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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2020 1:00am-1:16am +03

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why didn't they kill me in the end rewind interrogating a torture on al-jazeera. dial warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe in syria at the un security council meeting as turkey threatens and assaults against syrian government troops. i'm convinced this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up libya's prime minister dashes hopes of quickly reviving ceasefire talks the kucing international powers of failing to enforce an arms embargo. chinese doctors and nurses are offered salary bonuses even preferential treatment for their children as incentives to work on the coronavirus front lines. and the e.u.
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takes on ai trying to resolve the real life time limits caused by our financial intelligence. syria is experiencing its biggest exodus and 9 years of civil war nearly a 1000000 people most of them women and children have now fled the province the country's last rebel stronghold pro-government forces a valve to seize control of the region but turkey has warned of an imminent attack unless the regime ends its assault aid agencies are overwhelmed with the u.n. calling it a humanitarian catastrophe mike hanna reports from the u.n. we have missed repeated weiland confrontations between turkish and syrian government forces were it support the russian federation is actively engaged in support of the syrian government's military operation. u.n.
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special envoy offers a bleak view of the political crisis in syria which in turn has resulted in a devastating humanitarian situation that continues to deteriorate on a daily basis close to a 1000000 displaced people being squeezed into an ever decreasing space by advancing front lines on all sides i am getting daily reports of babies and other young children dying in the cold imagine the grief of a parent who escaped a war zone with their child only to watch that child freeze to death many members contend the crisis is a direct consequence of russian support can only and with the plea to our russian colleagues to stop the support of syria if you tell the syrians that there is no longer military support to the syrian regime they will have to stop the onslaught on their own population so we will get one schoolgirl again to my german colleague
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we will not stop supporting the legitimate government of syria which is conducting a legitimate fight against international terrorists how can you justify carrying out such indiscriminate and inhumane attacks what are you doing to uphold international humanitarian law what are you doing to protect the people who are fleeing where do you expect those people to flee to and another question posed by the u.s. ambassador the question i asked before the council today then. what will tomorrow's headline be in what are we going to do about it the answer today as it has been on so many occasions in the security council before nothing the security council has been deeply divided since the very beginning of the syrian conflict russia has wielded its veto on 14 occasions preventing any form of united security council
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action in the face of what is becoming the greatest humanitarian crisis of the 21st century the international community appears unable to act political interests continuing to take priority over the suffering of millions of civilians mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. well as we have mentioned turkey's president reza top one says he's ready to launch a military offensive against syrian government forces. reports from her time on turkey's border with syria. turkish troops in have been asked to expand their military outposts their presence here is the result of an agreement between turkey russia and iran 2 years ago to establish safe zones but these turkish soldiers might soon get involved in the biggest military campaign or their deployment president was up by your husband the military operation is imminent to get.
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on the subject of id lip turkey has made all preparations to carry out its own operational plans as with every military operation on the subject i'll say we could enter it lip suddenly one night. undeterred by the turkish warning the syrian army stepping up its offensive government warplanes struck the town of to many in the attacks have intensified over the last few days earlier this week president bashar al assad said in a rare that his troops won't hold their campaign until it live forced into their hands talks between russia and turkey to diffuse tension have stalled each side is accusing the other of failing to implement the terms of the escalation in sure the guerrillas the key agreement on it was to separate the syrian armed opposition who cooperates with turkey from the terrorists a terrorist according to the agreements regarding adlib was not be involved in
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a cease fire regime russia considers hay at the head of an alliance of rebel groups in it live a terrorist organization and therefore excluded from the ceasefire agreement of 2018 turkey seems to want the syrian government troops to go back to the areas behind the demilitarized zone but for president said such zones are no longer relevant since his army has advanced further into it and taken over more territory if there's no agreement by the end of this month the chances the ask. the fighting about turned into an outright war between syria and turkey will significantly increase. what i will talk is border with syria. the un says it's hopeful that talks in geneva aimed at reaching a cease fire in libya will be able to resume the negotiations were suspended on tuesday by the internationally recognized government after warlord who for half the
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us forces attacked the port in the capital tripoli but the head of that government says he's fed up with the disgust. of the reports now from tripoli. libya's prime minister face saraj visited the site of an attack on tripoli's main port charge containers a clear example of want phase as is the international community's feed to enforce its own embargo national policy we requested the holding of the weapons embargoed 4 years ago not just these days if the weapons embargoed had been respected we would not have been in this situation today if it is to be respected it must be upheld of all outlets land sea and air for the attack happened on tuesday shortly after the e.u. approved a naval appreciation intended to enforce the weapons imber go that however will be insufficient according to the government in tripoli as weapons and fighters
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continue to pour in from those backing the warlords plea for have to turkish president treasure and has promised to help solve russia's government. uncle opposes the e.u. mission as well. i want to specifically mention that the european union does not have the right to make any decisions concerning libya the e.u. is trying to take charge of the situation and interfere. the conflict in libya has consequences across the mediterranean region the greek foreign minister has accused turkey and the tripoli government of making the situation worse the attack by half the us forces led to the prime minister. from the talks in geneva and he says he won't return to the negotiations until the world firmly responds to what he calls health care surveillance and what are the.
