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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera. south korea declares daegu city a special care is own after a spike in new coronavirus cases and bans large gatherings and sold to control the spread. you watch al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha and also ahead donald trump's former ally roger stone is sentenced to 40 months in prison for lying to congress but the president is confident he'll be cleared. the u.s. imposes new sanctions on members of iran's guardian council accusing them of rigging friday's parliamentary elections. and we visit the residence of
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a border town struggling to survive amid a dispute between rwanda and uganda. hello south korea has raised the alert level for the southeastern city of daegu that's after the country's 1st death and an increase in coronavirus cases so medics have confirmed $156.00 infections or 30 say dozens of them are linked to one church in daegu and the prime minister says special measures will be taken to stop the virus from spreading meanwhile china reported $118.00 more deaths on thursday and confirmed more than 800 new infections which is more than double the number reported the day before there's also been an increase in the number of infections reported outside the outbreaks epicenter province and 2 australians evacuated from this cruise ship that had been under quarantine in japan have now tested positive
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for corona virus after returning home or they're being isolated so let's get an update from katrina you joining us from beijing and we begin with the ongoing concern katrina of the rising number of cases. that's right so we've seen especially in south korea a lot of concern in tightening of controls that the government there described it as an emergency situation and said that the people there should expect some strong and swift measures to help deal with the outbreak we also heard that 3 of these new 3 of the 50 or so new cases announced in last 24 hours are members of south korea's military now we know that most of these cases are said to have originated in the city of daegu which is the 4th largest city in south korea population of about 2 and a half 1000000 daegu along with the city of taunton door has been declared a special care zone in daegu particular church has been identified as the source of
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many of these cases this church called the church of jesus and a woman member there in her sixty's is said to have the been one of the main points of origination for this virus and many of the there was gatherings in this church have a 1000 or so people and these people have said to have brought the virus to other areas in south korea so everybody in that city has been told to stay indoors people are wearing masks even indoors and in saw the capital they've banned any large mass gatherings and what are chinese officials saying about a vaccine rule or rather reports of a vaccine to be submitted in april. well this is an ongoing battle for china a chinese they call expert has called the fight here a seesaw battle because we're seeing numbers go up numbers go down as you mentioned
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earlier we had double the number of cases reported in the last 24 hours in china 800 more more than 800 compared to just under 400 the day before and we've just heard from china's state information council telling us about some of the treatments that they're using they're saying that different treatments are being tried in different areas of china including. a u.s. antiviral and traditional chinese medicine and they've said that they're currently animal testing a number of vaccines with one vaccine ready for clinical expected to be ready for clinical trials at the end of april of course this virus is more sleep contained more sleep concentrated in the province of most of those new cases and the deaths announced the last 24 hours our in kuwait province but we've also seen a spike in cases outside of a in particular we've just heard that there have been more than $200.00 cases in a prison in the shandong province which is in the north east in china and that
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we've just been told that 8 officials related to working with the prison including the head of shandon's justice department have been fired over this particular outbreak all right because you know you thank you for that update from beijing. many factories still closed in china due to the coronavirus obery its trading partners are feeling the impact in pakistan many businesses are running out of chinese products causing a sharp increase in prices. reports bikes on a mental flounce prayer mats electronics you name it and you'll probably find it at this market in the swat valley in northern pakistan and just in case consumers will wondering where the products come from well the short names are a giveaway china customers come here to stock up on cheap and affordable everyday products. but the effects of the corona virus outbreak that started in china are being felt here packs on import over $14000000000.00 worth of goods from china
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every year to ending supplies has led to an inflation of prices for chinese products shopkeepers stand idle waiting for customers to show up not many do oh no i haven't to do the coronavirus is damaging the chinese economy even a bomb wouldn't destroy it as much as this but it's having a knock down effect on our businesses in pakistan the prices have gone up and people can't afford to buy. rearranges his products to keep himself busy but he like many small business owners is worried i would be in one or 2 these markets ones brimming with customers but the quarantine issue in china is affecting the supply of chinese goods in pakistan people can buy expensive products especially as they're already under stress because of inflation here chinese ambassador to pakistan yeah washing says the coronavirus outbreak will have no impact on the implementation timelines of projects under the $62000000000.00 china pakistan economic chorizo or the belts and road initiative by the extended closure of
