update from the japanese ports if you have a hama and the diamond princess here is rather a prize. it is the end of this 14 days of quarantine for hundreds of people it is finally over there has been a steady stream of coaches of buses of taxis in some cases coming in here to the port area taking people away taking them to various transport hubs to yokohama
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station and other stations around here to continue their journey many of them people being allowed to return home these are people who have gone through the quarantine have been declared to be negative there's been no trace of the coronavirus found so they have now been allowed to leave but they have for a lot of the japanese citizens priorities been given to some of the elderly more elderly passengers they've been allowed to go home but with the caution that they should monitor their health for the next few days at least. make sure there are no signs of fever meanwhile for many countries people of other nationalities who are leaving their countries have said they don't want to them to come home just yet australia the united states or the u.k. they have all said that they should take a couple of weeks before they return to their home countries or if they do go home right now then they face being put straight into quarantine so it doesn't seem to
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be a lot of confidence from the international community that this quarter in team has worked and in fact headlines have been made here in japan this wednesday with an infectious diseases expert going online using social media to really raise alarm about the conditions he says are onboard belowdecks here he went on the ship in the last couple of days he says finding chaotic conditions and in fact had fear getting into action myself. for you well no south. because i know how to protect myself but inside. ever saw scared i was so scared of getting caught. because there was no way to tell where the pharisees no green zone. everybody could have and everybody was not careful about
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a. single professional infection control person in a ship now this whole disembarkment process is expected to take several days your passengers are expected to leave if they have found to be negative on these tests for the coronavirus over the next coming days finally seeing a lens to this horrific journey of this odyssey for some 3000 passengers and crew who are still on the ship now we're at one gate where were people have been coming out healthy passengers another gate from this port where we have been we have seen throughout the day several ambulances there sirens blaring taking away what we can assume to be further cases of people being taken sick well earlier we also spoke to who is a student from pakistan who stuck under lockdown. he's calling on his government to help others like him. if i talk about my government pakistan they're come they're
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continuously they're continuously ignoring us and they have this on us we are continuously in contact with them but no one and no wonder sponsible person came in contact us in yesterday some embassy those cantorian us city in the country did maybe some a few students in their mid pictures to show them on the t.v. as in newspapers but then they were contacted us and then they were had a only the chinese government is helping us and they're cooperating with us in this situation but our government is completely in the good to neglecting us they are thinking like we are not pakistanis my message to pakistani government is that our countries have been acquitted their citizens from the hunt in riyadh are the only ones we are staying in no one in if they are not it was creating a soul who it will create us because we are pakistani it's our constitutional right to be evacuated from here in only our families and to suffer and we're due to us so
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it's a little bit situation for us and you know for our families well peru's government has declared a health emergency in some areas after a dengue fever outbreak there doctors say 12 people have died this year and more than 5400 cases have been reported eastern jungle areas me at the brazil and bolivia borders have been the hardest hit the outbreaks been partly blamed on an increase in the number of mosquitoes now u.s. attorney general william vala is reportedly considering stepping down over conflicts with president onil trump the justice department is a locked in a dispute with an association of judges over the handling of the sentencing of transform adviser white house correspondent can be how this has been. less than 2 weeks after being acquitted by the u.s. senate of abusing his presidential powers donald trump is once again facing similar accusations as he fights his own department of justice somebody has to speak up for
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the people trapped is being criticized for intervening in a case involving close friend and political ally roger stone convicted last year of lying to a congressional committee investigating whether trust political campaign colluded with russia federal prosecutors recommended stone go to jail for at least 7 years trump tweeted the recommendation was a miscarriage of justice that same day his attorney general william barr downgraded the recommendation prompting for federal lawyers to quit the case complicating things further bar took the unusual step of admitting publicly the trump's tweets don't help if i do make his job harder i do agree with that i think that's true now as trump defends bar and lashes out at federal judges and prosecutors a group representing the judges is accusing trump of overstepping the legal boundaries of the presidency with unprecedented involvement in politically
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sensitive judicial cases their actions trump defense i'm allowed to be totally and i'm actually i guess the chief law enforcement officer of the country but i've chosen not to be involved in reality it is the attorney general that is the chief law enforcement officer in the u.s. not the president but that hasn't stopped trump from undoing other sentences through a series of pardons for high profile individuals including convicted financier michael milken former new york city police commissioner bernard kerik and even former democratic illinois governor rod blagojevich convicted for trying to sell former president barack obama's vacant senate seat once obama took office. and president trump says he may continue to try and influence the legal case involving his friend roger stone stone sentencing is set for thursday and trump hasn't ruled
