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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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al-jazeera bringing you the news and current affairs that matter to you. down to 0. where. 2 passengers from a quarantined cruise ship dive from corona virus as japan defends its handling of the outbreak. hello welcome to while jazeera live from doha i'm martin there is also coming up almost a 1000000 people trapped in the u.n. warns of a humanitarian crisis that is deteriorating by the day. imagine the grief of a parent who escaped to was a with
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a child only to watch that child freeze to death. by bloomberg zander attackers a former new york man makes his 1st appearance in the democratic presidential debates. democrats taking risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another. you know what we do gong is a did you know that qatar has because of what you've written in the world and stephanie decker on qatar's northwestern coast what was that story coming up. that japan's government government is being forced to defend its handling of the coronavirus outbreak on the diamond princess cruise ship the vessel been in quarantine since early this month and in that time the number of confirmed cases on board has continued to rise it's now at more than $600.00 and there have been
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deaths 2 elderly passengers died after being taken to hospital and in china itself the authorities of changes at 3 how they report the infections and that's led to a significant drop in the number of new infections there were only 394 on wednesday in that cell from almost 1700 just the day before but in south korea there's been a spike of $31.00 new infections and that brings the total number of confirmed cases there to $82.00. al jazeera is katrina you will have more from beijing shortly 1st so let's go to your home a porter and our correspondent there rob mcbride rob so many questions being asked about the situation on board that cruise ship what is the situation right now. absolutely these deaths of certainly raised concerns just about the handling of this controversial quarantine what's going on now for 2 weeks ministry of health
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officials here in japan this afternoon have been giving us a few more details they've confirmed that the 2 people who died a man and woman both in their eighty's they had both been taken ill about the same time about a week ago on board the ship they were found to have a fever didn't subside they got progressively worse they were taken off the ship as others have to medical facilities to hospitals on the shore and both sadly passed away and we know of course that this coronavirus that the older you are the more vulnerable susceptible you are to this illness but there have been a range of different levels of sickness of the people who have been infected shit ranging from people who do have fevers coughs to people who we know have been infected they have proved positive for the coronavirus they carry it effectively but actually don't show any symptoms those people have been allowed to stay on the
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ship but as this disembarkation process continues then we are seeing those people gradually being transferred to medical facilities on the shore as those people who are deemed to be fit and well gradually being released now this is very controversial we know that the international community of many countries abroad do not deem their nationals to be a. virus that they could potentially still be carrying it the japanese authorities are concerned citizens have been leaving this ship they've been going to nearby rail stations in yokohama we've been talking to some of them they are obviously very relieved to be off this ship but they are allowed to return home to their families and also to be using public transport along with everybody else they are. recommended that they try to quarantine themselves at least for the coming few days while officials monitor risk they have any signs of fever but it is a controversial move because the people themselves while they're very grateful to
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be off there is mixed opinion amongst japanese society about whether they should be allowed to be moved straight back into the community or as some people have been telling us travelling on the trains here if other countries are keeping these people in quarantine segregating them then why isn't japan all right rob thank you for that. brian in yokohama port in japan now let's go to the chinese capital beijing our correspondent there between a union so the authorities have decided to change to revert back to an earlier method of diagnosis do we understand why the chinese authorities have decided to do this. well for what we know so far is that they've reverted the screening test back to relying on one form of test this r.n.a. test which checks for the genetic signature of the krona virus of coded 19 so what they've done is they've removed all cases which have been clinically diagnosed that
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is to say where doctors have used only c.t. scans or lung x. rays to diagnose canoe coronavirus so what they that has done effectively narrow it down to just this test it's brought the numbers down drastically just a few hours ago it was about 75000 confirmed cases now we're seeing about 56000 confirmed cases and they've said the reason for this is that it gives them a more accurate mortality rate but of course what it also does it kind of conveniently plays into the government's narratives what we've been hearing a lot on chinese state media is that there is a downward trend in this virus and now it is safe enough to with the right precautions go back to it go out of go out of the house go back to work and we do know that the government is very concerned about the economic impact of this virus and they're quite keen to kick start the economy but we also have to remember that even though we've seen a big difference suddenly in these case numbers the mortality rate and the number of people passing away day to day seems to remain quite steady in the last 24 hours we've had about 110 people also more than that i think lose their lives to this of
