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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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show you take a dart believe they have anything to apologize they're listening post on al-jazeera . my. turkey threatens an eminence military action against syria's army to tarmon to force the rebel sites the u.n. is warning of catastrophic human suffering. no shelter is now saying. the bombing of women and children living under scraps of plastic sheeting and in freezing conditions is cruel beyond belief. my. i'm having a hit in and this is al jazeera line from doha also coming up what will efforts to resume stalled libyan political after a rocket attack on
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a port says the tripoli government suspends its involvements with. nice 8 pieces that. have a hole scared adults are talks of the poor will conditions on board a quarantine chris ship in japan as hundreds of passengers are finally allowed off . i'm actually i guess a kid was forced to officer of the country. and a group of u.s. federal judges contends president trumped using him for stepping his legal boundaries. catastrophic human suffering a stark warning by the u.n. about civilians living under continued bombardments in syria is it live province the u.n. syria and boy has called for an immediate nationwide cease far to avoid further escalation and more suffering. today my 1st concern is for the syrian
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civilians caught in the fighting to continue to relay the urgency of the situation they're desperate need for safety they feel they are not being heard i appealed once again for full respect for international humanitarian law and for an immediate cease fire and ultimately towards a nationwide cease fire i urge key international players to continue intensify their contacts to restore calm. all members of this council to put their very firmly behind the search for a political way forward. speaking at the u.n. security council meeting on syria russia and turkey who back opposing sides of the conflicts are attending that briefing talks between the sea of stalls and in the past few hours president richard sipe erdogan has warned of an imminent military
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operation if syrian government troops don't withdraw troops. on the subject of it look turkey has made all preparations to carry out its own operational plans as with every military operation on the subject i'll say we could enter it live suddenly one not more clearly the operation in it is imminent to the regime and those who encourage but haven't understood our determination on the subject we will not leave it lip we spoke to mr trump on saturday and i shared with him our findings we have no intention of blatantly shouldering the burden that regional developments will close on our country we are determined to turn it live into a secure place both for turkey and for the region's people at any cost well as school life starts who's on the turkey syria border. imminence is this military action from turkey. well chalk's
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make no progress talks between the russians and the turks and if the syrian government is not pull out from the areas you control over the last few weeks from a turkish perspective this is going to be the beginning of a wider military intervention in edge live to push the syrian army from those areas so i think the coming week is going to be extremely crucial that's what the under february is the end of the ultimatum that was presented by the turkish government to syria if that does not happen and if the talks collapse then we could see turkey sending more troops into syria expanding its presence but to prevent the syrian government from. advancing in live there is no other option but to engage militarily and this is something that really raises the concerns about an outright war between syria and turkey. there live for us in had say enteric thank you very much indeed for bringing us up since
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it's. now the u.n. says it's hoping to resume talks aimed at a cease fire in libya but the leader of the internationally recognized government in tripoli faisal saroj says attacks on shelling on the capital have overtaken those the goosey a sions on tuesday his government suspended its involvement in the discussions in geneva about softer forces loyal to the wallet for the for have to attack supports in tripoli killing 3 people there tripoli is government is now insisting those talks cannot continue until the world firmly responds to what it calls have to violations that were have to has since met russia's defense minister sergei sure you can says the 2 agreed that a political solution is the only option for peace in libya well more form our diplomatic editor james bass. the u.n. is hopeful that the talks can resume what is important to note is that the
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delegation from the government of national accord who were here along with a delegation from general half talking on choose day at the same time as tripoli's port came under attack by forces which of commanded by general have to yes they said late at night that they were going to pull out of the talks but they're still here in geneva and i think the u.n. is trying to persuade them that their best to rejoin those talks the u.n. has issued a number of statements the 1st one of those said the attack on the port was deplorable very strong language that. japan has reported 79 more cases of coronavirus some border quarantines cruise ship in yokohama there are now over 600 infections reported on the vessel hundreds of passengers have been allowed to leave after they were declared healthy and questions are being braised about
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just how effective the quarantine has been in the 1st place by reports now from yokohama. this was the day all of the passengers and crew on the diamond princess have been waiting for the start of disembarkation after 14 days of quarantine people who have tested negative for the coronavirus were allowed to leave yokohama support in a stream of vehicles through wednesday some sharing their experiences on social media continuing journeys that they had expected to complete weeks ago the spread of infection through the ship during the quarantine sickening hundreds more people has raise serious concerns here and internationally. that's been made worse by an infectious diseases expert taking to social media to describe his visit belowdecks i never had fear of getting infection myself
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for him or her south clever because i know how to protect myself but inside princess diana and ever thought scared i was scared of getting caught between 19 because there was no way to tell where the pharisees no green zone not red zone everywhere could have virus and everybody was not careful about it there was no single professional infection control person in the ship the japanese government insists it's happy with the way the quarantine has been handled not that it's going. since february 5 we've taken thora action to prevent infection such as asking passengers to stay in their rooms and reduce risk to the entire ship we conducted swab tests of the earliest time for priority passengers such as those who are symptomatic and the