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out pardoning him kimberly help at al-jazeera the white house. now is the number of evangelical christians chorus in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro other religious communities say they're facing more prejudice and hate crimes there as john holliman reports. this is a new panda sermon in rio de janeiro you know it's just one of brazil's african influence religions but its followers and those of condone play another african based faith have been struggling against harassment as evangelical christianity gains ground in the country. they can run from discrimination from family members to abuse in the street where they were close to their religion to worse me there's a fair in 20177 temples in the block right behind our place were attacked but these attacks have been happening for a long time across the country just in rio de janeiro there were 200 complaints of religious discrimination in 2019 more than double that the year before and 176
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temples of african based religions shut the doors things were bad enough that a police department was set up in the city to investigate those attacks along with other hate crimes chief joe but steven a joke told us the worst case is a link to a bizarre phenomena evangelical drug traffickers from the pure 3rd c'mon gang who feel they're on a mission from god when was even a pastor some of the bosses down south and say i do not want. african religions be cracked here anymore cause they belong to the evil and they started our very cream enough for their criminal should get inside of those samples and tell people to stop. stop their reach goals stop wearing their clothes us and everything man off the times they call themselves. the cream in the halls of quad soldiers all jesus. that something they choose for
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themselves i'm i'm sure that really really just people want to accept that stephen a jew emphasizes the off the work from his department attacks have gone down the religious leaders say federal government which relies on evangelical support is not doing enough to protect them there's a sense that it's a serious blow to them in tolerance and violence going to be just like and that sony courage more to the many like you see how the it is a racial element to the main chill namely. this is basically a way of breaking black people's legs these temples are places of empowerment welcome in care as black people become stronger these institutions will face more attacks. the fight song to preserve beliefs that for some brazilians are as much part of their identity as sun and sea. john home and.
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through the gin a job. climate change and harmful marketing practices are threatening every child's future that's according to a report by the world health organization unicef and the lancet medical journal children and some of the biggest carbon emitting nations are the healthiest that includes places like norway south korea and the netherlands but children in developing nations like somalia and mali a suffering from those emissions and exposure to advertising for things like junk food and harmful products has also resulted in diet health costs child obesity has seen an 11 fold increase since 1975 well for more on this let's speak to anthony castello in geneva he's one of this report's lead authors and also a professor of international child health at the university college london institute for global health thank you for being with us anthony we often speak about the impact of climate change more broadly but let's talk a little more about the impact of climate change specifically on children what
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makes them so vulnerable. well we've seen even as we've only got to one degree of warming that children are affected by heat wave since 2015 we've seen a rise in the number of children who are hungry we're seeing air pollution on a massive scale something like 90 percent of all children around the world breathe unsafe air we've got the threat of collapse and sea level rise and emerging infections we've even got a plague of locusts that is catastrophic lee destroying crops in east africa right now whose origin probably was related to climate changes in saudi arabia so in all respects this is an immediate threat but worse we all signed up every country in
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the world to keep warming to below $1.00 degrees at the paris meeting in 2015 and no country is really achieving that certainly from the wealthy world the poorest countries of course are sustainable but we found that for example you mentioned norway and the netherlands and korea are at the top of our table when we look at their carbon emissions they're 23400 percent over what they should be now and should be reducing by 2030 we have less than 10 years to sort this out this is not about polar bears this is about our children's future about people and that's what's not just climate change but your report also criticizes the commercial climate and harmful marketing we boys had ads targeting kids why did you feel the need to draw attention to. well you're right we've had you know the average child in a wealthy country sees up to $30000.00 ads
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a year on t.v. which may be a you know alcohol junk food even tobacco sugary drinks increasingly gambling in every sporting arena and we're seeing a big rise in gambling among young people but you mentioned the problem of obesity which has risen 11 fold huge problem in europe america and the middle east in fact the biggest worry for us is the new social media because that's where all the marketing is shifting when your 5 year old plays a game on an app their information their personal information their location is hoovered up by advertising agency sent to facebook and google and they target your child with specific ads and will keep that information forever without permission this is the wild west we need regulation and i was pleased to see that mark zuckerberg himself yesterday said that he felt they needed to be more regulation but we need to bring it in to protect our children because their health is
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suffering when you talk about regulation what kind of action are you specifically calling for here it's obviously a global problem and there are various different ad hoc regimes what would you like to ski. well we'd like to see a new protocol that did to the un convention of the rights of child now the un has very little teeth but basically this comes down to countries but if we add a protocol it will give strength to lawyers in countries who want to take action and and there is a a growing movement to recognise that this marketing is out of control i mean your t.v. company and you are subject to regulations about what you can and cannot show at different times and the ads you take but the social media don't do that and we're living in a world where our children are on their smartphones 2 or 3 hours a day and that's on average so often much more than that and they're being bombarded with the virtues ment's which is changing their behavior children below