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factories in the world's 2nd largest economy china has disrupted the global supply chain and. every morning i come to my shop in the hope that there will be some business activity but now it's just a dream as markets are deserted. shop owners here are worried they say they're not sure if they'll be able to afford the rent of their shops they along with the rest of the world can only wait and see what the long term impacts of corona virus outbreak will have. al-jazeera. donald trump says his long time ally roger stone has a very good chance of exoneration after he was sentenced to 40 months in prison stone was convicted of lying to congress witness tampering on the structuring the investigation into possible russian interference and the chance of 16 presidential elections john hendren reports from washington. smiling in confident roger stone looks almost triumphant as he walks out of a federal courthouse despite taunts of lock him up from the crowd. perhaps for good
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reason he sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison but as president donald trump hints he might not serve any of it because roger has a very good chance of exoneration in my opinion that's a reference to stone's request for a new trial based on alleged jury bias the president himself pleaded stone's case in los vegas to a friendly audience of rehabilitated prisoners it's my strong opinion that the 4 woman of the jury the woman who was in charge of the jury is totally tainted when you take a look how can you have a person like this more tantalizing is the president hint that he might pardon his long time friend and fixer a man so loyal to his previous boss president richard nixon that he still bears a tattoo with nixon's image on it. going to watch the process of going to watch it very closely and at some point i'll make
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a determination but roger stone and everybody has to be treated fairly and this has not been a fair process the sentencing phase of the case began with department of justice prosecutors saying guidelines called for a 7 to 9 years sentence then president trump tweeted that was a miscarriage of justice attorney general william barr personally intervened to reduce the sentence recommendation but later complained the president tweets were making his job impossible in the end the judge handed down a sentence that was less than half of the original prosecutor's recommendation it was anything but a standard trial the judge and others call the intervention by the president and attorney general william barr unprecedented it is a genuine threat to the credibility of the justice department particularly when it comes to these sorts of politically sensitive charges that touch on people close to the president this isn't the 1st time we've seen attorney general barr do something
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that raises a lot of eyebrows around cases the president cares about the question now is will president trump a conservative who has liberally used his pardoning power extend that power to a man the judge found guilty for covering up the president's own misdeeds john hendren al-jazeera washington the u.s. has impose new sanctions on members of a senior iranian clerical body accusing them of rigging friday's parliamentary elections the guardian council has barred thousands of candidates from running including thousands of members of the parliament and that's left many voters disillusioned reports from to. who to vote for among the sea of candidates whether to vote at all this seems to be the choice a nearly $58000000.00 eligible voters face and the political establishment is edging iranians to come out and cast their ballots supreme leader's televised speech telling people it's their religious duty to vote. and despite the
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disqualification of many of his reformist allies president hassan rouhani has echoed a similar message small boy we can defeat the u.s. with our solidarity and power high turnout on election day would make the u.s. angry and upset low turnout would make them happy but with fears that turnout will be lower than usual other words enough to convince the iranians a chance if. yes certainly i've been looked at me vote for somebody who i know i have to research to see if they're an accountable person or not to society or some problems which must be fixed. i mean as a reunion you with a religious duty it's recommend us to participate and make appropriate decisions about our country i vote so we can choose a representative who can reflect the people in the parliament. in a cafe in north to herat they see little point in taking part. i'm not putting what is the point here i'm sure that that's. because of everything you say
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hard work has gone up the car costs more how do we get by no one is how to seduce issues. the iranian economy has struggled under u.s. sanctions since donald trump pulled out the nuclear deal in 2018. inflation for last year was nearly 40 percent. so that's a little unfair many don't have enough money to buy fresh fruit they just buy damaged stale fruits some even steal the purchasing power has dropped. just in the last 2 weeks the price of meat has increased some people just end up eating less meat because they can't afford it with. these concerns seem to have been reflected in the candidates campaigns despite talk of the fact posed by the u.s. the sanctions and potential conflict it's the bread and butter issues that seem to be of major concern to voters here the state of the economy the rising cost of living and delivering meaningful change regardless of which political faction wins a majority of seats they'll have to address the economic concerns of the people but
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with limited options at their disposal. al-jazeera the front. still ahead on al-jazeera. turkish forces in the battle for syria is in the province but the human cost continues to mount. and troubling times for argentina looks to restructure a $100000000000.00 it's. a long lasting some quiet weather into the southeast of the u.s. should see this area cloud here that's the one that brought the flooding. mississippi into tennis. that's now in the process of easing out into the open waters still want to see coastal share was early on friday just around the carolinas but that will pull out of the wettest look have the temperatures tumble