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tripoli. the u.n. delivery envoy has been trying to convince representatives of the internationally recognized government to stay in geneva and resume cease fire negotiations diplomatic editor james bases there. the un has been talking all day to those representatives from the g.s.a. we believe got some salami the u.n. envoy has been chatting to them has been meeting but also talking to their bosses prime ministers iraj and others in tripoli to try and keep them engaged in this process remember that we have the u.n. security council resolution at the end of last week we had a meeting in munich which had 13 foreign ministers representing all the key stakeholders and 2 in the international community including the key supporters of the g n n a and of general haftar and all agreed there should be these talks taking place and despite that we've seen the same thing that happened back in april last year
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general haftar going ahead with his military action and basically destroying the peace efforts everyone has said publicly they're committed to the u.n. process but clearly some of the countries supporting general haftar gave him the green light in april to march on tripoli and try and take the capital and since then general have to supporters have been sending in. to his forces planes have been coming in from the united arab emirates weapons of be coming over the border from egypt and there's been support from other countries as well. more than 200 migrants trying to cross the mediterranean into europe have been intercepted by the libyan coast guard the international organization for migration says at least 1700 migrants have been rescued and returned to libya by the coast guard since the beginning of the year. the 1st 2 people in iran to
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contract the coronavirus have both already supplied extra screening measures at airports to help prevent passengers carrying events elsewhere in the middle east 9 cases being confirmed in the united arab emirates all of chinese nationals and egypt's health ministry confirmed the 1st case there last friday. china's government has offered incentives to doctors nurses and others to encourage them to work in the epicenter of the outbreak officials are struggling to contain the spread of the illness tighter restrictions on movement have been put in place for 3 years reports from beijing cleared of the new coronavirus these blood donors are hoping to contribute to a cure their plasma contains antibodies that could help patients who are seriously ill their identities have been concealed to avoid them suffering any stigma when they return to their communities. my blood may help more patients used to be here
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and a critical conditions go home and reunited with their families as i did china's military has said more supplies and medical staff to help fight the outbreak there are almost 12000 critically sick patients in the province alone in addition to salary bonuses the government has announced new incentives for health workers the children of frontline health workers received 10 extra points in key high school exams younger children were given preferential access to public kindergartens and those who die fighting the outbreak because in washington martyrs status meaning their family will send allowances and benefits after they pass away tough measures have been imposed to protect the healthy. tens of millions of people have been restricted from leaving their homes and have to rely on local teams to deliver food the world health organization says controls on movement have helped to contain the outbreak measure on the movement restriction of delayed. the dissemination of the
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outbreak of 2 or 3 days within china and and a few weeks to 3 weeks so based on these then it shows that those measure if well implemented could have an impact on the propagation of the outbreak restrictions have brought much of china to a standstill but some of the trees are starting to resume production some analysts say the outbreak will slow china's growth by up to 2 percentage points this quarter but it's still too early to count the longer term economic cost of the coronavirus trainee you al-jazeera beijing. still ahead on al jazeera johnson's new promise to breaks its immigration policy means that foreign workers and britain's economy costs. cause i'm moving to move on and research. how the oscar winning success of south korean navy paris ice is inspiring a new generation of filmmakers it's. how
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i would have been a long time coming but i places so we have got some dry weather at last into that eastern side of australia ok just a little further north up towards queens that will be some showers in the forecast over the next few days but the wet weather the lively weather the stormy weather that's pushing across the ditch that's heading towards new zealand will see some wetter weather just pushing into the south this week on through thursday right across much of the south a lot of eventually will push up towards central pos of the country behind that as you can see it's largely fine and dry some heavy showers up towards the top and might see a developing system just rolling in here as any around cape york peninsula i would gulf commentary about much of australia there it is looking fine and dry with some pleasant sunshine perth on the warm side here where warming up
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a little as we go into what japan over the next day also a clear risk guys coming back and be some pieces of plant yes that's certainly a possibility getting up to maybe 1230 degrees there for tokyo classified and dry spells of sunshine double figures that if a soul is well with a high of 10 degrees celsius 15 celsius there in shanghai and a touch will as we go on into friday by friday because see some basin places that right sliding across the us a and telling rather wet into western china. the quick outgrows of togo. defenseless against the whims of an indifferent international marketplace. and political activist on a mission to establish a co-operative to make and sell chocolate on their own time and. even
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a power plant a taste of independents on al-jazeera. georgiadis there are a reminder of our top stories this hour turkey's ambassador to the u.n. has repeated his country's threats of military action against syrian government forces and if the province syrian diplomatic response accused turkey and its allies of protecting terrorists. where is trying to sell the talks on libya's touted cease fire the leader of the internationally recognized government as.


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