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the age of 8 you know so i think this will require national legislation and international legislation and i hope that you know countries will move fast but the biggest priority is to stop carbon emissions as quickly as possible we've got to remove fossil fuel subsidies because renewables are now competitive they're now cheaper and as effective as fossil fuels we can do that we can change our food system we can plant more trees the solutions are there what's missing is the political leadership and brave political leaders who will respond to the voices of children and date and time is running out and that one of those reports one of the reports lead author thank you so much for joining us on out of there. well now it's time for the weather and richard going to tell us about some storms over europe i believe i am and you know i was just watching that piece thinking the weather that
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we've had across europe over the last week to 10 days it does make you wonder whether or not but it is also climate change no evidence as such but we're seeing such explosive areas of low pressure developing the like of which i've certainly never seen before in such quick succession and as i run the satellite sequence you see this massive cloud out across the atlantic pushing towards u.k. that area of low pressure is still deepening by about 24 millibars in 24 hours so it's going to produce more really quite nasty weather conditions now we've already seen blizzard conditions across southeastern parts of iceland over the last few days that's going to come once again during the course of light wednesday into thursday and meanwhile across the u.k. we've got but 140 flood warnings across england and wales with about 6 severe warnings in force also and the weather conditions are not going to improve as we look at the forecast you see the area of rain moving into ward parts of northern ireland's in the through into western parts of scotland some very strong winds
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associated with it as well but for the u.k. and then as we head on through into thursday then the weather system pushes on towards the south and east in toward some these coastal countries along north sea coast and then eventually pushing into other parts of europe to lead to a very unsettled spell of weather into these. well still ahead on al-jazeera. choosing between a more than 50 year old dynasty or a new leader people in togo get ready to vote. because we want to more on this action. on the success of the south korean film parasites at the oscars as i'm firing a new generation of filmmakers. and of course a big entrance for the 2 heavyweight boxer aiming to end each other's unbe said records. last.
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frank assessments the one thing about these bush bars is really wipe them out the. climate sure informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel goes to school board lawyers all of this argument is astonishingly apart from times an in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of the new iraq of the new conscious and aware views about struggle against an ethnic sectarian kota inside story on al-jazeera when the news breaks. when people need to be heard the general situation of course is affecting both of unanswered nancy and refugees and the story needs to be told with exclusive interviews as a country do so used to be in polar and in-depth reports movie screen have i thought this how does iraq has teams on the ground there saying that they're against the united to play in the real blue documentaries and live news.
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hello again i'm just as you are mind about top stories this hour libya's u.n. recognized government has suspended involvement in ceasefire talks in geneva after world khalifa haftar us forces attacked the capital's port tripoli as government says the world must firmly respond to hafta. $79.00 new cases of corona virus have been confirmed on the quarantined cruise ship in japan bringing the total amount to over $600.00 hundreds of passengers who were deemed healthy were allowed to leave after 2 weeks of being stuck on board and south korea has seen a spike of 20 new cases in just one day. turkey's president is threatening and in
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the end military operation is it province is the syrian government forces do not withdraw behind its military positions russia has cautioned against such a move saying it strongly against it well let's go live now to our correspondent who's been following all those developments from hot say in turkey has some we've already seen so much suffering for civilians there how likely and how imminent is this offensive. well it will ultimately depend on what happens next in the talks between the russians and the turkish officials now the talks we do understand the stalled and this explains why since yesterday we've seen the turkish officials us collating the rhetoric today president. issuing what he said was going to be the final warning to the syrian government to pull out from the demilitarized zone is in otherwise he's if threatening much wider into involvement inside syria now
1:37 pm
those things would have to depend on many factors on the ground and a think the all the parties are trying to give diplomacy a chance of that fails it puts turkey perhaps in the biggest military intervention in syria since the start of the conflict in 2011 now turkey's saying that their ultimate goal is to prevent that from taking over. if they have to interfere they would have to set up many military are supposed to have to prevent syrian government to move forward from the southern parts of. it live and also from the west in our schools from aleppo towards the city of david this is going to be a huge challenge for turkey and i think they're waiting to see what happens in the coming days in a way the clock is starting to tick down towards the end of february and this is going to be the ultimatum for the turkish government has given to the syrian government if that doesn't happen we're likely to see