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course the situ remains a situation remains very grave in kuwait province where more than 11000 people are still in critical condition right katrina thank you for that. the u.n. has warned that a catastrophic human suffering is unfolding in northern syria people there are continuing to flee as government forces and russia continue to bombard this the last rebel stronghold in the northwest of the country mike hanna has more now from the united nations. repeated confrontations between turkey and syrian government forces. for its part the russian federation is actively engaged in support of the syrian government's military operation. u.n. special envoy offers a bleak view of the political crisis in syria which in turn has resulted in a devastating humanitarian situation that continues to deteriorate on
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a daily basis close to a 1000000 displaced people being squeezed into an ever decreasing space by advancing front lines on all sides i am getting daily reports of babies and other young children dying in the cold imagine the grief of a parent who escaped a war zone with their child only to watch that child freeze to death many members contend the crisis is a direct consequence of russian support can only and with the plea to our russian colleagues to stop the support of syria if you tell the syrians that there is no longer military support to the syrian regime they will have to stop the onslaught on their own population so we will get one school girl again to my german colleagues we will not stop supporting the legitimate government of syria which is conducting a legitimate fight against international terrorists how can you justify carrying
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out such indiscriminate and inhumane attacks what are you doing to uphold international humanitarian law what are you doing to protect the people who are fleeing where do you expect those people to flee to and another question posed by the u.s. ambassador the question i asked before the council today then. what will tomorrow's headline be in what are we going to do about it the answer today as it has been on so many occasions in the security council before nothing the security council has been deeply divided since the very beginning of the syrian conflict russia has wielded its veto on 14 occasions preventing any form of united security council action in the face of what is becoming the greatest humanitarian crisis of the 21st century the international community appears unable to act political interests
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continuing to take priority over the suffering of millions of civilians mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. the former new york mer and billionaire michael bloomberg has come under attack from rival democrats in their debate just days ahead of the caucus in the state of nevada as a late entry into the race to take on donald trump the n.b.c. debate was the media mogul's very 1st reynolds has the details. mike bloomberg came under fire from the start elizabeth warren blasted the former new york mayor over his past the such a mystic comments a billionaire who calls women fat broads and of course taste lesbians and no i'm not talking about donald trump i'm talking about mayor bloomberg warren also compared bloomberg to president donald trump democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another bloomberg
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defended himself as the candidate best able to defeat trump i'm a new yorker i know how to take on an arab can con man like donald trump has said neither front runner bernie sanders nor bloomberg could be most americans don't see where they fit if they've got to choose between a socialist who thinks that capitalism is the root of all evil and a billionaire who thinks that money ought to be the root of all power sanders and joe biden attacked bloomberg controversy oh please sing policy as new york mayor which many believe unfairly targeted young men of color mr bloomberg had policies in new york city of stop and frisk which went after african-american and latino people in an outrageous way the policy was a port bloomberg defended stop and frisk it got out of control and when we discovered i discovered that we were doing many many too many stop and frisks we
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cut 95 percent of it. and i've sat down with a bunch of african-american clergy and business people to talk about this bloomberg was questioned about widely quoted massaging his dick and sexist remarks he made as a businessman he should have been prepared for the question but he deflected it i am very proud of the fact that about 2 weeks ago we were awarded we were voted the most fat that the best place to work 2nd best play. in america we are not going to be donald trump with a man who has who knows how many nondisclosure agreements and the drip drip drip of stories of women staying say have been harassed and discriminated. against but bloomberg wasn't the only one under attack amy clo but charcot rattled when booted judge chided her for being unable to state the name of the president of
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mexico in an interview with let tina reporters are you trying to say that i'm dumb are you mocking me here pete i'm saying we should trivial i made an error people sometimes forget names bloomberg tried to use his business experience to his advantage perhaps not the best strategy for appealing to democrats i'm the only one here and i think the 7 start of the business is that fair you know most of what's in you made all that money maybe your work has played some role in that as well it was the hardest punching debate by far bloomberg took a beating sanders did nothing to hurt his position as front runner while biden continued to fade warren had a strong showing but close with shar lost her cool under questioning from buddhist gedge now the race will continue with a caucus here in nevada on saturday rob reynolds al-jazeera las vegas. lots more to come here dowd is airing creating educations abandon the impact of the