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elderly and if necessary taken them to medical facilities we are taking measures with utmost consideration for the health of passengers and crew members. even so health officials in japan will continue to monitor its citizens who were onboard. but for many passengers even finally getting off the ship doesn't mean the end of their journey countries like the united states and australia are telling their citizens to wait another 2 weeks before returning home or face another stretching quarantine if they go back now. the whole disembarkation process is expected to take several days with those infected being transferred to medical facilities on shore the occasional wailed of ambulance sirens a reminder that this outbreak is making even more people seriously rob look right al-jazeera yokohama japan china's government is offering incentives to for front
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line health workers encouraging them to work in areas with the highest rate of coronavirus infections although there have been fewer new cases for the 2nd straight day the number of deaths has now surpassed 2000 katrina you has more from beijing cleared at the new coronavirus these blood donors are hoping to contribute to a cure that plasma contains antibodies that could help patients who are seriously ill their identities have been concealed to avoid them suffering any stigma when they return to their communities. my blood may help more patients to be here and to create conditions go home and reunite mr families as i did china's military has said more supplies and medical stuff into kuwait to help fight the outbreak there are almost 12000 critically sick patients in the province alone in addition to salary bonuses the government has announced new incentives for health workers. the
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children of front line health workers were still 10 extra points in high school exams younger children are given preferential access to public kindergartens and those who die fighting the outbreak didn't last long miter stone just naming their family allowances and benefits after they possibly tough measures have been imposed to protect the healthy tens of millions of people have been restricted from leaving their homes and have to rely on local teams to deliver food the world health organization says controls on movement have helped to contain the outbreak measure on the movement restriction of delayed. the dissemination of the outbreak of 2 or 3 days within china and and a few weeks outside china to 3 weeks so based on these then it shows that those measure if well implemented could have an impact on the propagation of the outbreak restrictions have brought much of china to
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a standstill but some threes are starting to resume production some analysts say the outbreak will slow china's growth by up to 2 percentage points this quarter but it's still too early to count the longer term economic cost of a coronavirus trainee you al-jazeera beijing china has expelled 3 wall street journal reporters as of battles the corona virus outbreak it in brian is following those developments from hong kong. i think it's possibly a warning shot to other western news organizations operating in china i can't recall a time recently when so many journalists from one organization have been expelled from china they seem to be paying the price for an article that appeared on the opinion page of the wall street journal recently under the headline china is the real sick man of asia well that i think was clearly a red rag to a bull for the officials that monitor the western media in china and as
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a result the foreign ministry on wednesday afternoon addressed journalists and said that the article in their view was racist and denigrated china's efforts trying to contain the virus now the phrase no sick man china the sick man of asia references i think a period in the late 19th and early 20th century when china was often referred to as the sick man of east asia this was a period when china was riven by internal division war and when he was forced. to cut off aid to a brand there but we are going to bring you back to the united nations where russia's ambassador is addressing the security council on the ongoing conflicts in syria let's listen in the security council we have a monthly briefing on the humanitarian aspects of the situation in syria on the 27th of february maybe next and we can invite the matter mecca meets to high commissioner for disarmament and discuss all the various aspects of the
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syrian crisis and security council but today i would like to focus on the discussion that was planned for today there on the political track we are trying to promote the process of the peace process with the key role of russia together with turkey and iran the constitutional committee was down at least and there's simply no other mechanism for a political dialogue there. 2 sessions of this committee today the special envoy and his team are working on convening a 3rd meaning and are in constant contact with the syrian sides and with these purposes especially on board and then his deputy recently visited damascus we believe that this approach is the right one where 1st of all the sides agree on an agenda for a meeting. to ensure that there is discussion on concrete issues of course we'd all like to see progress on the political track but do push through or impose ready
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made solutions would violate the principle on which we all agreed and that is that the future of syria should be decided on by the syrian people we will also see to encourage all syrians to be constructive mr president. russia's being given advice on what to do and how well we can give if you recommendations and piece of advice if ourselves 1st of all what needs to stop is the protection of our fighters insurgents including those who are listed by the security council recently us again heard this statement from from james jeffrey. that. seems like it's possible to reach an agreement with had tacked kraushaar to provide political cover. to terrorists and to force the syrian government to engage in negotiations with n one not be possible. the ministry of defense of. russia
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states that in many of the stockpiles of. weapons syrians have. converted many schools and hospitals and to defense positions and many of their stockpiles have western made weapons it's important to stop supplying terrorists with with fighters with weapons and by the way when armed regiments were marching on damascus i don't recall western members of the security council asking for meetings to discuss this matter. although we have already seen that some of our colleagues draw a strict distinction between the right syrians and those who support their legitimate government. we've already heard all the rhetorical flourishes that we