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a much wider minister confrontation in italy has some all across all those developments for us that from tackle thank you. well the european union is set to unveil its proposed regulations for artificial intelligence it's all part of a plan to challenge the u.s. and china's dominance in that sector and that includes committing billions of dollars in public and private funds so advance of science behind ai part of that investment will focus on bringing data storage back from other areas outside the e.u. and in particular the united states and one of the main issues it's focusing on is data privacy the european commission is particularly concerned as technologies like smart home systems and facial recognition become more widespread well for more on this let's speak chinese barker he joins us now live from brussels neve just what is the european commission focusing on at that conference today. it was socially the european union is at
1:39 pm
a crossroads when it comes to its digital future on the one hand it wants to be able to compete with the likes of china in the united states where regulation is much more relaxed that it is here in europe but on the other hand it wants to protect people's privacy and the rights of small innovative digital companies going forward in the face of big digital firms of the likes of google and amazon and so on and so forth so what it's doing is coming up with a a framework a white paper for possible future legislation it knows. that the future of artificial intelligence depends upon access to people's data particularly when it comes to things like machine to machine learning that doesn't involve the interaction of any human being whatsoever so the e.u. also knows that it needs to increase the amount of data that these companies and at least technology can access but in a safe way was to create a safe digital ecosystem but it's also looking at other things like the environmental impacts of large data storage centers also specifically technology
1:40 pm
like facial recognition it looks like the e.u. is stepping back from a 5 year blanket ban on facial recognition in favor of allowing individual e.u. member states to decide for themselves so all of this information will be collated consultations will be go on over the course of the year with large companies and other advisors before any kind of firm legislation services this is the start of a very important discussion a navy you're talking about regulation there but the european commission is as you say also eager to control the dominance of the tech giant at all sounds rather ambitious. it certainly is very ambitious considering that these large tech giants google amazon facebook so on and so forth account for 5 trillion dollars of the global markets you'd expect it to be a huge uphill struggle to tackle any of these individual companies or collective
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companies' dominance of the market but that's precisely what he wants to do and it's likely to set out some plans for doing so within this white paper and the e.u. of course has a precedent for doing it to the e.u. or slap fines of $9000000000.00 on google claiming that the company it was in breach of laws when it comes to competition paul slaps the $14000000000.00 fine for unpaid taxes to ireland so the you clearly should has shown in the past that's willing to hold these companies to turn asked and if are there for us live from brussels thanks very much name of speaking of tech giants and a u.s. judge has thrown out chinese tech giant while weighs challenge to a law restricting its business the case relates to legislation barring way from doing business with federal agencies and contractors in the united states now u.s. politicians say the company could use its networks to spy for the chinese government while way one of the world's biggest smartphone makers denies this our
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correspondent castro talked through the case so far. well this certainly is a win for the american government and its campaign against wall way which we've seen unfold since president trump took office his administration as you said believes that huawei may allow the chinese government to essentially use its infrastructure and equipment to spy on american users which is something that huawei adamantly denies and today's a ruling from a judge who essentially threw out while waves argument that a law passed last year which had for him a good while way from doing business directly with the federal government or with contractors while we sue saying that was unconstitutional but the judge today ruled that the federal government has a right to spend money however it wants to and huawei has expressed its disappointment and it very likely will appeal this court decision this lawsuit alone is only one of many fronts that huawei is facing in its conflict with the
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u.s. government we know that just last month the u.s. justice department indicted while way for conspiring to steal trade secrets from american firms which weiwei denies and there's also another lawsuit pending the federal communications commission has also banned american telecommunications firms from buying while way quitman using federal subsidies and while waves of that law is unconstitutional as well. as in tokyo head to the polls this weekend they'll be choosing between a dynasty that's led the small west african nation for more than half a century or a new lida the 1st of a series of stories about the election on that it just went to the capitol may to find out just what passes to people that. what nutritional supplement plan to race to beat or days. but no matter how hard they work they can only meet 15
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percent of customer demands because the plant lacks the capacity to handle large orders young entrepreneurs like. i can strain birdlike of funds and government support. we want the government to act on 2 parameters to create a bank to support young entrepreneurs and to invest more in skilled use instead of wasting resources trying to appease every unemployed person this way the skilled individuals can set up businesses to employ young people but reviving the economy is not the only concern for 2 goalies in these elections. in rural areas where most of the population lives about 60 percent of the people like access to electricity and clean water. there is widespread poverty among the population there is little or no economic empowerment
1:45 pm