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libyan conflict on children. still no less up in the unsettled weather spilling across northern parts of europe becomes the next one this band of cloud and right in the process of pushing across the british isles i will say more weather as you go on through the next 24 hours assayas you can see that the system which will continue to drive this way for the race was crossing out in through thursday western side of england 3 wells and eventually by the end of the day much of that rain will be sinking across the southeast through east anglia blustery showers wintry showers they will continue the policy way and across the high ground of scotland there just around the grampians pushing out which was the highlands high ground all the way also seeing
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some of that wintry weather some snow tumbling in here that bit of it as well west of weather there across the low countries in which the weather down towards the southeast some rather disturbed showers stove weather just pushing its way across greece into turkey and some of that right pushing up through both carious some snow are possible to towards rumania when she whether it's just sliding across the potent towards ukraine as we go on through friday and by friday yeah it comes here we go again more wets and windy weather tumbling in across the aberration. the parts of africa it is generally fine and dry we'll see temperatures. bad with a high of 20 degrees. for. progress. or a serious mistake. artificial intelligence is slowly invading every aspect of our lives. but very few of us really understand its capabilities for
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better or worse. in a new documentary al-jazeera explores the impact of a are accessing vast amounts of our personal data data land on al-jazeera. to. the earl. toughest figure of a top stories here it out to sara japan's government being forced to defend its handling of a coronavirus outbreak on the diamond princess cruise ship the number of confirmed cases has now risen to over 602 victims have died in hospital. the un has warned of catastrophic human suffering in northern syria almost
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a 1000000 people have fled their homes as the government and its ally russia continue to bombard the last rebel held area in the north west. the former new york mayor and billionaire michael bloomberg has come under attack from rival democrats in their debate just days ahead of the caucus in the state of nevada it was the media mogul's 1st debate as he was a late entry to the race to take on donald trump in november's elections. article about to the main story of the day of course the current virus outbreak we can now talk to dr patrick time use the division chief of the full of this is medicine thanks for talking to us i'm just wondering about what is now appearing to be a bit of a muddle in terms of the statistics that are being served up but to cuba the chinese government how important is it that we have a firm handle on numbers with regard to handling this virus of course it's very important to have accurate numbers whenever you're trying to track the spread of an
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outbreak but whenever there's a novel virus a virus we don't know too much about and and might be overwhelming the capacity of the system to detect the cases in and test for the people that might have the virus than the numbers might not be accurate so it could be a function of both the case definition how they're defining who is infected with the virus and who is not and also whether their health care system is is overwhelmed with cases in terms of tracking the virus it must be pretty important that we know the numbers and the locations graphic locations as to where these these cases have occurred yes those are very important things to track in any outbreak in and from epidemiology we have these different case definitions of people when we are investigating them in the outbreak so initially when someone comes to attention we call that a suspect case so they might have clinical symptoms they might have some link to
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a place a person or or a certain period of time where they may have been exposed to the virus those people come under investigation and call them suspect cases and when medical authorities assess them and confirm some of these facts we call them probable cases and then at that point that's when we take the lab tests the lab samples and so i go out and if the lab is able to confirm that that person is positive for that virus then they become. confirmed case so so i think we're where this graze on right now is is whether we call we count the confirmed cases or we count what we call probable cases so if we look back at sars we counted probable cases because we were not sure that the system was able to assess everybody that the lab was able keep up with the demand for testing given your experience of the outbreak and indeed the h one n one outbreak and the anatomy of the typical anatomy of a of an epidemic sols i think i'm right in saying was actually knocked out by
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a woman whether should we expect that to occur with regard to this new coronavirus or do you think that there is a potential explosion on its way that's a very tough thing to predict definitely warmer weather may have played in one factor that played a role in our efforts or eliminate sars but definitely a lot of hard work in quarantines and containing and treating the cases of people that had sars also played a major factor as well so i think the same kind of efforts have to be used in this outbreak to control it as well too so we're hoping that the warmer weather that's coming we're also contribute to our efforts to eliminate and we're going to look at the chinese sorry the japanese case of course the princess where there are now a huge number of infections of cases of those infected or the crew of 3700 i