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heard today more than once you are taking advantage of suffering of the civilian population and to speak of a long term peace solution every time when terrorists who are protecting our are in danger well what can we say about this no matter how much i can tell you don't he you're not going to listen to anything i tell you about. about our efforts to protect civilians you continue to repeat these statements about our attempts to bomb a civilian civilian schools and hospitals and. of course every everyone who's human who has a heart will of course react to these kinds of statements that it's it's a ploy that is that is 100 percent guaranteed who's going to try to understand whether it's true or not last time we said in detail we talked in detail about the efforts of our military to protect civilians and to. respect international
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humanitarian law maybe the british colleagues missed this but i just wonder minder of something else that we discussed. you inject at least big the amount of destruction of civilian targets as a result of terrorist activity by by a syrian by syrian forces in italy but is a many many times less than what we saw. during the actions of the international so-called international coalition in iraq and other cities who were the targets of mercy less bombing as part of the fight against terrorists we regret the death of the employees of oxfam that we're heard about today in the south of syria they were attacked by an armed group and this simply confirms the need to fight armed groups and to restore government control over the entire territory of the country. now our next it killed to all those who have an
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influence on syria do to stop to stop shelling the civilian population and stop provocations against the syrian forces well over the past day there were 29 such attacks and a lot of talk in other areas it's impossible to achieve a lasting and stable cease fire if we don't stop this as we were told humanitarian law applies to all types of conflicts this is why we ask if you do put influence on the terrorists to stop using the civilians as a human shield and to our civilians to leave or to leave through humanitarian corridors and to stop executing those who demonstrate to protest and by the way. for those who are forgetting that humanitarian corridors are a function functioning just to be on the 17 the very very through one. some $170.00 people left through to each of 3 humanitarian corridors.
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thirdly it's important to start efforts on the post conflict reconstruction of the country today our colleagues will even hold a separate area of formula meeting on this topic. how is this related to the fact that the sanctions you've imposed are hindering the restoration of schools hospitals and civilian infrastructure our colleagues those who are holding the area of formal meetings are simply strengthening the sanctions regime as was done on the 17th of february against the. against syrian companies that are taking part in post conflict to reconstruction how is this related to your concern for syrians. mr president the russian federation as other members of the council expresses its concern with regard to the. condition of. tens of thousands of i.d.p.'s who have found themselves outside of camps a solution should be the top priority of the humanitarian community especially
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given the winter period and then the high number of vulnerable individuals now in humanitarian agencies have the resources for those donors donors have to do donors have spare no effort in providing financing for those who are at find themselves in regions that are not under government control furthermore we have to know that these kinds of problems have to be forecasted and. to make sure that people don't find themselves without shelter during winter. once again and people are trying to hype this up we know these. are the these techniques very well let's through we call last month mechanism of cross border assistance you all remember how everyone was. how everyone when the criticize this one of the closure of the year would be cross border closing and we were we were asked to work with
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the syrian side to find alternative ways of delivery of humanitarian assistance we were told that this was an. extremely urgent that the medication was going to end. for some reason did not inform the council in the public at large about the need the further development of this issue will tell you now the syrian side responded to the request of the un for an alternate. one day after it received their request . this is in response to those who say that the damascus does not respond quickly and this was through through iraq and through syria this is the specific note is dated 29th of january 2 days if they bring $1000.00 convoy was not it was not sent either from damascus or from iraq and the un colleagues have remained silent for 3 months so what happened to the urgency or maybe that maybe it was no longer. in the
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headlines so it was no longer important to. so we hope that it will reflect this say in its report on alternate 10 areas from through yes the now if you would. obviously if the oil fields a would there return to government control this would also be significantly improve the situation if our colleagues are really worried about the control of oil fields by terrorists they would seek to reach an agreement with the government right. there also issues with their refugee camps. and the visit by officials to the territories that are not under control of the syrian government how can they visit these territories if terrorists are operating in these regions mr president i would also like to know that on the eastern side of you afraid as. you have there is a growing danger of fighters that have fled prisons including foreign terrorist fighters
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. they they have a spread out all over the region and we'd like to express our extreme concern about these developments we will continue with their efforts said to normalize the situation in syria we believe it's important to restore normal relations between the various population groups of the syrian arab republic. which have been hurt tremendously by attempts to tear the country apart using. a cheating stability in syria is only possible by respecting its sovereignty and territorial integrity integrity and to our german colleagues who asked the direct question we will not stop supporting the legitimate government of syria which is conducting a legitimate fight against international terrorist terrorist thank you. well we've just been listening there to see the russian ambassador to the u.n. security council and he denied of course that civilians were being deliberately