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behind snow higher than around 23 celsius there for new york for what they say single figures across a good part of the map here will see some wet weather eventually pushing its way back towards the southwest mind you as you go on through sas day so that's going to slide its way out of mexico just across the desert southwest because the sweater weather but elsewhere across much of north america it is going to be dry if a little on the cool side system sparkling sunshine coming through plenty of sunshine too across the caribbean largely clear skies here there will be one or 2 showers more in the way of sunshine and showers of course we'll see what to say showers maybe towards hispaniola maybe towards the the leeward as we go on through the next day the showers absolutely more widespread across a good part of cuba there may be catching want to see showers see one of those showers monitor the showers across the western side of the region with the possibility of some heavy rain as well for mexico.
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but. the kickout grounds of toga. defenseless against the 7 different international marketplace. and political activist on a mission to establish a co-operative to make can sound check on their own internal. power. a taste of independence on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera south korea's prime minister says the
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country is facing an emergency after another surge in coronavirus cases bringing the total to $156.00 doesn't have been linked to a church in the eastern city of taking. us president donald trump says his longtime ally roger stone has a very good chance of exoneration after he was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison for lying to congress witness tampering and obstructing an investigation. the u.s. says impose new sanctions on members of a senior iranian cleric or body accusing them of working friday's parliamentary elections guardian council has barred thousands of candidates are running including dozens of members of the outgoing parliament. and saudi arabia says it intercepted and destroyed several ballistic missiles fired from yemen's capital sana'a towards the kingdom saudi arabia is blaming iranian backed rebels and says the missiles were targeting see these answer valiance mohammed has more on the missile attack from. there as it is no confirmation by the whole thing that we have launched such
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as saudi arabia we still we have to wait until the we confirm it officially but the according to these sources from the saudi arabia. or already intercepted a number of missiles that the saudi arabia's news agency has claimed about being launched by the whole fees. from sun are the this is one of the indications that some observers say this could lead to the saudi arabia's resumption of its attacks on the capital sanaa as they have claimed in this report to the most of the missiles have been launched from the capital sanaa. turkey to a foot soldiers have been killed and 5 injured in airstrikes more serious problems turkish military has been shelling syrian positions in the northwestern city of. assad or lessens forces retaught the city as part of its offensive on the last
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rebel held area but it reports from. opposition syrian national army fighters moved under cover of heavy artillery shelling by turkish troops the advantage was neda the town was a rebel stronghold until 2 weeks ago when along with the city. it fell into the hands of syrian government troops the u.n. says the offensive by the syrian army has resulted in the largest displacement of civilians since the start of the conflict 9 years ago we remain very alarmed about the safety and protection of over $3000000.00 civilians in italy and its surrounding areas in the northwestern part of syria as reports of airstrikes and shelling continue to take a heavy toll on the civilian population in retaliation for the death of 2 of its soldiers in an attack blamed on the syrian army the turkish defense ministry said
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dozens of syrian soldiers were killed and minutes of vehicles destroyed turkish officials warned of an imminent military offensive if syrian troops don't put out of the demilitarized zone and in. turkey is a sovereign and independent state it takes its own decisions will make necessary decisions and soldiers will act accordingly we will establish the ceasefire even if we have to use force with the fighting showing no signs of abating thousands of internally displaced continue to converge in it live city hall in charge of the house in order. that i hope the turkish backed operations will alleviate all sufferings because that's the only way we can return to our homes and our villages . the international community keep talking about peace but we know we will only go back to our villages if the turks launch an offensive. turkey has expanded its military presence in live following the death of 13 of its soldiers it led earlier
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this month officials here that troops would deploy to establish peace and provide humanitarian assistance to the hundreds of thousands of people who fled government military campaign should it to determine at this stage whether the offensive by the turkish backed rebels in a native and set up to be a spot of a major campaign to take territory lost over the last few months or just a limited operation but since turkey and russia have not agreed on how to implement a cease fire and push the syrian army behind the demilitarized zone fighting is likely to continue. and south sudan president salva kiir and his rival react when char have announced a deal to form a coalition government after 2 previous failed attempts kerry said any outstanding issues will be finalized in the coming days and suicide signed the deal in $2800.00 to end the conflict which is engulf the nation since independence 9 years ago.