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believe more than 600 people have actually caught the virus what did the japanese authorities do wrong in the 1st instance. i think in hindsight it's very easy to criticize health authorities and in terms of how they handled. the cases on the cruise ship and certainly when staff members on the cruise ship became infected that that might have been an indicator that it would be a good time to offload passengers and put them into proper quarantine we know that outbreaks do happen on cruise ships we know about norovirus so prates that you know are classically associated with cruise ships so. we know that in close quarters it's very easy to spread any disease. thank you very much indeed interesting to tootie thanks. now these 9 people have been killed in 2 shooting incidents in germany they happened just a short time apart and they were in she should in the western city of her now
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that's close to frankfurt the suspect was later found dead in his home police say they've also found another body at the suspects house the built newspaper is reporting that the gunman expressed extreme rightwing views in a letter of confession the more than $200.00 people who are trying to cross the mediterranean into europe have been intercepted by the libyan coast guard the international organization for migration says at least 700 migrants have been rescued and they've been returned to libya by the coast guard since the beginning of the year. the united nations is hopeful talks aimed at reaching a cease fire in libya will restart they were suspended this week after forces loyal to the war after showed tripoli pull out the civilians in the firing line moment 200 schools in the conflict zones have now closed and telstra that explains from
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tripoli that means thousands of children are not getting the education they deserve . limine bay and his family were forced to flee their home in april when fighting on the outskirts of tripoli started they along with more than 30 other families sheltering at this old school and what they say is there's a ceasefire but that's not true they're still heavy artillery and any time one side could hit the other the school where the children used to go is also near the front line and was forced to close the media's worried about the disruption this conflict is causing to his boys education akin to what had happened of course it affects them they're not used to their surroundings in the students at school they're moved to they're surrounded by stories of violence and war many other schools like this one have had to close in order to provide shelter to people who have fled the fighting in fear and. they talk to me about war they talk to me about kalashnikovs
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they talk to me about rockets this is the culture of our 9 and 10 year olds. the un backed government here in tripoli says schools in safer areas that are still open are becoming increasingly overcrowded because of the number of children who along with their families have fled the conflict zone the u.n. says at least 200 schools have been forced to close since renegade general who. started his offensive on tripoli more than 10 months ago. computers destroyed or abandoned playgrounds deserted this is one of a number of schools that have been hit during the fighting in southern tripoli a warehouse that used to store books to be distributed to schools across the capital was also destroyed a look at this war has affected the education sector very much teachers and students have had to move many schools we can't even visit because there are areas where there are clashes. all children are expected to show their education and
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development put on hold libya as a country says the un were around 4000000 children have been affected in some way or the civil war. tripoli iraq's prime minister designate has promised to investigate the killings of protesters if he wins a vote of confidence that this week mohammed alawi also announced that he's chosen a new cabinet security forces in baghdad used tear gas against protesters near tahrir square and the government demonstrators have been angry about corruption unemployment for infrastructure. the hundreds of dutch farmers have driven their tractors through the hague to protest against the government say bishan policy. the latest demonstration opposes the government's plans to rein in outside emissions farmers believe they're being disproportionately targeted saying aviation
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construction and other industries are also big polluters australia's prime minister scott morrison has an outside national inquiry into the causes of recent devastating bushfires the fires that started in september killed $33.00 people and burned an area of land the size of south korea mr morrison says the country's highest level inquiry known as a royal commission will also investigate ways to keep people safe in future fires. the waters of home to the 2nd largest population of do go on as a sea mammal that eats underwater grass usually they like to move alone or in small groups but there is a phenomenon that's happening off cattle that doesn't happen anywhere else in the world stephanie decker has a 6 foot. we are heading out to sea of cattle as northwestern coast in search of something special until now we don't know what the reason we did maybe
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they come for feeding that we don't want to know we have that we are. going you know 30 why they came here during the time. we see dolphins. that we want to find something much more camera shy we have in the region the 2nd largest group in the war last year around this time dr mussen captured these incredible and rare images few of us know much about the dougal or sea cow a gentle marine mammal the can grow up to 3 meters in length and way around 350 kilos research into this population here has been happening for the past few years what we've discovered is that. hundreds of do come together in one or 2 large herds just off the carteret coast and we don't see this anywhere else in the world it's a very. behaviors we don't know why they're doing it we've just been funded by qatar national research fund for the next 3 years to actually answer this very question.