for the poor some voters want to change to the current regime to them that will mean economic freedom togo is rich and as the president himself acknowledged resources are currently controlled by a few individuals this is not acceptable. campaign rallies are under way as political parties try to convince the voters to support their. members of the i said before being in power here since 967 many on short change in the ongoing assembly will make any difference but president for you know similar supporters believe he provides the security and stability of the forward needs but the opposition insists only it can grow the economy and bring prosperity to trouble. but many voters are less confident of a quick fix to the economy and their living conditions. with i'm not going to vote because a call go in queue up to cast my ballot for change that never comes when i know my vote will make a difference maybe i'll change my mind for now she's passing up the thrill of
1:46 pm
casting off 1st by lot and like many others think the politicians are out of tune with aids. now south korean movies have a long struggle to win global recognition but since the film parasite won the oscar for best picture and made international headlines new doors have begun to open for local filmmakers. fresh from their oscar victory last week film director bombed junho and cast members of parasites to help their 1st news conference back home in seoul but. i feel happy that it's now come to an end i'm ready with a happy and i worked very hard i was thinking about taking a break martin scorsese and anyone told me not to rest. it's been a long road to success for who was once on a government blacklist created during former president box rule from 2008 and
1:47 pm
expanded under his successor pocket page the list was intended to cut off state funding to artists deemed too critical of the administration pocs involvement and that led in part to demonstrations against her and her eventual downfall. in the past decade south korean and to take has made waves of its pop music and its take pop has become a global phenomenon while korean dramas have gained a loyal following in asia just a little go home to. film connoisseurs believe parricide could herald a new era for korean though many of them are audience who saw koreans still for the 1st time in their lives this number of all this would be potential korean film market and i was also told that there are so many of us. who are just began to. seek out more films into. parasites
1:48 pm
theme of income inequality resonates with its audience but i want to claim the film was only made possible with backing from c.j. group a family controlled conglomerate these companies known as chaebol control much of south korea's economy and are often seen as perpetuating the wealth gap. the success of parasites has now cost a sport like role in the movie industry many such firms own cineplex and film studios and have been accused of investing mostly in formulaic blockbusters rather than films that promote creativity and diversity so that's why i've made my debut to 999 the korean losing industry has been a splendid development over the past 20 years. at the same time it has become more difficult for young directors to make. and adventurous attempts young talented directors rather than being resolved into the movie industry now make independent movies a film critics say south korea's movie industry is at
1:49 pm
a pivotal moment i think it's up to studios to take more take risks with younger filmmakers and try and finance independent films and encourage. and ensure that these younger directors have opportunities many are hoping that parasite will lead the way to a bold a path for south korea's film industry lawrence lee al-jazeera. well still ahead on al-jazeera. it's anger i feel like every single guy over there needs a beating but in a sport baseball's cheating scandal continues to provoke strong emotions andy is here with that story.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
now it's time for sports and it seems liverpool are up against yet another great night last night the stars title holders only don't know other big hunk performances that stay in this season's champions league and were beaten one nil by a majority in spain in the 1st leg of their last 16 tie the premier league leaders didn't manage a single shot on target in this gang but we don't think it will be easy not at all because we'll have probably. in different circumstances we have to see who we can line up because until then can have a lot a lot of games but as long as we can get 11 players in a liverpool shirt bill try it with all we have and you know for all of the good
1:52 pm
friends who can get a ticket for the game welcome to enfield. it was really it was so emotional there are nights you never forget tonight was one of those nights the best team in the world came here undefeated for so many games and we beat them we didn't qualify but we beat them asta. well holland's stunning run of form is continued for brush adornment of the 19 year old scoring twice as dome and beat perry sanjay managed to want to journey that is 11 goals now in 7 games for holland since he joined the club diminished had he defended well be the others he was very calm but to pull the other players to do one is a great pass from raina he can please support belief because he moves the ball very very quickly to us and because holland moved very well. now tottenham manager gerry same arena has been getting philosophical ahead of his team's game against
1:53 pm
germany's rb like sick time and basing something of the injury crisis sun here men could be out for the rest of the season with a fractured arm in the caps and harry kane also sidelined marino opting to use the analogy of climbing a building to describe his team's situation we've got the stairs and we start climbing but immediately in the beginning of the stairs they broke and all we are you go. in the balcony in the 4th floor and know you have 2 options one. is to give up another way is to focus. because there's what arms think and i was talking about. getting ready for their 1st ever game in the knockout rounds of the champions league day i see some runners up valencia in wednesday's of the game. another driver involved in a huge crash the daytona 500 is now conscious and able to talk
1:54 pm
a statement from ryan newman same said a 42 year old american is awake and speaking with family and doctors in hospital you might have been leading monday's race heading into the final lap when he was hit from behind and spun off into the wall. what a basketball legend lebron james has waded into the cheating scandal consuming baseball the houston astros have been allowed to keep that 2017 world series title despite admitting the same illegally using cameras to steal pictures signs our players escaped punishment by major league bosses in return for cooperating with the investigation but many within baseball feel that is not good enough and has now crossed the sporting divide with other like a star james sharing his thoughts on switzer he said on how someone cheated me out of winning the title and i found out about it i would be i right listen here baseball commissioner listen to your players you need to fix this for the sake of sports l.a.