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targeted and accuses other members of the u.n. security council of hypocrisy and double standards saying they were only outraged when the great civilians or the wrong civilians were being targeted he made the appeal to start talks on rebuilding syria. and said that the right track the approach that was the right one to follow was the political track and he reaffirms russia's support for the syrian government's and president bashar. of course this meeting at the security council is being held supervised an update of particularly on the situation in it live and we heard that some 900000 civilians have been displaced by the russian backed syrian government's offensive since the 1st of december 29th
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seen also hearing that 4 out of every 5 displaced persons are women or children. sons other news now the u.s. attorney general william barr is reportedly considering stepping down over conflicts with president donald trump the justice department has locked in a dispute with an association of judges over the handling of the sentencing of trump's former advisor roger stone let's get more now from patika hayne is life for us in washington d.c. patty. about so there is another attorney general versus just posturing. i think the general consensus in washington is that this might be a little bit of posturing keep in mind attorney general william barr is under tremendous pressure inside his justice department and outside we've seen a letter from 2000 former justice important department employees say that he needs
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to resign those judges are having meetings we've had members of congress speculate that he should possibly be impeached so he's facing a lot of outside pressure and then there's a lot of grumblings inside the justice department so far it was widely believed did this television interview to send the message to the president to stop tweeting it's making his job harder normally when a cabinet person tweets or says anything critical critical of the president he fires back pretty quickly we're very unusually the president didn't do that in this case raising the speculation that perhaps he knew the bar was going to try and distance himself from him ever so slightly in order to try and maintain some credibility within the justice department the president came out in city of full confidence in bar knowledge that he thought he was doing was making his job even harder but then the president took it a step further and he said that he really is the chief law enforcement officer in the country he really isn't the chief law enforcement officer in the country that
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is for historically always been the attorney general's job and that the president continues to tweet about these cases so far it's been people close to bar sent a message to the press that hey he could walk away it seems very clearly a washington trick used the press to send the message to the president without naming names. as i said during my confirmation i came in to serve as attorney general and i'm not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody and i said at the time whether it's congress newspaper editorial boards or the president i'm going to do what i think is right i cannot do my job here at the department with a constant background commentary that undercuts me passes there being any response from the white house. we've been watching the president's twitter feed he is up he's on the west coast so it was a little bit later than usual but you know he's tweeting about campaigns and per
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person in the pentagon we'll see if he responds to this leak that was clearly meant to send a message to the president the big question i think is is bar going to actually do anything if you really wanted to quit he would have actually quit so the question is the president going to be able to rein in his twitter habits of weighing in on these cases especially given that his longtime associate roger stone has been sentenced to 24 hours from now by a judge who was appointed by president obama that is likely going to enter the president so is he going to be able to contain that anger stay off twitter and if he doesn't does bar follow through on his threats well to be an interesting couple of days for the attorney general and the president of the united states it certainly is what we'll keep an eye on that twitter feeds as i'm sure you will as patsy reporting for us live there from washington d.c.
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. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines turkey's president says threatening an imminent military operation in provence if syrian government forces don't withdraw behind its military positions russia says and strongly against such a move. the u.n. syria and voice calling for an immediate snake far so avoid further escalation in italy and russia says diplomats gathered at the u.n. security council have double standards. today my 1st concern is for the syrian civilians caught in the fighting to continue to relay the urgency of the situation and their desperate need for safety they feel they are not being heard i appeal once again of respect for international humanitarian law and for an immediate cease
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fire and ultimately towards a nationwide cease fire i urge key international players to continue intensify their contacts to restore calm i urge all members of this council to put their very firmly behind the search for a political way forward. we've already heard all of the return of flourishes that we heard today more than once e.u. are taking advantage of a day of suffering of the civilian population and to speak of a long term peace solution every time when terrorists who are protecting our are in danger well what can we say about this. the u.n. wants to resume the be a talks in geneva the government in tripoli suspended its involvement it says the world must affirm the response toward one if they have to as attacks before it returns to negotiations 7 said i knew cases of coronavirus of being confirmed on
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a cruise ship quarantined in japan bring in that's also some more than 600 of their hundreds of passengers to clare's healthy were allowed to leave after 2 weeks being stuck on boards. to rain ians have died of a new corona virus that's according to state media teheran has applied safety measures across its airports to control the spread of the virus. and c s attorney general william forests reportedly considering stepping down over conflicts with president donald trump the u.s. justice department is locked in a dispute with a group of judges over the handling of the trial transformer advise that watch it still to stay with us here at al-jazeera but as is up next.
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jack moria the judge in our treatment. alleged the question did.


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