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meanwhile the united nations has accused government and opposition forces of work crimes including deliberately starving their citizens our diplomatic editor james bays has more from geneva. the latest report by the commission on human rights in south sudan makes 6 stream really grim reading it says that the violence has continued as have sexual attacks gang rapes mutilation the report also says that there are persistent cases of starvation being used as a weapon this crime of starvation which involves destroying essential elements for the survival of the civilian population has been used by both sides in the conflict as a way of getting people to be to displace as well as a way of intimidating the civilian population and it is a deliberate tactic it can involve blocking humanitarian assistance but also the destruction of crops and livestock and even seeds and waterholes the timing of this
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latest report is very worrying for the international community because the armies that are carrying out these abuses are led by 2 men who are supposed to together provide the leadership to a new unity government privately key figures will tell you that these 2 men probably should be in the hague on trial instead the international community is once again putting their trust in them to try and save south sudan while the leader is a few gandhi and rwanda are d.c. meet in the coming hours for a new round of talks aimed at easing cross border tensions a trade blockade imposed by rwanda continues to have a major impact on people in both countries economists in uganda say the country has lost $75000000.00 in revenue since the crossing was such a year ago house and soy reports in the ugandan border town of the 2 not. an ideal
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are a day destroyed heading to uganda's blood oath wanda would be battling hues of tracks and thousands of people crossing the border for business school and other reasons. but this are not ordinary times when they impose a trade blockade traders likely now call franco a suffering because of it has run his shop at the border town of a tuna for 30 years and say their konami situation is a what he's seen is in the thick of my business has been badly affected i cannot make ends meet i used to make a profit of about $1000.00 a month lucky if i make even hopeful that with no viable business many have moved away all these shops had been rented out but traders have had to close up because there's no business though still here are residents of this border town they tell us life has become incredibly difficult. and i tells us her husband
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to he was killed last year by run security forces as he tried to smuggle tobacco to the neighboring country using an illegal route several traders who have attempted to use smuggling routes also say to have been killed or harassed. that morning he was very happy as usual he left for rwanda with his bicycle and goods i was called in the evening that my husband is dead and he was shot in rwanda the situation across the border is equally dire rundowns have been restricted from traveling to uganda for their own safety both countries have accused each other of harboring dissidents using spies and arresting innocent civilians several meetings between the 2 sides have failed to deescalate the situation. feel free to go to. the do their ariston. through music.