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we didn't find them on this day. or 2 days later by a stroke of luck we got a phone call and raced back up north. they found the herd hundreds of 2 gongs. are coming really close to our boat now and you can actually hear them come up ferry you can hear them breathe and you can see their tusks and also their tails as they come up and down. it's really quite amazing to see. it's so rare to see such a large herd and so near by really just the 1st time you see them from there this is the 1st time the last before 3 years we saw him from the helicopter you know that you've never been a very interesting thing costly to see him in this very very close to them and i hope inshallah by drone we can count them also is it hard to see them this close on the boat it's rare you come yeah yeah yeah this is. a good day and we are lucky.
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from above a clearer view crucial for their research for dr mussen it's the 2nd time in years that he sees them so close. to them. but the reality is that these mammals are endangered. on a deserted beach in the north of cattle are a hint at why their numbers are decreasing. the majority drown after getting in tangled in a fisherman's nets. stop this from happening. just to protect their feeding area. just to inform the people. which are the protect them we should do something it is said that the legend of the
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mermaid comes from sailors mistaking the dew gong for a siren after many months at sea and were told to do go on fossil has been found here that dates back 20000000 years scientists have told us much more needs to be done to protect their habitat so that these gentle sea creatures don't disappear forever stephanie decker al-jazeera on the waters of northwestern qatar. taken out of the top stories here about japan's government defending its handling of the corona virus outbreak on the diamond princess cruise ship a number of confirmed cases on board over 600 people have died hundreds of passengers have been allowed to disembark the vessel. pride has more from port.
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they are obviously very relieved to be off the ship but they are allowed to return home to their families and also 3 to be using public transport along with everybody else they are recommended that they try to quarantine themselves at least for the coming few days while officials monitor if they have any signs of beaver but it is a controversial move because the people themselves while they are very grateful to be off there is a mixed opinion amongst japanese society about whether they should be allowed to be moved straight back into the community or as some people have been telling us travelling on the trains here if other countries are keeping these people in quarantine segregating them then why isn't japan the un has warned of catastrophic human suffering in northwest syria almost a 1000000 people have fled their homes as the government and its allies russia continue to bombard the last rebel held area former new york mayor billionaire michael bloomberg has come under attack from rival democrats in their debate just
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days ahead of the caucus in the state of nevada it was his 1st debate he was late to enter the race to take on donald trump live a little action at least 9 people have been killed in 2 shooting incidents in germany they happened a short time apart in she ship hours in the western city of her now that's close to frankfurt the suspect was later found dead at home police say they found another body at the suspect's house australia's prime minister scott morrison has announced a national inquiry into the causes of recent devastating bushfires the fires it began in september that killed 33 people and bird an area of land the size of south korea right you have today those are the latest headlines from nasiriyah coming up next it's inside story. americans live side by side in 2 parallel universes the trouble parts of america are getting trumpy or there is a poll out
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a few weeks ago that you had almost 30 percent americans believing they were on the cusp of civil war both sides accuse each other of doing things that are so blatantly wrong the bottom line on u.s. politics and policies and their effect on the wold. who runs afghanistan after the disputed presidential election results and how will that impact the talks with the taliban with us for afghani declared the winner by the smallest of his opponent. says he will form a parallel of ministration the us wants to pull out while pushing for peace at the same time after 40 years of war and conflict with the key players from his old this latest crisis this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm peter dubey now in 2014 the rivalry resulted in the u.s. brokered deal to ship powell.


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