1:55 pm
commissioner rob manfred is on the huge pressure he's been defending his decision not to take the title off the astros going as far to describe the championship trophy as just a piece of metal now says he regrets that comments you had a long day on sunday i think i did 45 minutes on camera and then i did a press conference. i have to say i made one mistake. it least i referred to the world series trophy in a disrespectful way and i want to apologize for that there's no excuse for it there is no greater pleasure in this job than awarding a trophy i understand what it means and again it was a mistake to say what i said well more and more players from all that same's are expressing their anger as they returned spring training new york yankees are in judge one of many who wants to see the astros strips of that title i feel like the players of it you know need to be you know punished and you know if i go out there
1:56 pm
and you know archie to game i'm going to i think i think darvish was the one that said you know if you're you know you're playing the olympics you want to go mad only come find out if you cheat or you don't get to keep that medal i feel like every single guy over there needs to being. you know it's wrong they're in there messing with people's careers. you know i know we're all competitive and we're all we're out there competing but there's right ways of doing it wrong ways to do it and. 100 percent disagree with the way they did it. well newly crowned australian open champion sphere can and has made a losing return to action playing in a 1st so much since clinching the title in melbourne the 21 year old american is bates and in 3 sets a body and seeded elena probably came out of has extend just over a year since their memorable 1st meeting in the ring don't say while they're in tyson fury a ready for the rematch the pair have arrived in las vegas ahead of saturday's heavyweight concept firies undefeated the british fights is without
1:57 pm
a heavyweight title of the mind of the p.c. champion say while they're also yet to taste the fates when the pair faced each other in $28.00 seen the fights ended in a controversial drill this is living with that being is going to happen people can come together and make the best parts happen for the fantasy because that's only where we really truly know who is the best in the division and as a heavyweight you know it's been it was down so many years and now it's on fire it's amazing really just to be a 2 way right now this is the biggest fight the last 50 years and have you right division so both trying to put on the line the only one is a saturday night because we both have a lot to lose we'll be hearing plenty more from you in the coming days but that is it for me for now thanks very much sandy well that's also it for me in a start the tape and this news out that michelle will be here in just a moment with more of the day's news stay with us.
1:58 pm
motorist pool is big news in libya but staging car and bike drugs here comes with its own particular risks our club could not take part in the 26th rally because we were fighting a war as i said sir al-jazeera world travels to the libyan desert to see how schooled all 4 wheels come to be a unified force you know war chill country video a rally for a vote on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks. the breakthrough is just finished rather. to the end of the transition
1:59 pm
period that's just begun with details company doing studies that shows that around 30 percent of people in conflicts are likely to suffer from some form of mental illness from around the world the government here has said only essential workers will return 3 others not for another week at least. americans live side by side in 2 parallel universes the truck parts of america are getting trumpy or there is a poll out a few weeks ago that you had almost 30 percent americans believing they were on the cusp of civil war both sides accuse each other of doing things that are so blatantly wrong the bottom line on us politics and policies and their effect on the world. around jews or. with every.
2:00 pm
back government suspended involvement in the geneva talks after a rocket attack on the country's main port. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera also coming up turkey's president threatens in a minute military operation to push back government forces in syria's ad libbed province russia warns against it. 79 more cases of chrono virus put it on a cruise ship in japan as hundreds of passengers are allowed to go home. about life right the.


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