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you deceive. ugandan government officials see talks to resolve the dispute outgoing while and the border will soon be open some economists say the country has already made huge losses i am told it has been died because he was desperate to do anything to and money for his family now they've lost their sole provider and he doesn't know what to do next cathy zoi al-jazeera at the uganda rwanda buddha police in the south though say prime minister thomas to bonnie will be charged with murder of his strange wife after the announcement of bonnie told a local radio station he will resign at the end of july but said old age was the reason. it was shot near her home and 2017 to bonnie's current wife is also facing charges relating to the killing she's denied any involvement
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olivia's former presidents ever morocco's has been disqualified from running for a senate seat in may's general election the supreme electoral court says he does not meet the requirements to be a candidate for his party which is currently leading in the polls candidates are supposed to be bolivian residents this is living in exile in argentina are always treated against the court's decision calling it a blow to democracy he resigns in november after a disputed election victory would spark nationwide protests the i.m.f. is warning argentina's government that its debt burden is unsustainable the country is battling to avoid another default raising fears among ordinary argentinians of a full blown economic crisis there is about reports from. i was hoping his pension would be readjusted this year. argentina has one of the highest inflation rates in the world and he was disappointed when he found out that
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despite being paid on $240.00 a month he would not benefit from the latest government incentive because of a lack of money. my wife owns a minimum pension and she got a small increase but somehow i'm considered to be rich with this out of and you can barely survive i were rich i wouldn't be in this clinic i'd be somewhere with a decent i had to come to this hospital. is not the only pensioner who's struggling the stace argentina is coping with recession inflation growing poverty and billions of dollars in debt. for many here it brings back memories of 2001 economic collapse when argentina was isolated from the international markets after it failed to pay debt. the administration of president of the financial this and the i.m.f. seem to agree on one issue that debt payments are unsustainable argentina's new
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government says that it needs to restructure debt with the i.m.f. and private phone coders in order to focus on growth to get out of the current economic crisis negotiations are well underway but it's not clear yet whether this country will be able to prevent the hold on a sovereign debt once again. since taking office president fernandez has increased taxes and strengthened currency controls in an attempt to prevent the loss of much needed u.s. dollars i think but this is what this government sure it is going to achieve it but i think what they're thinking of even though they're not saying it the ending at some sort of combative change really that helps and keep the accounts and balance. that restructuring was howard stern at least from the financial point of view reduce the interest burden for the next year or 2. and with this try to spread the message. argentina has had a long history with the i.m.f. and foreign creditors and there are many especially my governing coalition who say
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payments should be suspended and of the government of former president. argentina took on iran $100000000000.00 in foreign debt that people. say the debt should be investigated likely to go to the i.m.f. billions of dollars to mark green because don't you trump gave his full support knowing that argentina couldn't pay it they did it so mark would be reelected it did not happen the i.m.f. violated its own regulations and now they want to tell us what we should do. for amanda says his priority is to help society's most vulnerable as he struggles with point creditors but his policies are not reaching everyone in the same way many fear another default could make the situation even worse. they discover. ireland's prime minister has resigned but will stay on as caretaker leader until
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his successor is chosen a vote by representatives to. replacement on thursday was inconclusive none of the 3 largest parties won enough seats in elections earlier this month to secure an outright majority varied chorus center right fine gael party came in 3rd. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera south korea's prime minister says the country is facing an emergency after another surging coronavirus cases bringing the total to $156.00 dozens have been linked to a church in the eastern city of daegu. president donald trump says his longtime ally roger stone has a very good chance of exoneration after he was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison stone was convicted of lying to congress and obstructing investigation into possible russian interference in the 2016 presidential election president trump has
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accused the jury forewoman of tainting the case this is a woman who was in person totally now i don't know if this is a fact but she had a horrible social media account the things she said on the account were unbelievable she didn't reveal that when she was chosen and i guess from what i hear a very strong woman a very dominant person so she could get people to do whatever she wants the u.s. has opposed new sanctions on members of his senior iranian clerical body accusing them of rigging friday's parliamentary elections the guardian council has barred thousands of candidates from running including dozens of members of the outgoing parliament turkey says 2 if its soldiers have been killed in 5 injured in airstrikes near syria's in the province its military has been shelling syrian government positions in the northwestern city of sorrow the government captured the
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city from rebels 2 weeks ago as part of fitz push to retake the last rebel held area. south sudan's president salva kiir and his rival react with char have announced a deal to form a coalition government after 2 previous failed attempts cure said any outstanding issues will be finalized in the coming days. bolivia supreme court has this qualified the former president evo morales from running for a senate seat may's general election it says he's ineligible because he doesn't meet residency requirements were alice was living in exile in argentina says they decision is a blow to democracy those are the headlines on al-jazeera we will have more news for you right after people in power thanks for watching i. talk to al jazeera we talk about 2 of the biggest problems facing and they all the endemic corruption and the can we listen so if you reprint place china's enemy of the with and that's
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really that yours we meet with global news makers and tweak about the stories that matter just 0. africa or is rich with natural resources it's really too often the benefits of that to spend up with international finance the consequence of a post going to be globalized economy in which the rich get richer and the poorest to correct poverty get some efforts of push back determined to find a piece of the scraps the developed world leaves on the table. in such struggle now comes cover the.


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